THE SLICKEE BOYS - Live at last

THE SLICKEE BOYS Live at last cd 1988 New Rose 320 kbps
Gotta tell me why / Dream lovers / Missing part / Sleepless nights / Disconnected / Droppin' off to sleep / The brain that refused to die / Death lane / Life of the party /Pictures of matchstick men / When I go to the beach / Jailbait Janet / This party sucks / Here to stay / Your autumn eyes /(Are you gonna be there at the ...) Love in.
Recorded live at Ubu, Rennes, France (May 21 1988)
Produced by the Slickee Boys.
The Slickee Boys at that time were : M. Keith : lead guitar , vocals / K. Kane : rhythm guitar , vocals / M. Noone : lead vocals / M. Maxwell : bass guitar , vocals / G. Cook : drums , vocals.
" ...The Slickee Boys' live LP, recorded in France in mid-'88, finds the quintet energetically running through a retrospective program of going-stale tunes dating as far back as 1979. Tight and proficient but routine-sounding on the first side, things start heating up on the flip ("The Brain That Refused to Die," "When I Go to the Beach," "Jailbait Janet," "This Party Sucks," etc.), which kicks out the jams with fierce dispatch. Kane then left the group.
His next outfit, Date Bait, takes two steps from the Slickee Boys' grinning groove, spiking its punch with sparring wah-wahs and snaky leads, emerging as a punkier and more angular purveyor of the same '60s clichés. While unquestionably heartfelt and occasionally compelling, the overall impression is that of a band nurtured on the Cramps' lesser material flirting goodnaturedly with the trendily popular proto-metal of '70 Detroit. Covers: Troggs, Gary Glitter, Dictators, Stooges..." Trouser Press
Thanks to Alexandre for scans !


ROY LONEY & THE LONGSHOTS Full Grown Head cd 1994 320 kbps
Long shot theme / See Jane goes / Gentlemen junkie / Get off the phone / Been around too long / Fool proof / I'll come running / Teeny weeny man / Full grown head / Just my kind / Neo mondo / Tobacco road / Slow death .
Produced by C. Uno , R. Loney, S. McCaughey & J. Sangster.
Roy Loney & The Longshots : Roy Loney : lead vocals, rhythm guitar / Tad Hutchison : drums, percussion / Joey Kline : rhythm guitar / Scott McCaughey : bass guitar, vocals, organ, percussion / Jim Sangster : lead & rhythm guitars.
Singer/guitarist Roy Loney, who was the frontman for the Flamin Groovies during that band's original rockabilly/R&B-inspired incarnation, continued in a similar vein in his solo career, rock'n'rolling with the devotion of a true believer. After leaving the Groovies in 1975, Loney assembled the Phantom Movers and maintained the rootsy spirit he had brought to the band, emphasizing raw, unpretentious American grit immune to the whims of popular taste.
While the Groovies without Loney turned to Merseybeat, Byrds covers and other '60s soundalikes, "Out After Dark"(1979) finds him rekindling the pure American rock'n'roll spirit that originally inspired the band. Abetted by two ex-Groovies (drummer Danny Mihm and guitarist James Ferrell), Loney excels at straightforward, unsophisticated party music made strictly for fun.
"Phantom Tracks"(1980) consists of smokin' live numbers and new studio cuts that aren't terribly different from the material on "Out After Dark"..."Contents Under Pressure"(1981), recorded after both Mihm and Ferrell had left (the former to launch the similarly unreconstructed Kingsnakes in Europe), goes off in a number of different directions.
As the name implies, "Having a Rock'n'Roll Party"(1982) is a return to what Loney does best, and the results are a big improvement over the previous outing. The band even dips into the Groovies' catalogue for "Gonna Rock Tonight" and "Dr. Boogie." Also released in France, "Fast & Loose"(1983) features various lineups (Mihm is back) and includes a version of the Groovies' "Teenage Head."
Emerging from a five-year recording hiatus with the energetic but unfocused "The Scientific Bombs Away!!!"(1994). What stands out in this jolt of pure manic rock'n'roll is the strong material and performances, from the hiccupped neo-rockabilly of "Bad News Travels Fast," "Bip Bop Boom" and "Boy, Man!" to the modern rock'n'roll of "Ruin Your Shoes," "Your Best Friend's Number" and "Nobody."Another half-decade along, Loney made the spirited but sonically ragged live "Action Shots!"(1993). He better serves his talents on "Full Grown Head" (1994), which teams him with Young Fresh Fellows Scott McCaughey, Jim Sangster and Tad Hutchinson and Joey Kline of the Squirrels for a lively set of appropriately frantic originals as well as McCaughey's "Just My Kind," "Tobacco Road" and the umpteenth version of "Slow Death." On the evidence of "Full Grown Head", this veteran still has what it takes to make vital, timeless rock'n'roll; there are plenty of younger enthusiasts who could stand to take a few hints from his example.
Since 1994 Roy Loney has recorded another live "Kick Out The Hammmons -Live In Madrid"(1995) and two more studio albums : "Drunkard In The Think Tank"(2004) and "Shake it or leave it"(2007) !


