THE CREAMERS - Stick It In Your Ear

THE CREAMERS Stick It In Your Ear cd 1991
Mom Watch T.V. / Trail Of Ruined Days / Cover Your Ass / Easy To Do Nothing / Long Year And A Half / Wonder Why / Artificially Yours / In A Lonely Place / Tell Me How It Is / Weight Of The World / Breakaway / Dead Weight / When No One's Looking / Martyrdumb.
Produced by The Creamers.
The Creamers: L. Poole: vocals / R. Saenz: rhythm guitar / R. J.: lead guitar / L. Keringer: bass / B. Deagle: drums.
"The Creamers were a seminal part of the "second wave" of the West Coast punk rock scene. They formed in 1986 in Los Angeles- after the demise of "X" and before the birth of Green Day.Their ten year career saw some members changes (see family tree on their Myspace), but always the band was famous for churning out their brand of Ramones style, gut twirling , ear-rupturing brand of punk rock.
The Creamers were also one of the first L.A. punk bands to feature "girls on guitar". Today it's taken for granted that woman can and do play guitar, bass and drums in rock bands - but in 1986- it was an anomaly. Additionally woman who tore it up vocally were just like unlikely. To quote Flipside Magazine: " Leesa G.'s vocals could sear the fake eyelashes off of Susanna Hoffs (of The Bangles)."
The Creamers live shows were nothing less than total mayhem.Bassist L. Keringer was sometimes called the "human ping pong ball". The band clearly enjoyed being on stage -always. It didn't matterif there were three people or three undred in the crowd. The Creamers always gave 120 % at every show. After ten years of touring and recording, Lisa G. disbanded the group in 1996, but the Creamers leave behind a strong legacy of vinyl and cd's (3 full albums: "Love Honor & Obey" (S. F.T.R. I.) in 1989, "Stick It In Your Ear" (Triple X Records) in 1992, "Hurry Up And Wait" (Triple X Records) in 1993 and "This Stuff'll Kill Ya" (Triple X Records), an anthology in 1994 and a bunch of 7'': "Sunday Head/I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick" (Fierce Recordings) in 1989, "Not Now No Way/Mom Watches T.V." (Dog Meat Records) in 1990, "Bob Kringle/Father Christmas" (S.F.T.R.I.) also in 1990, "Dead Weight/Stay With Me" (Triple X Records) in 1991, "He Needed Killin/5 Deadly Venoms" (1+2 Records) in 1996 & a 7'' EP "Two Olives (And A Bottle Of Gin)" (No Tomorrow Records) in 1996) .They have carved out an unusual niche in history as one of punk most raucous, talented and gracious coed accomplishments. In 2007 the Creamers' (mostly's) original line-up started jamming together again. Their 20 odd years of musical experience sharpening their songs and observations. If you love OLD SCHOOL PUNK ROCK with scalding female vocals, check back for new releases available from the Creamers coming to their Myspace." Source
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RAMONES - Ramones Aid

SINGLES: RAMONES Ramones Aid 12'' EP 1986
Crummy Stuff / Something To Believe In / (And) I Don't Want To Live This Life.
Produced by J. Beauvoir.
Ramones: Joey Ramone: lead vocals / Johnny Ramone: guitar / Dee Dee Ramone: bass, backing vocals / Richie Ramone: drums, backing vocals.
"What is the Ramones Aid all about ?
It's about people, people who care.We think the time has come for caring people, who care about people, to stand up and be counted.The Ramones are standing tall for every cause.
So please, reach deep into your hearts and deep into your pockets-let's make this the most significant event of the eighties.
As Joey Ramone says, and he speaks for all os us , "IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT, YOU'RE OUT IT".
K. Senomar, Spokesperson."

