LITTLE BOB - One Story Vol. 2

LITTLE BOB One Story Vol. 2 (Unreleased Songs & New Versions From 1975 To 1999) CD 2000
I'm Your Witch Doctor / Listen To The Drums / Witch Queen Of New Orleans / If Heaven Is Full / Lying In A Bed Of Roses / Gimme You / Sad Song / I Fought The Law / Something Else / I'm A King Bee / Sex Machine / Nobody's Born To Lose / Just Friends And Me / For Your Love / Riot In Toulouse / High Time / Sixties Medley: I'll Go Crazy/Don't Bring Me Down/I'm Down/Brand New Cadillac/I'm Crying.
Produced by Little Bob.
Little Bob: vocals / G. Mallet, O. Durand, Y. Chouard, JJ Holiday, G. G. Gremy, J.L. Duret, D. "Ginger" Guillon & C. Delahaye: guitars & backing vocals / D. Charolles, C. Esposito, N. Garotin & M. Quertier: drums / B. Couloume, T. Marsico, P. G. Bourrough, F. Gehin & D. "Barbe Noire" Lelan: bass / N. Noël, K. Margolis, J. Drouin & D. Comont: keyboards / M. Tempo: percussions / Guests: S. Johnny: harmonica & backing vocals / S. Hunter, C. Sexton: guitars / L. Cortelezzi, J. "Irish" Earl: sax / P. Manœuvre, A. de Caunes, Florence & J.-M. Bouzonnie: backing vocals.
High-energy French rock & rollers Little Bob Story came so close to proto-punk glory that
they could almost smell it. Uncompromisingly fronted by the man-mountain Bob Piazza,
but equally highlighted by the elegantly wasted scarecrow guitarist Guy George Gremy,
Little Bob Story effortlessly bridged the gulf between the hooligan R&B of Eddie & the Hot
Rods and the nihilistic adrenaline of all that was to follow. They were just a little too early,
a little too hairy (bassist Barbe Noire would have melted into the Grateful Dead), and a little
too French. Allmusic
Without mistake, one can only say what a legend Little Bob is regarding Rock'n'Roll History.
Neither success, glory, hits, airplay nor homage could ever testify enough of his contribution
to music. It all goes back to France's main northern port. A tough mother of a rain-battered
grey hole called Le Havre. Le Havre is the closest France ever gets to the look and feel of
Liverpool or New Jersey: oil terminals, super tankers, refineries, chemical plants, warehouses,
longshoremen, etc. Little Bob comes from here, and for those to whom such things matter,
Little Bob's story features all the right Rock & Roll ingredients. Bob can out mean-street
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LITTLE BOB - One Story Vol. 1

LITTLE BOB One Story Vol. 1 (Unreleased Songs & New Versions From 1976 To 1998) cd 1999
Turn The Page / How Can We Stand The Look / This Must Be The Time / Jimmy Tramp / Mary She's Gone / Run You Off The Hill / Switchblade Julie / The Fever / Too Hot To Handle / The Brokenhearted Boy / Hurt So Badly / Shooga-Shooga / She's A Heartbreaker / You've Lost That Loving Feeling / Too Young To Love Me / Then Remember / Oh Suzy / You'll Be Mine.
Produced by Little Bob.
Little Bob: vocals / G. Mallet, O. Durand, S. Hendrix & G. G. Gremy: guitars & backing vocals / N. Noël: keyboards & backing vocals / J. Drouin: keyboards / B. Couloume, F. Gehin, D. "Barbe Noire" Lelan: bass & backing vocals / N. Garotin: drums & backing vocals / V. Rebibo, M. Quertier: drums / Guests: B. Jo Scott: vocals / P. Mikaëlian: harmonica / C. Langlois: pedal steel guitar / S. Tyla: vocals / J. Buffet: guitar / J-M. Bouzonnie: backing vocals.
Bob's been at it for a while, playing every armpit France has to offer with his legendary band called Little Bob Story, Bob even ventured to England (300 gigs) attracting the "gunslingers" of British rock critics, opening" the road as he traveled it, playing all around Europe, singing on every single stage on this road from Irish pubs to Hells Angels bars, from Universities to big Festivals. Literally setting venues on fire! Touring as if the fate of the free world depended on it.
