Beach / Straight to video / Rock'n'roll clone / Bored / Dig the fuzz / Wanna die / Ain't got the strenght / Dr Death / You know, I know / Small town fecef / Hive / Favourite shirt / DYL 531C / New girlfriend / Another round.

Engineered and recorded by M. Pennington.
THE GOOD TIME CHARLIES are : The Nought Boy : vox, guitar / Templeton Maurice : guitar, vox / Chief Chubba : bass / Captain Zero : drums.

"Third album by cult UK Garage Punk Rock’n’Rollers, The Good Time Charlies ! . This should be on Norton, Crypt or Bomp and not some tiny French punk label, for a start as it’s classic retro-Garage Rock. Veterans of the English South Coast scene (ex members of the Green Hornets, TV21…) they took their name from a major label rejection letter explaining how the band in question were seemingly having far too much fun to ever have commercial potential. Described over-enthusiastically as ‘the ultimate gonzoid rock’n’roll party album’ it certainly is the smartest dumb, seriously fun LP for a while. A million influences (Jerry Lee Lewis, Ramones, Saints, Standells, the Milkshakes) from across the decades and from the coolest genres; 50’s rock’n’roll, Nuggets psych, surf-punk, …boogie-rock? Supporting Jet seemed to have a profound effect on what was formerly perhaps a Medway-style punk band into the MC5, but no matter. ‘Porn Collection’ is an infectious frat-rocker about a girl ‘with a purty face and a dirty mind’. Other songs concern the beach, hot tubs, food, lust and guitars. 'Pie Shop Locator' is a one of two sublime instrumentals. Fifteen killer songs plus five bonus tracks add up to a thoroughly fine selection of steamy, stomping, sing-a-long rock’n’roll." G. BABEY
You like the G.T.C .? Buy cd's here & here !

LOOSE GRAVEL - Thanks for the Memories

LOOSE GRAVEL Thanks for the Memories cd 1992 Bucketfull of Brains 320 kbps
Blue skies & sunshine* / Can you do it-Waitin' in line*/ Frisco band*/ Love in vain / Travellin' riverside blues / Gravel rash / Sittin' on the top of the world-It's all over now / Styrofoam / I'm not satisfied / Dust in my broom / The last time / Loose Gravel.* Tracks recorded at Kelly Quan's studio, San Francisco.Other tracks recorded live at the Coffee Gallery , North Beach, San Francisco (1976)Loose Gravel were : Mike Wilhelm : 6 & 12 string guitar, lead vocals / Mike Deryckx : bass guitar & backing vocals / Rol Gjano : drums & percussion.

Thanks to GoodGuy666 for the music, the scans & the upload of this rare cd !

THE NU KATS - Plastic Facts

THE NU KATS Plastic Facts 10' 1980 Rhino records wav
World all alone / Busy body / It's not a rumour / Out of the combat zone / I was a teenage shoplifter.
Produced by Larry Lee
The Nu Kats were : A. J. Galles : drums, harmony, cowbell, claps / B. Moore : sax, keyboards, guitar, maracas,tambourine, claps / F. Moore : lead vocals, 6 & 12 string, harmony, tambourine, claps / D. Peters : bass, harmony, fuzz guitar, snaps, claps.

"Rarely do escapees from the loony bin gather together to play rock 'n' roll, but such just might be the case with the Nu Kats . Although their background is sketchy, their white pallor suggests a period of confinement. However, it is known that all four members grew up within blocks of each other in Minneapolis, only to inexplicably rendezvous in Hollywood many years later.
Once a wall overheard drummer Allen Galles raving about his split musical personalities, everything from surf bands to rhythm & blues to Zappa to Crosby, Stills and Nash to a barbershop quartet. Bassist Dennis Peters is known all over Hollywood for his extreme stinginess - "he'll do anything for money." On at least two occasions he appeared in drag to take advantage of the Ladies Night Special, thereby saving 49 cents a drink. Try him sometime.
Multi-instrumentalist Bobbyzio Moore has a character for each instrument he plays. He can be dangerous. At any given moment his eyes will glaze, and he'll froth in an unrelenting barrage of self-effacing jokes in the manner of Rodney Dangerfield. One of the band's strongest attributes, he says is "We have the ability for looking interesting even during the boring moments."
Most manic of all is Clark Kent-ish Freddy Moore . While he appears totally in control on stage, in his personal life Moore is a one-man sandtrap. Once, on his moped, he crashed into a truck and broke both legs. His day-to-day turmoil includes knocking over drinks, and stumbling along in romance. In "Shoplifter" he sings about trying to cope while dreading the clobbering he'll get from his mom when she finds out. Actually Moore feels good about all these anxieties, as it gives him the inspiration for writing.

