Dr. FEELGOOD - Down By The Jetty

Dr. FEELGOOD Down by the jetty cd 1975/2006 
Disc 1: (mono) : She does it right / Boom boom / The more I give / Roxette / One week-end / That's ain't the way to behave / I don't mind / Twenty yards behind / Keep it out of sight / All trough city / Cheque book / Oyeh ! / Bonie Moronie - Tequila / (Get your kicks on) Route 66° / I'm hog for you baby° / Stupidity° / She said alright° / Oyeh! (earlier version)° .
Disc 2: (stereo) : She does it right / Boom boom / The more I give / Roxette / One week-end / That's ain't the way to behave / I don't mind / Twenty yards behind / Keep it out of sight / All trough the city / Cheque book / Oyeh ! / I'm a hog for you baby° / Stupidity° / She said alright° / Oyeh ! (earlier version)° / Tore down * / Don't just know it* / My babe* / The more I give* / It's my own fault darlin'* / Bonie Moronie/Tequila * / Rock me baby*.
° Bonus tracks sudio - * Bonus tracks live .
Produced by Vic Maile .
Dr. Feelgood: Wilko Johnson : guitar , vocals / John B. Sparks : bass / The Big Figure : drums / Lee Brilleaux : lead vocals & harp .
Dr. Feelgood was the ultimate working band. From their formation in 1971 to lead vocalist Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994, the band never left the road, playing hundreds of gigs every year. Throughout their entire career, Dr. Feelgood never left simple, hard-driving rock & roll behind, and their devotion to the blues and R&B earned them a devoted fan base. That following first emerged in the mid-'70s, when Dr. Feelgood became the leader of the second wave of pub-rockers. Unlike Brinsley Schwarz, the laidback leaders of the pub-rock scene, Dr. Feelgood was devoted to edgy, Stonesy rock & roll, and their sweaty live shows — powered by Brilleaux's intense singing and guitarist Wilko Johnson's muscular leads — became legendary. While the group's stripped-down, energetic sound paved the way for English punk rock in the late '70s, their back-to-basics style was overshadowed by the dominance of punk and new wave, and the group had retreated to cult status by the early '80s.By the end of 1973, Dr. Feelgood's dynamic live act had made them the most popular group on the pub-rock circuit, and several labels were interested in signing them. They settled for United Artists, and they released their debut album, Down by the Jetty, in 1974. According to legend, Down By the Jetty was recorded in mono and consisted almost entirely of first takes. While it was in fact recorded in stereo, the rumor added significantly to Dr. Feelgood's purist image, and the album became a cult hit.
"The release of "Down by the jetty" in january 1975 was a definitive moment in UK rock, a yellow card that served notice on the legions of progressive supergroups , their intricate musical arrangements and overbearing pomposity . Jetty ushered in a new era as Dr. Feelgood (no capes , no canapés) reintroduced hard and fast rock'n'roll , put barber shops back in business and sent hordes of teenage lads to thrift shops in search of narrow lapel suit jackets .Punk soon followed ..." W. Birch



DRAMARAMA Vinyl 1991 Chamaleon/Elektra records 320 kbps

Until the next time / Haven't got a clue / What are we gonna do / Classic rot / Memo from Turner / Train going backwards / I've got spies / In quiet rooms / Ain'it the truth / Tiny candles / (I 'd like to ) Volunteer , please .

Produced by Don Smith with Chris Carter & John Easdale .

Dramarama : Chris Carter : bass / Mr E. : guitars / Pete Wood : guitars / John Easdale : vocals +

Brian Mac Leod : drums (courtesy of Wire Train ) & Tommy T. : keyboards + guests : J. Keltner , B. Tench , Mick Taylor...

Blending hard rock wallop, alternative rock smarts, power pop songcraft, and punk rock urgency, Dramarama was a band who seemed on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough several times during their 11-year career. Puzzlingly, it never arrived, though the band developed a potent following in their native New Jersey as well as the West Coast; their almost-hit, "Anything Anything (I'll Give You)," was cited by L.A.'s KROQ-FM, arguably America's most influential alternative rock outlet, as the most requested song in the station's history. Formed in Wayne, NJ, by vocalist and songwriter John Easdale in 1983, Dramarama self-released a single and a five-song EP before a French label commissioned a full-length album from the band, which recycled material from both previous releases. The result, 1985's "Cinema Verite", featured "Anything Anything," which began scoring airplay after the album was picked up by Chameleon Records in the United States. The group relocated to California in time for their second LP, Box Office Bomb, which earned enthusiastic reviews but not significantly greater sales. As the band was completing their fourth studio album, "Vinyl", in 1991, Chameleon Records went bankrupt, and as the band scrambled to come up with the cash to finish the project, the elusive major-label deal finally materialized when Elektra picked up the project. However, while the success of Nirvana in 1991 would seemingly have broken open radio for bands as adventurous as Dramarama, their sound was too far from grunge to capitalize on the new openness, and the band's 1993 album, "Hi-Fi Sci-Fi", failed to make an impact outside the band's devoted cult following. Dramarama called it a day after a farewell show at Asbury Park's the Stone Pony in 1994; four years later, John Easdale returned to the music business with a solo album. The group was featured on the popular VH1 reality series Bands Reunited in 2004, prompting the collective—minus bassist Chris Carter—to reform around material originally intended for an Easdale solo record. Dramarama relased "Everybody Dies" in 2005.


THE JONESES - Keeping Up With The Joneses

THE JONESES Keeping up with the Joneses 2007 Full Breach Kicks 320 kbps
MS. 714 / She's so filthy / Jungle disease / Cut that trash / Chip away at the stone / Black cat bone / Good for far / Looks so good / Crocodile rock / La de da .
Produced by the Doctor Dream Music Group & the Joneses in association with M Brown .
The Joneses : Jeff Drake : vocals & guitar / Glenn Holland : drums & vocals / Scott Franklin : bass & vocals / Johnny Nation : guitar & vocals .
Out of all the rock ‘n’ roll sleaze bands in Hollywood during the 1980s, The Joneses are recognized as coming first and being the toughest and most honest of them all. This no-nonsense group of trash rockers, led by the charismatic Jeff Drake, were a hot-blooded mix of the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, and Eddie Cochran, too glam for punk and too punk for rock.
To say these rockers were cool wouldn’t be saying enough. They were the symbol of cool on the Hollywood strip, and they were what rock ‘n’ roll was and is really about. No posturing or false chic – they were the REAL deal, the REAL sleaze with the REAL sound of the street.
This is a reissue of the rare and sought-after Joneses record "Keeping Up with The Joneses" from 1986. It’s been re-mastered and includes songs only found here, unseen pictures, lyrics, and liner notes courtesy of Josh Rutledge from Now Wave and from Jeff Drake, the man himself.
+ Joneses demos send by Rick ! Thanks Rick !


TEENAGE HEAD - Endless Party

TEENAGE HEAD Endless party (live) 1984 Ready records 320 kbps

Picture my face / Let's go to Hawaii / Next time in town / Lucy Potato / Tornado / Disgusteen / Cock in my pocket / Drivin' wild / Kissin' the carpet / Wild one / Let's shake / Top down .