Today, Little Bob leads a new band (since 11 years), released 4 solo's albums, and his rock has changed. His music is drawing deeper into the roots of blues. A mixed up of tribal rock with burning emotion and powerful feeling.
The greatest have always considered Bob as one of their own. Recording with Steve Hunter (Mytch Ryder, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper...), Charlie Sexton (the Texas Boy Wonder), Kenny Margolis (of Mink Deville and Cracker) Dave Alvin (Blasters) and on stage with Maria McKee, Chuck E.Weiss & Benmont Tench in Holliwood, Dr Feelgood, Beverly Jo Scott & Southside Johnny in Paris, Willy DeVille & Johnny Thunder in England.
Little Bob cherishes the way of singing of classic rock and blues singers from Little Richard or Howling Wolf to Eric Burdon. Bob's got the secret magic ingredient which makes all the difference in the heart of his fans: the innocence, the fervor & the ingenuity. Bob pulls it off, never blinks, never winks, he discards the "Camp," easy way-out, gambles on the power of bare emotion, and comes out a winner. His look and tremondous voice make him unique to the audience.
Each time Little Bob's release a new album it is a good news, if anything because, as wise men say, "whenever a dreamer fulfills his dream, other dreamers ought to celebrate. Source
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THE BITERS - It's All Chewed Up OK ?

LP (Transparent orange vinyl) + CD
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THE DUBROVNIKS - Dubrovnik Blues

THE DUBROVNIKS Dubrovnik Blues cd 1989
Christine / Like Fire / Missionary Girl / One Horse Town / Dubrovnik Girls / Freezing Rain / Speedway Girls / Twist Me Around / I Had A Dream / I'D Walk The Plank For You Baby / Run Baby Run / Angel Of Love.
Produced by Chris Masuak.
The Dubrovniks: James Baker: drums, vocals / Peter Simpson: vocals, guitar, piano / Boris Sujdovic: vocals, guitar, bass.
The Dubrovniks were an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1987. The band's name was coined from the fact that founding members Roddy Radalj and Boris Sujdovic were born in Dubrovnik, a town in Croatia. Both Radalj and fellow founder James Baker had been founding members of Hoodoo Gurus (as Le Hoodoo Gurus). All three had earlier associations in Perth, Western Australian punk scene.
The band were first established in August, 1986 when Radalj teamed up again with James Baker (by then ex-Beasts of Bourbon), together with Boris Sujdovic (ex-Rockets, The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon) and Peter Simpson (Spectre's Revenge) as the Adorable Ones. Within a year the Adorable Ones had renamed themselves the Dubrovniks in honour of the fact that Radalj and Sujdovic were both born in the historical Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The band having to change names as there already was a Brisbane band with that name.
Citadel issued the singles "Fireball of Love" b/w "If I Had a Gun" in April, 1988 and a cover of Alvin Stardust's "My Coo Ca Choo" b/w "Girls Go Manic" in November, 1988. By the time the band recorded and issued the single "Speedway Girls" b/w "Freezin' Rain" in June, 1989 and their debut album, "Dubrovnik Blues" in August, 1989, Radalj had moved on to form a new band, the Punjabbers, comprising Radalj, Brett Ford (drums; ex-Kryptonics, Lubricated Goat), Tony Robertson (bass; ex-The Hitmen, New Christs, Naked Lunch) and Tony Thewlis (guitar; ex-Scientists) The Punjabbers only had one release, a single "Rock'n'Roll Loveletter" on Timberyard Records in December, 1988. Radalj then formed The Surfin' Caesars and recorded several albums.
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THE COSMIC DROPOUTS Hoolabaloo! cd 1991
Lovedoll / I'll Put You Down / Do The Dropout / Leavin' Here / Goin' Down / Go-Go Man / Cruisin' / Don't Mess With Me / Surf's Up / Double Trouble / Into The Blue / Stampin' On My Feet / Never Got To Know (bonus track).
Produced by The Cosmic Dropouts.
The Cosmic Dropouts: S. Jøraholmen: bass / G.Sundstøl: bouzouki / R. Johnsen: drums / M. Henriksen: guitar / K. Fledsberg: harmonica / M. Karlsen: lead vocals / P. Andreassen: organ.
