CLASSIC RUINS - Lassie Eats Chicken

CLASSIC RUINS Lassie Eats Chicken lp/cd 1986/2006
Room Starts Spinning / I Can't Spell Romance / He's Got It / Roman Fingers / Rocco's Wake / Geraldine I Need Money / Labatt's / Response & Sustain / You're Aces With Me / Let's Get Dull* / The Madison / Record Time / Down & Out / This Means War / Hedda Humma / Ruins Cafe / Hurt That Way / I'm A Wimp / How Do You Know?
Produced by Classic Ruins & G. Hookailo except * produced by Classic Ruins & J. Dufour & ° produced by F. Rowe.
Classic Ruins: F. Rowe: vocals, guitar, harmonica / C. Biancucci: bass guitar / P. Nardone: drums + B. Borgioli: guitar, vocals / T. "TK" Keenan: guitar / K. Glasheen: drums / Randall: bass guitar.
Formed in 1978 by Frank Rowe (ex Baby's Arm) and Billy Borgioli (ex Real Kids), Boston's Classic Ruins were rootsy rockers "with proto punk and garage undertones". If they sound like they share the same sensibility as the Real Kids it’s probably because their original line-up included half of that band. F. Rowe, however is the main man of the band (with C. Biancucci on bass and P. Nardone on drums), and has proved as enduring an artist as Beantown compatriots Willie Alexander and Jeff Conolly. The Classic Ruins recorded their first single “1+1>2/ Nyquil Stranger” in 1980 on Ace Of Hearts records( Infliktors, Neighborhoods, the Lyres...).The band moved later to Throbbing Lobster records for their first LP “Lassie Eats Chickens” followed in 1989 by "Ruins Café" another lp on the french label New Rose. 2006 saw the 20th anniversary of "Lassie Eats Chicken" with the album being released on CD for the first time with eextra cuts (buy it here!).
Ex-Commandos/Ballbusters guitarist Jeff Crane was added on second guitar. The band is still alive today, "playing their garage punk as if on stage at the Rat".
Billy is still playing with the Varmints & a new cd is due soon!
Carl Biancucci is also playing with the excellent Jumper Cables : check their Myspace , this guys know how to rock !


NIKKI SUDDEN - The Jewel Thief

NIKKI SUDDEN The Jewel Thief cd/lp 1991
I Belong To You / The Bagman And The Twangman / Mountains Of New York / Spend A Little Gold With Me / Paying My Way / Hotel Blues / Falling / Liquor, Guns and Ammo / Don't Let Them Mess With You / Grievous Angel.
Produced: N. Sudden & P. Buck
Nikki Sudden: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals / P. Buck: electric & acoustic guitars, jug, percussion, mandolin / J. Keane: bass, steel guitar & slide / B. Berry: drums / M. Mills: organ & bass / B. Burke: harmonica / A. Thistlethwaite: electric mandolin / D. Blackmon: fiddle / T. Neilson: bass / J. Sullivan: drums / B. Holmes: piano.
After the post-punk band Swell Maps dissolved in the early '80s, lead singer Nikki Sudden began a diverse and maddening solo career, during which he performed with a number of different bands and side projects. Sudden released his first solo record, Waiting on Egypt, in 1982, followed closely by The Bible Belt in 1983; both records recalled Swell Maps. In 1984, Sudden formed the Jacobites with drummer Epic Soundtracks (his brother, who was also a member of Swell Maps) and guitarist/vocalist Dave Kusworth, who co-wrote the material with Sudden. The band developed a laid-back pop style, driven by acoustic guitars and a rolling rhythm section reminiscent of the Velvet Underground. The Jacobites released four albums and three EPs between 1984 and 1986, when Kusworth left the band. Sudden continued with the Jacobites name, releasing Texas on the Creation label in 1986. During the late '80s, Sudden ditched the Jacobites and began making music that strongly recalled early Rolling Stones. While none of his albums ever attracted a large audience, Sudden remained a cult favorite throughout his career. High-profile guests began appearing on his albums with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck for "The Jewel Thief" & Wilco's Jeff Tweedy lending a hand to 1999's "Red Brocade" and the Faces' keyboardist Ian McLagan playing on the 2004 release "Treasure Island". On March 26, 2006, Sudden passed away after a gig in New York City. He was working on a new album, "The Truth Doesn't Matter", which was released in October 2006. Allmusic
Nikki Sudden's influences included bands such as T.Rex, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Thunders.
He also wrote for a number of music magazines, such as Spex, INTRO, Mojo and Bucketful of Brains. At the time of his unexpected death, he was writing his autobiography, as well as a history of the Wick, an estate in Richmond once owned by Ronnie Wood, currently owned by Pete Townshend. Answers.com



