SUPERGROUPIES - Supergroupies

SUPERGROUPIES Supergroupies cd 2005 320 kbps
Give it All You Got / Bouncin' / Hot in Paris / Low Blue Flame / Summer Time / Say Goodbye / What a Day / Scream Shout Adore / I Wish You Would / Tonight with Love / '75 / You will Do Come One Come All / I'll Make You Happy* / Runaround*.
*bonus tracks
Produced by K. Marcello.
Supergroupies: A. Daniel: guitar / J. Linden: drums / K. Simon: vocals & guitar / M. Grimm: bass.
"After one listen to Supergroupies' self-titled debut record, you might start taking down some posters on your bedroom wall to make room for their glammy faces. The bandmembers hail from Sweden, deck themselves out in makeup, sport matching platinum blond feather cuts, and even rock the occasional feather boa. But all fears of a hair metal revival are quashed by the opening notes of the album's opener, "Give It All You Got," which rocks hard but in the power pop manner of vintage Redd Kross, not Poison. To that end, the band is definitely more Sweet than Kiss, more Hanna-Barbera than Headbangers Ball, more bubblegum than Jack Daniels. About the only recent group to have anything truly in common with Supergroupies is Tsar (the Tsar of their debut album, that is, not the punks of Band-Girls-Money) and maybe, in a stretch, the Darkness. The album is a nonstop blitz of hooks, huge choruses, flashy guitar solos, handclaps, and endearingly silly lyrics. K. Simon has a perfectly brash teenage croon, the production is glossy but packs a real punch, and the band's energy never flags. The high quality of the songs never drops off, either, as nearly every one is a perfect blast of glittery nonsense. The best of them are quite spectacular, and in a perfect world the effervescent "Bouncin'" would be a huge smash, teenage girls would be screaming Beatlemania style to sweet ballads like "Summertime" and "Tonight with Love," neo-rockers would be rocking their iPods with primitive tracks like "You Will Do" and "Hot in Paris," and the album would be available in America. Probably the most one can hope for is the last, but it doesn't hurt to dream. You should really try to get your hands on this disk -- that is, if you have any desire for a record with brains and brawn, with teenage soul and a non-winking sense of fun, and with songs good enough to actually stand toe to toe with those of their heroes and not come off like weak imitations. Supergroupies may never make it in the rock game, but on the basis of this one record, they are already stars." Allmusic.com
"I grew up listening to and loving AM Radio, Pop music, and Top 40. As I got a little older, I began what would be a life long love affair with glitter/glam bands from the 1970's and glam/hair bands/metal bands from the 1980's. This is where my heart is - and it will ALWAYS remain the love of my life.
I stopped listening to 99% of "new" music back in the early 1990's, after the miserable plague of grunge poisoned music and killed all the joy that went along with it. Since then, there have only been a few bands that I have liked - but NOTHING has ever given me the same thrill as I had "back in the day". And, I had pretty much given up on current music altogether. Then, purely by accident, I happened to hear about Supergroupies - and ALL of that changed instantly...
I don't know how they did it, but they have somehow managed to combine ALL of the very best elements from 1970's glitter/glam/pop and 1980's hair bands into a completely PERFECT - (actually, beyond PERFECT) - package of ultra glam/melodic pop - uniquely their own. This CD is a MASTERPIECE of infectious, catchy, happy songs. Once you hear them, they become permanently embedded in your mind and heart..." Source
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans !


UNCLE SAM - Letters From London

UNCLE SAM Letters From London cd 1990 320 kbps
Letters From London / Whiskey Slick / Dreams of Money / Red Shirt / Stranger / Good Bye Mr Mary / Crystal / Ain't No Valentino / Room For One / Lexington Blues.
Produced by Uncle Sam & M. Duda.
Uncle Sam: L. Miller: guitar / D. Gentner: lead vocals /
B. Purol: bass / J. Mann: drums
The Rochester, New York based Crossover act, Uncle Sam enjoyed the majority of their fame thanks to the release of their debut album "Heaven Or Hollywood" in 1988. Actually, if truth be told, it wasn't so much the record but the album cover that attracted attention to the group formed by guitar playing milkman L. Miller. The cover depicted a razor handed, naked unidentified female seemingly about to transform a certain part of her anatomy into what's known in the trade as a shaven haven.
The band had formed earlier as garage rock act The Attics. When original drummer T. Shippers left the fold to join Immaculate Mary the band pulled in drummer G. G. A. Brisk and switched titles to Uncle Sam. The line-up of the group that recorded the first album was completed by vocalist S. Cessna, bassist D. Gentner and drummer G. A. Brisk.
Uncle Sam grabbed tons of coverage in the likes of Kerrang! with the debut, leading to a European deal with, ironically enough, Razor Records. The first album certainly made an impact, going on to sell over 100 000 copies. Touring saw Ron K. taking the drums role before J. Mann made the position more permanent
. Source
"...Part punk, part metal, part garage rock with a touch of mid-tempo sleaze/grunge/glam thrown in for good measure."