THE CORPSE GRINDERS - The legend of the Corpse Grinders

THE CORPSE GRINDERS The legend of the Corpse Grinders lp 1983 Fan club/New Rose 320 kbps
Rites, 4 whites / Mental moron / Pretty baby / Nothing left to lose / Knife's edge / Take what I can / Bulldog / Runaway / Frozen alive / City rocker / Diamond head.
Produced by R. Rivets & A.C. Doback
The Corpse Grinders : R. Rivets : guitar / S. Wylder : vocals, harmonica / B. Casper : bass, keyboards / T. Blaccard : drums.
A trivial footnote to New York's new wave underground, the Corpse Grinders were a useless rock group formed in 1977 by ex-Brats guitarist Rick Rivets and ex-Dolls bassist Arthur Kane (who didn't stay for much of the Grinders' year-long existence). The original quartet's few recordings — which amount to badly dated sub-Dolls R&B-punk with impressively lyrics — were posthumously compiled on "The Legend of ..." (Fan Club / New Rose), joining 1983 tracks by the reincarnated group.
The all-new "Valley of Fear" (New Rose) finds Rivets joining his Johnny Thunders-style guitar work and Bob Casper's ivory-tinkling in a diverse assortment of originals and a pair of credibly played Stones covers. Although much of the album is given over to boppy vintage rock'n'roll and acoustic ballads, the title track breaks away for lightweight goth with a hooky chorus. Trouser Press
In 2006, R. Rivets released an album called "City Rockers" with the Rick Rivets Band . Buy it here: cd baby or here R.R.B Site.

Covers (look at this inlay!) by Max !


THE SLICKEE BOYS - Fashionably late

THE SLICKEE BOYS Fashionably late cd 1988 New Rose 320 kbps
Sleepless nights / The missing part / Hesitation / You can run / Blind deaf & dumb / The mean screen / Your autumn eyes / Droppin' off to sleep / The dive / If I could lie / Love twilight / Eye to eye / Without a word of warning .
Produced by the Slickee Boys.
The Slickee Boys : M. Keith : lead & accoustic guitar, keyboards / K. Kane : rhythm guitar & vocals / J. Chumbris : bass, guitar, keyboards & backing vocals / M. Noone : vocals / D. Palenski : drums & backing vocals / G. Cook : drums .

"Fashionably Late" was released only on the French New Rose label . The quintet has unearthed two buried treasures of Whashington D.C. punks, the Gizmos' "The Mean Screen" and Razz's "You Can Run" , written by Michael Reidy and the Tommy Keene. "Fashionably Late" rounded off some of the rougher edges of the group's sound, but it still featured some killer tracks. "Dropping Off To Sleep" quickly became a live staple. Drummer Dan Palenski noted that "Noone wrote this, I think, about Marshall's ability to sleep anywhere at any time." "Sleepless Nights" written by bassist J. Chumbris was a full tilt rocker that showed the variety that the band members brought to the songwriting table. But the biggest surprise was Kim Kane's "Your Autumn Eyes". A gorgeous ballad that sounds like a long-lost Smiths song, this effort elevates the record to a higher level. One listen and you'll be hooked..." S. Koepenick

