THE LOVE JUNKIES - Rock'n'roll baby

THE LOVE JUNKIES Rock'n'roll baby / Nobody like you 7" 1984 Good records 320 kbps

The Love Junkies : Steve Bardot : vocals / Rusty Needles : lead guitar / Smiffy : rhythm guitar / Lixx : bass / Alco Caney : drums .

The Love Junkies formed in London , in summer 1982 from ashes of several local punk bands (the most noted being Schizo Babies). The line up was – Stevie Bardot (vocals), Rusty Needles (lead guitar), Smiffy (rhythm guitar), Lixx (bass) Alco Caney (drums). The band were regulars on the club circuit for a couple of years being described by Melody Maker as the UKs greatest ‘glam punk rock n roll band’. They released the self-financed "Rock'n'Roll Baby" single in 1984 which in turn lead to deal with Toothbrush Klan Records in UK. The band split during the recording of their first album ("More Tea Vicar ?") which remained uncompleted although bootleg copies were available around London for some months. Following the split Lixx and Rusty Needles went on to form Heartbreak Beat in 1985 who garnered much press interest but spilt two years later. Lead singer Bardot left to pursue a career in the circus while the remaining two members ‘got religion’ and disappeared off the radar. Lixx and Needles still occasionally perform with psychedelic cheese covers band Vic Lurgi and There Are No Sheep In Mongolia’ . There is a possibility that the band may reform next year for a few select gigs . The "Rock'n'Roll Baby" single was sold at gigs only and had a limited run of only 2000 copies – the single features Cindy Jackson (then of Joe Public - now famous in the world of cosmetic surgery) on backing vocals.
A friend of the blog from England , Gavin , sent me this single
There is no picture sleeve with the single. Gavin have scanned the covers from a bootleg which he got from Lixx , the bass player of the The Love Junkies who is now a tattooist in Brighton . Lixx sent this brief story to Gavin .
If you want to see a You Tube video of the Love Junkies on stage go here !


DOGS - Shakin' With The Dogs

DOGS Shakin' with the Dogs lp 1989 Epic records 320 kbps
Shakin' with Linda / Too much class for the neighborhood / M.A.U.R.E.E.N. / Can't find my way / The most forgotten french boy / Little Johnny Jet / Home is where I want to be / Shout / Secrets / Poison in my heart / Down at Lulu's / Somebody / Back on my mind / Waiting for a miracle / Is it the wind / Jungle of lies / Sugar shaker* / Mon coeur bat encore* / Twenty yards behind* / Goodbye little rich girl* / I wanna be loved* / Never stop* / (I'd go) The whole wide world* / She's a windup*.
* bonus tracks
DOGS: Dominique Laboubée : vocals , guitars / Antoine Massy-Perier : guitare / Michel Gross : drums / Hugues Urvoy de Portzamparc : bass / Christian Rosset : basse / Bruno Lefaivre : drums / Laurent Ciron : guitar / François Godefroy : keyboards / Philippe Almosnino : guitar .
The Dogs were formed in Rouen (Normandie) in 1973 around Dominique Laboubée (vocals, guitars), Hugues Urvoy de Portzamparc (bass), and Michel Gross (drums). At first, the band could have been filed under pub rock for its set lists comprised of many covers, from the Velvet Underground to the Flamin' Groovies. But they quickly came up with some English-sung original material, mainly inspired by their British and American peers, from the Flamin' Groovies to Dr. Feelgood. Like locals Little Bob Story, they were something way more than just a regional phenomenon, and despite an unsuccessful commercial career, the Dogs left a considerable legacy with the release of ten LPs: from 1979's "Different", 198o's "Walking shadows", 1982's "Too Much Class for the Neighbourhood" , 1983's "Legendary lovers" , 1985's "Shout" , 1986's "More more more", 1987's "Shakin' with the Dogs" (compilation of the Epic lps) , 1989's "A million ways to killing time" ,1993's "Three is a crowd", 1998's "Four of a kind" , 1999's "A different kind" to the 2001's "Short, fast and tight", a very good double live album . The constant support of France's veteran music magazine Rock & Folk (and also a lot of fanzines ...) wasn't enough to make the Dogs explode to a larger scale, but they remain a treasured cult band for many, especially since their definitive end with singer Dominique Laboubée's death in 2002, at the early age of 45.
DOGS were the real deal : the french rock'n'roll band !
Artwork by Max !
part 2 : here !

S.O.T.D. : Un an déjà ...

Artwork by Max !

SYLVAIN SYLVAIN - (Sleep) Baby Doll

SYLVAIN SYLVAIN (Sleep) Baby Doll cd 1998 Fishhead records 320 kbps
Paper, pencil & glue / Oh Honey / Hungry girls / I'm your man / Another heart needs mending / Forgotten panties / Trash / My babe / Frenchette / Your society makes me sad / It's on fire / Sleep baby doll .
Produced by Sylvain Mizrahi.
The band : Sylvain Sylvain : rhythm guitar & vocals / Brian Keats : drums / John Carlucci : bass / Olivier Lebaron : electric guitar + many guests : Frank Infante , Rudi Protudi , Bob Andrews ...
It is 1998 and after 10 years, a Doll has risen back into today's music world. Sylvain Sylvain's latest effort, "Sleep Baby Doll", on Fishhead Records, is a story of Syl's life with the dolls past and present. "Sleep Baby Doll" contains all new Sylvain material featuring special guest appearances by members of Low Pop Suicide, The Misfits, Blondie, Generation X, The Fuzztones, and many more. Songs such as "Paper, Pencil, and Glue", "I'm Your Man", and "Hungry Girls" are sure bets to capture the attention of today's music listener. It also contains a brand new version of the New York Dolls classic anthem, "Trash". The record is classic Sylvain featuring his signature guitar work, song writing, and his uncanny ability to write a catchy tune people can dance along with. "Sleep Baby Doll" is his most introspective and challenging record to date. "Everyone's going to be really surprised...I think people are gonna say, 'Wow, why didn't this guy make more records?'" explains Sylvain about his new material. "The most honest thing is when that kid goes into the store with his dollar and says, "Hey, here's my buck. Gimme' that record, because I love it.". So begins a new era for this legendary singer/songwriter/guitar hero. Armed with his best record ever, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, in the years to come that Sylvain has influenced yet another generation of recording artists. The following performers contributed to "Sleep Baby Doll": John Carlucci: From Queens, NY, he now resides in Los Angeles. Like Johnny, Syl, and Billy, he attended Newtown High School. He has played, recorded, and toured with the Fuzztones, The Speedies, The Jaymen, and the Loose Cannons. Frankie Infante: Former guitarist of Blondie. Brian Keats: From NYC and now reside in Los Angeles. He has played, recorded, and toured with numerous bands like 3 Day Wheely, Susanna Hoffs, Wink, Low Pop Suicide, The Jaymen, Baron Jive, Princess Pang, The Misfits, Genocide, and The Skulls. Michael Lockwood: Michael can be heard playing guitar on the new Aimee Mann record. He is currently touring with Fiona Apple. Other credits include stints with Susanna Hoffs, Wink, and Lions & Ghosts (which had 2 records on EMI). Bob 'Derwood' Andrews: Former guitarist of Generation X and can currently be heard in his new band Moondogg. Paul WallFisch: He has co-produced and recorded with Love & Rockets, Baron Jive and now plays with Firewater, Congo Norvell, and as a solo performer. Casey Dolan: Recorded and toured with 3 Day Wheely, Mark Davis, and The Satellites. Producer credits include work with Richard Thompson and members of The Bangles, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dave Bassett: Recorded and toured with 3 Day Wheely, Susanna Hoffs, Sam Phillips. Producing credits include Pinching Judy, the Silos, 3 Day Wheely, and The Devics. Rudi Protrudi: Founding member of The Fuzztones, the Jaymen, and Tina Peel. Mike Wilcox and Joe Berliner: Both currently can be heard playing for LA blues band, The Loose Cannons



