TIM SCOTT - The High Lonesome Sound

TIM SCOTT The High Lonesome Sound lp 1987 320 kbps
Sound of Thunder / I Could Be Anything / The Great Escape / Easy Time / Release / Low Ride / Fire Down / In This World / High Hopes / Under a New Heaven / Hey Sister.
Produced by M. Froom.
T. Scott: vocals, guitar & harmonica /J. Scheff: bass / M. Curry: drums / M. Froom: keyboards + guests.
Tim Scott is an artist who has been around since the early 1980’s. He has used his full name, Tim Scott-McConnell, as well as just Tim Scott, and now, well... that's another story...
Whatever he’s called, Tim is a serious, professional artist with a bottomless pit of great songs (all of which he currently owns), a storied history, and at all times, a clear vision of what he’s doing.
He has held several major label record and publishing contracts and with each, enjoyed respectable successes along the way. He was signed to Island Records by Chris Blackwell after he saw Tim perform at CBGB in The Rockats, the original rockabilly punk band. He was later signed to Sire Records by label co-founders Seymour Stein & Richard Gottherer , who realized Tim’s value as both an artist and a songwriter. In 1983, Tim penned a song called “Swear” and Sire released an album featuring the song, produced by Gottherer. But Tim wasn’t happy with the direction Sire was pointing him in and so he "got out of his contract"...
Tim was soon picked up by Geffen, who matched him with producer Mitchell Froom and together they recorded an album, "The High Lonesome Sound" in 1987. But his A&R guy left the company before the album was released and that was the end of that.

So he put together a new band and in 1990, The Havalinas were signed by Elektra Records, issued one self-titled album, and proceeded to tour the world for over a year, opening for name acts such as Bob Dylan (who personally asked for them). One of The Havalinas’ songs that Tim wrote, “High Hopes”, caught the ear of Bruce Springsteen and he ended up covering it for his 1996 video and audio release, “Blood Brothers”.
By then, Tim had moved to Norway (of all places), where he spent the better part of 14 years raising a family while writing for and doing several records of his own with a few different companies such as WEA and MCA/Universal Music. He continued touring throughout.
In early 2008, he returned to the US, hired his old friend and co-conspiritor, Dan Nash's Just Great Management, pissed off a really big lawyer, and began doing whatever it takes to get back on the map. Source
Thanks to Fabien for music & scans!
Cd covers by Max!


BIJOU - Betty Jane Rose

SINGLES: BIJOU Betty Jane Rose / Tout va très bien sp 1978 wav
Produced par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.

"...Sur la version originale des "Papillons noirs", Serge Gainsbourg assurait une harmonie grave sous la voix de Michelle Arnaud. Ayant à son tour enregistré la chanson, Bijou demande à l'auteur de réitérer la chose, ce qu'il fait aimablement. Flatté mais étonné qu'on s'intéresse à un vieux morceau, Serge propose d'en écrire un pour le groupe: "Betty Jane Rose est enregistré à Ferber en novembre 1978. A l'abri de cette face A inattaquable, l'original "Tout va très bien" révèle une nouvelle facette un peu délirante de Bijou. La chanson ne se contente pas de résumer la philosophie et l'humour de la formation (Tout va très bien: on coule à pic") ; elle donne également son titre au bulletin du fan club.
La collaboration avec Gainsbourg, amicale autant que fructueuse, se poursuit avec la musique des films "Je vous aime" et "Tapage nocturne". Pris dans le mouvement, emporté par l'entrain du trio, Serge retrouve le plaisir de monter sur scène en rejoignant le groupe à Epernay, à Mogador, à l'Empire, au Palais des Sports (où est également invité Chris Spedding), à la Bourse du Travail à Lyon où l'affluence est telle qu'on doit organiser un concert supplémentaire, au Palace, etc..." J. W. Thoury

BIJOU - Je pense à toi

SINGLES: BIJOU Je pense à toi / Je ne t'oublierai jamais (single version) sp 1979 wav
Produced par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
"...Quel plaisir pour des fans de R & B de pouvoir s'adjoindre une section de cuivres! Un zeste d'orgue Hammond confirme l'orientation spécifique du nouveau simple : "Je pense à toi". Serge Clerc , dessinateur à Métal Hurlant, Rock & Folk et au New Musical Express, signe la pochette. Cuivres et choeurs sont également de la fête quand Bijou se produit au Palais des Sports, à Mogador ou à l'Empire pour l'émission télévisée Chorus que présente Antoine De Caunes..." J. W. Thoury



