THE LAZY COWGIRLS - Here And Now (live)

THE LAZY COWGIRLS  Here And Now (live)  cd  2001
The Magnificent Seven / Route 66 / Don't Count Me Out / Goodbye To Yesterday / Your Charmed Life's Fadin' Fast / Live In The Past / Somewhere Down The Line / When It Comes To You I've Got No Dreams To Lose / Second Cousin* / Route 90 / You / Rock Of Gibraltar / Bought Your Lies.
Produced by The Lazy Cowgirls & Earle Mankey.
The Lazy Cowgirls: Pat Todd: vocals & acoustic guitar / Michael Leigh: electric & acoustic guitar, vocals & lead vocals on* / Leonard Keringer: bass & vocals / Bob Deagle: drums & percussion.
The Lazy Cowgirls were extraordinarily prolific at the turn of the century, releasing two full-length albums within six months of each other that both boast songs that rival the quality of anything they've done in their lengthy career. This live-in-studio collection finds the band at a turning point, surveying a healthy portion of recent compositions, covers of favored influences and forgotten Cowgirl classics. While Rank Outsider and Somewhere Down the Line both featured acoustic tracks, the inclusion of non-electric selections on this live document seems to herald a serious interest in pursuing a more rural tone than the no-holds-barred punk rock that the band is known for. It's an appropriate direction, since leader Pat Todd's songs have always been informed as much by Hank Williams as the Ramones, and while the acoustic numbers don't match up to their original sources (two are slowed-down versions of harder-edged songs from earlier albums, plus a reading of Bill Monroe's "Live in the Past"), they do pave the way for future country-flavored material that would serve the band well. "When It Comes to You I've Got No Dreams to Lose" is one of two new songs written for this project, and it's the highlight of the album, a tough-hearted number with a far rootsier approach than the crash-and-burn of Cowgirls past. Even at a slower speed, though, the band expresses all of the reckless sentiment and hoarse honesty that fans have come to expect. The electric set doesn't live up to The Lazy Cowgirls' full potential as a live band; the invited audience politely acknowledges each tune but the vibe is strangely sterile. The band does generate serious heat on their version of Billy Joe Shaver's "Goodbye to Yesterday," and the Todd original "Don't Count Me Out" (previously available only as a vinyl single) rocks with venom. Here and Now (Live!) is best appreciated by longtime fans who will be excited to hear the reworked versions of older tunes and the spirited covers that pepper the set. Anyone else with a passing interest in solid American rock & roll is encouraged to first obtain any of their more assured studio albums or witness firsthand one of The Lazy Cowgirls' incendiary live performances to fully understand this unsung quartet's importance. Source+
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THE RAINMAKERS - The Rainmakers

THE RAINMAKERS  The Rainmakers lp 1986 cd 2006
Rockin' At The T-Dance / Downstream / Let My People Go-Go / Doomsville / Big Fat Blonde / Long Gone Long / The One That Got Away / Government Cheese / Drinkin' On The Job / Nobody Knows / Information /Carpenter's son / Rockabilly Standard / Long Gone Long (acoustic version) / Doomsville (live).
Produced by Terry Manning .
The Rainmakers: B. Walkenhorst: lead vocals, accoustic guitar / S. Phillips: electric guitar, vocals / R. Ruth: bass, vocals / P. Tomek: drums.
Prototypical Midwestern roots-rockers, the Rainmakers ironically achieved their greatest commercial success overseas, despite generally good reviews in their homeland. Chief songwriter Bob Walkenhorst's playful wit and topical lyrics set the Rainmakers apart from their Heartland bar band peers, though musically they drew from the expected roots rock influences (Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen, etc.). The band was originally formed in 1983 in Kansas City, MO, as a trio called Steve, Bob, and Rich; naturally, the lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist Steve Phillips, guitarist/vocalist Bob Walkenhorst, and bassist Rich Ruth. This group recorded an independently released album (titled "Balls") that helped get them signed to Polygram, upon which point they added drummer Pat Tomek and changed their name to the less specific Rainmakers. Their self-titled official debut was released in 1986, producing the British Top 20 hit "Let My People Go-Go" and quite a bit of good press both at home and abroad. The band embarked on a relentless touring schedule and found an unlikely fan in horror writer Stephen King, who quoted the band's lyrics in two of his books. The 1988 follow-up "Tornado" didn't attract as much critical attention in the U.S., but the Rainmakers' European audience continued to grow; by the time of 1989's "The Good News and the Bad News", the band was concentrating mostly on that area, recording the concert album "Oslo-Wichita Live" solely for its Scandinavian fans. In 1990, tired of the road life, the Rainmakers disbanded, ostensibly for good. However, Scandinavian interest in their music held strong, and Polygram's Norwegian division requested a new Rainmakers album in 1994. The band obliged and recorded "Flirting With the Universe" on their own in Steve Phillips' basement. The album was a smash in Norway, achieving that country's equivalent of gold sales within two months, and the band was encouraged enough to stage a full-fledged reunion. They signed with the independent Kansas label V&R, and Walkenhorst wrote a concept album about pornography and its effects on human sexuality. Ruth left the band during the recording sessions, with accounts divided as to whether it was due to the lyrical content or the fact that he had moved from Kansas City to Nashville; regardless, he was replaced by Michael Bliss. The resulting album, "Skin", was released in 1996 to mostly good reviews. The band issued one further track in 1998, a collaboration with Brewer & Shipley in a new version of "One Toke Over The Line", before they broke up again.