Post artwork by Max!


CRUSADERS - Wave To The Grave

CRUSADERS Wave To The Grave cd 2005 320 kbps
She Wants More / Betty Sue / No Brain No Pain / Too Busy Being Cool / Thee Sugar Shack / Leave'em Behind / She Beats Me Up / Better Off Dead / Wave To The Grave / Waiting For The Day / Come On / Addicted To Fuzz / Man With No Name / Danger Beat / Teenage Adult / Mummified Hands / August Bank Holiday Island (Where Art Thou?).
Produced by E. Von Zipper
Crusaders: Sir Chris (C. Malters): guitar, vocals / Sir James (J. McDonald): guitar, vocals / Sir Kendall (J. Kendall): bass, vocals / Sir Mickster (M. Baty): drums.

Combining the retro 60's sound of surf and raw garage rock with their own antics of drunk punk are provided by The Crusaders. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Dionysus Records contributed to their American debut in 1996 with the release of their ten-inch EP "Addicted to Fuzz". Two years later, The Crusaders continued their relationship with Dionysus upon their first full-length "Fat, Drunk & Stupid", followed by "Middle Age Rampage" in 1999. Allmusic

The Crusaders from Sydney, Australia, have been descibed as "Australia's wildest garage-punk outfit ever"!! Formed in 1990 out of the ashes of Thee Purple Knights, the band developed their 60's brand of rock into a ferocious brutal 60's punk onslaught, albeit with caberet overtones. Compare "To the Party" from our debut cd/ep "Wylde Tymes at the Castle" to the Tim Kerr produced "Deep Shyte" ....in 1997 the band toured Spain for 4 weeks and in 1998 the U.S.A. got a four week dose of CRUSADER mayhem. The Crusaders are currently recording a new album!!! Source

CORONADOS - ...un lustre

CORONADOS ...un lustre cd 1989 320 kbps
Un lustre / Comment croire à de la méchanceté ? / I live the life I love / Encore / Inutile de dire / Belle journée / Collectionneur maniaque / Chienne de retour / Pas de raison.
Réalisation Didier Le Marchand.
Coronados: B. Lepesant: vocals, guitar / D. Especel: guitar / Y. Calvez: bass / Berko: drums.

This band used to be one of Frances finest combos.Definitely secret,ocassionally bizarre with a very raw sense of melody and lyric.Les Coranados used to be the darlings of the rock critics.So it became imperitive to release their early recordings from a wild and heroic decade.
"...un lustre" is their second album.
Last Call has reissued & remastered the two albums in cd with bonus tracks.
Last Call (ex New Rose) a ressorti les 2 lp's du groupe en version cd remasterisée et accompagnée d'une foule inédits (ici).


VA - Like a Rolling Stones

VA Like a Rolling Stones (A Tribute to The Rolling Stones) cd 1994 320 kbps
Loco Lizard: Dead Flowers / Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters: Gimmie Shelter / Surreal Mc Coys: All Down The Line / Gary Knoxx: It's All Over Now / Time Being: Citadel / Huck: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby ? / David Peel: Satisfaction / Rex Pluto: Miss You / Chris Breault: Memo From Turner / Sheezlate: Mother's Little Helper / Mike Tripps: Paint it Black / Houston Ruggles: Angie / Play With Fire + Guest: The Spider & The Fly / Deb Beaudry: Happy / Johnny Black: Jumpin' Jack Flash / Giselle Hamburg + Guest: Dead Flowers / First & Last: Heartbreaker / Johnny Thunders: Play with fire.
Produced by R.Blaze & J.Crane.
"Like a Rolling Stones" (the U.S. title was "Exile on Wormtown") was the first (and last?) release of Lucky Dog Music, an independant label created by Rick Blaze of The Ballbusters & his guitarist Jeff Crane ( Surreal Mc Coys, Commandos, Crybabies, Classic Ruins & Cinders).Rick & Jeff decided to record the best rock bands of Massachusetts for a tribute album to the Rolling Stones (For details see booklet)