"...Back in 1990 when I was writing Noise For Heroes as a print fanzine, I used to get piles of promo records to review ... One day I was going through the pile and out comes a record by a band called the Cosmic Dropouts. They were from Norway. Imagine my surprise when the needle dropped into the groove and this blast of garage punk roared out. I figured it had to be a mistake…this must be the Nomads recording under alias or something. Except the Dropouts played with a turbocharged style that’s faster and more energetic. Fabulous! And so their "Groovy Things" lp entered hot rotation in my house, and when it subsequently was released on CD, I snapped that up, too... In 1996 I went to Norway and found that there were two more Cosmic Dropouts lps that had only been released there: "Hoolabaloo" and "Sonic Circus"
Here's "Hoolabaloo"...
S. Gardner - Noise For Heroes - 1998
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THE YES-MEN - Prosody

THE YES-MEN Prosody cd 2000
Ma Raf Yo / What´s Wrong / I Won´t Run / Would In a Room / Your Hanging / You´re So Bad / Fawlty Rocks / Fraticide / Stripping Music / Acid Reign / Casting Stones / A Dog Is For Christmas / Beating Around The Bush* / Anglo Girl Desire*
*bonus tracks
Produced by Sean Greenway, Mike Alonso & The Yes-Men.
The Yes-Men: Stewart Leafinger Cunningham: lead guitar & backing vocals / Jay Curley: bass / Sean Greenway: guitar, vocals, bass, percussion & keyboards / Mark Hirst: drums & percussion.
Anyone with a streak of defiance will advise: "Don't be a yes man". It's a meritorious ambition, to die on your feet rather than live on your knees - as long as you're given a choice. Fate doesn't always deal a nice hand. But enough of morbidity, for now. There is one choice that you CAN make,and it's to beg, borrow, steal or buy a copy of this album. It's a classic. No argument.
"The Yes-Men" is something of a epitath, since band-leader Sean Greenway is no longer with us.
You can read about him here in this tribute from bandmate Matty Whittle. I never met Sean
but we did correspond a bit, in the first instance when he expressed mock indignation about a critical comment that his distinctive voice took some getting used to. To these ears, he sounded like Roy Loney -and that's a wrap. Like most people, Sean had problems. He wrote, un-prompted, about one in particular that had dogged him for years, saying he thought he'd finally shaken it. Not long after, he succumbed. Fuck, this sounds trite, but of course it was a tragic waste - especially for the people most close to him. All I can offer is that it touched me too and I would have liked to have met face-to-face. He seemed a nice guy, disarmingly honest and, above all, amazingly passionate about his music.
So this posthumous collection of outtakes and experiments is on us, thanks to Sean's mate and fellow guitarist Stew Cunningham, who compiled the album from bits and pieces recorded from 1995-2000. It's an amazingly cohesive and strong record, maybe the best Australian album of the last few years.
Most of the songs are Greenway compositions, dwelling in that broad category of hi-energy guitar rock and roll. There's more than a whiff of Sonic's Rendezvous Band there, but that only tells part of the story. Have a listen and draw your own conclusions. I can't add much more than what's already been said on this page about the songs. I 94-Bar - The Barman
"The Great Charade", which surfaced a few years back on a French single on Pitshark, is arguably the best track here. That's not to say that the rest aren't far behind. My copy came on fat-as-fuck black vinyl (pictured), thanks to the intrepid team at Spanish label Bang Records, and in that format it comes with an extra track (a fiery "Anglo Girl Desire", recorded for the "Flattery" Birdman tributes). No need to say that the vinyl sounds magnificent. There's a CD issue on European imprint Butcher's Hook as well (here), for those turntable-challenged, which Headmiles is selling. If you buy one Australian band's release this year, make it the Yes-Men.
