THE SCURS - The Scurs

THE SCURS The Scurs mini lp 1987
Masters Of The World° / Too Far Tonight °/ Weary Night° / Never Spit (On Any Little Happiness Bit)° / What A Life !° / The Big Threat °/ Going Round* /96th T. Breath* / Mud In My Mind*/ Good Side Of Love* / Nothing But Sleeping*.
°original mini lp *bonus tracks
Produced by P. Trinidad
The Scurs: Botch: vocals / Danny Boy: guitar & background vocals / Javier: guitar /Cutz: bass & background vocals / Mario: drums.
The Scurs were a french band from Bordeaux (coming from Hendaye). The recorded their first song "96 T Breath"for the 7'' EP "Les Bruits Défendus" in 1984.The same year they appeared on another french compilation " Best of " Ozagen Records (Nantes) with the song "Nothing But Sleeping" following by the two titles of "Raw cuts Vol 1 Garage French" on the english label Criminal Damage Records. In 1987 the Scurs issued a 6 songs mini lp and a single with an unissued b side on a spanish label (Grabaciones Accidentales). Here's this rare mini lp with five bonus tracks the Scurs recorded for different compilations .
The Scurs played un mix of punk, garage & powerpop music. They were particulary good on stage & twenty five years later their music went through the time without taking a wrinkle.
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JEFF DAHL - Street Fighting Reptile

JEFF DAHL Street Fighting Reptile cd 2002
Street Fighting Reptile / Trans-Sister / The Ballad Of Mott - Pt. 2 / Road To Madrid / Destination Blackout / Transvestites, Transsexuals And Chicks With Dicks / Halo Moon / Deathrattle Shake / Better Days / Take Your Medication.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
Jeff Dahl: guitars, bass, drums, lead & backing vocals, piano, organ, percussion & with the help of friends (see booklet)
"King of the punks, Jeff Dahl, returns with his most hard rockin' album to date in the form of "Street Fighting Reptile". Though every bit as rugged and raw as its numerous predecessors, "Street Fighting Reptile" is a leaner, meaner album that finds Dahl wallowing thick in the Mott/Faces/Lou Reed sound he so often experiments with. Less punk and more rock is the motto here, yet the album loses none of its edge as a result.
On tracks like "Trans-Sister" and "Destination Blackout," Dahl retains every bit of the axe-slinger glory he brought to bands like the Angry Samoans and Powertrip. Yet he branches out here too and on cuts like "Road To Madrid," gets downright sentimental. Mainly though, it's sleazy, riff-driven guitar rock and Dahl knows this genre like the back of his hand. "Deathrattle Shake," "Better Days," and "Transvestites, Transsexuals and Chicks with Dicks," are classic Dahl gutter anthems, yet feature a bit more groove and strut than his usual in your face approach.
Growing older, wiser and more mature, possibly? Yeah, maybe. But likely, after making like 25 albums over the last two decades, he's just flexing his muscles and stretching a bit. Nothing wrong with that, right, as long as it still rocks. And it does… rest assured…" Source
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VA - Leaving Home

