THE HIP PRIESTS - Unleash The Priests

THE HIP PRIESTS  Unleash The Priests T CD  2010
Sonic Reproducer / Grease Machine / Cream My Jeans / Demon Hooker / Teenage Friction / She Loves It / F.T.P / Juiced Up 'n' Loose / Rip Em Off / Strip Her Down / Try Me For Sighs / I Love To Fuck / Smells Like Rock 'n' Roll / Young Savage / Breakneck Babylon.
The Hip Priests: Gary X Ray: vocals / Austin Rocket: guitar & vocals / Lee Love: bass & vocals / Skintight Tim: drums & vocals.

Formed in May 2006 from the ashes of near legendary Nottingham Garage heroes the X-Rays and London Punk ‘n’ Rollers The Divine Brown, The Hip Priests are the inbred backward bastard sons of Iggy, Johnny T, Hank von Helvete, Lemmy and Handsome Dick. The ‘Priests are an awesome, gloriously tangled mess of Rampantly sexual, Souped up, Lubed up, Fucked up, High action, Hot Assed Anthemic Sweat Sodden Rock 'n' Roll. A sweet 'n sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin, druggin and fuckin'.
Wasn’t ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ originally a term for fucking anyway? Wasn’t it meant to be fun? Provocative? Sexed up? Weren’t your parents meant to say ‘Turn that noise down’? Yeah, they were…So prepare to get down, get dirty and hail The Breakneck Boogie Babylon Babies, The spleen exploding Sermonisers of the Sacred Sonic Psalms, the Crazed messiahs of deep-fried bone rattling rock 'n' roll! The Righteous King Rockers of in your face Rock ‘n’ roll Bukkake.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Hot girls and pretty boys…the biggest Dicks in Rock 'n' Roll...The Sonic Reproducers....Meet the The Hip Priests. Bootleg Booze

Nottingham's' sheriffs of sonic slither explode like a pent up Pentecostal with a goblet of lube and the latest issue of leather nun monthly, splattering their godly goo…gleefully irresponsible, horny teenage slop…narco boogie that brings to mind a hillbilly Motorhead beating snakes to death with their guitars. Classic Rock Magazine 

Glorious bastards, all hairy chests, mirrored shades, sweaty mayhem, slick dicks, hot love and brutal truth. Not to mention all the fire and fucking, because they've got plenty of that too... Hot tubed? Oh yeah. Super Lubed? No doubt. Rock 'n' roll? Why they fuck do you think we're here, Jack? Sleazegrinder 

This is the sound of Lemmy, early Mick Mars & people who let the New York Dolls crash at their flat...all crashing at their flat...with Keith Moon in a '71 Cadillac with no brakes. Chaos realm 
If you love Turbo, Dog Toffee, AC/DC, Motorhead and Zodiac Mindwarp then these are the denim demons for you, Foot on the monitor banging rock n roll for those that love leather, denim, drinking and the smell of oil in their nostrils. Vanity Project 
From albums like Turbonegro's "Ass Cobra" to "The Big 6" by The Bottomfeeders, the London sleaze punks sure know how to cut it.... they do a helluva job at it, so swing with hot tubed super lubed rock'n'rollers. Lowcut magazine 

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THE ORSON FAMILY - The River Of Desire

THE ORSON FAMILY  The River Of Desire  Mini LP  1983
The River Of Desire / Breakout / Monster Of Briarly Wood / Heartbeat / You Shake My Soul / (Be My) Ball And Chain.
Produced by The Orson Family.

THE ORSON FAMILY  No-One Waits For Ever  12'' EP  1984
No-One Waits Forever / Pointed Bra / Use This Land! / Crawdad Hole.
Produced by The Orson Family.
The Orson Family: Skully: vocals / Brewster: drums / Ruby: guitar / Vernon: guitar.

THE ORSON FAMILY  The Sweetest Embrace  7'' SP 1984?
The Sweetest Embrace / Subterranean Homesick Blues.
Produced by The Orsonn Family.
The Orson Family: Vernon [The Corrupter]: guitar / Ruby [The Embracer]: guitar / David O [The Lover]: drums / Vince [The Seducer]: bass.

"Short-lived rockabilly rock band featuring sibling vocalists Vernon, Ruby and John Orson, who also played guitars and were backed by Vincent (bass) and David O. (drums).
(...) The Orson Family wasn't really a family. They were formed around 1982 in England. Vernon and Ruby lived together (they were engaged but never married). Brewster and David O. are actually the same person. They soon added a trumpet player called Kevin but nicknamed Elmer. They quoted Hank Williams, Link Wray, Bunker Hill, Vincent, Cochran, Lou Reed, The Jam as influences.
They records a self released 3 track EP, a six track mini LP "The River of Desire", the 12" EP "No-one Waits Forever", a live LP "Bugles, Guitars & Amphetamine" and another single The Sweetest Embrace but with another singer as Skully left/was fired soon before."  Source

 In 2010, almost 28 years after split, the Orson Family was reunited again  for a few beers and maybe more...
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She's So Tuff  / Tongue Tied / Christy / Tell That Girl To Shut Up / Waiting For You / Why Do I Like You  / Tragedy / That's The Way I Want It  / All About Makin' Out / It's Tina Time.
Produced by Travis Ramin.
Tina & The Total Babes: Tina: vocals / Jacques: guitar / Johnny: bass / Travis: drums.
A jokey but mostly reverent homage to the glory days of L.A. girly punk (circa 1981), Tina & the Total Babes' She's So Tuff is a gleefully trashy cruise through the bubblegum-punk tunes and attitude-filled lyrics of a scene too often forgotten. Tina Lucchesi (also of the surf-rocking Trashwomen) is a perfect frontwoman for songwriter/producer Travis Ramin's pitch-perfect tunes of teenage angst at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The songs themselves are absolutely terrific; the melodramatic "Tragedy," which sounds like the Go-Go's covering the Shangri-Las, is alone worth the price of admission but the presentation and attitude are so equally perfect that She's So Tuff is every bit the equal of the records that inspired it. In fact, it may be better! If the names Holly & the Italians (whose snot-rocking classic "Tell That Girl to Shut Up" gets a much better cover than Transvision Vamp's 1988 mess), the Little Girls, Nikki & the Corvettes, Josie Cotton or Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo mean anything to you, say hello to Tina & the Total Babes. Source


