THE SHORT FUSES # 1 1999 JetStar records 320 kbps
Funtimes / Increase the grease / Gutter / Acceleration nation / 100 Points / Lose it / Supercharged / She wants rock action / Maria (bonus track from "How many bands ... a Blondie Tribute") / Pussywhipped (bonus track from "Attack from the planet of the Devil Dogs") .
Produced by T. Ramin

The Short Fuses blasted off from Minneapolis, MN, in 1996, when key members Miss Georgia Peach (lead vocal) and Travis Ramin (lead guitar) left the band Speedway and joined up with Pennsylvania guitarist and third key member Justin Staggs (rhythm guitar). The three, along with a mixture of rhythm sections, have cranked out some of the most powerful and sexy female fronted rock-n-roll in recent history. The first two singles came out right away like a bullet. The first was "Kick It In" b/w "Goof" on Space Race Records and the second, "Ride Me" b/w "No Way", was one of the earliest on 007 records. The success of the singles along with a US tour that had the band sharing the stage with the likes of The Hookers, DGeneration, and The Steel Miners, put the band on a pedestal with their rock contemporaries. Soon after the band began work on their first album "#1", released on Ramin's own Jet Star Records. This release brought the band to many more ears.
Travis Ramin has also composed and produced for a number of artists including : The Short Fuses / Tina & the Total Babes / Candygirl / Nikki Corvette / The Riff Randells / The American Foxes. He is also a band member of The Fevers, and has shared the stage backing up Scott Morgan (Sonic's Rendezvous Band) , Charlie Burton and Nikki Corvette to name a few. His passion is producing girl group records. Currently he is playing guitar in Nikki Corvette & the Stingrays, fronted by the great Nikki Corvette, plays drums for Miss Georgia Peach and is the president of RAMO Records. Futurely will be working with Josie Cotton and Holy and the Italians.


THE KINKS Sleepwalker 1977 Arista/Konk records/Velvel 320 kbps

Life on the road / Mr. big man° / Sleepwalker / Brother / Juke box music / Sleepless night / Stormy sky / Full moon / Life goes on / Artificial light* / Prince of the punks* / The poseur* / On the outside (1977 mix)* / On the outside (1994 mix)* .

* cd bonus tracks

Written , arranged and produced by Raymond Douglas Davies .

The Kinks 1977 : Ray Davies : vocals, guitar & keyboards / Dave Davies : lead guitars, lead & backin' vocals / Mick Avory : drums, percussion / John Dalton : bass / John Gosling : keyboards / Andy Pyle : bass on ° .

Even as a staunch Kinks supporter, I was beginning to have my doubts. Although the band's following has grown steadily since they made it into the Seventies (by the skin of their teeth) with "Lola," they seemed to have peaked with Muswell Hillbillies. Ray Davies seemed hopelessly stuck on a thematic dead-end street (perhaps he had started believing all those notices about personifying the "voice of the little people"). But Sleepwalker—the first Kinks album since Lola that's unencumbered by either a horn section or female vocal chorus—is a clear-cut triumph both for Davies and the band.
A few of these songs smack of the self-righteousness that's hindered Davies' recent writing; but the beautiful "Stormy Sky," in which clouds become a symbol for romantic conflict, and "Full Moon," a scary tune about madness and loss of self-recognition, are among his best efforts. The recurrent themes are fear, depression and failed utopianism; in "Life Goes On," we are warned that "life'll hit you when you least expect it." Yet in the end, there always remains a faint glimmer of hope: "Take that frown off your head/'cause you're a long time dead." "Juke Box Music," which seems strangely set apart from the rest, is the best song here, a rocker about a woman whose entire life is spent living inside the story lines of her favorite records. It should be a pathetic song, yet Davies has us tapping our feet, singing along.
The Kinks' playing on Sleepwalker is easily their most powerful since Lola. Dave Davies' aggressive guitar work is pushed into the forefront, and the intensity of his lead work seems to rouse the entire group. One is continually reminded just what a fine and forceful band the Kinks can be as those ethereal falsetto backing vocals, so long dormant, rise again like the spirit of "Sunny Afternoon" and "Waterloo Sunset."

Un chef d'oeuvre ! ...et je pèse mes mots ! On change de cour pour celle des grands ! Il nous falloir REHABILITER les disques des Kinks des années 70/80 !

9 chansons , 9 merveilles ! Ecoutez "Life on the road" ou "Brother" ou l'imparable " Juke box music" : les mélodies entrent en vous dès la première écoute, pour ne plus vous lâcher !

Nous sommes début 1977 quand "Sleepwalker" sort ! Les punks occupent le terrain (Prince of the punks) ! Ray regarde cette scène d'un air amusé et bienveillant ! Les Kinks , "perdants magnifiques" sont plutôt bien acceptés ! De plus après les années RCA , le groupe vient de signer sur Arista records , le label de Clive Davis sur lequel on trouve aussi P. Smith !

Ray vit tout ça comme un nouveau challenge et compose ""Sleepwalker" puis un un an plus tard "Misfits" , autre chef d'oeuvre cruellement sous-estimé .

Les Kinks ! Le plus grand groupe de rock du monde ?



Turborock , bon petit label français (45 t des Bellrays : reprise "Les cornichons" de N. Ferrer , split J. Casino/Holy Curse , le premier Rock'n'roll Soldiers( qu'une major n'a pas daigné sortir !),
les furieux d'Ashtones en 25 cm , Vibrafingers , Billy Bullock , Weak et les excellents Born In Flames !


CITY KIDS Live 1994 City Kids Records 320 kbps
Round midnight /For kids / You're not alone / One second more / The rave is on /Drop the line /In your veins / Poison dream / Promised land / Killing anyone /I need your noise .
Live in Royan, the 10th of august 1993 : it's the integrality( they just take off the 1st song ) of the gig , City Kids made in opening for Noir Désir !
No overdubs at all !
Recorded by F. Casaïs in 24digital tracks .
Mixed by City Kids , F. Casaïs & P. M. Young .
Même personnel que pour Third life .
Un live pour testament ! Exactement comme pour The name of the game , live aussi mais au Havre ! C'était leur premier mini lp !

CITY KIDS - Third life

CITY KIDS Third life 1993 City Kids records 320 kbps
Adelaïde / Round midnight / For kids / Killing anyone / One second more / Friends in heaven / Tomorrow heroes / Future / In your veins / Break all the rules /Earth town .
Produit par J.J. Schmidely & City Kids
Mixé par A. Thorne à Trafalgar Studio , Sydney .
All songs by the great City Kids .
CITY KIDS : Pascal Lamy : guitares / Christophe Paillette : basse / Stéphane Lesauvage : batterie , backing vocals / Dominique Comont : chant , claviers .

