V/A JUMP IN MY CAR - Volume 1

V/A JUMP IN MY CAR Volume 1 cd 2009 320kbps
It's just a game ... you must find the 21 songs and bands featuring on the 'Jump in my car'compilation ...Then email me the solution at sonsofthedolls@gmail.com !!!You will be the winner of the month and ... get our ROCK'N'ROLL RESPECT !!!
PS : solution in one week ! for the first volume, the game is easy ... good luck to you !
CD covers created by Max !

THE CELIBATE RIFLES - The Celibate Rifles

THE CELIBATE RIFLES The Celibate Rifles (aka '5 languages') cd 1984 320 kbps
Wild desire / Kiss Me Deadly / Pretty Colours / Back In The Red / Darlinghurst Confidential / Thank You America / Rainforest / Netherworld / Electric Snake River .
Produced by Kent Steedman & Dave Connor.
The Celibate Rifles : Damien Lovelock : vocals / Kent Steedman : guitar / Dave Morris : guitar / Phil Jacquet : drums / Michael Couvret : bass.
Australia's Celibate Rifles, the band that almost single-handedly carried the torch of Detroit rock & roll into the '90s (and beyond?), have done the unthinkable: They've released an acoustic disc. Actually, it's not fully acoustic, but rather "on the quiet," as the title suggests. Here we have our heroes redoing eight of their older numbers and four electric cover versions of Australian rock songs. Of the older songs, "Netherworld" and "Sentinel" are two of the band's dark and moody jam numbers, which are even spookier in this dense acoustic setting, not to mention the classics "Jesus on TV" and the rarely performed "Electric Snake River." Of the covers, particularly notable are the Lipstick Killers' "Hindu Gods of Love," an underground hit from 1979 which got released stateside by Bomp Records. The Rifles turn up the juice and these last few songs could have been called "on the loud." Also, "Boys (What Did the Detective Say)," by the Sports (remember them?), rocks furiously. As on all Rifles recordings, the playing throughout the disc is exemplary. The turbo acoustic guitars of Kent Steedman and Dave Morris mesh with Damien Lovelock's monotone and highly literate lyrics to create something a bit different, but yet the same. In other words, even though the Celibate Rifles are known for their sh*t-hot playing, energy, and insight, this lacks only the volume -- not the thunder. G. Ginsberg -Allmusic


MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES - Fuck off and die !

MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES Fuck off and die cd 2003 320 kbps
Whipped cream / I wanna sex your mama / Born to rock / Pussycat / (For ever) Mystik motorcycles / Bad boys black leather / All I need / Hot 16 / Slave 4 me / Glam for fame / I wanna sex your mama (video).
Produced by J. Levrett.
Mystik Motorcycles : R. Gordon : lead vocals & lead guitar / R. 'Mustang' Hässler : bass & backing vocals / S. Aaron Levy : drums & backing vocals / B. 'Stone' Rockett : rhythm guitar & backing vocals / R. 'Rose' Virago : guitar .
'The MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES are an amazing band from France that have recently relocated to Montreal. The first time that I saw them was at L'Escogriffe last February and I was totally blowned away! I just couldn't believe how refreshing it was to blend old school rock n' roll with a real glam punk attitude. I was very impressed and excited because I had never heard something like that before. This type of band is exactly what the music industry was waiting for in a long time and they are now based in my hometown. Rondelius Gordon's vocals are very wild and unique and the band members are all outstanding musicians with a genuine bad boy attitude. I just wanted to share my excitment about this band and their music. If you ever get the chance to see the MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES live, don't miss it! They are definitely the new talk of the town! ' P. Chica
Grab part two HERE !


JOHNNY THUNDERS - In cold blood / Diary of a lover

JOHNNY THUNDERS In cold blood / Diary of a lover Maxi 45 t/ mini lp 1983 New Rose / PVC records wav
In cold blood* / Just another girl* / Green onions°/ Diary of a lover° / Look in my eyes° / Endless party*.
Produced by Jimmy Miller & Johnny Thunders.
* Recorded at Downtown recorders - Boston, 1983 - Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals & bass / Billy Rogers : drums / Joe Mazzari : guitar on "Endless party" / Simon Ritt : accoustic guitar & harmonica on "Endless party".
° Recorded at Euphoria Sound Studios , Revere, Mass. - Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals & bass / Walter Lure : guitar / Billy Rogers : drums / Simon Ritt ,
Keith Chagnon : percussion / Carl Biancucci : additional bass on "Green onions" / Terry, Marie & gang : handclaps.

