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HITS - Living With You Is Killing Me

HITS Living With You Is Killing Me cd 2010
Fuck the Needy / Living With You Is Killing Me / Sometimes You Just Don't Know Who Your Friends Are / Touch of the Shorts / Never Sing a Song Again / Crackpipe / Had to Come to This / Peter and Paul / The Night Before / The End.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by B. Moorhead
Hits: Evil Dick: vocals / T. Bell: guitar, vocals / G. Mulvey: drums, vocals / E. Niznik: bass / S. Coleman: guitar, vocals + B. Salter: bells & whistles / R. Johanson: yelping & trouble.
"HITS have been playing around Brisbane for a few years now... on and off between disasters, usually of their own making. Very compromising members of some defunct "seminal” (cheers Macka) Brisbane punk bands and some currently fabulous ones as well. Apart from our own shows we've played support to the likes of The Scientists, New Christs, Mustang, the Kelpies, the Dirtbombs, The Drones, The Stems, Legends of Motorsport and Lime Spiders as well some of the best of their city's heavy hitters such as Giants of Science, Sixfthick, Vegas Kings, Lords of Wong, New Jack Rubys, Dangermen, Horrortones, etc" from Myspace
'... the best rock and roll album to come out of Brisbane since “I’m Stranded.”'
'... this could be one of those discs we look back at in ten years time as an all time classic.'
'This is an album in a distinctive Australian tradition – it nods to the classic 1970s Albert’s sound as much as it does to the Saints (as well as the Pistols and the Dolls). The influence of Ian Rilen, not just in X mode but also early Rose Tattoo and the later Love Addicts, looms especially large. But Hunt’s style, his phrasing and humour, makes him a genuine original. I can’t compare him to anyone. I dare say that in future other Australian singers will be compared to him.'
Le groupe s'est formé en 2005 sur les cendres de quelques combos parmi les plus intéressants de la scène de Brisbane, notamment GAZOONGA ATTACK et les redoutables STRUTTER, auteurs il y a dix ans d'un putain d'album chez SAFETY PIN, le label du regretté KIKE TURMIX. On retrouve le chanteur et son grain de voix reconnaissable, entouré de deux filles aux guitares (qui assurent aussi des choeurs de toute beauté) et d'une rythmique solide. La musique s'est un peu assagie par rapport à la furia stoogienne de STRUTTER, mais les démons sont toujours là, POWDER MONKEYS, THIN LIZZY, les REPLACEMENTS, ROSE TATTOO, et ce bon vieux OZ rock comme ils le disent eux-même.
Lo' Spider, DIG IT! #48
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ANDREW MATHESON - Night Of The Bastard Moon

ANDREW MATHESON Night Of The Bastard Moon cd 1994
Crushing The Doll / Call It A Storm / Smallpox Blanket / Love Is Stupid / Walk A Mile In My Blues / Three Dead Mexicans / Eighteen Straight Whiskeys / Red Shoes / Jesuit Brooch /Zurich / Postcard From Hollywood / Tar Beaches / The Moon Or Guinness.
Produced by A. Matheson & Casino Steel.
Credits: H.P. Baarli (Backstreet Girls): guitars, Smirnoff /E.S.Brady: guitars, atmospherics & special FX / Kid Twist: castanets & tambourine / Per Madsen: drums / S.D. Hauge: guitars / S. Ramberg: guitars / J. Bogeberg: bass / L. Hafreager: keyboards / D.Foster-Pilkington: cello / A. Carr: penny whistles / G.Sundstol: banjolin, bouzouki, mandolin / P. Vinnaccia: percussion / R.C. Finnigan: harmonica / F. Ratline: fiddle / Oslo Gospel Choir, Screed Njinsky, Casino Steel, C. Scott & 3 Black Eyes: backing vocals.
Andrew Matheson was the singer of the Hollywood Brats. He has also recorded three lp's in solo after the band's demise . "Night Of The Bastard" is the last one.
"Crushing The Doll"... Fans of the Hollywood Brats won't be disappointed with this fantastic Matheson/Steel composition. It's another classic featuring Andrew Matheson on vocals and is taken from Matheson's 1994 album "Night Of The Bastard Moon" which Casino Steel produced. A real rocker which is very reminiscent of the Hollywood Brats and the New York Dolls..."S. Metcalfe
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R.I.P. Steve ...