ROLL-UPS  Low Dives For Highballs  LP 1979 CD 2005
Blackmail / Last Night / Where's The Money / It's Up To You / Slaughtered / Cover Girl / Sammy / Strange Love / Somebody Stole The Girl That Stole My Heart / Roll-Ups Gave Me A Bad Name / Hold On / Everybody's Got To Have A Hero.
Produced by Lea Hart & Jeff Peters.
Roll-Ups: Lea Hart: vocals & guitar / Jeff Peters: bass / Paul Simmons: drums /  Rob Green: guitar & vocals / Kirk Duncan: keyboards.
Although history ultimately consigned the Roll-Ups to the dustbin of obscurity, there are few records that could possibly be described as brighter, cheerier, or more exciting or uplifting than Low Dives for Highballs, the band's first and only LP. Frontman and songwriter Lea Hart was kicking out pop classics as though they were going out of favor -- the opening "Blackmail" in particular matches Nick Lowe with Radio Stars, while successive rockers "Last Night," "Where's the Money," and "It's Up to You" (and on to the end of the disc) fizz and bounce around so many compulsive hooks that it's hard to believe they all remain unsung. Hart himself did not give up on them, and swaths of the album would be preserved across his next band's repertoire. But former Bay City Roller Ian Mitchell's La Rox fared even poorer than the Roll-Ups, and so the most astonishing pop package of the early '80s sank without trace. But Low Dives lives on, both as a souvenir of a seething songbook and a reminder of the sheer power that the Roll-Ups kicked out in concert. The final song on the vinyl issue, "Roll-Ups Gave Me a Bad Name," was recorded live at their traditional stomping ground at the Bridgehouse pub, and if you don't agree that the ghosts of the Small Faces are draped across the record, then you were clearly born with no soul. Source

UK import of obscure London band who released one spectacular power pop album that no one heard back in 1979 that sounded like it was recorded in 1975. Perfect post-glam power pop sounds that sound like classic, long-lost Pilot tracks, Badfinger circa their "Airwaves" period, some (good, not sappy) Bay City Rollers, 10cc, Klaatu and Radio Stars/Jet. It`s a major find for fans of this style of pop music! "These popsters from South London anonymously emerged in the midst of the mod revival, on a mod label no less. They go in a lot of different directions but are saved by spunky individuality that lets them build a niche of their own. Lea Hart (almost all the songwriting) sings like a cocky cockney crossed with a dollop of it`s true! Donald Fagen, and melds his guitar to Jeff Peters` in dual-axe moves Brian May didn`t have in mind when he wrote the book. Add an assortment of non-electronic keyboards, and you`ve got a swell pop recipe for songs ranging from a 10cc-ish look at adulterous "Blackmail" to shock-horror destruction as epic as any punk`s."-Trouser Press. Extremely Highly Recommended!!! Source


Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. A statement was issued by Johnson’s manager Robert Hoy which read:


I am very sad to announce that Wilko has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. He has chosen not to receive any chemotherapy.

He is currently in good spirits, is not yet suffering any physical effects and can expect to enjoy at least another few months of reasonable health and activity.

He has just set off on a trip to Japan; on his return we plan to complete a new CD, make a short tour of France, then give a series of farewell gigs in the UK. There is also a live DVD in the pipeline, filmed on the last UK tour.

Wilko wishes to offer his sincere thanks for all the support he has had over his long career, from those who have worked with him to, above all, those devoted fans and admirers who have attended his live gigs, bought his recordings and generally made his life such an extraordinarily full and eventful experience.

Thank you.

Robert Hoy

Our thoughts are with Johnson and his family.



The release date will be Monday 7th January 2013. Initially the single will only be available through this site
and sold direct using different PayPal buttons for UK, Europe and ROW (including USA and Japan)
The price is £5.99 plus postage for UK,  £8.49 for Europe and £9.79 for rest of the World
Postage  is £1.60 for the UK, £2.50 for Europe and £3.80 for rest of the World
The first pressing was 600 copies, with 550 being offered for sale. 500 copies sold at full price will recoup all the costs.

Jeremy Gluck, Robin Wills, Chris Wilson, Rob Coyne & Yan Quellien are The Barracudas...they are back and it's a GOOD NEW !!!



01 PRIMA DONNA: Bless This Mess
02 CRAZY SQUEEZE: Grazy Squeeze
03 PETE ROSS &THE SAPPHIRE: Rollin' On Down The Lane
05 CANDY: Whatever Happened to Fun...
06 REDD KROSS: Researching The Blues
07 DUNCAN REID: Little Big Head
08 THE NOMADS: Solna
09 VA - Buttons From Champaign To Chicago
11 THE HANGMEN: East Of Western
12 KEVIN K: Black Stamp
13 THE CONDORS: 3 Item Combo
15 THE KITCHENMEN: What's Cookin'?
16 THE CURSE: Suck It In Spit It out
17 DOMNICKS: Super Real
18 JIM JONES REVUE: The Savage Heart
19 THE CRY!: The Cry!
20 FALLEN ANGELS: In Loving Memory/Wheel Of Fortune

 Maybe not the best albums of 2012 but the ones we most listened !