DICTATORS FOREVER , FOREVER DICTATORS : A tribute to the Dictators (Volume 2)

V/A DICTATORS FOREVER , FOREVER DICTATORS : A Tribute to the Dictators (Vol. 2) cd 1996 Roto records 320 kbps

LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN : Intro / THE VIKINGS : Next big thing / POWDER MONKEYS : Two tub man / RICK BLAZE & THE BALLBUSTERS : No tomorrow / THE PARASITES : Loyola / THE CAMPUS TRAMPS : D.W.I. / ASTEROÏD B 612 : Sleeping with the TV on / TOM CLARK & THE HIGH ACTION BOYS : Hey boys ! / FURIOUS GEORGE : Perfect high / THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS : Heartache / NUEVO CATECISMO CATOLICO : Baby let's twist / TV KILLERS : Weekend / WANDA CHROME & THE LEATHER PHARAOHS : Fired up / LOS VIVOS : Steppin' out / THE PHANTOM FLIERS : Speedball / THE FASTBACKS : Exposed / THE HELLACOPTERS : Master race rock / LOS MORTA : I'm right / LABANAK : No tomorrow / THE WRETCHED ONES : America the beatiful / ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI : Sleeping with me .
Coordinated by Kike Turmix .
The Dictators did manage to release three fine albums : the pre-punk "Go girl crazy" then the heavier "Manifest Destiny" but after 1978's "Bloodbrothers" was greeted with public apathy, the group's members began moving in different directions. Scott Kempne put together the Del-Lords and after the Little Kings and recorded as a solo act. Ross the Boss spent a few years in the goofy, macho heavy metal band Manowar and later joined Shernoff and Manitoba in the punk/metal combo Manitoba's Wild Kingdom. And Shernoff worked as a producer (Fleshtones). However, as Shernoff put it, the Dictators never broke up. Sure there were occasional gaps of a few years between some shows (we had lives to lead) but deep in our hearts and souls we always knew we were Dictators. We couldn't escape it even when we tried." With this in mind, the band got together to play a handful of shows in 1980, one of which was recorded for the cassette-only album "Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke" , which was later reissued as "New York, New York". The band hit the road again in 1991, and began heading out on a semi-regular basis after that. In 2001, the Dictators made their abandoned retirement official and recorded a fantastic new album, "D.F.F.D." , which ranked with the band's finest work in the studio. More touring followed, and a live album recorded at two shows in support of "D.F.F.D.", "Viva Dictators!", came out in 2005. The 'Tators are always in activity !
Thanks Gildas for this gem !
Thanks Max for the covers refreshment !

TRIBUTE TO THE DICTATORS : Hellacopters/Powder Monkeys

HELLACOPTERS : Master race rock / POWDER MONKEES : Two tub man.
Another Safety Pin single with a great cover !!!





V/A DICTATORS FOR EVER , FOREVER DICTATORS : A Tribute (vol. 1) cd 1996 Roto records 320 kbps
Intro / TURBONEGRO : The party starts now / THE PLEASURE FUCKERS : Faster and louder / THE FLESHTONES : New York , New York / FIFI & THE MACH III : Back to Africa / BOYZ NEX' DOOR : Cars & girls / SEX MUSEUM : Haircut & attitude / THE NOMADS : The Minnesotta strip / THE GOLDEN ARMS : Youg fast & scientific / THE PRISSTEENS : What it is / SATOR : I want you tonight / THE SONS OF HERCULES : Had it coming / MCRACKINS : I stand tall / JIMMY KEITH & THE SHOCKY HORRORS : Prototype / ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN : Borneo Jimmy / SHOCK TREATMENT : 16 Forever / 69 EYES : Science gone too far / MAD DADDYS : Teengenerate / JEFF DAHL TRIO : Stay with me .
This tribute has been coordinated by Kike Turmix .
Formed in 1974, N.Y.C.'s Dictators were one of the finest and most influential proto-punk bands to walk the earth. Alternately reveling in and satirizing the wanton excesses of a rock & roll lifestyle and lowbrow culture (e.g., wrestling, TV, fast food), the Dictators, whose worldview was defined by bassist/keyboardist and former fanzine publisher (Teenage Wasteland Gazette) Andy (occasionally Adny) Shernoff and renegade rock critic/theorist Richard Meltzer, played loud, fast rock & roll fueled by a love of '60s American garage rock, British Invasion pop, and the sonic onslaught of the Who. Driven by the guitar barrage of Scott "Top Ten" Kempner and Ross "the Boss" Funichello and fronted by indefatigable ex-roadie and wrestler Handsome Dick Manitoba (aka Richard Blum), it seemed that nothing stood in the way of the Dictators and mega-popularity. But that's not what happened. There were complications with record companies, personnel changes (one-time bassist Mark Mendoza left for Twisted Sister ; original drummer Stu Boy King was replaced by Richie Teeter), radio hated them, critical response was lukewarm, and lots of audiences didn't get the jokes; supporters remained loyal and vociferous (especially Meltzer), but it didn't turn into anything tangible. Ironically, what didn't help at all was the rise of the New York punk scene, which only diverted attention away from them and onto bands they influenced (e.g., the Ramones). Allmusic
Thanks Gildas for the cds !
Thanks Max for the refreshment of the covers !

SUBSTITUTES - The exploding plastic inevitable

SUBSTITUTES The exploding plastic inevitable cd 2005 Substitutes music 320 kbps
Taken a life time / First thing I want / In the city / Down on my lady / Ten times as heavy / God is cocaine / Flower / Wrong side of the whip / Hardcore California / Wasteland .
Produced by Matt Strickland & the Substitutes.
The Substitutes : Britt : vocals , bass / Joel Proto : guitar / Mike McShame : guitar , vocals / Paul Roybal : drums , percussion .

These guys are so much heavier than the new Buck Cherry, as to make it seem kinda lite-weight and powder-puff, in comparison, and I dig that record. This kinda music can get cats like me in trouble. Don't play this CD in your car - it's too dangerous - somebody could seriously get injured....and whatever you do, don't let these cats anywhere NEAR your girlfriend. THE SUBSTITUTES are putting their own property patch on the pasty ass of bloated rawk culture. Making a real valid contribution. Serving as a threat by example. Funky and ferocious flash metal likely to bring out the ugly animal part of you, if you still drink, or do drugs. Vocalist BRITT, who somehow also plays bass, has got, hands-down, the most distinctive voice and indomitable spirit of anybody who's donned the leather trou and whiskey bottle in a long, long time. Elephant's balls blister rock the likes I ain't heard for too many years. This is really exceptionally potent, excruciatingly well-executed, explosively original-sounding, dynamite music from nightmare land, that's guaranteed to blow your mind These guys are so much heavier than the new Buck Cherry, as to make it seem kinda lite-weight and powder-puff, in comparison, and I dig that record. This kinda music can get cats like me in trouble. Don't play this CD in your car - it's too dangerous - somebody could seriously get injured....and whatever you do, don't let these cats anywhere NEAR your girlfriend. THE SUBSTITUTES are putting their own property patch on the pasty ass of bloated rawk culture. Making a real valid contribution. Serving as a threat by example. Funky and ferocious flash metal likely to bring out the ugly animal part of you, if you still drink, or do drugs. Vocalist BRITT, who somehow also plays bass, has got, hands-down, the most distinctive voice and indomitable spirit of anybody who's donned the leather trou and whiskey bottle in a long, long time. Elephant's balls blister rock the likes I ain't heard for too many years. This is really exceptionally potent, excruciatingly well-executed, explosively original-sounding, dynamite music from nightmare land, that's guaranteed to blow your mind. Sleazegrinder

You like it ...buy it here .