"On the other hand, the "In Cold Blood" EP is actually far more rewarding and in itself worthy of a 7* award, I reckon. The title track is another of his Greatest Hits with its degrading grind capturing the sneer of Johnny's street-life. Similarly, a brutish cover of the staple of any rock'n'roll diet - "Green Onions" - underlines Johnny's role in bringing rock'n'roll down to its dirtiest and most debauched, without losing any of the authenticity. Another semi-Greatest Hit is included in the form of the deceptively sentimental ballad "Diary of a Lover". Indeed, the five song EP perfectly captures Johnny's whole shtick in a convenient microcosm. Even with genuine punk now a distant memory Johnny was still able to do his own thing without being tainted with the condemnation of irrelevancy. The fact is, though, five new studio songs in five years simply is not adequate reward for his fans' loyalty". source

This is the studio material from the "In Cold Blood" sessions. The order of the tracks has changed and there is the added track 'Endless Party'. This LP was released by JEM Records just before they went bankrupt so it's hard to find now.
Part 2 here !


DOLLHOUSE - The Basement Takes

DOLLHOUSE The Basement Takes 10'' 2005
What You Want / The New Land Of The Free / I'm A Man On The Move / Bang Bang Bang C'Mon Baby / Blowing My Mind / All my Luck Is Gone .
Produced by Dollhouse.
Dollhouse are a classic rock band with heavy soul & blues influences hailing from Sweden.They have recorded three very good albums "Rock'n'roll Circus", "Royal Rendez-vous" & "Rock'n'Roll Revival" & a few collectible singles with nice cover artwork...
"Brother Michael Davis (Low-end Minister, Holy Parish of the Motor City Five) has pronounced that Dollhouse are “what the MC5 wished we could sound like. Maybe the fact that we didn’t grow up in the 1990s in a small town in Sweden was the problem.”
It is indeed strange that Dollhouse grew up in 90s Sweden and ended up sounding like speed-fuelled revolutionaries at the arse-end of the 60s. But life, like rock’n’roll, is weird like that." Classic rock
On this 10' you can find a collection of songs from the first album and some unpublished songs.
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THE ZILLIONAIRES - The Zillionaires

THE ZILLIONAIRES The Zillionaires cd 1999 Pelado rcds 320 kbps
Everything's Coming Up Bruises /Go To School / Holly, Beth, Mary Jo And Me / I'm A Jinx / Girl From Planet Cool / Braindead / Nice Guy Syndrome / Lack of Couth / Up To My Neck In You / Have Some Fun / I'm Not One / Teenage Heartattack / Dum Rock 'n' Roll / Throw A Fit.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
The Zillionaires : Dave : drums / Mike :bass / Aaron : guitar, vocals.
The Zillionaires' debut long-player is a big, bad, rowdy, ferocious rock record that slams and smashes to the tune of a killer beat . Primitive, trashy fun may not be trendy, but it remains a vital piece of american tradition ! To allow it to die would be a tragedy !

Listen to this recording. What's the first quality of the Zillionaires that grabs you by the throat ? That's right - ENERGY ! The Zillionaires have no desire to create your easy listening soundtrack. They have come to get in your face and compel you to move! And unlike the cast of thousands of bands now tearing up the commercial charts , this rock outfit can back up its monster riffs with quality tunes!
Forget about money ! Forget about fame! It's the music that matters! Soaked in Little Richard's sweat and Iggy's blood, the sonic assault of Utah greatest rock and roll band is headed straight for your eardrums - and your soul, too ! J. Rutledge, Now Wave Magazine.


THE NOMADS - Stagger in the snow

THE NOMADS Stagger in the snow tape 1984 320 kbp

By this time THE NOMADS' repertoir mostly consisted of obscure garage, punk and r&b covers that normal Swedish people never had heard of. And if they had, they wouldn't have recognized the songs after they went through the psychotic fuzzed-out noise-treatment THE NOMADS gave them. (Some evil people even dare to say that in the beginning THE NOMADS' live act was a disaster. Raw, energetic, noisy and un-compromising but, still, a sonic disaster...Not like the great liveband they are today). source

PS: This tape has a very rough sound !


THE WILD KINGS - Down at wild kingdom

SINGLES THE WILD KINGS Down at wild kingdom / Career of evil sp 2004 Wild kingdom Rcds wav
Produced by Chips K.
The Wild Kings : R. Eriksson : drums /M. Karlsson : lead vocals, rhythm guitar / C. Kiesbye : lead vocals, lead guitar / H. Kiviaho : lead vocals, bass.
Guests on A side : backing vocals : O. Bengtsson, C. von Schewen , H. Walse & N. Royale / Percussion : J. Wall /On B side : O. Ahlgren : lead vocals.

Chips K . : "I came up with the name "Wild Kings" minutes before we went on stage so the other guys were a bit surprised when I introduced us. They didn't know we were a "real band" with a name. I also wrote the lyrics to "Down at Wild kingdom" a couple of minutes before we went on. It was all very spontaneous".... "This was actually the start of the "Wild Kings" but it wasn't planned to be anything more than a one-off thing. But the guys at the club asked us if we could be the house band".
Heikki : "Since we had such a great time and all of us really worked together musically we said yes. I don't know how often we will do this. You don't want to turn into a professional cover band. We'll do it as longs as it's fun for us".

