V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 5 A Spanish tribute to I Wanna Magazine Safety Pin Records 320 kbps
BERLIN 80 : Ahora o nunca / FLANELON CRASH : Swallow the fire / ULTRACUERPOS : From hell / JUNIPER MOON : Nevera exterminadora / BUMMER : Hangover /PAINKILLERS : Make it / BONZOS : Under my wheels / THE FEEDBACKS : The girl / THE NITEMARES : Rock'n'roll guitar / THE DEL PRINCE : Darling I know now / THE MEOWS : Change (part II) / BAMA LAMAS : Sick on you / SAFETY PIN ALL STARS : Rosy Palm / CHINGALEROS : It's time to rock'n'roll (It's time to say a-hule-hulei) / BUBBLEGUM : King of the bar / SAMESUGAS : Sex and outrage / RIP KC : 8000 RPM / AIRBAG : Quiero Verano / LA SECTA : My secret machine / HOT DOGS : Saturday night lies / PPM : I don't understand this world / NO PICKY : Fiesta en el cementerio / COMMANDO 9MM : Cuidabo con los lunes / SAFETY PINS : I hate punks .
Executive producer: Kike Turmix .
Compiled by Pepe Iwanna .
Produced by Kike Turmix at San Mames Studio .
Dedicated to Dee Dee Ramone , Lee Robinson & Rufus Thomas .
THANKS to Josega65 again for music & scans!



V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 4 USA versus Canada rock'n'roll compilation Safety Pin Records 320 kbps
WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTS : Little bit' o' whore / BLACK HALOS : It's over for you / LIBERTINE : Cat walk / CAFFEINE : Wow / SWAMPASS : Paste / THE EXPLODERS : Put on your wig / ZEN GUERILLA : The tropper / SPITFIRE : I don't care / SILVER TONGUE DEVIL : Some fun / CJ SLEAZE : Sweet release / B MOVIE RATS : Stay with me / CHEERLADER : Bad habit / ELECTRIC FRANKESTEIN : Tatoo vampire / TIJUANA BIBLES : Rock'n'roll fighting / ZEKE : Let's go / PLASMA BLAST : Being me / TEXAS TERRI & THE STIFF ONES : Raunch city rat race / THE STRAPS : No way Jose / IRON BOSS : Angus / SINISTERS : Rocket / ADAM WEST : Y'r days are numbered , motherfucker / BIONIC : Bad times / THE STUPOR STARS : Burn it / TRICKY WOO : Don't get the music worried / SOPAGROUP : Hog wild / SMUGGLERS : For my lover .
Thanks to Josega65 for "Riot on the rocks : volume 4" !





THE TEXTONES Cedar Creek 1987 Enigma records 320 kbps

Not afraid / Every angel in heaven / Another soul searcher / One love / Austin / Gotta get back home / You can run / Cedar creek / We can laugh about it .

Produced by Michael Stone & the Textones.

THE TEXTONES : Carla Olson : guitars , percussion , vocals / George Callins : guitars, dulcimer , vocals / Joe Read : bass guitar, vocals / Tom Junior Morgan : saxo , keyboards, vocals / Rick Hemmert : drums , percussion .

Along with Kathy Valentine (a future member of the Go-Go's), Carla Olson formed the Textones in the early '80s for a few singles on IRS. (Most of these tracks appear on"Through the Canyon "[Rhino] and "Back in Time" [Demon U.K.].) The band's major-label debut, "Midnight Mission" (A&M), included help from Don Henley, Ry Cooder, Barry Goldberg, and Gene Clark. "Cedar Creek", the band's second album, appeared in 1987 on Enigma Records. Olson then worked on many projects, including ones by John Fogerty, Henley, and Eric Johnson and a duet album with Clark. In 1988, she recorded a self-titled solo album (for Amigo Musik) in Sweden, backed by Wilmer X. After another duet project, this time with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, Olson's second solo LP "Within an Ace" was released in 1993 on Watermelon Records; "Reap the Whirlwind" followed the next year. That album signaled a period of relative quiet from the guitarist, as she disappeared into private life while her best-of collection hit the shelves. It wasn't until 2001 that she returned, boasting "The Ring of Truth", an album featuring Taylor and a handful of roots rock tunes that showcased her weathered vocals and comfortable sound. Olson has also found success on the other side of the studio glass, producing records for Barry Goldberg, Dona Oxford, Jake Andrews, Joe Louis Walker, Davis Gaines, Mare Winningham, and Phil Upchurch.