Discographie :
Snapshot(s) compilation -1 titre : Who are you ? -1983
The Name Of The Game -mini lp 6t.- City Kids -1983
City Kids -mini lp 5t.- 1984
The Orphans Parade -lp-1987
The real Thing / Only Question -sp- 1987
1000 soldiers -lp- 1989
Glass cage / Thousand Soldiers - sp- 1990
Abus Dangereux -1 titre : It's not a game -1990
Third Life -lp-1993
City Kids Live -lp- 1994

Les City Kids furent un groupe de rock originaire du Havre. Formé dans les années 1980, ils sont influencés entre autre par le rock australien underground du début de la décennie (Radio Birdman , Died Pretty). À contre-courant des modes musicales du moment, ils ne connaissent pas de succès au delà d'une certaine partie du public rock. Ils se séparent dans les années 1990 et Dominique Comont leur pianiste , chanteur et principal compositeur continue une carrière solo dans la langue de Molière .
Voici le dernier album studio des City Kids !



THE SINNERS 10 Year Jubilee E.P. 1992 Teenage Kicks 320 kbps

Dominance and submission / Guitar man / Don't cry no tears / Claudie / Animal world .

Recorded in studio , Malmö november 1992 by Martin Hennel

Tiré à 500 copies seulement !

Le dernier disque des Sinners limité à une sortie confidentielle pour les copains et les fans et distribué pour leur 10 ans d'existence !

Un disque composé de reprises du Blue Öyster Cult , Neil Young , Status Quo ...

The Men est né des cendres des Sinners et vient de sortir son deuxième disque !
Merci à Fabien !


THE SINNERS Come fly with us 1993 WEA 320 kbps

Come fly with us / Who are you ? / Heading south / Reincarnation /As lovers should / Undressed to kill / Imaginary girl / Fool / Blue notes / Get rid of it / It's my turn / Come closer / Love don't pay my bills .

Produced by M. Hennel & The Sinners

The Sinners got a major recorddeal with Warner Music in 1993 and in october that year "Come Fly With Us" was released. It was recorded in Malmö and produced by Martin Hennel. On one of the tracks you can hear Sven sing "Love Don't Pay My Bills" with a string-quartet as the only company. "Heading South" was the hit and the second single, but never got any video or any release outside of Sweden.

After disputes with Warner Music the Sinners left the label and had a long break. During this break the members in the band have been doing other things, such as raising kids (many!), studying (a lot!) and starting recordlabels (Lund Records) and other bands such as Langhorns (Michael and Rikard), The Men (Sven) and Zerox (Henki and Rikard again). Through the years until 1994 The Sinners have been touring a lot to more than 300 cities in many different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Spain and France) and in 1989 they played at one of Europe's biggest festivals, the Roskilde Festival.

Un dernier lp des Sinners , un ton inférieur aux autres productions , poutant exemplaires, du groupe .


THE SINNERS Turn it up ! 1991 MNW Records 320 kbps

Save me / Gotta go / Hurricane shuffle / Making love / Love injection / Need you so bad / Turn it up ! / I wanna love you / Feeling fine /Waiting / Pull the string / Pocket love .
Produced by M. Ilbert

As soon as possible, the Sinners went back into the studio to record the follower "Turn It Up!" Also here with Michael Ilbert as the producer and with their friends from Sator on backing-vocals. The first single was "I Wanna Love You" with Sven and the great voice from Landskrona -Annette Lindwall. Annette, who was a big star in Japan, is also starring in the video which was elected best video of the year at the Angered Bild-festival. The video was produced by Dan Zethræus.

In 1992 The Sinners were awarded the Zeppelinprice as The Best Swedish Rockband, and they were also nominated for a grammy earlier that year.

Autre très bon album des Sinners , stonien à souhait : riffs saignants et choeurs mêlés ! "Turn it up !" a lui aussi fait un long séjour (un peu moins quand même que "From the heart down") sur ma platine !



THE SINNERS Piece by piece 1990 MNW Records 320 kbps

Kiss her to the bone / Sucking you dry / Love you more than this / Next time / Gimme some dreaming / I can't be true / I pushed my luck / Little queen of hearts / Small circles / Barbed wire heart / Sleep-walker / Beware / Wipe away those tears / Happy hour / Hey bulldog .
Produced by M. Ilbert .

In the beginning of 1990 the Sinners started the recordings of their second album together with the producer Michael Ilbert at the Polar Studio where also ABBA and Led Zeppelin have been recording. The album was named "Piece By Piece" and was released by MNW in april 1990, followed by a successful tour. The track "Love You More Than This" was the hit, often heard in the national radio, that gave the Sinners opportunities to reach a bigger audience.


HOLY CURSE Hereafter 1999 W(h)iz recordings 320 kbps

Paradise / Recurrence / Forgotten heroes / The auction / Dehumanized / Fallen angel / Lost & found */ Lost & found (grand finale) */ Terra incognita / Someone Else's head * / Days like minutes / Save me* / It's in my nature / Insane alive *.

Produced by Holy Curse

HOLY CURSE : Eric : chant /Jean Luc (aka Juanito ou Brenko) : guitare , chant / Vinz : bass , chant / Pascal : guitar, chant / Pascal (aka Manga ) : batterie. + Dominique Comont (City Kids) : piano on *