SINGLES: FLAMING SIDEBURNS Let Me Take You Far / The Hustler cd ep 2003 wav
Produced by The Flaming Sideburns.
The Flaming Sideburns: E. Martinez: vocals, percussion / The Punisher: bass, backing vocals, handclaps / J. Burnside: drums, percussion / J. L. Burns: lead guitar, backing vocals, steel guitar / S. Williamson: guitar, backing vocals, percussion, handclaps / J. Volume: guitar, backing vocals, synthesizer
+ * N. Andersson, R. Dahlqvist & R. Erikson: backing vocals / V. Alajuuma: piano.
Embracing much of what was gloriously loud and fuzzy from rock & roll's past -- from Link Wray and the Sonics (see "The Hustler" on b side!) to the Stooges and the New York Dolls...
Finland's the Flaming Sideburns first got together in 1995 with the modest goal of "saving rock 'n' roll." Originally claiming to have passed through a time warp after opening for Little Richard in 1965, the Flaming Sideburns were comprised of five hardcore garage rock followers, most of whom had played in a variety of bands before forming the Sideburns...

JIM MARSHALL (1936-2010)

Keith Richards during Exile on Main Street sessions, 1972.


WRECKLESS ERIC - Greatest Stiffs

WRECKLESS ERIC Greatest Stiffs cd 2001
Whole Wide World / Reconnez Cherie / Semaphore Signals / Take The Cash / A Popsong / Personal Hygiene / Tonight (Is My Night) / Hit And Miss Judy / Walking On The Surface Of The Moon / Veronica / Let's Go To The Pictures / Waxworks / Broken Doll / Excuse Me / It'll Soon Be The Weekend / Strange Towns / I Wish It Would Rain / Out Of The Blue / Grown Ups / The Final Taxi.
Produced by N. Lowe, I. Dury, N. Garvey, L. Wallis, P. Solley, Bazza & W. Eric.
Wreckless Eric: vocals, rhythm guitar /P. Gosling, W. Hacon & Brady: guitars / B. Payne, J. Brown: bass / D. Lutton, G. Waade & D Otway: drums / C. Hart: Vox organ / M. Morley: guitars, organ, piano, brass, clarinet, pedal steel / D. Payne: tenor & alto sax / P.Solley: keyboards.
There's one complaint with the Greatest Stiffs collection -- Wreckless Eric's unhinged version of Devo's "Be Stiff," the song that the British indie Stiff made all their second-wave artists record, isn't here. It was the best out of all the versions of "Be Stiff," and it would have been a highlight of his Stiff recordings even if he'd been the only one to cut it there. Apart from that, and maybe the absence of his smashing version of Ian Dury's "Rough Kids," this is a flawless collection of his terrific recordings for Stiff, drawing highlights from those three full-length albums, including songs that haven't been easily available on CD (buy it here). And while Wreckless' incoherent, slurred growl may be an acquired taste, it's totally rock & roll, and the best early songs here -- "Whole Wide World," "Reconnez Cherie," "Semaphore Signals," "Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)," among others -- are wild, terrific rock & roll, while the songs toward the end of the record prove that he's a fine pop songwriter as well. W. Eric may be a cult act, but this record proves why he has a cult. Allmusic