Artwork by MAX !


JALLA JALLA Crumelur / Jalla Jalla 1993 NKVD Records 320 kbps

Call of the desert / Crazy Kendall / Drop-out beat / Hollow moon / Between us / Southern comfort rain / They call it joy / Keep it clean / Ballad of green salad / Milky way blues / Minnesota plates / You wear it well / Graveyard boogie / Mr. allways right / Gity song / Lodger / Dead man on the ground / So much for you /Bursting into years / You used to go / A comic story / Appartment stories.

JALLA JALLA : Jouko Hiltunen (guitar) / Jukka Tarkiainen (guitar) / Harri Pöyhtäri (vocals) / Pekka Kärhä (bass) / Pertti Tuononen (drums) .

A finland band on the NKVD U.S. label ( the label of the Noise For Heroes zine : Energy , Melody , Guts : punk rock from the edge of the world !) . Try Jalla Jalla & if you want to know more you go here :

or here :


THE NEIGHBORHOODS Hoodwinked 1990 Emergo 320 kbps
Hangin' / Roxxanne / King of rats / Hate zone /Evil knievel / Love holidays / Hookwinked / Anything /Sea of memories / Southern girls / Nancy.
Produced by Brad Whitford.
THE NEIGHBORHOODS : David Minehan : vocals , guitars /Lee Harrington : vocals, bass / Michael Quaglia : drums , vocals.
Originally a Boston power-pop group with a regional hit on the Ace of Hearts label in 1980, the Neighborhoods and vocalist David Minehan toned down the bright melodies and added more energy to become, well, a rock & roll band. Their first release, the 1984 mini-LP "Fire Is Coming" was followed by a full record for Restless in 1986, "...the high hard one...." ( both on the great POWERPOP CRIMINALS blog) After 1987's "Reptile Men", the Neighborhoods were silent until 1990, when the group again released two albums in two years, "Hoodwinked" and a self-titled effort on Atlantic records.



DENIZ TEK Take it to the vertical 1992 Red Eye records 320 kbps

Run out of water / Dead if looks could kill / Where dreams go / Steel beach / Don't axe me / Me & Gene / Is it good enough ? / Torpedo woman / Those times are gone / Ships in .

Produced & mixed by Deniz Tek & Andy "Mort" Bradley.

Musicians : Deniz Tek : guitar , lead vocals / Chris "Klondike" Masuak : guitar , keyboards , mazaphonic tremolator / Phil "Dust" Peterson : bass / Scott "Rock Action" Asheton : drums , percussion .

Guests : Angie Pepper : vocals / Grad Gaines : tenor sax / The World Shakers : background vocals .

Deniz Tek is a singer, guitarist and songwriter who is currently a member of Australian group Radio Birdman. He has been in many underground punk bands of the 1970's including The Visitors, and New Race, but is most known for his influence over the punk rock genre in Australia. He is currently married to Angie Pepper, also a noted Australian musician and former member of The Passengers.Tek was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. He spent 1967 in Australia with his parents and moved there permanently in 1972.

Deniz Tek is a trained ER doctor and navy pilot. Tek's navy codename 'Iceman' was appropriated by visiting screenwriters for a character in the hit movie Top Gun.

From 1973 to 1974 Deniz T. was in T.V. Jones , with Radio Birdman from 1974 to 1978 , with the Visitors , Angie Pepper Band and the New Race tour from 1978 to 1981 .

Encouraged by his friend and ex-Birdman compadre Chris Masuak, Deniz came back to Australia in 1991, intent on renewing himself musically. He began extensive touring in 1992 and, following a near career destroying disaster on the Take It To The Vertical tour of 1992 initiated a line-up that became known as The Deniz Tek Group. This line-up spent the next few years touring Europe, Australia and the USA, while releasing a series of EPs and several albums. Things began to fray in late '96 and the group split up.