Fronted by singer Frankie Venom, this hard-rockin' quartet from Hamilton, Ontario owes more than its name to the Flamin Groovies — the records are full of non-stop crazed rock'n'roll songs about cars, parties, girls, booze and general wanton fun, all imbued with the original Groovies' unreconstructed spirit. With nods to Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and other pioneers, Teenage Head races along, Gordie Lewis' guitar blazing, through numbers like "Ain't Got No Sense" and "Kissin' the Carpet" (both on Teenage Head, which was remixed and reissued, the second time with five bonus tracks from the late '70s), "Disgusteen" (Frantic City) and "Teenage Beer Drinking Party" (Some Kinda Fun). If they were smarter and more sarcastic, T. Head might have more in common with the old Dictators; as it stands, their sound, while hardly original, is perfect for parties held in gymnasiums. The first three records aren't hip, but they are solid, sweaty and convincingly salacious.

Given a pluralizing, name-sanitizing "s," the group lowered its hysteria level on the six-song Tornado, an ill-advised stab at maturity and commercial hard-rock acceptability. Snore. Endless Party is a live greatest-hits rundown recorded on New Year's Eve 1983.

Fortunately, the story doesn't end there. Safely removed from the Lower 50's crass influence, the Canadians reclaimed both theit spelling and sense of fun on the nifty Trouble in the Jungle. Covering Bobby Fuller (badly), Eddie Cochran (weirdly) and Elvis Presley (very well) amid a variety of equally gonzo originals, the band shifts gears easily from lightly played rockabilly pop to electric punk — sometimes in the same song .

Electric Guitar has only one non-original, but self-propulsion does nothing to impede the versatile fun. "She Rips My Lips," "Can't Stop Shakin'" and "Full-Time Fool" are all vintage-flavor rockers, crisply delivered with chops and spirit; "Your Sister Used to Love Me" makes a cool milkshake of Dave Rave's relaxed surf vocals and Lewis' sizzling punk chords; "You're the One I'm Crazy For" is a spectacular Ramones imitation. Electric Guitar is convincing proof that a neat and clean garage can still rock (Daniel Lanois plays guitar on two tracks) .
Superb artwork by Max !


V/A Attack from the planet of the Devil Dogs : a tribute to the greatest rock'n'roll band in the universe 2004 Head dip records 320 kbps

REV. NORB : Intro / BORIS THE SPRINKLER : Jump on you / THE PEAWEES : Baby I'm a king / THE MUD CITY MANGLERS : Twist & burn / THE SPITFIRES : 354 / PETER PAN SPEEDROCK : My GTO / THE GASOLHEADS : Ball me out / THE ALLEY GATORS : Gonna see you tonight / THE DEMANDS : Chinatown / HOSS : Back in the city / THE SAFES : Annalisa / THE DED BUGS : Palisades Park / THE NEUROTIC SWINGERS : Get out / THE SNAKESKIN BOOTS : Backstage / THE NEW BOMB TURKS : Radiobeat / THE DELOREANS : Gonna be my girl / THE UDSON FALCONS : North shore bitch / THE PHENOMS : They 're not around / ALCOHOLIC HELLTONES : It's not easy / SATURDAY NIGHT KIDS : Don't do it / THE LEGHOUNDS : Get on your knees / RUTH'S HAT : Big fuckin' party / THE EARACHES : Brand new chewy / THE JERRY SPIDER GANG : Higher the heel / THE ULCERS : Stay out all night / THE SHORT FUSES : Pussywhipped / ADAM WEST : Go on girl / THE GUNG HO'S : Get in line / THE MANGANZOIDES : Lame al perro .

While recording an album in 1989, New York City punk band the Rat Bastards imploded due to typical musical differences, and two members, Andy Gortler (guitar, vocals) and Steve Baise (bass, vocals), carried on with the project as the Devil Dogs. Influenced particularly by '60s trash rock (Sonics, Wailers), the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound," and the big New York punk sound of the '70s (Ramones, New York Dolls, Dictators), the Devil Dogs went on to release a slew of LPs, EPs, live albums, and 45s ("Big beef bonanza" , "We three kings" , "Saturday night fever" etc..). Gortler originally formed a band called Gilligan's Revenge in the early '80s, which became Token Entry and then Black Train Jack after his departure. Baise played in a New Jersey-based surf/punk combo, PT109, before joining the Rat Bastards. Drummer "Mighty" Joe Vincent, who also played in PT109, joined the group in 1991. When "Saturday night fever " is issued in 1993 , it's nothing but a "big fat blast" , celebrated as a top-notch album back then and celebrated as a "goddamn masterpiece"and perhaps the best punk records of the nineties nowadays .

Anyway , the sad thing was that God's Own Rock'n'Roll Band split up in the late 94 , cause ... nobody seems to know really .

Being regarded as "thee Punk and roll band" now , they still play in various combos , as Andy in the fab Roller Kings , Steve first in the Vikings and then the Secrets plus a ton more and Joe first in the Prissteens then the Bomb Pops .


V/A The Beat or not the Beat 1994 Pop Attack 320 kbps

BORIS THE SPRINKLER : Rock'n'roll girl / THE WHIRLIGIGS : I don't fit in / THE CROWD SCENE : Different kind of girl / THE REBEL WALTZ : Don't wait up for me / THE CHANDLERS : You won't be happy / THE YUM YUMS : Walking out on love / 900 POUNDS : Work a day world / TEEN APPEAL : U.S.A. / THE BENT SCEPTERS : Let me into your life / GREEDY GUTS : Working too hard / THE SLOW SLUSHY BOYS : Look but don't touch / THE REVOLVERS : That's what life is all about / SISTER LOVERS : Dreaming / SAMANTHA'S FAVOURITE : Will you listen / THE KEYS : Crying won't help / ACTION FIGURES : The kids are the same / BENDALITTLE : It's just a matter of time / STEVEN DEAL : Met her yesterday / REBEL WALTZ : I will say no / THE FLASHCUBES : All over the world / SMALLPOX : Burning desire / THINGS IN COMMON : Crying won't help .


THE JOHNNYS - Grown up wrong

THE JOHNNYS Grown up wrong  CD 1988
Middle sized John / Anything could happ
en / Motorbikin' / Grown up wrong / Going down (with rock'n'roll) / The Logan girls / No excusin' my boozin' / Ten outlaws /Bounty hunter / Cajun woman / Shameless girl / The taller man.
Produced by Ross Wilson
Wilson also produced the band's second album , "Grown up wrong" (august 88) which yielded the band's last two singles , a cover of Chris Spedding's bubblegum punk classic "Motorbikin/Shameless girl"(July 88) and "Anything could happen/Bounty hunter" (november 88) . "Grown up wrong" was a rollicking (if flawed) , good time , country-flavoured rock'n'roll record , but it failed to chart . Michael Armiger replaced Hood on bass at that point . Despite of being one of the most popular bands on the pub-rock circuit , The Johnnys never crossed over into the premier league .
The band broke up in 1989 . Spencer P. Jones had already expended a great deal of effort as a member of the (until then) part-time Beasts of Bourbon . When that band lumbered into life as a full-time proposition in 1989 , Spencer threw in his lot with the Beasts .
It was the end of The Johnnys ! But ...
On friday november 12 , in 2004 , exceptionally reformed the Johnnys played the first of two Sydney shows ... http://www.i94bar.com/gigreviews/johnnys.html
New Post re-uploaded HERE!

THE JOHNNYS - Anything could happen

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Anything could happen /Bounty hunter 1988 Mushroom wav
Produced by Ross Wilson .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork by Max

THE JOHNNYS - Motorbikin'

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Motorbikin'/Shameless girl 1988 Mushroom wav
Produced by Ross Wilson .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork by Max .

