Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way

Yeah, darling
Gonna make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once and
Explode into space

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racing in the wind
And the feeling that I'm under

Yeah, darling
Gonna make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once and
Explode into space

Like a true nature child
We were born
Born to be wild
We have climbed so high
Never want to die
Born to be wild
Born to be wild


THE LOCOS - Screwed Up

THE LOCOS Screwed Up cd 1999
No Time To Waste / Losing My Mind / I'll Be Back / Story Of My Life / Local Hero / Tried So Hard / Sun Ain't Burning / Inside Out / Now I'm Pretty Cool / A Better Man Than You / Screwed Up / Hangin' In The Bars / Straight To Hell / Hey Hey Bye Bye.
The Locos: T. Skei: vocals & rhythm guitar / N. Einarsson: drums / A. Leviäkangas: bass & vocals / J. Lindqvist: lead guitar.
Combining the nostalgic influences of the Nomads, the Ramones, the Cynics, and the Sonics, the Locos imported their pitch of snotty garage punk into their home country of Sweden. Upon their stage debut in 1996, the collaboration of Diesel Eye (guitar), Tommy (vocals/guitar), Nicklas (drums), and Arto GTO (bass/vocals) would spend the next two years gigging around the Scandinavian territory while also having the chance to play with the likes of the Hellacopters, the Hymans, and Gluecifer. Mi-Mo Sound Records eventually contributed to the release of the Locos' first full-length, Screwed Up, in 1999. Allmusic
"The name of this band says everything about their music and image.
Pop, punk with kick ass rock´n roll that hits you like a grenade.
A band that’s going to take a lot of air and spread their electric air pollution over us.
Their first album, "Screwed up" was released in April 1999. It contains 14 melodic and energetic smashing rock tracks.
If you like sleazy ballads, this is not your bag. But if you want more bpm for the money this is what you are looking for.
The single, with music video, "Hanging`in the bars" is the coolest rock song this year.
2 minutes of pure rock energy, sounds like the Sex Pistols in the 90´s.
Other "Loco" influences are "The Cynics" and "The Nomads".
Bust be a success! If this is the start where will it end..." Source
Buy it here !


SURCHARGE - Au bar chez Satan

SURCHARGE Au bar chez Satan cd 2005
Le contrat / La danse de Lucifer / C'est électrique / Les Black Dogs / J' graffigne / L'assaut / Né pour être millionnaire / Le retour de Suzy / Au bar chez Satan / L'abîme / Le last call.
Recorded & produced par Fire Lewis.
Surcharge: C. Carr: bass / F. Lewis: guitar / F. Volum: guitar, vocals / B. Wabo: drums.
En février 2006 Surcharge réalise un deuxième album, cette fois entièrement francophone, "Au Bar chez Satan" qui rassemble 11 tonitruantes pièces qui fusionnent le rock'n'roll au punk garage, au classic rock, et même au blues ("Last Call"). Tout comme "Rock'n'Roll Motherfuckers", ce nouveau disque a été enregistré live (dans un studio de Québec) afin de ne rien perdre de l'énergie singulière que dégage Surcharge. Inspiré par les nombreux bars miteux fréquentés au fil des années et par les gens peu recommandables qui s'y trouvent, le satanique quatuor rassemble des thèmes tels que le vice, la fête, le sexe, la tentation, la mort et le diable pour les étaler sur un rock solide et puissant qui leur est propre. "Au Bar chez Satan" assouvira les vrais amateurs de rock pur, simple et sans prétention. "L'Assaut", le premier extrait tiré du diabolique album a souvent résonné sur les radios du Québec.
Avec ces deux albums Surcharge était assurément un des plus "vrais" bands de rock au Québec. (L'histoire en a décidé autrement , le groupe s'est séparé en 2007) ... That’s it that’s all..." Source
wav 1 wav 2