PHYSICALS - All sexed up

THE PHYSICALS All sexed up ep 1978 Physical records flac
Breakdown on stage / No life in the city / You do me in / All sexed up .
Produced by Ian Dickson & the Physicals.
The Physicals : Alan Lee Show : guitar, vocals / Steve Schmidt : guitar / Crister Sol : bass , vocals / Steve Bye : drums .
This record is dedicated to excess .
After the Rings and the Maniacs' nonstop punk ran its course, guitarist Alan Lee Shaw's Physicals adopted a more glam stance, at least on their "All Sexed Up" EP. The storming "Breakdown on Stage" sets the tone by saluting the New York Dolls -- in words, and riffs -- while Shaw indulges some choice Thunders-style plectrum swipes on the slower, yet equally intense"You Do Me In." .
The Physicals existed from 1978 and lasted until 1980. They were London based and began playing regularly at such venues as The Nashville and The Music Machine, soon building a substantial following. As demand for a record grew the band decided on the fastest option and recorded 4 songs live without overdubs onto a 2 track Revox machine. They released it as "All Sexed Up" on their own label Physical Records in September 1978. Despite getting banned purely on the basis of the title by The Independent Broadcasting Authority it sold all 5,000 copies pretty quickly, since becoming a collectors' item. Steve Jones and Paul Cook heard the demos for the next single and offered to produce it. Steve Jones was busy with other commitments so Paul Cook took charge both as producer and drummer on the record. The single was finished in early 1979 but for various reasons wasn't released until 1980 on Big Beat Records. During this delay the band toured with Thin Lizzy, did an Irish tour and continued to build on their already substantial live following. With a lull in their activities, Brian James asked Alan to join his band The Brains, and Charlie Harper asked Alvin to join the UK Subs. The other members decided to pursue other projects and The Physicals disintegrated.


THE RICHMOND SLUTS - Sweet something

THE RICHMOND SLUTS Sweet something / Sad city sp 2002 Disaster records flac

...This 7" is fucking great. "Sweet Something" is just soooooooooo great - with that wonderful glamorous sound, great organ and even greater rockin' piano - New York Dolls would be jealous to hear this. Side B is "Sad City" - we already know this one from their LP, but this is new - 2002 version. Well, it sounds great, but I want to hear more new songs and I hope Richmond Sluts are preparing new album. They are one of not many bands that I spin quite often and I need more than one LP and one 7"... No Brain Zine

The latest incarnation of the sadly defunct Bay Area rock-revivalists Richmond Sluts is ( was ?)Big Midnight.



THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS Street survivor / Let me go sp 2001 Bad Afro flac
Produced by Jürgen Hendmeier & the Flaming Sideburns .
It's hard to find a band that is more rock'n'roll than The Flaming Sideburns. Nobody can incorporate the sounds of Motor City, Rolling Stones, tough ass R&B, soul and Northwest garage like The Sideburns. They simply take everything that is cool about 60's/70's rock'n'roll and soul, cram it together and spit it out in an updated version that is very much their own. "Street Survivor" is the first outtake from the album "Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah" and it is backed with the exclusive "Let Me Go" that was recorded at the same time as the album. Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah motherfucker!!

JOHNNY CASH - Johnny 99

JOHNNY CASH Johnny 99 cd 1983 Columbia 320 kbps

Highway patrolman / That's the truth / God bless Robert E. Lee / New cut road / Johnny 99 / Ballad of the ark / Joshua gone Barbados / Girl from the canyon / Brand new dance / I'm ragged but I'm right .

Produced by Brian Ahern .

See booklet for credits.



THE PRIMEVALS - On the red eye

THE PRIMEVALS On the red eye 2cd 2005 New Rose 320 kbps

Eternal hotfire* / Prairie chain* / Primevall call */ See that skin* / Spiritual* / Nutmeg city* / Elixir of life* / Fire an clay* / Saint Jack* / Dish of fish* / Lowdown* / Sister' / Lonesome weepin' blues' / My emancipation° / Blues at my door° / She's all mine° / Have some fun° / See the tears fall° / Lucky I'm living° /Living in hell ~/ Walk in my footsteps~ / Fertile mind+ / Follow her down+ / My dying embers+ / All of the virtues+ / Bleedin' black+ / Cotton head+ / Justify+ / Early grave+ / Highway+ / Pink cat suit (part 1)+ / One sweet drink+ / Burden of the debt+ / Diamonds , a furcoat , champagne¤ / Heya" / Down where the madness grows" / Crazy little thing" / Paupers grave# / Methadone script# / Where the soul in that ?# / Depth to your soul# .
° from the mini lp "Eternal hotfire" 1984 produced by King Ken & The Primevals.
~from the sp "Living in hell" 1985 produced by King Ken & The Primevals.
' from the 10" "Elixir of life" 1986 produced by Richard Mazda .
* from the lp "Soundhole" 1986 produced by Richard Mazda.
+from the lp "Live a little" 1987 produced by Richard Mazda.
" from the maxi EP "Heya" 1987 produced by Richard Mazda.
# never released before : recorded in Cava Studio , Glasgow 27/02/00.
The Primevals : Michael Rooney : vocals /Malcolm Mc Donald : guitars, backing vocals on *, ', +,¤," & #/ John Honeyman : bass , backing vocals / Tom Rafferty : guitars on * & ' / Don Gordon : guitars on ° & ~/ Rhod Lefty Burnett : drums on ° , ' , ~ , * , ¤, + & "/ Paul Bridges : drums on # / Gordon Goudie : guitars on + ,¤ & ".
What to say about the Primevals that already hasn't been said in as many quarters as it should ? As famous as Glasgow is for "music", it's not a very prolific rock'n'roll city.There's a ton going on in terms of cross-collateralisation but little in terms of the majesty that a simple sonic paste-ing will impart.
It's often said that that prophets aren't accepted in their own backyard and this is one of those.The Primevals had and have more in common with the produce of U.S. , Australia or Europe. They play all over - Germany ,France , Holland , Belgium , Italy , Austria ... - were audiences seemed to recognise their worth . Their Gun Club meets Radio Birdman take on Detroit rock'n'roll preachin' blues was much more direct than praticly anything that has ever come "ootta Glesgae". Except for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band .
It's fitting that this retrospective assembly should be released on Last Call Records , the sister label of their original stable , New Rose. New Rose was a bastion of fine fine music in it's heyday . Pushing the real stuff to people who cared .Some of them , even live in the U.K. It's about time too and maybe , just maybe , something will happen and the band will haul it around one last time to show all of these young stylised pups how it's done .
Not exactly an outright secret then but worthy of more respect than most all hailed as "seminal" in these barren times . These tunes to my knowledge, are not ringtone friendly . This isn't some kinda lifestyle soundtrack piffle put together to sound authentic . The Primevals were hollerin' "Heya" in a psychedelicized swirl when Andre 3000 was still in nappies .0 Now that's cooler than being cool and you can shake it like a polaroid picture if you want . That ,after all is what it was all about in the first instance . Lindsay Hutton - The Next Big Thing - January 2005
part two here!
For vinyl covers & The Primevals Peel Sessions here !



THE SLOW SLUSHY BOYS Pretty Monster cd 1992 Larsen records 320 kbps
Fakes / Don't turn me around / Teachers / Time's wheel / Pretty monster / Learnin' to go back / Don't bamboozle me ! / On the turnstile / Victory / Clean out your house / Lester Bangs . Produced by the Slow Slushy Boys .

