ROB TYNER - Blood Brothers

ROB TYNER  Blood Brothers  cd  1990
It's Only Rock And Roll / Renegade / Let's Rock / Disturbing The Peace / Out Of My Hands / Blood Brothers / Taboo / Taking On The Night / Grande Days / D.A.N.A. / Interview With Rob Tyner.
Produced by Rob Tyner & Pete Bankert for B.R.O.

Engineer: Pete Bankert - Arranger: Joey Gaydos
Recorded at the Old Schoolhouse - Ann Arbor, MI.
Backing Vocal: Scott Morgan - Design: Sue Raleigh
Photography by Patrick Davey and Mark Arminski.
All Songs By Rob Tyner for Warrior Nation Songs (BMI)Except "Out Of My Hands" & "Taboo" R.Tyner, R.Gillespie & "Taking On The Night" R.Tyner, P.Bankert, J.Gaydos for Warior Nation Songs (BMI). "It's Only Rock And Roll" M.Jagger, K.Richards for Colgems-EMI Music (BMI)
Special thanks: Dave Dixon, Dick Williams, Henry Wreck and Ben Edmonds.
In loving memory of Lester Bangs.
Rob Tyner: lead vocals, harmonica / Pete Pankert: bass, backing vocals / Joey Gaydos: guitars, backing vocals / Fred Schmidt: drums, backing vocals.
A vast expanse of desolation, the flattened scrubble of the shattered city stretches to the horizon. Rising over the panorama of twisted steel and broken dreams stand the monolithic towers of glass, dominating the landscape as they do the lives of the people who scrabble for existance in this stricken world. The rich and the powerful live in their shiny fortresses surrounded by the violent ruins of the city below. Onto this volatile stage steps Rob Tyner and his band of warriors, standing in silhouette against the sky as they swear allegience to the liberation of people.

Rob Tyner (December 12, 1944 – September 17, 1991) was an American musician best known as lead singer for the proto-punk rock band MC5. Born Robert Derminer, his adopted surname was in tribute to the jazz pianist McCoy Tyner. It was Tyner who issued the infamous rallying cry of "kick out the jams, motherfuckers" at the MC5's live concerts. Tyner had originally auditioned as the bass player, but the band felt his talents would be best used as a lead vocalist.

In 1977, Tyner collaborated with Eddie & the Hot Rods for a 7-inch release coinciding with a promotional UK tour to promote MC5 vinyl reissues. Simultaneously back in the United States, Tyner had launched "the New MC5" which later operated as the Rob Tyner Band and laid the foundation for "Rob Tyner & the National Rock Group", a project which was prolific but issued no recordings. In 1985, Tyner donated his talents to a benefit LP for Vietnam Veterans. Tyner dipped into the song catalog of the National Rock Group for his Blood Brothers CD (1990) and plans were afoot to play more live shows, (including plans with Blackfoot drummer Jakson Spires) when he died in 1991.
On September 17, 1991, Tyner suffered a heart attack in his home town of Berkley, Michigan. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he died, leaving his wife, Becky, and three children.
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Tell My Fortune / Red Light / Six Years Gone / Keep Your Hands To Yourself / Crazy / The Race Is On.
Produced by Jeff Glixman.
The Georgia Satellites: Dan Baird: guitar, vocals / Rick Richards: guitar, vocals + Dave Hewitt: bass / Randy Delay: drums.

In 1980, Dan Baird (formerly guitarist for the Atlanta band, the Nasty Bucks), along with lead guitarist Rick Richards, bass player Keith Christopher and drummer David Michaelson formed a band named Keith and the Satellites in Atlanta, Georgia. After performing in local Southern bars, the band's line-up changed. Dan Baird became lead singer and guitarist and Rick Richards became singer and lead guitarist. With a new bassist, Dave Hewitt and a new drummer, Randy Delay; they recorded a six-track demo at Axis Studios in Atlanta. During this time, the band changed their name to Georgia Satellites and played every Monday at Hedgen's, a beer-stained bar in the otherwise tony Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead.
Jeff Glixman who had produced, mixed and remastered artists such as Paul Stanley, Kansas, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen and Black Sabbath was enlisted for production. However, soon after the demo was recorded, the band broke up in the summer of 1984. Drummer Randy DeLay later performed with the Tony Sarno Band and the Hell Hounds around the Atlanta music circuit, before dying of cancer in 1993.
Yet, while the band felt they weren't making any progress on their musical path and had disbanded, their English manager, Kevin Jennings, took the demo to a small Yorkshire record label, Making Waves, who liked the material and released the demo as the Keep the Faith EP in 1985. The press response to the EP was positive and prompted the band to regroup in the United States. Baird had been playing with the Woodpeckers in North Carolina. Richards remained in Atlanta with the Hell Hounds, which included both Mauro Magellan (drums) and Rick Price (bass, formerly of The Brains). With Baird essentially joining the Hell Hounds, the Georgia Satellites were reborn and American record labels started taking notice of the band.

In 1986, the group signed with Elektra Records and reunited with Glixman to record their debut full-length album at Cheshire Sound Studios in Atlanta. The album, Georgia Satellites, was their most successful LP; featuring the track "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". The song reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, topped only by Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer". It went into heavy rotation on MTV. Other lesser-known songs included "Battleship Chains" (#86), written by Terry Anderson and "Can't Stand the Pain", but the Georgia Satellites never had another Top 40 hit. That same year the MTV Video Music Awards came into being. Mary Deacon won for Best Art Director on the music video "Keep Your Hands to Yourself".
In 1988, the band recorded a cover of The Swinging Blue Jeans' 1964 hit "Hippy Hippy Shake" for the movie Cocktail. Released as a single, the song reached No. 45 on the Billboard chart. During that year, the band released their second album, Open All Night; which included a cover of the Ringo Starr-written Beatles song "Don't Pass Me By", although the album was not as successful as their debut. A single, "Open All Night" backed with "Dunk 'n' Dine", failed to chart.
A third studio album, In the Land of Salvation and Sin, was released in 1989, which included re-recordings of "Six Years Gone" and "Crazy" from the 1985 EP. Although the album received very positive reviews, it too failed to do well commercially, and Baird left the band in 1990 to pursue a solo career.
The band's 1993 compilation Let It Rock: The Best of the Georgia Satellites included a selection of the best tracks from the three studio albums and bonus material that had been released on the Another Chance EP (1989): "Saddle Up", "That Woman", and "I'm Waiting for the Man". Also included was a live version of Chuck Berry's "Let It Rock". Source


THE HORNY TOADS - Con Anima Con Forza

THE HORNY TOADS  Con Anima Con Forza   Mini LP   1988
New Age / Aftermath / Hit + Miss / Walk Away / Bouncing' Betty / Snake.
Produced by Rene Roth.

The Horny Toads: Marky: vocals / Joe James: rhythm guitar, vocals / Glen James: lead guitar, vocals / Mikey J. Hornytoad: drums, vocals / Maurice Dillinger: bass, vocals.

The Horny Toads was an australian band from Brisbane formed in 1985. These excellent sons of Radio Birdman played a rock full of speed with a twin guitar attack. Their first release was a mini lp on Green Fez Records (owned by Citadel Rds) titled "Con Anima Con Forza" ‎ in which they covered "Snake" a Deniz Tek song from the "Burn My Eye" EP. Before they disbanded, The Horny Toads have recorded another fine mini lp in 1989 on  Amplexus Records: "Wired" which was produced by Rob Younger, himself !
If you like Radio Birdman it's sure that you will also like The Horny Toads !!!

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