VA - Trash On Demand Vol. 1

VA Trash On Demand Vol. 1 lp 1996 Ultra Under Records 320 kbps
Jesse Hector & Gatecrashers: Carolina / Alter-Egos: She Can't Be Stopped / The Creamers: New Improved Me / Fifi & The Mach III: Rock N Roll Girls / The 69 Eyes: Ghettoway Car / The Spent Idols: No Broken Promises / Jeff Dahl: French Cough Syrup / Candy 500: Fox Force 5 / The Hangs-Ups: I Wanna Be A Hang-Up / Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters: Lookin' For A Kiss / Nuevo Catecismo Catolico: Self-destruction / Al Perry: Off And Running / The Remains: Russian Roulette.
"When I went to put this compilation together, I had one major thought. I hated most comps. It was always a case of too many piss poor badly recorded bands with one or two gema thrown in.
Throughout all my tours and correspondence I knew that there was no shortage of cool bands out there. So the idea here is that only the cream rises to the top. These are some of my personal favorites and I hope you'll love 'em as much as I do. Then go out and track down the rest of the records by whoever turns you on. It's worth the effort! The slab o' vinyl you're now holdin'in yer grubby paws is the rockin'est, sleeziest spuzz goin' down. Enjoy it ... and stay tuned for Volume II (& maybe Volume III)!!!"
Search & Destroy Forever - Jeff Dahl, Phx, Az. USA '95
J. Hector & Gatecrashers (U.K.): Carolina: "From the legendary UK outfit the Hammersmith Gorillas, here's something raw and rockin'..."
Alter-Egos (L.A.): She Can't Be Stopped: "Ah... Rich Coffee! ...the Gizmos, thee Fourgiven & The Tommyknockers... one of the most under-rated guitarists! Cross The Standells with The Ramones and you'll get the picture. Recorded just for this comp!
The Creamers (L.A.): New Improved Me: "...This new track ranks with their best! ... can you say "hi-energy"?
Fifi & The Mach III (Japan): Rock N Roll Girls: "Definitively one of Japan's bands..."
The 69 Eyes (Finland): Ghettoway Car: "The reigning kings of that sleazy Helsinki glam/punk scene...if you love Hanoi Rocks and Smack !" The Spent Idols (San Diego): No Broken Promises: "Close your eyes and you'd swear it was '77 all over again..."

Jeff Dahl (Phoenix, Arizona): French Cough Syrup: "Three chords and a bad attitude is out motto! I hope ya like it."
Candy 500 (Porland, Oregon): Fox Force 5 "...Ursula's voice has got to be one of the most powerful, emotional, downright sexy set of pipes I've come across (figuratively speaking). Beautifully, brutal and brand new!"
The Hangs-Ups (Newcastle, England): I Wanna Be A Hang-Up: "...16 Forever and The Campus Tramps come to mind and the Hangs-Ups have strong ties to both those bands. This new track was recorded especially fot this LP"
Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters (Worcester, MA): Lookin' For A Kiss: "...This track is exclusive for all you Dolls fans and showcases the Ballbusters snotty, trashy rock 'n roll quite nicely."
Nuevo Catecismo Catolico (Spain): Self-destruction: "...a real ripper. All the energy aggression and melody you could possibly consume."

Al Perry (Tucson, Arizona): Off And Running: " Here's a true living legend for ya with a little demented twang for your rock n'roll pleasure. He's been a mainstay and catalyst for the desert scene for decades. Here's a new track which was done without any overdubs. Live and raw onto tape. Just the way we like it!"
The Remains (Tokyo, Japan): Russian Roulette: "...Guitarist/singer H. Nakagome is rapidely gaining a well deserved reputation as "The japanese Johnny Thunders". Needless to say, I'm a big fan of their stuff. Here's a fun version of one of my favorite Lords' tunes. Recorded in Tokyo with me on rhythm guitar & backing vox. Gimme, gimme , gimme..."
Liner notes by Jeff Dahl
Cd covers by Max !!!

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Hollywood Babylon

JOHNNY THUNDERS Hollywood Babylon cd 2000
Pipeline / Blame It On Mom / Personality Crisis / I Can Tell / Dead Or Alive / Can't Keep My Eyes On You / Ain't Superstitious / Too Much Junkie Business~Pills / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Eve Of Destruction / It's Not Enough / Lonely Planet Boy / The Wizard / Play With Fire / Green Onions / In The Midnght Hour / Sad Vacation / Little Queenie / Born To Lose.
Recorded live at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, January. 4, 1987
Johnny Thunders: guitar, vocals / Arthur Kane: bass / Jerry Nolan: drums / Barry Jones: guitar.
Johnny in great shape one night in L.A with the excellent Barry Jones (London Cowboys) on guitar, Arthur Kane on bass and one of drummers the most under-rated : Mr Jerry "cool" Nolan ! Excellent show with a good sound !