He's now playing again with Radio Birdman ( new good album "Zeno Beach" in 2006 !)continuing his career solo .


SINGLES LONDON COWBOYS Dance crazy / Bleed me 1986 Radio Active records 320 kbps

The last London Cowboys maxi single ...

Covers by Max !


THE FORGOTTEN REBELS - Surfin' on heroin + Untitled

FORGOTTEN REBELS (Untitled) + Surfin' on heroin 1988/1989 Restless records 320 kbps
Behind bars° / Touch me° / Dizzy° / Good times (never last)° / Tea & crumpets° / Wild eyed darlin'° / I gotta axe° / The girl can't come° / Evelyn dick° / Don't die alone° /Science fiction double feature (Theme from the Rocky Horror Show)° / Bombs the boats* / I'm in love with the system* / Let's go back* / A.I.D.S.* / I left my heart in Iran* / Rock & roll's a hard life* / Little girl thrills* / Live strippers in action* / Hell begins at home* / Elvis is dead* / Surfin' on heroin* / FMD* .
(Untitled)° - Surfin' on heroin*.
Produced by Stacey Heydon & the Forgotten Rebels.
FORGOTTEN REBELS : Micket DeSadist (or DeSadest) : vocals / Dave Mc Ghire : drums / Spike : bass / Jeffrey Dee : guitar.
The Forgotten Rebels hail from Hamilton, Canada. The group got its start with a 1977 demo entitled "Burning the Flag", which was followed with an independent EP 1978, "Tomorrow Belongs to Us" (both were later collected on a 1997 reissue titled after the latter). The original lineup featured vocalist Mickey DeSadist , guitarist Tony Madelina, drummer Angela Madelina, and bassist Carl "Chris Suicide" Johnson, and like most of the Forgotten Rebels' lineups, it was short-lived, as new drummer Pete "Treason" Latimer joined in between recordings and left just as quickly.
For the band's 1979 debut album, "In Love With the System" , a new lineup coalesced around DeSadist : guitarist Alan "Al McCombo" Smolak, bassist Chris "Pogo Au Go Go" Houston, and drummer Larry Electrician. 'In Love...' sported a harder-edged punk sound than either previous records; following its release, Houston left , leaving DeSadist to recruit an all-new lineup of Mike "Taster" Mirabella (guitar), John Welton (bass), and Robert Allan (drums). This unit recorded the glammed-up 'This Ain't Hollywood... "(1981), which featured covers of "Save The Last Dance For Me," "Eve Of Destruction," and Gary Glitter's "Hello Hello (I'm Back Again)," plus one of the group's signature songs, "Surfin' On Heroin".
In 1985 the band released an independant 4 song EP called "Boys Will Be Boys" with a more polished pop sound with Desadist, Mirabella and Dave Mcghire.
1986's "The Pride And The Disgrace" found DeSadist and Mirabella matched with a new/old rhythm section of bassist Mike "Spike" Lumen and drummer Dave McGhire whom actually joined before the release of "This Ain't Hollywood..." in 1981 and would remain a constant with DeSadist for all future releases.
1988's "Surfin' On Heroin" was mostly a collection of newly recorded versions of previously released songs for American and world release.
1989's "The Forgotten Rebels" (also known as "Untitled"), which also featured McGhire, new guitarist Jeffrey Dee Campbell, and an inexplicable new spelling for DeSadest's last name.
A long hiatus ensued, but the Rebels regrouped in 1994 with a surprisingly similar lineup : DeSadest, Campbell, McGhire, and bassist Chaz Butcher and a new LP, "Criminal Zero".
In addition to the 'Tomorrow Belongs To Us' compilation, 1997 also saw the release of many previously released albums on CD and many compilations and sound tracks except 'This Ain't Hollywood'. Butcher soon left the group in favor of Steve Mahon (from Teenage Head).
The Rebels also played/toured with bands, the Clash, Ramones, Iggy pop, Cramps, Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson and many others, also mixed festivals mostly American and in Europe.
After extensive American and European touring in 1998-99 the Rebels re-entered the recording studio and a new "Nobodys Heroes" album was released early 2000, as well as a Tribute album of Forgotten Rebels material with band's from Canada, America, Brazil n Europe .
Download part 2 here !


