KID PHARAON Hands 2xlp 1988 320 kbps & flac
Perfect Noise / Pictures And Dreams / Travels / The Snowmen / Cerebral Bleedin' / A Couple Of Years / Adults Stories / Books / I'm Dyin' / Will You Shake (My Helpin' Hands…) /Down / I've Sold My Soul For Sand / I Want You To Cry / Red Coloured Bus / If It's Me Or If It's You / Soft Songs / She's / You'll Never Fall In Love (Again…) / I'd Like To Know / Better Than Me / Revolutionnary Stand / Pavlov Dogs / Bullet Blues / A Lonely Life / Constitution Of Love* / If I was With a Woman* / Knockin' On Heaven's Door* / Lee & Wilko*.
* bonus tracks
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Songs written & produced by Kid Pharaon.
Kid Pharaon: guitar, organ, piano & vocals / L. Pardo: bass / S. Reynaud: drums, shakers & tambourine + Alain , Stéphane, Zara: backing vocals / F. Michaud: saxophone: / F. Buzon: trumpet / Sharp: lead guitar on "Bullet Blues' / Nicky: bass on "If It's Me Or If It's You" / Christian: slide guitar on "Travels" / Jean-Paul: banjo on "Travels".
"Hands" sort chez Closer Records en 1988 sous la forme d'un double lp rempli de 24 chansons !
Les doubles albums, même si certains ont marqué l'histoire du rock, sont parfois synonymes de remplissage... c'est loin d'être le cas ici ! Qualité et variété des chansons impressionnent d'emblée l'auditeur. Une sorte d' "Exile on Main Street", toutes proportions gardées, bien sûr ...
Cd covers by MAX !


KID PHARAON - I'd Like To Know

SINGLES: KID PHARAON I'd Like To Know/Better Than Me sp 1988 wav
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Songs written & produced by Kid Pharaon.
Kid Pharaon: guitar, organ, piano & vocals / L. Pardo: bass / S. Reynaud: drums, shakers & tambourine.
Kid Pharaon fut dans les années 80 et 90 un chanteur de rock dans la région de Bordeaux. Influencé par Le Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, il est également un grand connaisseur de la pop américaine et de la musique jamaïcaine. Son travail lui vaut, à l'époque, d'excellentes critiques et il est toujours considéré comme un des grands noms du rock français. En 2003, le chanteur s'est lancé dans un nouveau projet intitulé The Electric Fresco. Seul un mini-album paraitra et le chanteur donnera de nombreux concerts partout en France, notamment en première partie de Miossec et de Mickey 3D. Depuis, Kid Pharaon n'a plus fait aucune apparition discographique ou scénique.
Il est de plus connu pour avoir produit de nombreux artistes de la scène rock française au cours de sa carrière: en qualité d'ingénieur du son et de producteur, il a réalisé de nombreux disques de groupes indépendants des années 1980 (Shredded Ermines, Flying Badgers, Shifters...) et 90 notamment The Straw Dogs dont il a produit et mixé la plupart des disques. Source
"I'd Like To Know" est le 5 ème single de Kid Pharaon qui perd en cours de route son "& The Lonely Ones". On retrouve les deux faces de ce simple sur "Hands" le deuxième lp du Kid que Closer sort en 1988.


MIKE RIMBAUD - Funeral Lover

MIKE RIMBAUD Funeral Lover cd 1991 320 kbps
Butterscotch Bombshell* / Lunch With a Hurricane* / Controlling The Damage* / Hanging With a Hard One* / Sexy Surgery* / Funeral Lover And The Profit Surfers° / Into The Box° / The Dirty Mirror°/ Naked Legs° / Kills Household Germs° / Volcanos In Brooklyn (Volcans à Belleville)° / Monkey Patriot)°.
* Recorded in NewYork - *Recorded in Paris
Produced by M. Rimbaud & Z. Diode.
Mike Rimbaud: vocals & guitars / R. Crooks & M. Osborn: drums / L. Kostrinsky: bass / A. Pennisi: percussion / P. Wallfish & C. Giordano: keyboards + other musicians
Starting his career by performing in the cafes of New York City, Mike Rimbaud signed in 1990 with a French record label, Bondage Records. His debut album "Mutiny in the Subway" was recorded downtown at Baby Monster Studios with the help of A. Pennisi on percussions & L. Kostrinsky on bass.
Mike moved to Paris in 1991. With the label Houlala (Bondage Records), he recorded the album "Funeral Lover" in New York (Baby Monster Studios) and Paris (Mixit Studio).
In 1993, Elliott Murphy produced his third lp "Red Light" (Butcher Records).
Back living in New York, Mike Rimbaud recorded "Graffiti Trees" in 1997, produced by Mugsy Records label. In 2002, Mike released an acoustic recording, "Beast of Broadway" with some songs produced by Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes. It was written in Brazil and New York and recorded in downtown Manhattan. 2003 sees the release of "Light of Day" a tribute to Bruce Springsteen, with Mike's rockabilly inspired rendition of Atlantic City. He also performed at the Stone Pony with other artists to help promote the CD. Between 2004-2008 Mike continues to record and perform with his band The Subway Sun, this coincides with two shows of his paintings, a series of over 50 portraits of Lower East Siders.
Mike Rimbaud also exhibits his paintings, mostly portraits.


