PETER MANIETTE GROUP Robber EP 7'' ep 2000
Robber / Rockin' With The Boys / Back To Zero / Back On The Street.
Produced by Per Ängkvist.
Peter Maniette Group: Peter Maniette: Vocals & Harmonica / Dan Lagerstedt: Guitar & Backing vocals / Stefan Hellström: Bass & Piano / Patrik Sjökvist: Drums.
Peter Maniette was the man behind the legendary "The Wylde Mammoths", who in the eighties released two albums on the American label, Crypt Records. Crypt, had up to that point in time, solely released different compilations with the obscure sixties-bands, for instance "Back from the Grave". When Tim Warren (from Crypt), heard "The Wylde Mammoths" for the first time, he was totally knocked out and realised he had to help out the band. "The Wylde Mammoths" made two LPs and a handful of singles before they called it a day.
After ten years of silence, Peter Maniette is back with a 4 track EP in Pub Punk/Garage Rock style, that surely would have made it into the repertoires of the likes of Lew Lewis, Mickey Jupp, Eddie & the Hot Rods and Wilko Johnson. If this doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will! Source
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JEFF DAHL & FREDDY LYNXX Born To Lose / Sweet Jane 7'' 1995
Produced by Be Free.
Jeff Dahl: vocals & guitar / Freddy Lynxx: guitar / Jim G: bass / Bam Bam: drums.
Jeff Dahl and Freddy Lynxx recorded live in Paris, France on March 20th, 1995...
Two shots of real rock'n'roll !

We miss them...


AAMPIRELLAS - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

AAMPIRELLAS Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory cd 2003
Don't Want You Know More / Gotta Situation / Grand Times / Wasted / Armkiller / Devils Song / Tomorrow Will Still Be Today / Leave It At Home / Fist Fight / Goin' Nowhere / Your Eyes.
Produced by A & L
Aampirellas: Trixie: lead vocals & bass / Otto: guitar / Doma: drums / R. E. Lee: guitar.
Any doubts that this is an album to be taken seriously subside about a quarter of the way into the opener, the "Astra Wally"-like throb of "Don't Want You Anymore". The guitars roar and bassist Trixie spits out fuck-you lyrics with a sweet, yet dangerous vocal. The raunchy "Gotta Situation" puts it beyond doubt and "Wasted" plants the album up there with the best releases of 2003. All from a Brisbane band (two guys, two gals) who, until now, have been barely known outside their home town.
The Aampirellas draw a lineage through membership of Brizzy bands like the chaotic Strutter (for whom guitarist Evil Dick used to sing), the Hymies and the Genies. By these ears' reckoning, they're the pick of the crop in a busy but very low profile Brisvegas music scene that deserves more attention. The Powder Monkeys' Tim Hemensley (R.I.P.) gets acknowledgement in the liner notes and why not? That band's innate ability to blend the best Oz pub rock with Motor City energy is an obvious touchstone. Equally obvious is the Aampers' nod to pure white noise in a track like "Arm Killer", where a river of pure fuzz runs through a storming guitar lines and a wonderfully cool Trixie vocal.
The backline is brutal, drummer Doma working off Trixie's unadorned but solid basslines. Guitars and smart riffs abound, but it's not the attention to six-stringed detail that wins the day single-handedly; the forthright vocalising of Trixie is the icing and it sets her apart as the best Oz female vocalist around today. Quick summary: Bittersweet with an imperious streak a mile wide.
Nowhere does it work better than on "Fist Fight". I spied a review that branded the band a cross between the Stooges and the Runaways. Can't do much better than that as an approximation, although they lack the sloppy plod of the former and plastic contrivedness of the latter.
There's an obvious likelihood of the Aampers being pigeonholed with the rest of the New Rock bands but the fact is that their membership's been cranking this stuff out in isolation from any trends. "Snatching Defeat..." was accorded Album of the Week status by Triple Jay - proof positive that not everyone at the Australian national yoof network has shit between their ears. Hell, the band even used a horribly mangled metaphor from an I-94 Bar review on their promotional poster! Can't fault that, even if our wordage is appalling...
There was major label interest in the Aampirellas but it came to nothing after some demos (thanks for the copy, guys). The lack of follow-through is perplexing - the tracks are outstanding - but it's also comforting in a way, to know that these guys can still steer their own course and still attract significant interest. Of course the way forward is obvious and it involves air tickets and passports. There's no reason why, finances allowing, the Aampers couldn't tread the same path as the Drones. Anyone in the States or Europe wanna give 'em a listen? - The Barman (I-94 Bar)
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TUMBLEWEED - Return To Earth