The Holy Curse démarre -sans l'article - en quintette, début 1994 ou fin 1993. Pas une très bonne période pour le rock'n'roll quand il n'est ni garage, ni punk, ni ce que vous voulez d'autre, en tout cas en France. Du coup, le groupe n'a enregistré qu'un single (le très recherché "Invasion of Powerful Guitars", avec une version rare de Kinda Crime par les Nomads en face A) et un album, Livin' With a Head en cinq ans d'existence. Les choses se sont accélérées ensuite et leur deuxième album, Hereafter, a été très bien reçu dans la presse; Holy Curse a commencé à parcourir de long en large le circuit des clubs, bars et partout où le rock'n'roll avait encore droit de cité, jouant au passage avec quelques unes de leurs influences majeures : Radio Birdman, Scott Morgan's Hydromatics pour n'en citer que deux. Dans le même temps, ils se sont occupé à coorganiser les Sonic RendezVous (dont certaines soirées sont devenues légendaires), à jouer les DJ high-energy dans des bars parisiens (Kata bar, Cantada, Petit Garage), à jouer et composer avec d'autres musiciens (le punk-rocker et globe-trotter australien Simon Chainsaw; les révolutionnaires et "rutsiens" Urban Navahos; Les internationalistes de"La Pop"; ou l'art-rock version vaudou de Dimi Dero Inc.), et à faire tourner une boutique de disques indépendante : Sonic Machine. La sortie de Bluer than Red en 2004 a définitivement confirmé que The Holy Curse est LE groupe de rock'n'roll high-energy à Paris... mais a aussi été une remise en question : Pascal, pourtant à l'origine du groupe, a décidé de partir, et The Holy Curse est maintenant un quartet, rejoint depuis peu par le Doctor K., brillante saxophoniste qui officie parfois chez les Dum Dum Boys. Ils ont tourné en Australie en octobre 2005, où l'article a été rajouté, après une introduction chantée/incantée du groupe sous ce nom par Penny Ikinger sur la scène de l'Union Hotel, Prahran. Fait une petite virée au Japon en août 2006, et une tournée US qui les a amenés de NYC à Detroit début juin 2007. L'album "Feed the Dogs", leur dernier bébé, est le fruit de ces pérégrinations : enregistré pour partie à Sydney, NSW, par Mike Burnham, avec Deniz Tek à la production, à Chagny, Haute-Saône, sous la houlette de Lucas Trouble et enfin à Detroit, Michigan, dans l'antre de Jim Diamond, Ghetto Recorders.Nul n'est prophète etc...




THE SINNERS From the heart down 1987 Amigo 320 kbps

The bride and the broom / If I only were lazy / Walk on by / You ain't different / Fire / 999 Kisses / Good and evil / When she lies / Future kiss (electric version) / Futur kiss / Ride on , Rebecka , ride on / Watch out / I'll be your baby tonight / Sin city / High risk investement .

Produced by Sticky Bomb

THE SINNERS : Sven Köhler : vocals/ Michael Sellers : guitar/ Henki van den Born : guitar/David Sellers : bass/ Kiddie Manzini : drums 1988-present / first drummer : Micke Widell (82-84 & first single)/ second drummer : Rikard Swärdh (84-88 & first album ) .

Once home The Sinners started recording their first album, "From The Heart Down", which was released in October 1987 by Amigo Records. The video for the track "Walk On By" was broadcast all over Europe by MTV and in december 1988 MTV top-rated the video for "When She Lies", with heavy rotation for seven weeks.
Cet album des Sinners a beaucoup tourné sur ma platine ! J'y reviens souvent ! C'est un pur chef-d'oeuvre de rock , aux riffs d'enfer !

Merci à Gildas pour les scans de la pochette !
And another cover made by Max !


SINGLES THE SINNERS When she lies / Future kiss 1988 Amigo 320 kbps

Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for this one !

THE SINNERS - The Original Sin

THE SINNERS The original sin 1986 Swamp records 320 kbps
Hotshot / Echoes (from your heart) / Suspicious minds / I will love her / You ain't different / Won't be back / I won't take that from you / No no no / Open your door / High risk investment .
The Sinners : S. Köhler : vocals / M. Sellers : guitar / H. Van Den Born : guitar / D. Sellers : bass / R. Swärdh : drums / The Sinnerellas : backin' vocals .
Les Sinners (RIP) étaient un des meilleurs groupes de rock suédois des années 80 ! Et les suédois tout comme les australiens à l'autre bout du monde sont des spécialistes du genre ! Des Nomads , Bangsters, Wilmer X , Shoutless, Pushwangers , Bottle-ups glorieux noms d'hier aux Hellacopters, Dollhouse , Backyard Babies , The Lost Patrol d'aujourd'hui , le rock à haute énergie reste une constante de qualité de ce rock du nord !

En 1986 , c'est un label de la toujours très rock Toulouse (19 , Dig it! ... ) , Swamp records , qui sort ce qui sera le premier lp des Sinners ! "The original sin" , le bien nommé , se compose des 3 premiers simples du groupe sortis sur Teenage Kicks et Amigo le label qui propose aussi à l époque les excellents Nomads ! La série sera complétée par 2 titres figurant sur la compilation anglaise de très bonne tenue "Raw cuts " (Criminal Damage) consacrée au nouveau rock suédois ! Criminal Damage records sortira au moins 2 autres compilations Raw cuts : l'une consacrée au rock allemand , l'autre au rock français avec les Thugs , Scurs , Flamingos ...

Once upon a time five young men got together and started rehearsing in an air-raid shelter. Lots of energy, sweat, blood, rough guitars and love for the pure art of rock'n'roll went into making of The Sinners....
The Sinners, Lund's major contribution to the history of rock'n'roll, started playing in the winter of 1982-83. Prior to The Sinners, the members were involved in various punk and new wave bands without gaining more than local success. The Sinners did their first live appearance in September 1983 when they played support to Wilmer X at Fredman's in Malmö. They've been doing gigs regularly ever since and have secured a position as one of the most exciting bands from southern Sweden. In the very beginning they copied old Nuggets standards, but very soon they begun writing their own material. The first single "Open Up Your Door"/ "Echoes (From Your Heart)" was released in October 1984 on their own label Teenage Kicks. It was an instant success both in Sweden and abroad. It was pressed twice before it ended up as a collector's item. March of 1985 saw the birth of the second single "Won't Be Back" and a forceful version of the Elvis Presley classic "Suspicious Minds".
The interest for Swedish rock bands was at the time even bigger abroad than in Sweden, so in April 1986 The Sinners did their first tour abroad when they did 6 successful gigs in France and appeared on French TV and radio. This was also the time for the release of the third single "Hotshot"/ "I Won't Take That From You", which was a big favourite of the critics and Sweden's biggest daily paper named "Hotshot" as single of the week. "Hotshot" was also The Sinners' first video and was shown all over Europe that summer by Music Box and Sky Channel. In October 1986 the French label Swamp Records released a mini-LP entitled "The Original Sin" containing the first three singles and some other tracks. To promote this mini-LP The Sinners returned to France in January 1987 for a more extensive tour which also included gigs in Germany and Spain.
As usual , Max has made a great cover for this one !!!