THE OUTLETS - Whole New World

THE OUTLETS Whole New World lp 1986 Restless Records flac
Whole New World / The War Is Over / Sheila / Tilted Track / The Provider / Can't Cheat the Reaper / Made in Japan / What I Did / A Valentine Song / Someday.
Produced by R. Dimit.
The Outlets: D. Barton: lead guitar, vocals / R. Barton: guitar, back-up vocals / M. County: bass, back-up vocals / W. Gustafson: drums.
"Whole New World" by Boston's Outlets, released on Restless Records/Enigma in 1985, is a raw document of a good pop band with enthusiasm that rises above the group's limitations. Where the rock & roll voice of the Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley would tatter and tear, he managed to stay somewhat on key; lead singer/lead guitarist Dave Barton clearly emulated Shelley, but his vocal limitations inhibited his otherwise interesting material. "Sheila" is OK on "Whole New World", but sounds so much better re-recorded 14 years later by producers John McDermott and Kevin Army on Hendrix Records' 1999 release simply titled "The Outlets" (buy it here!). "Whole New World" is the Barton brothers -- Dave on vocals and lead guitar and Rick on guitar -- with M. County on bass and W. Gustafson on drums. "Tilted Track" rings with the same undertones of "Whole New World" and "The War Is Over"; they don't deviate much from the formula, and producer Rob Dimit simply captures what the band was all about at this point in time. "A Valentine Song" has enough creativity to stand out from the pack and, while Dave Barton's guitar work on "Tilted Track" and "The Provider" really shows strength, the song similarity and redundance of the vocals kept this band from making more of an impact, both in Boston and on the national stage. There's more polish on the 1999 release, but "Whole New World" had its moments and is also a nice glimpse of a band making noise while it was also making some waves. ~ Joe Viglione (alias The Count) , All Music Guide. Cd covers by MAX!



She Won't Get Under Me Till I Get Over You / Bleeder / Kick Between The Knees / Miss Teen U.S.A. / Four Letter Name For Lame / Waltzing / Goddamn / Present At Your Party / Bitch Can't Sing / Bad About The Fact / Letter From You / You Love Sleepin' / Pickin' Flowers For*.
* Produced by C. Shaw & all the other songs by J. Hanlon.
Best Kissers In The World: D. Swafford: bass & backing vocals / T. Arnold: drums & percussion / J. Stone: lead guitar & mocha back / G. Collier: vocals, guitar & piano.
Led by California-born, Michigan-raised and Phoenix resident singer-guitarist Gerald Collier, this snappily monickered band started off as a beautifully scrawny fusion of Cheap Trick/Replacements pop brawn, but quickly lost inspiration, degenerating into tepid riffs and tired melodies. By then based in Seattle, the quartet made its debut with a 7-inch ("Take Me Home," which brilliantly lifts the riff from the untitled live fragment at the end of Cheap Trick's Heaven Tonight LP) and "Best Kissers In The World" five-track Sub Pop EP that show the Kissers at their best. Produced by the Posies' Jonathan Auer, snotty attitude and power-poparama are driven to the fore, peaking on the awesome "Workin' on Donita" and ending with the jokey country lament "Hungover Together" (a duet with Hammerbox/Goodness singer Carrie Akre).
The five-song "Puddin'" retains the spirit but loses the irresistible hooks; "Been There" 's title tells all. The band recorded a slightly better album called "Yellow Brick Roadkill" that disappeared from MCA's release schedule early in '96.TrouserPress
Best Kissers in the World are a Seattle-based rock quartet.They released a self-titled EP through Sub Pop in 1991 before inking a deal with MCA. Two albums were then issued in 1993, "Puddin' " and the band's sole full-length, "Been There". The latter record spawned the single "Miss Teen U.S.A.," which found some airplay on college radio. Best Kissers in the World disbanded in 1995 and G. Collier went on to release albums a lot of fine albums under his own name (check it here!).
"On their major label debut, Best Kissers In The World continue their guitar rock assault, letting noisy guitars dominate the tracks, but giving each track a simple, attractive melody. And, since they have a better sense of humor ("She Won't Get Under Me Till I Get Over You" is the lead-off track), the listener is invited to pay attention to the lyrics. That also threatens to make them seem lightweight in competition with their peers, but that's okay: things in Seattle have been way too serious lately anyway. (The junk culture anthem "Miss Teen U.S.A." earned college radio play.)" Allmusic


KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES - Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones

KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones lp 1988 wav
Walking My Way / Pablo Picasso / We Do The Hop / Jesus and Money/ Livin' underground / Gotta Get a Gun / Mystery Train / It's Driving You Mad.
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: Kid Pharaon: vocals, guitar & organ /Nick The Nick: drums / Lonely One: bass.
En 1988, Fu Manchu réalise cet album de Kid Pharaon qui reprend les deux premiers singles, le Ep "Walking My Way", le sp "Livin' Underground" , accompagnés de deux morceaux inédits.
Belle pochette comme toujours chez Kid Pharaon !
Cd covers by Max!


SINGLES: KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES You're My Friends / I'm In a Rock'n'roll Band sp 1987 wav
Produced by K. Pharaon
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: K. Pharaon: guitar, organ, piano & vocals / Sharp: lead guitar, backing vocals / Nicky: drums / Lonely One: bass & backing vocals.
Deuxième single extrait de "Love Bikes" avec en face b l'inédit "I'm in a rock'n'roll band"! Deux chansons du Kid en wav: belle façon de commencer la semaine, non ?



SINGLES: KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES All Over The Sea/Like a Threadbare Glove sp 1987 wav
Produced by K. Pharaon
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: K. Pharaon: guitar, organ, piano & vocals / Sharp: lead guitar, backing vocals / Nicky: drums / Lonely One: bass & backing vocals.
Troisième single pour Kid Pharaon et le premier pour le label Closer du Havre. La face A est extraite du lp "Love Bikes" , la face restera inédite jusqu'à ce que Danceteria signe Kid Pharaon au début des années 90 et qu'ils rééditent en cd "Love Bikes" avec en bonus les faces b des deux premiers singles Closer extraits du même album.

KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES - Livin' Underground

SINGLES: KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES Livin' Underground / Gotta Get a Gun sp 1986 wav
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: Kid Pharaon: vocals, guitar & organ /Nick The Nick: drums / Lonely One: bass + Christian: slide.
Paru avant l'album "Love Bikes", "Living Underground" est le deuxième single de Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones toujours sur le label bordelais Fu Manchu. Deux nouvelles chansons qui confirment le talent et l'originalité du Kid déjà repéré par les fanzines et les radios libres de l'époque grâce à son premier EP !!!
Ces deux titres apparaîtront ensuite, en compagnie du premier EP "Walking My Way" et de deux morceaux inédits, sur un lp intitulé simplement "Kid Pharaon & The LOnely Ones".

Thanks to Fabien for scans!


THE PIRATES - Land Of The Blind

THE PIRATES Land Of The Blind cd 1998
Underground / Wood In Your Fire / Shattered Glass / Let's Eat / Danger Zone / Land Of The Blind / Wondrous Place / Maybe / Lover And Fighter / Fortune Teller / My Old Radio / Sex On Legs.
Produced by B. Almquist & The Pirates.
The Pirates: M. Green: guitars & vocals / R. Parol: drums / B.J. Anders: bass & vocals.
Mick Green is one of the most self-effacing guitar legends in rock & roll. Since the early '60s, as a member of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, his guitar style -- mixing lead and rhythm parts in one -- has been an inspiration to three generations of musicians, including the Who's Pete Townshend and Dr. Feelgood's Wilko Johnson. Yet he remains amazingly elusive as a subject, preferring to stay in the background except when he's playing.