METEORS - Meteors Madness

SINGLES: METEORS Meteors Madness ep 1981 320 kbps
Voodoo Rhythm / Maniac Rockers From Hell / My Daddy is a Vampire / You Can't Keep a Good Man Down.
Produced by the Meteors.
Meteors: P. P. Fenech: guitar, vocals / N. Lewis: bass / M. Robertson: drums.
The Meteors are a British psychobilly band formed in 1980. Originally from the U.K., they are often credited with giving the psychobilly subgenre its distinctive sound and style. Though the origins of psychobilly are debated, The Meteors are the first band to self-identify as psychobilly, and are often credited with the distinction of being the only "pure" psychobilly band among fans of the subgenre.Fans of the band (known as the World Wide Wrecking Crew (WWWC)) are known to use the slogan, "Only The Meteors are Pure Psychobilly".
The Meteors played their first show during Rockabilly Night at The Sparrow Hawk in north London, but after being heckled due to their cross between rockabilly and punk attitudes, decided to begin playing shows beyond just rockabilly clubs. They developed a loyal following known as "the Crazies, or Zorchmen" who invented their own dance style called "going mental," a cross between fighting, dancing and moshing. This would later be renamed "wrecking," and is still a staple of the psychobilly scene to this day. Coupled with Fenech's ritual of spitting (chicken) blood during performances, many clubs believed the band was dangerous and refused to book them. The band began playing at punk rock clubs alongside UK punk bands. However, unlike many punk bands, The Meteors would (and still very much do) insist that their shows be "a politics and religion free zone" in order to focus on having a good time instead of allowing disputes between fans to break out.
Due to their large cult following, The Meteors made a short film in late 1980 with comedian K. Allen called "Meteor Madness". It was released as a double feature with Two-tone ska film "Dance Craze" in March 1981. The movie featured four songs, which made it onto the band's first vinyl single. Source



If you like Ziggy Stardust , pick this one !