NURSERY CRIMES Fun Hurts! cd 1992 Survival Records 320 kbps
Who's Sorry Now? / Build It Up / Yardstick For Lunatics / I Can Feel You / Marked By Time / Sad / Eleanor Rigby / Godfrey Carson / Next Time /Around / Pary Girl / Singing Songs.
Produced by Nursery Crimes & K. Dahlstrom.
Nursery Crimes : P. Rose: vocals / D. Dixon: guitars & vocals / R. Hopkinson: drums & percussion / J. Masson: guitar & piano / D. Thomas: bass & vocals.
"Hardcore punk in Melbourne 1989 was a gigantic explosion of bands and culture, and yet music promoters, mainstream radio and labels had no intention of accepting the style; thousands of Mohawk sprouting, torn denim wearing kids lived outside of society. There was no mainstream crossover, no TV or commercial radio exposure. It is incredible that such an enormous crowd pulling music scene was divorced from the mainstream, given that today there are even Pepsi and Nike commercials with punk-ish sounds blasting out. ‘Punk’ (whatever that word means today) has TV and radio saturation, charts well and makes millionaires out of many acts that would have no trouble calling themselves ‘punk’ or ‘hardcore’. Nursery Crimes sprang from the ashes of Slush Puppies and added melody to the heaviness, the metal chunk and the incredible speed of the music. D. Dixon, a skater and guitar thrasher from the 'burbs, joined P.Rose and they quickly recruited R. Hopkinson into the band, a man who had pounded the skins in both Vicious Circle and punk-metal outfit Cremator. R. Hopkinson was a famed and respected drummer and his reputation, along with that of the Slush Puppies and the general emergence of pop punk made sure that Nursery Crimes were noticed immediately in late 1989. C. Knight, a guitarist from Vicious Circle, joined soon after and added a buzzsaw New York Dolls guitar wall that complimented Dixon’s thrash style that owed more to the Dead Kennedy’s and even The Ramones. P. Chong was hastily brought in on bass and the band scored an unbelievable first gig with grungey U.S band of the moment Dinosaur Jr. Au-go-go signed the band and their first single "All Torn Up Inside/What Do You Know (Anyway)" was released, hitting number one on the ‘independent’ charts in Sydney and Melbourne. In 1990, H. Rollins chose the Crimes as the main support for his oz tour, and gigs with Faith No More, L7, Fugazi and their heroes All ran the band ragged throughout the year, coinciding with the band’s first LP and international release "No Time For That Crime". By the end of 1990, Nursery Crimes had headlined several times in all capital cities and had played the very first all-age shows in Croydon and at the Corner hotel in Richmond. This is when the All-Age scene began, and Nursery Crimes, alongside The Hard Ons, Cosmic Psychos, The Meanies and a handful of other bands were at the forefront of this incredible new way for under age kids to see live bands, which is today established in festivals. In 1991, D. Thomas replaced P. Chong on bass and added souped up twanging funk sound to the mix and J. Masson replaced Caine, with the interplay between the newbie’s metal chunk and Dixon’s loose thrash even more pronounced. Their sound had evolved into a more skilled and versatile one. Despite a difference in the live sound and the comparatively tame noises on "Fun Hurts", it sold thousands of copies in Europe through the bands new deal with Survival and it hit number one on the indie charts in Australia. Nursery Crimes rarely spent a moment in one place during both 1992 and 1993, touring the country in their rusty tip top bread van and landing supports with internationals Fishbone, Hoodoo Gurus, L7, Mudhoney and Fugazi. R. Hopkinson departed the band in early 1993, as did J. Masson, and their shoes were suitably filled by J. MCinnes on guitar and C. Latham on drums. In an effort to get a sound on CD representative of their live chaos the band enlisted L. Gravina to record and produce their third and final LP "Something’s Wrong With Our Heroes", released through MDS, and promoted via a gruelling 40 day Australian tour with The Fireballs. After the forty gig grind of the Fireballs tour, Nursery Crimes immediately went back on the road supporting Hoodoo Gurus on an Australia wide jaunt. It had now been four years of constant touring, and disputes with former label Survival, the exhaustive schedule and a feeling of displacement set in. In late 1993 they decided to disband and went out with a hastily organised farewell show at the Prince Of Wales.
Nursery Crimes were reformed for a couple of exclusive shows in October 2006. Currently there are no shows on the horizon, but in 2010 there may be a whole stack announced as this is their 20th year anniversary." Source


LES PLAYBOYS - Je revendique

SINGLES: LES PLAYBOYS Je revendique /Pourvu que ça soule /Ca l'exaspère /Lisa EP 2004 wav
Les Playboys: F. Albertini: vocals /M. Nègre: guitar / M. Galliani: guitar /F. Durban: bass /G. Guizol: drums.
They have been friends for more than 30 years and have always been associated with French pop rock.We find them again in the mid seventies as initiators of the punk movement in France called "The Dentist", then in 1979 they were at the origin of the sixties garage revival, like their American friends "The Fleshtones". Henceforward immortalized by the Rock Dictionary which consecrates them a full page, they are regarded as "one of the best of this kind". Today after 5 LPs and 4 EPs which alternate covers (from British Beat to American garage, surf...)and their own French composing in Ronnie Bird or Dutronc spirit (their name is refering to), they remain above all an energic scenic band whose sound is always incredibly faithfull to the sixties. They have played in many mods rallies during the last years. Source
Last album: "Abracadabrantesque" Buy it here !!!

