RIP Tommy Ramone

RIP Tom Erdelyi aka TOMMY RAMONE (1949-2014). The last Ramone standing: drummer, producer, engineer, songwriter, sonic architect of one of the most influential bands in the history of Our Music. Sincere condolences to all family and friends. This image based on original cover photo by Roberta Bayley for debut album "Ramones" (Sire Records, 1976)


VA - Eternally Ours : A Tribute To The Saints (re-up)

VA Eternally Ours: A Tribute To The Saints CD 1999
Nomads: Demolition Girl / Scratch Bongowax: Wild About You / Phantom Rats: Lost & Found / Challenger 7: Bigs Hits On The Underground / Mono Men: Run Down / Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors: Know Your Product / Bazooka: Orstralia / Safety Pins: Private Affair / Jeff Dahl: Messin' With The Kid / Spent Idols: Do The Robot / Th' Lunkheads: Kissin' Cousin / Onyas: L-I-E-S / Pussy Crutch: No Time / Switch Trout: Lipstick On Your Collar / Bittersweets: Story Of Love / Fifi & The Mach 3: I'm Stranded / Basement Brats: Wild About You / Gamma Men: One Way Street / X-Rays: Erotic Neurotic / Nashville Pussy: Misunderstood / Sator: This Perfect Day / Bellrays: Nights In Venice / Ed Kuepper: Everything's Fine / Campus Tramps: Demolition Girl.
Compiled & produced by K. & H. Sekiguchi.

An international tribute to the great Saints by the japanese & now defunct label 1+2 Records. From Sweden for The Nomads, Bazooka & Sator, Norway for The Bittersweets & The Basement Brats, Spain for Safety Pins, Japan for The Phantom Rats, Fifi & The Mach 3 & Switch Trout, Usa for The Mono Men, Jeff Dahl, The Gamma Men, Nashville Pussy, The Bellrays, Scratch Bongowax & The Spent Idols, Australia for Challenger 7, The Onyas & ex Saints guitarist Ed Kuepper, U.K. for Campus Tramps, Pussy Crutch, X-Rays & Th' Lunkheads, Germany for Jimmy Keith & The Shocky Horrors: a real international bunch ! They all celebrate one of the best punk band of 1977 !!!
Maybe the best tribute to this australian band which is always in activity ! Viva Chris Bailey & The Saints !!!

Thanks To Mr D.!