SINGLES THE SINNERS You ain't different / High risk investment 1987 Amigo 320 kbps

Produced by Sticky Bomb


SINGLES THE SINNERS Hotshot / I won't take that from you 1986 Teenage Kicks 320 kbps

Produced by Sticky Bomb


SINGLES THE SINNERS Won't be back / Suspicious minds 1985 Teenage Kicks 320 kbps
Produced by The Sinners & H. Nyberg



RICK BLAZE & THE BALLBUSTERS R. Blaze & the Ballbusters 1996 Glam records 320 kbps

Rockin' in NYC / Homeless / Buried , but not dead / Kathy / Don't talk to me / Too bad / Ballad of Johnny Thunders / Chinese rocks / Harder and harder / Little gypsy / So alone (live) .

Produced by Jeff Crane

R. Blaze & the Ballbusters : R. Blaze : vocals / J. Crane : guitar / C. Crane : bass / J. Buscarino : drums.

An excellent real rock'n'roll record !!! IT ROCKS ... DUDES !!!


THE DEL LORDS Live - Howlin' at the Halloween moon 1989 Demon records 320 kbps

True love / Jumpin' in the night (Groovies) / Wastin' time talkin' / The cool 'n' the crazy / Judas kiss / I play the drums / Tallahassee Lassie .

The Del Lords : S. "Top Ten" Kempner : guitar, lead vocals / E. "Roscoe" Ambel : guitar , vocals / F. "Choo-choo" Funaro : drums / M. "Manuelo" Caiati : bass , vocals .

...This budget-priced live CD has its heart in the right place, and although it's the best...Lords since Frontier Days, it still represents a holding pattern more than a return to past glories. The overall sound is pretty hot: Eric Ambel's slide raunch cuts a swath through Scott Kempner's scratchy (and underrecorded) rhythm guitar, while Frank Funaro and Manny Caiati bash'n'crash like a runaway train. The set list is strong (good cover of The Flamin' Groovies' "Jumpin' in the Night"), despite the fact that much of it was taken from their last two so-so records. But, to their credit, "True Love" and "Judas Kiss" have never sounded better...


CHEETAH CHROME Alive in Detroit 2000 DUI Records 320 kbps

No credit / So cold / Voodoo bues / Ain't nothin' to do / Nothing / Caught with the meat in your mouth / The one that got away / Starin' into the night / Love song to death / Sonic reducer / Poison lady / Still wanna die .

Produced by C Chrome , D. Giovanni & P. Bankert .

It doesn't come much more alive than this effort from ex-Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome, culled from a 1999 show at Lili's 21 club in Hamtramck in the Murder City. "This shit is meant to be played loud, so crank it up you fuckers" reads the exhortation on the CD slick (as if you needed to be told.) Get the picture?

If the late Stiv Bators was the human, albeit demented, face of the Dead Boys, Cheetah was arguably its musical heart. His shredding guitarwork provided the launching pad for the singer's outrageous antics, without which he may have just been another Iggy effigy hanging from a microphone cord. Nowadays, he lives in domestic bliss in Nashville, a quarter of a country away from the Bowery scene of New York City and the industrial blankness of original home Cleveland, Ohio.The first thing that needs to be said is that if Wayne Kramer has a "guitar player's voice", Cheetah must have gone MIA on an eight-day bender when the Rock Gods were handing them out. Now, you're not expecting a member of the fucking Vienna Boys Choir when you slip this sucker into the player and let it blurt. There's a certain frayed, dried out charm to the old bloke's bawling (like he'd been sponsored by Wild Turkey and Peter Stuveysant - since before he could walk.) But the sound is like a trip to the CBGB men's room - it ain't pretty. Some of the latter-day songs are a struggle, vocally. But he can, of course, play guitar. Loud. In abundance. Pete Bankert (Dark Carnival) recorded this and did a fantastic job. Cheetah and rhythm player Jimmy V are all over it. The material is culled from the back pages of the Chrome catalogue, going back as far as the pre-Dead Boys/Pere Ubu precursors Rocket From the Tombs for "So Cold" and including some solo cuts (including a bonus studio track, "Still Wanna Die", from the unreleased Genya Ravan-produced, 1979 Cheetah album.) It's the Dead Boys stuff, however, that really sparks with powerhouse takes on "Ain't Nothin' to Do" and the peerless "Sonic Reducer" lifting the roof. "Word on the street is that I died of AIDS or something," Cheetah croaks at one stage. Nope, Cheetah's a survivor (and the disc is dedicated to a string of his comprades who can't say the same - the likes of Stiv, Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders amongst them.) This is warts-and-all proof that he's still around.

The Barman - I-94 BAR


THE WALDOS Rent party 1994 Sympathy For The Record Industry 320 kbps

Cry baby /Love that kills / Sorry / Seven day weekend / Never get away / Golden days / Flight /Count down love/ Busted / Crazy little baby / Crazy bout love / Party lights .

Produced by Andy Shernoff

The Waldos : Walter Lure: guitar, vocals / Tony Coiro: bass, vocals / Joey Pinter: guitar / Jeff West: drums .

The long awaited Waldos album proved to be a big success, at least artistically. Led by former Heartbreaker co-lead guitarist and co-lead singer Walter Lure , the Waldos tear through a set of tunes that are as much fun as a CD can have with its clothes on. Unfortunately the air of tragedy that surrounds Lure and the Waldos tempers the rock & roll good time. After threatening to put out an album for about six years, this platter finally arrived and exceeded expectations. Produced by Andy Shernoff (Dictators), this is a fully realized piece of work. For lack of a simpler description, think of it as the follow-up (over 15 years later) to the Heartbreakers' LAMF album. Unlike much of the Johnny Thunders solo work, though, this stays firmly in Heartbreakers territory. Rent Party has several "new" Walter Lures tunes on it (many people don't realize that Lure wrote and sang half the Heartbreakers' material), all of which don't miss a beat from the old days. Of particular interest is "Flight," a song that the original Heartbreakers did back in the Richard Hell days. It is a good-time rock & roll classic and it's hard to imagine why it was dropped from the band's set so early on. Also, a Jerry Nolan original, "Countdown Love," sees the light of day for the first time here. Several covers that Lure had been playing for years find their way onto the disc as well. Most notably, "Seven Day Weeked" is pretty much as close as you'll get to a statement of purpose. Ray Charles' "Busted" gets the treatment as well. Lure must be a tough guy because most of the people who play on this are dead. Tony Coiro — dead. Saxman Jamey Heath — dead. Drummer Charlie Sox died before these sessions. Lifelong friends Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders — dead. Somehow Lure has maintained his spirit and vision through it all and he's managed to stay alive.
Geoff Ginsberg



JEFF DAHL I was a teenage glam-fag (volume 1) 1998 Ultra Under records 198 kbps

Chez Maximes (Hollywood Brats) / Caught in a dream (Alice Cooper) / I need somebody (Iggy & the Stooges ) / Living in the 70's (Skyhooks) / Glycerine queen (Suzi Quatro ) / Sandy's going bad (GoldenEarring ) / Personality crisis (New York Dolls ) / Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars ) / Aggravation non-stop (David Werner ) / One of the boys (Mott The Hoople ) / Long legged Lisa ( Silverhead) .