THE JOHNNYS - Don't put the blame on me

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Don't put the blame on me/The Logan girls 1988 Mushroom wav
Side A produced by John Bee & The Johnnys , side b by Ross Wilson.
And this is the second non-album single issued in February 1988 !
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork by Max !

THE JOHNNYS - Elvisly Yours

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Elvisly yours / Black bart 1987 Mushroom wav
Produced by Ross Wilson.
Two non-album singles followed . This is the first in march 1987 , always produced by Ross Wilson.
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max .


THE JOHNNYS - Highlights Of A Dangerous Life

THE JOHNNYS Highlights of a dangerous life 1986 lp/cd Closer/Mushroom records 320 kbps
1-(There's gonna be a) Showdown / 2-The day Marty Robbins died /3- Injun Joe /4- Move it / 5-The edge of death /6- Green back dollar /7- Bleeding heart / 8-Way of the west /9- Deadmen from boot hill /10- Slip slap fishin' /11- Mountain man /12- I think you're cute* /13- Cannonball* /14- Rebel yell* /15- My buzzsaw baby (really cut me up)* .
*Bonus tracks
Tracks 1 to 11,13 & 14 produced by Ross Wilson ,12 by Cameron Allen & 15 produced by Steve Nieve .
Sydney band The Johnnys came together more as a good-time , fun band than everything else . The joke was good enough for the band to strech it out for seven years , fuelled by endless touring and countless gallons of beer along the pub-rock road to hell . Early on , the press dubbed The Johnnys' style as "cow-punk", which was a convenient handle to describe the band's blend of punk attitude , rock'n'roll riffs, country-honk beats , leather chaps and stetson hats .
Formed by Roddy Radalj , one originals of Australia's punk rock heritage , the band started out as a three-piece . In early 1983, New Zealand born Spencer P. Jones (guitar , vocals ; ex Cuban Heels , Beats Working , North 2 Alaskans , Olympic Sideburns ) joined .
The new, four-piece Johnnys line-up issued a one-off single on the Regular label , "I think you're cute / Mountain man". The single's picture cover bore the legend "The Johnnys are Regular Little Monsters", which summed the band up perfectly . Radalj wandered off in early 1984 to form Love Rodeo and Jones assumed lead vocals .The band signed to Green label for the 7-inch single "My buzzsaw baby/ Slip slap fishin" and the 12-inch EP "The Johnnys" which also contained "My buzzsaw baby".
From there The Johnnys signed to Mushroom records for their hit singles , "Injun Joe/Cannonball" 1985 , Gamble and Huff's "(There's gonna be a) Showdown / Rebel yell" 1986 and "Bleeding Heart / My buzzsaw baby " june 1986 . All three single A-sides were lifted from the band's debut album , Ross Wilson-produced album "Highlights of a dangerous life" (august 1986), which concentrated on a straighter rock'n'roll approach .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork by Max ... with 2 different trays and inlays !

THE JOHNNYS - Bleeding Heart

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Bleeding heart / My buzzsaw baby (really cut me up) 1986 Mushroom wav
Side one produced by Ross Wilson , side b produced by Stevie Nieve .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max .

THE JOHNNYS - Showdown

SINGLES: THE JOHNNYS (There's gonna be a) Showdown / Rebel yell 1986 Mushroom Records wav
Produced by Ross Wilson .
The Johnnys 86 : same band
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Covers cleaned by Max!


SINGLES THE JOHNNYS Injun Joe / Cannonball 1985 Closer/Mushroom records wav
Produced by Ross Wilson .
The Johnnys 85 : same than 84
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max .

THE JOHNNYS - My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cut Me Up)

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS My buzzsaw baby (really cut me up) / Slip slap fishin' 1984 Powderwork wavThe Johnnys : Spencer P. Jones : guitar , lead vocals / Graham "Hoody" Hood : bass , vocals / Billy Pommer Jr : drums / Slim Doherty : guitar .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max.

THE JOHNNYS - I Think You're Cute

SINGLES THE JOHNNYS I think you're cute / Mountain man 1983 Regular wav
The Johnnys 83 : Spencer P. Jones : guitar , vocals / Graham "Hoody" Hood : bass , vocals / Billy Pommer Jr : drums / Roddy Ray' da : lead vocals , guitar .
A million thanks to Fabien & Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max.


SINGLES THE BOTTLE UPS Long gone / Too much talk 1986 Amigo wav

Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas .

The Bottle Ups 86' : Per Ahlen : vocals , tambourine / Robert Johnson : lead & fuzztone guitars / Anders Görling : lead & distorded guitar / Goran Sahlin : bass / Anders Gustavsson : drums .

+ Björn "Grizzly" Hamrin : harmonica .

The last Bottle Ups single issued in 1986 on the Amigo label ! Strangely , a singer Per Ahlen appears beside Robert Johnson & co ... After this sp the band splits !

Robert Johnson continued with differents combos : The Rumblers with members of the Nomads , R. Johnson & the Punchdrunks...


THE BOTTLE UPS Frantic saloon hoedown 1985 Amigo 320 kbps

Ramblin' wreckless hobo / Woo hoo / The last bullet / Werewolf / Duelling horses / Tomahawk /Ambush / Fat back .

Produced by ForeEyed Thomas .

The Bottle Ups : Robert Johnson : twang & fuzz guitar / Anders Görling : twang & slide guitar , growls /Göran Sahlin : bass/ Mikael Wirén : drums, perc., screams .

+ Frank "Slowhand" Minarik : piano & Willy Bully : howling and growling .

This is the follow up album from Sweden's Bottle Ups. This is less cowboy and more Link Wray meets the Ventures in a back ally than their first EP. They retained their trademark compressed vibrato guitar with the annoyingly fascinating decay fading into throbbing feedback howls. Incredible band.

Thanks to Josega65 for scans & sound !


THE BOTTLE UPS Boppalina goes west & 5 others 1984 Rainbow 320 kbps

Boppalina goes west / Cactus jazz /Surf beat / One two two / Smith & Wesso theme / Rumble / Herd of buffalo / Lonely longhorned skull / Bottle beat / Rumble (Raw cuts version) .

The Bottle Ups : Robert Johnson : guitar / Anders Görling : guitar / Göran Sahlin : bass / A. Gustavsson : drums / Mikael Wirén : drums .

This exceptional Swedish band from Solna was a savage instrumental combo dedicated to putting the spirit of Link Wray onto the 80's They issued just a couple of singles and a mini album on Rainbow and Amigo records (home of the Nomads , Pushwangers ,Wilmer X , Shoutless etc...). Their cowboys on surfboards sound is intense and infectious. Nearly every tune ends with their trademark compressed vibrato guitar decay fading into throbbing feedback. This stuff rules!

Thanks to Josega65 for scans & sounds !


DIG IT ! N° 43

DIG IT ! N° 43 SORTIE 1er JUIN 2008


SINGLES EP Bootleg RADIO BIRDMAN Death by the gun 1978 Compassion explosion flac

Death by the gun / Didn't tell the man / Dark surprise / If I wanted to .

Radio Birdman : Rob Younger : vocals / Deniz Tek : guitar / Chris Masuak : guitar / Warwick Gilbert : bass / Phillip 'Pip' Hoyle : keyboards / Ron Keeley : drums .