1989 / 90 : The Slow Slushy Boys come out of some recording studio with ten tracks, very much influenced by rhythm'n'blues, 60's pop, country music and 60's punk. They create their own label, name it LARSEN Recordz, and release thus their first LP, "Get Crazy!"
1992 : Release of the second Slow Slushy Boys album, "Pretty Monster", still on LARSEN Recordz. From then on, people outside the borders of France start showing interest to the Slow Slushy Boys who get good reviews in magazines such as Hartbeat (Germany), Cryptic Times (Canada), Merlin's Music (Greece) and Ruta 66 (Spain) ; The Slow Slushy Boys will then take part in numerous compilations in Canada, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, USA, and France.
1994 / 95 : Two ex-Vindicators (The Wildest 60's punk combo that France has ever Known !) join the group which marks its come back on vinyl. First, a three track EP on LARSEN, "The Girl She Always Smiles", then one EP on an italian label will follow as well as 3 of others on the best french garage punk labels. But, above all, a third album, "Wild Whelk Twist", a ten inches with ten tracks out in june 1995.
1996 : 2 EP's on italian labels, one track for a box 7"s on Jungle Noise (Germany), a split 7" with the fantastic Kravin'A's, an EP again on the french label Wiped Out and a few appearings on european compilations (Twang, Animal, Snap).
1997 / 98 : A new LP 10" on Larsen ("10 fabulous hits") and a 3 trax EP called "3 shots of rythm'n'whelk" on Pure Vinyl (Austria), their first tour in Spain. 1998 : a split EP with The fantastic scotish garage band THE Thanes, on the new label Do the dog; also their third appearing in a australian tribute : this time on Corduroy rds for a Rolling Stones tribute circa 63/66 with the Devil Dogs, Chesterfield Kings, Tell Tale Hearts...
1989 / 90 : The Slow Slushy Boys come out of some recording studio with ten tracks, very much influenced by rhythm'n'blues, 60's pop, country music and 60's punk. They create their own label, name it LARSEN Recordz, and release thus their first LP, "Get Crazy!"
1992 : Release of the second Slow Slushy Boys album, "Pretty Monster", still on LARSEN Recordz. From then on, people outside the borders of France start showing interest to the Slow Slushy Boys who get good reviews in magazines such as Hartbeat (Germany), Cryptic Times (Canada), Merlin's Music (Greece) and Ruta 66 (Spain) ; The Slow Slushy Boys will then take part in numerous compilations in Canada, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, USA, and France.
1994 / 95 : Two ex-Vindicators (The Wildest 60's punk combo that France has ever Known !) join the group which marks its come back on vinyl. First, a three track EP on LARSEN, "The Girl She Always Smiles", then one EP on an italian label will follow as well as 3 of others on the best french garage punk labels. But, above all, a third album, "Wild Whelk Twist", a ten inches with ten tracks out in june 1995.
1996 : 2 EP's on italian labels, one track for a box 7"s on Jungle Noise (Germany), a split 7" with the fantastic Kravin'A's, an EP again on the french label Wiped Out and a few appearings on european compilations (Twang, Animal, Snap).
1997 / 98 : A new LP 10" on Larsen ("10 fabulous hits") and a 3 trax EP called "3 shots of rythm'n'whelk" on Pure Vinyl (Austria), their first tour in Spain. 1998 : a split EP with The fantastic scotish garage band THE Thanes, on the new label Do the dog; also their third appearing in a australian tribute : this time on Corduroy rds for a Rolling Stones tribute circa 63/66 with the Devil Dogs, Chesterfield Kings, Tell Tale Hearts...
1999 : More new stuff from the indestructibleSlushies, includin' 2 EP's on italian labels (Psych-Out rds & Sham Foundation) . New line up since august, with the 3d ex member of the Vindicators (also member of Preachers & Stompin' Harvey & the Fast Wreckers), Cailleton, on guitar, and Teen Axel (13 years old ! he already recorded some organ with the Slow Slushy Boys & the Splinters) on bass/organ. Watch out ! A new LP is planned before the 3d Millenium!
2000 : the new LP is out ! 14 songs recorded at the legendary Toe Rag Studio, by Liam Watson. including great versions of Question Mark, Arthur Alexander, Ron Haydock, Upsetters, Golden Earrings & A.J & the Savages. + 8 originals of Rhythm’n’soul ! Already planned for september 2000, a new 4 tracks twistin’ E.P, all soung in french : 3 originals, + a french version of the Phil Spector pearl “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”. And after 2 years off, the band finally comes back on stage at the Cosmic Festival, and at Chambe T Rock festival. A german tour is planned in october.
2001 : Back to Larsen studio, they record new material, completely dedicated to the black danse’n’ love music. “Party ! & don’t worry ‘bout it” is their 6th album, with 13 new songs includin’ covers of the Ikettes, Five Royales and Clovers... A new EP all soung in french is out again on the spanish label Butterfly. And they’re finally back on CD : Wildebeest Records, the label based in Austin Texas, released a compilation with 16 songs from 1995 to 2001. No unreleased stuff but a bunch of their best tunes ! A few concerts in France, Germany & Switzerland, & in Spain for the Wild Week End, with the Rapiers, Sires, King Khan, Freddy Fortune,’s, Jackie & the Cedrics, Trouble Makers...
2002/2003 : Only 4 songs have been recorded in 2002 at Larsen studio, but the best ones they never done. Two killer instrumentals composed by Teen'Axel ("Slush Puppy" / "Das weiss der teufel") & released on their 3d seven inches by the great spanish label Butterfly. Also 2 vocals has been cut, 2 of the best soul songs ever, "Shotgun Boogaloo" by Pete Terrace, & "Why (I want to know)" by the unknown genius Nat Hall, released as a single on the brand new german label, Soundflat (Muck & the Mires, Rapiers, Cool Jerks). 2003 has been so quiet that Teen'Axel & Denis decided to record new songs together & then formed the studio project called Benny Gordini with the Teen'Axel Soul Arkestra. But the Slow Slushy Boys will be back on studio in 2004. 8 songs are already on the way to your soul...
2004/2005 : the Slow Slushy Boys back in studio in 2004, with a new single "When will we get the power", & a new album 10 trax "Love & Affection", both on the B-Soul label. again with their unique garage soul touch, covering Nathaniel Mayer, Ike & Tina, Garnett Mimms & Arthur Conley aswell as new dancing originals, like the soulfull "Without You" or the garagesque "Never bad times". They also appear on 3 great international compilations : a US tribute to Tommy James & the Shondells, "Lost Tymes vol. 2" in Greece & the second volume of "Let's Boogaloo" in Italia, with Eddie Bo, Ray Barretto, Link Quartet, et Frank Popp...
2007 : Finally back on stage, the boys made a small french tour early 2007 & played at the great Soundflat Ballroom Bash in Leipzig, with Curlee Wurlee, the Montesas, the Cool Jerks, the Satelliters & the Staggers. 4 new tracks have been recorded at larsen studio, and a new single is out on B-Soul : “Move your hand/ Don’t look back” . The fourth single for Butterfly rds (& the 20th one for the band!) “The Duck / The Worm” is planned for january 2008.
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THE PRIMEVALS - Living in hell

THE PRIMEVALS Living in hell / Walk in my footsteps 7" 1985 New Rose records wav
Produced by Primevals + King Ken .
The Primevals : same band than for the previous post .
Second single for The Primeva
els ... These songs were only issued in single just after the "Eternal hotfire" mini lp and before their first real long player "Soundhole" produced by Richard Mazda in december 1985 .

THE PRIMEVALS - Where are you ?

THE PRIMEVALS Where are you ? / This kind of love 7" 1984 Raucous records wav
Produced by Malcolm Mc Donald.
The Primevals : J. Honeyman : bass / T. Rafferty : guitar & backing vocals / M. Rooney : vocals / D. Gordon : lead guitar / L. Burnett : drums.
The very first single of the Primevals was released on Raucous records in 1984 . Patrick Mathé , the boss of New Rose records , a very good french label , signed the band shortly after . They recorded for New Rose two full lps , a mini lp , a 10" & some singles . They also appeared on the New Rose compilations ( ... with a cover of Suicide on "Play New Rose for me" ) .