Green's first steady gig was as a member of the Red Caps, a group (named in honor of Gene Vincent's band the Blue Caps) that backed late-'50s pop-rocker Cuddly Dudley. The Red Caps' membership also included guitarist Johnny Patto, bassist Johnny Spence, and drummer Frank Farley, all of whom had joined Johnny Kidd in 1961 as the new lineup of his backing band the Pirates. By March of 1962, however, Patto had tired of touring and quit, and he was replaced by Green. It was a song called "I'll Never Get Over You," which rose to number four, that established Green, his searing lead guitar being one of the most aggressive sounds heard on record in England during this period. Though it would take a few years for anyone to find it out, the song became practically an anthem for a generation of garage rock and punk enthusiasts. As a member of the Pirates, Mick Green became one of a tiny handful of young guitar heroes of the pre-Beatles era in English rock & roll. Generating a loud, slashing sound from his Fender Telecaster Deluxe that combined the lead and rhythm guitar parts in one, Green's playing ran completely counter to the more open two-guitar sound that dominated English rock & roll.

Among those who picked up on the lean, muscular sound Green created was Tony Hicks, future member of the Hollies. Ironically, even though session guitarist Joe Moretti (subbing for Alan Caddy) and not Green, had played on the original "Shakin' All Over," Green, as the most visible guitarist in the Pirates' history, became permanently associated with that song, and vice versa. Although he wasn't widely recognized in the press at the time, or by the world outside of the music community, Green was as influential a musician during this period as any of England's early rock guitar heroes, including Hank Marvin of the Shadows, Joe Brown, and Big Jim Sullivan. Moreover, he exerted as much or more impact on rock & roll in England from 1962 onward as George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, or Jimmy Page would later be credited with. Johnny Kidd & the Pirates were popular among other musicians and made a living playing clubs and smaller concert venues, but they were unable to sustain their recording success past the early '60s. From 1963 onward, with money being thrust in ever-larger amounts into the hands of the Beatles and other Liverpool acts, the Pirates began falling behind the wave of new acts, unable to rate better than support act status at major venues (though the early Who also played in support of them). This was an instance of the parts being bigger than the whole and by 1964, Green's reputation had outstripped that of the Pirates. He was lured away from the band by an offer to join the Dakotas, who were then placing records very high on the charts and playing
around the world as the backing band for Billy J. Kramer, but needed more muscle in their live sound. Green shored up that band, which, with his arrival, became one of the few groups of the period to boast a double lead guitar lineup. He made them one of the most respected backing groups in England, although the only hit Green ever played on was the distinctly pop-oriented "Trains and Boats and Planes." He was later joined in the Dakotas by ex-Pirate/Red Cap Frank Farley on drums, and the two worked together up through 1967, when the Dakotas broke up. (Kidd re-formed the Pirates and was attempting a comeback that ended with his death in a car crash in 1966, though the newer Pirates kept playing together until 1967). Green hooked up for a short time with Cliff Bennett before he and Farley became part of Engelbert Humperdinck's backing band, spending seven years in that well-remunerated but musically low-visibility position, playing Las Vegas and related venues. Green later played in the group Shanghai, which included John "Speedy" Keen in the lineup, which lasted for two years.

During the mid-'70s, however, the admiration that Green evoked within the music community began to emerge in the press. Wilko Johnson of Dr. Feelgood, in particular, was highly outspoken in his praise for Green. Additionally, several histories of the Who, appearing at a time when the latter band was at the peak of its popularity, credited Johnny Kidd & the Pirates and particularly Mick Green with their role in shaping the group's sound. It was only a short jump for the English music press to draw the connection to Green as one of the progenitors of the then-burgeoning punk sound. During this same period, Spence and Farley had begun playing together again and a one-off Pirates reunion gig was arranged. That 1976 gig proved so successful that it resulted in a recording contract and a semi-permanent reunion. The Pirates became a going concern as a performing band and even managed to release albums, cut live and in the studio, that were distrubuted internationally. Green cut a striking figure on guitar during the second Pirates incarnation, a heavy athlete's build topped by an intense yet clear-eyed expression, coaxing explosive solos out of his instrument.
The Pirates trio became a cult band with a wide reputation, their sound during the 1970s and beyond embraced punk, rockabilly, blues, and classic rock & roll. In more recent years, Green has been recognized as one of British rock & roll's elder statesmen, but remains a busy working musician playing with figures as different as Paul McCartney and Peter Green in the 1980s and 1990s. The McCartney gigs, in particular, on the so-called "Russian album" and several of the former Beatle's subsequent rock & roll ventures, have given Green more mass exposure than at any time in his career and introduced his name to at least a portion of the Beatles' following. Along with reissues of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' early-'60s work and the Pirates' latter-day recordings, and his music with the Dakotas, the McCartney rock & roll sides comprise Green's most visible music. Source: Allmusic