Producer Larry Lee (a member of the Scooters rock band) was the only one who could possibly exert any control, wisely wearing his intimidating "white jacket" to the studio. When the band became unruly he knew just what to do. He locked Bobbyzio in the bathroom for his sax solo; and isolated Freddy in the parking lot where he had to sing while dodging cars.
The Nu Kats have channeled their overabundance of energy and jocularity into an effective whole that has catapulted them to the top of the heap among Los Angeles' most popular bands. They do the local circuit of the Starwood, Whisky, Madame Wong's and others. They are, however, banned from Miraletse High School in the Palos Verdes area." Linernotes - H. Bronson
Check F. Moore band The Kat Klub HERE !



SINGLES THE DAWGS EP 1980 Greenline records wav
A shot of your love / Main Street U.S.A. / Paper moon.
Produced by Elliot Easton.
The Dawgs were : Rikki Helgason : guitar, backing vocals / Phil Haynen : guitar, lead vocal / Punk Larcom : bass, backing vocals / Bobby Cashman : drums, percussion.
The Dawgs were born in Beverly, Massachusetts, (just north of Boston) in the late 1970's. Legal recordings include a three-song EP on Greenline Records; First full album on Star-Rythm Records; Second full album on New Rose Records; Singles on many independent label records; Bootlegs are everywhere; And a new album is due out early '09, on Rave-Up Records from Italy! Line-ups have changed through the years, but every single Dawg remains a Dawg today! HAVE A DRINK ON US!!!

Like says Brother Cleve on the liner notes of the "Outside of time" lp !



The SOTD blog likes The Thunder Boys !!! They could have been the Johnny Thunders' sons !
They have issued only one single on Gearhead Records. But you can download at the Gearhead store what would be their first album if they were still together !
"The Thunder Boys ... are go" is a very good album but the artwork is missing (only the front is available like many official downloads) !

That's why Max has made a complete artwork !!!

It's an UNOFFICIAL artwork made without any permission ...
PS: Remember that you will only find the ARTWORK in this file!
The music can be downloaded for $ 9.99 at the Gearhead Records MP3 shop here .

Please take the time to visit the new Zachary James (Thunder Boys' guitarist & singer) band : All Seeing Eyes on myspace . A first lp (you can pre-order it for12$ for the vinyl and all vinyl come with copy of the album on cd ) will be out very soon.
"With their first record well under way and a “full scale revolution” in the works, the All Seeing Eyes, headed up by Zachary James (Thunderboys) are determined to bring back the rock and they’re taking no prisoners..."



HUMBLE PIE Eat it cd 1973 320 kbps
Get Down to It / Good Booze and Bad Women / Is It for Love ? / Drugstore Cowboy / Black Coffee / I Believe to My Soul / Shut Up and Don't Interrupt Me / That's How Strong My Love Is / Say No More / Oh, Bella (All That's Hers)* / Summer Song / Beckton Dumps / Up Your Sleeve / Honky Tonk Women / (I'm A) Road Runner.
Produced by the Pie.
Humble Pie : Steve Marriott : vocals, guitar, harp, keyboards / Dave "Clem" Clempson : guitar , keyboards, vocals / Greg Ridley : bass, guitar, vocals / Jerry Shirley : drums, percussion, keyboards + The Blackberries : Clydie King, Venetta Fields & Billie Barnum : backing vocals.
Sidney George : saxophone / B.J. Cole : steel guitar on*
The album title 'Eat It' means 'dig it'. Each side of this double album is different: side 1 features Steve Marriott penned rock and roll; side 2 has classic R&B covers; side 3 is a collection of acoustic Steve Marriott songs; finally side 4 features Humble Pie live in concert.
This album showcases the dynamic diversity and talent of Steve Marriott's gritty bluesy vocals with some funky soul mixed in throughout along with straight ahead blistering rockers. The band is right on and they deliver an extremely energetic powerhouse combination on this double album that overall ranks with their best along with 'Smokin''and 'Performance Rockin' The Fillmore'.
'Eat It' was the band's seventh official album release and their fifth for A&M Records. This was also their 3rd double LP (2-record set) within 18 months, the other 2 being 1972's 'Performance Rockin' The Fillmore' and the late 1972 A&M compilation 'Lost & Found'.
Steve Marriott produced this album and it was the first album recorded in Marriott's newly-built home recording studio he titled Clear Sounds, in a converted barn at Beehive Cottage, Moreton, Essex.
"Get Down to It" was featured in the 2004 video game 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea'
I heard Marriott's voice for the first time when I bought "Performance Rockin' Fillmore" in 1973 & I'm still in shock ...
I was not surprised when J. Thunders invited him on "So Alone" for an impressive & definitive version of "Daddy Rolling Stone" !!!



Frisco band /LOOSE GRAVEL EP maxi EP 1981 Fan Cub wav
Waiting in line / Gravel rash / Don't flash out (keep flashin' on).
Loose Gravel : Mike Wilhelm : 6 & 12 string guitar, lead vocals / Mike Deryckx : bass guitar & backing vocals / Rol Gjano : drums & percussion.