THE PRIMEVALS - Elixir of love

THE PRIMEVALS Elixir of love 10 " 45 rpm 1986 New Rose wav
Elixir of love / Sister / Lonesome weepin' blues .
Produced by Richard Mazda .
The Primevals : Michael Rooney : lead vocals , harmonica , maracas / Malcolm Mc Donald : guitars , backing vocals / Tom Rafferty : guitars / John Honeyman : bass , backing vocals / Rhod Lefty Burnett : drums .
The Primevals are now in a good place.The band started in 1983, Michael Rooney had a record stall and had some friends who played in bands. He had seen loads of local bands at the time from Johnny and the Self Abusers, Dirty Reds, Cuban Heels, Fun 4 and the Subs and thought he could do something. He was friends with the Subs and a couple of years later he got ex-member Kevin Key on guitar, Malcolm MacDonald on bass and Tom Rafferty on guitar who was the first guy who was into the whole idea, along with Rhod Burnett from the Zanti Misfits/Hela and the Headhunters on drums. They did their first gig in 1983 in Night Moves, Glasgow they had about 7 songs. They recorded a demo and then a single. By this time they solidified with John Honeyman on bass and Don Gordon on guitar. Michael then sent some new recordings to New Rose and they liked it, soon The Primevals released "Eternal Hotfire" a mini album on New Rose. Malcolm came back on guitar replacing Tom and they cut a 45 'Living in Hell/Walk in my footsteps' . They then recorded 'Soundhole' with Tom replacing Don Gordon, toured with The Cramps in Europe then cut the 'Live a Little' album this time Gordon Goudie replacing Tom Rafferty. The Primevals did record over this period, 5 sessions for BBC Radio 1 john peel (1), janice long (2) and andy kershaw(2). They then released the live lp 'Neon Oven' this was originally meant for a cassette only release but was issued on lp form by 53rd & 3rd label in 1988. A fifth record was recorded called 'Dig' and released in 1990 on nibelung records, germany, The Primevals ceased for some time between 1991-1999. Michael formed 'Bean Spasm in London 1991-1993 they did 5 gigs. He returned to Glasgow and formed 'the Fatalistics' 1994 and played occasional gigs over a 4 year period.This was basically The Primevals playing covers by People's Choice, Charlie Feathers and Sun Ra, etc. The Primevals began playing under their name again in 2000 and have played live only occasionally during this time. Michael played a few shows 2003-5 year period with Breakdown 99. In 2006 The Primevals began recording a new record at FML studio in Motherwell. They have just finished it . It's called "Ther's no other life and this is it" . You can buy it here !

CITY KIDS - 1000 Soldiers

CITY KIDS 1000 Soldiers lp 1989 Spliff records 320 kb
1_State Control /2_Another Gun /3_Very Last Day / 4_All Alone / 5_Get Back To You / 6_1000 Soldiers / 7_Glasscage / 8_I Want You (To Stay) /9_Only Question / 10_Hand Of Law / 11_I Need Your Noise .
1 & 4 : Recorded home 1982 / 2 & 8 : Recorded at Arpèges Studios (Nantes) in 1985 / 3 : Recorded live at Champ/Marne in 1986 / 7 & 9 : Unrealeased songs from "The Orphans parade" 1986 / 5, 6, 10 & 11 : Recorded live in Le Havre in 1989.
Dominique Comont : Vocals, Piano / Christophe Paillette : Bass / Erik Houllemare : Bass on 1& 4 / Pascal Lebigre : Bass on 2 & 8 / Stéphane "Paxo" Lesauvage: Drums / Pascal Lamy: Guitar .
That's all for the great City Kids !Artwork by the great Max !

THE PILLS - A fistful of pills

THE PILLS A fistful of pills cd 2004 Primary Voltage 320 kbps
Hang on tight / Butterfield 8 / Continental breakfast / Good thing going / Brand new pair of eyes / Rock'n'roll heart / Fighting words / Slam book / You could have kept that to yourself / Almost Inman square / Rub my eyes / Kissing the dirt / Ballad of Don Crawford.
Produced by Roger Lavallee and the Pills.
The Pills : Dave Aaronoff : guitar , vocals , keyboards / Corin Ashley : bass , vocals / David Thompson : guitar, vocals / Jamie Vavra : drums .
+ Cory Harding : stunt guitar , vocals / Shannon Cooper : violin / Roger Lavallee : vocals , marxaphone , clockenspiel , synth.
Since 1995, The Pills have been Boston's preeminent power pop faction, blending a hard-hitting guitar assault akin to the Smithereens with the rapid roar of the Jam. "A Fistful of Pills" finds the group more forceful than ever, with the addition of one-time Shods and Mighty Might Bosstones guitarist Dave Aaronoff. The tight, bluesy blast of "Hang On Tight" starts the commotion that evolves into the quirky roar of "Butterfield 8." Fascinations with early Cheap Trick and the Knack abound, if the blistering "Good Thing Going" is any indication, and the undeniable, spirited delivery of tracks like "Brand New Pair of Eyes," and "Rock & Roll Heart" prove that whether it's bassist Corin Ashley, or guitarist David Thompson handling the lead vocal chores, the results are usually good. "Rub My Eyes" is even brilliant, recalling 1970s nuggets by the Records and Bram Tchaikosky, but the thirty-second shot of "Continental Breakfast" is pretty disposable. The countrified "Ballad of Don Crawford" affirms suspicions that there could be more to the Pills in the future than just skilled, easily digested mod rock. Just the same, the bulk of "A fistful of Pills" is a blast. Now take your medicine . Allmusic


V/A SHAKIN' IN MY BOOTS - A Texas rock'n'roll compilation

V/A SHAKIN' IN MY BOOTS : A Texas rock'n'roll compilation cd 2004 Liquorice Tree records 320 kbps
THE STEPBROTHERS : Shut it down / THE UGLY BEATS : I'll come again / THE HOTRAILS : Down for the count / THE DRAGSTRIP BROS. : The assassin / THE CRACK PIPES : Rescue party / THE GOLDEN BOYS : I want you / JESUS CHRIST SUPERFLY : Twisted up inside / THE HARD FEELINGS : Half in the morning / THE SUNDAY DRUNKS : Hard drinkin' woman / THE RAVENS : Jealous kind / THE DEADITES : I can behave / MCLEMORE AVENUE : A toy robot! / 00 SPIES : Such a bad guy / WHITE HEAT : Doomed to rot / THE KA-NIVES : Let's dance .

Licorice Tree Records released this very cool garage rock compilation in 2004 . “Shakin’ In My Boots” kicks things off with the Stepbrothers “Shut It Down”, a catchy little finger snapping slice of garage blues. Next up is the Ugly Beats with “I’ll Come Again” which is pure Nuggets perfection. The Dragstrip Bros. serve up some killer surf with “The Assassin” and the Golden Boys reach a psychotic reaction frenzy with “I Want You”. Eleven of the fifteen bands featured on this compilation begin their name with “The” so you know its garage rock before you even stick it in the player. Licorice Tree hit the nail on the head with this one. Now my only problem is figuring out which bands full length release to get first.