NEW ORDER - Victim of circonstance

NEW ORDER Victim of circumstance + Declaration of war cd 320 kbps
Victim of circumstance / Sold for cash girl / Sex drive / "1975" No taboos / Never be the same again* / "Can't quiet ya"* / Sidewinder*/ Hit and run*/ Lucky strike*° / Declaration of war° / Hollywood holidays° / Sidewinder°.
Recorded in practice room & apartment tapes 4 track TEAC - Compiled by R. Asheton.
New Order : Ron Asheton : guitar & backing vocal / Dennis Thompson : drums & backing vocal/ Jimmy Recca : bass & backing vocal / Dave Gilbert : vocals / Ray Gunn : second guitar* / Jeff Spry : vocals°.

The New Order was an american hard rock and proto-punk band. The band was based in Los Angeles and existed from early 1975 to October 1976. After the Stooges imploded in 1974, former Stooges lead guitarist Ron Asheton, forged a new band; ultimately acquiring MC5 drummer Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson, former Stooges bass player Jimmy Recca and former Stooges and future Iggy Pop keyboardist Scott Thurston.
The New Order recorded demos two times in Los Angeles: #1 in 1975 and #2 in 1976, each with a different lead singer. Both recordings were later released as a single vinyl album on the french label, Fun Records/Isadora, in 1977 .
The album's lo-fi quality was the result of it being produced from inferior cassette copies, (originating from Ron Asheton), instead of the original master tapes.The vinyl album was distributed in Europe by RCA Records and was later reissued with different cover art on vinyl as "Declaration Of War" on Fun Records/Isadora in 1987, (with one bonus track) and was later put to CD, in the same configuration, in 1991.
In 1989, "Victim of Circumstance" was released on vinyl and CD on french label revenge records. This release highlighted eight previously unheard practice room 4-track recordings, with side one of the original vinyl release presented as four bonus tracks on the CD version.
This configuration was recently re-released on April 29, 2008, as a limited edition CD on the japanese import label, vivid sound corp. This new release has the same title and track listing as "Victim of Circumstance", but has the same cover art as the original 1977 vinyl release- although the "New Order" logo's font has been revamped and changed (see cover inside the file).
On the original vinyl release, each side utilized a different lead singer. Side #1 was Jeff Spry and side #2 was Dave Gilbert.
Some years after leaving the band, (due to jail time), singer Jeff Spry and his guitar playing brother, Joe Spry, formed the New Wave band, Felony, which had a much played 1983 hit song ("The Fanatic") on the influential Los Angeles radio station, KROQ. This song was also featured on the soundtrack to the famous 1980's Nicolas Cage movie, Valley Girl.
On Sunday, March 8th of 1992, Jeff Spry tragically shot himself.
After the death of Jeff Spry , The New Order's first short-lived drummer, K.J. Knight, recommended a new singer, Dave Gilbert, as K.J. and Gilbert had both been veterans of the 1971/1972 incarnations of Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes.
After keyboardist Scott Thurston left, his sonic void was filled by second guitarist, Ray Gunn, yet another Detroit veteran, who was recommended by Dennis Thompson. Following The New Order's split in the fall of 1976, Dave Gilbert immediately joined The Rockets, the band formed in 1972, that evolved out of the famous Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels. The Rockets made six albums, on three major labels, from 1977 to 1983.
Dave Gilbert died in 2001, at age 49, from fatal liver damage, after a lifetime struggle with drinking and drug addictions. His afflictions were to be the demise of both The New Order and The Rockets, as well as his termination from The Amboy Dukes.
Leading up to the making of The New Order's demos, long time Blue Öyster Cult/The Dictators and future The Clash producer, Sandy Pearlman, was talked about to produce the band, but ultimately, this was not to be. The back cover of the Declaration Of War CD/LP also bears the inscription: "This album is dedicated to the CULT", furthering the Blue Öyster Cult ties that were also shared with Radio Birdman.
The New Order shares stylistic, attitude, and some sonic similarities with the early New York City proto-punk band, The Dictators; during the era with Jeff Spry on vocals- but much less so, during the Dave Gilbert era.
A projected collaboration with '60s & '70s rock impresario, Kim Fowley (Svengali to The Runaways and co-creator of the '60s classic novelty hit, "Alley Oop", among many other things), was also talked about, but never came to fruition.
The New Order had at least one classic, the song "Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers", later covered by the Australian Radio Birdman offshoot band, The Hitmen and two decades later, covered by the modern swedish proto-punk/hard rock band, The Hellacopters.
One of the lyrics from the song, "Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers", is the infamous battle-cry "The War Against The Jive" and is used as the heading to the liner-notes (penned by Rolling Stone Magazine's David Fricke) of Radio Birdman's 2001 Sub Pop Records CD release, "The Essential Radio Birdman (1974 - 1978)".The exact heading is - "Total Victory: Radio Birdman's War Against The Jive".
Later on, after the similar bitter ending of Radio Birdman, the two groups (Radio Birdman and The New Order), would merge and become New Race, featuring Ron Asheton and Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson, with Radio Birdman's lead singer Rob Younger, lead guitarist Deniz Tek and bass player Warwick Gilbert.
This band started and ended in 1981, with no studio material recorded, but three excellent live albums released, with two of the three first released on revenge records.