V/A A Norwegian Tribute To The Ramones: Leaving Home cd 2005
Los Plantronics: The Good The Bad And The Ugly / Rampant Dogs: Durango 95/Cretin Hop / Hawaii Go Go's: Rockaway Beach / Brunch Of The Living Dead: I Don't Wanna Be Learned / Clawfinger: The KKK Took My Baby Away / Silver: Something To Believe In / Vibeke Saugestad: S.L.U.G. / Grand Cafe: Ignorance Is Bliss / The Mormones: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue / Mohammed: Pinhead / Nude Pube Banglers: I Believe In Miracles / Red Harvest: Somebody Put Something In My Drink / Upstrokes: Got Alot To Say / Backstreet Girls: Commando / The Feebles: Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio? / Shirleys Temple: I Wanna Be Sedated / Grounded: Danny Says / The Hymans: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment / Casino Steel: Beat On The Brat / The Retardos: Poison Heart / Neperud: Loudmouth / 10ft.Baby: Havanna Affair / The Humps: I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement / The Colvins: Oh, Oh, I Love Her So / The 3856: Strength To Endure / The Carburetors: Chinese Rocks / The Tip Toppers: Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You / Jack The Stripper: Pet Sematary.
"How many Ramones tributes can you take? Not enough, if you ask me!If the bands on it are good, and they do what they should be doing - paying their respects to the Ramones, then it usually turns up pretty decent. If bands start to experiment and fucking up the classics, then it´s just a waste of time! Like Red Hot Chili Peppers did some years ago...
But how wrong can you go when the Seafront Studio announced that the Backstreet Girls and
Casino Steel was joining this party? To say the least, me and a bunch of other punks were looking forward to it !" Source
"It's easy to see that tribute has builded by real Ramones fan, outlook also contains many small Ramoniacs pieces. Silver does nice version of "Something To Believe In". Version is one of fave on this. It bring to my mind heavily attitude of older Hanoi Rocks ballads. Silver does their version a bit slower way. After it is sweet version of"S.L.U.G." by Vibeke Saugestad. Also some other groups are doing not-so-common songs. Btw, I also noticed that any band doesn't cover "Blitzkrieg Bop", and it doesn't matter. Mohammed does really strange and cool version of "Pinhead". It's mix of many styles and crazy feelings, but everything is in balance. Red Harvest also "changed to their selection totally new clothes", "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" has doom metal influences and strong atmosphere. The Tip Toppers released cover album of the Ramones full-length "Subterranean Jungle" in June 2004 and from it they picked "Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You" for this tribute. Better known bands and artists are Clawfinger, Hymans, Casino Steel and Backstreet Girls..." Source
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LYRES - Happy Now...

LYRES Happy Now... cd 1993
Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin) / But If You're Happy / Never Be Free / I'll Make It Up To You / Pain / Now I've Got A Witness / Nobody But Me / Stoned / I Ain't Going Nowhere / 100 cc's (bootleg Version) / Take A Look At Me / I Can Tell.
Produced by J. Conolly.
Lyres: Jeff Conolly: vocals, keyboards, tambourine / Richard Carmel Jr.: guitar / Paul Murphy: drums / Rick Coraccio: bass / Jack Hickey: harmonica.
The Lyres' '90s output is a confusing tangle of recycled tracks, rerecorded songs and 7-inch singles on various indie labels. The six-song "Nobody but Lyres" is a typically mixed bag that's made obsolete by "Happy Now..." and "Some Lyres", each of which recycles three of the EP's six cuts. "Happy Now..." finds the foursome rocking as fiercely and infectiously as ever; though it contains only two original compositions, the covers — other than "Nobody but Me," Bo Diddley's "I Can Tell" and a pair of ancient Rolling Stones numbers ("Stoned" and "Now I've Got a Witness") — are obscure enough to render such distinctions meaningless. With clever cover art that spoofs the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls", "Some Lyres" is a consistently groovy anthology of Ace of Hearts-era album tracks and rarities that includes both sides of the band's 1979 debut single. Those Lyres collects eleven singles sides — most of them quite good — and adds a spirited '93 live set recorded in Oslo. TrouserPress
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THE CORVAIRS - Hitchhiker