BIJOU - Bijou

BIJOU Bijou lp 1980 320 kbps
La fille du Père Noël / C'est un animal / Si tu dois partir / Tu peux courir / Sidonie / Je pense à toi / Le kid / Betty Jane Rose / Danse avec moi / O.K. Carole / Vieillir (live) / L'amitié / Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ? (bonus) / Last Night (bonus) / Repose Beethoven (bonus).
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
Cette compilation qui pioche dans les quatre premiers albums du groupe, clôt la série sur Bijou. Nous y avons rajouté trois bonus : "Last night" enregistré pour des raisons contractuelles sous le nom de Pura Vida (un nom en hommage à Phil Spector et au film Easy Rider), figurait sur les compilations "Skydog Commando" (lp 1978) et plus tard sur "Les grands succès du punk vol. 1"(2xlp 1984 et cd 1999). "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ?" une reprise de la scie du groupe Labelle est un des derniers enregistrements de Bijou et se trouve sur la compilation du label Romance : "Romances 85" (lp 1985). Enfin, Bijou , sous le nom des Tricheurs enregistre le titre "Repose Beethoven" pour le lp "Bande(s) de France vol. 1" sorti par le label Magic Zip dans les années 80.
"Repose Beethoven" est une cover en français de "Roll over Beethoven" de l'immense Chuck Berry, interprétée aussi en son temps, entre autres par Eddy Mitchell sur l'album "Panorama" (1964) et par , tiens, tiens .... Dutronc (le titre enregistré en public se déniche sur l' "Intégrale Les cactus" (Vogue-2004)mais aussi et surtout sur le magnifique coffret "Les années Vogue - Vinyl Replica Deluxe [Limited Edition]" sorti cette année ! Joli cadeau de Noël !
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans !
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THE FOUR HORSEMEN Left For Dead (live 88-92) cd 2005 192 kbps
75 Again / Moonshine / Tired Wings / Can't Get Next To You / Nobody Said It Was Easy / Hothead / The Roadie From Hell / I Need A Thrill / Wanted Man / Rockin' Is My Business / Let It Rock / Lookin' for Trouble.
The Four Horsemen: F. C. Starr: vocals /D. Lizmi: guitar / Haggis: guitar /B. Pape: bass / K. Montgomery: drums.
The Four Horsemen (there were actually 5 of ‘em, by the way) was formed by bassist Kid Chaos (Stephen Harris) in 1988. Chaos has the greatest goddamn pedigree in all of rock and roll. First, the fucker did time in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction until Ian Astbury stole him for a 1987 Cult tour. Kid screwed up the dream gig by appearing on the Joan Rivers show wearing a Zodiac Mindwarp t-shirt (!), and soon found himself looking for a job. He split the UK and landed in LA, where we changed his name to Haggis, switched to rhythm guitar, wrote a bunch of songs, and formed the Four Horsemen. They quickly released a now scarce 4 song, self-titled EP in ‘89* that laid down the biker-friendly, blue-collar blueprint for their sound. The songs were amped-up classic rockers, with all the hard rock crunch of the Cult mixed with Southern riff rock, and pushed right over the top by Frank Starr’s hyperactive screech**. Critics loved ‘em because they thought all the macho swagger was ironic, and the kids loved them because they knew it wasn’t. The Horsemen started carving out a reputation as authentically bad-ass rock and roll motherfuckers with a series of kill for thrills live shows, and all this AC/DC meets Sturgis biker rally meets Texan roadhouse thunderboogie action quickly caught up to Rick Rubin, who signed them to Def American. In 1990, the band was all set to go to New York and record “Nobody Said It Was Easy”, and success was just around the corner.Then Frank got busted on a drug charge and went to jail for 6 months. Guess they got the title for the album right. Eventually he got out, and they recorded the record. It hit the streets in 1991, and fit right in with the whiskey drinkin’, poker cheatin’, tattooed and bruised biker metal aesthetic so gloriously prevalent in the early 90’s. “Tired Wings”, the album’s sole (pseudo) ballad, was a shameless Lynrd Skynrd inspired southern rock rambler, and it’s video got a decent amount of airplay on MTV. They toured with the Black Crowes and a cobbled-together almost-Skynrd, and developed a rabid following of bikers, metal heads, and assorted bad asses. Then they started writing songs for their follow-up. And then, in 1992, Frank got thrown back in jail for a year. By the time he got out, a lot of momentum was lost, but the band rallied, and work on “Getting Pretty Good… at Barely Getting By” began. Then, in 1994, drummer Dimwit died of a heroin overdose. He was replaced by his brother, Chuck Biscuits (Danzig), but by that time Haggis had enough of the madness, and left his own band, followed quickly by original bass Ben Pape. Axeman Dave Lizmi and Frank Starr soldiered on. Then, in 1995, a drunk driver smashed into Frank while he was riding his motorcycle, and he lapsed into a coma. Dave finished the mixing the record, and it was released on American in 1996. Dave hired Ron Young from Little Caesar to cover for Frank, and they toured the album until 1998, when they finally fizzled out. Frank (R.I.P.) never woke up from his coma, and eventually died in June, 1999. Sleazegrinder
Following Starr's death, the band broke up.
In 2005, Haggis and D. Lizmi assembled as much archive footage of the band as they could gather, and released a 2 disc retrospective "Left for Dead". Disc one is a dvd featuring all videos from the "Nobody said it was Easy"" album, plus rare interviews, live performances, and behind the scenes footage. Disc two is a live cd (buy it here!).
For the 21st anniversary of the band you can visit their store where you will find a bunch of great stuff in celebration of this fact. Re-releases of all their records with additional material. Plus, a pile of stuff never before seen or heard (unless you were there).




BIJOU - Danse avec moi

BIJOU Danse avec moi lp 1977 320 kbps/wav
Garçon facile / C'est un animal / Marie France / La vie c'est comme ça / Danse avec moi / Allez comprendre / Comme tu es belle / La fille du Père Noël / Pow wow / C'est encore l'automne / Où va-t-elle ? / Vieillir.
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
" "Danse avec moi" est enregistré et mixé en neuf jours au studio Ferber, porte de Bagnolet. Le lieu a été choisi pour son technicien, Paul Scemama ancien meneur de Devotion, reconverti dans la prise de son... Les chansons de "Danse avec moi" ont si souvent été interprétées en répétitions et en concert que les jouer en studio ne pose guère de problèmes. L'album en acquiert une certaine fluidité, une simplicité de bon aloi et un classicisme qui tranche sur les critères alors encore imposés par divers courants dits progressifs."

