THE DRAGONS - Whoa Yeah!

THE DRAGONS Whoa Yeah!/Wasted Days And Wasted Nights 7'' 2000
Produced by The Dragons.
The Dragons: J. Lucas: drums / K-C Horne: guitars / M. Escovedo: guitars, vocals / S. Rodriguez: bass.
The Dragons formed in 1991 in their hometown of San Diego, CA. Fronted by Mario Escovedo, the youngest in the long line of the famous Escovedo clan (Alejandro from The Nuns and Rank n’ File, Coke from Santana, Pete from Azteca, Sheila E from Prince’s band, and Javier from The Zeros), the band excelled at a brand of whiskey-soaked, dirty, glammy rock n’ roll made all their own, but influenced by The New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, The Wildhearts and the Rolling Stones. Touring continuously, opening for bands ranging from X to The Hellacopters and receiving critical acclaim at numerous SXSW music festivals led the band to a large underground fan base. Touring Japan with Guitarwolf opened the band to a wider audience internationally, where they promoted their 3 full-length albums released on Junk Records. They also released a (now out of print) 7” on Gearhead Records, prior to signing with the label called "Whoa Yeah".
In 2003, they signed with Gearhead Records, and released "Sin Salvation" featuring an ode to famous DJs John Peel and Rodney Bingenheimer called ”Dirty Bomb”, which was also released as a single with a non-LP b-side.
THE DRAGONS Dirty Bomb/Save A Smile 7'' 2004
The Dragons: J. Lucas: drums / K-C Horne: guitars / M. Escovedo: guitars, vocals / S. Rodriguez: bass.
Produced by The Dragons & A. Reverberi.
In 2004, Gearhead reissued their record "Rock n Roll Kamikaze", remixed, remastered and with 5 extra tracks from the original Junk recording sessions. Set to open for The Wildhearts on their first national tour of the US in 2004, that tour fell through when The Wildhearts were invited by The Darkness to open for them.
The Dragons called in quits in 2005 after the group decided it was time to puruse other interests. Today Mario fronts his own Tex-Mex band The Mario Escovedo Experience, and lead guitarist Ken Horne plays with The Bronx.Source




Johnny Tunders & Peter Perrett



Paris Green: Leaving Here / Celibate Rifles: Ice Blue / Chad's Tree: Stroller In The Attic / Iguana Twins: Someone Else / Wet Taxis: Bury Me Dead / Voodoo Lust: New Orleans / White Cross: For All Your Love / Iguana Twins: It's Raining / Wet Taxis: Hellfire / Widdershins: 700 Miles.
A collection of australian bands from the 80's on a label called Adrenalin Records (Survival).What we have here is two songs from the Wet Taxis (Louis Tillet, Penny Ikinger) only available on this comp, Paris Green with L. Tillet & Charlie Owen, for fans of the Triffids & The Go-Betweens here's Chad's Tree, Voodoo Lust was a band from Sydney (featuring ex members of the Hitmen, the Trilobites & the New Christs) who has recorded 3 singles & 2 EP's,the Widdershins (some later in the Lighthouse Keepers) was an indie pop band active from 1987 to 1989. White Cross were a trio from Melbourne fronted by T. Davies & P. Mather. According to the Encyclopedia of Australian Rock by Ian McFarlane , they play a mix of folk and country elements with a rock-solid backing.They have recorded an lp "The Bride" in 1987, a single a year later, and folded shortly thereafter.I could not find anything about Iguana Twins: it seems that they have recorded only one maxi Ep.If anyone knows more...
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JOHNNY CASINO'S EASY ACTION Twice As Good As You cd 1998
Teenage Head / Take It From Me / Shufflin' The Deck / Your Smile's Gone Away / What I Say / Little Doll.
Produced by J. Spittles.
Johnny Casino's Easy Action: J. Casino: guitar, vocals / R. D'Cradle: bass / Cosmic Commander: vocals, theremin / E. Perfect: drums / Stylin' S. McCarthy: guitar.
The first recordings of Johnny Casino's Easy Action came about because the big man had had a win at the Turf Club at 18th and Market streets in Philadelphia , and when he woke up the next morning with a pocket full of money he thought the best thing to spend it on would be makin some music .
The band had been together for about three months while Johnny was learning the art of Tattooing from his great mate The Cosmic Commander, he knew a bass player who knew a drummer who knew a venue booker so they played a show or two and recorded this ep , as rough and ready [or not ready depending on which way you like it] as it could be.
You get their version of the GREAT Flamin Groovies classic 'Teenage Head' , Cosmo testifying on the Ray Charles song 'What I say' and a run thru of the Stooges 'Little doll' along with a song written by Johnny for Asteroid B612 but never recorded 'Take it from me' the charging instrumental 'Shuffin the deck' and the sorrowful JC penned 'your smiles gone away' Fun for most of the family ! Source
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LITTLE BOB STORY - Too Young To Love Me