JOHNNY HESS - Longue marche

SINGLES : JOHNNY HESS Longue marche / Jamais vu sp 1983 wav
Produced by E. Morinière.
Johnny Hess: O. Bellery: vocal, bass / V. Dezwarte: guitar / R. Thomas: drums / S. Neaud: saxo, vocal.
By request
Johnny Hess was a french band from Caen . I dont know much about this band... If you like them you can find another song "Regarde" on the compilation "13 Rock à Caen" posted here .


BIJOU - Pas Dormir

BIJOU Pas Dormir lp 1979 320kbps/wav
Le Kid / Je n' veux pas dormir / Troisième guerre mondiale / Je me demande / Même pas dix heures / Je cours / Attaque cardiaque / Tu peux courir / J'ai l'habitude / Je ne t'oublierai jamais.
Produced by Ron & Russell Mael.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
"...Désireux de varier son approche, Bijou se rend à Los Angeles pour travailler avec les Sparks (les frères Ron et Russell Mael) lesquels supervisent la réalisation de "Pas Dormir".
Leur influence est évidente: les claviers prennent de l'importance, les chansons s'étirent (aïe aïe*)
... L'énergie débridée, principale caractéristique des disques précédents, laisse la place à une retenue dans laquelle le groupe se reconnaît à grand peine (particulièrement Dynamite et on le comprend!*). L'album recèle quand même quelques pépites ..." J.W. Thoury
A little overproduced by the Sparks, "Pas Dormir" is the third Bijou album. Enjoy it & stay tuned for more !
Cd artwork by Max ! Merci à Max qui a bossé à partir d'une pochette particulièrement sale et abîmée ... je vous laisse apprécier le résultat !
Take it in wav here !

BIJOU - Le Kid

SINGLES: BIJOU Le Kid / Je ne t'oublierai jamais sp 1979 wav
Produced par Ron & Russell Mael.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
"Le Kid" , single extrait de l'album "Pas Dormir" produit par les frères Mael (Sparks) va remporter un succès relatif . Les fans des deux premiers albums sont eux , dubitatifs !
Pas d'inédits sur ce simple mais en face b "Je ne t'oublierai jamais" dédiée comme on l'a déjà dit à Gene Vincent, Vince Taylor et Edith Piaf (trois destins brisés ...) , dans une version écourtée et différente de celle du lp. Pochette de J. B. Mondino comme souvent !

"Le Kid" is the only single from "Pas Dormir" , the third Bijou album recorded in 1979. Both titles are on the lp but on the b side you can find a different & shorter version of "Je ne t'oublierai jamais" . This 7" like the album was produced by Ron & Russell Mael from the Sparks.
Covers cleaned by Max !

THE LITTLE MURDERS - We Should Be Home By Now

THE LITTLE MURDERS We Should Be Home By Now cd 2001 320 kbps
All That She Said To Me / There Is No One Like Her / The Keys To My Heart / It's Your Life / Is It Over With Us / And The She Falls / Sandie Shaw / We Should Be Home By Now / We Should Be Home By Now / The Way Of The World / Any Day Now / Almost Over / Holiday / Paint The Sky / Mind Video Open.
Produced by C. Pilkington.
The Little Murders 2001: R. Griffiths: vocals & guitars / C. Pilkington: guitar, brass, bits & pieces / T. Robertson: bass / M. Barclay: drums.
"...In late 1995, Rob Griffiths revived the Little Murders name, and over the next 18 months recorded a new album. Backing musicains inclued R. Hayward, P. Wales (guitar), C. Pilkington(guitar; ex-Killjoys), and D. Foley(drums). The album ''...and stuff like that' (june1997) comprised the new material(including the single '100 drugs') plus six previously released cuts. By that stage, Griffiths had a new Little Murders line-up on the road with Tony Robertson (bass), plus Paul Thomas(guitar) and Michael Barclay(drums). Little Murders issued a new cd-single '100,000 guitars' in September 1998. It was lifted from the band's second cd for the Swerve label 'First Light'. The album featured the line-up pf Griffiths, Thomas, Barclay, Pilkington and K. Stalker(vocals) playing pure guitar pop. The second cd single from the album 'Andy Warhol retrospective' followed in June 1999 .Little Murders released their fourth album in 2001 called 'We should be home by now", which garnered the best reviews of their career. In August 2009 they released a retrospective album "Stop Plus Singles"on the excellent australian label Off The Hip featuring all tracks recorded between 1979 and 1985. They also played support to "From The Jam" and are now playing regularly around Melbourne." Source