Mike Wilhelm started his career as the backup guitarist for the Chambers Brothers after having studied guitar with Brownie McGee.
He was a founding member of The Charlatans, the first psychedelic rock band in San Francisco. His previously banned sixties cover of Buffy St. Marie's "Codine" was used in the movie, Boys Don't Cry during Hilary Swank's sex change scene. His guitar solo, one of his favorites, was deleted on the movie soundtrack and the Charlatans had to sue the director of the film to get paid.
Unfortunately, their only official album came out some time after the band broke up and their singer and drummer, Dan Hicks, had left the group.
After the Charlatans disbanded, he formed a trio called Loose Gravel from 1969 until 1976 and famously gave Bill Graham the finger in the movie of 'The Last Days of The Fillmore' when Graham refused to let his then group, Loose Gravel, play in that real dud of a film. Graham, however, who filmed everything, liked Mike giving him the finger so much he left the scene in the movie. Loose Gravel played simple and biker's rock 'n' Roll and also featured a pre-Groovies Chris Wilson in the ranks..
Wilhelm spent six years as lead guitarist with the The Flamin Groovies and toured Europe and elsewhere with them. He played on two studio albums, 'Flamin' Groovies Now!' (1978) and 'Jumpin' in the Night' (1979), reissued as part of the Groovies' three-CD set The Sire Years collection.

There are still more than a few sixties icons who get mighty nervous if Mike Wilhelm shows up, as he did in his original Charlatans hat at the recent SF kickoff party for the Summer of Love's 40th Anniversary.
He sat in with the Plimsouls at the Cafe Du Nord in 2005 and previously appeared as an opener for Peter Case, who, amazingly, began his career with The Nerves in Lake County. Case, in his blog at www.petercase.com describes Wilhelm as "Dapper And Dangerous As Usual."
Loose Gravel did not release their official record in the period of their activity. After They were revalued in 80'S, some their recording materials were released. Fan club (a division of New Rose) puts out this ep & then the fanzine Bucketfull of Brains also for a CD which includes studio demo'75 and live'76.



CITY THRILLS City thrills 1981 E.P. 10' Star Rhythm wav
Sorry / I want you back / Dreamin' (Here he comes) / Resistance.
Produced by F. Torchio.
City Thrills : Johnny Angel : rhythm guitar, vocals / Merle Allin : bass / Mike Collins : drums / Barb Kitson : vocals / Sean McDonough : lead guitar and vocals.
One of Boston's most popular bands during the first wave of punk, no doubt in large part due to singer Barb Kitson's commanding voice and punky-starlet looks, the Thrills formed in 1977 out of a loose confederation of local scenesters. Kitson, a DJ at the influential college station WMBR (where according to legend, she was the first in Boston to play "Anarchy in the UK"), hooked up with bassist Merle Allin (brother of shock-rocker G.G.), drummer Mike Collins, lead guitarist Sean McDonough, and songwriter/guitarist John Carmen, whose preferred stage name of Johnny Angel betrayed his love of classic '60s pop. Weaving Spector-esque influences into primal Ramones-style punk, the Thrills were among the best bands on the fruitful Boston punk and new wave scene of the late '70s. Their first single, "Hey! (Not Another Face in the Crowd)," remains a local favorite, appearing on Rhino's Mass. Ave.: The Boston Scene (1975-83) and other comps.

In 1980, due to conflicts with a New York band of the same name, the Thrills changed their name to City Thrills and released a 10" EP under that name in 1981. Much poppier than their earlier work, the City Thrills EP prefigures the pop-punk sound of the Muffs, Cub, and other '90s bands. City Thrills broke up shortly after that release. Angel went on to form the Blackjacks, Army of Bozos, and the Swingin' Erudites while developing a career as a rock critic. Allin joined his brother's band, the Murder Junkies, and also was in the original lineup of the Cheater Slicks. Kitson played a few solo shows during the '80s and recorded several tracks with Boston scene patriarch Willie Alexander later in the decade. S. Mason - All Music

THE LAZY COWGIRLS - Broken hearted on Valentines Day

THE LAZY COWGIRLS Broken Hearted on Valentines Day 1998 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps
Just the last goodbye / That makes it tough / Home of the blues/ Broken hearted on Valentines day.
Produced by the Lazy Cowgirls & Earle Mankey.
The Lazy Cowgirls : P. Todd : vocals, accoustic guitar & percussion / E. Chandler : guitar, vocals / R. Johnson : guitar, vocals / L. Keringer : bass, vocals / B. Deagle : drums, percussion.