Produced by Jeff Dahl

Jeff Dahl : guitars, keys, vocals / Jenni Sex : bass, backin' vocals / Anna Conda : skins

Jeff Dahl covers the glam hits ! Limited edition - 500 copies - Fan Club only !

Jeff Dahl le retour ! Voici le volume 1 !!!

Merci à Angelo de l'excellent Powerpop Criminals , qui a reconstitué la pochette à partir de presque rien et m'a aidé à retrouver les titres et leurs auteurs !!!
Et merci à Max pour le noir !



JEFF DAHL I was a teenage glam-fag (volume 2) 2002 UU Records 320 kbps

Keep a knockin' (Little Richard) / The psychomodo (Cockney Rebel) / Leather (Smokey NYC/LA) / You're too possessive (The Runaways) / Rabbit fighter (T. Rex) / Vicious (Lou Reed) / Little Willie (Sweet) / Tropically hot (Berlin Brats) / Foxy bitch (Cherry Vanilla) / Good time gals (Slade) / Rock 'n' suicide (David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars) .

Produced by Jeff Dahl

Jeff Dahl : guitars, key, vocals / Jenni Sex : bass & backin' vocals / Anna Conda : skins .

Jeff Dahl covers the glam hits ! Limited edition - 500 copies - Fan Club only !

From his ranch-style home in the desert town of Cave Creek, Arizona, punk legend Jeff Dahl has been self-producing and recording, usually by himself, albums since the early 1990s. Also known for his role as the former lead vocalist for the West Coast underground punk outfit the Angry Samoans and as the founder of the punk-metal band Powertrip, Dahl the solo artist has enjoyed a prolific career, battling drug and alcohol addiction to release, on average, at least one album every year, not to mention a myriad of EPs and seven-inch singles. Influenced by the Stooges, the New York Dolls, T. Rex, and the MC5, Dahl's output combines elements of classic rock and roll, 1970s glam-rock, 1950s rockabilly, metal, and punk, making his music difficult to place in a single category. Although working as an underground performer never made Dahl a wealthy man, he has nonetheless managed to enjoy a comfortable career as a well-known cult hero. His success arrived without a major-label contract, videos airing on the MTV network, or performing in stadium-sized venues.

Jeff D. sortira son prochain album ( on en est au combien ?) "MONKEY CITY ROCK 'N' ROLL" au mois de juin 2008 . L'album sera précédé d'un EP 6 titres 25 cm ( picture disque) limité à 500 exemplaires (Steel Cage Records) mis en vente le 27 mai 2008 ! EP et album auront des pochettes différentes



THE BABYSITTERS The Babysitters 1985 Heavy Metal Records 320 kbps

Can you hear it / American toys / No particular place / The beard song / I wanna be on T.V. / Pickin' the blues / Old L.A. / Give us a loan / Everybody loves you when you're dead / Tel Aviv / Rock en roll chicken / Alright O.K. .

The Babysitters : Buttz : vocals / Jimbo : guitar / Boo : drums / Stik : bass .

Produced by ?

It's a very hazy trail that leads up to it, and I've tried, in vain so far sadly, to track down Sitters singer Buttz, but a brief history of Babysitters time is that these leery loons leapt from some asylum in some strange netherworld and first seem to have appeared on Flicknife Records 1983 "Trash on Delivery" compilation, which I don't own, but is notable for having The Dogs D'Amour's impossibly brilliant "Teenager" on it, which I believe was on their first demo ever and had Ned Kelly (alright, Christie) on vocals and a 14 year old Tyla just on guitar and backing vocal duties. Anyway, back to the boys in question. Their composition was "Living Out Rock'n'Roll" and was a divine blast of spiky Ramones and Special Brew fuelled salvation about running amok round London in tight pants, ending with the soon to be typically bizarre Buttzness of "Livin' out Rock'n'Roll.......pineapple" for no apparent reason whatsoever. This just set the scene, 'twas an aperitif for the album to come. An album of some of the most punky rock'n'roll craziness, jollity and eternal greatness there ever was and will be. Not for them the archness of, say, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, this is what they were.What happened next is uncertain, except one can safely assume they spent a while playing, what I can only imagine were fun drunken blitzes of sets in such classy dens of iniquity and dereliction as Fulham Greyhound and The Bull and Gate amongst many others, finely tuning their own peculiar brand of beery brawling Ollie Reed Rock'n'Roll and practicing their vocal harmonies, before procuring a little deal with HM Records for the price of a pint, a couple of tabs and some chips. They put the vocal harmonies in particular to brilliant usage on the barbershop quartet swish of "The Beard Song", about how he digs his girl's long blond hair and curves, but her beard gets on his nerves. And she's a cute girl to, tho she has false teeth and size 11 feet. Believe me, it works. They also open the whole glorious ragtag shebang with a vocal group "Hello" "Helloo" "Hellooo" "Hellooooo" before stumbling into, and around, "Can You Hear It?", choicest prime cut of a lyric line here? "Open your eyes and open your ears, open up your wallet and get me some beer" and ending with the signoff "What's he say?" "Dunno mate didn't hear it." Ho ho. Such possibly inanity is all over the record, but depending on your point of view, it is complete genius. Actually, it IS complete genius, just on the same shiny coin as buffoonery. Sod and sick on your point of view. In my rule book, thin as it may be, anyone who can write a song called "Tel Aviv", yes, as in literally, "it's a long way to...", is an utter star barking maestro. A relevant and up to date version of the old First World War anthem "It's a Long Way To Tipperary", though quite why Buttz has/had such an affection for the place is unclear, at the time of writing. Similarly dredging up from the mists of Pot Noodles, Bensons, and cider haze "I Wanna Be on the TV" from the couch whilst watching dismal daytime TV, which back in the mid 80's must've been really bad, the poor barstads, is simply heroism on a grand scale. Perfectly capturing many a person's thoughts better than any fucking Smiths record could/can. This is part of the mystery shrouding the lack of success of the band, especially if you couple that with "Give Us A Loan", the old problems trying to get some dolly out of the bank, with some of the best Pinky and Perky backing singing since The Dolls did "Stranded in the Jungle". And "Old L.A.", a jazzy, loungy, bouncy, broken bedspring tune, where Buttz gets all Elvis on our asses, well ears, is a stunner. Yup, cor blimey, guv'nor. All topped and trimmed with what I think is a cornet. Hell, and I guess it may well have been, it sounds like it was recorded in some sleazy jazz joint bar in LA, but perhaps more likely in Soho, at 2am such is the Gaulouise smoky atmosphere on it. Buttz wandering about the stage with a vodka martini - in a pint glarss please, guv - spilling drops on the last remaining slack jawed patrons, perched perilously on the edge of....oh well, there he goes. Right through the squeaky door.This whole slice of drooling fantastico-ness reminds me of nothing more than an 80's underground version of Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, and Viv Stanshall and co hanging out in the 70's, been gloriously daft eccentric English types (Harry being an adopted Angle), just unfortunately not having the necessary readies to totally unleash all their spontaneous impulses on the world. Or be fully clothed. I mean, just look at the cover, which kinda makes Captain Sensible, well, look as though he was living up to his name. They look like they just woke up in a skip after trying to break into the offie on the way home.And those two covers. Well the first is a pretty perfuntory and faithful run through of Mr. Chuck Berry's "No Particular Place", so we can leave that be, and the greatest of all is "Rock En Roll Chicken", taking Bo Diddley's "Pills" to pastures new and leaving it stranded there for ever more. Daft as hell, still funny. But not as much as closer "Alright O.K.", set in, or about, some clip joint or other called The Embassy where "You can spend your wages on a pint of beer, or camp it up and play the queer", and featuring some choice one liners reminiscent of Moonie and Ringo on Moonie's "Two Sides of the Moon" album (a criminally under-rated and of course quite insane masterpiece) like "'ere mate you got 20 pence for a beer?" "yeah here's 10 get us half" and "why do they call you Disco Dave?" "I d-d-d-d-d-d-d don't know". And to end with, there's the prophetic "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead", which is sadly too true, Buttz lurching in and out of his Elvis mannerisms, fittingly enuff. Buttz knew it, just like Thunders knew it when he wrote "Disappointed in You" with "The only way you get respect is when you die, if you're a friend of mine." I remember after being written off for years all the nice accolades that were devoted to Stiv and Johnny, oh typically. But there we go, such is the way of things. And following this, Buttz only went and managed to outdo himself and get together The Last of the Teenage Idols, didn't he? But I think that's over to someone else.
The Babysitters - truly one of the best records ever and hot diggedy do here's to Rock'n'Roll, y'all.