"En cette époque pré-punk, on ne jurait que par ce bon Docteur: l'album noir et blanc tournait en boucle sur les platines et dans les lecteurs cassettes de nos caisses!
Les Stones s'enlisaient , "Raw Power" avait déjà presque trois ans ... le rock s'endormait quand sortit "Down by the Jetty"! Le disque entier était laminé par la télécaster infernale d'un Wilko Johnson possédé ! Et les magazines spécialisés parlaient de l'énorme influence d'un certain Mick Green , ex-guitariste des Pirates de Johnny Kidd. L'auteur entre autres de"Shakin' all over" que les Who dynamitaient sur "Live At Leeds"...
"Eté 76... après la fermeture des pubs de Londres, il ne restait plus que les boîtes de nuit dont le Dingwalls à Camden. Une boîte tout en longueur avec un bar qui n'en finissait pas et où s'accoudaient indifférement musiciens et anonymes...
A gauche, une batterie blanche à l'aspect futuriste, occupait presque toute la petite scène. En les voyant ridiculement déguisés en pirates prendre la scène d'assaut, on aurait pu avoir un doute.
Nous avions tort ! En une chanson ils mirent tout le monde d'accord !!!
Et nous ne sommes pas prêts d'oublier Mick Green cisaillant l'espace de petits riffs rageurs et qui seul ... sonnait comme deux!
Ce soir-là, les pirates étaient des rois lançés à l'abordage de nos âmes et même Lemmy souriait sous sa moustache d'ogre! ..."

"Guitarist Mick Green has passed away aged 65. One of the original breed of authentic British lead guitarists, Green initially lent his considerable skills to Johnny Kidd & the Pirates before becoming guitarist of choice for artists such as Van Morrison, Sir Paul McCartney and Bryan Ferry."
R.I.P. So long Mick ...

R.I.P Daniel Bensaïd

En ce temps de traîtres, il est dur de voir partir certains...

THE NASTYS - Good Time Gone Bad

THE NASTYS Good Time Gone Bad cd 2005 flac
Bad Doctor / She Loves The Money / Nobody Rides For Free / F.W.W. / It's Only Blood /Good Time Gone Bad.
The Nastys: D. Jade: guitar / C. Cherry: vocals / J. Menace: bass / D. Smash: drums / Wurm:
lead guitar.
True Blue High Energy Rock and Roll. Hotter than a whore in church. AC/DC meets The New York Dolls.
The Nastys formed in 2001 by Danny Smash, Joey Menace, and Mick Nasty in Grand Rapids Michigan.
In 2002 The Nastys released their first EP" Shameless Self-Promotion", with newly acquired singer C. Cherry. With Cherry and the new EP, The Nastys began to garner recognition throughout the Midwest. In 2003 the band traveled to Los Angeles, where they recorded 3 studio tracks with Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat and Dave Moreno formerly of Earshot. The EP titled "Old Wine, New Bottle which included the 3 LA songs as well as 3 live tracks was released in January of 2004. Since the making of ""Old Wine, New Bottle" The Nasty have added guitarist D. Jade and Wurm after original guitarist M. Nasty decided to leave. In September of 2005 The Nastys released their 3rd EP "Good Time Gone Bad". Source

"Holy fuckin rock and roll does this horny little bitch smoke! 6 songs, no ballads, all uppercuts designed to leave you sweat-soaked and satisfied. And they will!" --Sleazegrinder

RUSS TOLMAN - Road Movie

RUSS TOLMAN Road Movie cd 1992 320 kbps
Pride And Shame / Sleepin' All Alone / The One Who Got Away / Mr Submarine / Something About A Rowboat / I Don't Wanna Talk About The Weather / For a Smile / That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It / Lonesome Fugitive / Gila Bend / Letters They Flatter / Pride And Shame (reprise).
Produced by R. Tolman & B. Gurewitz
R. Tolman: vocals, electric, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars / J. Klages: lead guitar, backing vocals / D. Provost: bass / N. Leukhardt: drums / C. Cacavas: organ, piano, accordion, backing vocals
Guests: R. Lloyd, S. Griffin, S. Wynn, C. Bauer, J. Kane & D.Crouch.
After fleeing the confines of the Northern California guitar band, True West upon its demise in 1985, Russ Tolman took up the troubadour's life, embarking on a career as a singer-songwriter, often performing with a band. Loosely aligned with LA's Paisley Underground scene, Tolman continued to surround himself with some of the musicians who were key during that period, in particular Steve Wynn, formerly of the Dream Syndicate who has remained his friend and occasional collaborator. Upon relocating to LA in the mid-'80s, Tolman's first solo recording, "Totem Poles and Glory Holes"(1986, Restless) had him dabbling in similar western motif terrain as his old band (not to be confused with country-or with the twang of No Depression). He followed with two more "California" albums in the confessional singer-songwriter vein, "Down in Earthquake Town"(Restless, 1987) and "Goodbye Joe" (Skyclad, 1988), before he retreated for a spell overseas. While living and touring throughout Europe, Tolman released "Road Movie" (1992, New Rose) and "Sweet Spot"(Brilliant 1994) and found an enthusiastic audience for his All-American sound among the Europeans long enamored of the romantic imagery of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Ultimately, Tolman returned to the San Francisco Bay Area for the recording and release of "City Lights" in 1997 (Blue Rose); "New Quadraphonic Highway" followed three years later. Allmusic
In 2006, True West reformed including original members Tolman, McGrath, and Blair. In 2007, Atavistic records released "Hollywood Holiday Revisited", a CD collection of True West's first two albums "Hollywood Holiday" and "Drifters".