Chips K. , H. Kiviaho of Sator & R. Eriksson of the Hellacopters were involved in this side band !Only one single was recorded in 2004 by the Wild Kings on the Wild Kingdom label ! The A side sounds like a 'copters classic & the b side is a cover of the great Blue Öyster Cult tune : "Career of evil" ( A. Bouchard & Patti Smith ) recorded live in Stockholm.


THE NITECAPS - Go to the line

THE NITECAPS Go to te line lp 1982 Sire records 320 kbps
Same situation / Go to the line / Hot Pavement / Can't let one more day go by / Somebody cares / Give me one more chance / Little too long / Black tears / The new me / Is this the dream ?/ Good times (medley).
Produced by C. Langer & A. Winstanley.
The Nitecaps : J. Xavier : lead vocals, guitar / A. Maddy : vocals, guitar / P. Jordan : bass, vocals / S. Brown : drums, vocals.

The Nitecaps were a new wave group from the 1980s that had one album on the Sire label but they had more in common with some UK bands like ABC than they did with the skinny-tie sound going on when this came out in 1982. Because of that, "Go To The Line" has a more lasting, classic sound in 2008 than most releases of its ilk.

"Sire spent the money where it mattered: top-notch production from C. Langer and A. Winstanley and the full-time assistance of the Uptown Horns. (Langer and Winstanley never met a horn they didn`t like.) The Nitecaps had some small claim to fame when they entered the studio; guitarist/vocalist J. Xavier had played in The Voidoids, bassist P. Jordan had been subbing in The New York Dolls. "Go To The Line" went in a different direction: horn-flavored new wave/pop similar to English Beat . Xavier, however, is an R&B growler, which would seem to be the natural enemy of new wave. So even with the horns and a boatload of tuneful tracks from Xavier, The Nitecaps suffer by straddling the line between new wave pop band and R&B bar band. The energy in the songs lies in their melody; "The New Me," "Go To The Line" and "Can`t Let One More Day Go By" don`t need to be overplayed like sweaty R&B numbers to succeed. But then there`s that bar band mentality that says you`ve got to play your hearts out to win over listeners. What they should have focused on, instead, was a marketable gimmick. I know that sounds awfully shallow, but pop music is an overcrowded field, and you weren`t going to champion The Nitecaps just because they wrote some catchy songs. Think of the bands with less talent who got more out of the same kind of music: Skafish, Romeo Void. Those bands were quirky, and you can market quirky. You can`t market a posse of pastel-colored Easter eggs as a borderline new wave pop band when they probably didn`t have a whole lot of interest in being a new wave band in the first place. And so "Go To The Line" proved to be the end of the line for The Nitecaps, which is a shame. It`s not hard to imagine Xavier and the band maturing to the point where they could have released a very good album. As it is, they left behind a pretty good album, worth picking up in a used record store if you felt the `80s new wave/pop party ended too early."-ConnollyCo.
You want more Nitecaps ? Here's a live concert HERE !

THEE TRASH BRATS - American disaster

THEE THRASH BRATS American disaster cd 2001 320 kbps
Rocket to heaven / Imitation generation / Sentenced man / A nice girl to visit / Making it right / Hungry eyeballs / What plays your mind / Must be cocaine / The squeeky wheel gets replaced / Who put the words in your mouth / Migrant woman / Feeding the mosquitoes / Clown act / Auf weidersein.
Produced by Thee Trash Brats.
Thee Trash Brats : B.O'blivion : vocals / R. Rat : guitar / T. Romeo : bass / G. Cashew : drums.

First of all, thee Trash Brats were glam when glam wasn’t cool. Nowadays it’s certifiably chic to do the whole glam-punk/glitter-rawk thing----but “America’s only rock n’ roll band” has been true to the post-New York Dolls/Jayne County/Hollywood Brats /Joneses glamorous trash-pop legacy for a decade-and-a-half now. These dudes were suffering and sweating and struggling and bleeding for the glory of rock n’ roll back when their “look” and “sound” were still as un-cool as un-cool gets (In the late 80’s, they were too punk for the metal crowd; a decade later, they were too metal for the punk crowd). So now the hipsters are finally hip to their sort of noise, but it’s the Johnny-come-latelys who are getting all the adulation while da Brats remain overlooked, underpaid, and doomed to obscurity. Funny, eh?
Secondly, you won’t find a truer, purer rock n’ roll band than thee Trash Brats anywhere. No joke. You can neglect them all you want, but you can’t kill these guys! Every other year, they’re bound to rise from the ashes primed to rock your world, drink your booze, and savor the seedy side of life. They get points not just for super style and impeccable taste, but also for cranking out divinely awesome noise of the highest caliber. Their sonic hybrid is a straight-up blend of punk, hard rock, power pop, and old-fashioned dirty back-alley rock n’ roll. It’s equal parts Cheap Trick, Dead Boys, Dolls, and Dictators---and these fellows are so damn good that your pathetic band could only dream of rocking so mightily! They wed thunderous riffs to sticky-sweet melodies, bubblegum hooks to bitchin’ guitar solos, and anthemic choruses to gritty back-street rhythms. Their live show is legendary, their records consistently rock, and their very existence exemplifies all that’s fuckin' cool about sleazy-sweet, trashed-out rock n’ roll. If I forgot to include them in my “Best Bands of the 90’s” list, it’s only because I suck. Now wave Magazine - J. Rutledge