Tumbleweed Return To Earth cd 1996
Lava Bread / Sirens' Crying / Marble Moon / Blessed / Silver Lizard / Telepathic Cat / Niteside / Meanwhile /Eternal Burning / I Remember / Sweet Nothing / Dr. Collosus / Resting Stone / Time Flys.
Produced By P. McKercher.
Tumbleweed: R. Lewis: vocals / L. Curley: guitar / P. Hausmeister: guitar / J. Curley: bass / S. O'Brien: drums + P. Branson: violin / J. Howie & D. Slesinger: organ / S. Cox: percussion.
Musical legends in Australia, the ‘stoner rock’ riffs of Wolllongong’s Tumbleweed inspired a whole generation of music lovers when they emerged in 1990s from the seeds of the Proton Energy Pills. Tumbleweed burst onto the scene in a huge way by gaining infamy courtesy of a national support slot to the one and only Australian tour by the legendary Nirvana back in 1992.
Originally signed to the revolutionary Australian independent label, Waterfront Records, the band’s debut release was a 7” single, “Captain’s Log”, recorded by Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm and legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino. With their single “Stoned”, an EP titled Weedseed and the single “Acid Rain” making them bigger by the day, the ‘Weed’s self-titled debut album (out locally on Waterfront Records) was released to massive praise and chart sales, resulting in a rather quick signing to the American giant Atlantic Records’ subsidiary Seed – although that’s another story!
It didn’t take long for Australia’s major labels to realise that a national treasure existed in the fivepiece, after which Polydor Records became the recording home of Tumbleweed in ‘92. (Incidentally, Polydor/Polygram later came under the umbrella of Universal Music Australia). Tumbleweed released the (in)famous albums Galactaphonic and Return To Earth, all the while undertaking countless tours around the country as well as throughout the UK.
Despite their chequered history with its many ups and downs including several band line-up changes, Tumbleweed has survived many an ordeal to prove that they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Sporadically releasing few singles since the release of the Return To Earth, the band hit back in the new millennium with their long awaited fourth album, Mumbo Jumbo, out in June 2000 through Universal Records. Source: Facebook
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THE HUNCHBACKS Play To Lose cd 1995
Play To Lose / Frustration / Go My Way / Inside Looking Out / No Mans Land / Want, Need, Love / Down In The Basement.
Produced By John 'Casino' Spittles.
The Hunchbacks: M. Bannerman: bass / J. South: guitar / M. Klarenaar: guitar / C. Ekman: vocals, harp / B. Moore: drums.
Excellent seven track EP of raw rock n roll tunes from a Sydney band who combine the best elements of Detroit style rock (Stooges, Birdman, etc...) with 60's garage punk. Along with Asteroid B.612 these guys are the best of this style in the land. It seems like the Melbourne equivalents - Sunset Strip, Powder Monkeys, Hoss, Freeloaders... - have all gone quiet of late. Check out the improved variety, particularly on the adrenalin fuelled opening track "Play to Lose". Richard, 1997, Form Guide Magazine, Issue 45
Sydney band The Hunchbacks have turned out a ripper of an EP, with this 'Play to Lose', which is made up of original Hunchbacks tracks and covers of some of their faves. Of these, The Hunchbacks do rockin' covers of the Animals' 'Inside Looking out', Syd Barrett's 'No Man's Land', The Black Diamond's 'Want, Need, Love' and the final track 'Down in the Basement' is their music and The What For's words. Phew! Those four songs which are Hunchbacks songs nod at bands such as those mentioned, as well as a whole host of 60's garage/surf/rock bands and then move on to produce their own style of full throttle, hip swingin', finger snappin', foot stompin' tunes. 'Down in the Basement' was my fave, with frontman Carl Ekman's harp playing adding that extra zap that makes me feel like I've been shakin' my booty and tossin' my hair even though I've been sitting down type this. Annette, 1996, Punter's Club Form Guide Magazine, Issue 96
Of course, MMM and Gold play 'classic rock". Sydney's The Hunchbacks - who were in town last week for a couple of shows - also play classic rock, but it's a different brand. If you dig the Rifles, Birdman and early Saints, you'll dig this, too. The Hunchbacks' debut album is called Can't Help Feeling. Should be a busy year for The Hunchbacks, who have been together for more than five years. They have demoed 16 songs for a second album, they have done a video for The Dog from Can't Help Feeling, and they are involved in a couple of tribute albums. They recorded Virginia (a track originally done by Perth band The Bamboos) for Storming The Citadel, a tribute to Citadel Records, being put together by French label Divine Rites. And Perth label Spinning Top Records is doing a Real Kids tribute. The Hunchbacks have recorded 'Bad To Worse'
J. Jenkins, 1999, 'Can't fight this feeling', Inpress Magazine.