TEENAGE HEAD - Electric Guitar

TEENAGE HEAD Electric guitar 1988 Fringe records 320 kbps
She rips my lips / Can't stop shakin' / The girl that radiates that charm / Teenage doll / Your sister uses to love me / Last time I'll be your fool / Everybody needs somebody / Full-time fool / Nightime in New York / You're the one I'm crazy for .
Produced by Teenage Head.
TEENAGE HEAD 1988 : Gordie "Lazy Legs" Lewis : guitar / Stephen Marshall : bass / Jack Pedler : drums / Dave Rave : vocals , guitar .

...In 1983, Teenage Head attempted to make the leap to an American major label, MCA, with the "Tornado EP" (that you can find on the POWERPOP CRIMINALS blog ), which played up their rockabilly roots. Jittery over the band's name, MCA forced them to remove the double entendre by changing to the Teenage Heads, and encouraged a more polished, mature approach that would appeal to radio programmers. The gambit failed miserably, and Teenage Head found themselves back in Canada on Ready Records, which issued the live album "Endless Party" in 1984. It marked the debut of longtime studio supporting player Dave Rave (born Dave DesRoches) as an official fifth member, on guitar and backing vocals. The group moved over to Rave's own Warpt label for 1985's "Trouble in the Jungle" ( posted on this blog ), which proved to be Stipanitz's swan song; he left immediately after the recording sessions were completed, resulting in a revolving-door drum slot for the next few years. Frankie Venom's increasing unreliability soon spelled his departure from the band as well, and Rave took over lead vocal duties starting with the 1987 EP " Can't Stop Shakin' ". The full-length Electric Guitar, issued on Fringe Product in 1988, effectively closed the curtain on Teenage Head's career; it also featured a guest appearance on guitar by Daniel Lanois.
We are still awaiting the new Teenage Head ...

As always Max has done the artwork !



V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 3 Scandinavian rock'n'roll compilation Safety Pin records 320 kbps
HELLACOPTERS : Master race rock / DIALTONES : You get I'm lying / THULSA DOOM : Cities after cheese / ROBOTS : Mr. Suave / HYPNOMEN : Watusi 99 / THE BONES : I met Elvis at the nudy bar / ROYAL BEAT CONSPIRACY : Hollywood fever / HELLROUTE 16 : Gimme some sin / GHOULIES : No devotion / SLUMBERJACK : #1 / MANTARAY*KD : High times / HYMANS : I'm a fuckin' creep / ZEBULON : Burning fuel / SHIZO DUDES : Bullit / JESSIE GARON & THE SEXORCISTS : R'n'r wannabe / UNKINDS : Free Mark Chapman / CHRONICS : Shake and make / COLUMBIAN NECKTIES : Gimme more / NOISE OF REALITY : Fuck you / SEX SEX SEX : Satan's hot rod / WELFARE : On a mission / MOBILE MOB FREAKSHOW : Knuckleduster / JACK MEATBEAT & THE UNDERGROUND SOCIETY : I walked with a zombie / DIAMOND DOGS : Bite off / PSYCHOPUNCH : Who's fuckin' who ?
Executive producers : Kike & Marga Turmix.
This record is dedicated to the rockin' memory of Joey Ramone & Brian Gregory !
THANKS to josega65 for "Riot on the rocks volume 3" !