THE LADONNAS - Complicated fun

THE LADONNAS Complicated fun cd 2001 320 kbps
Never heaven sent / Pale horse / Pick up your soul / Under pressure / Baby what you trying to prove / My way baby, me / Effortless / Pretty facial devine / Blues song / I want you.
Produced by B. Ferbrache.
The LaDonnas :
R. Kerston : vocals and guitar/ R. Bechtold : vocals and guitar/ B. Stanton :bass / G. Haworth : drums.
The third and last LaDonnas lp !

THE LADONNAS - Rock you all night long

THE LADONNAS Rock you all night long cd 1997 320 kbps
Rock you all night long / Pick up the pieces / No Direction, Just Go / Thee Inside / We Want Your Money / Johnny Liar Liar / Perfect Stranger / Hypnotized / Destruction Man / That's Rock & Roll.
Produced by E. J. Simple & the LaDonnas.
The LaDonnas : R. Kerston : vocals and guitar, R. Bechtold : vocals and guitar / B. Stanton : bass / G. Haworth : drums.

Tired of phony rock n roll, and a lack of good guitar rock? Well, the LaDonnas - formed in 1996 in Denver, CO. are here to wake your sleepy ass up. The current lineup, Tired of phony rock n roll, and a lack of good guitar rock? Well, the LaDonnas - formed in 1996 in Denver, CO. are here to wake your sleepy ass up. The current lineup, Ross Kerston/vocals and guitar, Rob Bechtold/vocals and guitar, Brad Stanton/bass, and Graham Haworth/drums, have three full length LPs under their belt. The band’s highlight "Complicated Fun"; to be released this August on Scooch Pooch Records out of L.A. features the band's best work yet. First rate production of the boys' most well written songs to date. The release of "Complicated Fun" will only further legitimize the La Donnas as one of indie rock's most dedicated and talented bands. The LaDonnas have toured, and continue to tour extensively. They have covered the U.S. and most of Europe with great success. Some of the bands the La Donnas have shared the stage with make up a who's who list of great indie rock today: Gaza Strippers, Lazy Cowgirls, ZEKE, Candy Snatchers, Nashville Pussy, the Bellrays, and the great New Bomb Turks to name a few. The LaDonnas live show is a rock ‘n roll frenzy. The boys put on a supersonic, beer swigging, sweaty, guitar driven extravaganza. The impromptu "setlist" insures that every LaDonnas show is unique. The LaDonnas will be touring most of this summer in support of the release of "Complicated Fun". Catch them in a town near you, if you dare..., have three full length LPs under their belt. The band’s highlight "Complicated Fun"; to be released this August on Scooch Pooch Records out of L.A. features the band's best work yet. First rate production of the boys' most well written songs to date. The release of "Complicated Fun" will only further legitimize the LaDonnas as one of indie rock's most dedicated and talented bands. The LaDonnas have toured, and continue to tour extensively. They have covered the U.S. and most of Europe with great success. Some of the bands the LaDonnas have shared the stage with make up a who's who list of great indie rock today: Gaza Strippers, Lazy Cowgirls, Zeke, Candy Snatchers, Nashville Pussy, the Bellrays, and the great New Bomb Turks to name a few. The LaDonnas live show is a rock ‘n roll frenzy. The boys put on a supersonic, beer swigging, sweaty, guitar driven extravaganza. The impromptu "setlist" insures that every LaDonnas show is unique. Scooch Pooch Records


DYNAMITE - Rockin'