"Dès la publication de "Danse avec moi", en mars 1977, la presse spécialisée appuie Bijou sans réticence. Chroniques de disques, de concerts, interviews: le soutien est franc et massif. On voit le trio en couverture de Rockenstock, Rock & Roll Musique, Feeling, Best, Rock & Folk... Les journalistes semblent heureux de défendre des musiciens français qui soutiennent la comparaison avec leurs homologues étrangers."

"Toutes les salles de Paris ouvrent leurs portes, Olympia (Trust y assure la première partie), Palais des Sports (en tête d'affiche pour le festival Frenchrockmania), Mogador (les Pleasers en lever de rideau), Campagne Première, Théâtre du Montparnasse, Théâtre de la Renaissance...
Aucune province n'est épargnée (Corse exceptée). Le Sud-Ouest ne cesse de redemander le groupe tandis que Lyon devient un véritable bastion..." J.W. Thoury
Reprendre Dutronc en 1977, l'idée était déjà géniale, faire une cover de Ronnie Bird, un des seul vrai rocker français des 60's c'était la grande classe ! Un grand album de bout en bout et dans un emballage grandiose!
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BIJOU - C'est un animal

SINGLES: BIJOU C'est un animal/Dynarock sp 1977 wav
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
"Tout à coup, nous avons une crédibilité auprès de notre public, mais aussi de nos proches. Mes parents ont toujours dénigré le truc, mon père s'était même mordu les doigts de m'avoir offert une guitare, et jusqu'en 1977, le premier avril, date où nous avons eu entre les mains le premier acétate du simple "C'est un animal/Dynarock", nous n'existions pas..." V. Palmer in "Nos années punks" de C. Eudeline.
"C'est un animal", premier single de Bijou avec en face b l' instrumental "Dynarock" est un 45 tours promotionnel destiné aux médias qui en 77 se résument aux radios et à quelques magazines ... le premier vrai single à destination du public sera "La fille du Père Noël". Grosse galère pour dénicher un exemplaire aujourd'hui !

BIJOU - La fille du Père Noël

SINGLES: BIJOU La fille du Père Noël/Dynarock sp 1977 wav
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
"La fille du Père Noël" est le deuxième single de Bijou. Le groupe a préféré enregistrer d'abord un album pour des raisons stratégiques: à l'époque les chroniques de singles dans la presse spécialisée sont assez rares. La face A , un morceau de l'album "Danse avec moi" est une reprise d'une chanson de Jacques Dutronc extraite de son 2ème EP . Excellent choix de cover , sur ce superbe texte de J. Lanzman , Dutronc avait jeté un riff impitoyable et Bijou enfonce le clou, permettant à toute une génération de découvrir les perles dissimulées (sous les tubes 60's) des ep Vogue de l'homme au cigare ! Un instrumental inédit Dynarock orne la face b d'un des meilleurs singles de rock français !

BIJOU - Si tu dois partir

SINGLES: BIJOU Si tu dois partir/Le tueur sp 1977 wav
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
Le répertoire de Bijou s'enrichit de nouvelles reprises dont "Je veux être noir" de Nino Ferrer ,"Pour moi tu es la seule" (Hallyday) et "Si tu dois partir" (Dylan via Fairport Convention) choisi comme première face d'un 45 tours qui paraît entre le premier et le deuxième album. Au dos, l'original "Le tueur" adresse un clin d'oeil au dessinateur anarchiste Siné. J. W. Thoury (in livret coffret "Jamais domptés")