"Something To Believe In" is a song that was originally released as a single called the "Sire Single Version", and then re-recorded as a song on the Ramones album "Animal Boy" released in May 1986. There are also live video versions of the song. It was written by Dee Dee Ramone and Jean Beauvoir. The "Sire Single Version" was re-released as track 14 of the second disk of the Ramones Anthology. The song was re-released in 2005 by Rhino/Warner Bros, on the album"Weird Tales of the Ramones".
The song is more gentle sounding than most Ramones songs, particularly the cover by The Pretenders, which was produced by Johnny Ramone and is sung at an extremely slow tempo for a Ramones song.
"Something To Believe In" was also the background track for a music video called Ramones Aid which was frequently played on MTV. In the video the Ramones are depicted in a group of people who give money to charity. This video parodies Hands Across America, by featuring t-shirts with the logo hands across your face. A large number of people appear in Ramones Aid including the Animotion, Afrika Bambaataa, Circle Jerks, John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X, The B-52's, Ted Nugent, Spinal Tap, Weird Al Yankovic and The Untouchables. The video included lookalikes from the 1985 USA for Africa video titled "We Are the World" (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Cyndi Lauper). When juxtaposed with images in parody of other aid videos the songs hook line, "I just want something to believe in", is frequently interpreted as making fun of true believers whose identity is derived from embracing a cause. Source

RAMONES - Pet Sematary

SINGLES: RAMONES Pet Sematary 12'' EP 1989
Pet Sematary (single version)° / Sheena Is A Punk Rocker */ Life Goes On**.
°Produced by J. Beauvoir & D. Rey - * Produced by T. Bongiovi & T. Erdelyi - Produced by Ramones & D. Rey.
** Not contained in the motion picture "Pet Sematary"
Ramones: Joey Ramone: lead vocals / Johnny Ramone: guitar / Dee Dee Ramone: bass, backing vocals / Richie Ramone: drums, backing vocals / Tommy Ramone: drums.
That was in 1980, and the decline in critical acclaim and die-hard following that commenced with End Of The Century continued throughout the rest of the decade and a succession of mostly slick-sounding albums, during which Marky quit and subsequently rejoined the group. The one exception, at least in commercial terms, was the theme song to Stephen King's 1989 horror movie hit, Pet Sematary, wriiten by Dee Dee and sometime-Ramones producer Daniel Rey. Although dismissed by certain hardcore fans because of its relatively polished, film-oriented patina, this still stands as a bona-fide Ramones classic, one that garnered plenty of US radio play while peaking at number four on Billboard's 'Modern Rock Tracks' chart. As such, it was arguably the band's last hurrah.

"I remember Howard Stern playing it on his radio show while I was driving one morning and I heard him call it his record of the year," says Fernando Kral, who engineered the song at New York City's Sigma Sound Studios alongside producer Jean Beauvoir. "Still, I have to admit I was surprised it did as well as it did. Sure, the production was good and so was the guys' playing, but they weren't giving the fans a traditional Ramones record. A case of 'This is a risky move, let's see what happens.' The safety net was that it was for a film soundtrack, and when the film did well at the box office, the song did well, too." Source



