THE SLICKEE BOYS - Live at last

THE SLICKEE BOYS Live at last cd 1988 New Rose 320 kbps
Gotta tell me why / Dream lovers / Missing part / Sleepless nights / Disconnected / Droppin' off to sleep / The brain that refused to die / Death lane / Life of the party /Pictures of matchstick men / When I go to the beach / Jailbait Janet / This party sucks / Here to stay / Your autumn eyes /(Are you gonna be there at the ...) Love in.
Recorded live at Ubu, Rennes, France (May 21 1988)
Produced by the Slickee Boys.
The Slickee Boys at that time were : M. Keith : lead guitar , vocals / K. Kane : rhythm guitar , vocals / M. Noone : lead vocals / M. Maxwell : bass guitar , vocals / G. Cook : drums , vocals.
" ...The Slickee Boys' live LP, recorded in France in mid-'88, finds the quintet energetically running through a retrospective program of going-stale tunes dating as far back as 1979. Tight and proficient but routine-sounding on the first side, things start heating up on the flip ("The Brain That Refused to Die," "When I Go to the Beach," "Jailbait Janet," "This Party Sucks," etc.), which kicks out the jams with fierce dispatch. Kane then left the group.
His next outfit, Date Bait, takes two steps from the Slickee Boys' grinning groove, spiking its punch with sparring wah-wahs and snaky leads, emerging as a punkier and more angular purveyor of the same '60s clichés. While unquestionably heartfelt and occasionally compelling, the overall impression is that of a band nurtured on the Cramps' lesser material flirting goodnaturedly with the trendily popular proto-metal of '70 Detroit. Covers: Troggs, Gary Glitter, Dictators, Stooges..." Trouser Press
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THE SLICKEE BOYS "Live at last" & more... 320kbps + covers
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Les pochêttes des Sewergrooves.


Bon Weekend

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one of the most exciting bands in the world. Thanks

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