THE RATCATS - Licence to rumble

THE RATCATS Licence to rumble cd 320 kbps
Licence to rumble / Bandido / Hero / Hang around / Kick 'em down / Too bad for the neighbours / Get it together / Salute / Surfin' star / T.C.P. / Scary basement blues / Don't worry / Runner.
Produced by P. Baarli .
The Ratcats : P. Baarli : guitar & lead vocal / D. Thunderbird : bass & backing vocal / K. Andersen : drums & backing vocals .Two Backstreet Girls in that band and one smash hit : "Hero" ... for sure IT ROCKS !!!


THE CRAMPS - Pour l'amour d'Ivy

Après "Les Kinks : une histoire anglaise" publié chez Julie Productions , Alain Feydri sortira , début mars 2009 ,"Les Cramps, pour l'amour d' Ivy" un livre consacré aux Cramps .
Be quickly warned ! The second after you have this book in hands, you’re already done ! The numerous demons haunting Rock’n’Roll backgrounds won’t never let you go !
All in punky elegance and pernickety erudition, Alain Feydri, right after his work about the Kinks, relates with humour the trip of two U.S. trash icons who introduced the Sonics and the Trashmen to several generations hooked on toxic beat !
Early sixties : Kristy, soon to be Poison Ivy, blows away her Barbie dolls without waiting the legal age for turning 'bad girl'. Erik Lee, prior to re-christined himself Lux Interior, devours Bela Lugosi movies in his Akron suburb, nursured by those thrilling Mad Daddy insane radio shows. When the two of ‘em will met, Rock’n’Roll will never be exactly the same.
In 320 green fuzz colored pages, stuffed with anecdotes, « For The Love Of Ivy » tracks down the substantial core of this unique and venomous world where Man Ray lives next to Link Wray and B-movies.
We’ve already seen some books on the Cramps. Various shapes, different languages. This one, well documented, is for sure the more accomplished one.


THE LAZY COWGIRLS - Rank outsider

THE LAZY COWGIRLS Rank outsider cd 1999 320 kbps
Don't turn your back on me / Not a goddam thing / Since you got here / When you fall / Sylvia / Bad time / Goodnight and goodbye / Rankoutsider / That kinda trouble I can use / Your time is over / Grit and glamour / Here and gone.
Produced by the Lazy Cowgirls & Earle Mankey.
THE LAZY COWGIRLS : Patt Todd : vocals, accoustic guitar, percussion / Michael Leigh : electric & accoustic guitars , vocals / Leonard Keringer : bass , vocals /Bob Deagle : drums , percussion.
The first of two albums the Lazy Cowgirls would drop within six months, "Rank Outsider" is a solid slice of meat-and-potatoes punk rock with plenty of rootsy side dishes included for variety. Returning guitarist Michael Leigh isn't quite up to the level of fuzzy genius of founding fret wrestler D.D. Weekday, but he certainly understands what these songs need and lays in plenty of high-impact downstroke with sweat and skill (and his parts feel better in context than what Eric Chandler brought to the picture on "A Little Sex and Death"). Singer Pat Todd is in superb, revved-up form here -- if anything, the guy's vocals just get better and more confident with the passage of time -- and while the presence of a few acoustic-based cuts is something new for this band, their loose, bluesy feel harkens back to Exile On Main Street-era Rolling Stones more than anyone in the MTV Unplugged crowd. Another great record from a band that knows how. Allmusic

