THE HEROES - Seven Days Week End

THE HEROES  Seven Days Week End / Too Much Junkie Bizness  7'' 1983
The Heroes: Walter Lure: lead vocals, guitar / Henri Paul: lead guitar / Billy Rath: bass / Steve Nicols: drums
"After The Heartbreakers split at the end of 1977, Walter Lure played and recorded through the late 1970s and early 1980s with several bands including The Blessed and The Incognitos. Two songs he recorded in 1978 (Seven Day Weekend and Too Much Junkie Business) didn't get released on vinyl until 1983 under the band name The Heroes which at the time was his current band..." Source
The Heroes ne sera le groupe que d'un single! Walter Lure et Billy Rath s'acoquinent avec deux célèbres compères "Thunderiens" : à la batterie Steve Nicols , percutant batteur des Hot Rods qui participa au premier et superbe lp solo de Johnny Thunders "So alone" ; tout comme l'homme à la guitare , en lieu et place du maître , plus Johnny que nature , l'excellent Henri Paul (ex: The Maniacs , Untouchables , Cosa Nostra ...) , compagnon des tournées des 80's ! Une affaire de perdants magnifiques..."Seven Day Weekend" une chanson écrite par Doc Pomus et Mort Shuman occupe la première face tandis que  "Too Much Junkie Business" des Heartbreakers clôt le single. C'est Skydog qui sortira l'objet en 1983 cinq après qu'il fût enregistré.
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Directed by Danny Garcia (The Rise and Fall of The Clash), Looking For Johnny is the definitive documentary on New York legendary guitar player Johnny Thunders.
In 90 minutes, this film covers Johnny Thunders career from his beginning in the early 70's to his demise in New Orleans, where he died under mysterious circumstances in 1991.

What We Need & What You Get

$25,000 is the minimum we need to finish filming the interviews and license a bit of footage, a bit of music and a bit of photography that will help us start putting the documentary together.
We're still shooting the interviews at the moment. We recently did a few in New York (Walter Lure, Alan Vega, Donna Destri, Sam Yaffa, Leee Black Childers, Alison Gordy, Marcia Resnick, Luigi Scorcia, Jill Wisoff, etc) and in LA (Wayne Kramer, Barry Jones) and San Diego (Gail Higgins). In London we already interviewed the likes of Peter Perrett, JC Carroll, Tony James, Nina Antonia, Neal X, John Perry, Chris Musto, Alan Hauser, etc.
Lotten Sunna, Stevie Klasson and Michael Thimren were just interviewed in Stockholm and we still have to visit Henri Paul and Marc Zermati in Paris, The Mighty Marty Thau in Virginia and a final stop in New Orleans where we will follow JT's last steps.
As we all know, more money than those $25,000 will be required to finalize the film BUT once it starts looking good it will be a lot easier to get potential executive producers interested in order to finalize it and put it out.
In return for your contributions, we're offering a range of perks - your name on the end credits and on the website, a cool T-shirt, tickets to the premiere in New York City, drinks with the director and VIP's and even an Associate Producer and Executive Producer credit!
If we reach our target, your contribution will have helped ensure this film is made. If we surpass our target we may be able to include more Johnny Thunders songs in the soundtrack!

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word amongst all Thunders' fans!
Tell 'em to contribute directing them to:  www.indiegogo.com/thundersfilm