To go to the Licorice Tree Records web site click here


DIG IT ! N° 44 (01/10/08)




V/A Here's fifty bucks

V/A Here's fifty bucks cd 2004 Rocketdog records 320 kbps
GLUECIFER : God's chosen dealer / PLEASURE FUCKERS : Electric fence / GEDS : Burnt city / NITWITZ : Rock pusher / CANDY SNATCHERS : Run you down /UNION 69 : Mongo magnet / BIG PAULUS : Love train / THE SINISTERS : Capt. Weirdo / PUFFBALL : Finger in the trigger / BOSS 302 : Failure /CELLOPHANE SUCKERS : Bust riot / STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS : Inside / TURPENTINES : She belongs to Jesus / DOWN'N'OUTS : Can't go on / PLUNGERS : Lost city lovers / POWDER MONKEYS : I like pills / SPEEDHOLES : City of the living dead / JEFF DAHL : I'm in love with the G.T.O.'S (Live) / HELLACOPTERS : Hey (live) .
Project coordination : Tony Slug .
NICE COVER ISN'T ? ... look at the bands : Hellacopters , Nitwitz , Cellophane Suckers , Sinisters , Powder Monkeys and the missed Gluecifer ... WITHOUT COMMENTS !


PERSIAN RUGS Mr Tripper cd EP 2002 SOS records wav
Mr Tripper / Moochin' around / Here she comes / I can't take anymore / Going out in style .
Produced by Persian Rugs.
Persian Rugs : Dave Faulkner : vocals & guitars / Rick Grossman : bass / Mark Kingsmill : drums /Brad Shepherd : guitars.
Following the January 1998 demise of their previous outfit, Australian schlock-rock legends the Hoodoo Gurus, singer/guitarist Dave Faulkner, guitarist Brad Shepherd , bassist Rick Grossman and drummer Mark Kingsmill all reunited in the Persian Rugs. Despite a lineup mirroring the final incarnation of their previous outfit, the band insisted it was not just the Hoodoos under another name: drawing inspiration from garage combos both past and present, Faulkner once remarked "The Hoodoo Gurus would cover a Persian Rugs song, but the Persian Rugs couldn't cover a Hoodoo Gurus song." In mid-2002 the group issued its debut EP "Mr Tripper" ; Grossman soon exited, and ex-Crusaders/Thurston Howlers bassist Kendall James signed on to complete the full-length "Turkish Delight" issued early the following year. In 2004 Grossman returned to action, and the reconstituted group once again claimed the Hoodoo Gurus name, casting the continued viability of the Persian Rugs moniker in serious doubt.

VA - BULLET PROOF POEMS - The (Un) Authorised DOGS D'AMOUR Tribute Album

V/A Bullet Proof Poems - The (Un)Authorised DOGS D'AMOUR Tribute Album cd 1999 Desert Inn Records 320 kbps
HUNDRED MILLIONS MARTIANS : How doi you fall in love again? / THE JACKALS : Gold / THE SUBTERRANEANS : How come it never rains / THE SKIDMARK HEROES : Saviour / TRASH MAVERICKS : Comfort of the devil / THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAHS : Debauchery /JOHN TONIC : Last bandit / BURNIN' PIPE HARMONY : Baby glass / JEFF DAHL : Errol Flynn / NEIL LEYTON : Hate pain / THE BLACK HALOS : Mr Barfly / SATELLITE KIDS : Mad back Jack / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK : Empty world / BLACK ROSE GARDEN : Billy two rivers / TRASH BRATS : Firework girl / HIGHSCHOOL HELLCATS : No gipsy blood / SOFA KINGS : Heroine / PLAN 9 : Wait until I'm dead / JANY JAMES : Bullet proof poet / BASH NASTY : I don't want you to go / LAST CHANCE SALOON : In the dynamite Jet Saloon/ Swingin' the bottle .
Produced by Nick Barolo.
The Dogs D'Amour came out of the mid-80's with a unique mixture of glam- and punk-influenced stonesy rock'n'roll and a do-or-die attitude. They've been compared to The Faces and The Quireboys but to me have more of an edge and are lyrically more convincing, not to mention the coolest artwork ever to adorn album covers and sleeves. Their album from 1988, (Un)authorized Bootleg on China Records, is a hard-to-find collector's item with only 2000 copies printed. It's an official compilation of songs they played live since 1983 and before they landed their major recording deal, an answer to the bootlegging that took place back then. The breakthrough was made with the 1988 album In The Dynamite Jet Saloon followed by an acoustic ballad EP called A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles the year after (limited edition of 15'000 copies), which was very representative of Tyla's poetic style of sad romance and booze - it still kills me every time I listen to it. If Charles Bukowski is the prose and poetry of the whores and junkies and lonely hearts, this is their song and music. Lyrics that romanticize the low-life, the blue, sad and forgotten. Fascinating and sometimes mysterious songs about Cigarette Mustang Girls, Baby Monoxide, Firework Girl, Mr.Barfly and such timeless lines as "I fell in love when I fell down the stairs into the arms of a girl that really cared" or "Princess Valium on a stallion through the panavision sunset of my heart". Now legendary Dogs D'Amour gigs are surrounded by tales of debauchery and destruction, unadulterated rock'n'roll antics and excesses.
Here's an Italian Tribute (limited to 1000 ex.) with a lot of good bands covered a lot of Dogs songs !!!


SCOTT KEMPNER - Tenement Angels

SCOTT KEMPNER Tenement Angels cd 1992 Razor & Tie 320 kbps
You move me /Bad intent / I.C.U.* /Hot rod angel / Love among the ruins /Lonesome train*/ Precious thing / Livin' with her , livin' with me / Do you believe in me ?* /(Just like) Romeo and Juliet / Tender mercies /I wanna be yours*.
Produced by Lou Whitney, Manny Caiati & Scott Kempner .
The Skeletons : Kelly Brown : keyboards, vocals / Bobby Lloyd Hicks : drums, vocals , percussion / Joe Terry : keyboards , vocals / D. Clinton Thompson : guitars , vocals , solos / Lou Whitney : bass , vocals / Top Ten (Scott Kempner) : guitar , vocals , solos .
+ Manny Caiati : bass on */ Jim Wunderle : background vocals .
Scott Kempner, the erstwhile guitarist for the New York-based proto-punk outfit the Dictators and former frontman of the Del-Lords (Kempner's primary band for pretty much all of the eighties), continued making music well into the nineties and 2000s as a member of bands like the Little Kings and the Paradise Brothers , and as a solo artist. Kempner's first solo album, "Tenement Angels", was released in 1992 on Razor & Tie (which at that point, incidentally, was practically in its infancy, having formed only two years previous); he was joined by Springfield, Missouri-based roots rockers the Skeletons for that release. Kempner essentially dedicated the next fifteen years to working with the Little Kings and, later, the Paradise Brothers , but he didn't give up his solo work. His second solo album, a rollicking roots rock affair entitled "Saving Grace", was released in 2008.
" ... I released a solo album called TENEMENT ANGELS in the early 90’s with the other greatest band in America (the one nobody knows about), THE SKELETONS. We toured a bit and then that was that until……DION calls me outta the clear blue one day with the idea of working together. He had heard the last DEL-LORDS album (actually named for a Dion song, LOVERS WHO WANDER) and TENEMENT ANGELS and wondered why his records didn’t sound like this. Well, to say you coulda knocked me over with a feather is to say well, you coulda knocked me over with a feather. My childhood hero. My childhood neighborhood hero, no less... " Scott Kempner.
and Scott + Dion + Mike Mesaros (Smithereens) + Frank Funaro (Del Lords) = The Little Kings (Ace Records) .
"Saving Grace" buy it here : http://www.2minutes59.com/release/10


THE PAINE BROTHERS - Honky tonk hell

THE PAINE BROTHERS Honky tonk hell cd 1992 New Rose Records 320 kbps
Just a rock song / She thinks I'm trash / So young , so bad ... so what / Rebelene / Round about way / Honey make a beeline / (Don't sell my daddy) No more whiskey / You're looking good / (Don't treat me like a dog) Love this cat / Hey Tonya Jean / All or nothing love / Honky tonk hell.
Produced by the Paine Brothers.
Guitars : Bobby & Larson Paine /Brian Setzer / John Walmsley.
Bass : Bobby Paine / Dennis Croy.
Drums : Gary Fergusson / Davey Crockett /Donald Lindley /Spit Stix.
Piano & fiddle : John Walmsley.
Harmonica : Larson Paine , Pete Anderson.
A damned rollin' band near the bone with a bunch of original rockin' songs! Does Brian Setzer play with anybody ?