THE SLICKEE BOYS - Your autumn eyes

SINGLES THE SLICKEE BOYS ep 1987 New Rose 320 kbps
Your autumn eyes / Eye to eye / Without a word of warning .
Produced by the Slickee Boys
The Slickee Boys were a 5-piece psychedelic rock band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Not quite punk but not quite pop either, they carved out an innovative niche somewhere in between. Singing about lost love, meeting girls or just heading to the beach for kicks, these were songs that got you moving but also featured melodic hooks that would stick in your heads for days afterwards. While looking back to long forgotten bands of the "Nuggets" variety such as The Squires and The Chocolate Watchband for inspiration, The Slickee Boys gradually evolved into a distinctive guitar power pop band with songs that refused to fit into any trendy category dreamed up by slimy record executives to create a "buzz". The Slickee Boys simply rocked- and left you begging for more. Here's a perspective on why The Slickee Boys mattered-and why the uninitiated should still seek out their music today.
"In 1988, New Rose Records, a small French label put out Fashionably Late. Fashionably Late rounded off some of the rougher edges of the group's sound, but it still featured some killer tracks. "Dropping Off To Sleep" quickly became a live staple. Drummer Dan Palenski noted that "Noone wrote this, I think, about Marshall's ability to sleep anywhere at any time." "Sleepless Nights" written by bassist John Chumbris was a full tilt rocker that showed the variety that the band members brought to the songwriting table. But the biggest surprise was Kim Kane's "Your Autumn Eyes". A gorgeous ballad that sounds like a long-lost Smiths song, this effort elevates the record to a higher level. One listen and you'll be hooked..." S. Koepenick

Covers cleaned & more by Max !


NEW RACE - The second wave

NEW RACE The second wave cd 1990 320 kbps
Burn My Eye /Alone In The Endzone / Man With The Golden Helmet /Breaks My Heart /Gotta Keep Movin' / Crying Sun /Sad TV /Loose / TV Eye / New Race .
From a cassette of unmixed mobile 24 track masters / Recorded live at Sgt Peppers & Manly Vale Hotel, April/May 1981 / Produced by Charles Fisher.
NEW RACE : Rob Younger - Vocals / Deniz Tek - Guitar & Backing Vocals / Warwick Gilbert - Bass / Ron Asheton - Guitar / Dennis Thompson - Drums & Backing Vocals / Chris Masuak - Guitar on New Race .
This is the second release of the New Race double set. For more details see the previous post . This album contains many performances not available elsewhere. Another wonderful album sleeve from the revenge art department continues the tradition of famous Hollywood actors pinned down on a beach under heavy fire. Robert Mitchum features on this one.