THE DRAGONS  Rock Like Fuck  cd  1999
Insatiable / Sleep when I'm dead / Roll the dice / Take it / My confession / Downtown something / Hard / I don't care / Killing time / Gimme some luv .
Produced by The Dragons & J. Forrest
The Dragons: Mario Escovedo : vocal , guitar / Ken Mochikoshi Horne : lead guitar / Jarrod Lucas : drums / Steve Rodriguez : bass , backin' vocals .
So Cal punk & rollers the Dragons were fronted by Mario Escovedo, the youngest sibling of musicians Alejandro and Javier Escovedo. Javier, of L.A. punk legends the Zeros ( and later with Alejandro in the True Believers), bought his teenage kid brother his first guitar on Sunset Strip, paving the way for Mario's rock 'n' roll future.
Mario and Ken Mochikoshi Horne had formerly been in a punk band called M-80's. Toward the end of 1990, the two decided to form a new band, recruiting bassist Steve Rodriquez and drummer James Barczak. In the summer of 1992, the Dragons released a 12-track vinyl LP in Spain on Impossible Records. The following year the group parted ways with Barczak, adding Jarrod Lucas. In 1994, they recorded a four-song 7" for Pop Tones Records, following that in 1996 with their first CD release, "Painkiller", on Scam-O-Rama Records. By the end of 1997, the group had signed with Junk Records, for whom they recorded several LPs, including 1999's raw, furious "R.L.F." (Rock Like F*ck) and the 2000 concert set "Live at the Casbah". "Rock N Roll Kamikaze" followed in 2001, and was supported by an even more furious touring schedule that took the band from L.A. and the southwest all the way to Japan. By August 2002, The Dragons were back in the U.S.A., and playing the 1st annual Gearfest in Austin, TX. Gearhead Records, the show's sponsor, was blown away by the band, and signed them soon after. "Sin Salvation", their fiery, redemptive Gearhead debut, appeared in May 2003, and was supported by a tour with labelmates the Riverboat Gamblers.
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DM3 - Italian Style! Garage Sale Vol. 2

DM3  Italian Style! Garage Sale Vol. 2  cd  2001
Just Like Nancy / How Ya Feelin' / Foolish** / Know You Now / Never Be Friends / One Time Two Times Devastated / Rock And Roll Ghost / Find Out ° / Take It All* / Fairweather Friend+ / Second Floor / Falling For You / Gino's Hair Capuccino* / Foolish / Priest / Jumping To Conclusions / Love Or Mercy* / Everysince.
DM3: Dom Mariani: guitar & lead vocals / Pascal Bartolone: drums / Toni Italiano: bass & backing vocals Plus: Robbie Scorer: drums on * / Ian Campbell: guitar & backing vocals on **  / Mitch Easter: guitar on * & + / Julian Matthews: bass on *.
Consisting of 18 tracks that kick off with the rollicking Just Like Nancy and followed by How Ya Feelin' from the final DM3 sessions, the collection also contains other hard to find gems; Find Out which appeared only on the European issue of Rippled Soul, 4 live tracks from their 1994 appearance at the Roskilde Festival that include rocking versions of the Someloves classic Know You Now, the Stems' Never be Friends, and live favorites 1 Time Two Times Devastated and Foolish, covers of Brian Wilson's Love and Mercy and The Replacements Rock and Roll Ghost, alternate mixes by Mitch Easter and Jeff Murphy (The Shoes) and curious tracks like Gino's Hair Cappuccino, recorded for a proposed "Who Sell Out" tribute that never surfaced. All these make Garage Sale Vol. 2 an interesting and enjoyable listen. Source
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DM3 - Garage sale

DM3 Garage Sale cd 1997
Hold On / Sweet Hitch-hiker / Making Time / Zero Hour / Little Town Crier / High Rotations / Far From Here (The Soundcheck Mix) / Fall To Bits (Dubbish Mix) / Up In The Air (Coffee House Mix) / One Times, Two Times Devastated (Mitch Easter Mix) / Beechline / The Creeper / Oriana.
DM3: Dom Mariani: lead vocals, guitar / Toni Italiano: bass, backing vocals / Pascal Bartolone: drums.
Fronted by singer/ guitarist Dom Mariani (formerly of The Stems and The Lime Spiders) DM3 got their start in 1992 with the accompaniment of bassist Toni Italiano and drummer Pascal Bartolone. Bringing out their own brand of power-pop to the town of Perth, Australia, DM3 debuted with their first single "Foolish" in 1993 before following it with their first full-length 1 Time, 2 Times, 3 Red Light in 1994. After a European tour in support of these two releases, DM3's second album Road to Rome came out in 1996 before Bomp Records hooked up a "best of" compilation in support of the band 1997 US tour entitled Dig It The Most. With the 5 Greasy Pieces EP released that same year courtesy of Citadel Records, another compilation of b-sides and out takes entitled Garage Sale saw the light of day in 1998. Allmusic
The Garage Sale concept was initially put to use in 1997 with the release of Garage Sale Vol. 1 to collect a bunch of unreleased tracks, alternate takes and mixes of previously released tracks along with b-sides and odd covers that were left off official releases.  The same concept has been put to use for Garage Sale Vol. 2 - Italian Style on what will bring excited fans and curious on-lookers together to embrace possibly the final chapter in DM3's existence. Source
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GREG KIHN - Greg Kihn Again