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CHRIS SPEDDING Cafe Days cd 1990
Smoke My Cigarette / Parchman Farm / Hostage / Put It On Hold° / Catch 22 / Cafe Days / Call Of The Wild / Girl In The Video / Flirt / Save The Life / Portobello.
Produced by S. Berlin &
M. Linnet.
C. Spedding: guitar, bass, vocals / S. Berlin: keyboards, percussion, soprano sax on° / G. Ferguson: drums / B.L. Eager: backing vocals / P. Carrington & Southside Johnny: backing vocals on°.
Although he has performed as a sideman for dozens of top rock and pop acts, guitarist Chris Spedding is far more than a rock-and-roll footnote. A list of his accomplishments and session contributions would fill a book and, in fact, Chris Spedding: Reluctant Guitar Hero by Kimberley J. Bright was published in 2006. A short recap of his career includes his stint as front man for the highly underrated British rock group Sharks with former Free bassist Andy Fraser and future Talking Heads sideman Michael "Busta" Jones. Spedding also produced the demonstration tapes that earned the Sex Pistols their record contract; produced and played with British punk band the Vibrators; produced the Cramps; was a member of Roy Harper's backing band Trigger; and performed session guitar work with the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Dusty Springfield, Harry Nilsson, Gilbert O'Sullivan and Bryan Ferry. He also toured as a gun-for-hire with Roxy Music, the Pretenders, and John Cale, in addition to releasing a string of albums and one bona fide British hit single, "Motorbikin'." Source
Chris Spedding's last solo effort for a decade is a solid rock & roll album, steeped in rootsy, bluesy sounds, and while the guitar playing is its most impressive attribute, the vocals aren't bad, either. With a band that included Steve Berlin on keyboards and various other instruments, and Gary Ferguson on drums (with Southside Johnny providing backing vocals on one track), the music is as good as any back-to-basics effort of the period, and that's saying something considering that much of what's here (apart from Mose Allison's "Parchman Farm") is original. "Put It on Hold" is the best-sounding track, but it's all eminently listenable, and ought to have done better in the marketplace. "Cafe Days" was reissued in 2001 in an expanded edition with six bonus tracks, but either version is well worth hearing. Source
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COYOTE SHIVERS - 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record

COYOTE SHIVERS 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record cd 1999
Plus One / Secretly Jealous / You're Mine / Something Happens / You Piss Me Off.
Coyote Shivers: voice, guitar, piano / Casper, Dagon, L. Agnelli: bass / S. Sinnicks, C. Stewart, J. Pedler & B. Ficca: drums.
Toronto-born singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Coyote Shivers began his musical career while he was still a teenager, producing singles and albums for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, including the single "Having an Average Weekend," which became the theme for the cult favorite TV show The Kids in the Hall. He then played with the experimental group Sharkskin and moved from L.A. to Amsterdam to New York City, where he joined the Conspiracy, the first non-Soviet band to release material on the Soviet state-run label Melodiya. Shivers released his first critically acclaimed, self-titled solo album in 1996 on Mutiny Records with the assistance of Billy Ficca (Richard Hell, Television) and Jack Pedler on drums.He opened for Kiss on their reunion tour that same year. He also appeared in the films Johnny Mnemonic, Empire Records -- the soundtrack of which features the Shivers single "Sugarhigh" - and Smut.
Shivers released also several limited-edition CD singles, the EP "1/2 A Rock & Roll Record" & his last record "Gives It To Ya. Twice" in 2004 on Foodchain Records is a double CD.
"Imagine if Johnny Thunders shot up bubble gum instead of heroin and you'd have Coyote Shivers" B. Edmunds - Mojo Magazine "
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THE CELIBATE RIFLES Yizgarnnoff cd 1993
Brickin' Around* / A Word About Jones* / Cycle* / Downtown* / Johnny* / Happy House* / Dream Of Night* / Groovin' In The Land Of Love* / S & M TV* / Electravision Mantra* / 2000 Light Years From Home* / The More Things Change* / Tubular Greens° / Invisible Man° / Glasshouse° / O Salvation !° / Oceanshore° / Baby Please Don't Go#.
*Recorded by Ron at C.B.G.B.'s, New York ; °recorded by P. Tagg at Promises, Sydney & # recorded by P. McKercher at the Wireless, Sydney.
Produced by K.Steedman.
The Celibate Rifles: K. Steedman: lead guitar, backing vocals / D. Lovelock: lead vocals / D. Morris: rhythm guitar / J. Leone: bass,
backing vocals / N. Rieth & P. Larsen: drums.
Playing stripped-down, loud, and fast Ramones-inspired guitar rock, the Celibate Rifles were one of the earliest punk bands to emerge during the post-Radio Birdman/Saints era. Taking their cues from these Aussie bands, along with the American hard rock of the Stooges, MC5, and Blue Oyster Cult, the Rifles were led by the twin-guitar attack of K. Steedman and D. Morris, and the deadpan baritone of vocalist D. Lovelock. They exploded out of the gates in 1982 with a series of records (released in Australia only) fueled by high-speed guitars, wah-wah-strangulated solos, and cartoon-ish, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Source
"...Let’s talk about "Yizgarnnoff" a little first. It’s a set of 18 songs, the first 12 recorded at New York’s CBGB’s (which may have made some people think the album was a reissue of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", since that was recorded in the same venue a few years earlier), the next 5 at a show in Sydney, and the closer for a JJJ “Live at the Wireless” show. There’s a nice preview of “Brickin’ Around” to kick things off, an awesomely high energy version of “Happy House”, and a powerful take of “Groovin’ In The Land Of Love” from the CBGB’s show. The Sydney show has a neat surprise with a take of “Tubular Greens”…one of the best tracks from their debut, "Sideroxylon. The JJJ cut is a scorching version of the old blues classic “Baby Please Don’t Go”. Overall, "Yizgarnnoff" is an impressive testament to the live power of the Celibate Rifles..."