AMANDA JONES - Amanda Jones

AMANDA JONES Amanda Jones cd ep 1996 wav
The First Time / The Back & Forth / Kathy's Kiss / Put You On Hold / Private Enemy N° 1.
Produced by G. Kuehn.
Amanda Jones: S. Antillon: drums & percussion, vocals / A. Brix: lead vocals / K. Michael: bass guitar, vocals / J. Drake: guitar, vocals.
Is it the summer of 1996 in Los Angeles, or a hot night at Max's Kansas City, circa 1976? This brash, guitar-driven punk sound with the saucy girl singer invites comparisons to early Blondie and others of the period, but in fact it's a newer group on the L.A. scene. In the Spring of 1995, Amanda Brix scraped the rust off her vocal chords and Jeff Drake pulled his guitar out of the gutter and formulated a master plan to force-feed the world bon-bons and hit records. They called this plan Amanda Jones, joined shortly by K. Michael and S. Antillon on bass and drums. They played a handful of gigs and were almost immediately signed to record their debut EP for Bomp.Combining pin-up girl glamour with old school punk rock sensibilities, they aim to become the biggest thing to come out of L.A. since Sonny & Cher. No teenage runaways these, Amanda Jones are all former members of important and influential L.A. bands. Lead singer Amanda was a sex-goddess of The Lame Flames, guitarist/convicted bank robber Jeff Drake was responsible for The Joneses (excellent band), California's long-lived answer to The Heartbreakers, during the early '80s. Sean & Keith are the former rhythm backbone of the Skulls. A lot of history, a lot of experience and, ultimately, a whole lot of talent and class. Source
Check the cover of the Boys' song "First Time" !


"Patti Palladin one time girlfriend and musical collaborator of Johnny Thunders recently spoke to Gary Lammin ( on the telephone. Patti had heard THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS Johnny Thunders tribute track "Part of my problem" and Patti told Gary that "Part of my problem" was one of the best if not "THE" best tribute songs that she had heard for Johnny Thunders and The New York Dolls. Adding that THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS had refreshingly captured The True Spirit of Johnny and The Dolls without having to resort to the usual crass statements and references regarding drugs.Patti also told Gary that she would play "Part of my problem" to as many people as she could.
Perhaps maybe that was why when Malcolm Mclaren was still trying to turn The Sex Pistols into another New York Dolls that Malcolm would try on more than one occasion to poach Lammin from his band of that time to audition as second guitarist for The Pistols. Maybe also thats why Lammin recently found himself playing guitar for legendary MC5 manager John Sinclair.
The Bermondsey Joyriders are Gary Lammin ( Cock Sparrer & The Little Roosters, )
Martin Stacey ( Chelsea ) and from the legendary Heavy Metal Kids, Keith Boyce on drums.

They are a loud, fast and furious.. no holds barred ...Rock N Roll power trio.
Buy the album HERE!


TENDER FURY - Tender Fury

TENDER FURY Tender Fury cd 1988 320 kbps
What We Got / Running Around Again / Let It Go / Mercy Ride / Look Back In Anger / Big E's Night Move / Statutory Story / The Apartment / Talk About Living / Kill Cindy.
Produced by B. Gurewitz
Tender Fury: J. Grisham: vocals / D. Root: guitar, backin' vocals / R. Allen: bass, backin' vocals/ T. Barnes: drums.
Tender Fury featured two founding members of T.S.O.L., J. Grisham and T. Barnes. R. Allen and D. Root were the other original members. Obviously, by the time Tender Fury signed to Posh Boy in 1987, Fields and Grisham had resumed their friendship; the punk public was to believe for many more years that Posh Boy had ripped off T.S.O.L.. The truth was rather more complex. This album was released in 1988, initially bearing the Posh Boy logo and Posh Boy catalog number. After receiving support from the late Rick Carroll, program director at KROQ-FM, the album was re-released through CEMA (Capitol Records) distribution and promptly died and went to the cut-out bins. From 1992 until 1997, these Tender Fury recordings were available on Rhino Records' T.S.O.L. "Thoughts of Yesterday". Source


AUTOGRAPHS - While I'm Still Young

SINGLES: AUTOGRAPHS While I'm Still Young / Fabulous sp 1978 wav
Produced by Richard Hartley & Tommy Boyce.
Autographs : Chris Gent: vocals / Raggy Lewis:guitar / Jim Ward: guitar / Dave Spicer: bass / Paul Tulley: drums.
"Here's some great late-70s skinny tie powerpop by UK band The Autographs . This was the group's only single and member Chris Gent later when on to take over lead vocal duties for the Records on their third and final LP" Music on Both Sides" , released in 1982." Source (& video)


BIJOU - O.K. Carole !