GREG KIHN Greg Kihn Again cd 1987
Love's Made A Fool Of You / Island / Last Of Me / Real Big Man / Politics / Hurt So Bad / For You / If You Be My Love / Madison Avenue / Untie My Hands.
Produced by Glen Kolotkin & Matthew King Kaufman.
 Greg Kihn: vocals, 12 string guitar / Larry Lynch: drums, percussion, backing vocals / Dave Carpenter: lead guitar, backing vocal / Steve Wright: bass, backing vocals.
Greg Kihn began his career in his hometown of Baltimore, MD, working in the singer/songwriter mold, but switched to straightforward rock & roll when he moved to San Francisco in 1974. The following year, he became one of the first artists signed to Matthew Kaufman's now-legendary Beserkley Records. Along with Jonathan Richman, Earthquake, and the Rubinoos, Kihn helped to carve the label's sound -- melodic pop with a strong '60s pop sensibility -- a refreshing alternative to the bloated prog rock of the time. In 1976, after his debut on the compilation Beserkley Chartbusters, he recorded his first album with his own band consisting of Ronnie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass), and Larry Lynch (drums). Through the '70s, he released an album each year and built a strong cult following through constant touring, becoming Beserkley's biggest seller. In 1981, he earned his first bona fide hit with the Top 20 single, "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)," from the Rockihnroll album. He continued in a more commercial vein through the '80s with a series of pun-titled albums: Kihntinued (1982), Kihnspiracy (1983), Kihntageous (1984), and Citizen Kihn (1985). He scored his biggest hit with 1983's "Jeopardy" (number two) from the Kihnspiracy album. One more single broke the Top 40, 1985's "Lucky," but by the time Love and Rock and Roll was released in 1986, the puns had run out and so had the hits. Kihn kept a relatively low profile throughout the '90s, releasing Mutiny in 1994 and Horror Show in 1996. All the Right Reasons followed in mid-2000. Source