DYNAMITE Rockin' lp 1985 Romance 320 kbps
La fureur de vivre / J'aime pas les chansons qui ne parlent pas d'amour / Rockin' all over the world / Fais voir comment tu danses / Bye bye bye / Tant pis tant mieux .
Produced by C. Quiniou.
Dynamite : vocals, guitar / Willie Eckert : guitar / Slim Batteux : keyboards, backing vocals / Guy Delacroix : bass / Charlot Benaroch : drums, percussion / Debbie Davis : backing vocals.
Après le split de Bijou, Dynamite Yan , leur batteur (mais aussi chanteur de certains titres comme "Rock à la radio" ), sortit en 1985 , sur Romance Records (compilation "Romances 85" sur l'excellent PPC blog) un mini lp 5 titres . Dynamite y joue de la guitare et chante . Les textes sont signés Jean William Thoury , quatrième membre , parolier et manager de Bijou qu'on retouve ici au mixage et à la réalisation ! A la guitare Willie Eckert (R.I.P.), guitariste des Nighthawks , Willie & the Lightnings , Benoit Blue Boy (.... entre autres) fait des merveilles . On retrouvera Dynamite en 2000, dans un d'un Bijou reformé sans Vincent Palmer. De cette réunion naîtra un nouvel album : "Bijou hit pop".
Notez la reprise de "Rockin' all over the world" de J. Fogerty , traduite en français !
Dynamite was the drummer of the best french powerpop band Bijou . After the split of Bijou , he has recorded in 1985 ,this mini lp ,in which he sings & plays guitar ,on Romance Records. The result in not so faraway from Bijou !
Cd covers by Max !


THE LA DONNAS - Shady Lane

THE LA DONNAS Shady Lane cd 1996 320 kbps
No way to treat a lady / Junkman / O Donna / The invasion / Dirty bird / Feel the pain / Death of Beewak / Long legs / Bring it on by / Counter unload / She pays the rent / Wake me / The scene's gonna get you tonight .
Produced by Conrad Uno & the La Donnas.
THE LA DONNAS : Roscoe LaDonnahue : vocals & guitars / Stanton LaDonnahue : bass / Benson LaDonnahue : guitar / Daniel LaDonnahue : drums + Conrad Uno : organ
This is the first album, after their 1995 ep "Ladonnaland", from Denver-based indie punk rockers the La Donnas , produced by Conrad Uno in 1996 . Features 13 tracks including two covers , 'Angry Samoans 'Death Of Beewak' & "She pays the rent" by Lyres mainman , Jeff Conolly . The quartet returned two years later with "Rock You All Night Long" and in 2001 for their last record "Complicated fun" always on Scooch Pooch records !
Roscoe L. (Ross Kersten) is always rockin' with the Mochines : a high voltage rock'n'roll trio . Their second lp is out now on Nicotine records . Buy it here !


V/A Stranded in the Doll's house : Tribute to J. Thunders & J. Nolan cd 1997 Hurtin' rcds 320 kbps

THE 69 EYES & ANDY Mc COY : Vietnamese Baby / JOE ALCOHOL & THE HONG KONG KNIFE : Countdown Love / BACKYARD BABIES : One Track Mind / KEVIN K. BAND : Blame It On Mom / FIFI & THE MACH 3 : Pirate Love / FREDDY LYNXX : You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory / JEFF DAHL & THE REMAINS : Born To Lose / DEMONS : Puss ‘N’ Boots /TV KILLERS : Get Off The Phone /ROCKET REDUCER : Stranded In The Jungle / SONIC DOLLS : I Wanna Be Loved / KEVIN JUNIOR : It’s Not Enough / THE GOLDEN ARMS : London Boys / HELLACOPTERS : It’s Too Late / ROAD VULTURES & CHEETAH CHROME : Chatterbox / THE ZOLGE & WALTER LURE : Chinese Rocks / HARUHIKO ASH : Jet Boy.
Another tribute to The Dolls with a nice cover art, especially dedicated to Johnny & Jerry . This one , limited to 1000 copies , came from Japan in 1997 ! All these bands , from Finland, Sweden, France, Japan, U.S.A and Germany, pay tribute to the seminal Dolls ! A good rockin' time for all Thunders' fans ...

Thanks to Gildas !



Take a look on the Dennis "MC 5" Thompson's blog HERE !