In 2011, the Rainmakers reformed, with bassist Rich Ruth returning to the group in place of Bliss, while long-time guitarist Steve Phillips was replaced by Jeff Porter. On March 5, the band was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame with a ceremony and concert at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. The following week, March 14, the last band's album, "25 On" (Buy It HERE!), was released. At the end of March, the band returned to Norway for a two-week tour. The band played two shows in Kansas City, MO on May 14, 2011 and May 15, 2011 at Knuckleheads Saloon. The second show was scheduled after the first show sold out very quickly. Source

Cross a more literate John Mellencamp with Webb Wilder and you have this Kansas City band sized up. The debut release sets the bar high with cutting social commentary and memorable tunes that include "Downstream" and the unapologetic "Big Fat Blonde." In the former tune alone, bandleader and songwriter Bob Walkenhorst mentions Mark Twain, Harry Truman, and Chuck Berry. From "Drinkin' on the Job" comes the classic line, "The generation that would change the world is still looking for its car keys." Source
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PARANOIACS Bananas CD 1990
I've Been Waiting / Being With You / I Wanna Be Loved / Crazy / I Want You / Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) / Chained For Life / Don't Wanna Waste My Time / I Think I Love You / When Times Get Rough / Come Back And Stay* / You'll Never Be My Girl*. (* cd bonus tracks)
Produced by Thé Lau.
Paranoiacs: H. Stevens: vocals, lead guitar / R. Stevens: keyboards, backing vocals / P. Vermeulen: drums / J. Maes: guitar / E. Van Biesen: bass, backing vocals.
"There’s little need to introduce The Paranoaics. Simply no other contemporary band has left its mark so prominently on the Belgian scene over the last 25 years. Soon after they blew everybody away at the local clubs with their powerful collision of punk, garage and rock ‘n roll, they released their first mini-LP, "We’re the Teenage Lovers". By the time its follow-up album, the highly acclaimed , "Sometimes Teenage Is Spelt T.N.T". and their first full-length album,"Bananas" hit the stores, these guys had already established themselves as the true kings of rock ‘n’ roll in the sonic wasteland that we now refer to as the late eighties. What Mötley Crüe did to the LA rock scene, The Paranoiacs did for Belgian rock. Except these guys didn’t have to dress like old tarts. The next decade brought more highs (Pukkelpop 1990 with Faith No More, Nick Cave and The Cramps - new albums, "Thirteen" and "7 Day Weekend"). Meanwhile, The Paranoiacs showed their evolution in the new millennium through the rare six track mini-album, "Mini Countryhead: Paranoiacs Go Country", including their celebrated version of Johnny Cash’s (Ghost)Rider in the Sky that was also released in Japan. "Love Junks" is the band's lament for their unbridled love for women, but simultaneously for their respect and true devotion for their sonic masters who showed them the way throughout all those years in the rock 'n roll jungle. The band succeeds to blend these two totally different, yet at the same time, very similarly powerful driving forces into a spectacular new and last masterpiece. Think of one hell of a party with blonds, redheads and brunettes entangled with Cash, Ramones and Masters of Reality and you're not even close. Bring 50's blues ’n roll, 60’s garage rock, 70’s punk, 80's hard rock, 90's punk rock and zero bullshit into one room and the result is raw, wet and exhilarating. The Paranoiacs' love odyssey that started with "We’re the Teenage Lovers" will be sealed off with the appropriately titled "Love Junks". Raf & Hans have been suckers for love for the last 25 years and celebrate their silver wedding in style: with one last surge from their inner volcano of rock that will never be silenced. Twenty-five years of brotherly love. The secret? The teenager in these guys just never died." Source
 The cd (only) bonus track "Come Back and Stay" is a cover of Jack Lee (Nerves) that you can find on his first (and excellent) album, "Jack Lee's Greatest Hits".