The Lazy Cowgirls dropped this four-song EP during the interim between 'A Little Sex and Death' and 'Rank Outsider', and if it's something less than essential, it packs a whole lot of wallop into just 12 minutes. With love gone wrong dominating the disc's four tunes, you get a hard-charging breakup tune ("Just the Last Goodbye"), two cranked-to-ten covers (Buddy Holly's "That Makes It Tough" and Johnny Cash's "Home of the Blues"), and the slower, blues-tinged title cut, which boasts a soulful vocal from Pat Todd and some superb guitar leads from Eric Chandler. While the excellent title song is the best reason to own this, 'Broken Hearted on Valentines Day' has heart, soul, swagger, and energy to spare from first note to last — in short, it's a Lazy Cowgirls record, and every home should have one. M. Deming - All Music.com

CHRIS WILSON & FRIENDS - Back on the Barbary Coast

CHRIS WILSON & FRIENDS Back on the Barbary Coast cd 1993 flac
The derelict / Sympathy for the devil° / If I wishes where horses° / On my own again° / Dark haired girl* / This is London°.
Produced & arranged by C. Wilson, M. Wilhelm, D. Mihm & J. Ferrell.
The players : C. Wilson : lead vocals, electric & accoustic guitars, bass on° / M. Wilhelm : electric & accoustic guitars , backup vocals / J. Ferrell : accoutic guitar , electric slide & rhythm guitar, backup vocals, bass on* / D. Mihm : drums, percussion, backup vocals, special effects.

This album is something of a mini Groovies reunion. It features Mike Wilhelm, Danny Mihm and James Ferrell along with some first rate songs including a blistering cover of 'Sympathy for the Devil' , a sea song 'The derelict' ...
" Ha-harrrrrrrrrrr mateys... I must confess I bought this superb album for the song 'The Derelict '(Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum), which is one of the best versions I have ever heard, along with the version by The Bilge Pumps - Craig Lutke and the rest of those old salty sea dogs - uh, from Texas.
I can vouch for the physical quality of this CUTOUT CD too. Perfect condition. Haunting and original cover art.
Chris, the singer with the Flamin' Groovies, has one of the best voices in Rock, and songs like 'If Wishes Were Horses' really are a showcase for his talent. Classic song, great singer.
Whether original songs or covers, Chris always delivers, and this is one tight backing band. A superb album which I would highly recommend, especially if you have a Pirate thing going on.
Arrrrrrrr... " S. Cain on Amazon.com


FLAMIN' GROOVIES Backtracks cd 1986/1999 320 kbps
Kicks / Bittersweet / I can't hide / Money / Call me Lightning / Shake some action / Slow death / A million miles away (live) / Slowdown / Teenage head / Tallahassee Lassie / Way over my head / Somebody's fool / You tore me down / Shaking.
Recorded at Glebe Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1986.
Produced by P. Noble.
Flamin' Groovies 86 : Jack Johnson : vocals, guitar / Cyril Jordan : vocals, guitar /George Alexander / vocals, bass / Paul Zahl : vocals, drums.

"The band recorded this album in Sydney, Australia in 1986 after an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand. The Flamin' Groovies are on a mission from God and play with a soul and passion directly from their collective heart..."
Although a modest return by any measure, Cyril, bassist George Alexander and two new bandmates (P. Zahl , drums was involved in the Readymades, Tuxedomoon ,SVT, The Cowboys, The Yanks & J. Johnson : guitar, vocals was in SVT, The Yanks, Roky Erikson band )did record a new album in 1986: 'One Night Stand', which was done in one night (two, if you count mixdown) in an Australian studio, sounds live and contains shaggy roadhouse renditions of classic originals ("Shake Some Action," "Slow Death," "Teenage Head") as well as Paul Revere and the Raiders' "Kicks," the Who's "Call Me Lightning" and other covers. If not quite a record to cherish, a reassuring audible reminder that the band lives on — and that Jordan's heart is still in it. Trouser Press



FREDDY LYNXX & THE CORNER GANG Full Cover cd 2004 320 kbps
Soul Power / Can't keep my eyes on you / Miss X / Never a dull moment / Respectable / When the rain comes / I'll stay by your side / Baby glows in the dark /I got a line on you / Shame for the angels / In cold blood / Rockin' in New York City / Bye bye Johnny (bonus cd).
Freddy Lynxx : guitar, lead & backing vocals (
see the artwork for credits)

“Full Cover” (2004) takes its name from the military term for “total protection” which Lynxx gleaned from the Ridley Scott film “Blackhawk Down,” apropos for a band called The Corner Gang but according to Lynxx, “nobody noticed anything.” Something tells me that’s all about to change. Covers and/or tribute albums usually leave me cold, but “Full Cover” is a tumbling, messy, and unbuttoned affair brimming with élan, spirit and first-take vitality which sounds as if it was recorded straight through, sans ceremony, in one alcohol-blurred evening. Hard to believe the various producers (Roger Lavalee, Patrick Klein, Jeff Dahl, Steve Baise, and John Rivers) had much to do besides cover the mixing console with plastic, press “record,” and shout out “see you on the other side.”
“Full Cover” is one long stab ‘em and slab ‘em highlight, from the enthusiastic dismantling of dusty shouter “Soul Power” to Lynxx and Nikki Sudden leaving skid marks and the faint odor of bleach up one side of Chuck Berry’s “Bye Bye Johnny” and down the other, Max Decharne trying in vain not to be left holding the bag behind the piano, briefly channeling Jerry Lee Lewis before leaving him in the lurch. If these two songs alone don’t make your heart palpitate, don’t waste your time with defibrillators. Like a bad penny, Marcade returns to cough up a lung cookie on his own “Baby Glows In The Dark,” fellow Sender Wild Bill Thompson and Lynxx sounding as if they’re using ginsu knives coated with titanium alloy for slides and slamming this scribe with an epiphany: I’ve been completely