Although the best-known band of the early Australian punk scene of the late '70s was the Saints, the first band to wave the punk rock flag in the land down under was Radio Birdman. Formed by Australian émigré Deniz Tek (originally from Ann Arbor, MI) and Aussie surfer-turned-vocalist Rob Younger in 1974, Radio Birdman's approach to rock & roll was rooted in the high-energy, apocalyptic guitar rant of the Stooges and MC5, sprinkled liberally with a little East Coast underground hard rock courtesy of Blue Öyster Cult. Their first EP, Burn My Eye , released in 1976, was a great record and still remains a seminal chunk of Aussie punk. Loud and snotty, with Younger bellowing his guts out and Tek on a search-and-destroy mission with his guitar, this was a great debut that set the stage for the impending deluge of Aussie punk bands waiting in the wings...

Thanks to Deniz.66 for sound & scans !



12' EP THE RANGEHOODS Rough town 1984 Exploding/Big D. records 320 kbps

Rough town / Chip on my shoulder / Dangerous / Used to be you / Not a boy .

Produced by The Rangehoods

The Rangehoods : Steve Pearson : guitar , vocals / Pat Hewitt : guitar , vocals / Tony Lease : bass , vocals / Don Kammerer : drums.

In 1984 Steve Pearson ( of the great band The Heat(er)s : check their lp "Have an idea" or their cd "Smoke" on Chuckie-Boy records !) and Pat Hewitt founded the Rangehoods. Trying to shake the Beatlesque vibe, they became the bad boys about town with louder guitars, less harmonies and more screaming vocals. Once again the band was popular in the local scene and as they do shows today, it's obvious they are "not forgotten" by their fans. Famous for their original songs and their Gibson Super 400's with Vox amps. They released one vinyl EP "Rough Town" (also on cassette) & one vinyl LP "Long Way Home" (also in CD format).These vinyl's are sometimes available at gemm.com or Craig Moerer, Records by Mail.
Thanks to Manu & Fabien for sound & scans .
As usualy Max has done the artwork .

THE JONESES - Jeff Drake



THE JONESES - Criminal History

THE JONESES Criminal history 2000 SFTRI 320 kbps
Pill box / Graveyard rock / Criminals / Fix me / White and pretty / Crocodile rock / MS. 714 / I'm bad / She's so filthy / Black cat bone / Looks so good / I wanna buy you a ring / Tits and champagne / Your cheatin' heart / Steamin' / Route 66 / 1 -2 - 3 (unreleased) / Teenage breakdown /Big boy /You can't come .
The Joneses : Jeff Drake, Steve Houston (vocals, guitar) / Steve Olson (vocals, bass guitar) / Rhys Williams (guitar) / Greg Kuehn (piano) / Mitch Dean (drums).
One of the last of the great "loud and snotty" REAL trashy glam rock'n'roll bands who WERE 100% authentic were Hollywood's Joneses. The Joneses really did have that raunchy, fifties rhythm and blues stilletto appeal that always informed the REAL Johnny Thunders. Whiney, brattish, sneering vocals, yearning high-lonesome for another fix, scuzzy dueling guitars shades of the greats, horny piano pounding worthy of Jerry Lee or Little Richard, catchy choruses that you could never be certain about-was he singin' about dope or chicks? Either/both/probably dope, mostly.Jeff Drake was a total white Chuck Berry/Hank Williams Sr./Johnny Thunders style street fightin' dandy. A diamond geezer. A Gentleman Gangster of the Old West. The Genuine Article. Born in Anaheim, and raised in Merced, California, Jeff absorbed a steady stream of Elvis and country music from his Pa and later dug the stomping British glam he heard on the radio. Jeff Drake's scorchin' brand of rhinestone junkie cowpunk has been an influence on not only all them lousy Sunset Strip bands who copped the whole cowboy glam and creepers look from him and the Clash and Andy McCoy and Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Keith Richards and Gram Parsons, but his look and sound have also left their whine-stain on loads of the best underground rock bands we got left out here in the shanties of Jonestown. Bands like American Heartbreak and the Dragons. The Chamber Strings and the Saviors.Slow Motorcade and New Romantics. From the Hangmen to the Humpers. A lost generation of FLASH METAL OUTLAWS all owe a toast to the original "rocknroll bankrobber", JEFF DRAKE and his ragged lot of scarvey ramblin' men.
THE HOLLYWOOD JONESES first made their splash in the early eighties by appearing on some much-beloved hardcore punk compilations and by being the stand-out track. Their seemingly ill-conceived appearances alongside all the testosterone crazed hardcore surfer bands was appropriate in a way, however, because the early 80's Orange Co. punk scene nurtured Jeff's glitterbilly revival right alongside all the Thrasher aggression skatepunk bands, and Drake goes back like a rocking chair with cats like Duane Peters and Steve Olson. After getting the sack from the purist Aristocats ("Not Howdy Doody enough") Drake put together the early Joneses with people like Olson and Ron Emory (T.S.O.L.) and Paul "Mars" Black (Mau-Maus, L.A. Guns)and developed a rabid club following playing with groups like Social Distortion, TSOL, and the Blasters. They were always going through line-up changes with former members returning to the group from time to time, and their pianist going off to fame and fortune with Johnny Rotten and Bob Dylan. Chicks, pills, booze,drugs, family feuds, all the usual perils of rock'n'roll decadence. Danny Sugarman managed 'em for awhile but everybody was deep into heroin and all the major labels were "gun-shy", in spite of starting to court all the fake junkie glam rock "guns" bands. All their records are essential, collectors item, must-own artifacts, with singles fetching $75 and I know Bleeker Bob's probably still got "Keeping Up With THE JONESES" in a plastic sleeve on the wall for like $150. Even their earliest songs like "Pillbox" and "Criminals" and "She's So Filthy" still get covered by greasy kid punk bands from coast to coast. Though widely renowned for their pulse-hastening rave-up originals, the JONESES also always had exquisite taste in covers: "Chip Away". "Crocodile Rock". "Your Cheatin' Heart". and J.D.'s been threatening to record a Bowie "Pin-Ups" style cover record for years now if Long Gone John from Sympathy can ever pry his lips way from Jack White's ass long enough to pony-up some of that precious studio-time.


V/A Sons of Guns : 15 new bands with an appetite for destruction 2006 Future 320 kbps

THE SUBSTITUTES : Taken a life time / JOHNNY VASHER : Mentally slummin' / HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES : Loaded soul / SEX SLAVES : All night long / DRUGDEALER CHEERLEADER : Fireworks / CRUD : Glue / THE NASTYS : FFW / THE EROTICS : Rock'n'roll killing machine / STEREO JUNKS : Suicide angel / KILL CITY : Dyin' for love / STRAP ON SALLY : Let's explode / THE BAD DAYS : Addicted to rock'n'roll / HELLSUCKERS : Chinese mad /LOFREQ : Naughty , naughty / GOLDEN GODS : Dynamite lady .

One of the easiest jobs in the world has got to be reviewing a compilation put together by Sleazegrinder, because there’s just no disputing the man’s bat-like ability to sniff out the most feral, law crushing, caustic rock n’ roll on this planet and cram it ass end first on to one holier than fuck album. Actually, check that. One of the easiest jobs in the world has got to be compiling a holier than fuck album with the most feral, law crushing, caustic rock n’ roll bands crammed ass end on to it…if your name is Sleazegrinder, that is. He did it with Cock N’ Roll, and again with Snake Oil Supercharm, and now here he is for a third time doing what he does best – feeding your brain, corrupting your soul, and crushing your nuts – proving once again that he is the big boss of sleazy rawk.