THE LITTLE MURDERS - ...And Stuff Like That

THE LITTLE MURDERS ...And Stuff Like That cd 198 320 kbps
One Hundred Drug / Dancing Away / ...Love And And Stuff Like That / Original / Don't Let Go / I Need A Holiday / I Wanted You / Angel Falls / Anything / She Wants To Change The World / The Night A Last Control / This Is Your Life / She Lets Me Know / Things Will Be Different / What's The Matter With Mary / She's The One / After The Fire / It's Over.
The Little Murders: R. Griffiths: guitar, vocal/ C. Small: guitar, vocals/ K. Hamilton: bass / R. Flegg: drums.
Named after the 1971 Alan Arkin-directed film, Rob Griffiths formed Little Murders in 1979 and they soon became the most influential mod band during the late '70s and early '80s in Melbourne, Australia.
The band's debut single, "Things will Be Different"/"Take Me I'm Yours," (December 1979), quickly sold its initial 1000 copies and remains a classic Australian pop record of the time. They released two more singles on the Au-go-go label: "High School"/"Trouble With Love" and "She Lets Me Know"/"It's Over." Guitarist/vocalist Rob Griffiths released the single "Melody"/"Waiting" during this time under the name Dance Set in 1981.
By 1982 the lineup comprised R. Griffiths, R. Hayward on guitar, C. Hunter on bass, and M. Barclay on drums. Unable to secure a new record deal, Griffiths broke up the band in December 1983. The band had a revival of sorts in 1985 when Polyester Records issued the "100 Drugs"/"The Beat Goes On" single (recorded in 1983 and 1979, respectively). Au-go-go issued the retrospective album of singles and unreleased work titled "Stop!" in 1986.
A full revival followed in late 1995 when Griffiths recorded a new album, "...And Stuff Like That", with R. Hayward, P. Wales (guitar), C. Pilkington (guitar), T. Ennis (bass), and D. Foley (drums). The album was released in June 1997 and comprised new and previously released material. Griffith's took Little Murders on the road with another lineup consisting of T. Ennis, P. Thomas (guitar), and M. Barclay (drums) from "Weddings, Parties, Anything"
Their second album, "First Light", was released on the Swerve label in September 1998 and produced the singles "10,000 Guitars" and "Andy Warhol Retrospective." All Music Guide



THE BEAT FARMERS Manifold cd 1995 320 kbps
Memphis to Nixon / Doubts About Love / Mystery / Country Western Song / Blue Radio / Got It Bad / Whale.Oil.Beef.Hooked /Texas Heat / Good For You / White Veil / Beer ain't Drinkin' / It Could be Anything / Can't Remember / Positively 4th Street / Distant Horizon.
Produced by the Beat Farmers.
The Beat Farmers: J. Harris: vocals, guitar, percussion / R. Love: electric, acoustic, lead, rhythm and fuzz bass / C. Dick Montana: drums, vocals, percussion, pianaccord, farfisa / J. Raney: vocals, guitar, percussion.
In 1993, after four studio albums, the Beat Farmers recorded their first lp "Viking Lullabys" for Sector 2 Rds (an Austin label) , in Vancouver, Canada. The record was released in August, 1994 and the band toured in earnest once again to support the release. While working on a second album for the same label, Curb Records released a "Greatest Hits" album, again without the band's consent. The Beat Farmers' last album, "Manifold", was released on September 19, 1995, but was released two weeks earlier in San Diego to coincide with the Street Scene, an outdoor festival there. The group toured the U.S. in September and October, playing venues in Texas, the midwest, and New York City.
On November 8, 1995, Montana suffered a massive heart attack three songs into the band's set at the Long Horn in Whistler, B.C. The remaining Beat Farmers decide to dissolve the band on November 11, 1995.
Despite his risqué stage antics and bantering with his audiences, whom he often sprayed with beer, Country Dick Montana was a gentle soul who, after shows, would make his way around a club, shaking hands, signing autographs, and chatting for a few minutes with all who took the time to say hello. Since Montana's death in 1995, guitarists Joey Harris and Jerry Raney have gone on to form their own bands, continuing to some extent the roots rock tradition of the Beat Farmers. At their live shows, the group was unique for the way Montana would get out from behind his drum set to step out front and center and play guitar as well.