ALEX CHILTON - Live In London

ALEX CHILTON Live In London lp/cd 1980/93 320/flac
Bangkok / Tramp / In The Street / Hey Little Child / Nightime / Rock Hard / Alligator Man / The Letter / Train Kept A Rollin' / Kanga Roo / My Rival / Stranded On A Dateless Night / September Gurls /No More The Moon Shines On Lorena.
Recorded live at Dingwalls, London, England on wednesday, may 28, 1980.
Executive Producer: A. Six
Alex Chilton: vocals, guitar / Knox: guitar / M. Seligman: bass / M. Windsor: drums .
In a business that reinvents itself at every turn, Alex Chilton has managed to survive for three decades with a three-fold career as well -- his early recordings with the Box Tops, the three albums he did with Big Star in the mid-'70s and the spate of cool, but chaotic, solo albums he's recorded since then. To some, he's a classic hit-maker from the '60s. To others, he's a genius British-style pop musician and songwriter. To yet another audience, he's a doomed and despairing artist who spent several years battling the bottle, delivering anarchistic records and performances while thumbing his nose at all pretenses of stardom, a quirky iconoclast whose influence has spawned the likes of the Replacements and Teenage Fanclub.
For a guy who grew up in and around Memphis, there isn't anything remotely Southern about Alex Chilton. Although fully aware of his surroundings and in tune spiritually with its most lunatic fringe aspects, Alex Chilton's South has more to do with genteel Southern intellectualisms than rednecks.
Chilton started playing music in local Memphis high-school combos, alternating between bass and rhythm guitar with a stray vocal thrown in, finally working himself up to professional status with a group called the DeVilles. After acquiring a manager with recording connections tied to Memphis hitmakers Chips Moman and Dan Penn, Alex and the group -- newly renamed the Box Tops -- recorded "The Letter," a record that sounded White enough to go number one on the pop charts and yet Black enough to track on R&B stations, too. Chilton was still in his teens, but armed with a strong conception of how pop and R&B vocals should be handled. With the hand of vocal coach Dan Penn firmly in place, the hits kept coming, with "Cry like a Baby," "Soul Deep" and "Sweet Cream Ladies" all showing visible chart action. The Box Tops were stars by AM radio singles standards, but tours in general opened Chilton's eyes to the world and what it had to offer. And what that world seemed to offer to Alex was a lot more artistic freedom than he had as nominal leader of the Box Tops.

After a few errant solo sessions, Chilton found himself in Big Star with singer/guitarist Chris Bell. Their blend of ethereal harmonies, quirky lyrics and Beatlesque song structure appeared to be radio-friendly, but distribution for their label, Ardent Records, spelled disaster. With Bell gone and the label literally hanging on by a thread, Chilton went into the studio with producer Jim Dickinson and attempted to put together the third Big Star album. These sessions, now known as Sister Lovers, are legendary in some quarters. So much has been read into this recording, primarily the myth that Chilton became a pop artist who, in the face of critical success but commercial apathy, suddenly rebelled against the system and became a "doomed artist on a collision course to Hell." Chilton himself dismisses all such romantic notions: "I think that to say that it's a fairly druggy sort of album that is the work of a confused person trying to find himself or find his creative direction is a fair statement about the thing."

Around 1976, Chilton started producing a wild cross-section of solo outings for various foreign and American independent labels, all featuring his love for obscure material, barbed-wire guitar playing, howling feedback and bands who sounded barely familiar with the material. Plugging into the bohemian punk rock scene of New York City, Chilton's anarchic approach and attitude fit the scene like a glove. In addition to his gigging and performing schedule, Alex also produced the debut session by the Cramps, helping to land their deal with I.R.S. Records. Chilton was getting legendary enough to end up having a song by the Replacements named after him. Through the late '80s into the early '90s, Alex split his time between recording, gigging overseas plugging his latest release and playing oldies shows in the U.S., reprising his old Box Tops hits. In the early '90s, Chilton -- relocated to New Orleans, his demons behind him -- began releasing a series of excellent solo albums on the newly revived Ardent label and even participated in a couple of Big Star "reunions." ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide
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DAVE EDMUNDS - Closer To The Flame