"Greg Kihn Again" is notable for several reasons. First of all, it was the first album recorded with the lineup that would define the Greg Kihn Band in its early days- Dave Carpender, Steve Wright, Larry Lynch, and me. It was a relief to finally have our very own full-time guitarist Dave Carpender- who was wonderful guitarist and really gave the band some fire. Up to that time, Robbie Dunbar from Earthquake had been filling-in but the arrangement was wearing thin since both bands were on the rise and gigging consistently. With Dave in the band, we finally had our own sound and direction. Also, it was a transitional phase for me as I was changing my songwriting style from singer-songwriter type material (like the first album) to rock and roll. I would never look back.
It was liberating to be writing pure rock- and that second album has some interesting songs on it including "Madison Avenue Man", "Hurt So Bad","Island", and "Real Big Man". It also featured my first Springsteen cover- "For You", which became an FM favorite and caught the ear of Bruce Springsteen who liked my arrangement so much he started performing it live with my ending. It would be the first of several Springtseen covers for the Greg Kihn Band. Ironically it was the last song Robbie Dunbar ever recorded with us right before Dave joined the band. If I remember correctly, Dave gave it a try but couldn’t capture the raw first-take vibe of Robbie’s solo. Speaking of first takes- that song is nothing but first takes- first take backing track, first take vocal, first take harmonica solo, first take everything. I had the flu that day and I thought I sounded horrible. I remember producer Mathew Kaufman telling me, “don’t worry, it’s just a work vocal, we’ll replace it later.” Famous last words.
Also, when I cut the harmonica solo I was told it was just a test run and the real solo was next, but it never happened that way. I was just making noise on the harmonica, not really playing a part, and everybody loved it and insisted it go on the album just like that.
I am so glad that this historic album is once again available because it captures a magic time in the development of the Greg Kihn Band. We became a strong, hard-working, original rock and roll band with our own identity and sound. It was during this stage that we started playing a lot of gigs and really growing as a band. Source
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The Hammersmith Gorillas: You Really Got Me /  The Hammersmith Gorillas: Leavin' Home / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Eleanor Soapdodge / The Hammersmith Gorillas: I Live In Style In Maida Vale / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Luxury / The Gorillas: She's My Gal / The Gorillas: Why Wait 'Til Tomorrow / The Gorillas: Gatecrasher / The Gorillas: Gorilla Got Me / The Gorillas: Move It / The Gorillas: Song For Rita / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Moonshine / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Shame Shame Shame / The Gorillas: Feel It Easy / The Gorillas: Miss Dynamite (AKA She's Dynamite) / The Hammersmith Gorillas: You Can't Judge A Book (By Looking At The Cover) / The Hammersmit Gorillas: Leavin' 'Ome / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Come On Down / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Jailhouse Rock / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Wild Thing / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Keep On Chooglin' / The Hammersmith Gorillas: Foxy Lady.  
The Hammersmith Gorillas: Jesse Hector: guitar, vocals / Gary Anderson: drums / Alan Butler, Jimmy Knight & Matt McIntyre: bass.
The Hammersmith Gorillas or Gorillas as they were also known, were formed in 1974 and lasted until 1981. Based around the creative talents of Jesse Hector, who was no stranger to the music scene, the band made a reputation for itself in the early days before and during the punk revolution. Jesse Hector had been involved in the music scene since the age of 15. He had played guitar in the mid-'60s cult band the Clique (not to be confused with the U.S. band of the same name) then fronted some politically incorrect bands by the names of Helter Skelter and Crushed Butler in the late '60s. In 1971, Hector got together with Alan Butler (bass) and Gary Anderson (drums) and took the name of a pro-Castro activist group and the band, The Hammersmith Gorillas were born. The band recorded a wild, pumped-up version of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me," as their first single for Larry Page's Penny Farthing label, and it immediately captured the attention of a young generation yearning for a new style of music. The sheer energy and attitude behind the single won it immediate recognition among the young people, but it failed to impress the radio programmers, so it didn't receive the airplay it deserved. After the failure of Page's label, the band signed to the fledgling Chiswick indie label and recorded further singles.

By 1976, the punk movement began to rear its ugly head and The Hammersmith Gorillas were right in the midst of the movement. Along with their friends in the Damned, Eddie & the Hot Rods, and more, the Gorillas, as they were then known, went to France to play in the legendary Mont de Marsan Punk Festival. After the Festival, punk took the world by storm and many bands popped up vowing to change the world. In 1978, the Gorillas recorded their debut (and only) album titled "Message to the World" for Raw records. The band rode the wave of the punk movement, and in 1981, bandmember Alan Butler died a tragic death and the band broke up. Nearly a decade later, in 1991, Hector returned to the music business and formed the Sound. "Gorilla Got Me" compiles 22 tracks from the careers of The Hammersmith Gorillas and the Gorillas. This set contains singles and selected album tracks originally released between 1974-1978, and a number of previously unreleased live tracks. Although the Gorillas will never make the rock & roll hall of fame the band's contribution to the '70s music scene is worthy of documentation. The set also contains detailed liner notes, a history of the band, a discography, and rare photos. A fitting tribute to one of the forgotten innovators of the punk movement. Allmusic

All you ever wanted from Jesse Hector's remarkable, hirsute and garbed trio - the issued Penny Farthing and Chiswick sides plus eight previously unissued studio recordings, and 25 minutes of ragged but right recording from the first Mont De Marsant Punk Rock Festival. They just don't make them like that anymore. Source
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THE FLYING PADOVANIS - They Call Them Crazy...