NEW RACE - The first to pay

NEW RACE The first to pay cd 1990 320 kbps
Smith and Wesson Blues / Haunted Road / Living World / Loose / TV Eye / Love Kills / November 22, 1963 / 455 S.D / Alone In The Endzone / Looking At You / New Race* / Columbia* .
From a cassette of unmixed mobile 24 track masters - Recorded live at Sgt Peppers & Manly Vale Hotel, April/May 1981 .
Produced by Charles Fisher
NEW RACE : Rob Younger - Vocals / Deniz Tek - Guitar / Ron Asheton - Guitar / Warwick Gilbert - Bass /Dennis Thompson - Drums, Vocals + Chris Masuak - Guitar on *
Conceived by Angie Pepper, the New Race project was designed to introduce Deniz' Detroit music friends to his adopted country of Australia and vice versa. New Race was meant from the beginning to be a one-off project since all members had other commitments. They did a national tour of Australia in 1981, and recorded a live album, "The First and the Last". The music was hard, fast rock in the style of the parent bands. Everyone involved had a great time on tour. The shows were packed with crazed punters.
New Race was an exciting line-up which featured Detroit legends Ron Asheton (Stooges) on guitar, Dennis Thompson (MC5) on the drums together with 3 ex Radio Birdman players, Deniz on guitar, Rob Younger on vocals and Warwick Gilbert on bass. They played a set of songs derived from The Stooges, MC5, Radio Birdman, the members current bands and one new song written jointly for the tour, Columbia. Chris Masuak guested at some shows, creating a monstrous three guitar version of the MC5's Looking At You.
Miscommunications and financial troubles later poisoned the waters for years to come, especially between R. Asheton and tour/album financier M. McMartin. Asheton released cassettes of shows to a french label for the "First to Pay" album. The irony of the name of both the company and the album was not lost on Ron. Fortunately this did not affect relations between most of the band members, most of whom remain close friends to this day.
Of course, the revenge releases feature the original vocal, which is felt by many to be superior in feeling and intensity to the overdubbed version. Never happy with his vocals, Rob had redone these in the studio for the album though the rest of it is truly live.
Because of renewed historical interest, "The First and the Last" has been reissued (1997) by Total Energy Rds in the USA. The D. Tek homepage


THE SLICKEE BOYS - Here to stay

THE SLICKEE BOYS Here to stay lp 1982 Line 320 kbps
Glendora / Golden love / Forbidden love / Put a bullet thru the jukebox / Let's live for today / Girls want to be with the girls / Heart on / Here to stay / Porcelain butter kitten / Brand new Cadillac /Psycho Daisies / Manganese android puppies / What a boy can't do / Theme for Exodus / Gotta tell me why / The brain that refused to die / Love in / Kids .
All tracks are from the singles & EP's the Slickee Boys did over the last 6 years (from 1982) .
The Slickee Boys : K. Kane : guitars / E. Olexa : bass / M. Noone : vocals / D. Palenski : drums & percussion / M. Keith : lead guitar + M. Hull : vocals on 2 tracks.
Power poppers/garage punks the Slickee Boys got their start in Washington, D.C., in 1976, recording several EPs (collected on the 1982 German compilation Here to Stay) and an album, 1977’s Separated Vegetables, for the Dacoit and Limp labels. Led by guitarists Kim Kane (also the band’s chief songwriter) and Marshall Keith, the Slickee Boys went through a number of personnel changes over their history; initial lead vocalist Martha Hull was replaced by Mark Noone shortly after their first EP, but would later work with Kane in Afrika Korps. The band signed with Twin/Tone for 1983’s Cybernetic Dreams of Pi, one of their best efforts, but 1985’s Uh Oh...No Breaks found them a bit shy of new material, re-recording parts of their back catalog. The group had a sort of last hurrah with Fashionably Late, recorded in 1988 for the French New Rose label, then put out a live album, Live at Last, in 1989 of oft-recorded Slickees material. Kane then left to form a new group, Date Bait. Allmusic
Cd covers by Max !