DAVE EDMUNDS Closer To The Flame cd 1999
Closer To The Flame / Fallin' Trough A Hole / Don't Talk To Me / Every Time I See Her / Stockholm / King Of Love* / I Got Your Number / Never Take The Place Of You / Sincerely / Test Of Love / Stay With Me Tonight.
Produced by D. Edmunds
D. Edmunds: lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals, keyboards / P. Chen: bass / J. Keltner: drums / C. Leavell: keyboards / A. Love, J. Hale, J. Horn & W. Jackson: the Memphis Horns / A.Hecht, R. Funk, C. Cioe & P. Litteral: the Uptown Horns
+ B. Setzer: backing vocals & L. Rocker: bass on *
"Roots-rockers are seldom as purist as Dave Edmunds. Throughout his career, he stayed true to '50s and '60s rock & roll -- for Edmunds, rock & roll history stopped somewhere in 1963, after the Beach Boys' first singles but before the Beatles' hits. After establishing himself as a hotshot lead guitarist in the blues-rockers Love Sculpture, he launched his solo career by painstakingly re-creating oldies in his own studio, usually recording every track by himself. Through all of his efforts, he learned how to uncannily replicate the sound of Sun, Chess, and Phil Spector records, which not only helped him garner several U.K. hits in the early '70s, but also led to successful production work with artists like the Flamin' Groovies and Brinsley Schwarz. In the late '70s, he hit the peak of his career when he teamed up with former Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe to form Rockpile. For several years, Edmunds recorded albums with Rockpile and toured relentlessly with the band, which resulted in a string of hit U.K. singles. After the group imploded in the early '80s, he slowly disappeared from the mainstream, even as he made his most commercial music with producer Jeff Lynne; Edmunds eventually retreated to cult status in the '90s..." Allmusic
The wait between "Riff raff" and its follow-up was a full six years, so it isn't surprising that "Closer to the Flame" finds D. Edmunds abandoning the new wave flourishes of his J. Lynn productions for a straightforward root rock sensibility. The record still suffers from a stiff production -- the rhythms are extremely mannered, and the sound of the record is slightly sterile -- but Edmunds manages to tear into a handful of driving rockers, including Mickey Jupp's "Don't Talk to Me" and "Stockholm," and his version of Al Anderson's "Never Take the Place of You" is his most affecting performance in years. Allmusic


KEVIN K - Firestorm Tour

click on the cover
KEVIN K. & THE KOOL KATS (with Ricky Rat from The Trash Brats)
in concert:
31 mars 2010 Mondo Bizarro Rennes
1 avr. 2010 El Camino Caen
3 avr. 2010 Le Chaudron Baveur Beauvais

ALEX CHILTON (1950 -2010) R.I.P.

"...If he was from Venus, would he feed us with a spoon?
If he was from Mars, wouldnt that be cool
Standing right on campus, would he stamp us in a pile?
Hangin' down in Memphis all the while

Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes 'round
They sing "I'm in love. What's that song?
I'm in love with that song."

Cerebral rape and pillage in a village of his choice.
Invisible man who can sing in a visible voice.
Feeling like a hundred bucks, exchange good lucks face to face.
Checkin' his stash by the trash at St. Mark's place.

I never travel far, without a little Big Star

Runnin' 'round the house, Mickey Mouse and the Tarot cards.
Falling asleep with a flop pop video on.
If he was from Venus, would he meet us on the moon?
If he died in Memphis, then that'd be cool, babe..."

Alex Chilton - The Replacements



SINGLES: Bangkok* / Can't Seem To Make You Mine° sp 1978 wav
*Recorded Oct. 1977 at Big Apple Studios, N.Y.
Alex Chilton: all instruments except maracas by Chris Stamey.
°Recorded Dec. 1977 at Olympia Studios, London.
Alex Chilton: all instruments except drums by Chris Merrick.
Produced by Alex Chilton
"Bach's Bottom" has the scorching Seeds cover "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," a few droopy pleasant slow songs that lack internal guts, and the great "Bangkok;" but the record is a mess, compiled without his permission. "Bangkok" is a song more famous for its reference to Johnny Thunders than its own considerable merits..."

LIBERTINE - Guttersnipe Glamour

SINGLES: LIBERTINE Guttersnipe Glamour ep 1999 wav
1 If wishes were horses / 2 Somebody Got Murdered / 3 Two Steps Slow / 4 Kamikaze.
1 Produced by M. Hunt, Belvy & Jamie - 2 Produced by Drew M & Rude-a - 3 Produced by R. Sanzo - 4 Produced by Bobcat.
Libertine: Belvy K.: vocals / J. Coville: guitar / P. Vincent: bass / J. Splits: guitar / T. Kramer: drums.
New York glam-punks Libertine were led by frontman Belvy K, previously a member of 7 Seconds, UK Subs and D Generation. Guitarists Jamie Coville and Bobcat, bassist Pete and drummer Corey Koniz completed the band's early lineup, which made its debut on the Buffalo stop of the 1997 Warped Tour; Bobcat and Pete were replaced by guitarist J. Splits and bassist P. Lent in time for Libertine's debut EP, 1998's "Rise Above". The single "Left for Dead" soon followed, and in late 1999 the group released the full-length "See You in the Next Life"; the follow-up EP "Guttersnipe Glamour" was recorded with new drummer S. Maicior. Allmusic

NEW YORK DOLLS - European Tour



Monday 19th April 2010 Only UK show!


