BAD BRAINS - Legends from the end of time

BAD BRAINS Legends from the end of time mini lp 1983 Closer flac
Legends from the end of time / Watching changes / Don't need your lovin' / Glad to see you go / Hanging around / Boretown.
Produced by Robert Ash.
Bad Brains : Christian Houllemare : Bass & vocals /Nito Rodriguez: Guitar & vocals / Hervé : Drums.
+ Nicky Ash : Keyboards / Jim 'Survivor' Dickson : Handjive /Koulla Kakoulli ( remember the angel voice on The Only Ones lp's & on Johnny Thunders album "So Alone" ) : backing vocals on "Hanging around".
Another band from Le Havre , the Bad Brains (not to be confused with the US band !) was also on the Closer label (2nd lp , ref.CL 002 , after The Barracudas lp "Mean time") . They just did this mini lp ... Christian Houlemarre's brother , Erik was the City Kids basssist on their live lp .
Christian who moved from France to Australia has also played in the Some Loves , the Happy Hate Me Nots & the New Christs .
These " Legends from the end of time" influenced by australian rock but also by the Barracudas were an excellent surprise in the french musical scene ...
Cd covers by  Max !

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BAD BRAINS "Legends from the end of time" flac + cd covers by Max !

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

comment ++++
superb !!!

great mr MR

Anonyme a dit…

Merci !
Je pense que je vais avoir beaucoup de plaisir à réécouter ce disque que j'avais sur une vieille cassette.
Ado, je faisais chaque semaine mon petit tour à la boutique Closer, rue Dicquemare au Havre. Votre site est comme une madeleine Proust pour moi ;-)
Bonne année !

Anonyme a dit…

Encore un effort salutaire...
mon vinyl était bien usé, faut dire qu'il a beaucoup tourné celui là!!

Anonyme a dit…

wheres the link?

The Barracudas Alive a dit…

Super disc! re upload possible?
merci bcp