BIJOU O.K. Carole ! lp 1978 320 kbps/wav
Ok Carole / Sidonie / Décide-Toi / Art Majeur / Survie à Varsovie / Les Papillons Noirs / Pic à Glace / Ton N° de Téléphone / Je Te Tuerai / Lundi Matin / L'Amitié / J'avais Un Ami / Non, Pas Pour Toi !
Produit par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.

"O.K. Carole !" sort en avril 1978. L'album est enregistré dans un pavillon loué à Bas-en-Basset, près des Saint-Etienne, toujours avec Paul Scemama aux commandes. Le son est beaucoup plus dense que celui du précédent. Un parti pris libertaire touche chaque étape de sa production: composition, écriture, réalisation, présentation...
Jean-Baptiste Mondino et son camarade Gérard Ruffin (à eux deux ils incarnent le Studio de l'Air) déjà responsables des premières illustrations, font eux aussi montre d'une maturité nouvellement acquise et proposent trois clichés, au recto et à l'intérieur du disque, offrant ainsi à chacun la possibilité de choisir sa pochette..." J. W. Thoury - Notes du coffret "Jamais Domptés"
"...A l'époque, il n'y rien qui nous plaise si ce n'est Asphalt Jungle. Dynamite joue d'ailleurs avec eux un soir où Grand Did' est complètement défait (comme à la Bourboule un soir d'été 78*). Raison pour laquelle on met un extrait de "Poly Magoo" sur notre 33 tours. L' histoire est que lorsqu'on fait un concert, il y a toujours un peu de musique qui passe avant. L'idée est donc d'intégrer un fragment à la manière de... Il n'est pas question de choisir un groupe anglais ou américain, et si l'on regarde bien, il n'y a pas grand chose d'autre que "Poly Magoo". Un morceau extraordinaire." J. W. Thoury in "Nos années punks" de C. Eudeline.
"Les albums s'enregistrent assez facilement et le rythme d'un par an, impensable aujourd'hui, est encore quelque chose de normal. Pour le second, on commence à travailler en immersion, on loue du materiel et avec un studio mobile on bloque tout. Je préfère le deuxième album au premier, il y a un son expérimental que l'on ne retouvera jamais par la suite. Le deuxième album est plus électrique et sans doute moins maîtrisé. Nous vivons dans notre musique, sans s'apercevoir de se qui se passe autour. On joue sans réfléchir... " V. Palmer in "Nos années punks" de C. Eudeline.

Cd covers by MAX !
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CHRIS BURROUGHS - Trade of Chains

CHRIS BURROUGHS Trade of Chains cd 1991 New Rose 320 kbps
Trade Of Chains / Walking The Length Of Zion / Signs Of Life / Skeleton Radio / Mile Wide Road / Too Many Criminals / Raining On New Years / Airplanes Landing In The Snow / Sounds Of Silence / Here Today / Trade Of Chains (reprise) .
Produced by C. Burroughs.
C. Burroughs : vocals, guitars, B-3 / J. Ray : drums, kick ans snare / J. Martinez : bass / J. LeGore : bass, acoustic bass, fretless bass / P. Pendleton : percussion, rattlesnake shake, tambourine / C. Cacavas : piano, accordeon / L. Kaufman : B-3, piano.
"...With a lyrical mix of vagabond philosophy and social commentary, Chris Burroughs has been called a cosmopolitan drifter with a great command of language. With the release of his fourth album in Europe, "Loose", Burroughs is once again telling vivid stories against the backdrop of a waning American culture. The brash electric and rich acoustic guitars on "Loose" are the ideal counterpoint to Burroughs' reflective lyrics. This stylish rocking and roaming is a Chris Burroughs trademark.
Burroughs was born and raised in New Jersey, and attended Rutgers University as a journalism student before emigrating to Arizona. There he put together The Nationals, and spent two years playing every nightmare gig from Bisbee to Flagstaff before moving to Los Angeles. " We would do something like eighteen one-niters in a row, and only play three cities," says Burroughs. A tip from a publisher friend in L.A. led to the release of the critically acclaimed "West Of Texas" on the now defunkt New Rose label in France, followed one year later by "Trade Of Chains".
With brief stints in bands like Yard Trauma, Losers Club, Onlys, and Misfit Toys, for years he split his time between Tucson and Los Angeles. While wearing out the engines on a small fleet of antique cars, on long drives Burroughs would scribble lyric ideas on their dashboards and headliners...( to be continued) Source