JEFF DAHL I Kill Me cd 1990 320 kbps
1 Mary, are you livin' ? /2 Ain't Nothin' To Do /3 And So It Goes /4 Goin' Underground /5 Ain't Got Nothin' /6 Clouds Without Water /7 Haven't Had a Drink In a Long Time /8 This Stuff Is Killing Me /9 The Boy Who Self-destroyed /10 Pretty Thing /11 Platypus Man /12 Search And Destroy /13 Gravity /14 Lester, Are You Listening? /15 Paint It Black /16 Lustful Glances.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
Jeff Dahl: vocals; lead,rhythm,accoustic guitar / Bruce Duff: bass / Cheetah Chrome: lead,rhythm,accoustic,12-string guitar / Del Hopkins: drums / Scott Morrow: lead,rhythm guitar on 12 / Pat Todd: vocals on 11 & 7 / Keith Tellingman: bass on 11 & 7 / DD Weekday: lead,rhythm guitar 0n 11 & 7 / Allen Clark: drums on 11 & 7 / Amy Wichman: guitar on 9 / Gregg Turner: guitar on 9 / Todd Homer: bass on 9 / Billy Vockeroth: drums on 9 / Steve Lang: sax on 10.
"There are some musicians who go through decades and changing styles and have an unshakable belief in whatever they do and who care passionately about the music they create, no matter what the critics might say and what music fashion is hip at the time. In fact, there are some who are always hip and stay in love with the music they listen to and create. Jeff Dahl is one of those people. From the West Coast punk explosion of the late 70's, Jeff Dahl has remained an indestructible constant year after year, releasing album after album. In 2009 he still gets excited about entering the studio to make music.
We at Über Röck caught up with him to ask him what's going down in the Dahl house and try to find out what this underground rock monster is up to next. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wise words of the one and only Jeff Dahl..."
Source & interview here!



KID PHARAON AND THE LONELY ONES Love Bikes lp/cd 1987 320 kbps
Come on Come on / Silent Crime / All Over the Sea / Love Bikes / The Way I Do / Lonesome Boys / Threadbare Glove* / Livin' On The Sea Coast / Charly's Working For The BP / Jungle Queen / What Are You Gonna Do? / Essarès Bey / You're my friends / I'm in a Rock'n'roll Band*.
*cd bonus tracks
Produced by K. Pharaon.
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: K. Pharaon: guitar, organ, piano & vocals / Sharp: lead guitar, backing vocals / Nicky: drums / Lonely One: bass & backing vocals.
Le premier album de Kid PharaOn sort en 1987 sur le label havrais Closer dont on ne dira jamais assez de bien. Pour un coup d'essai c'est un coup de maître! Un lp qu'on peut ranger parmi les vingt meilleurs albums de rock français au côté des Dogs, Batmen et autres Bijou.
De la magnifique pochette sépia en passant par les textes des CHANSONS, des mélodies accrocheuses à l'humour distancié du Kid, de sa belle gueule insolente (parce que le rock c'est ça aussi! voir la vidéo de "Charly's Working For The BP" ici ) au soin apporté à la production, "Love Bikes" respire le travail bien fait et la classe !
Released in 1987 by Closer Records (Le Havre) "Love Bikes" was the first lp of Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones. A real good album ... to store on shelves between Dogs and Batmen! Check it & you will not regret it !
Cd covers by MAX !