LITTLE BOB STORY Too Young To Love Me CD 1991
Too Young To Love Me* / Shoot Me Down° / I Can't Stand It° /So Crazy° / Wanderers Followers Lovers° / Johnny & The Devils° / Little Prayer° / Say No More° / 24 Hours Of Lies* / Ever Blue* / Hurt So Badly (7'' b side bonus track)°.
Produced by Thom Panunzio° & Southside Johnny*
Little Bob Story: Little Bob: vocals / Guy Georges Gremy: guitars & backing vocals / Gilles Mallet: guitars & backing vocals/ Nico Garotin: drums & backing vocals / François Gehin: bass + K. Margolis: keyboards / L. Cortelezzi: sax / E. Carter: percussions / T. Sydney: keyboards / L. Leonard: additional guitars / The Southside Section: F. Elmo: sax / B. Ferrel: trombone / A. Torrente: trumpet / M. Pender: trumpet & horns arrangements.
Enregistré entre "Vacant Heart" (1982,dernier album chez RCA) et le live "Wanderers Followers Lovers" (1985, Musidisc) "Too Young To Love Me" sorti en 1984, chez EMI, marque le retour de l'impeccable Guy-Georges Gremy dans la Story. Retour gagnant de l'ombrageux guitariste qui co-signe toutes les titres avec little Roberto Piazza...comme au bon vieux temps ! L'album même s'il est très bon, pointe un peu trop à mon goût vers le rock américain et s'éloigne un peu plus des brûlots que sont "High Time" ou "Livin' In The Fast Lane".
Bon, la jeunesse et la fureur sont passées: reste l'énergie, cette voix extraordinaire et des guitares toujours affutées au service d'un rock 'n' soul sur lequel Little Bob et sa voix éraillée font merveille ! Les chansons sont solides et ont traversé le temps sans aucune ride! De "Too Young To Love Me" sous influence (et d'ailleurs produite par) Southside Johnny en passant par "So Crazy" dans une version plus rentre dedans que celle de Marc Minelli. La guitare brille sur l'intro et tout au long de "Johnny And The Devils". "I Cand Stand It" c'est du sucre d'orge nappé de choeurs ! "Little Prayer" ressemble à un classique! Tant qu'on se surprend à vérifier à qui il est crédité! On se demande que fait "Hurt So Badly" en face b du seul single extrait de l'album: ce morceau aurait du figurer dessus! Là aussi on dirait un classique du rhythm'n'blues: la basse qui dès l'intro pulse vers les cieux, les "ouh ouh" des choeurs parfaits et les cuivres des Ashbury Jukes soulignant la voix de Bob
au milieu des solis de Guy Georges Gremy: hurt so badly... nous hurle-t-il et on y croit ! Comme on croit en cet album. Un album qui n'a pas connu de sortie internationale, qui n'a été édité qu'une seule fois en cd, en 1991, d'une façon tellement discrète que beaucoup de fans pensent qu'il n'existe pas dans ce format! Cherchez-le pour voir!
On aurait pu penser que "Too Young To Love Me" serait réédité à l'occasion des différentes éditions cd ou rééditions des années 2000 mais c'est sans doute trop demander aux majors que de faire leur simple boulot !
Leur désintérêt pour le rock n'a d'égal que leur mépris pour l'artiste et son public: en l'occurrence dans notre cas, ils battent des records car ils ont perdu les bandes !
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THE BOY-SCOUTS - Run For Your Lives