THE RESISTOLEROS - Rock'n'roll napalm

THE RESISTOLEROS Rock 'n' roll napalm cd 2005 320 kbps
Deseperate times / I'll bleed for you / Resistoleros / Rock 'n' roll napalm / 9/11 / Break mine off / Bad weather / Rights / Juice boy / Pin the crime / Assault & battery / You loose , I win / Caught with your panties down .
Produced by the Resistoleros & Bort Thurder.
The Resistoleros : Brian Shaffer : bass / Alby Wasted : rhythm guitar & vocals / Sammytown : vocals / Jonny Manak : lead guitar & vocals / Ike Eichensehr : drums.
Kick Ass! The Resistoleros crank it out low-down, mean, and nasty like a bunch of filthy, sleaze-lovin' dregs of society flyin' high on booze, smack, and cheap, gutter crawlin' sex appeal. Theirs is a sordid, unsavory sound of pure, undiluted Rock n' Roll at it's most primal, reckless, and heinous with a frenzied, Bowery-style blitz and plenty of ballsy , gut-slashing attitude. The vocals are defiantly delivered with a gruff and belligerent air of devil-may-care surliness. The smokin', high-octane guitar leads simmer in a thick and heavy bombardment of swaggering, drug-addled riffs ala the Dead Boys, Electric Frankenstein, and Dead Man's Choir. The bass and drums roar like a caterwauling graffiti-covered subway train violently rumbling through the seedy, rat-infested underbelly of New York City. No doubt about it, The Resistoleros rock it hard, play it dirty, and shake it loose!! If Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, and Stiv Bators were alive today, they'd be feverishly shootin' up a vein-blistering supply of grade "A" street heroin to the decadent, thundering noise destruction of Rock 'N' Roll Napalm.
Moser (Under the volcano #77 New York)



Down on the street / Loose / T.V. eye / Dirt / 1970 / Fun house / L.A. blues / & more ...
Produced by Don Galluci.
The Stooges : Iggy Pop : vocals / Dave Alexander : bass / Ron Asheton : guitar / Scott Asheton : drums + Steven Mackay : tenor saxophone.
FUN HOUSE sounds like an extended, guttural war cry from deep within the psyche. While the Stooges' excellent debut, produced by John Cale, had a clean, punchy sound that introduced the band's ragged, stripped-down rock, it did not capture the ... Full Descriptionchaotic fury of the band's live spirit. The Stooges hired Don Gallucci (formerly of the Kingsmen) to produce FUN HOUSE, and he gave the album a murky, swampy ambience that lacks clarity and precision, yet compensates for that lack tenfold with immediacy and a staggering sonic punch in the gut. And where THE STOOGES can sound like bratty teenaged music, this album sounds grown up, menacing, mercurial, dark, and relentlessly primal.The muddied production may add to the primitivism, but it is the band that truly conjures the magic. The Stooges plays like unleashed banshees here: Ron Ashton's razory guitar riffs and swirling squall create clouds of noise while the brutal rhythms of bassist Dave Alexander and drummer Scott Ashton crash all over the place. Iggy Pop screams and howls like a man possessed, giving voice to a spirit that would find its final expression in the punk movement seven years later. From the panther-like strut of "Down on the Street" to the adrenaline-driven "TV Eye" through the caustic dirge of "Dirt" to the avant squall of "L.A. Blues" (complete with wailing air-raid saxophone from Steve MacKay), this set is one of the founding documents of alternative rock. And, like Pandora's box, once FUN HOUSE is opened there is no turning back.

A REQUEST OF a service called Chilling Effects at http://www.chillingeffects.org. They do this in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)


(1948 - 2009)



BAD BRAINS - Legends from the end of time

BAD BRAINS Legends from the end of time mini lp 1983 Closer flac
Legends from the end of time / Watching changes / Don't need your lovin' / Glad to see you go / Hanging around / Boretown.
Produced by Robert Ash.
Bad Brains : Christian Houllemare : Bass & vocals /Nito Rodriguez: Guitar & vocals / Hervé : Drums.
+ Nicky Ash : Keyboards / Jim 'Survivor' Dickson : Handjive /Koulla Kakoulli ( remember the angel voice on The Only Ones lp's & on Johnny Thunders album "So Alone" ) : backing vocals on "Hanging around".
Another band from Le Havre , the Bad Brains (not to be confused with the US band !) was also on the Closer label (2nd lp , ref.CL 002 , after The Barracudas lp "Mean time") . They just did this mini lp ... Christian Houlemarre's brother , Erik was the City Kids basssist on their live lp .
Christian who moved from France to Australia has also played in the Some Loves , the Happy Hate Me Nots & the New Christs .
These " Legends from the end of time" influenced by australian rock but also by the Barracudas were an excellent surprise in the french musical scene ...
Cd covers by  Max !