THE SEWERGROOVES - Three Time Losers

THE SEWERGROOVES Three Time Losers cd 1999
Whole Again / Starsong / Dead Letter River / Sonic Love / Could've Been Dead / Lizard Shot / Two Time Loser° / My Heroine.
Produced by A. Shit.
The Sewergrooves: Kurt: guitar, vocals / Andreas: bass / Robert: drums + B.Fet: piano & A. Shit: lead guitar on°
Sewergrooves, a rock ’n’ roll band from Stockholm, Sweden, deliver soulful rock in a way that is quite unique for bands today. Someone once made a comparison between the band and drinking coffee: The first time you may not quite get it but after the second and third time you’re truly hooked.
These guys are for real - you can clearly hear the blood, sweat and hard work that are in the vein of the band. These disciples of all things heavy pound the graves of Radio Birdman, early Urge Overkill and Thin Lizzy then proceed to wash it all down with a curdled cocktail of motor city septic tank backwash. But this trip ain't just about ragged ass raw power. The Sewergrooves also dish out ample gobs of both melody and hooks with their thunder. During their 15 years as a band they’ve released 5 full length albums and like a million 7"s. They’ve toured Europe countless times and released albums in Australia and the US.
Now in 2010 it’s finally time for another album, "Trouble Station" (buy it here!), the boys’ 6th album. An album that needed over 2 years to complete, but goddamn am I glad they took their time! Coz it is a fantastic collection of great songs, and the band are more intense and soulful than ever. Source
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THE ANGELS - Skin & Bone

THE ANGELS Skin & Bone cd 1998
Northwest Highway / Skin & Bone / Caught In The Night / With Or Without You / Invisible Man / Wasteland / What The Hell / World Stops Turning / My Light Will Shine / Soul Surgeon / Call That Living / Movin' On.
Produced by
R. Brewster.
The Angels: D. Neeson: vocals / J. Brewster: guitar,vocals / R. Brewster: guitar / J. Hilbun: bass / B. Eccles: drums.
Delivering raucous hard rock in the tradition of contemporaries like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, the Angels were among the longest-lasting and most beloved bands ever to emerge from the Australian pub circuit.
In 1976, the Angels were discovered by AC/DC's A. Young and B. Scott, and soon entered the studio to record their debut single, "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again," a major hit. With the addition of bassist Chris Bailey (not to be confused with the Saints' frontman), a tour opening for AC/DC followed, and in 1977, the Angels' eponymously titled debut LP appeared to enormous success. A second album, "Face to Face", appeared in 1978 and preceded a national headlining tour; after 1979's "No Exit" became an even bigger hit, the group toured the U.S. and Canada, renamed Angel City for the Northern Hemisphere to avoid confusion with the glam band Angel.
With their next studio album, 1980's moody "Darkroom", they scored their first Australian number one hit, "No Secrets." The record also featured the track "Face the Day," later covered by Great White. At the end of the year, the Angels headlined a free concert at the Sydney Opera House that ended in rioting, prompting a government ban on outdoor concerts; undaunted, the Angels opened in America for the Kinks, then returned home to begin work on their next album, "Night Attack", their first outing with new drummer Brent Eccles. A subsequent tour exchanged Bailey for bassist J. Hilbun, and was followed in 1983 by the odd, experimental "Watch the Red". "Two Minute Warning" -- a concept record exploring nuclear devastation -- was recorded in Los Angeles and issued a year later.
Upon returning to Australia, founding member J. Brewster exited, and was replaced by ex-Skyhooks guitarist B. Spencer. Howling followed in 1986, launching the hit singles "Don't Waste My Time" and "Nature of the Beast"; in support of the record, the Angels mounted a 16-month tour that yielded the double concert LP "Liveline" in 1988. With new bassist J. Morley, they next traveled to Memphis to record 1990's chart-topping Beyond Salvation, which notched four Top Ten singles -- "Let the Night Roll On," "Back Street Pick-Up," "Rhythm Rude Girl," and "Dogs Are Talking." After 1991's"Red Back Fever", both Spencer and Morley departed for solo careers late the next year, opening the door for the return of Hilbun and J. Brewster. However, record company problems then kept the Angels from recording new material for several years; finally, in 1996, they issued their comeback single "Call That Living," which returned them to the Top Ten. "Skin & Bone" followed in 1998. The group disbanded at the close of the '90s following D. Neeson's injury in a car accident; however, Neeson joined a re-formed Angels in the spring of 2008, and the reunited group played a series of shows during the summer of that year. Allmusic
Check "
Soul Surgeon" the tenth song ...