CITY KIDS - City kids (another link)

If you want a better sound , try the new link to download the City Kids mini lp !


CITY KIDS - City Kids

CITY KIDS City Kids Mini lp 1984 Closer records wav
Is It Love / Girl Of My Life / Loosing Your Mind/ Changing/ I Need Your Noise.
Produced by Alan Thorne & Rob Younger at Trafalgar studios.
City Kids : Dominique Comont : vocals & piano / Pascal Lamy : guitar / Stéphane Lesauvage : drums / ???? : bass .
Le deuxième mini album des City Kids sort en 1984 sur le label Closer . Là aussi c'est une excellente surprise .
Booklet , tray & inlay by Max !

HITMEN D.T.K. - Surfin' in another direction

HITMEN D.T.K. Surfin' in another direction cd 1992 Revenge records 320 kbps
Surfin' in another direction /Sleep & dream / This bar / Too many girls /Ready to ride / St Valentine's day /Cat fight / Pop's all gone / Come tomorrow / Heart full of hate / The party's over / Little black dress / Justice blind / Gone wild / Slice of life / UELA .
Produced by Andy Bradley & Chris Mazuak.
Hitmen D.T.K. : Johnny Kannis : vocals / Chris Mazuak : guitars / Shane Cooke : bass / Gerald Presland : drums .
Guests : Deniz Tek : guitar & harmonica / Sugar Hill Tabernacle Choir : backing vocals & general mayhem.
SURFING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION A new Hitmen DTK line-up travelled to Houston, Texas USA to record what would be the “Moronic Inferno” album, with ex-Birdman mixer Mort Bradley at the controls and the same band’s guitarist, Deniz Tek, guesting. (The recording sessions marked a return from premature retirement for Tek, then living in the USA and not playing much music). The album was a strong slice of pop-orientated rock and roll with some of the songs dating from the Hitmen’s earliest days. It was issued in November 1991 with a four track CD single “Surfing in Another Direction” accompanying it. The band – with Tek guesting – played out in Australia in late ’91 to promote it. The Hitmen then went on to support Dark Carnival (featuring ex-Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and Detroit's Queen, Niagara on Vocals) on their Australian tour in December. The band folded soon after, Kannis moving to Queensland to promote music and Masuak going on to the bluesy Juke Savages, a career in natural healing and, eventually, a re-formed Radio Birdman and his own Klondike’s North 40.
Derivative, but undeniably spirited, the Hitmen left a lasting mark. Too rockin’ to be pop, and too hooky for the metal-heads, they similarly confounded record company marketing departments but delighted a generation of gig goers all over Australia. Since then, there have been threatened Hitmen re formations, all to no avail – UNTIL NOW!!!!!!
DIVINE PROVIDENCE Call it what you like, but there’s no doubt that history, good fortune and destiny have conspired to deliver the cleanest, most pre-determined HITMEN line-up since 1981. Drawing together ONLY members with previous service to the HITMEN, (or bands with only one degree of separation), these five men have truly earned their Rock 'n' Roll commissions. •Johnny Kannis, Chris Masuak & Tony Robertson all return as original soldiers. •Tony Jukic is re-called to active service from The Johnny Kannis Explosion. •Muzz Shepherd, chief Tribesman and brother of original member Brad (currently serving in another war), now proud to serve in his stead. NOT a loose collection of reformed musicians!! Rather, a genetically spliced SupaHuman, featuring both original and family DNA. This is truly the Next Generation of THE HITMEN. The Creature is Re-Born!! Myspace.com HITMEN


ORND : SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - Day Dreaming at midnight

OLD RECORDS NEVER DIES : SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Day dreaming at midnight cd 1994 Elektra records 320 kbps
Too little Too late / Twisted world / Darling Dolores /Day dreaming at midnight / Into the night / Dylan come lately / She would if she could, she can't so she won't / You don't know how young you are / County line / Romance is all screwed up / Freedom is mine / Intoxication.
Produced by Doug Clifford & Doug Sahm.
S. D. Quintet 1994 : Doug "Cosmo" Clifford : drums & backing vocals / Speedy Sparks & Neil Walker : bass / Doug Sahm : vocals , rhythm guitar / Louie Ortega & Shawn Sahm : rhythm & lead guitars , backing vocals / John Jorgenson : lead guitars / Augie Meyers : Vox organ / Shandon Sahm & Clay Meyers : drums .
Those familiar with the music of Doug Sahm know he has his hard rocking side, especially in the context of the Sir Douglas Quintet. For example, take a cut such as "Baby It Just Don't Matter" from the Mendocino album, which rocks almost as hard as a Jimi Hendrix track. Nonetheless, even albums by the quintet are known for an eclectic mix of rock, country, and folk rock. This particular record is the first one that featured Sahm in a totally hard rocking context, the tracks jumping from one heavy groove to the next like some kind of old Saturday night FM underground radio show hosted by rowdies. Those that connect rock music only with the cult of youth need exposure to this sort of project, which seamlessly presents the music as a meeting of several generations, in this case the Sahm clam. Sons Shandon Sahm playing some drums and Shawn Sahm playing lots of guitar are here rocking out magnificently with their old man. Another hot picker named John Jorgenson is on board, and between him and Sahm father and son, the listener will be bombarded with several generations worth of rock & roll licks, literally. Playing drums on most of the tracks is Doug Clifford , whose distinctive style helped make the records of Creedence Clearwater Revival sound so good. He is in fine form here, locking in tight with quintet veteran Speedy Sparks on bass. A total highlight is the fun track "Dylan Come Lately," with lyrics making fun of Bob Dylan imitators, and a section of guitar solos in which the streams of both Chuck Berry and Eddie Van Halen meet in a bubbling spring. The loud, distorted, crunching electric guitar riffs just seem to keep piling up from track to track. Obviously, if one's taste veers more toward Sahm's country projects, then stay clear of this one. Otherwise, lots and lots of fun.
Eugene Chadbourne - Allmusic.com