asleep at the switch when it comes to The Senders. What rock have they been hiding under all of these years? Duh…
One of the biggest surprises here is the classy take on the MC5’s “Miss X,” a brief respite from the dizzying maelstrom of Les Pauls that are Lynxx’s stock in trade, Cathy Peters and Cheryle Crane oozing soul with vocals that are harder than a whore’s heart. A veritable six-string murderer’s row of Mr. Ratboy, Lynxx, and K drag the Stones’ “Respectable” even further down into the spuzz than Keef and Ronnie were ever able to, kicking the tempo up just enough to make it their own. Lynxx and K sashay into the room on Thunders’ “In Cold Blood,” drop their cigarette ashes on the carpet, and still manage to charm themselves an invite to the next party.
While “Larger Than Life” remains the last word in the Lynxx canon, “Full Cover” comes close – damn close – to sending it to the showers from atop its lofty pedestal. It’s another loud knock at the door marked “Big Time,” ignoring the “No Solicitors” sign and shaking your hand while minding not to flash too much of the diamond-encrusted pinky ring and Rolex watch. How much longer does Lynxx have to pound the pavement before someone invites him in? C. Paull
- I-94 Bar
PS : This cd
(presented in a dvd box) contains 1 extra track to lp version & the lp version contains 4 extra tracks not on the cd. If someone gets the lp version & want to rip this 4 extra tracks ... welcome !



THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Blood Lust cd/lp 1990 Survival 320 kbps
High Priestess / Ayla /Hammer / Gypsy Woman / Frozen Tracks /Queen Of The Night Time World / Going Away / Lights Go Down / The Girl I Love / Something Dangerous / I can't stand it* / Stay with me* / Hot sand* / Left in the dark*.
*Bonus tracks from the "Take Cover" maxi E.P.
Produced & Mixed by Kevin 'caveman' Shirley.
The Screaming Tribesmen : Mick Medew : Guitar & Lead Vocals /Brian Mann : Guitar / Jeff Silver : Bass /Richie Hine : Drums, Percussion .
+ additional vocals by Chris Flynn.

"... In april 1989, Chris Masuak left the Tribesmen to reform the Hitmen. Wackley and Fraser also departed, which left Medew to gather up the pieces. He recruited a new line-up of Glen 'Electric' Morris (lead guitar ; ex-Kings of the Sun) , 'Long' Jeff Silver (bass, ex-Volcanoes, Radio Luxembourg) and Ritchie 'the bandit' Hine (drums, ex-Terrapins, Radio Luxembourg) .
The band issued the 5-track, 12-inch EP 'Take Cover' (august 1989), which comprised all cover versions, including the Dictators' 'Stay with me' , the Allusions' 'Gypsy woman' (also on 'Blood Lust'), Lou Reed's 'I can't stand it' , Shockin' Blue's 'Hot Sand' & Ken Draznik's (from the Vertebrats) 'Left in the dark'.

Morris remained with the band for nine months before returning to the Kings of the Sun. Ex-Girlies, Headstones, Brian Mann took his place, and the band issued the 'Blood Lust' album in March 1991. This lp produced the 12-inch single 'Ayla' with an accoustic version of 'Igloo' & 'Santa's little helper' , on b side (if someone got this 12'...) .
'Blood Lust' included a couple of the band's heaviest ever songs like 'High Priestess', 'Frozen Tracks' , 'Something Dangerous' and 'Queen of the Night Time World' . Survival also issued "High Time - A Collection" in december 1990. German label Normal issued 'Blood Lust' in Europe and the band toured there to a positive response..." I. McFarlane
Don't forget part 2 HERE !



THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Bones + Flowers cd/lp 1987/88 Survival 320 kbps
I've got a feeling / Igloo / She said / Girl in my dreams / Casualty of love / In his shoes / Our time at last / Dream away / Take another language / Living vampyre / Colour me gone / Don't turn away.
Produced by C. Masuak & A. Thorne.
The Screaming Tribesmen :
W. Fraser : drums, vocals / C. "Klondike" Masuak : guitar, piano, vocals/ M. Medew : lead vocals, guitar / B. Wackley : bass, vocals.