KURSAAL FLYERS - Five live Kursaals

KURSAAL FLYERS Five live Kursaals lp/cd 1977 C.B.S. 320 kbps
Original Model / Yellow Sox / Pocket Money / Cruisin' For Love / The Sky Is Falling In Our Love / Little Does She Know / Street Of The Music / TV Dinners / Speedway / Revolver / On My Mind / Anna / Friday On My Mind .
Produced by Vic Maile.
KURSAAL FLYERS : P. Shuttleworth : vocals / B. Martin : guitar / V. Collins : guitar, steel / R. Bull : bass, vocals / and W. Birch : drums.
The group formed when Shuttleworth, Douglas, Birch, Collins, Bull and Hatfield, who had all performed locally in various combinations around Southend, got together in late 1973 to form a new band. They made their first appearance together as The Kursaal Flyers - named after a local ballroom - at The Blue Boar pub in Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-sea,in February 1974, mainly playing covers of country rock songs but over time increasingly writing their own material.
Through contacts in the band Dr. Feelgood, they then got some support slots in London, where they were seen by influential agents and songwriters. All bar Hatfield turned professional at the start of 1975, signed for Jonathan King's UK Records, and released their first album 'Chocs Away'. Although the singles "Speedway" and "Hit Records" received some airplay, the band's second album, 'The Great Artiste', sold poorly.
Nevertheless the band developed a solid live reputation on the London pub rock scene, with an eclectic mixture of original material and cover versions, fronted by P. Shuttleworth's "wide boy" persona.
In 1976 they signed with the CBS label, and recorded the album 'The Golden Mile' with record producer, M. Batt. One of their songs, "Little Does She Know", was singled out by Batt for an over-the-top Phil Spector style production. In addition, the band's then manager, P. Conroy, had the band perform on BBC Television's Top of the Pops surrounded by laundry machines and giant detergent boxes. It soon reached #14 on the UK Singles Chart. However, Graeme Douglas was concerned about the over-commercialisation of the group's music and left to join Eddie and the Hot Rods, being replaced by Barry Martin.
The group toured widely and issued two more albums, 'Golden Mile' and 'Five Live Kursaals', but, with the growth of punk rock and numerous personnel changes, the band disintegrated in late 1977.
Following the Kursaals' demise, Shuttleworth released several solo records, Douglas enjoyed success with Eddie and the Hot Rods, and Birch formed The Records. The group reformed for tours in 1985 and 1988, and in 2001 reformed on a more permanent basis.
One of my favorite live album ...
Great cd covers by Max !!!

THE DOGS D'AMOUR - Dog hits & bootleg album

THE DOGS D'AMOUR Dog hits & bootleg album cd 1991 320 kbps
The hits album : How come it never rains / The kid from Kensington / I don't want you to go / Satellite kid / Trail of tears / Victims of success / Empty world / Back on the juice / I think it's (love again).The 'unauthorised bootleg' album : Firework girl / Chains / Gold / Pourin' out my heart /Wait until I'm dead / How do you fall in love again / Kiss this joint / Heroine / Tales of destruction / Dynamite jet saloon / Swingin' the bottle .
Produced by Mark Dearnley, Dougie Bennett, Ric Browde & the Dogs D'Amour.
THE DOGS D'AMOUR : Tyla : vocals , guitars / S. James : bass / Bam Bam : drums / Jo Dog : guitar .

As out of control as glam rock got in the late '80s, few artists could top the levels of debauchery and excess achieved by England's Dogs d'Amour. Led by singer, guitarist, songwriter and warped poet Tyla, the group's albums never caught on with a wider mainstream audience, but became cult favorites in their homeland. Initially based in Birmingham, Tyla started the band in 1983 with singer Ned Christie, guitarist Nick Halls, bassist Karl Watson, and drummer Bam Bam, before heading to London, where they playd their first show on April 12th. When Christie quit later that year, Tyla took over lead vocals before packing the entire band off to Finland (presumably riding the coattails of Europe's most promising would-be glam superstars of the time, Hanoi Rocks). During their short stay, the group released a single, "How do You Fall in Love," followed by their first album 'The State We're In' in September 1984. Returning to England early the next year, Dogs d'Amour found themselves playing the same seedy clubs and no-hope gigs as before. Over the next three years, they only managed to squeeze a few recording sessions and the odd high-profile opening slot for visiting stars to go with their never-ending personnel changes. It wasn't until 1988 that a road-tested lineup containing guitarist Jo-Dog, bassist Steve James, drummer Bam, and the ever-present Tyla finally caught a break and signed a record deal with China Records. '(Un)authorized Bootleg Album' -- a mostly acoustic grab-bag of the previous years' sporadic sessions -- became the band's second album, and their third, the critically acclaimed 'In the Dynamite Jet Saloon' arrived only a few months later, but stalled at Number 97 on the U.K. charts. The all-acoustic 'A Graveyard of Empty Bottles' E.P. followed in March 1989, and in September, the Dogs finally had their breakthrough album, when the cleverly named 'Errol Flynn' was released and climbed to Number 22. Now officially England's most notorious and decadent glam rock band, the Dogs d'Amour reeled off another solid, and adequately sleazy follow-up in 1990s ironically titled 'Straight??!!', but that was when the wheels fell off the wagon. The subsequent tour was troubled by uneven attendance and increasing frustration, on the band's part, over the lack of record company support, particularly in America where 'Straight??!!' had yet to be released. Rising tensions and rampant drug abuse finally came to a head during a Los Angeles show, when Tyla became upset with the evening's apathetic audience. Taking a careless attempt at self-immolation a tad too far, he unwittingly cut a six-inch gash across his chest with a broken beer bottle, and had to be immediately rushed to a hospital. He recovered in time, but the Dogs were another matter.