THE CORVAIRS Hitchhiker cd 1989
Ready to burn / Find my way home / Endless Road / Black Cat / Summer winds / Never get me down / Faces in the rain / Angel / Hair of the dog - Salt of the earth / 10.000 questions / Carnival.
Produced by The Corvairs and D. Fury.
The Corvairs: P. Gammage: vocals, guitars, harmonica / J. Cormany: vocals, bass, keyboards / M. Blazy: vocals, drums & percussions.
The Corvairs odyssey began in Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 1978. Two young University of Colorado students, Phil Gammage and Miles Syken, met on campus and agreed to form a rock band. Both musicians were heavily influence by the current punk and new wave bands on both coasts and in Europe.
Syken had worked with the Boulder band the Mutilators and an early version of the Defex. Gammage had played with Joey Vain and Scissors. The band's first performance was at the University of Colorado Fine Arts Department Halloween Party in 1978 opening up for the Nightflames. Rounding out the lineup that night were drummer Bill Van Dusen (later of the Violators and Defex) and bassist Steve Kulpa (on loan from the Defex)...
The Corvair's sound in their early Colorado days was a hybrid of a 60's pop sound, surf, and artsiness... In the spring of '79 the lineup was strengthened by the addition of drummer Jimmy Frost. In June of '79 the band went into Denver's Freewheelin' Recording Studio to record thier first demo of 5 orginal songs. Songs included Syken's "TV" and Gammage's "Hands of Time". This was the group's first studio recording and was finally released in 2001 on CD as Denver Sessions '79 (along with a couple of Joey Vain and Scissors tracks).
With two New Yorkers in the band the pull of the east coast became strong in the band's ranks and plans were made to relocate to the Big Apple in the fall of '79...
In New York City the nucleus of the group continued to perform until 1989, releasing two LP's ("Rio Blanco" and "Hitchhiker") and two EP's on American and European labels. A third LP was recorded in 1990 but never released. The first six song EP "Temple Fire" recorded in the winter of1982 and produced by the Ravers/Nails' Dave Kaufman captures the band's sound in all their lo-fi glory. By this time The Corvairs was a trio — Syken had left the band. A standout track on the EP was "Hands of Time", a favorite song from the group's Boulder days. Drummer Martin Blazy joined the band in 1986 and the group recorded their Keith Streng (Fleshtones) produced LP "Rio Blanco" along with the critically acclaimed album "Hitchhiker" (released only in France on New Rose Records) in 1989. Shortly thereafter the group disbanded. In 2000 the demos recorded in the summer of '79 were released for the first time ever as part of the "Denver '79" CD. This package also included a couple of previously unreleased Joey Vain and Scissors songs recorded in Boulder in 1978.
P.Gammage went on to release four solo albums and perform with several groups including New York's Certain General, The Scarlet Dukes, and Voodoo Martini. He continues to play music to this day. Myles Syken passed away at age 26 in 1983. Jon Cormany was last seen in 1996 taking the F train to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York with a brown bag in his hand. Icepick Phil (Colorado New Wave/Punk Rock)
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CHEROKEES - Gumbopan

CHEROKEES Gumbopan lp 1988
Bad Bad Day / Fare Well Angel / If You Wanna Do Right / All Is Lost / Body Trembles / Full Throttle / You Only Reap Just What You Sow / We Never Had Met / An Empty Bottle And A Broken Heart / Gumbopan.
Produced by Andy Leviene.
Cherokees: Tops: bass / Ketal: drums / Fred: guitar / Patrick: guitar / Alain Pierre: piano / Suspense: vocals.
The Cherokees (1985/1994) were a punk rock band from Paris influenced by The Stooges.They have recorded two singles & three albums on their own label Wowoka Records. "Scalping In The Streets" issued in 1987 on lp only , one year later in 1988 came "Gumbopan" on lp also & later in 1994 (after Suspense has left) "Winchester 73" on cd.
After living the Cherokees Suspense has recorded an excellent solo album "Rubberband" (1991 Houlala/Bondage Rds) in L.A.
Since 1996 P. Emery (Suspense) is involved
with succes in Ultra Orange, an electro rock pop band.
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DMZ - When I Get Off

DMZ When I Get Off cd 1993
1 Busy Man / 2 Can't Stand The Pain / 3 You're Gonna Miss Me / 4 When I Get Off / 5 Do Not Enter / 6 Guilty Child / 7 Shirt Loop/ 8 Lift Up Your Hood / 9 Barracuda / 10 Comin' After Me / 11 Bloody Englishmen / 12 First Time / 13 Oedipus Show / 14 Rosalyn / 15 Might He I.D. / 16 From Home / 17 Are You Gonna Be There / 18 Pretty Girl.
Tracks 1-9 : Original Bomp recordings April 1977 (1, 3, 4, 8 produced by Craig Leon, others 4-track demos)
Tracks 10-18 : WTBS live demos July 1976 with original line-up.
(original line-up): Monoman: vocals, keyboards & percussion / Dave Robinson: drums / Mike Lewis: bass / Peter Greenberg: lead guitar / J.J. Rassler: guitar.