VA - Power For Passion

VA Power For Passion... (file under : power pop 1978-85) cd 2004 320 kbps
The Reducers: Small Talk / Stratford Survivors: Now I Know / The Nips: Take Me Down / Matcheads: Pearl Harbor / The Reactors: The Dispossessed / The Reducers: Black Plastic Shoes / The Headaches: Teenage Sex / The Silencers: Boyfriends/Girlfriends / The Ejectors: Fade with The Summer / The Foreign Objects: You Go Home / Butch Minds The Baby: Natural Clause / TV Neats: Who's Curting Who / The Foreign Objects: Plan 9 / The Headaches: Power For Passion / Dennis Most: Life Can Be a Cruel Gig.
" I don’t think I’m overstating anything by saying that this is the best compilation of old punk material since the “No One Left To Blame” comp came out a few years ago. The subtitle of this comp is “File under: Power Pop 1978-85,” which sums up the content, but says nothing of the quality. The record starts out with a cut from Connecticut’s finest, The Reducers. Though no one seems to care, at least no one outside of Japan, The Reducers are still going strong, and are one of the best American power-pop bands of all time. They have two songs here, both of which are on the Reducers debut LP, which, at least a few months ago, is still available from the band. If you’ve heard the Matcheads single then you know it’s deserving of classic status. If you haven’t, well, this is your chance to hear “Pearl Harbor.” Following up that track is “The Dispossessed”, from The Reactors. It’s a decent cut, but can’t match the brilliance of their EP. Then again, not much does. Chicago’s Headaches released a top notch, and tough to find, power pop single in 1981. It’s a want list staple for collectors, and both tracks are here for everyone to check out. Other highlights include Ft. Worth’s The Ejectors and their insanely catchy, “Fade with the summer;” LA’s The Silencer’s, who are post-Shock (“This Generation’s on Vacation”); Dennis Most; Glasgow’s The Nips, and many more. “Power for Passion” is certain proof of compiler Keith Grave’s passion for power-pop. It is remarkable that this comp is legit, complete with updates and contact for all of the artists.(DH)" Source



Walking My Way / Pablo Picasso / We Do The Hop / Jesus and Money.
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Kid PharaOn & The LOnely Ones: Kid Pharaon: vocals, guitar & organ /Nick The Nick: drums / Lonely One: bass.
Kid Pharaon & The Lonely Ones were one of the best french bands. They came (lived...) from Bordeaux and their music was full of good tunes from powerpop to rock."Walking my way" was their first EP . It was also the first single of Fu Manchu records, a new french label (also from Bordeaux) born in this year 1986. Kid Pharaon (T. Duvigneau) was a prolific songwriter. On this first single, he wrote three songs and he had the good taste to cover (like John Cale did before him on the "Helen of Troyes" album) Pablo Picasso": a superb song by J. Richman which appears on the first Modern Lovers lp.


UNCLE SAM - Heaven or Hollywood

UNCLE SAM Heaven or Hollywood lp (with the uncensored cover) 1987 320 kbps
Live For The Day / Don't Be Shy / Alice D. / No Reason Why / The Candyman / Don't You Ever / All Alone / Peace Of Mind, Piece Of Body / Under Sedation / Heaven Or Hollywood / Steppin' Stone (live)*/ Train Kept A' Rollin (live)*.
*bonus tracks on cd
Produced by B. Martin.
Uncle Sam: S. Cessna: lead vocals / G. A. Brisk: drums/L. Miller: guitar / D. Gentner: bass.

This first album from Uncle Sam produced by Bob Martin is amazing. I will quote you the label that was pasted over the cover of the limited nude model posing on this CD re-issue cover. "KKKKK's...an Lp that combines the pure and deadly delicious raw power of the original Cooper outfit at their most frenetic, with MC5, the Stooges an maybe just a tantalizing hint of the Cramps an the Dolls...makes Guns n' roses 'Appetite for Destruction' sound like 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm's Greatest Hits'." - R. Zell, Kerrang

"...I mean, it was said that our album could fit between 'Love It To Death' and 'Killer', but I don't think even they could have put out an album that would fit there. I don't think anyone could..."
L. Miller (guitarist) to Kerrang

"'Live For The Day' starts off like a MC5 song very fast furious 2:25 time. 'Don't Be Shy' is one of my favorite tunes w/ jamming guitars. 'Alice D' is a play on words which sounds like LSD. 'No Reason Why' is another 1:55 song that'll just drain you. 'The Candyman' is a demented song that Alice Cooper could of sung. 'The CandyMan' reminds me of the Child Collector from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 'Under Sedation' gives a little tribute to Alice Cooper as Scott starts reeling 'Under Sedation' he switches to singing 'Under My Wheels' then back to 'Under Sedation'. As 'Heaven or Hollywood' was from their visit to L.A. The CD comes w/ bonus tracks 'Steppin Stone' by The Monkees and 'Train Kept A'Rollin'." Source
Cd artwork by Max!