SACRED HEARTS - Temptation

SINGLES: SACRED HEARTS Temptation EP 1992 wav
Temptation / Bottle O' Whiskey / Good-N-Ready.
Recorded by R. Parker & G. Siegel. Artwork by The Pizz
Sacred Hearts: J. Escovedo: guitar, vocals / C. Trent: bass / B. Dusha: guitars, vocals / Baba: drums & vocals.
Just one single for this short live band... but Javier Escovedo (Zeros, True Believers, Will & The Kill, Chariot) & Bill Dusha (The Blondes) in the same california band, it's a good deal !


Radar / Space-Age Rock Queen / Bed 4, 13th Floor / Beings in the Night.
Produced by Permanent Wave
Permanent Wave: W. Smith: guitar / T. Stults: lead vocals / R. Ferrero: lead guitar / W. Witkowski: bass guitar / F. French: drums / D. Henas: keyboards + M. Salmon: back up vocals.
Early Bomp Records release , by a great powerpop band.
Permanent Wave was part of the early Sacramento new wave scene.They have only released this ep on Abduction Records (1978) then licenced by Bomp (1979) but you can find another Permanent Wave song "Little Girl" on the Bomp compilation "Waves - An Anthology of New Music Vol 1" (1979).


PHYSICALS - Skulduggery

PHYSICALS Skulduggery cd 1978/79-2002
Breakdown On Stage / No Life In The City / You Do Me In / All Sexed Up / Be Like Me / Pain In Love / Got A Feeling / Meat Off The Bone / The Weight's On Me / Scum Surf Riders / Crying In The Alley / Should Have Been You (Live) / Lust For Life (Live) / Time's Up / Talk Talk / Get Me To The World On Time / Engine Of Romance.
A. Lee Show: guitar, vocals / S. Schmidt: guitar / C. Sol: bass, vocals / S. Bye: drums.
After the Maniacs' nonstop punk ran its course, guitarist A. L. Shaw's Physicals adopted a more glam stance, at least on their "All Sexed Up" EP. The storming "Breakdown on Stage" sets the tone by saluting the New York Dolls ( in words, and riffs ) while Shaw indulges some choice Thunders-style plectrum swipes on the slower, yet equally intense "You Do Me In." But there's more to the story on this compilation, whose finest hour is "Be Like Me," a thunderous, anthemic slice of punk boosted by former Sex Pistol Paul Cook's production and drumming involvement. (Incredibly, "Be Like Me" and its B-side, "Pain in Love," sat unreleased for a year after the original session, until Big Beat finally issued both songs in 1980.) Eleven of the 17 tracks here are unreleased, which is a shame; they're prime slices of '70s second-wave melodic punk. Highlights include the Iggy Pop-ish drive of "I Got a Feeling" and "Crying in the Alley"; the stinging "Time's Up"; and "Engine of Romance," which features a great sax solo. Taut versions of Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" and Shaw's fist-in the-air rocker "Should Have Been You" flash tantalizing glimmers of the band's live prowess, while covers of the '60s garage nuggets "Get Me to the World on Time" and the Music Machine's "Talk Talk" inject some fun into the proceedings. Although the Physicals never rose above their parochial obscurity (their career highlight was an Irish tour supporting heavy metal kings Thin Lizzy) this effort remains a must-own glimpse of a lost band's unfulfilled potential. Source: All Music Guide


JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live in Bordeaux (16/10/83)

JOHNNY THUNDERS Live in Bordeaux (16/10/83) audience bootleg 320 kbps
Johnny Thunders Cosa Nostra en concert à la Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc de Bordeaux, un dimanche après-midi de 1983 ! Johnny était épaulé par Henri Paul accompagné de Charlotte ainsi que d'un batteur et d'un bassiste français dont j'ai oublié les noms... le concert a été piraté de la salle par le Vicomte qui animait à cette époque une émission rock sur Bordeaux...
Johnny Thunders Cosa Nostra recorded live in Bordeaux on a sunday afternoon of 1983 !
Part of artwork & transfert tape to cd: thanks to Marc!