(1977 line-up): Monoman: vocals, keyboards & percussion / Paul Murphy: drums / Rick Coraccio: bass / Peter Greenberg: lead guitar / J.J.Rassler: guitar.
Click on the picture below for details
DMZ was a first-wave American punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, strongly influenced by 1960s garage rock. In early 1976, Jeff Conolly (sometimes credited as J. Connally, Mono Mann, Monoman, etc.) stole the lead vocalist position in the nascent band by out-performing their singer at one of the band's practices. Along with his vocals he brought two things the band lacked: keyboards and original songs. Just over one year later, in April 1977, the band went into the recording studio with Craig Leon ( the Ramones first album). Four songs from that session were released by Bomp! on a 7" vinyl EP. DMZ was signed by Sire Records and went to New York to record their debut album, produced by Flo & Eddie. It was released in 1978 without much success and by the end of the year the group had splintered. Guitarists J. J. Rassler and Preston Wayne left to start the Odds, and J. Conolly, bassist R. Coraccio and drummer Paul Murphy formed Lyres.
DMZ has re-formed periodically: a 1993 set appears on the "Live at the Rat" album.
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CHEROKEES - Scalping In The Streets

CHEROKEES Scalping In The Streets LP 1987
Rock'n'roll Control / Call Me Enemy / Me And My Fuck-me Shoes / Heavy Trip / African Queen / Tell It To The Bird / Pawn In Your Game / The Girl I Love / Neighborhood Blooz / Sick And Tired.
Produced by Andy Leviene.
Cherokees: Suspense (P. Emery): vocals / Patrick Lemordan: guitar / Cyril: bass / Fred Lemordan: guitar / Ketal: drums.
The Cherokees (1985/1994) were a punk rock band from Paris influenced by The Stooges.They have recorded two singles & three albums on their own label Wowoka Records. "Scalping In The Streets" issued in 1987 on lp only , one year later in 1988 came "Gumbopan" on lp also & later in 1994, after Suspense has left, "Winchester 73" on cd.
Their singer Suspense (aka P. Emery) has recorded an excellent solo album "Rubberband" (1991 Houlala/Bondage Rds) in L.A. Under the name of Suspense, he is also involved with succes since 1996 in Ultra Orange, an electro rock pop band.
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BROTHER BRICK - A Portable Altamont

BROTHER BRICK A Portable Altamont cd 1999
The Same / Chip On My Shoulder / Beyond My Hands / Chokito Bar / Derelict Eyes / No Turning Back / Rock'n'roll Marie / Feel Strung Out* / Drives Me Wild / Help Yourself / We're Not Like You / Rock Action*.
Produced by Leadfinger except*.
Brother Brick: Leadfinger (S. Cunningham): guitar & vocals / G. "Crash" Jackson: drums / S. Nash: bass + M. J. Stephenson: drums & vocals / K. Anderson: bass & vocals 0n*.

"The Brother Brick album "A Portable Altamont" is all about indefatigable chaos! They are a band to be reckoned with, they know all those vague regions where dancing to the backbeat of the times becomes the obsession rather than the depression. This album is 12 executions of a demented, street flecked nonchalance. "Chip On My Shoulder" is the Sex Pistols meet Nirvana and jam their way to oblivion... "Rock'n'roll Marie" is the high octane teenage rock'n'roll anthem... "Chokito Bar" with its cool lyrics, proves that these long haired rock'n'roll dudes are no dumbos... and "Beyond My Hands", the apex of an awesome sound document, is sublime songwriting and guitars, with a haunting cataclysm of twisted emotion and wah wah pedal action!" Source
Want to know more ? Read here "Brother Brick: A Portable Altamont Down Under", an article (& chat with Leadfinger & A. Thomson) by K. Shimamoto on the excellent I-94 Bar site.
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