In addition to the April 19th concert at the London Koko, a complete list of the New York Dolls European tour dates are listed below:

Thu, April 15: France - Caen - Big Band Cafe
Fri, April 16: France - Paris - Trabendo
Sat, April 17: France - Le Mans - Le Mans Raceway
Mon, April 19: England - London - Koko
Tue, April 20: Ireland - Dublin - Academy
Thu, April 22: Holland - Den Haag - Paard Van Troje
Fri, April 23: Belgium - Leuven - Hep Depot
Sun, April 25: Germany - Berlin - Columbia Club (TBA)
Tue, April 27: Denmark - Copenhagen - Amager Bio
Wed, April 28: Sweden - Goteborg - Sticky Fingers
Thu, April 29: Norway - Drammen - Union Scene
Fri, April 30: Norway - Bergen - Bergenfest

Check it here !



Chris Wilson "Second Life" (lp/cd) buy it here !


BATUSIS: Cheetah Chrome & Sylvain Sylvain !

Smog Veil Records today announced the SXSW debut concert and debut recording by punk rock supergroup “Batusis” featuring the seminal punk icons Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls) and Cheetah Chrome (Rocket From The Tombs/Dead Boys).
Click here for the official press announcement
- http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/batusis/batusis.htm
Batusis will perform their debut SXSW concert in Austin, Texas at 10pm on March 18th at the Prague, followed by Cheapo Music at 5pm on March 19th.
Click here for more details of the SXSW debut:
- http://my.sxsw.com/events/event/5678
Batusis, whose name is derived from when Adam West danced a version of the watusi on the popular Batman TV series, release their self-titled debut EP on collectable 7” inch multi-colored vinyl and digital download on Smog Veil records throughout North America and Europe on May 4th.
“I’ve known Sylvain since 1975,” says Cheetah. “The Dolls were a huge influence on me.” Sylvain adds “We’re just nuts about rock ‘n’ roll. We knew that’s what we’d come up with, no matter what!” The EP also features Enzo Penizzotto (bass) and Thommy Price (drums) of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
To coincide with the record release, Sylvain and Chrome will undertake a nationwide “Batusis” UK tour that starts at the Glasgow ABC2 (May 3), followed by dates at Sheffield O2 Academy2 (May 4), Liverpool O2 Academy2 (May 5), London Islington Academy (May 7), Hatfield Forum - Attic Room (May 8), Oxford Academy2 (May 10), Southampton Joiners (May 11), Bristol O2 Academy2 (May 12) and Birmingham O2 Academy2 (May 13).

LES DESAXES - Les Désaxés (mini lp)

LES DESAXES Les Désaxés mini lp 1985
Elles Sont Toutes Un Peu Folles / Les Soirs d'Eté / De Retour Dans La Ville / Je Veux Qu'elle Revienne / Teenagers Electriques / Bien D'autres Choses Encore / Poly Magoo.
Recorded at "Le Rose Bonbon", Paris - Produced by P. Fabien
Les Désaxés: H. Zerrouk: vocals, acoustic guitar / P. Mikaïloff : guitar, backing vocals/ Y. Musy: bass, backing vocals / F. Montgaillard: drums, backing vocals.
À l'été 1985, Les Désaxés publient leur unique LP, un "sept titres" enregistré en public au Rose Bonbon et toujours réalisé par P. Fabien. De bonnes chroniques dans la presse et une tournée française appuient sa sortie, mais le disque se vend peu en raison d’une brouille intervenue entre le label Réflexes et son distributeur EMI. On retrouvera toutefois ce disque cité, en 2005, dans un numéro spécial « Pop en France » des Inrockuptibles, parmi une sélection de 75 albums représentatifs de la pop française des décennies 1980 et 1990. Source
A noter que les Désaxés ont été un des premiers groupes à rendre un hommage mérité à Asphalt Jungle en reprenant "Poly Magoo" !
Here's the first and only lp of Les Désaxés ! Only seven songs recorded live in Paris, at "Le Rose Bonbon" in 1985 ! Note that they were one of the first band to pay tribute to Asphalt Jungle with the cover of "Poly Magoo"...

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RAW POWER (Deluxe Edition) - Pre-order now !

Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • Original 1973 David Bowie / Iggy Pop mix of Raw Power
  • One-hour+ of audio rarities, outtakes, & alternatives from the Raw Power era
  • Georgia Peaches, an 8-song, one-hour performance at Atlantas notorious rock club Richards in October 1973
  • Deluxe 48pg photo / essay book
  • Five exquisite 5x7 Raw Power prints
  • Japanese pic-sleeve 7 vinyl single (Raw Power / Search And Destroy)
  • Brand new Making of Raw Power documentary



THE LEATHER NUN - Nun Permanent

LEATHER NUN Nun Permanent cd 1991 320 kbps
Take Me Home / At Your Doorstep / Girls / These Eyes Cannot Lie / She's So Bad / Big City / Desperation Drive / She Has A Past / Even A Fool Can Learn To Love / The Sun Still Shines / I Ain't Turning Back.
Produced by Mick Ronson.
The Leather Nun: J. Almqvist: vocals / B. A. Aronsson: guitar /G. Claesson: drums + Mick Ronson: guitar, keyboards ...
The Leather Nun were a Swedish rock group. Careening from garage rock to goth and industrial, Leather Nun became cult heroes in their native land. In the early eighties they often shocked their audiences by showing adult movies and being accompanied by strippers when on stage. The Leather Nun was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1979 by J. Almquist (vocals), B. "Aron" Aronsson (guitar), F. Wadling (bass), and Gert Claesson (drums). Although many people think so, Jonas Almquist claims not to have taken their name from the American underground comic "Tales from the Leather Nun" He also claims that it was not taken from the stage name of a London stripper, but chosen because "it felt just as a clock clean name for a band who based its music on the dynamics between the pure innocent and the black shame full ..."
Inspired by such groups and artists like John Lee Hooker, The Mothers of Invention, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Rory Gallagher and Mick Ronson, The Leather Nun recorded their debut EP, "Slow Death", in 1979. John Peel played this song each night for two weeks on his BBC radio programme. . A handful of singles followed before The Leather Nun released their first LP, "Alive", in 1985.
Covering Abba's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" earned the group some respect in Sweden and Europe in 1986. Several successful tours followed. In 1988, The Leather Nun were reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine.
In 1986 the group's imported singles found their way onto U.S. college radio stations, earning substantial airplay with "Pink House", a deadpan mockery of John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses".
In 1987 the group released their first studio album "Steel Construction" which was critically acclaimed. Their second studio album "International Heroes" produced by Kim Fowley gained even more airplay and success.
While releasing their third album "Nun Permanent" produced by Mick Ronson in winter 1991 their record company went bankrupt and could no longer deliver copies of the album. Being without a record company The Leather Nun continued to play gigs for a few years, but never got so successful again. The group finally broke up in 1995, but has reunited on some occasions since then. In 2005 they had a short comeback, but did not release any new albums.
In 2009 J.Almquist reformed the band with all new members under the name The Leather Nun::reloaded. On 12 September 2009 they played their last gig and it was over again. Source