BIJOU - En public

BIJOU En public lp 1980 320 kbps/wav
Je pense à toi / J'ai l'habitude / Les cavaliers du ciel / Danse avec moi / Vieillir / Betty Jane Rose /Je ne t'oublierai jamais / Dynarock / Le kid / OK Carole / Vie mort et resurrection d'un groupe passion / Décide-toi / Comme tu es belle / Relax baby cool / Il revient.
Produced par J. W. Thoury.
Bijou : P. Dauga : bass & vocals / V. Palmer : guitar & vocals / D. Yan : drums & vocals.
1979/1980 Bijou tourne beaucoup...
"...Le trio tente de s'exporter en Belgique, Suisse, Espagne (où le répertoire s'enrichit de reprises locales comme "Soy asi" de Los Salvajes et "Ay! que dolor" de Los Chungitos) , Portugal, Algérie...
Toutes ces tournées suscitent naturellement l'envie de faire paraître un disque visant à capter à la vivacité de Palmer, Dauga et Dynamite sur scène. "En public" y parvient brillamment. Bijou, cette fois sans les Sparks, ne se prive pas du plaisir de donner sa vision de certains titres de "Pas Dormir", notamment "Le Kid" ou "Je ne t'oublierai jamais" dédié tant à Gene Vincent qu'à Edith Piaf et Vince Taylor. "Les cavaliers du ciel" et "Dynarock" culminance instrumentale et orgasmique des concerts, sont ici restituées dans leur vérité la plus crue..." J. W. Thoury [notes du coffret "Jamais Domptés"].
"OK Carole" et "Vie, mort et resurrection d'un groupe passion" sont extraits de l'album "Le rock d'ici à l'Olympia" enregistré live comme son titre l'indique à l'Olympia en 1978 . "Décide-toi", "Comme tu es belle" et "Relax baby cool" proviennent de "Frenchrockmania" enregistré live au Palais des Sports en 1979. A noter que les quinze titres proviennent du coffret "Jamais Domptés" et non des vinyls .
Nice cd artwork by Max !
Wav here !


THE ZEROS - 4-3-2-1 ... The Zeros

THE ZEROS 4-3-2-1 ... The Zeros cd 1991 Restless
Introduction / Oh yeah / Love's not fair / Sticky sweet girls / Zero to mom / Death rock girl (did you see?) / Rich chicks / Nobody cares / Too young / Society wish I knew / Do you want some more ? / Raging rock'n'roll / 4-3-2-1 / Goodnight.
Produced by R. Goudie.
The Zeros: S. Serious: lead vocals / J. Normal: guitars, backing vocals, slide, E. Bow / D. Dangerous: bass, shouts / Mr Insane: drums, backing vocals, keyboards.
The Zeros are the brainchild of S. Serious , a true glam/powerpop genius. It's so unfair that this band still play the clubs instead of the arenas. Formed in the early 80's as Double O' Zeros but later shortened their name to simply The Zeros. Their debut cd "4321.. the Zeros" was released in 1991. A great powerpop/glam/punk album. Unfortunately D. Dangerous left the band due to personal reasons, he was replaced by T. Staci.
The Zeros released an ep "Names. vol 1" (more fun than good actually) before the departure of Mr Insane and J. Normal, which formed an own band called The Hutchinsons . They were replaced with S. Starr (drums) and J. Glitter (guitar). The Zeros released their third cd "Rule the world" which has a more serious approach, which say nothing compared to "Names. vol 1"
Now in the late 90's, The Zeros are still around making some major noise. T. Staci (now with The Mistakes) and J. Glitter is out. D. Dangerous is back! Anyway this is a band that deserves stardom. Through glam's ups n downs you could/can always rely on The Zeros, they never throw in the tovel or jump on the bandwagon! Source


MOTÖRHEAD - The Golden Years - Live EP

MOTÖRHEAD The Golden Years - Live EP Maxi EP 1980 Bronze 320 kbps
Leaving Here / Stone Dead Forever / Dead Men Tell No Tales / Too Late, Too Late.
Produced by Motörhead & N. Raymonde.
Motörhead: Lemmy : vocals & bass / "Fast" Eddie Clarke: guitar, vocals /Phil Taylor: drums.
Motörhead issued "The Golden Years Live EP" in April of 1980. The group's fan base realized what a powerful act Motörhead was on stage and demanded live material from Lemmy & the boys. The group honored the fans request, pushing out the four-song EP, which includes a cover of the Motown cut "Leaving Here", which Motörhead had been performing for years. The EP went top ten in the U.K., with "Stone Dead Forever" and "Dead Men Tell No tales" leading the way. Source
Thanks for this one Mister !