STRUTTER - Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell

STRUTTER Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell cd 1999
The Best / Nancy's Boots / I Don't Give A Fuck / Breaks My Soul / Gimme Some Coke / New Hate Song / Hot Rocks / Open Up And Bleed.
Recorded & Mixed by J. Lovejoy
Strutter: Stevie" Hell Cool" Cooper: keys / Whitey Maggot: bass / Gutterball Pete: lead guitar / Troy The God Of Chunder: guitar / DICK: vocals / Satan: drums.
Brisbane's Strutter are about as rawkus as you get. They have been banned from just about every inner city venue. The reason? Well put simply, Strutter don't give a fuck about anyone elses rules. When they come to a venue to play a show the one thing on their mind is drinking. Oh Yeah!, they also sometimes think about rock and roll. Their debut release 'Motherfucker From The Bowels Of Hell' captures Strutter at the drunk, dirty best. It is 100% unrelenting trash. Taking notes from MC5, The Stooges and more contemporary bands such as Gluecifer and The Hellacopters, Strutter add something very unique to what they play. Their histoiry began about two years ago when five guys wanted to find a good excuse to get together and drink. What excuse could be better than starting a band. Since that time they have won over crowd after crowd with their brash trash punk. They scare some people and make other wet themselves with excitement. Love them of hate them Strutter are here to make some noise, so dig in! Source
STRUTTER "Motherfuckers from the Bowels of Hell" (Stereo Hog) Light up the pipe, pop a beer and keep on rockin'!! STRUTTER rocks hard with their alco-soaked, demented rock'n roll, closely related to our very own TURBONEGRO. Songs like "I don't give a Fuck" and "Gimme some Coke" is perfect for any worn out, retarded metal brain who for some moments just want to get away from all bombastic arrangements, brutal growling or hellpaced guitar riffing and, well, just don't give a fuck... This is as back to the basics (and then some) as it can be, and in all it's glorious, laidback, innocent simplicity STRUTTER delivers half and hour of no nonsense, straight forward rock'n roll. Source


JACOBITES - Old Scarlett

JACOBITES Old Scarlett cd 1995
Over & Over / When Angels Die / Falling Apart / Down On My Own / Boutique / What Am I Living For? / Puppeteer's Son / Liquor, Guns & Ammo / Love's Cascade / Penicillin / The Rolling Of The Hearse / Wasted.
Produced by Dave Kusworth & Nikki Sudden
Jacobites: Dave Kusworth, Nikki Sudden: vocals & guitars / Carl Eugene Picôt: bass / Mark Williams: drums & percussion / Glenn Tranter: guitars / Terry Miles: organ hammond, piano.
Following the breakup of the seminal British post-punk outfit Swell Maps, frontman Nikki Sudden embarked on a solo career, then concurrently formed a new band called the Jacobites. Far more classicist than Swell Maps had been, the Jacobites gave Sudden a chance to exercise his penchant for straightforward, elegantly wasted rock & roll, drawing chiefly from the Stones and the Faces while adding elements of singer/songwriter rock (Neil Young, Bob Dylan) and crunchy British glam (T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie). Having issued his solo debut in 1982, Sudden formed the Jacobites in 1984 with his brother, ex-Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks, and guitarist Dave Kusworth. Bassist Mark Lemon rounded out the charter lineup, and the group made their debut LP with a self-titled effort on the indie label Glass in 1984; they also released an EP, "Shame for the Angels", that year. A second album, "Robespierre's Velvet Basement", appeared in 1985 and was something of a critical and underground success. Originally slated to be a double LP, it spawned another album's worth of outtakes from the sessions, which were released on a German label as Lost in a Sea of Scarves. Soundtracks left later in 1985 to join Crime & the City Solution, an offshoot of the Birthday Party. Two more Jacobites EPs "Pin Your Heart to Me" and "When the Rain Comes" appeared before guitarist Kusworth left the group in early 1986 to pursue a solo career. Although Sudden kept the Jacobites name for his shifting backing group for several years afterward, for all intents and purposes they were no longer the Jacobites in spirit. Nonetheless, the 1986 compilation "The Ragged School" introduced their music to American audiences when it was released on Twin/Tone at the urging of Paul Westerberg, and another compilation, 1988's "Fortune of Fame", further enhanced their reputation. In 1993, with plenty more solo releases under his belt, Nikki Sudden reunited with Dave Kusworth in a new version of the Jacobites proper, which also included guitarist Glenn Tranter, bassist Carl Eugene Picôt, and drummer Mark Williams. A flurry of releases on small labels followed (1994's "Howling Good Times", 1995's "Old Scarlett"and "Heart of Hearts", 1996's "Kiss of Life") which were scarcely available in the U.S. and more popular with mainland Europe than the band's native U.K. The garage rock label Bomp issued the reunited Jacobites' fifth album, "God Save Us Poor Sinners", in the U.S. in 1998, and in 2002, the Secretly Canadian indie label began to reissue the Jacobites' early output as well. Source