A two-year absence ensued, during which Tyla and Jo-Dog moved to Los Angeles; Steve James started a new project called the Last Bandits, and Bam temporarily joined the Wildhearts. The only Dogs d'Amour activity came by way of the late 1991 release of the 'Dogs Hits and Bootleg' Album, combining the band's top singles with their 1988 debut. When Tyla and his charges finally decided to reconvene and honor their deal with China Records, it was without Jo-Dog, who was replaced by ex-Crybabys/U.K. Subs guitarist Darrel Bath. The resulting 'More Uncharted Heights of Disgrace' did nothing to resurrect their ailing fortunes, however, and the group decided to call it quits in October 1994, with Tyla embarking on a solo career with an album fittingly titled 'The Life & Times of a Ballad Monger'. Against all odds, the year 2000 saw another Dogs' reunion -- the lineup being Tyla, Bam, a returning Jo-Dog and new bassist Share Ross -- and a new album, the Japan-only 'Happy Ever After'. E. Rivadavia - Allmusic

Since the short lived 2000 reunion, frontman Tyla has moved to Barcelona, Spai, and has focused on his solo career, releasing a number of albums in the 2000s under his own name. He also released two albums under the name The Dogs D'Amour, 'When Bastards Go To Hell' and 'Let Sleeping Dogs...', in 2004 and 2005 respectively. These, however, are essentially solo albums under a different title, as for the most part they just feature Tyla playing all instruments and his wife Yella on backing vocals with none of the past Dogs D'Amour members.
Tyla has toured the United States and the United Kingdom under the name Tyla and the Dogs D'Amour in recent times. The United Kingdom tour saw the The Yo-Yos (the band of a former member of The Wildhearts) as his backing band. Wikipedia


THE DENIZ TEK GROUP Bad Road cd 1995 Citadel 320 kbps
Bad road* / Heavy air° / Workingman's shoes° / Steel beach+ / 1968 "/ Bad road (accoustic)*.
*Produced by D. Weyer & D. Tek - °Produced by P. Punch - +Live desk recording - "Live demo.
THE DENIZ TEK GROUP : D. Tek : guitar, vocals / K. Steedman : guitar / J. Dickson : bass /N. Rieth : drums, percussion, vocals on "Workingman's shoes" middle. / P. Hoyle : keyboards on ° / C. Green : drums & percussion on *.
Deniz Tek is a singer, guitarist and songwriter and a founding member of Australian group Radio Birdman who broke up, for the last time, after their last European tour in 2007. He has played in many of the underground punk bands of the 1970s including Australian bands The Visitors, New Race and The Passengers but is most known for exerting his burning Detroit style guitar influence over the punk rock genre in Australia. Tek's navy codename 'Iceman' was appropriated by visiting screenwriters for a character in the hit movie Top Gun.
Tek was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. He spent 1967 in Sydney, Australia with his family and was greatly attracted to the Australian landscape, moving there permanently in 1972 to commence his medical studies at The University of NSW in Randwick. Living around many of the coastal Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in the early years of independent music in Australia influenced and fuelled his musical material and over thirty years later he continues to return to those seaside shores for rest and recouperation.
Deniz Tek is a trained ER doctor and navy pilot who currently splits his time working in ER departments in hospitals in NSW, Australia and Montana in the US while managing to fit in touring with a number of different Rock and Roll outfits when ever he gets a rare spare minute.
The title track "Bad Road" is a "Le Bonne Route" out-take, vetoed by Kent Steedman from appearing on the album because the drums were "too American". Both band and acoustic versions were recorded. Reaction to the EP was critical of the fact "Bad Road" is a ballad.

KURSAAL FLYERS - In for a spin

KURSAAL FLYERS In for a spin cd 1988 Line 320 kbps
Speedway / Pocket money / Yellow sox / Cruisin' for love° / Palais de danse° / Hypocondriac° / Walking to school" / Hit records*/ Little does she know+ / Radio romance+ / The questionnaire+ / The sky's falling in on our love* / Television generation*/ Girlfriend kinda guy*/ Everything but a heartbeat* / Girls that don't exist*.
Produced by H Murphy - °Produced by K. Flyers & B. Hammond - "Produced by K. Flyers - +Produced by M. Batt -*M. Winwood & R. Davies.
Kursaal Flyers : P. Shuttleworth : vocals / G. Douglas : guitar / V. Collins : guitar, steel guitar, vocals / B. Martin : guitar / R. Bull : bass, vocals / W. Birch : drums .
The Kursaal Flyers bridged the gap between pub rock and power pop, turning out a handful of fine albums and great singles in their brief two-year career. Comprised of The Kursaal Flyers bridged the gap between pub rock and power pop, turning out a handful of fine albums and great singles in their brief two-year career. Comprised of Paul Shuttleworth (vocals), Graeme Douglas (guitar), Vic Collins (guitar, steel guitar, vocals), Riche Bull (bass, vocals), and Will Birch (drums), the band released their first album, "Chocs Away", in 1975; it was followed soon afterward by "The Great Artiste". Both records showed a grasp of country and roots rock, as well as pure pop. They would begin to emphasize their pop elements with 1976's "Golden Mile", released by CBS Records. The union with the major label helped the single "Little Does She Know" reach the British Top 20. Douglas left to join Eddie & the Hot Rods before the recording of their final album, "Five Live Kursaals" (1977- one of the best live album of the 70's); he was replaced by B. Martin. The band broke up after the release of punk- and power pop-injected "Five Live Kursaals". Out of the members, only W. Birch and J. Wicks stayed active . They formed the Records immediately after the Kursaal Flyers' disbandment. The Kursaal Flyers reunited in 1988, recording "A Former Tour de Force Is Forced to Tour", which picks up right where they left off in 1977. P. Shuttleworth & V. Collins are playing now with S. Oliver , former Jerry The Ferret guitarist, B. Clouter, Mickey Jupps' original Orioles and Legend drummer and A. Farrell on bass in the Ugly Guys , a more oriented country band .
"In for a Spin" is a comprehensive overview of the band's brief and underappreciated career, comprised of highlights from their three albums, plus the terrific non-LP single "Television Generation" and five previously unreleased tracks.
S. T. Erlewine. Allmusic