LES PLAYBOYS - Une heure que j'attends

LES PLAYBOYS Une heure que j'attends EP 1983 Jungle Media wav
Une heure que j'attends / Elle n'aurait pas du / Supporté / Pars.
Les Playboys: F. Albertini: vocals / M. Nègre: lead guitar / F. Durban: bass / F. Martinez: guitar /P. Lejeune (R.I.P.): drums.
Actifs depuis plus de trente ans, les Playboys basés à Nice ont toujours été associés au rock français. On trouve déjà au milieu des années soixante-dix, F. Albertini , P. Nègre et P. Lejeune comme initiateurs du mouvement punk en France sous le nom de Dentist (le label Mémoire Neuve a sorti récemment un lp 10 titres). Ils seront à l'origine du revival garage sixties dans l'hexagone comme les Fleshtones l'ont été aux USA. Immortalisés par le Dictionnaire du Rock de M. Assayas qui leur consacre une page sous la plume de J. W. Thoury, ils sont considérés comme un des meilleurs groupe du genre.

Leurs concerts alternent des reprises; du British Beat au Garage américain en passant par le Surf... et leurs propres compositions en français dans le style Ronnie Bird ou Jacques Dutronc auquel leur nom semble faire référence. Certains membres du groupe ont parallèlement participés aux Bratchmen ou aux Dum Dum Boys .
Leur discographie composée de 5 singles et de 5 lps s' étend de 1982 à 2008 pour le dernier album "Abracadabrantesque" sorti par le label italien Teen Sound Records (buy it here) en 2008. Source Wikipédia trafiquée


LES PLAYBOYS - Loup-garou

LES PLAYBOYS Loup-garou EP 1982 Jungle Media wav
Loup-garou / Je perds mon temps / Le roi des fous / L'homme de Tanger.
Les Playboys: F. Albertini: vocals / M. Nègre: lead guitar / F. Durban: bass / F. Martinez: guitar /P. Lejeune (R.I.P.) : drums.
"They have been friends for more than 30 years and have always been associated with French pop rock.We find them again in the mid seventies as initiators of the punk movement in France called "The Dentist", then in 1979 they were at the origin of the sixties garage revival, like their American friends "The Fleshtones". Henceforward immortalized by the Rock Dictionary which consecrates them a full page, they are regarded as "one of the best of this kind". Today after 5 LPs and 4 EPs which alternate covers (from British Beat to American garage, surf...)and their own French composing in Ronnie Bird or Dutronc spirit (their name is refering to), they remain above all an energic scenic band whose sound is always incredibly faithfull to the sixties. They have played in many mods rallies during the last years..." Source


V/A A Fistful Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol.13 Part.2

V/A A Fistful Of Rock 'N' Roll VoL. 13 Part1 320 kbps
On Parole: I'm your man / Clams: Robert Johnson / Drag Citizen: Distraction / The Marvels: Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll / Rickshaw: She used to dance / Boulder: Rev it up / Ironhead: Hotwired / Crimson Sweet: So electric /The Jet City Fix: Jet City's rockin / The Boss Martians: A.M.X. / The Jerry Spider Gang: The beast / Double-Barrelled Slingshots: Looking out for N° 1 / Angel Rot: Clean disease / Demons: Blackballed / Gaeleri: Crying out / Million Dollar Marxists: Perfect balance / The Onyas: Allan Murray / DTX: Lady luck / Knuckel Drager: Situation 69 / Deadzebil: Ultracore / The Deadbeats: Super bitch / Saïgon Sluts: I got your number / The Alter Boys: Serenity now / Maximum RNR: Stormfront.
This volume 13, part 1 of the serie "A fistful of rock'n'roll" was given with the N° 29 (superb cover
with a religious portrait of Little Richard by V. Berndt) of the great Carbon 14 magazine . Tracks Of Unholy Musical Mayhem featuring On Parole, Clams, Drag Citizen, The Marvels, Rickshaw, Boulder, Ironhead, Crimson Sweet, The Jet City Fix, The Boss Martians, The Jerry Spider Gang, Double-Barrelled Slingshots, Angel Rot, Demons, Gaeleri, Million Dollar Marxists, The Onyas, DTX, Knuckel Drager, Deadzebil, The Deadbeats, Siagon Sluts, The Alter Boys & Maximum RNR !!!
All the Carbon 14 issues are essential for rockers !
Buy the current issue here !


MARIE FRANCE - 39 de fièvre

MARIE FRANCE 39 de fièvre cd/lp 1981 320 kbps

Chez moi à Paris / Chanson magique / Avec toi / (La vie me chante) Ouh la la la / Dis-moi oui / Pas cette chanson / Le diable en personne / Comme les autres / Dansons / Trop tard / Chéri ce s'ra moi / Youri / 39 de fièvre / Dynamite / Est-ce que vous avez du feu ?* / Champs-Elysées* / Corps diplomatique* / Je ne me quitterai jamais*.