Now, I’m not saying Sleazegrinder wouldn’t have come up with the idea of a Guns N’ Roses-inspired compilation on his own, because he certainly would have and my guess is the wheels were already turning, but it was at the urging of his reputable employers at Classic Rock, one of the world’s premiere rock magazines, that Sleazegrinder undertook this Molotov cocktail of a project. As CR says, “Sleazegrinder is our expert in these matters and we set him the task of finding 15 of the sleaziest heirs to GN’R’s throne from around the world.” So here it is, Sons of Guns, a brawling, reckless, amped up collection of sleaze metal and punk n’ roll from some of the most dangerous bands in the world today. I mean, pretty soon we’re all gonna give up on Chinese Democracy (if we haven’t already), and we don’t dare believe in reunion rumors, so it’s about time we started paying attention to the bands who have got that ol’ Axl spirit runnin’ through their slick veins, ‘cause the shit ain’t gonna get much more desperate than this, my friends. Listen, every one of the bands on this album have got at least one element of GN’R’s wild ways workin’ for ‘em, so lets skip past the snakeskin and whiskey hyperbole and get straight to the heart of the matter: you’re gonna love this one for the same reasons you visit this site every day and worship at the super rock revolution alter. All of your Sleazegrinder approved degenerates are present and accounted for, including Johnny Vasher (“Mentally Slummin’”), Sex Slaves (“All Night Long”), The Nastys (“FFW”), The Erotics (“Rock N’ Roll Killing Machine”), Strap On Sally (“Let’s Explode”), Lofreq (“Naughty Naughty”), and The Golden Gods (“Dynamite Lady”), all of ‘em as solid as a stripper’s pay check and worthy of the next of kin honors bestowed upon them here. Hell, they’re all electric, Jack, with the Hollywood Vampires (“Loaded Soul”), Drugdealer Cheerleader (“Fireworks”), Kill City (“Dyin’ for Love”), The Bad Days (“Addicted to Rock N’ Roll”), and Hellsuckers (“Mad Chinese”) delivering some choice action, but for the best of the bunch, dig the chewy crunch and retro bravado of The Substitutes’ “Taken a Lifetime,” the animosity-driven, chainsaw face shot of Crud’s “Glue,” and the flash metal slither of Stereo Junks’ “Suicide Angels.” Basically, if this album was a city, the grass would be green and the girls would be pretty. Jeff Warren on "Sleazegrinder.com"



SINGLES CD EP : THE CRAMPS Blues fix 1992 Big Beat 320 kbps

Hard workin' man / It's mighty crazy / Jelly roll rock / Shombalor .

Produced by Poison Ivy .

The Cramps 1992 : Lux Interior : vocals / Poison Ivy : guitar / Jim Sclavunos : drums /Slim Chance : bass .

Conjuring a fiendish witches' brew of primal rockabilly, grease-stained '60s garage rock, vintage monster movies, perverse and glistening sex, and the detritus and effluvia of 50 years of American pop culture, the Cramps are a truly American creation much in the manner of the Cadillac, the White Castle hamburger, the Fender Stratocaster, and Jayne Mansfield. Often imitated, but never with the same psychic resonance as the original, the Cramps celebrate all that is dirty and gaudy with a perverse joy that draws in listeners with its fleshy decadence, not unlike an enchanted gingerbread house on the Las Vegas strip. The entire psychobilly scene would be unthinkable without them, and their prescient celebration of the echoey menace of first-generation rock & roll had a primal (if little acknowledged) influence on the rockabilly revival and the later roots rock movement.

Complete Cramps biography here http://members.aol.com/kmitch87/cramps.htm

Free tribute to the Cramps (2xcd) download here :http://www.rockndog.us/TIN3/TIN3.htm





COMMANDOS Edge of town 1985 Torso/Boudisque 320 kbps

Tell me why / Hwy 90 / Morning train / Edge of town / Baby don't be blue / The first hard frost / My little sister / The late show / Mad and sad / The public square .

Produced by Vince Mc Garry

Commandos : Gary Felton : lead guitar , guitar / Suzy Elkins : vocals , rhythm / Jean-Jacques Barrera : bass , vocals / Ram Garza : drums .

....Austin seemed like the perfect place. "We weren't really country enough for Nashville but were too back roads to fit in somewhere like LA or New York. Besides, Austin was the 'Live Music Capital of the World,' and we wanted to play!" Suzy spent a total of eleven years in Austin, not including a three-year break back in Mississippi with a band called The Drapes which also included Webb Wilder, Rick "Casper" Rawls, Gene Brandon, Mark Hagg, and Bruce Tinnin. The Drapes released a four-song ep, The Drapes, on Sharp Circle Records. Her main Austin band was The Commandos with partner and co-writer, Phareaux. The Commandos released several cuts including an album, Edge of Town, on Austin Records (and toured Finland), a cut on the Ten from Texas: Herd It through the Grapevine compilation album for Elektra, a Halloween 45, The Commandos, on Jungle Records, a cut on the Live at the Continental Club compilation album for Profile, and the title cut on the Halloween compilation album, Haunted Motel, for Boffo Records. "Austin is my second home. It was a great place to play live and hone my skills. It's also a place that nurtured originality."

See Suzy Elkins biography here :



CERTAIN GENERAL These are the days 1999 Fantastica/Pias 320 kbps

Killer in our house / Bad way / Love life / Time & temperature / All young lovers / Will you / Desperate hour / Susie's waiting / Lose myself / Getaway car / My favorite alibi / Fire / Young for the sun / The kept / She's got mine / Without love .

Certain general :Parker Dulany - voice and guitar / Sprague Hollander - guitar, piano, voice, and organ / Kevin Tooley - drums, producing / Drew Vogelman - drums / Ivan Julian - keyboards and guitar .

A contradiction by definition, New York's Certain General was the only post-punk/pop band to emerge from No New York's ashes. With short angular pop songs they slashed their way across the dance floors for the cool. Over their 25 year career, all of their recordings and releases are the only contradictions to this band's invisible status. From before the first vinyl EP HOLIDAY OF LOVE (1982 Labor Records) to their present CD release INVISIBLE NEW YORK (2006 Easy Action Records), Certain General has continued to write and perform important songs.

Formed in New York's East Village in 1980 the band was immediately hailed by press and music fans as an original and provocative new band, and quickly built a very large word-of-mouth reputation as their following grew and word spread of their incredible live shows and tours. After extensive performing in the U.S. and Canada the band toured England in 1984 with fellow NYC compatriots, The Band of Outsiders. That year also saw the self-release of the FAR AWAY IN AMERICA LP, (also with The Band of Outsiders) and Certain General soon reached an agreement with French label Invitation au Suicide to license new recordings.

In 1984 Invitation Au Suicide released the LP NOVEMBER'S HEAT to rave reviews in the press, winning album and band of the year accolades in France. The French public were fascinated by the rhythms and poems of Certain General and the band has been based in both New York and Paris since. From 1985 until 1991, the band released three 5 star albums in France: THESE ARE THE DAYS, CABIN FEVER and JACKLIGHTER (the latter two for the prestigious French Barclay Label).