SURCHARGE - Rock N' Roll Motherfuckers

SURCHARGE Rock N' Roll Motherfuckers cd 2004
Do The R&R Motherfucker / Enough Of U / You Ready ? / A Place To Go / Suzy Black Chatte / Let's Spill The Blood / Nasty Chicks / Le Boy Toy / Get Ya High / Cheap Love / I Just Wanna... .
Produced by Surcharge & Balmoral
Surcharge: C. Carr: bass / F. Lewis: guitar / F. Volum: guitar, vocals / B. Wabo: drums.
"Surcharge, assurément l'un des plus puissants bands du Québec, a vu le jour lorsque deux enfoirés de Québec, amoureux du rock dur ( F. Lewis , le "guitar-hero" et F. Volum , le râleur gratteux de Fender) décidèrent de former un super band de rock électrique.
Ils recrutèrent d'abord B. Wabo à la batterie, une véritable brute déchaînée destinée à détruire toutes les cymbales et les peaux qui se trouvent sur son passage. Ils optèrent ensuite pour C. Car à la basse, un louche individu, préalablement rencontré lors des virées nocturnes de Frank Volum dans les pires trous à rats.
Surcharge roule donc son rock solide depuis près de cinq ans partout dans la province, mais c'est seulement en mai 2004 que le quatuor s'est finalement décidé à lancer un premier essai "Rock & Roll Motherfuckers". Le percutant album, a reçu un accueil du tonnerre auprès des critiques et du public en quête de bon vieux rock'n'roll bien garage aux influences seventies. Ce disque bilingue, a permis au groupe de se tailler une place bien méritée parmi les meilleurs du genre au Québec, tant pour l'album en soit que pour ses prestations scéniques enflammées. Les deux extraits tirés de cet album, "Populaire" et "Il faut que ça cogne!" ont fait bonne figure sur un grand nombre de radios rock du Québec.Surcharge fait penser par moment (en plus heavy) à un autre canadien qu'on aime beaucoup ici! Pagliaro sortit en 1975 un formidable album simplement intitulé (("Pagliaro") qu'il doubla par une version anglaise légèrement différente ("Pagliaro I"). Un lp chargé jusqu'à la gueule de rocks teigneux dont "Louise", "J'entends frapper", la cover francophone du "Riot In Cell Block N° 9" des fabuleux Coasters ... ("Y'a une émeute dans la prison...On va foncer ce s'ra pas long ..."). Remember ?
Foncez donc sur ce cd et pour vous convaincre ce s'ra pas long!!!

THE TYLA GANG are back...

The Tyla Gang Are Back!
The original Tyla Gang line up of Sean Tyla, Bruce Irvine, Michael Desmarais and Kid Turrington will tour Sweden from 29th September to 17th October 2010. Dates will be announced in a couple of weeks. The reformation is a permanent move by the band and they will release, 'Retrotone', a compilation of live radio recordings from the late 70s and rough mixes of finished and unfinished tracks from their 'lost' third album, 'Whalebacker'. The final recording and mixing of that project took place in San Francisco but was halted when the Gang's record company, Beserkley went into liquidation in the UK in 1978. The master tapes were subsequently erased.
In addition, the band have announced that they have signed with trendy Swedish indie label, Ball & Chain Records. The Gang will take a break in their upcoming tour to record several new tracks. The band will be working at the legendary Sound Control Sweden Studios in Skutsgär, north of Stockholm and the album, working title, 'Mooseycal' will be scheduled for release in late Spring 2011. source