Stu Gibson in "Sleazegrinder.com"

Read the Buttz 's interview here : http://www.sleazegrinder.com/int_buttz.htm



THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS It's time to testify again...live at Gearfest 2000 2002 No Fun Records 320 kbps

Crashing down / Spanish blood / Do the bamalama / Sweet Christeen / She was good / L.A. bruta / Loose my soul / Testify / Rock'n'roll Boogaloo / Out of our tree / Bama lama loo .

The Flaming Sideburns : S. Martinez : vocals / S. Williamson & J. L. Burns : lead guitar, backing vocals / The Punisher : bass / J. Burnside : drums .

The Flaming Sideburns is a rock band that was formed in Helsinki, Finland in 1995. Most of the members are Finnish, but lead vocalist Eduardo Martinez is an Argentine expatriate.

The Flaming Sideburns released their first single Close to Disaster in 1997 and soon signed to Danish label Bad Afro who released a compilation It's Time to Testify in 1999 and debut album Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah in 2001. Second album Sky Pilots followed on Ranch Records in 2003. Both albums were also released in the United States on Jetset Records. Third album Keys to the Highway was released early 2007.


NAKED PREY Live in Tucson 1990 Fundamental 320 kbps

Stalker / Rawhead / Forsaken / Blind man / The bitter end

Recorded live 24:2:90 at the Romper Room -Tucson -Arizona

Naked Prey : V. Christian : vocals, guitar / D. K. Seger : guitars, vocals / R. Baden : bass , vocals / T. Larkins : drums .

Naked Prey was formed by local singer and guitarist Van Christian after a stint playing drums with legendary Tucson band The Serfers (later reformed as Green on Red). His connection with these musicians helped to garner the release of a self-titled mini-album in 1984 on Down There Records, then-home to Green on Red and the Dream Syndicate. It remains one of the first records that could be described as "desert-rock." The strong follow-up, 1986's Under the Blue Marlin, began a string of great records highlighted by Van Christian's maturing, witty songwriting and Dave Seger's guitar playing. Van Christian and occasional guitarist Bill Elm would go on to form Friends of Dean Martin.



THE ONLY ONES Darkness & Light (The complete BBC recordings ) 2002 Hux records 320 kbps

Disc one : Oh no / Lovers of today / Telescopic love / In betweens /Another girl another planet / The beast / No peace for the wicked / Language problem / Miles from nowhere / Flaming torch / From here to eternity / Prisoners / The happy pilgrim /The big sleep / Oh Lucinda / Why don't you kill yourself ?

Disc two : The beast / The immortal story /Lovers of today / Someone who cares / Another girl another planet / Flowers die / She says / No peace for the wicked / The beast / No solution / In betweens / Programme .

The Only Ones : Peter Perrett : vocals, guitar / John Perry : lead guitar / Alan Mair : bass / Mike Kellie : drums .

The Only Ones were formed in 1976 and released their debut single, 'Lovers Of Today', on an independent label. After signing to CBS the following year, the band released the hugely influential single, 'Another Girl Another Planet'.
Their debut eponymous album in 1978 immediately drew glowing reviews, due in no small part to Peter Perrett's (Lou Reed influenced) drawl and John Perry's distinctive soaring guitar work. The band went on to release another two albums before splitting in 1981.
During this period, The Only Ones recorded four sessions for John Peel and one Radio 1 'In Concert', plus two appearances for BBC TVs 'Old Grey Whistle Test'. This double CD now brings these complete recordings together for the first time.
John Perry thinks that the Peel sessions brought out the best in the band, characterised by efficient and economical production and sometimes exceeding the recorded versions of the songs. This compilation has been produced with the help of the band and the extensive liner notes include contributions from John Perry. The accompanying 8 page booklet features full recording details and several band photographs.