*Bonus tracks

Produced by J. W. Thoury & * by Jay Alanski

Marie France : vocals / V. Palmer : guitar, bass , arrangements & direction / P. Guyot: bass, organ, backing vocals / G. Pedersen: bass / Dynamite Yan : drums / Les frères Costa: backing vocals.

Marie-France was hired in 1969 by the Alcazar in the Latin Quarter, where she became as famous a celebrity as Marilyn Monroe. She remained one of the celebrities of that music-hall until 1987. She became a member of FHAR (Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action), alongside Guy Hocquenghem. She was a member of a small group, the Gazolines, with Hélène Hazera. The two performed in "Les Intrigues de Sylvia Couski" by Adolfo Arrieta (1974). In 1976, Alain Z. Kan paid tribute to her by naming one of his songs "Marie-France" . Bijou did the same thing in 1977 on their first lp "Danse avec-moi", with a different song called also "Marie France".

She appeared as a singer in «Barocco» by Andre Techine in 1976, where she produced «On se voit se voir», a song written by Philippe Sarde. She pursued her acting career in theater, notably in "Le Navire Night" by Marguerite Duras in 1979. With the album "39 de Fièvre" in 1981, through several renditions of sixties pop (Gillian Hils, Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, Rocky Volcano) and written Jean-William Thoury originals and composed by Dynamite Yan or Vincent Palmer, she captured the style of the rock group Bijou.(the cd version issued in 2000 with four bonus tracks is out of print & very hard to find today) She reappeared in the film "Les Innocents" (The Innocents), directed by Téchiné in 1987. In 1993, she recorded a revival of Édith Piaf, in a duet with Marc Almond, who rendered two songs to her. Daniel Darc and Mirwais collaborated on her eponymous 1997 album (here), for which she wrote the lyrics of a few songs herself. . Frédéric Botton wrote several songs for her in 2005. In 2006 was issued "Raretés" (here)

At the end of 2006, Léonard Lasry invited Marie-France to sing a duet entitled "Du désir au bout des doigts" as an homage. This song is featured on the first L. Lasry album, "Des Illusions" (Illusions).

Marie-France also published a duet with Hélèna Noguerra on the last album which is entitled "Fraise Vanille" (“Strawberry Vanilla”) in October 2007. In 2008, Marie France recorded a rock'n'roll garage album entirely written by Jacques Duvallet and composed by Miam Monster Miam. The album is called “Phantom feat. Marie France” ( here) and reminds her fans of the rock'n' roll Marie France of the 80s. A new album "Marie France visite Bardot" will be out soon (12/02/09)!

Reworked by Max!

Cet album de Marie France , conçu il y a 28 ans, est d'une exquise fraîcheur ! Comme "Mon étoile" des Valentino, il tourne toujours sur ma platine ! Une superbe chronique qu'il faut absolument lire et que vous trouverez ici, a été écrite sur "39 de fièvre" par J. Reybaud en 2005 dans la revue virtuelle "lalalala".

A noter que Dauga n'a pas participé à l'album car il devait se faire opérer des amydales : P. Guyot assure les parties de basse à sa place . A noter encore le fabuleux travail de Vincent Palmer qui n'a jamais aussi bien joué ... et si cet album était le meilleur Bijou ?

L'album sera édité en cd pour la première fois en 2000 (avec d'ailleurs un livret où on trouve des erreurs... merci à Max de les avoir rectifées). Il reprend l'intégralité de l'album "39° de fièvre" publié par RCA en 1981. Il y a été ajouté 2 7' publiés aussi par RCA "Je ne me quitterai jamais/Corps diplomatique" sorti en 1982 et "Champs-Elysées/Est-ce que vous avez du feu?" sorti en 1983. Il est aujourd'hui épuisé et impossible à trouver même d'occasion. Le lp lui s'achète encore facilement à des prix raisonnables ce qui n'est pas le cas du seul single sans inédit extrait de l'album ("Chez moi à Paris/Comme les autres" même pochette que le lp) !

Thomas raconte dans les commentaires l'histoire de ce concert qu'il a organisé en 1980 !

PALMER - 4 3 2

SINGLES PALMER 4 3 2 / Sportster sp/maxi sp 1985 Barclay wav
L'après Bijou pour Vincent Palmer avec cet unique single sorti aussi en maxi 45 tours sous pochette Mondino, texte de B. Bergman et avec en prime R. Kolinka à la batterie ! 2 titres qui n'auraient pas dépareillés dans le répertoire de Bijou! On trouve en face b "Sportster" un instrumental qui servit de générique à l'émission de Canal Plus : 4 C+ .
Vincent Palmer has recorded only one single under his name after the end of Bijou. "4 3 2" is a pure Bijou song & "Sportster " a rock instrumental ! Today V. Palmer writes for the french magazine "Rock'n'Folk".