V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 2 Scandinavian rock'n'roll compilation Safety Pin records 320 kbps
GLUECIFER : Mano a mano / HELLACOPTERS : T.V. Addict / ROCKETS : Electrify / MUTANTS : Dr. Gedup / PUFFBALL : Men possessed / WONDERFOOLS : Suck and swallow / NOMADS : I'm gone / SEWERGROOVES : Electric (Shake me around) / CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE : Sister Disco / THE PRODUCT : Let's go to CBGB / PART-TIME POSERS : I drink too much / TURPENTINES : Take it a man , man / NUGGETS : Power pop girl / MARYSLIM : You got an attitude / DON'T CARES : Ready , steady , go ! / DATSUN : Raymond Cruz / 69 HARD : Go , baby , go / A BOMBS : Bitch / HELLRIDE : She's on fire / THE LEFTLOVERS : Go faster / VERY APE : Back in the ECC / LET'S GO'S : Last man standing / SQUAREHEADS : Hunk your horn for daddy / MATCHING NUMBERS : Ready for the last time / RICKSAW : Bad breath baby / DEMONS : Another pretty face / THE FISH FACES : She looks like a doll / THE DUALTONES : You bet I'm lying .
Executive Producer : Kike Turmix .
Here's the volume 2 of the "Riot on rocks : scandinavian rock'n'roll compilation " !!! And yes the six volumes exist !!!



V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 1 Scandinavian rock'n'roll compilation Safety pin records WMA
HELLACOPTERS : Riot on the rocks / NULL$KATESNYLTERNE : Paeng /FLAMING SIDEBURNS : Do the bamalama / PRESIDENT FETCH : Dancing with the blue eyed one / GLUECIFER : Remedy / YUM YUMS : I can't pretend / THE GRINNERS : Satan's in the back / THE PEEPSHOWS : Go to hell / SPACE COWBOYS : Rollin' sixes / MORONS : Good for you / UNION 69 : Plug me in , get me high / THE STROLLERS : Lies / CHINESE TAKEAWAY : Love song / BOMSHELL ROCKS : Underground radio / SILVER MACHINE : Bad attitude / MISDEMEANOR : Doomsday machine / BARBARELLAS : Giant godzilla / THEE ULTRA BIMBOS : Antonio / C-MEN : Kneedeep / THE RETARDOS : Up yours / HELLDIVER : Satan's groove / SHOTGUN BLUEZ : Up on nine / VOICE OF A GENERATION : My word my way / CANDYSTORE : You / SATOR : Dancing to the rocket from the crypt / LAUNDERETTES : I wanna jump your bones / BURNOUTS : Lucky seven .
Basque rock icon from Madrid , Kike Turmix , lead vocal in the punk band the Pleasure Fuckers , was also the boss of Safety Pin Records ( Nomads, Flaming Sideburns, Hellacopters ,Short Fuses, Jerry Spider Gang , Retardos , New Bomb Turks , Nitwitz , The Hot Dogs , Powder Monkeys , Tribute to the Flamin' Groovies , etc ...) . Amongst rock musicians in Scandinavia Kike T. was a legend for his love for everything "bad", releasing their records, and for setting up wild tours in spain. Safety Pin Records was one of the last truthfull independent labels making kick ass rock´n roll records. On the sideline of the big business record industry Kike put together two ( three ?) "Riot on the Rocks" compilations consisting of mostly Scandinavian bands...and for the rest of Europe...well plenty of records with some of the greatest street bands of the era...
Kike Turmix died in 2005 , R.I.P .
All punk must rock , all rock must punk !
Thanks to Gildas .



TELEVISION Marquee moon 1977 Elektra 320 kbps

See no evil / Venus / Friction / Marquee moon / Elevation / Guiding light / Prove it / Torn curtain / Little Johnny jewel (bonus).

Produced by Andy Johns & Tom Verlaine.

TELEVISION : Tom Verlaine : lead vocals , guitar /Richard Lloyd : guitar , vocals / Fred Smith : bass, vocals / Billy Ficca : drums.

In the early '70s, Television began as the Neon Boys, a group featuring guitarist/vocalist Tom Verlaine, drummer Billy Ficca, and bassist Richard Hell. At the end of 1973, the group reunited under the name Television, adding rhythm guitarist Richard Lloyd. The following year, the band made its live debut at New York's Townhouse theater and began to build up an underground following. Soon, their fan base was large enough that Verlaine was able to persuade CBGB's to begin featuring live bands on a regular basis; the club would become an important venue for punk and new wave bands. That year, Verlaine played guitar on Patti Smith's first single, "Hey Joe/Piss Factory," as well as wrote a book of poetry with the singer.