THE FLYING PADOVANIS Font L'Enfer 12'' ep 1982 + They Call Them Crazy lp 1987
01 Jack The Ripper / 02 Against The Fall Of Night / 03 Bumble Bee / 04 Lies / 05 Rattleshake / 06 Wipe Out / 07 Three For Trouble / 08 They Call Him Crazy / 09 The Last Bullet (Uptempo Version) / 10 No Place To Hide / 11 Western Pasta* / 12 Murder / 13 Caravan / 14 Vas Plus Haut* / 15 The Last Bullet.
Produced by The Flying Padovanis.
French guitarist Henri Padovani is forever guaranteed a footnote in rock history: he was the original guitarist in the Police, performing only on their indie debut single, "Fallout," before being replaced by Andy Summers. Following that misfire and a brief stint in Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, Padovani returned to France and formed an instrumental guitar trio called the Flying Padovanis, performing a new wave-influenced gloss on the Shadows' vintage cool. These two vinyls feature surfy-twangy guitar instrumentals played with drop-dead élan,  wisely avoids attempting to update or modernize the classic instrumental rock template. This results in solidly entertaining gems like the moody "Apache" homage "Against the Fall of Night" and nervy, speedy gems like "No Place to Hide," which would have sounded great on an old Davie Allan & the Arrows 45. You can   even find here  the trio 1981 debut single, the near-funky Ennio Morricone homage "Western Pasta." Fans of surf, twang, and other old-school instrumental rock styles are well advised to seek these low-key gems out. Source

The Flying Padovanis broke up in 1987, but 20 years later the original lineup reunited for the "Three for Trouble" compilation (HERE!) .
Henry Padovani has been in the music business for the last 30 years.
First, as a guitar player, in 1977, in London, he starts the band The Police with Stewart Copeland and Sting, then joins Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, puts together his trio the Flying Padovanis and plays with everyone, from Pete Townsend to Kim Wilde, from the Pretenders to the Jam.
In 1984, he becomes the vice president of IRS, records, Miles Copeland's label and they sign REM, Fine Young Cannibals, the Fleshtones, Wall of Voodoo, the Go-Gos, the Lords of the New Church, the Cramps,  etc etc.
En 1994, he becomes Zucchero's manager and they go on selling together more than 11 millions album.
In 2000, he stops the business.
In 2005, he writes his memoirs and signs the soundtrack of the movie "Ici Najac à vous la terre", directed by Jean Henri Meunier.
In 2006, his book "Secret Police Man" (HERE!), is released by french publisher Flammarion and "Ici Najac à vous la terre" is an official selection at the Cannes film festival. Henry also releases his first solo album "A croire que c'était pour la vie" ("When you believe it was forever"), recorded with Sting, Stewart Copeland, Manu Katché, Steve Hunter, Glen Matlock, Chris Musto (HERE!) etc...
In 2007 Henry reforms the Flying Padovanis, plays in London and all the way to Japan, goes back on stage with The Police at the Stade de France in Paris for 2 concerts in front of 160,000 screaming fans.
In 2008, Henry plays a lot in England with the Flying Padovanis, now dubbed ' the Kings of rock instrumental',  their unique blend of Link Wray tinged guitar instrumentals and works on the production of a movie, 'Rock n Roll..Of Corse!', directed by Lionel Guedj and Stephane Bebert, based on his book "Secret Police Man".

In 2009, Henry puts the finishing touches on the musics of the movie and at the end of 2009, he leaves for a month tour in Australia, Singapour and New Zealand, where he performs alone with a guitar in theaters and blues clubs. The movie is shown in a work in progress version and in world premiere in the towns where he plays.
In 2010, the movie 'Rock and roll..of Corse!', is an official selection at the Cannes film festival, where Henry goes up again the famous red carpet and burns the croisette with a Flying Padovanis concert. During the summer, the Flying Padovanis play festivals in England, Belgium and Austria.
In 2011, Henry is a jury member of the X Factor in France, on M6 tv channel, and is getting ready to record a new solo album, guitar and voice, to re release his book ' Secret police Man' in pocket format on may 5th 2011, and release the Flying Padovanis live album, recorded in July 2010 at the Victoria Park High Voltage Festival in London. Recorded on the legendary LMS mobile studio ( Quadrophenia-Who, Physical graffitti- Led Zep, Black and Blue- R.Stones), this album will released on vinyl only.
The movie 'Rock and Roll.. Of Corse!' should be released in the cinemas Spring-summer 2011... 



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