Bones + Flowers is the most appealing effort by Australian combo Screaming Tribesmen -- a melodic pop album that resembles a muscular Let's Active. "I've Got a Feeling" was distributed internationally and featured on MTV's 120 Minutes at the time, and the Tribesmen's appearance in the midst of the Church's breakthrough with "Starfish" seemed to presage an Australian Invasion that never came to pass. Screaming Tribesmen might have better reached the "alternative" audience if they hadn't looked like a heavy metal band; likewise, the band's name and album art didn't come close to matching the mood of their music. The Tribesmen didn't last long after the commercial disappointment of "Bones + Flowers", but the album remains a sturdy collection of recordings, with the catchy, jangly "Girl in My Dreams" and "Dream Away" as highlights. Allmusic



THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN High time cd 1991 Survival 320 kbps
Igloo / True love's blood / A stand alone / Move a little closer / Date with a vampyre / Ice / High time / Two blind mice / (I want to) Mess with you / Dreaming of you / No chance / Stay with me / Hot sand / Left in the dark / I can't stand it.
The Screaming Tribesmen : W. Fraser : drums, vocals / C. "Klondike" Masuak : guitar, piano, vocals/ M. Medew : lead vocals, guitar / B. Wackley : bass, vocals.

There's nothing tribal about the sound of these Aussies, and they don't scream either. Their music is full of pop-song harmonies, including "oohh" and "ahh" background singing, jangle chords and repeated refrains. From beginnings as a post-Ramones punky ensemble (on the first four-track EP), they've gone through an assortment of members and sonic textures but all of their releases have been exercises in good old pop-rock. "Move a Little Closer", a compilation of the band's first two Australian singles ("Igloo" and "A Stand Alone") could easily mix and match with a stack of mod-revival albums, while the squealier and grungier guitar chords of "Date with a Vampyre" (also four songs) nudge their sound closer to garage territory.

"Top of the Town" contains six songs by a new lineup that reveals an ongoing transition towards more mainstream pop-rock. "You Better Run" is the most impressive track, and a fair precursor to the excellent "Bones + Flowers". The album launches the Tribesmen into a new international league, offering richly played rock-melody songwriting (by ex-Radio Birdman guitarist/pianist/producer Chris "Klondike" Masuak and singer/guitarist Mick Medew) that's got all the needed attributes for major stardom. Standouts: a new version of "Igloo," the wittily '60sish "Our Time at Last," the peppy Anglo-popping "Dream Away" and the rockpiling "Living Vampire." The CD has two bonus tracks.

Despite the album's appeal and high commercial prospects, nothing much came of Bones + Flowers. By the time of the disappointing 1989 12-inch (five songs, including covers of Lou Reed and the Dictators), Medew was the only member remaining from the LP's lineup.
Don't forget part 2 HERE !