The collaboration of original singer Parker Dulany and guitarist Phil Gammage since the late 90s have resulted in many new Certain General projects. In 1998 CBGB's Records released SIGNALS FROM THE SOURCE a collection of songs written between 1980 and 1982, as a mix of old and new recordings in America; and Stereo Fantastica Records re-released the "notorious bootleg" THESE ARE THE DAYS. In January 2000 NOVEMBER'S HEAT was finally released in the U.S. on Alive!/Bomp Records. The overdue American debut of this recording has given the rest of the world more exposure to this landmark record. "It is time for Certain General to come in from the obscure" writes Twisterella Magazine in Sweden. Other recent CD releases include a 2001's LIVE AT THE PUBLIC THEATRE -- a recording of the spring '01 Public Theatre show (the band's first documented live album) and a double CD documenting the years 1980-1984, called AN INTRODUCTION TO WAR.From the band's first performance opening for DNA in 1980 to now, Certain General's public performances have been events, concerts, and parties. The band is the contradiction. Brutally beautiful. Certain General.

JUKE SAVAGES - Jukes Savages

JUKES SAVAGES Juke Savages 1992 Phantom records 320 kbps
Liberty / The love thang / Hoodoo road / Don't you lie to me / Messin' with the kid / Comfort highway / Six days on the road / Dirty pink underwear .
Recorded & engineered by Andy "Mort" Bradley.Juke Savages : Paul Larsen : drums , vocals / Chris "Klondike" Masuak : vocals , guitar / Brad Ferguson : bass , vocals .
In april 1992 , Chris Masuak ( Radio Birdmen , Hitmen , New Christs , Screaming Tribesmen ) formed the country/r & b-flavoured Juke Savages , issuing a self-titled cd EP on the Phamtom label . In late 1993 Red Porter and Gerard Presland (ex Hitmen DTK) replaced Ferguson and Larsen respectively . The Juke Savages issued the full-lengh album : "Pagan rites and big juju on the road to ascension" in 1994 . In early 1996 , C. Masuak rejoined the reformed Radio Birdmen for the national "Radios On !" tour and it was the end of the Juke Savages !


BRUCE JOYNER Georgia dreams 1998 Last Call Records 320 kbps

1-Rainy grey day /2- The dragonfly /3- The grind /4- Honey drenched kiss /5- Sex beat /6- She repeats /7- Broken home /8- Love train /9- Politically correct /10- Lost visitor /11-Heavenly arms /12- Living things (In and out urge) /13- Kelly Ann /14- Buddy /15- The world keeps spinning around / 16-The world needs a little more love /17- Melrose Avenue /18-In my dreams /19- Preacher man /20-Lonely /21- Dream sequence /22- White trash girls /23- Keep searchin' .

Bruce Joyner : vocals - Credits : see booklet .

Compilation of recordings issued by Bruce Joyner on New Rose between 1987 and 1993

1, 2, 3, 4 from "Preludes and Nocturnes" (1993)

5, 6 from "Sir Real" (1992)

7, 8, 9, 23 from The Unknows (w/ Bruce Joyner) - "Southern Decay" (1991)

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 from Bruce Joyner and the Tinglers -" Beyond the dark "(1990)

15, 16, 17, 18 from "Hot Georgia Nights" (1987)

19, 20, 21, 22 from The Unknows - "The Outtake Collection 1978-1988" (1988)

Born 1956, in a small town from the South, in Georgia, Bruce Joyner lived in that place of plantations, white people asides black people.Bruce used to listen the songs of the workers in the plantations, and Hank Williams, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Chubby Checker. In 1979, one of his first public shows have been at Joe’s Cellar : he wanted to play there since he knew Ray Charles played there. Bruce, when a child suffered several injuries, that gave him that unforgettable appearance :

"It seems that when Bruce was four, a neighbor girl told him some chloride crystals were rock candy. Severely injured, he had to have his vocal chords scraped and learn to speak all over again. His throat was permanently scarred. After that accident Joyner began singing along to records, to help him control his vocal chords. But often the sound would 'flip out, like a tape machine gone screwy' Bruce remembered.”"When he was six, he lost an eye, and later he was involved in a wreck that left him partially paralyzed."

His first recordings have been as The Stroke Band, with Don Fleming, in the years 1978 / 1979.

Then he moved to Los Angeles :

1980 - 1982 is the Unknowns period. Initially on Bomp, they signed with Sire, that released their first record "Dream Sequence", before getting back to Bomp for their second record.

After Bruce left, Mark Neill and Dave Boyle continued the band.

By the end of 1982, Bruce Joyner decided to split to work on giving people a more easy approach to his music and formed the Plantations (recording period 1983-1986), ending with the great LP "Swimming with friends".In 1983, he began collaboration with Tom Byars, producing his band Out Of The Fire recordings, with first EP and LP.Then Bruce Joyner issued records (on french label New Rose) under his name, backed by musicians from Out Of The Fire and Tom Byars producing "Hot Georgia Nights" in 1987, to "Sir Real" in 1992, and with the Tinglers, and also with re-formed Unknowns : in 1990, Bruce returned in Georgia, and the Unknowns get together again, recorded a new LP "Southern Decay" issued by New Rose in 1991.

Four full albums and some singles have been released in France between 1987 and 1993. He also toured a lot in France at that time. His last recording (under his name) have been in 1993 : "Preludes and Nocturnes" (produced by Peter Buck from R.EM.)

2002 : After some health problems, Bruce is back : "I get back playing a lot of clubs and recording once again". With Tom Byars, they re-activated Out of the Fire, a band they actually had in 1984.Summer 2002 will see them recording 15 to 20 tracks in New York with Don Fleming.Winter 2003/04 : recording new songs with the Reconstruction, the new band features Bruce on vocals, Tom Byars on baritone guitar, Will Byars on bass, Kelly Morse on guitar, and Tony Purazella on drums.



MONARCHS Make yer own fun 2001 Shock records 320 kbps

2001 / Loud / '69 monaro / That reminds me ... / Yer movin on / I nite only / The stalker waltz / I'm on drugs / Amen , brother / Everyone's a superstar / Give it up for the band / Nobody's perfect / Unimaginable .

Produced by Brad Shepherd

Monarchs : Brad Shepherd : lead vocals , guitar / Greg Hichcock : guitar , backing vocals / Andy Kelly : bass , backing vocals / Murray Shepherd : drums , backing vocals , antics .

Australian band the Hoodoo Gurus had called it a day after 16 years together and selling a quarter of a million albums worldwide in 1998, and Brad Shepherd, lead guitarist for the Gurus for the majority of those 16 years - as well as having put in noteworthy time with the Hitmen, Super K, the Fun Things, and the 31st before his lengthy career with the Gurus began - found himself without a regular job for the first time in about two decades. By late 1999, the bug to play and create was nagging at him again, and Shepherd sought to do something about it. The Gurus, while rocking plenty enough, had always somewhat been the kings of Australian powerpop with a rock and roll flair, something that worked splendidly for the Gurus.

Yet Shepherd's reputation as Being Sooooooo Rock & Roll within the band was known far and wide - Shepherd covers at Gurus concerts had included rockers by AC/DC and Foghat over the years, among much other hard-rocking fare. He was always sort of the Rock & Roll Animal soul at the heart of the Gurus.

With The Monarchs, he sought out bandmates with whom to create a tremendous but tuneful musical racket, with loud guitars and walloping drums. The plan was to basically launch a musical assault on the senses of the masses for whom techno had become a neurotoxin (to borrow a Shepherd phrase).

The next step was to put together the band that would become The Monarchs. Shepherd found his fellow rock soldiers in Greg Hitchcock, guitarist and Perth native who had played in the Hitmen and with The Verys; Andy Kelly, bass player from Glide; and, once again, Murray Shepherd, former Screaming Tribesmen drummer who had also played with brother Brad in the Fun Things some twenty years before.