HOSS - Bring On The Juice

HOSS Bring On The Juice cd 1993 320 kbps
11:11 Again / The Tiredest Man Awake / Mighty Hand / Gentle Claws / Bearded Heart / Superbo / Token Kiss / Cave Me In / Jack Of Grubs / Lip From Lip / I Think I'm Losing It.
Produced by J. Silbersher.
Hoss: J. Silbersher: vocals, guitar / J. Sfetsos: lead guitar / S. Bailey: bass / M. Glenn: drums.
Hoss is a rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. One of a string of 90s hard rock bands on Melbourne's Dog Meat records that included the Powder Monkeys and Splatterheads, Hoss was primarily a vehicle for the songs of front man, Joel Silbersher. Silbersher also makes solo records, collaborated with guitarist Charlie Owen under the name of Tendrils and tours as a backing musician with acts such as Tex Perkins and the Dirty Three. On their original records, Hoss was recognisably influenced by 70s garage and boogie hard rock such as Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult and The Stooges. However by their last album, "Do you leave here often?", the band had evolved to a more complex sound that continued to exhibit hard rock influences but also started to use more sophisticated arrangements reminiscent of bands such as the Afgan Wigs. Although Silbersher was the focal point of Hoss, the rest of the line up was largely stable and enduring. In particular, Jimmy Sfetsos was recognised as an exceptional guitarist. Of these former band members, drummer Mike (Chaos) Glenn was also well recognised in the Melbourne music scene as an extraordinary talent and known to wow audiences with his Keith Moon like energy. Source

THE GUN CLUB - Ahmed's Wild Dream

THE GUN CLUB Ahmed's Wild Dream cd 1992 Solid 320 kbps
(The Creator Was A) Master Plan / Walkin' With The Beast / I Hear Your Heart Singin' / Another Country's Young / Sex Beat / Lupita Screams / Go Tell the Mountain / Preachin' The Blues / Stranger In Town / Goodbye Johnny / Port of Souls / Black Hole / Little Wing / Yellow Eyes.
This concert was recorded by VPRO radio in March 1992 in Utrecht, Holland, in the Tivoli club.
The Gun Club was: J. L. Pierce: guitar, vocals / R. Mori : bass, vocals / K. Congo: guitar / S. Fish: drums.
Tribal psychobilly blues is the best way to describe Gun Club's energetic death rock, but the band's career seemed doomed from the get-go due to leader Jeffrey Lee Pierce's reputation as an unreliable wildman, and well-publicized bouts of drunkenness dogged him throughout his career. Formed in Los Angeles in the early '80s, the band was vaguely aligned with similarly roots-inspired groups like X and the Blasters, but later picked up and relocated to the Lower East Side, resting more comfortably around the New York downtown set and Pierce's mentors, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. Their 1981 debut, "Fire of love", was a punk-blues hybrid -- intense energy fueled Pierce's exorcism-in-progress delivery and the band's (Ward Dodson, guitar,Rob Ritter, bass; and Terry Graham, drums) frenetic style. Released in 1982, "Miami" had the band allied with Blondie's Stein at the boards. Pierce had once been the president of Blondie's U.S. fan club, which sparked the liaison. The 1985 EP "Death Party" is a swingin' piece of punkabilly with Dee Pop on drums and Jim Duckworth of Panther Burns on guitar. For "Last Vegas Story" in 1984, the Club won over guitarist Kid Congo Powers from the Cramps and Patricia Morrison (The Bags) on bass, and it looked as if that was that when -- save for some live recordings and posthumous releases -- Pierce launched his solo career in 1985 with the EP "Flamingo" and the "Wildweed" album for the Statick label. But it wasn't quite over; in 1987 Pierce came back with a realigned Club and the album "Mother Tuno" (Fundamental), which earned them a wider following than ever. In 1996, after drying out, but suffering from persistent health problems, Pierce passed away from a brain hemorrhage. Morrison went on to play with the Sisters of Mercy, Powers in his own lounge group, and Dodson formed the Pontiac Brothers. An album featuring Gun Club in concert," Larger Than Life", appeared from Last Call Records in 2008.
The first live Gun Club release in some years, "Ahmed's wild dream" concentrates on material from later efforts like "Mother Juno" and "Pastoral Hide & Seek", although the group occasionally dips into its past to tackle songs like "Sex Beat" and "Preaching the Blues." Source