THE MONO MEN - Stop draggin' me down

THE MONO MEN Stop draggin' me down cd 1990 320 kbps
Stop Draggin' Me Down / Right Now / Boss / Ain't No Friend Of Mine / No Way Back / I Don't Care / Dead End / That's Her / Girl / Stay Awake / Fate / Reptile / Daylight* / Pete's pango / Burning bush*.
*bonus cd tracks
Produced by R. Head.
The Mono Men : D. Crider : guitar, vocals / M. Wright : guitar, vocals / L. Morrisette : bass / A. Roeder : drums. + J. Cat : organ.
Three chords, will travel. That more or less sums up the Mono Men. No light shows. No fog machines. Just loud straight-forward guitar based all-American rawk. The Mono Men are from Bellingham, WA., a small town about 80 miles north of Seattle on the US/Canadian border, whose only claim to fame is being the one burg in the country to have a pulp processing plant located within city limits. The Mono Men have been featured on over 55 releases since forming n late 1989 as well as grinding out tours in Europe, Mexico, Japan, Spain and the U.S., as well as being featured in the NW Rock n’ Roll documentary HYPE!. Each Mono Men release has generated positive reviews worldwide. The Mono Men are at their best sweating it out on stage with the amps wide open… believe it! Mono Men site


THE INMATES - Silverio

THE INMATES Silverio cd 1997 320 kbps
A Thing Called Love / On The Run 3. Crashin' In The Same Car / No Other Girl / Find Another Fool / Listen To Your Heart / Turpentine / Name & Number / Life Savings / Heart Of Stone / Stop, What You're Doing / Shape I'm In / Baby Drives Me Crazy / Wait.
Produced by P. Collier.
The Inmates : B. Hurley : vocals , harmonica /P. Gunn : guitars , vocals / T. Oliver : guitars , vocals / M. Duncan : bass / Eddie : drums.
"Silverio" is the tenth and last studio album by the Inmates ! An album produced by Pat Collier in which M. Duncan has replaced B. Donelly on bass ...
A very , very good album , still rockin' ... since twelve years we're hopelessly waiting for a new album !

RATCAT - Blind love

RATCAT Blind love cd 1991 320 kbps

Yes I wanna go / Run & hide / Baby baby / Hopeless mind / Pieces / Racing / That aint bad / The wonder of you / Don't go now / Strange / The end .
Produced by N. Mainsbridge.
Ratcat : S. Day : vocals , guitar / A. Polin : drums , vocals / A. Zaid : bass , vocals / R. St Clare : vocals + M. Ulrich : vocals.

Beginning with singer/guitarist Simon Day and bassist Victor Levi's garage band Danger Mouse, Ratcat's following in Sydney grew thanks to several live performances among the skate-punk scene. In December 1987, the band released their eponymous debut mini-LP on the Waterfront label. Their debut full-length album, "The Nightmare", followed in 1989 and led to a deal with the rooArt label. They contributed the single "You Get Me By" to the label's various-artists compilation "Youngblood II".
But it was "The Tingles" EP, released in November 1990, that gave the band their biggest success. It raced to number one on the Australian national charts, as did the catchy single "Don't Go Now." The album, "Blind Love", released in July 1991, also went to number one nationally. The band then opened for Inxs' X tour as well as performed their own concerts. In September 1991, Ratcat toured the U.K., Europe, and the U.S., supporting such acts as Ride, Iggy Pop, Teenage Fanclub, Violent Femmes, and the Wonder Stuff. Ratcat released their next album, "Insideout", in 1992, which featured a duet between Day and Falling Joys' Suzie Higgie. After two more EPs, "Rain" and "The Smiler", were released in 1993, the "Easy Rider" album was finally completed and released in 1997. Allmusic