THE MALAKAS - Too good to be true

THE MALAKAS Too good to be true cd 2000 I-94 Recordings 320 kbps
Wendy / All I want for x-mas / Met a girl at N.A. / Born to lose / Suicide or alcohol / 20 Flight rock / Fuck you Lorraine / Can't find the lord / I want to go home / Satan song .
Produced by the Malakas & R. Livoni.
The Malakas : Cranford Nix : vocals , guitar / Dan Holman : bass / Greg Crampton : drums.
Now, while their hometown of San Diego may not be all that foreign, The Malakas are definitely rude in that wild garage rock and roll kind of way. "Too Good to be True" contains such delicate ditties as "Fuck You Lorraine", "Suicide or Alcohol" and "Met a Girl at NA" in which singer Cranford Nix recounts the time he met a suicidal teenage prostitute in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. "She had scars on her wrist and I showed her mine and she gave me a kiss/ We said the serenity prayer and then went and got drunk".
In the spirit of Johnny Thunders or a boozed up Replacements, substance abuse of one kind of another features heavily on "Too Good to Be True". "Fuck You Lorraine" sounds like some of the Supersuckers more country moments, while their version of Eddie Cochran's "20 Flight Rock" reminds you that rock and roll can still be dangerous. Tim Scott
" ... Just prior to deadline, I got the sad news that Malakas frontman and all around rock and roll motherfucker Cranford Nix died from that most rock of bitter ends, a heroin overdose. (...)
Although it wasn't completely unexpected- his demise was predicted as often as Johnny Thunders- that doesn't make it any less tragic. Cranford was one of the greatest rock and roll songwriters in America. Put on any of the Malakas albums and see for yourself. After you finish choking on the bitter sarcasm of his lyrics, you'll find hooks worthy of the Replacements in their prime, or John Easdale at his best. But he liked the drinking, and he liked the drugs, and he loved the notoriety that both brought him. I interviewed him last year, and it was such a blast, we agreed to do another interview later, for a chapter in my upcoming book on the perils of rock and roll decadence. We never got to do the second interview. I called him late in the year, and he was in good spirits, had just gotten out of jail, in fact, having served 6 months for the crime he describes in detail in our initial conversation. We agreed to talk again a week later, and I just never got around to it. Now ! I never will. It is a dubious honor indeed to present you with the final Cranford Nix interview, but I've got pay some kind of tribute to him. I've kept my original introduction intact, because, well, Cranford wasn't dead when we did the interview. He was alive as motherfucker, even sneering at the bony fingers of death pointing his way. Personally, I don't think that Cranford would've cared one way or the other about how you remember him, but I know I want to remember him as a loose lipped, grave cheating son of a bitch that was always five minutes ahead of everybody else. Wherever you are Cranford, I hope all the drinks are free." Sleazegrinder


OLD RECORDS NEVER DIE : ALICE COOPER Killer cd 1971 WB Records 320 kbps
Under my wheels / Be my lover / Halo of flies / Desperado / You drive me nervous / Yeah, yeah, yeah / Dead babies / Killer.
Produced by Bob Erzin.
Alice Cooper : A. Cooper : vocals / Glen Buxton : guitar / Michael Bruce : guitar , keyboards / Denis Dunaway : bass / Neal Smith : drums.
Alice Cooper wasted little time following up the breakthrough success of "Love It to Death" with another album released the same year, "Killer". Again, producer Bob Ezrin was on board and helps the group solidify their heavy rock (yet wide-ranging) style even further. The band's stage show dealt with the macabre, and such disturbing tracks as "Dead Babies" and the title track fit in perfectly. Other songs were even more exceptional, such as the perennial barnstorming concert standard "Under My Wheels," the melodic yet gritty "Be My Lover," and the tribute to their fallen friend Jim Morrison, "Desperado." The long and winding "Halo of Flies" correctly hinted that the band would be tackling more complex song structures on future albums, while "You Drive Me Nervous" and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" showed that Alice Cooper hadn't completely abandoned their early garage rock direction. With "Killer", they became one of the world's top rock bands and concert attractions; it rewarded them as being among the most notorious and misunderstood entertainers, thoroughly despised by grownups. Allmusic
This one is in the S.O.F.D top ten ... and it rocks for sure !!!


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