Un des plus grands groupes anglais !!! Un de mes favoris !!! La voix de Peter Perrett , ses textes fous , sa fascinante présence , la magnifique guitare du très sous-estimé guitariste John Perry , technicien hors pair , jamais en démonstration et dont les courts solis emmènent l'auditeur dans un autre univers où les incantations de P Perrett le guident ! et que dire de la parfaite rythmique , des lourds roulements de toms de l 'étrange M Kellie , clochard celeste et vagabond en rupture du vaisseau Spooky Tooth (Remember "I'm the walrus") !

Ces gens-là auraient du vendre des millions d'albums !!!



One more time , Max has done a very good work !!!

THE LOW NUMBERS Twist again with the Low Numbers 1978 Rhino Records 320 kbps

In The City / Little Miss Quote / Elementary Dr. Watson / The Prom Bombed / All the wrong girls like me / Shok Treetments / 1977 Sunset Strip / Hotel Chambermaid / Early Morning Cold Taxi / Original Model / Savage Surf / She's Not Gonna Be In My Song .

Produced by H. Bronson

The Low Numbers: H. Bronson: lead vocals / L. Maxfield: guitar / D. Dennard: bass / D. Schneider: drums .

The band included Rhino Records co-founder Harold Bronson. They named themselves The LOW NUMBERS probably paying homage to the first incanation of The Who. According to the Trouser Press guide, "The Low Numbers were an ad hoc studio invention attempting a conceptual exercise in Brit-pop nostalgia". Don't know more about it but anyway, their LP was filled with pretty good mod/punk-but-pop ditties.

Most of the time the band showed off a staggering beat like if (a less arty) Richard Hell was trying to be a (New York) Doll going pop like in (the very good) "1977 Sunset Strip" or Will Birch's "Original Model", but in order to give the whole picture I must not forget to mention hints of sixties mod-pop (a faithful cover of Jam's "In The City", an obscure Daltrey's song called "Early Morning Taxi" and Graham Parker's "Hotel Chambermaid"...), Kim Fowley ("Shok Treetments"), `77 "punk-folk" (in fact it clearly reminds Subway Sect like in "All The Wrong Girls Like Me") with kinda nasal bubblegum vocals ("She's Not Gonna Be In My Song"). Oh yes there's also a nice surf song called "Savage surf". Very recommended anyway.
in "Bubblegum the punk"


SINGLES DMZ First time is the best time / Teenage head 1986 Telstar records wav


SINGLES DMZ DMZ!! Live!! 1986 Crypt Records wav

You're gonna miss me /Can't do that / Baby boom / Are you gonna be there ?

Rough sound !


SINGLES LYRES We sell soul / Busy body 1992 Taang Records ! wav



SINGLES LYRES How do you know ? / Stacey 1987 New Rose wav


LYRES Nobody but Lyres 1992 Taang Records 320 kbps

Nobody but me / How can I make her mine / Happy now / Here's a heart / Baby / We sell soul .

Produced by J. Conolly & R. W. Harte

Lyres 1992 : J. Conolly : vocals, keyboards, tamb. / R. Carmel Jr. : guitar, backing vocals / R.Coraccio : bass, backing vocals / P. Murphy : drums / J. Hickey : harmonica .


N.Y. LOOSE Year of the rat 1996 Hollywood Records 320 kbps

Pretty suicide / Rip me up / Broken / Apathy is golden / Dragonfly / Sunday morning / Detonator / Songs for Margo / Kiss my wheels / Hide /Trash the given chance /Spit .

Produced by J. Raymond & P. Kaffel

N.Y. Loose 1996 : B. West : vocals, guitar / D. Nordahl : bass / M. Diamond : guitar / P. Lloyd :

The New York Loose was formed in the NYC bedroom of Brijitte West somewhere during the dawn of the 1990’s. West has already cut her rock n’ roll teeth with the raucous fuzzfest Viva La Wattage, but had a brand new vision to pursue. Brijitte was out to form the perfect New York rock n’ roll band, one that mixed sleazy rock guitars and glammy pop hooks and cranked it all up really, really high. The first NY Loose single, “Bitch” (1994), was punky and lo-fi and distributed by Brijitte herself, but the band starting picking up steam anyway, thanks in no small part to their frontwoman’s stunning looks and penchant for writing tough, chewy rock n’ roll songs. New York City, knowing authentic rock n’ roll when it sees it, embraced the band, and they became ground zero for a sleaze rock scene that exploded all around ‘em, and included legends like Gunfire Dance, Princess Pang, Cycle Sluts from Hell, and D-Generation. Flipside Magazine, the bible of punk rock cool back then, loved them, and released an EP in 1995 called “Loosen Up”, known as much for it’s slithery songs as it’s cover shot, featuring the iconic Brijitte on the stage floor, legs up in the air, deep in the throes of rock n’ roll ecstasy.
After the Flipside EP, everybody who knew rock n’ roll knew the NY Loose. Even people who DIDN’T know rock n’ roll, like Madonna and a handful of fat-fingered major label scouts, knew the NY Loose. Eventually the band signed to Hollywood records, a subsidiary of Disney (!), who released their sole full-length album, “Year of the Rat”, in 1996. The album was an under-rated gem, one of the best albums of the 1990’s, a powerhouse of scorching, cynical rock n’ roll full of shoulda-been hits like “Pretty Suicide” and “Rip Me Up” that were as angry and brooding as they were poppy and hook-heavy. Proving how on-the-ball the genius club at Disney was, they put the sleazy little New York motorpunk band on tour with industrial freakshow creeps Marilyn Manson and tossed their second worst song, “Spit”, on the soundtrack for the doomed-from-the-get-go “Crow: City of Angels” soundtrack. The band spent 1996 battling Manson’s Satanic army and wondering if they were selling any records.
They were, but not enough for the Big Machine. Disillusioned over the whole ugly mess, the band split soon after. And the 90’s pretty much sucked after that. Brijitte West was the ultimate rock n’ roll pin-up, a big-eyed charmer in eye-liner and tight jeans who could rock harder than half the boys. She was like the blonde Joan Jett. The girl had balls. And Disney lopped them off.

The NY Loose had all moved to Los Angeles at that point, and formed different bands. Guitarist Marc Diamond and bass player, ex-Throbs man Danny Nordahl, went on to form sleaze metal brawlers Motochrist. Brijitte West briefly put together a band called Diamond Star Halo and played with ex-White Zombie bass player Sean Yseult in all-girl masked surf trio Famous Monsters. Later on, Brijitte moved to London, got married, and formed the short-lived San Dusky, a band closer to alt-country than punk rock. And that’s really where the trail ended.