KEVIN K. BAND - Oriental Nights

KEVIN K. BAND Oriental Nights cd 2000
Fire It Up / Melody / Too Fast To Live / Hook Me Up / Time Don't Wanna Tell / Blame It On Mom / Disappointed In You / Crime Scene / She / La Vida Loca / Teen Suicide Story / Too Much Junkie Business / Chinese Rocks / Too Fast To Live / Hook Me Up / OK Tonight / Lives Up On A Hill / Just Another Girl / Bad Moon Rising.
Kevin K Band: Kevin K: guitar, lead vocals / Ricky Rat: guitar, vocals / Toni Romeo: bass, vocals / Karl Durden: drums.
To introduce the subject of Kevin K. we must go deep inside the history of the New York City rockin roll. Itself the glam era of the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers. Kevin plays in his first group Aunt Helen in 1978. Then it will be The Toys who later will become the New Toys. They will open many shows for Romantics, Dirty Looks, Ramones, Pat Benatar, Sylvain Sylvain, The Fast, Talas and Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. While livin' at 89 Bleecker Street in NYC. Kevin and brother Alan will play in The Lone Cowboys from 1983 till 1988. Both brothers are found in the Road Vultures from 1989 till 1994 developing and approfonding a songwriting marrying pleasure. The Vultures again open many shows for, Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan, Dee Dee Ramone, The Waldos and Cheetah Chrome. In 1995 Kevin tries his chance in solo with the album "Nightlife". The first in a very long series. The death of Kevins brother Alan in 1996 causes him a radical change in his way of approaching life and the myth of rockin' roll. He will be devoted from now on entirely to the music. Then its like a rain of albums....Kevin is a true survivor and a hero to beat down rockin' roll romantics the world over. He's not young or good looking, so dont look for him on the cover of Glammer magazine... Kevin has been around forever and possesses the tenacity of a cockroach. Source
Whats in store for Mr K.?
The Kevin K life story is in book form "Kevin K ..How To Become A Succseessful Loser" On Kicking Records (you can get it HERE).
Just finished is "Tramp Stamp" his 21st release (pre-order HERE!). It will be released on September 11, 2012 on Circumstancial Records.
And in September Kevin came back to defend the Rock'n'Roll against all its trouble makers in France, Swiss and Spain. He'll share the stage with some of the best rock soldiers: Ritchie Buzz (Last Brigade), Laur Bomb (Sparkling Bombs, Ricky Rat Pack & the man behind Veglam...with Franckie of course) and Ricky Rat (Trash Brats, Ricky Rat Pack).
Come and party with them at:
06.09 FRANCE - Paris @ TBA
07.09 FRANCE - Lannion @ Les Valseuses
08.09 FRANCE - Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro
09.09 FRANCE - Honfleur @ Le Batolune w/SIMON CHAINSAW
10.09 FRANCE - Besançon @ Les Passagers du Zinc
11.09 SUISSE - Genève @ L'Ecurie
12.09 FRANCE - St Etienne @ Thunderbird
13.09 FRANCE - Albi @ Le Jour de Fête
14.09 FRANCE - Périgueux @ L'Ecume des Jours
15.09 FRANCE - Mont de Marsan @ Théâtre du Péglé
16.09 FRANCE - Pau @ TBA
17.09 SPAIN - TBA
18.09 SPAIN - TBA
19.09 SPAIN - Alcala de Henares @ El Sueno del Lola
20.09 SPAIN - Madrid @ TBA
21.09 SPAIN - Irun @ TBA
22.09 FRANCE - Nîmes @ Country Rock