VA - Hempilation

VA Hempilation: Freedom is NORML cd 1995
Black Crowes: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 / Blues Traveler: I Want to Take You Higher / Cypress Hill: I Wanna Get High / David Peel & The 360's: I Like Marijuana / Gov't Mule: Don't Step on the Grass, Sam / 311: Who's Got The Herb ? / Hater: Convicted / Sacred Reich: Sweet Leaf / High Fidelity: Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba / Ian Moore: Champagne And Reefer / Sublime: Legalize It / Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers: In The Flow / Widespread Panic: And It Stoned Me / Gus: Homegrown / Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies: High Time We Went / Raging Slab: Pot Head Pixies / Drivin' N' Cryin: Too Rolling Stoned.
Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML is the first CD compilation album to benefit the organization NORML, released in November 1995. The songs that appear on the album all have marijuana as the subject matter. As of the end of 1998 "Hempilation" sold more than 110,000 units, and raised more than $90,000 for NORML.Due to the album's success, there would be a second compilation done by the group, which would appear three years after the first compilation.
The idea for this album came about after a Steve Bloom, a member of High Times magazine (and one of the producers of "Hempilation") left a record release party for a PETA benefit album called "Tame Yourself". He thought since top bands can get behind a cause and make a difference, why not try the same concept to benefit the people at NORML?
It was decided that the album needed to be created after finding several of the bands that were fans of the magazine and supporters of the legalization movement, other bands prior to the album took part in a "Rock For Pot" benefit concert, and a successful sponsored tour of one of the contributing bands by both of the organizations.The proceeds from the sale of this album, organized by the people at High Times Magazine, went to benefit the NORML organization. It was also created as a way to contribute to NORML anonymously. However, there is also a membership form that was included in the CD booklet if the purchaser wanted to do more. The website given on the form to join NORML .


BEAT ANGELS - Unreleased Third Album

BEAT ANGELS Unreleased Third Album 2001 320 kbps
Girl Walking Backwards / She Shoots Starlight / Porn Star Shine / Liquor Pig Boyfriend / Whorehouse Priest / The Gutter Snobs / Misery Becomes You / Hey Little One / Stay With Me / Terminal Love.
Produced by Gilby Clarke.
Beat Angels: Michael Brooks: guitar / Brian Smith: vocals / Keith Jackson: guitar / Kevin Pate: bass / A.D. Adams: drums.
"We had been stuck with an ever evolving lineup (particularly in the drummers chair) one counterproductive bassist and his replacement who got struck and disabled in a car accident. The band couldn't tour, interest was waning and our morale was sinking. Members were becoming involved in other projects and life was moving on.
We went back to Gilby's studio to record these songs with our old friend and founding member Kevin Pate on bass and a great drummer in A.D. Adams. Beat Angels always did have really good drummers. Makes all the difference in the world.
We recorded these songs, played a few shows, came back to Phoenix and that was it. The record was never completed and never properly mixed.
Brian got a job and moved to Detroit, and the rest of us moved on.
Brian lives in Detroit and is an editor at the Detroit Metro Times, a weekly newspaper.
Keith manages a pub in Phoenix and fronts a punk rock band called Glass Heroes.
Kevin plays around Phoenix in various bands.
AD plays drums in a glam revivalist band called The Crash Street Kids.
And I live in Detroit with my girlfriend and our infant son.
And that's that.
Hope you like the tunes.
Michael Brooks
PS:The version of "Terminal Love" here was recorded for "Satisfaction Guaranteed" , a "Boys" tribute record.
This third Beat Angels album is a MUST ... just check it !
Cd artwork created by MAX !
Thanks again to Michael Brooks !!!


SOUR JAZZ have been announced to stumble through a series of headlining gigs in Spain for summer 2010. Joining SOUR JAZZ on guitar will be very special guest, DANIEL REY. Daniel has previously played with and produced much-beloved bands such as The Ramones, Ronnie Spector, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Richard Hell, The Misfits, Nashville Pussy and countless others. Never before has so much cunning talent shared one stage. Downright historical, that's what it will be.
SOUR JAZZ will be touring to support their latest album, 'American Seizure,' but never fear... SOUR JAZZ will also graciously dazzle and deafen the youth of Spain with a stunning array of mega-hits from their heroically glorious back catalogue -- songs of love, songs of despair, songs of filth and of tenderness and longing. Mark your calendars now, book your flights in advance, and be certain that your passports are in order, as these shows promise to be devastatingly suave and wine-soaked affairs.