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Jingle Jive / L'amour Toujours / Tout Va Bien / You / Je Les Veux Toutes / Strip Tease / A Fleur De Peau / Avec Toi / Juste Une Autre Soirée / Macao /  Dis-moi Combien de Jours / Souvenirs De Paris / Avec Toi (live)*.
Produced by Go-Go Pigalles.
Les Go-Go Pigalles: Hugo Beaulieu: vocals, guitar / Coco Charnel: guitar / Nick Lamour: bass / Ray Deauville: sax, keyboards / Lindo Vegas: drums + Steve Shehan: percussions / X: keyboards / Flora Von B., Valérie: backing vocals.

1979... la première vague du punk parisien se meurt ou presque. On cherche de nouvelles directions...pas toujours très heureuses d'autant que souvent les musiciens se heurtent à leurs propres limites techniques.
Les Go-Go Pigalles nous servent un "latin rock" sorti droit des 50's plus cérébral que sanguin. Il se rêvent avec un cocktail dans une main au bras d'une exotique beauté dans un Macao fantasmé !
Phillips signe le groupe qui sort directement un lp en 1979. On les retrouve pour deux titres live ("Avec Toi" sur le LP et "Tout Va Bien" sur le 7", 6 titres) joués le 9 juin 1979 au Palais des Sports de Paris dans le cadre de la soirée "French Rock Mania".
J'ai toujours eu beaucoup de mal à écouter cet album en entier et 33 ans après rien n'a changé! "Côté Coeur" n'a jamais connu de sortie cd , le voici donc témoin d'une époque déjà lointaine où régnait l' innocence d'une certaine jeunesse! Un pan d'histoire...
Les Go-Go Pigalles were a post punk band from Paris. They recorded their only lp in 1979 on a major label. They played a latin rock in a 50's spirit.
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SHITBONE - Loves Your Wife

SHITBONE  Loves Your Wife   cd  1993
Shit Baby / Ugly Face / Special Gift / Sweet Addiction / You Can Take / Flying Monkeys / All I Need / Gonna Move / Alone / Going To The Market* / Midnight Trip / Angel Dust / Falling Down / Reggae Reggae*.
Produced by P. Woindrich
Shitbone: J. Masson: guitar / S. Houlier: bass & vocals / T. Gomez: drums & backing vocals + Y. Masson: guitar solo on* /  Horns: J. M. Blaise, L. Goussaud, Y. Petit.
All or Nothing (distribution New Rose), petit label français du milieu des années 80 dont certains se souviennent peut-être qu'ils ont sorti le très bon lp des Hot Pants (futurs Mano Negra), sortait en 1993 cet album de Shitbone. Passant outre la méchante pochette pour m'intéresser aux titres des chansons, je tombai en arrêt tel le chien de chasse flairant le bon coup sur le titre "Reggae Reggae" !!! Qui pouvait reprendre les Real Kids, qui savait qu'ils avaient enregistré un des meilleurs albums des années 70 ? Un combo qui reprenait un titre du premier Real Kids dans ces saumâtres années 90, ne pouvait pas être un mauvais groupe!
Shitbone venait de Paris, bossait en trio et savaient comment balancer les trois accords: juste entre les deux yeux, juste entre Motörhead et Feelgood !
De 1990 à 1998, verront le jour outre l'album "Loves your life" (All Or Nothing en 1993), deux participations à des compils,  un split ep avec Witcherry Wild sur lequel ils reprennent "Fear" d' Exploding White Mice (Battlefield rds en 1995 ) puis pour un dernier ep "Down In The Desert" (Nest Ot Vipers en 1997), le groupe s'étoffera de deux membres de plus.
Que sont-ils devenus après la mort de Shitbone? Il semblerait (sûr de rien, là) que le guitariste et le batteur se retouvèrent dans les Goatsuckers (formés par celui qui deviendra plus tard le chanteur des Shaggy Dogs) puis dans les TV Men (Action Rds) pour le guitariste... si quelqu'un connait la suite, welcome!
Shitbone (1990-1997) was a french power trio from Paris. These guys were playing straight and loud rock'n'roll, covering the Real Kids in the boring nineties. "Loves Your Wife" is their only album but they also  recorded some singles. What are they now ? If someone can help ...