HITMEN & NIAGARA - Australian Tour 2010


LES DESAXES - Tout ce que je veux

SINGLES: LES DESAXES Tout ce que je veux/Toutes ces filles sp 1984
Produced by P. Fabien
Les Désaxés: H. Zerrouk: vocals, guitar / P. Mikaïloff : guitar / Y. Musy: bass / F. Montgaillard: drums.
Début 1982, après une chronique élogieuse de l’un de leurs concerts au Gibus par T. Chatain, dans Rock and Folk, ils passent une nouvelle annonce dans la presse rock pour recruter un guitariste capable de s’adapter à leur répertoire sous double influence sixties et punk rock. P. Mikaïloff répond à l’annonce en juin 1982 et est immédiatement engagé, avec pour consigne d’apprendre le répertoire en urgence, un concert étant programmé une semaine plus tard lors d’un festival en Essonne. Début juillet, Les Désaxés jouent une fois de plus au Gibus, qui devient pour un temps leur fief, mais cette fois en première de Sylvain Sylvain, ex-New York Dolls. Désormais Les Désaxés enchaînent les concerts, souvent à Paris, quelquefois en province, notamment au Bandit, à Strasbourg, club rock renommé de l’époque, et dans le Nord où ils commencent à se créer un following.
En 1983, une maquette produite par E. Débris (l'un des fondateurs de Métal Urbain et figure majeure de la scène punk), leur permet de signer chez Réflexes, le label fraîchement monté par P. Fabien (qui, en tant que directeur artistique, a produit Shakin’ Street, Blessed Virgins, Patrick Eudeline et Edith Nylon, pour CBS). Chez Réflexes, Les Désaxés se retrouvent au milieu d’une scène vivante et diverse, qui va des Ablettes aux Infidèles, sans oublier Les (excellents) Bandits, Ricky Amigos, Tina et les Fairlanes, Grise Romance ou les Corps Caverneux (avec qui Pierre Mikaïloff enregistrera un 45 tours)…
Un premier simple sort fin 1983, "Juste 15 ans", recueillant un succès d’estime. En revanche, Les Désaxés obtiennent de nombreux passages radio et télé avec "Tout ce que je veux", leur deuxième 45 tours, qui est un des hits de l’hiver 1985. Y. Bigot, sur Europe 1, devient un fervent supporter de leur pop mélodique aux références sixties. Source
Les Désaxés passent à la vitesse supérieure avec cet excellent single, toujours sorti chez Reflexes Records en 1984. La mélodie, sur son tapis de guitares, est imparable : on tient une vraie bonne chanson avec un texte loin d'être ridicule! Un art difficile! Certains groupes de l'écurie Reflexes y parvinrent sans peine... On se souvient des Bandits niçois avec "Barbe bleue", d'Ich Libido dont la "Ford Interieure" répondait en écho quelques années plus tard à la Chrysler rose de D. Hedayat et ce "Tout ce que je veux" rempli de rêves pop 60's.
Parisian band Les Désaxés recorded their second single in 1984 on the same label (Reflexes records) . A side"Tout ce que je veux" is a little gem ... check it!

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max!

LES DESAXES - Teenagers électriques

SINGLES: LES DESAXES Teenagers électriques/Juste 15 ans sp 1982 wav
Produced by P. Fabien
Les Désaxés: H. Zerrouk: vocals, guitar / P. Mikaïloff : guitar / Y. Musy: bass / F. Montgaillard: drums.
Les Désaxés , a french band from Paris, recorded this single for Reflexe records in 1983. Their music is a mix of punk & pop with a 60's flavour. Call it bubblegum punk or something like that
...it's only rock'n'roll!

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max !


LA SECTA - Cracked

SINGLES: LA SECTA Cracked / Can't Be Ye-Ye/Murder City Nights 7'' 1996 wav
Produced by Kent Steedman.
La Secta: Felix: guitar / Roper: guitar / Gorka: vocals / Josetxo: bass / Jorge: drums.
"After a period of silence a couple of years ago due to internal affairs of the band, some of it's former members (Gorka and Roper), decided to re-form the group withe renewed energy and more ambitious projects, encouraged by Ken Steedman (Celibate Rifles, ex-Deniz Tek Band, ex-New Christs, Yage...), who intends to collaborate with the band in future recordings, as a proper member and song writer! Ever since, LA SECTA has been working a lot, preparing new songs and looking for new musicians that would suit this new project..." Source
La Secta was a spanish (raw) rockin' band from Bilbao (Basque Country).They recorded three good lp's & a lot of singles. It seems that the band stopped a few years ago.

LA SECTA - It's A Wild Weekend

LA SECTA It's A Wild Weekend cd 1993 320 kbps
Back To The Jungle / Kill-A-Cop / Wha Wha / No Advices / We Get What We Deserve / Wild Weekend / Break My Boy / Take A Guru Trip / Want Sin / Fuck Ya Please / Black Hair.
Produced by Chips K.
La Secta: Roper: guitars / Pablo: guitars / Gorka: vocals / Josetxo: bass / Alberto: drums.
"...Spain might seem to be getting pretty far out on a limb for rock and roll to most people, but if you track these things you might be aware that there are some cool bands there and some really good fanzines; the group of people into good rock and roll is pretty small, but the people in that group are really into it. La Secta's singer Gorka P. is one of those fanatics...aside from his role as frontman for what is probably Spain's best band, he also is one of the driving forces behind the cool Spanish fanzine "La Herencia De Los Munster". He's a rabid Scientists fan, and in fact put out an entire magazine devoted to the Australian grunge kings. Love of the Scientists is apparent in La Secta's music; there's a dark and brooding grunge feel to it, but there's also elements of the Stooges and more traditional rock and roll as well. Never the less, La Secta will never be considered a straight rock and roll band; there's something definitely twisted about them in the same way that the Scientists were twisted... Source NFH Zine