THE SENDERS - Seven Song Super Single

THE SENDERS Seven Song Super Single Mini lp 1980 Max Kansas City Records 320 kbps
6 th Street / The killing floor / Don't make me mad / Cut it out / Please give me something / I feel so bad / Great big fool (at the wheel).
Produced by Peter Crowley.
The Senders : Phil Marcade : vocals , harp / Wild Bill Thompson : guitar / Steve Shevlin : bass / Marc Bourset : drums.
During 1978, The Senders (Phil Marcade, Steve Shevlin, Wild Bill Thompson and Marc Bourset) rise to club fame, regularly playing New York venues such as MAX'S, THE PEPPERMINT LOUNGE, C.B.G.B., HURRAH'S, THE MUDD CLUB and HEAT. They started to build up quite a following not just in New York but in Boston and Philadelphia also. They spend much of the year traveling up and down the east coast, developing their unique brand of "punky vintage-R'n'B" sounds and their image as shark-skin suit and D.A. wearing sophisticated R'n'B rockers. Their "immaculate" look and punch-drunk fortitude attracts many other bands to their shows and often in their crowd are members of Blondie, The Cramps, the Heartbreakers and the Tomcats (soon to become the Straycats). They also start to gather lots of good press: Village Voice's Robert Christgau even hails them as "the most interesting exponents of the good old Rock'n'Roll approach to New York new wave" and Bruce Paley of the Soho News goes on to say: "The Senders, with a vigorous set reminiscent of the early Stones, proved that they are the BEST of the city's unsigned bands. "Trouser Press Magazine points out: "The Senders disprove the conventional wisdom that classicism has to be stuffy, the energy level here matches that of the Ramones in their prime. Bands will continue in R'n'B and Rockabilly but few will match the verve of The Senders. "They even start to get international press, being held by England's N.M.E. as "New York's answer to Doctor Feelgood" and given the title "PUNK BLUES" in French magazine Rock and Folk.
1979 sees The Senders taking off for a 3 week stint in Los Angeles, playing at the legendary Troubadour and at the Starwood with Levi and the Rockcats amongst others. Once in L.A. they get booked to appear on afternoon T.V. with none other than Heavy Metal sensation DOKKEN. Back in New York, their shows were becoming increasingly insane with the band going through such antics as playing on their knees or with singer Phil Marcade belting out vintage R'n'B rareties laying on the floor in the middle of the crowd. Once in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, they proceeded to dismantle the stage itself until it collapsed under them, playing the last few songs with all the amps and drums fallen flat down on the floor. The crowd loved it and, much to the Senders surprise, so did the club owner who promptly rehired them (promising to fix the stage before they'd be back!!). Drummer Marc Bourset became especially acrobatic with his "grand dive above his drums to stage-front" often taking half his drum-kit along with him. One night at C.B.G.B. they were visited by members of Doctor Feelgood who had just played the Paladium earlier that evening. Seeing the familiar face of Wilko Johnson in the audience they go on to play Feelgood's classics "The More I Give", "I Can Tell" and "She Does It Right", and end the night drinking with Lee Brilleaux. On another occasion, at Max's, they are spotted by The Clash's Joe Strummer and Paul Simenon who end up hiring them to open for The Clash at Bonds Casino in Times Square. To their delight The Senders get to play in front of 8000 people instead of the usual 200 + they pack in small clubs. By the end of the year, they record a patch of oldies and original numbers for the Max's Kansas City label with Peter Crowley producing, and early in 1980 they release it as "The Senders Seven Song Super Single" a 12 inch vinyl that was to become their much praised cult-classic. By the spring of 1980, they signed a new management deal with Frank Yendolino (who also managed Joe Cocker). Wild Bill has by then gained such respect amongst guitar players that he even landed a gig as second guitarist with the Straycats for a tour of England. Phil meanwhile played drums with Johnny Thunders' new group Gang War which featured ex-MC5 Wayne Kramer also. After doing their first recording in Michigan Phil had to quit to resume his Sender gig.
1980 continued being a glorious year for The Senders as they became one of the main acts on the New York club scene. They played constantly. MAX'S even had a drink called "THE SENDER" on their new menu now! (though no one seems to remember what on earth was in it!!). They now also had a strong following in Boston where they played a lot at THE RAT with their beantown pals The Real Kids. They appeared a few times on T.V.'s Uncle Floyd show though on their last visit they were thrown out of the studio after they were found to have eaten the Uncle's personal pizza pie! As 1981 came around, they got the attention of French producer Marc Zermati who flew to New York to record them. Unfortunately, Wild Bill had to be hospitalized after having collapsed from exhaustion, and the band had to do the booked sessions without him, Phil playing most of the guitar parts with Barry Ryan of the Rockcats lending a hand. These sessions were released later on that year on SKYDOG Records as "RETOUR A L'ENVOYEUR". Wild Bill soon recovered, the band resumed their beloved line up and the gigs continued, with total maddness, of course. Around this time, Steve Shevlin started suffering from hearing problems which worsened as they played gig after gig through '82. By then, Phil had written lots of songs for the band and some of them started to get covered by other bands as well. "No More Foolin' Me" was recorded by The Vipers and Johnny Thunders included "The Living End" in his set at one point. Later on, The Ultra-Fives did "Devil Shooting Dice" and Los Dudes did "Don't Mind Me". Phil also wrote such great ones back then as "Little Rocker", "Don't Make Me Mad", "Another Night Without My Baby", "6th Street" and "I'm A Stranger Here Myself". The Senders headlined the Rock Against Racism Festival in Central Park and were now filling up places like Irving Plaza and The Peppermint Lounge. They added a second guitarist for awhile, none other than Basile Kolliopoulos (a.k.a. Basile Nodoe) who fit in perfectly. But, after playing several hundred shows Steve's hearing problems were getting very serious, turning into deafness in one ear, then the other started to go too. Marc, meanwhile, was battling a devastating drug addiction. These incredible 5 years of pure Rock and Roll and Maximum Rhythm and Blues had taken their toll too and in the spring of '83 The Senders decided to stop playing... For awhile anyway.
Thanks to Fabien and Manu for music & scans .
Artwork by Max !


THE SENDERS - 1st sp

SINGLES THE SENDERS The living end / No more foolin' 1978 SRI records wav
Produced by The Senders.
The Senders : Phil Marcade : vocals , harp / Wild Bill Thompson : guitar / Steve Shevlin : bass / Tony Machine : drums.
The Senders played their first gig at a club called Copperfield's on 8th St. In New York City in the winter of 1977. The brain-child of PHIL MARCADE and STEVE SHEVLIN, The Senders, along with the A-Bones, The Cramps, Suicide, The Fleshtones and Mink Deville were the first wave of neo-garage/retro RnB/rockabilly-rock to hit New York's flowering punk scene. Lead singer PHIL MARCADE grew up in Paris and came to the states at age 17 (to join the freaks..). Working as a roadie for Johnny Thunders' legendary HEARTBREAKERS in the days of Richard Hell, he met bass player and former boxer STEVE SHEVLIN through Johnny in '76. Steve, an old pal of Thunders himself, was known for being quite a stylish dandie, all shark-skin suits and tab-collar shirts tailored at Puerto-Rican shops on Avenue B. A Golden Glove boxing champ, he'd been plucking a Fender bass for awhile thinking of a new career... Phil and Steve shared a passionate interest for vintage Blues and RnB, and they spent a good deal of 1976 at Steve's loft on 10th St. And Avenue D listening to records by Elmore James, Slim Harpo, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm and all the other Rhythm and Blues artists. They also really liked British Pub-rock masters DOCTOR FEELGOOD. With PHIL first on drums and Jorge Ritter and Laurie Reed on guitars, they put the band together, called themselves YAKETY YAK first then switched to THE SENDERS. And with pal BRUCE BALBONI as manager, they started to book gigs in the village. Within a few months Phil leaves the drums to lead the band. They are joined on drums first by TONY MACHINE, then by the incredible MARC BOURSET (a.k.a. The Little MOE TRUCKS), and Jorge and Reedy are replaced by JOHNNY THUNDERS first for a few gigs then and finally by their all-time legend WILD BILL THOMPSON on guitar. Bill, a Long Island native, already had quite a reputation as a great blues guitar player on his own turf. Also a Doctor Feelgood fan, he'd seen and really dug The Senders a few times during '77, and when he walked in Steve's loft to audition, the band was complete. By early '78 they'd become regulars at punk mecca MAX'S KANSAS CITY, often sharing the stage on crazed Saturday nights with The Heartbreakers, Robert Gordon, Blondie, The Zantees or The Contortions. They also played C.B.G.B. frequently, with The Ramones, The Dead Boys and Mink Deville. They were often seen jamming with Johnny Thunders, Chris Spedding and a young up and coming Brian Setzer (still in his Bloodless Pharohs days). They released their first single themselves in November of '78: THE LIVING END b/w NO MORE FOOLIN' ME.
From The senders Story : http://membres.lycos.fr/thesenders/history1.htm
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork cleaned by Max.