WILLIE ALEXANDER & THE BOOM BOOM BAND - Meanwhile ...Back in the States

WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER & THE BOOM BOOM BAND Meanwhile...Back in the States LP 1978 
Mass. Av. / Modern lovers / You looked so pretty when / Pass the tabasco / Melinda / Hitchhicking / R. A. Baby / Sky queen / Bring your friend / For old times sake.
Produced by Graig Leon.
W. Alexander & The Boom Boom Band : W. Alexander : vocals, keyboards & percussion / S. Grossman : Fender bass / B. Loosigian : electric & accoustic guitars / D. McLean : drums & percussion.
This album should have been listed in the VH1 book Casualties of Rock, the phenomenal sound and fury of Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band condensed and distilled into a homogenized and compressed postcard that hardly represented what the band was all about. In the first place, crediting bassist S. Grossman, guitarist B. Loosigian, and drummer D. McLean with co-authoring "Mass. Ave.," the solo underground hit single that relaunched Willie Alexander's career, is downright blasphemy. Yes, the Boom Boom Band was a rock & roll treasure on the level of the Rolling Stones, a powerful, self-contained unit that could shake the rafters with their distinct and unbelievable sound, but they weren't around when Alexander stepped out of the Velvet Underground with the Lost bassist W. Powers and recorded "'Cause I'm Taking You to Bed" at the Orson Welles Recording Studio (a studio under the famous theater in Harvard Square, Cambridge). That vintage recording completely blows away the remake, slyly entitled "For Old Time's Sake" to get by the MCA censors. You read that right, "Rhythm Asshole Baby" became "R.A. Baby" for the almighty gods at the record label, while "Gourmet Baby," a song about cunnilingus, was transformed into "Pass the Tabasco" -- and you can only imagine the frustration for an artist of integrity like Alexander, who was told to sing "I want to kiss you but you give me the hives" (the original lyrics were "I want to eat you but you give me the hives"). Not only were the lyrics censored, the sound was hollowed out, and producer Craig Leon got the band to play by the numbers. Here is the best example of genius being stripped and tortured. The bandmates seemingly went along with this fiasco, implying that Alexander was too "loco" to be given to the public in his raw form. Well, guess what, boys? You got all your fame from Willie "Loco" Alexander being just that. Imagine telling Mick Jagger to sit still and clean up his lyrics?
Alexander and the boys imploded, walking away from a third MCA release, and both factions cut demos with producer Leon on their own -- Alexander recording four eerie and brilliant tracks that have never seen the light of day, but which head him in the direction of what he would put out on RCA in Europe for "Solo Loco", vindication that he could get signed without the band that he rocked Boston with. The Boom Boom Band cut three sides with the late Matthew McKenzie of Reddy Teddy with Leon, but the tapes stayed on the shelf. What did find its way out of this maze was a blistering version of their live standard, "Dirty Eddie." Frustrated by the restrictions of MCA, the band tore into that filthy song about golden showers and Alexander released it independently so the world could see what the group was really all about. The flip side of the 45 was an even dirtier, if you can imagine that: "She Wanted Me" (aka "Nazi Nola," for scenester Nola Rezzo) is a song about anal intercourse. Alexander took the Velvet Underground one step further -- that band he was in was named after an S&M book, but Alexander's songs were usually about his own sexual escapades and depravity, real underground stuff that you won't find on "Meanwhile...Back in the States". The tragedy of it all is that his music was commercially viable, chock-full of hooks and solid riffs, but not transferred to vinyl the way it should have been. Stephan Lovelace's earlier production of "You Looked So Pretty When" was Phil Spector meets Jimmy Miller, classic Stones by way of the Ronettes. Here Leon plays Dr. Frankenstein and does a Ray Conniff version of a hard rock classic. Now if that isn't enough to make the fans faint and the band implode, well, "Hitchhiking" and "Mass. Ave.," two songs that needed no censorship, still fail to make the grade, giving Alexander the good sense to go hitchhiking on "Mass Ave." rather than put up with any more of this. The two MCA releases were issued in Britain under the title "Pass the Tabasco", and despite this frightening essay on record industry misconduct, are worth picking up to get a glimpse of a couple of rock & roll albums that could have redefined '80s rock and the so-called new wave. Joe Viglione-Allmusic
Cd covers by MAX !

VA - Bezerk times - Alive over Germany

V/A Bezerk times ...alive over Germany cd 1991 320 kbps
GREG KHIN : Future girl / Madison Avenue / Cold hard cash / Secrets meetings // THE RUBINOOS : Rocking in the jungle / Falling in love / Hard to get / Red light / Promise me // EARTH QUAKE : Street fever / Security / From here to eternity // TYLA GANG : The young lords / Styrofoam / Fireball / Hurricane / Whizz kids.
Recorded live in Hamburg (14. & 15. March 78)
Produced by M. K. Kaufman & G. Kolotkin.
Beserkley Records was an independent record label based in Berkeley, California from 1973 to 1984. Beserkely is usually regarded as a power-pop label; during the seventies, the band released albums by Earth Quake, Greg Kihn, Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, The Rubinoos, and The Tyla Gang. Several other artists appeared on singles, or on compilation albums.
The Beserkley team alive in Germany ... very highly recommended especially for the Tyla Gang !!! The Tyla Gang ... waooow one of my favorite bands ( I know , I 've a lot of favorite bands !). Each time I saw the Gang on stage it was a fireworks ! Trust me they knew how rock you ... check "Whizz kids" the last song , play it loud & there's nothing more to say !


JUMP IN MY CAR - The solution


UNIVERSAL VAGRANTS - Greetings from P.F.O.B.

UNIVERSAL VAGRANTS Greetings from P. F.O. B. cd 1991 320 kbp
Entertainment* / Rock The Nation / One Of This Days" / Slow Me Down / Troublemaker / Something You Can Do / Public Enemy N°1 / Lonely One / Missing Link* / Out Of The Grey / Not That Much°.
Engineered & mixed by G.G. Millet.
Universal Vagrants : O. Vagrant : drums / F. Vagrant : bass, piano, organ, backing vocals / B. Vagrant : guitar, 12 string guitar, tambourine, backing vocals /P. Vagrant : lead vocals, guitar, harmonica.
°lead vocals : W. Barrett + backing vocals on*: Malika & on ": M. "Vindicator" .
The Universal Vagrants came from Lyon ... They was ... " an electrical storm ...! A shotgun marriage of R ' N ' R roots influences...!
They liked the Fairies as we can see on their booklet :
"Praise the wah-wah pedal and the chainsaw scream at dawn in the backwoods of Never-never-land !!!"
What can I say more ... just remember : a band who covered "Rock the nation" can't be bad !



Grab it dude ... before it will be too much too soon !!!