The Reducers' bassist Steve Kaika passed away on June 12, 2012. The New London music community is banding together this Friday June 15 for a benefit at The Hygienic Art Park in New London, CT.

Music by The Rivergods, Dogbite, Ken Atkins and The Honky Tonk Kind, The Original Sinners and special guests.

Suggested donation is $10. If you can't make it you can also donate via Paypal at The Reducers web site .

All proceeds go directly to the family of Steve Kaika!


LEGENDARY LOVERS - A Dent In The Bigtime

LEGENDARY LOVERS A Dent In The Bigtime lp 1987
Dangerous Life / I Don`t Believe / Killing Words / Never Alone / Take Me Away / Can`t Get Everything / I`m Going Down / The Letter / I Hear You Talk/ Objection Overruled / Wrong Way / Time To Time.
Produced by Legendary Lovers.
Legendary Lovers: K. Ask: vocals / M. Gustafsson: lead guitar & vocals / A. S. Wieslander: bass guitar / M. Persson: guitars & vocals / Jonas Berling: drums + L Jonsson: piano / M. Bengtsson: organ / Little Stalin: harmonica.
Legendary Lovers released the lp "A dent in the bigtime" in 1987 and followed it up with "No time to waste" in 1989 Both discs received critical acclaim and especially abroad hailed the band's ability to make pop melodies with powerful guitar riffs. Mainly influenced by the Barracudas (of "Mean Time"), the Plimsouls, and especially the (french) Dogs "A Dent In The Bigtime" is an unsung masterpiece of nervous powerpop! Don't miss it...
To my knowledge the two albums do not exist in CD format and it's a shame!

Thanks to Fabien !
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LEGENDARY LOVERS King Of The World / In A Different Way 7'' 1987
Produced by M. Gustafsson.
Legendary Lovers: K.Ask: vocals / M. Gustafsson: lead guitar / M. Persson: guitar & vocals / A. S. Wieslander: bass / J. Berling: drums.
Legendary Lovers from Klippan, Sweden played their first gig in 1985. They take their name from the fourth album of the Dogs. With inspiration from bands like Plimsouls, Hoodoo Gurus, Del Lords, Television, the Ramones and of course the "french" Dogs, they started writing their own songs. At the end of 1986, their first single was in the record stores. "King of the World" became something of an underground hit with critical acclaim and allowed the band to record an entire album... to be continued

NB: "King Of The World" was included in the compilation "A Real Cool Time Revisited : Swedish Punk Rock 1982-1989" issued in 2010 by RPM Records.
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EGOS - Fast Swimming

EGOS Fast Swimming cd 2004
Intro / Powerpupplay / Erratic Eviction / Sametown / Fastswimming / One 4 Me / Grey St Blues / 108 Kg / Drive U / The Year My Guitar Broke / C Me Dancin.
Mastered & mixed by Shane O'Mara
Egos: Delene:clone bass / Link: drums, vocals, Gibson LB Slide guitar / Johnny Casino: Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitar / Mad Macka: vocals, Gibson Explorer & A. Hoyer Expo accoustic guitars.
The Egos collectively hail from an impressive pedigree of bands from down under such as the Onyas, Meanies, Asteroid B612 and the Blue Heelers. They are led by Brisbane's one only Mad Macka originally from the Onyas and later to become a hired gun and permanent member of Cosmic Psychos. Link Meanie of the Meanies chips in on drums along with John Spittles ”Johnny Casino” from Asteroid B612. This is a ten track blast of pile-driving punk action released on Dropkick Records, the same Aussie label that had the smarts to put out Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s debut LP.
"Probably you've never heard of The Egos. But if I tell you they're from Australia and formed by members of legendary The Onyas, Meannies and Asteroid B-612, I'm sure you salivating like Paulov's dogs...
Place this piece of vinyl on your turntable, press play and turn up the volume until you break your neighbour's ears and remember that in Downunder they don't eat, drink, nor write r'n'r songs like anywhere else in the world..."
"A blast of pile-driving punk action from this new Melbourne band comprised of members of THE ONYAS, MEANIES, ASTEROID B-12, and BLUE HEELERS. They're old, they're fat and they are ugly-the embodiment of the garage rock revolution! Ten new songs about girls, guitars and anti-psychotics. All rock, no art-everything you've ever wanted out of an Australian rock'n'roll band."
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