CARLA OLSON - Reap The Whirlwind

CARLA OLSON Reap The Whirlwind cd 1994
Reap The Whirlwind / Playing With Life / Ups & Downs / Rock Of Ages / Kinderwars / Not A Soul To Remember / Honest As Daylight / Bills, Bills & More Bills / Twine Time.
Produced by C. Olson & C. Rook.
Carla Olson: vocals & guitars / J. Lacey-Baker: guitar / G. Callins: guitar / B. McDonald: bass / R. Hemmert: drums / T. Jr Morgan: saxophone / I. McLagan: piano + guests like Mick Taylor etc
Along with Kathy Valentine (a future member of the Go-Go's), Carla Olson formed the Textones in the early '80s for a few singles on IRS. (Most of these tracks appear on "Through the Canyon"and Back in Time") The band's major-label debut, "Midnight Mission" , included help from Don Henley, Ry Cooder, Barry Goldberg, and Gene Clark.
In 1983 Olson got a huge break when Bob Dylan chose her to appear in his "Sweetheart Like You" video. During the filming she began a friendship with guitarist Mick Taylor, who had once played with the Rolling Stones before leaving them in 1975 to pursue a solo career. "Cedar Creek", the Textones second album, appeared in 1987 on Enigma Records. C. Olson then worked on many projects, including ones by John Fogerty, Henley, Eric Johnson and Percy Sledge.She released an acoustic album in 1987 with Gene Clark "So Rebellious a Lover", on Rhino. The recording features tracks on which Olson backed Clark on three of his pieces, and Clark backed Olson on three of her pieces, as well as some covers. The album was well received, and the two played gigs to promote it, often working together. The duo planned another album, but Clark passed away suddenly in May of 1991, before they could follow through. In 1988, she recorded a self-titled solo album (for Amigo) in Sweden, backed by Wilmer X. After another duet project, this time with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, Olson's second solo LP "Within an Ace" was released in 1993; "Reap the Whirlwind" followed the next year. That album signaled a period of relative quiet from the guitarist, as she disappeared into private life while her best-of collection hit the shelves. It wasn't until 2001 that she returned, boasting" The Ring of Truth", an album featuring Mick Taylor and a handful of roots rock tunes that showcased her weathered vocals and comfortable sound. C. Olson has also found success on the other side of the studio glass, producing records for Barry Goldberg, Dona Oxford, Jake Andrews, Joe Louis Walker, Davis Gaines, Mare Winningham, and Phil Upchurch.