The balls-out-rock single 2001, featuring an equally powerful flip side, This Is All I Can Do, was released in August 2000, and hit big on Australian radio. With the single's release and a number of powerful live performances behind them all over Australia, the band went into the studio to record what would be their one and only album, Make Yer Own Fun, spawning the singles Loud and '69 Monaro. Early buzz on the album included reviews that it "sounded akin to an atomic bomb exploding in yer loungeroom" or - even more descriptive - "suspiciously like the MC5 having a fist fight with Badfinger behind the bike sheds after school". If one was searching for the heart and soul of rock and roll among some of the pablum that was passing for modern music at the time - The Monarchs, baby, were IT.

Undeniably the band's greatest strength was in some legendary live performances. The Monarchs had an excellent run for most of 2001, then things began to change. Brad had begun playing again around Sydney with two of the other Gurus in a new psychedelic-60's punk-flavored outfit called The Moops (later to rename themselves the Persian Rugs), and Andy Kelly was growing busier and busier as manager of The Vines.

The Monarchs quietly began to fade away. In late April 2002, Brad announced that The Monarchs had, indeed, ceased to exist. The next six months were relatively silent. Then, in September 2002, an enthusiastic announcement made its way out of The Monarchs' camp.

The Monarchs bounced back, regrouped and rejuvenated, to kick some major rock and roll butt in Sydney that evening in October, with a few more equally amazing gigs following. However, after this last short run and a quick jaunt thru London and Spain in 2003, The Monarchs disappeared into Australian musical history once again - going out with a big, loud bang just like when they'd come in.

The Monarchs - gone (???) but not forgotten... until NOW! The Monarchs are planning to get together for at least one big show in 2008 to make up for the date they were forced to cancel in November 2007. Stay tuned!



REDD KROSS - Third eye

REDD KROSS Third eye 1990 Atlantic 320 kbps
The faith healers / Annie's gone /I don't know how to be your friend / Shonen knife / Bubblegum factory / Where I am today / Zira (call out my name) / Love is not love / 1976 /Debbie & Kim / Elephant flares .
Produced & engineered by Michael Vail Blum.
Redd Kross : Jeffrey Mac Donald : vocals , guitar /Steven Mac Donald : bass , vocals / Robert Hecker : guitar , vocals + Victor Endrizzo : drums , vocals /Peter Le Vine : keyboards .

Redd Kross reached its peak in the early 1980s, when the band made such humorous and clever contributions to punk rock as "Linda Blair." As the '80s progressed, Kross got away from punk and went for cleaner, less reckless alternative rock and power-pop. Those who play 1990's "Third Eye" next to Kross' early recordings will hear just how radically the band changed over the years. Whether rocking aggressively on "Shonen Knife," going for a very melodic "jangly guitar" approach on "Annie's Gone" and "I Don't Know How to Be Your Friend" or sounding positively Beatlesque on "Bubblegum Factory," Kross shows just how far it has come since the irreverent, freewheeling aggression of "Linda Blair." While some punk enthusiasts missed the old Kross, this decent though not outstanding CD proves that the band was still worthwhile at the dawn of the '90s. AMG


BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Natty dread 1974 Islands/Tuff gong 320 kbps

Lively up yourself / No woman , no cry / Them belly full ( but we hungry) / Rebel music (3 o'clock roadblock) / So Jah seh / Natty dread / Bend down low / Talkin' blues / Revolution / Am-a-do* / Smile Jamaica° / Who colt the game° / Punky reggae party° .

*bonus track cd - ° bonus singles

Produced by C. Blackwell & the Wailers

B. Marley & the Wailers : Bob Marley : lead vocals , rhythm guitar / Aston "Family Man" Barrett : bass / Carlton "Carly" Barrett :drums & percussion / Touter : piano , organ /Al Anderson : lead guitar .

"Natty Dread" is Bob Marley's finest album, the ultimate reggae recording of all time. This was Marley's first album without former bandmates Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston, and the first released as Bob Marley & the Wailers. The Wailers' rhythm section of bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett and drummer Carlton "Carlie" Barrett remained in place and even contributed to the songwriting, while Marley added a female vocal trio, the I-Threes (which included his wife Rita Marley), and additional instrumentation to flesh out the sound. The material presented here defines what reggae was originally all about, with political and social commentary mixed with religious paeans to Jah. The celebratory "Lively Up Yourself" falls in the same vein as "Get Up, Stand Up" from Burnin'. "No Woman, No Cry" is one of the band's best-known ballads. "Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)" is a powerful warning that "a hungry mob is an angry mob." "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Road Block)" and "Revolution" continue in that spirit, as Marley assumes the mantle of prophet abandoned by '60s forebears like Bob Dylan. In addition to the lyrical strengths, the music itself is full of emotion and playfulness, with the players locked into a solid groove on each number. Considering that popular rock music was entering the somnambulant disco era as "Natty Dread" was released, the lyrical and musical potency is especially striking. Marley was taking on discrimination, greed, poverty, and hopelessness while simultaneously rallying the troops as no other musical performer was attempting to do in the mid-'70s.

27 years ago , on May 11, 1981 , Bob Marley died at the young age of 36 ... (R.I.P.)



JEFF DAHL GROUP Vomit wet kiss 1987 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps

I came to thrill / It's a lie / One little kiss / Vomit wet kiss / Suicide city / Mary , are you living ? /Ain't nothin' to do / Paint it black / Lustfull glances / Whatever happened to fun ?

Produced by no one . Recorded by S. Ross / B. Wurster / G. Seymore .

Sympathy For The Records Industry 002

Jeff Dahl Group : Jeff Dahl : guitar , vocals / Bruce Duff : bass / Scott Morrow : guitar / Amy Wichmann : guitar / Steve Lang : flute , all percussion / Cheetah Chrome : guitar .

Here's the first Jeff Dahl lp's (with Cheetah Chrome on guitar) on Long John's Sympathy For The Record Industry label !

Never issued on cd , Max has done the artwork for you !

And don't forget :

"The new album, MONKEY CITY ROCK N ROLL, will be out as a limited edition 6 song 10" vinyl PICTURE DISC EP of just 500 copies on May 27th, 2008. Be forwarned, I’m told that the entire pressing has been reserved by the distribution companies and most of these are heading to Europe. Only a few will be available in USA stores or from Steel Cage direct. I’m not even going to have copies to sell! (Seriously, it’s that damn limited!) So if you’re a vinyl freak, good luck finding a copy. Not to worry too, because the full CD, with all 10 songs will be out about a month later. Oh, and the cover art for the 10" and the CD will be entirely different." Jeff Dahl on Myspace .



V/A A TRIBUTE TO HANOI ROCKS 11th Street tales 2000 Feed Back Boogie/Guru records 320 kbps

BUBBLE : Taxi driver / HUNDRED MILLIONS MARTIANS : I can't get it / HARDCORE SUPERSTAR : Don't you ever leave me / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK : Rebel on the run / NEIL LEYTON : 11th Street kids / HIGHSCHOOL HELLCATS : I want you / SOLD OUT SWEETHEARTS : Oriental beat / THE ALLEY 'GATORS : Problem child / JEFF DAHL & THE STREET WALKIN' CHEETAHS : Cafe Avenue / MARYSLIM : Malibu Beach nightmare / WEASEL FACE : Until I get you / THE JETSET : Futurama / BELA KISS : Shakes / THE HELSINGFORS PROSTITUTES : Visitors / THE JACKALS : Back to mystery city .