Judas / The american way / Shotgun song / All night long / Losing count / Virginia / Wear you out / Restart your heart / Verge of motion / Tightrope / Feel it / Campaign for quiet.
Produced by B. Stratman & Campaign For Quiet.
Campaign For Quiet : F. Thaheld : lead vocals, accoustic guitar, tambourine / M. Lancara: lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals / N. Million: drums, percussion, vocals / F. Overland: guitar, cd artwork / T. Mallot: bass, acoustic guitar / M. Del Chiaro: backing vocals / B. Raphael: banjo, mandolin, accordion / B. Stratman: synths, cool sounds.
Rock music has evolved much over the last 50 years. While some bands try to recreate sounds or forge completely new territory, Campaign for Quiet seems to do both without forced effort. While difficult to categorize, they wear their influences on their sleeves. Evidence of classic, southern, english and modern americana suggests these boys have been students of all disciplines of music. One of the few bands today that can accomplish sweet 4 part harmonies and leave you humming a chorus or hook for days. Earning a nomination for "best rock album" in 2005 for the SDMA, their late 2004 release "Midnight Rock" successfully opened some of the right doors for this quintet. The fall 2005 release of a 5 song e.p., "Welcome Distraction" will lead these, gentlemen of rock, into the 2006 season with extensive touring and the loyalty of a constantly growing fan base. Listen to "Night High" and turn it up! Listen loud!" - R. Limley
Thanks to Alain !


V/A 13 Rock à Caen

V/A 13 Rock à Caen  LP 1984
LES SAIGNEURS : Toute La Nuit / THEÂTRE : Film Noir / INNOCENT : Résigné / FANTÔME : Jalousie / AMOUR PUZZLE : Barcelone / OBJECTORS : Fire / JOHNNY HESS : Regarde / LES VALENTINO : Mati / LES SPURTS : Rapsodie Aux Spurts / FUCK LAND : Danse Macabre / JOHN MERRICK : Génèse / TEX PLAY : Scelerate Words / LOS SCRAWLS : Goodbye Laughing Cows.

13 groupes de Caen sur une compilation comme il en fleurissait beaucoup dans les années 80 : Les "Week-end à Nice", "Rock in Rennes", "Fireball", "Rock à Nantes", "Snapshots", "Eyes on you" ont accompagné l'éclosion de nombreux goupes français. Réalisé par une radio locale (UHT) "13 Rock à Caen" n'égale pas  par exemple "Eyes on you" de l'exemplaire label Closer mais contient son lot de surprises agréables en particulier les Saigneurs dont on perçoit déjà le potentiel ainsi que les Valentino. Ah les Valentino !!!
Ils furent, pour moi, un des meilleurs groupes français des années 80. Ex Bye Bye Turbin, ils avaient sorti cette année-là "Mati" un superbe 45 tours distribué par New Rose (qui deviendra leur label pour 2 singles, un mini lp et un album). Un album "Mon étoile" qui demeure un de mes dix albums préférés du rock français des 80's. Et je ne vous parle même pas de la pochette de ce lp ! Quand je pense qu'il n'existe même pas d'édition cd !!!

"13 Rock à Caen"  is a compilation of French groups made ​​by a local radio station in Caen (Normandy).


LES SAIGNEURS - Après Minuit

LES SAIGNEURS Après Minuit maxi EP 1985 wav
Après minuit / J'aime les filles comme toi / Seul / Les jours heureux / C'est le rock'n'roll / Toute la nuit (bonus).
Produced by Pete Gunn.
Les Saigneurs : R. Bodet : vocals, guitar / P. Journet : guitar, backing vocals / C. Veron : bass, backing vocals / D. Plattier : drums, backing vocals + G. Ricci : sax.
Les Saigneurs was a french band from Caen. Influenced by pub rock, they have recorded a first single "Caché dans ta ville"in 1981, a second 7" "Les jours heureux" in 1984 and finally a maxi EP "Après minuit" in 1985 . They split up in 1985.
"...P. Journet monte les " SAIGNEURS" en 81, avec Daniel "drums", Richard "chant-guitare" et Christophe "bass" des " LORDS" à CAEN. Premières répétitions et 1er 45 t " Caché dans ta ville" suivi d'un titre sur une compilation produite par une radio locale (UHT) intitulé "Rock A Caen", " Toute la nuit" va leur permettre d'accrocher plusieurs producteurs, viendra ensuite un 2eme 45t "Les jours heureux" et un maxi 45t 5 titres sorti chez RCA, enregistré à Londres par Peter Gunn des Inmates, malheureusement, ce disque remixé et reremixé, entouré de gens incompétents n'obtiendra pas le succès prévu. En 1985, tout s'arrête pour les SAIGNEURS, malgré un réel potentiel ..." Source Myspace P. Journey