Bubblegum Slut is the UK's only fake-fur covered fanzine. Dealing in Glam, Sleaze, Punk, Goth, Deathrock, Rockabilly and other big-haired and pre-1990 musical phenomenons other publications won't touch for fear of getting their barge pole all sticky with hairspray B.S has brought a little sleazy make-up caked trash into the lives of those who find it forced upon them at gigs, indie shops and bars all over London, Essex and beyond.
Usually sold with the promise 'Well even if you don't read it, you can stroke the fluffy cover' 'Slut has proved for one reason or another enduringly popular and now into its 8th year and 21st issue has a print run of 500. Whatever the public think, some of the big press seem to have enjoyed actually reading 'Slut with the likes of Bizarre, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Big Cheese, Kaleidoscope and Mick Mercer blessing it with favourable reviews, while a recent issue of Rock Sound magazine branded it "diverse, informed & well-written... a shining example to fanzines everywhere! - 9/10".
INSIDE ISSUE # 35 - OUT NOW : Buckcherry, The 69 Eyes, The Electric Boys, Wrathchild, The Birthday Massacre, The Dirty Strangers, Dear Superstar, D'espairsRay, The Donies (formerly Snake Of Eden), Steevi Jaimz, Tribute Band Top Trumps / Clownload, Attitude For Destruction movie, Ricky Warwick, The Rockers' Guide To Melbourne, Heavy Metal Kids, Mott The Hoople, Sable Starr, Skeezo Hellmade, Heavy Metal Laundry, Bulldog Bash, The Senseless Things, Trash-Stock, Farewell City, Hevy Festival, Making Iron Maiden's Eddie...


THE DUSTERS - This Ain't No Jukebox

THE DUSTERS This Ain't No Jukebox cd 1990
This Ain't No Jukebox... Were're a Rock'n Roll Band / Take a Chance on Love* / The Truck Won't Start / Phantom Of The Strip / How could You / Hellbound Train / Street Legal / What Can I Say / Blues Highway / Look What The Cat Drug in*.
The Dusters: K.Mc Mahan: guitar & vocals / L. D. Barnette: bass / C. Sherlock: drums / L. Overtoom: drums on*

"In 1986, smack dab in the middle of a "you boys don't belong down here neighborhood", The Dusters began crafting their revved-up version of the blues. Fueled by a never-say-die attitude and a large dose of their next door neighbor's barbeque, they set out in a beat up van, relentlessly playing every dive and juke joint from Austin, Texas, to New York City, performing up to 300 nights a year. All the sleepless nights and truck stop meals paid off, and the boys caught the attention of an independent record label in Nashville, Tennessee, who released their first EP Red Hot and Ready to Roll. As with many independent releases of the time it did not attract much attention in the metal-laden hairspray music industry of the time, but it did provide The Dusters with a respectable calling card for booking purposes and landed them opening spots on tours with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Tailgators, and The True Believers. With the release of their first full-length effort, This Ain't No Jukebox...We're a Rock n' Roll Band, The Dusters began to receive much appreciated critical acclaim and national attention. They landed several Mid-South Music Awards, product endorsements and even recorded a national radio spot for Miller Brewing Company's Genuine Draft Tap Into the Cold advertising campaign. With the increased national exposure, came opening spots on tours with Johnny Winter, The Georgia Satellites and John Lee Hooker. The boys were even picked as Grand Marshals for the International Hot Rod Association, appearing trackside for meet and greets at several drag races..." more here!

When the Dusters proudly titled this CD "This Ain't No Jukebox.....We're a Rock N' Roll Band" they meant every word of it. Not a band who goes for a slick, high-gloss production style, nor a group who lace their rock with a lot of pop, this power trio favors instruments that are played instead of programmed and takes a raw, gritty approach to blues-rock, hard rock, and roots-rock. The Dusters are obviously well aware of rock's blues heritage, and that knowledge serves them well on earthy, down-and-dirty cuts like "Street Legal," "How Much Longer," and "Blues Highway" -- all of which make you feel like you've just wandered into a biker bar. This album isn't the least bit innovative, but it's certainly rewarding and spirited. In fact, one could say that "This Ain't No Jukebox.....We're a Rock N' Roll Band" is derivative in the best sense of the word. Allmusic
According to their Myspace the Dusters are putting finishing touches on their latest recording, "Delta Jubilee"