Could this band do no wrong? Australia’s tragically departed Yes Men left a legacy that’s modest in quantity (the "Prosody" album) but overwhelming in quality. "The Great Charade" bolts along on the back of some superb Stew Cunningham guitar and the always expressive vocals of Sean Greenway (R.I.P.), while "Beating Around the Bush" is down-and-dirty, lascivious pub rock. Rumour has it some unreleased Yes Men stuff is lurking in the vaults with a release possible. This single only builds the case. I 94-Bar - The Barman
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THE SCREAMIN' STUKAS A Lotta Rhythm cd 2002
Ain't Walkin' On Water / Work It Out Sheila / Some Fun Tonight / Action / My My Girl (Just Fell In Love) / On The Wing / C'Mon Baby Yeah / Never Been This High / A Lotta Rhythm / Hellbound Train / D'Yer Understand / Incomplete & Out Of Time.
Produced by M Mikkola.
The Screamin' Stukas: Lil' Otto: vocals / E. T.: drums / Hank d.: bass / Matt: guitar.
The bandname, the cover artwork and the label make you think that the Screamin' Stukas are another Scandinavian band sounding like The Hellacopters or the Flaming Sideburns.
Without doubting the talents of these bands, the Screamin' Stukas play their rock'n'roll in a much more diverse way. Classic rock'n'roll tracks with screams are rare on this CD.
The Screamin' Stukas feel much more inspired by the late Sixties glam rock à la Slade, Sweet and especially T-Rex. With their debut album A Lotta Rhythm, they spread fun-charged,
explosive rock'n'roll which convinced me already after only a few chords. Although retro rock often irritates me, the Screamin' Stukas are musically very flexible which makes listening
to this debut a fascinating experience. There is 50s orientated rock'n'roll: "Action", "A Lotta Rhythm", beautiful pop pearls where they sound as nice as The Beatles: "My My Girl"
or even as sweet as The Cardigans: "On The Wing" sometimes with a touch of Soul: "D'Yer Understand"
Furthermore I can't name you many albums having sweeter choruses than this one. The Screamin' Stukas rule!!! Source
Thanks to Fabien!
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THE YES-MEN - The Yes-Men

THE YES-MEN The Yes-Men cd 2004
Brimming / The Great Charade / 4 Walls / Devil's Right Hand / Lion's Share / 366 Days / Swept Back / Leaving / Did You No Wrong / The Danger Has Begun.
Produced by Sean Greenway.
The Yes-Men: S. Greenway: vocals, guitar (R.I.P) / S. Cunningham: guitar / J. Curley & T. Blizzard: bass / M. Hurst & M. Whittle: drums.
The Yes-Men held the greatest promise of any band in the last 10 years of Australian rock and roll. But their history was tragically interrupted in January 2001 by leader and founder Sean Greenway's death. It was mocking destiny. Shortly before, the band had begun to collect their first international appreciation thanks to an album, "Prosody" (on White Jazz Records), that showed their great skills in writing rough and soulful songs.
By way of the pen of Sean Greenway (God, Freeloaders) and the guitar of his partner-in-crime Stewart "Leadfinger" Cunningham (already a player with history under his belt after stints with Proton Energy Pills, Brother Brick, Asteroid B-612 and Challenger 7), they represented the best guarantee for a vibrating and powerful sound, influenced by Sonic' s Rendezvous Band and hi-energy rock' n' roll. They were also part of that incredible chain that has been Aussie underground rock during the last 30 years.
At the moment of Sean's passing, the Yes-Men had already prepared several tracks for a new LP, while others stayed recorded on private tapes. It took several years - thanks to the stubborness of "Leadfinger" - to compile and make them available on a record.
"The Yes-Men" is not only Stew’s homage to a musical friend but a labour of love for rock' n' roll. The same love that Greenway put in every of his songs and that today comes out from every single note of this CD.
There are11 unreleased songs, recorded by various line-ups between 1995 and 2000, but with a common denominator: a burning passion for rock'n'roll. Exactly what 90 percent of new bands lack today. This is the reason why "The Yes-Men" is a highly-recommended record. To find passionate and vibrant music like this, is rare. And it doesn't matter if the band does not exist anymore.
Try putting on the opener "Brimming", the guitar fury of "The Great Charade" and "Swept Back", the intense "366 Days" or the splendid "The Danger Has Begun", and you will find yourself wrapped in a rock 'n' roll vortex from which it is impossible to exit. The Yes-Men are not with us anymore, but their music still explodes today, like five years ago. Don't miss out on making this record yours for any reason.R.Calabro - I-94 Bar
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