THE SEEDS - Pushin' too hard

THE SEEDS Pushin' too hard cd 2007 320 kbps
Disc one : Pushin' Too Hard /No Escape / Can't Seem to Make You Mine / Try to Understand / Nobody Spoil My Fun / Lose Your Mind / It's a Hard Life / The Other Place / Mumble Bumble (live) / You Can't Be Trusted / Excuse, Excuse / Daisy Mae / Night Time Girl (live) / Evil Hoodoo / Mr. Farmer / Satisfy You / Pictures and Designs / Tripmaker / I Tell Myself / A Faded Picture / Rollin' Machine / Just Let Go / Up in Her Room (live) / 900 Million People Daily (All Making Love) (live) .
Disc two :
A Thousand Shadows /March of the Flower Children / Travel with Your Mind/ Flower Lady and Her Assistant/ Now a Man/Two Fingers Pointing on You/Where Is the Entrance Way to Play ? / The Wind Blows Your Hair /Six Dreams /Fallin' /Pretty Girl /Moth and the Flame / I'll Help You (Carry Your Money to the Bank) /Plain Spoken /One More Time Blues /Creepin' About /Fallin' Off the Edge (Of My Mind) /Wild Blood /She's Wrong /Chocolate River /Sad and Alone /Mr. Farmer (live) /Satisfy You (live) /Can't Seem to Make You Mine (live) /Pushin' Too Hard (live) .
The Seeds : S. Saxon : vocals / J. Savage : guitar / D. Hooper : keyboards / R. Andridge drums.

"The Seeds were formed in Los Angles in 1965. By the end of 1966, they had secured a contract with GNP Crescendo, releasing "Pushin' Too Hard" as their first single. The song climbed into the Top 40 early in 1967, and the group immediately released two sound-alike singles, "Mr. Farmer" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," in an attempt to replicate their success; the latter came the closest to being a hit, just missing the Top 40. While their singles were garage punk, the Seeds attempted to branch out into improvisational blues-rock and psychedelia on their first two albums,'The Seeds' (1966) and 'Web of sound' (1966). With their third album, 'Future'(1967), the band attempted a psychedelic concept album in the vein of Sgt. Pepper's. While the record reached the Top 100 and spawned the minor hit "A Thousand Shadows," it didn't become a hit. Two other albums --Raw and aliwe -The Seeds in concert at Merlin's Music Box' (1968) and 'A full spoon of seedy blues' (1969), which was credited to the Sky Saxon Blues Band -- were released at the end of the decade, but both were ignored. The Seeds broke up shortly afterward."
"This two-disc set has pretty much all the Seeds anyone could possibly need, and it charts the band's various experiments from sledgehammer proto-punk through silly flower-power psychedelia to something that could almost pass for artsy prog rock, and it includes the two early hits as well as mildly interesting fare like the almost country-sounding "Fallin' Off the Edge (Of My Mind)" and the overwrought but intriguing "Travel with Your Mind." For all but the most ardent Seeds fan, though, a shorter, more concise collection might be a better bet."
Don't forget part 2 !


THE LIFTERS - Texas trash

THE LIFTERS Texas trash cd 2005 320 kbps
Room 99 / Mama tried / She's a devil / Roller queen / Trouble / Animal / Free / NYC / Make believe / ... .
Produced by The Lifters & J. Tuten.
The Lifters : T.Mack : Vox, guitar / M.J. Wane : guitar / G. Herman : bass / B. Rivers : tubbs.
The Lifters consist of three battle hardened Texas musicians, each of which have an extensive history in local and national bands. They started out in 2001 and have since released two cd's : last one "Texas Trash" in 2005 (grab it here!)
The Lifters have a street rock/Texas sound that's had them compared to Hank lll, Social Distortion, Joe Ely, and ZZ Top.
"If these dudes had different guitars (don't ask me what kind, man, I'm a rock writer, I don't know anything about anything), they'd be Junkyard, because the whole honky-tonk biker-metal-motherfucker-with-a-heart-of-brass vibe is here, and it's shining like new chrome. But they don't have those guitars – I believe they were discontinued in 1989 – so they sound sorta like the Supersuckers drinking manly liquor with the Pogues*. And that's cool too, just not as loud or as greasy. The songs are all classic shitkicker laments, lotsa talk about women with the devil in 'em ("She's a Devil"), sometimes on wheels ("Roller Queen"), sometimes in New York City (um, "NYC"); the guitars slip and slide like old friends on the backporch, drinking the weekend away, T Mack's vocals are ragged and honest, and often joined by the fellas for the choruses, and the whole thing just reeks of dive bars with chickenwire fences, and long-gone Saturday nights. Oh, and there's an Elvis cover, too. Same one that Danzig did, 'cept the Lifters are little more authentic, as Elvis didn't lift a lotta weights or worship Satan. Anyway, "Texas Trash" is a very good record for people who drink beer. Or people who used to drink beer. Or people who often clean up after people who drink too much beer, and puke all over the floor. Anybody beer related, really.*Minus the accordions of course, as we are talking about Texans here.. -Sleazegrinder.com-