PS: The newly-revived NY Loose will soon be playing UK dates to support the release of "Born To Loose". Check out their Myspace and http://www.nyloose.com/ for more info.

and about "Born to Loose" :

Ten years later, a 24-track cd collecting rare and unreleased tracks from one of the best bands to come out of the mid-90's NYC rock scene that also spawned bands like D Generation. This CD collects all of the bands 7-inch singles, the RAFR "Loosen Up" EP, rare tracks and a wealth of unreleased gems .



FILTHY LUCRE Popsmear 1997 Neat Metal 320 kbps

Ariata / Outta control / Black Cadillac / Baby I want / Hollywood / Milk my honey / Brand new deal / Sucksex / Can't kick / Ladbroke groove .

Filthy Lucre : Phil Lewis : guitar, vocals / Steve Dior : guitar, vocals / MC Bones : percussion / Jim Wirt : bass.

Filthy Lucre were a band featuring Phil Lewis on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Dior on lead vocals and guitar, Jim Writ on bass, and MC Bones on drums.
The band released an album titled Popsmear.
Phil Lewis and MC Bones also played together in L.A. Guns.
Steve Dior and Jim Writ also guested with L.A. Guns as backing vocalists.

Un bon album , peu connu , dans lequel officie Steve Dior ex-London Cowboys !!!


THE CHELSEA SMILES Nowhere ride E.P. 2004 Capitol 320 kbps

Action coming down / Nowhere ride / Freakout / Pirate love

The Chelsea Smiles : T. Youth : guitars ,vocals / S.V. Jayne : guitar , vocals / J. Martin : bass, vocals / Q. Roqvist : drums.

The Chelsea Smiles aren't just another trashy rock and roll band. As one fan described them, "They are FUCK YOU ROCK"!! When they hit the stage, it's an all-on assault, take no prisoners, and destroy everything in sight. These guys bleed for their rock and roll! They've shared stages with everyone from Social Distortion, The Datsuns, Von Bondies, D4, Guitar Wolf, to The New York Dolls (who L-U-V The Chelsea Smiles so much, they've had the boys support them 5 times now).

Check their "Pirate love" cover !


L'auteur Joe R. Lansdale , né en 1951 au fond de l’East Texas, est un homme qui a touché à tout avant de se stabiliser comme écrivain. Il a été chercheur d’or, charpentier, fermier, …et même écrivain . Il a exploré plusieurs genres (western, horreur, comics, héroic fantasy) avant de se stabiliser sur la ligne noire où il est passé de statut de second couteau à celui d’auteur reconnu, voire culte.Je vous parlerai de deux de ses romans :

Les marécages

Bad chili

a) Pour « Les marécages », sachez que nous sommes dans le ‘deep south’ des années 30 accompagné de tous les clichés qui vont avec : il fait très chaud, il n' y a pas trop de boulot, un putain de racisme (le Ku Klux Kan est toujours là) et la bêtise associée sont bien présents, les légendes des hommes chèvres et des ambulants circulent dans ce monde d’illettrés.L’auteur connaît ses classiques : « Ne tirez pas sur l’oiseau moqueur » (Harper Lee) pour le côté littéraire et policier , « La nuit du chasseur » (Davis Grubb) pour le côté thriller de la chose : Mélangez les deux à la sauce Lansdale et vous vous régalez..Raconté par Harry, un gamin de 13 ans, ce polar décrit l’avancement de l’enquête entre les communautés blanches et noires. Au début, rien de grave, les mortes sont black, jusqu’à ce que les cadavres changent de peau et alors là il faut vite un coupable ….L’atmosphère monte crescendo, le bouquet final est copieux.Y a même un peu d’humour saupoudré ici et là : par exemple , lorsque le docteur black explique au policier (père de Harry) à quoi sert un clitoris (un quoi, demande le policier) !
En synthèse, un polar efficace, il manquerait le côté hot de la chose … mais là on aurait confiné au sublime. Restons humain, ce polar est classieux.

b) Pour « Bad Chili », l’auteur met en en scène ses deux héros : Léonard Pine (homosexuel noir) et Hap Collins (blanc hétérosexuel) dont l’amitié indéfectible fait chaud au cœur (j’ai toujours aimé les histoires d’amitié).Ces deux potes ne sont pas des rebelles, ce sont plus des marginaux qui ont leur propre code d’honneur …. Et comme y sont pas trop cons, qu’ils savent bien se battre et qu’ils ne sont pas le genre à se laisser emmerder, je vous dis pas ce que les méchants prennent sur la gueule !Cela se passe toujours dans le Sud (East texas), à notre époque, les communautés noires et blanches sont encore assez étanches … et bien armées. Bref, nous sommes dans l’underground du rêve américain (sex, drugs, … pas au niveau consommation mais approvisionnement au vilain sens mercatique du terme)

Cette histoire débute pas une scène d’anthologie hilarante : Hap Collins se fait poursuivre et mordre par un …. écureuil enragé (sic !). Une mort ignoble le guette. L'hôpital va le saigner à blanc, lui qui a une couverture mutuelle des plus minces.Ensuite, l’auteur nous sort une bonne intrigue ; le petit ami de notre ami Leonard s’est fait dessoudé par une bande de bikers trafiquants de dope qui aiment quand leur job leur laisse un peu de temps pour se faire quelques "pédés". Nos amis croisent aussi la route de l’empereur du chili King, celle d'une infirmière meurtrière et celle des flics .Ca va chauffer! les morts tombent autant que les curés peuvent en bénir!Beaucoup de rythme et d’action,un style direct, de l’humour, de l’amitié
virile; quelques "femelles" : la recette prend, j’en redemande et j’ai toujours faim.

Joe Lansdale en pur produit du cru, revendique haut et fort l'héritage de ses origines redneck.Il croit dur comme fer aux valeurs du vieil Ouest sauvage : l'amitié, l'honneur, la justice, voire l'auto justice, voire même la vengeance en dernier ressort. Son côté rédempteur ,"tu périras par là où tu as péché » et ses positions plus que tranchées sur la peine de mort sont le côté un peu nauséabond du personnage (pour mon esprit imprégné de culture européenne).Mais ici, c’est le polar qui est chroniqué … et il reste rudement bien ficelé !

Je suis en train de me faire la série des deux potes (Mambo des deux ours, L’arbre à bouteilles, Tape-cul) : toujours satisfait !

Voilà, c’est fini pour aujourd’hui

Bonne nuit les petits.


No Passaran

PS : Je remercie mon ami « Midnight Rambler » qui a publié cette chronique sans correction ni censure

"Rien de moins sûr , No passaran, rien de moins sûr !" Mr Rambler