THE BOY-SCOUTS Run For Your Lives lp 1987
Arabian Night / I Can't Shake It / Breakdown Train / Wasted Time / She Never Said No / I Won't Do It Again / Silly Song / Born In My Head / Nothing Worse / Wild Love!*° / Somewhere In The Night*° / When Autumn Comes*. (*bonus tracks)

Produced by Kid Pharaon except° produced by S. Saunier & Sylfix.
The Boy-Scouts: Erik: guitars, lead & backing vocals / Poison: guitars, piano, organ, backing vocals / Joe: bass, lead & backing vocals / Thierry: drums, backing vocals + Kid: acoustic guitar & backing vocals.
The Boy-Scouts were a french band from Toulouse. They began in 1986 with a single "Wild Love!/Somewhere In The Night" (Gougnaf Mouvement) followed by their only lp "Run For Your Lives" on the local label Swamp Records (remember the first Sinners mini lp)! They appear in 1987, on "Eyes On You", the Closer Records compilation of french bands with a song entitled "When Autumn Comes" The Boy-Scouts split in 1988.
The Boy-Scouts were influenced by bands like the Plimsouls, the Paul Collin's Beat or the Replacements. They play an energic rock'n'roll with a powerpop feeling ! It's a strong album and after all these years it's a pleasure to hear these songs. The band knew how to write good songs! Try "She Never Said No" or "Nothing Worse".
The Boy-Scouts was a good band who recorded a great album. I don't know why they split but it 's a pity ...


"French Beat 1987" was a booklet given in addition to "Australian Rock" (seven issues, I think), a fanzine from Bordeaux created by Gilles Moreau.It was an overview of the 1987 french rock including the Thugs, Fixed Up, Little Bob Story, Kingsnakes, Hot Pants (interview), Kick (Strychnine), Parabellum, Eric Tandy, Parfum de Femme, Boy-Scouts, Surrenders, Bad Losers, Les Privés, Froggies, Vietnam Veterans (interview), Wild Child, Snappin' Boys, Chihuahua, City Kids, Calamités, OTH, Art 314, Coronados, Scurs, Sluggard Kings, les Rats, Shifters, Cherokees, Batmen, Roadrunners, Scuba Drivers, Noodles...

Note that French Beat 1987 is written in french (sorry!)
Merci à Marc pour les scans !
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French Beat 1987 with the Little Bob page (not in Pdf): here !


S'COOL GIRLS - The S'cool Girls EP

S'COOL GIRLS The S'cool Girls EP cd EP 2004
Rock 'n' Roll Discotek / All Night / Put Up Or Shut Up / The Groover / California Groupie Girls / Little Boy Blue.
Produced by C. Magreta
S'cool Girls: N. Wallace: vocals / P. Sodergren: guitar / D. Harju: bass / T. Smith: drums.
"The most gorgeous band playing the most rockin' songs. A revolution to modern rock, they bring back the glam era with a new york doll's look and gary glitter sound, with more energy than either! (which is hard to say for most groups) They have fun loving lyrics and up beat songs with the most amazing guitar solos and the keyboard sound you loved in bowie's early works. Honestly, this is one of the best groups and definitely some of the greatest songs. You can tell these boys are amazing and it's only an EP! " Source
I saw this band at one of its first gigs. There wasn't many people there but they were all girls. A year later they have a dedicated fanbase that only goes out to see them. They are a mix of The Sweet and T-Rex. These are guys who have obviously seen Velvet Goldmine a few times. All the songs are about partying and having a good time. "Rock N Roll Discotek" have that glam rock feel of Slade and Mott The Hopple, none who were very political. Two guys in the band are from Sweden and two are from Southern California. All of them grew up dreaming of being in a band, living in Hollywood, and meeting girls. Most bands in LA looked bored onstage. They are trying to be cool. The S'cool Girls are trying to bring some excitement to music... Source
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THE REAL KIDS - Outta Place