12 June 2010 Festival Rockin' Praza Carballo [a Coruna], Spain
13 June 2010 Gran Cafe Leon, Spain
14 June 2010 Club Studio 27 Burgos, Spain
15 June 2010 Radio session Madrid, Spain
16 June 2010 Sala [2] de Apolo Barcelona, Spain*
17 June 2010 Sala El Sol Madrid, Spain*
18 June 2010 Rock & Raw Festival Gijón Acapulco*
19 June 2010 Andoaingo Festival Andoain Pais Vasco, Spain*

* with Cocktail Slippers


ELLIOTT MURPHY - Lost Generation / Night Lights

ELLIOTT MURPHY Lost Generation/Night Lights cd 2003
cd 1: Lost Generation (1975): Hollywood / A Touch Of Mercy / History / When You Ride / Bittersweet / Lost Generation / Eva Braun / Manhattan Rock / Visions Of The Night / Lookin' Back / Visions Of The Night*.
Produced by P. A. Rothchild
* bonus track
E. Murphy: vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano / N. Doheny, J. Clark, S. Landreth: guitars / G. Edwards: bass / J. Gordon: drums and percussion / J. Smith: saxophone / B. Kimball: harmony / W. DeVillier, R. Tee: keyboards.
cd 2: Night Lights (1976): Diamonds By The Yard / Deco Dance / Rich Girls / Abraham Lincoln Continental / Isadora's Dancer / You'll Never Know What You're In For / Lady Stilletto / Lookin' For A Hero / Never As OLd As You / Night Connection* / Wha-d-ya-know* / Drowning* / Razor Love* / Everything A Boy Should Know* / From 20th Century City* / Deco Dance* / What's The Matter* / Rich Girls* / Fan Mail*.
Produced by S. Katz with E. Murphy.
E. Murphy: vocal, acoustic & electric guitars, arp strings, organ pedals / J. Harrison: piano, organ
, arp strings / A. Paley: drums & percussion / E. Brooks: bass, vocals/ Billy Joel: piano / M. Braun: drums & percussion / R. Davis: upright bass / R. Schuckett: organ / D. Yule: electric guitar, vocals / L. Soloff, L. Marini, M. Brecker, H. Johnson, T. Malone: horns / H. Lookofsky: violin / Geraldine: lead whisper / S. Katz: vocals / M. Horowitz: pedal steel / Mr. Harte's Westorchard School 4th Graders: chorus on°
* bonus tracks
UK twofer for the Paris-based folk-rock singer-songwriter combines 'Lost Generation' (1975) & 'Night Lights' (1976) with 11 previously unreleased bonus tracks, both are unavailable domestically. 30 tracks in a slipcase. Camden Deluxe. 2003. Amazon BUY IT HERE!
"E. Murphy grew up in an upper-middle-class family. His father owned Aqua Show, a water ballet arena on the grounds of the World's Fair in 1939 and 1964. During Murphy's childhood, the arena was the site of big-band concerts by such jazz musicians as Duke Ellington and Count Basie.
Acquiring his first guitar at the age of 12, Murphy quickly advanced on the instrument. Within a year, he was playing in his first band. In 1966, Murphy's band the Rapsillions placed first in a New York statewide Battle of the Bands.
Together with his brother Matthew, Murphy spent the late '60s in Europe, performing his original tunes in subway stations and street corners. He also had a bit role in Federico Fellini's 1972 film Roma. Returning to the United States in 1973, Murphy formed a band, Elliott Murphy's Aquashow. Performing frequently at New York hot spots, including Max's Kansas City and the Mercer Arts Center, Murphy and the group became associated with the art rock scene that included Patti Smith and the New York Dolls. Although their 1975 debut album, "Aquashow", was critically acclaimed, it failed to break through commercially. Murphy's subsequent 1970s recordings -- "Lost Generation", "Night Lights", and "Just a Story from America" -- sold poorly. In 1980, Murphy launched his own record label, Courtesan, with a six-song EP, "Affairs". The following year, he released a folk-rock album, "Murph the Surf". Murphy's album "Party Girls & Broken Poets", released in 1984, was nominated for a New York Music Award as Album of the Year.