In every rock'n'roll story there are always the classic elements of romance and tragedy . From E. Presley to J. Thunders, the MC5 or Ziggy Stardust , the tragedies that ultimately envelop the romantic protagonists also surround the legends that remain long after untimely ends .

Hanoi Rocks are about the stuff legends are made of ; Hanoi are about romance , tragedy and there are the stuff of legend : rock'n'roll legends, in fact !

For the uninitiated , Hanoi Rocks were poised to become the next Rolling Stones circa 1984 , when the untimely death of Razzle undid the band : although members of Hanoi Rocks have gone on to release albums of their own and collaborated on other projects , the death of Razzle spelled the end of the band as Hanoi Rocks . Probably the best post-Hanoi Rocks release is Andy Mc Coy's "Two much ain't enough" or his newer release "Buiding on tradition" .

Their six-plus album collection only goes so far into exposing their legend ; their first album especially (Bangkok shocks Saigon shakes Hanoi rocks) exhibits top-noch songwriting from Andy Mc Coy ! To really get the full picture however , you have to see one of their live concerts (official release on Video Plus and a whack of bootlegs available): and you begin to understand Hanoi's sheer rock'n'roll energy and excitement !

If you're an old fan , here's to remembering Hanoi and the mark they made on all our lives ; and if you're a new fan, do yourself the favour of picking up the original recordings that these few tribute covers represent .

You won't be disappointed...

Neil Leyton , 2000 ( inside booklet)

THE JONESES - Tits and Champagne

THE JONESES Tits and champagne 2006 FBK records 320 kbps
I wanna buy you a ring / Tits and champagne / Your cheatin' heart / Steamin' / Bad attitude* / Route 66 / Pill box (bonus track) .
Produced by The Joneses .
THE JONESES : Jeff Drake : guitar , vocals / Greg Kuehn : piano / Steve Olson : bass / Mike Sessa : drums .
+ guitars : Matt Rosney / Mark Wahlsdorf / Alex Gibson*.
Out of all the rock ‘n’ roll sleaze bands in Hollywood during the 1980s, The Joneses are recognized as coming first and being the toughest and most honest of them all. This no-nonsense group of trash rockers, led by the charismatic Jeff Drake, were a hot-blooded mix of the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, and Eddie Cochran, too glam for punk and too punk for rock. If the term “trashy rock ‘n’ roll” could only apply to one band, The Joneses would take the label in spades.
Their music was raw and powerful, their style a mix of their predecessors. They lived the sleazy rock ‘n’ roll life like they invented it, with clever songs about their tales of pills, booze, chicks, and decadence. The Joneses brought their own definition of cool to the table, youthful yet timeless, fierce yet endearing, and drugged up and drunk the whole time. Their music was pure punk fueled rock ‘n’ roll aggression, sung with ‘50s style melody but coming hard with ‘80s Los Angeles aggression.
Unfortunately, The Joneses had all the right parts but were not recognized for being the unique forbearers they were. To say these rockers were cool wouldn’t be saying enough. They were the symbol of cool on the Hollywood strip, and they were what rock ‘n’ roll was and is really about. No posturing or false chic – they were the real deal, the real sleaze with the real sound of the street.
Artwork by Max !



THE BEAT ANGELS Unhappy hour 1996 Epiphany Records 320 kbps

Hungover with Jenny / Grow up / The most beautiful loser in town / Idiot train / Too much jazz / Scaredy cat / I love you , sometimes / Name your trash / She's a setting sun / Jaded / Don't kiss me .

Produced by Gilby Clarke .

BEAT ANGELS : Kevin Pate : bass / Keith Jackson : guitars , backin' vocals / Jon Norwood : drums , percussion , backin' vocals / Brian Smith : vocals , tambourine / Mickael Brooks : guitars, background vocals .

The absence of Guns N' Roses left an enormous gap in the glam metal sweepstakes by the mid-'90s (due to Axl putting the group on indefinite hiatus), but several bands attempted to fill the void, such as similarly styled Phoenix rockers Beat Angels formed in 1994. Comprised of members Michael Brooks and E. Keith Jackson (guitar), Tommy Caradonna (bass), Brian Smith (vocals), and Frankie Hanyak (drums), the group issued a pair of recordings for the Epiphany label in the late '90s — 1996's "Unhappy Hour With..." and 1997's "Red Badge of Discourage" — the latter of which was produced by former Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

"Beat Angels hate bios. Beat Angels hate other things too but let's not get into it. Beat Angels also played with other people but who cares?
Beat Angels dig lots of things. Neal & Jack. Jim Thompson & Ann Margaret. Clash 45's & cheap Mexican souvenirs. Women with a past. Johnny Thunders & Dean Martin. The lost weekend & 101 dalmations. Beatle boots & loud guitars. Midnight Cowboy & Bruce Lee. Myrna Loy & cocktail hour & all those Cheap Trick singles...
So whatcha gonna do about it? "


THE HELLACOPTERS & THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS White trash soul 2001 Bad Afro Records 320 kbps

THE HELLACOPTERS : Whole lot of shakin' in my heart (since I met you) / Get ready / Ungrounded confusion / THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS : Emotional son / Shake-in / Psyched out and furious .

The Flaming Sideburns with The Hellacopters split EP. The Flaming Sideburns present two of their own songs, "Emotional Son" and "Shake-in", where they sound like they have a high powered combination of rocket fuel and rock'n'roll in their veins. The third song is a cover of "Psyched Out And Furious" from "Payin' The Dues", the second Hellacopters album, and here they certainly set things straight! The Hellacopters cover two Smokey Robinson songs ("Whole lot of shakin' in my heart" and "Get ready") and "Ungrounded confusion" from first Flaming Sideburns 10'' on Bad Afro .

Released on 10” vinyl and CD EP.



V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 6 An international tribute to I Wanna Magazine Safety Pin Records 320 kbps

DR. FRANKENSTEIN : Porno star / THE CANDY SNATCHERS : Fresh rag / POWDER MONKEYS : Two tub man / THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS : Fuck X-Mas / THE DEFECTORS : Live to see (your face again) / PEAWEES : Road to rock'n'roll / BLEED : She's all mine / BOSS MARTIANS : Makin' the rounds / SLOW SLUSHY BOYS : Boogaloo down Broadway / SONIC DOLLS : Riot at the sheep dog trials / ADAM WEST : Have your way with me / AMERICAN SUITCASE : Millenium man / THE SHAMBLES : Leaving here / JERRY SPIDER GANG : We love rock'n'roll / THEE STP : Natural born loser / B MOVIE RATS : Drop dead LA / CRETIN 66 : Black Flag records backwards / BOTSWANAS : Soul kiss / MARKY RAMONES & THE SPEEDKINGS : Saturday night / THE RAMA LAMAS : Brown sugar / MYSTERY ACTION : He'll be around / GASOLHEADS : Nobobody knows / BELLRAYS : Merry Christmas / THE CARBURETORS : Fast forward rock and roll / THE WEAKLINGS : It's so criminals / THE MULLENS : Drug test / THE PUT ONS : Desolation girl .

Executive producer : Kike Turmix

Compiled by Pepe Iwanna .

Produced by K. Turmix at Sam Mames studio .

Dedicated to Dee Dee Ramone , Lee Robinson and Rufus Thomas .

THANKS again to Josega65 !