THE REAL KIDS Outta Place lp 1982
Can't Talk To That Girl / No Place Fast / Senseless / It's Been Real / I'd Rather Go To Jail (Live At Jacks) / Every Day Is A Saturday / Small Town / Problems / Outta Place.
Produced by Andy Paley.
The Real Kids: Billy Cole: guitar, vocals / John Felice: guitar, vocals / Allen Paulino (RIP): bass, vocals / Bobby "Morocco" Morin (RIP): drums, percussion.
The Real Kids were (are) one of Boston's earliest new wave bands; their debut album is full of dynamite tracks that take the trashier aspect of the Rolling Stones and couple it with the high-power guitar approach of the Ramones. Frontman (and onetime Modern Lover) John Felice not only provides tough guitar and distinctive lead vocals, he has a knack for writing clear, infectious melodies. Spin "All Kindsa Girls," "She's Alright" or "My Baby's Book" for proof.
Poor sales of the Real Kids' first LP led Felice to become a Ramones roadie, but he subsequently returned to Boston and formed the Taxi Boys, whose two EPs carry on the Real Kids tradition with high-energy '60s garage-band rock. The production of the records might be crude, but Felice is in fine form on both. (The Bomp! release is a 12-inch, the earlier one a 7-inch pressed on pink vinyl.)
Reactivating the Real Kids with a new and improved lineup, Felice then made the dandy "Outta Place". Harder yet still pop-oriented, with stellar production by Andy Paley, the record is strengthened by consistently good material and plenty of rock'n'roll spirit.

After releasing the album in France, New Rose kept the Real Kids' recording career going, issuing another sharp studio LP, "Hit You Hard", and the live-in-Paris "All Kindsa Jerks Live", which recaps Felice's song catalogue onstage with fiery enthusiasm. The Lolita release is a Real Kids/Taxi Boys compilation.
Ex-Real Kids Alpo Paulino (bass) and Billy Borgioli (guitar) lead the Primitive Souls, whose 12-inch — two originals by each — follows the righteous path of bar-band pop'n'roll with tuneful flair and serious skill. For the record, Paulino has the better singing voice and slightly catchier songs.
After five years of national invisibility, Felice returned, unrepentant and embittered, with a rocking new trio and the "Nothing Pretty" album. Although his casual writing and punchy guitar playing is in fine shape, uncertain singing undercuts the songs' impact; Felice's attitude is, like his voice, a little worse for wear. The title track rues the loss of innocence; "I'll Never Sing That Song Again" describes a view of life as a musician that is both cynical and poignant; "Nowadaze Kids" tells the other side of the story, castigating modern audiences for lacking the rock'n'roll spirit that inspires him. Fans who fear that he's becoming too disgusted to carry on should take note of the LP's final cut, "Can't Play It Safe." Trouser Press
The band would return and play shows again during 1998-2011, including a New York City New Year's gig. Sadly, Bobby Morin (drums) passed away some time in the early 90's and the original bassist Allen "Alpo" Paulino passed away on February 6, 2006.
J. Felice has continued to bounce around the Boston rock'n'roll scene for near fourty years--ever since he was the 15 year-old guitarist in Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers. His various bands (including the Taxi Boys, the Lowdowns, the Primevals and the Devotions) have played to much critical acclaim and cult worship, but [and it's a shame!] little music biz succes.
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