Murphy has consistently worked with innovative producers. "Milwaukee", released in 1986, was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, while "Change Will Come", released in 1987, was produced by James Ball of the Smithereens. A live album, "Hot Point", released in 1989, featured lead guitar by Chris Spedding.
Despite the state-of-the-art sound of his albums, Murphy continued to encounter commercial resistance in the United States. In Europe, however, it was a much different scenario. Murphy's concerts were packed by enthusiastic audiences while his albums sold well. In 1990, Murphy emigrated to Paris, where he continues to live with his wife, Francoise, and his son, Gaspard.
Shortly after moving to Paris, Murphy released a 24-song album, "12", that was shortened and rechristened "Unreal City" upon release in the United States. Then "If Poets were Kings" followed in 1991. In 1995, Murphy assembled a new band that featured drummer Andy Newmark (Roxy Music, Eric Clapton), acoustic and electric bassist Cuch Merchan (Eurythmics), and percussionist Luis Jardim (Rolling Stones). Recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium, the album"Selling The Gold" included a duet with Bruce Springsteen on Murphy's tune "Everything I Do (Leads Me Back to You)." In 1998, Murphy returned with the album "Beauregard". "La Terre Commune" (with Iain Matthews) & "Rainy Season" were issued in 2000. "Soul Surfing" & "The Next wave" arrived in 2002. The next year "Strings Of The Storm" was released followed by the "Never Say Never: The Best of 1995-2005" compilation in 2005. Murphy released "Murphy Gets Muddy" the following year, "Coming Home Again" in early 2007 and "Notes from the Underground" in 2008.
In addition to his career as a musician, Murphy has been active as a writer, penning the liner notes for the Velvet Underground's 1969 Live and the Violent Femmes' Add It Up (1981-1993). Murphy's articles have been published by Spin and Rolling Stone magazines, and have included feature stories on Tom Waits and Keith Richards. Murphy has also published a novel, Cold and Electric, and two collections of his short stories. All Music


JUKE SAVAGES - Pagan Rites And Big Juju On The Road To Ascension

JUKE SAVAGES Pagan Rites And Big Juju On The Road To Ascension cd 1994
CD 1: Alligator Shoes / Motorcycle Man* / Papa Joe's Backyard Casino / Edge O' The Night+/ Mud / Wolf Totem"/ Fraternity / My Gang Daddy-O! / Nasty Disposition / Full Moon, Silver Bullet° / Lowdown, Dirty And Blue.
CD 2 (bonus live): Gone Wild / Alligator Shoes / Papa Joe's Backyard Casino / Mud/ My Gang Daddy-O! / Nasty Disposition / Edge O' The Night.
A Fuzzy Bunny production.
Juke Savages: C."Klondike" Masuak: vocals & guitar / R. Porter: bass & vocals / G. Presland: drums & vocals + S. Brightwell: harmonica on * / B. Ferguson: vocals on ° / P. Larsen: drums on + / T. Pepper: saxophone on "
In april 1992 , Chris Masuak ( Radio Birdmen , Hitmen , New Christs , Screaming Tribesmen ) formed the country/r & b-flavoured Juke Savages , issuing a self-titled cd EP on the Phantom label . In late 1993 Red Porter and Gerard Presland (ex Hitmen DTK) replaced Ferguson and Larsen respectively . The Juke Savages issued the full-lengh album : "Pagan rites and big juju on the road to ascension" in 1994 . In early 1996 , C. Masuak rejoined the reformed Radio Birdmen for the national "Radios On !" tour and it was the end of the Juke Savages !



"À 80 ans, Siné, continue le combat. Il n’a jamais faibli, ses rages sont celles de ses 20 ans. Il s’est toujours engagé, s’est parfois trompé, l’a toujours reconnu et revendique l’erreur. Au fur et à mesure des années, le provocateur collectionne les procès. Son trait lui ressemble, au vitriol. Athée, anti-nantis, anti-flics, anti-armées, anti-corridas, ami des chats, fou de jazz et de salsa. Le dessinateur s’est engagé auprès des algériens pendant la guerre d’Algérie, a fait de Malcolm X le parrain de sa fille, s’est lié d’amitié avec Prévert, Jean Genet ou Léonor Fini pour laquelle il invente ses fameux chats. Dans toutes les fêtes, il reste le dernier à se coucher.
Sa férocité, il la tient de son immense tendresse pour tous les opprimés. Alors, il rage contre les nantis de tous poils. L’homme du « journal mal élevé » a de sacrés principes."
Visite indispensable du site ici !