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BEAT ANGELS  Demos 320 kbps 2012
Marry That Girl* / Sideshow* / Here She Comes Again* / Postcards From Hell* / I Love You, Sometimes* / Grow Up+ / Merry Go Round+ / Jaded / Too Much Jazz° / All Around Your World° / Name Your Trash° / The Most Beautiful Loser In Town° / Don't Kiss Me° / Hungover With Jenny° / I Love You Sometimes° / Cinnamon Says° / She Shoots Starlight" / Hello Unsatisfied" / 24 Hour Porn Star Shine" / Liquor Pig Boyfriend" / Whorehouse Priest".
*Norwood demos - + Peter Walker demos - ° Andy Barret demos - " Jeff Dahl demos
Beat Angels: Michael Brooks: guitar / Brian Smith: vocals / Keith Jackson: guitar / Kevin Pate, Tommy Caradonna: bass / Frankie Hanyak, Jon Norwood, A.D. Adams: drums.
"On to the Beat Angel stuff....
"Marry That Girl" was the first Beat Angels song. Singer Brian Smith, drummer Jon Norwood and bassist Kevin Pate had been in a popular Phoenix/LA band prior to this. 
I met Brian a few times and we got together and started recording in Jon's bedroom studio. None of us were working or doing anything else for that matter so we would hang out 
and write songs, drink coffee and beer, smoke cigarettes and record. We weren't called Beat Angels yet and we weren't playing out yet. Just trying to find the one other piece of the puzzle. 
We wrote "Sideshow" for consideration for Alice Cooper's new album and holy shit, he chose it. 
Cooper recorded "Sideshow" for his album "The Last Temptation" and we enjoyed the dollars that bolstered our bank accounts. 
Brian and I lived like rock stars for a while. Well, at least we could eat and buy beer.
"Here She Comes Again" and "Postcards from Hell" were both early songs in our set. 
Still bedroom demos and I make my one and only bass playing debut on HSCA. Probably because Kevin Pate was in jail. 
All songs 1-5 recorded @ Jon Norwood's home 8-track studio circa 1992-93.
Tracks 6 & 7 should have been a single. "Unhappy Hour" Lineup probably recorded in 1995.
Tracks 8-10 recorded at Andy Barret studios in Tempe, Arizona on Sony Music's dime. We actually convinced a major label to give us some money to record some songs. We recorded these three. 
Sony passed. 
Of course they did - these were great pop songs. 1994. Me, Brian and Jon. With Robin Johnson.
Tracks 11-16 demos recorded at Andy Barret studios for what we hoped was our first record. Actually, like the last demos, pretty elaborate productions. This time we had our secret weapon: 
Keith Jackson on guitar and pretty much most of the crazy backing vocals. 1995.
Tracks 17-21 recorded by Jeff Dahl at his desert studio. What it's lacking in fidelity and dynamics it makes up for in.... 
Oh, I don't know. It's a demo! Jeff Dahl is awesome and we love him dearly. He was always a champion. 1999 or 2000. "
Comments by Michael Brooks
"We had been stuck with an ever evolving lineup (particularly in the drummers chair) one counterproductive bassist and his replacement who got struck and disabled in a car accident. The band couldn't tour, interest was waning and our morale was sinking. Members were becoming involved in other projects and life was moving on. We went back to Gilby's studio to record these songs with our old friend and founding member Kevin Pate on bass and a great drummer in A.D. Adams. Beat Angels always did have really good drummers. Makes all the difference in the world.
We recorded these songs, played a few shows, came back to Phoenix and that was it. The record was never completed and never properly mixed. Brian got a job and moved to Detroit, and the rest of us moved on.
Brian lives in Detroit and is an editor at the Detroit Metro Times, a weekly newspaper.
Keith manages a pub in Phoenix and fronts a punk rock band called Glass Heroes .
Kevin plays around Phoenix in various bands.
AD plays drums in a glam revivalist band called The Crash Street Kids .
And I live in Detroit with my girlfriend and our infant son.
And that's that.
Hope you like the tunes.
Michael Brooks
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DOGS - End of The Gang

DOGS  End of The Gang / I Wanna Be Loved cd EP 1994
Produced by Colin Fairley.
Dogs: Dominique Laboubée: guitar, vocals & harp / Christian Rosset:: bass, piano & percussion / Bruno Lefaivre: bass & percussion + Philippe Almosino: accoustic guitar on "End of The Gang".
"End of The Gang" is the only single from the album "Three is a Crowd": not a vinyl,  only a cd single.
Since 1993 and until 1995,  Dogs were a trio again !  They have left Mix It Records for Skydog Records.The b side of this cd ep is a cover of  "I Wanna Be Loved" which was recorded for the Skydog tribute to Johnny Thunders: I Only Play Rock'n'roll For Kids To Dance.
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