Television recorded a demo tape for Island Records with Brian Eno in 1975, yet the label decided not to sign the band. Hell left the band after the recording of the demo tape, forming the Heartbreakers with former New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders; the following year, he began a solo career supported by the Voidoids, releasing a debut album, Blank Generation, in 1977. Hell was replaced by ex-Blondie bassist Fred Smith and Television recorded "Little Johnny Jewel," releasing it on their own Ork record label. "Little Johnny Jewel" became an underground hit, attracting the attention of major record labels. In 1976, the band released a British EP on Stiff Records, which expanded their reputation. They signed with Elektra Records and began recording their debut album.

"Marquee Moon", the group's first album, was released in early 1977 to great critical acclaim, yet it failed to attract a wide audience in America; in the U.K., it reached number 28 on the charts, launching the Top 40 single "Prove It." Television supported Blondie on the group's 1977 tour, but the shows didn't increase the group's following significantly.

Television released their second album,"Adventure", in the spring of 1978 .

Months later, the group suddenly broke up, largely due to tensions between the two guitarists. F. Smith rejoined Blondie, while T. Verlaine and R. Lloyd both pursued solo careers. R.Lloyd also played on John Doe's first solo album, as well as joined Matthew Sweet's supporting band with the 1991 album "Girlfriend".

Nearly 14 years after their breakup, Television re-formed in late 1991, recording a new album for Capitol Records.

In 2001, Television again reunited for a handful of shows in the U.K., as well as an appearance at the Noise Pop Festival in Chicago.

In 2007, Richard Lloyd announced he would be amicably leaving the band after a midsummer show in New York City's Central Park. Unfortunately, owing to an extended stay in hospital recovering from pneumonia, he was unable to take his place with the band for this concert. His place that day was taken by Jimmy Rip. Rip has since been asked to stay on as a band member replacing Lloyd, and, as of December 2007, the group has been busy recording a new record.



NAKED PREY Under the blue marlin 1986 Zippo/Frontier records 320 kbps
The ride / A stranger (never says goodbye) / Dirt / Train whistle / How I felt that day / Come on down / Rawhead / Voodoo godhead / Fly away / What price for freedom .
Produced by Paul B. Cutler.
NAKED PREY : Van Christian : vocals , guitar / David K. Seger : guitar, vocals / Richard Baden : bass guitar , vocals / Tom Larkins : drums .

Naked Prey (Down There/Enigma) 1984
Under the Blue Marlin (Frontier) 1986
40 Miles From Nowhere (Frontier) 1987
Kill the Messenger (Fundamental) 1990
And then I shot everyone (Epiphany records-Caroline) 1995

Van Christian was at one time Green on Red's drummer; back home in Tucson, Arizona, he switched to vocals and guitar and formed Naked Prey. The quartet plays rough-edged country rock with similarities to Green on Red (as well as Dream Syndicate and others in the California/Arizona axis). Although the seven-song debut's powerful sound is strictly modern, some of David Seger's sociopathic guitar solos recall acid-drenched summer of love shows at the Fillmore. An unassuming, occasionally exciting record.

With a new drummer, label and producer (Paul B. Cutler), Naked Prey revved up their folk-distorto-rock on Under the Blue Marlin. Christian's colorful singing and Seger's guitar work remain the group's virtues, as Prey's songs don't make much of an impression. (A Stooges cover is both helpful and indicative of the band's own failings.)

The same problem plagues the thematically linked 40 Miles From Nowhere: despite killer guitar (including slide) and relentless energy, unimaginative melodies and lyrics derail the effort. (Christian's deteriorating voice is another trouble spot.) Still, a pair of covers — Jagger/Richards' "Silver Train" and a funereal version of "Wichita Lineman" (get the drift?) — proves what these boys might do with substantial material. Live in Tucson was recorded in 1988.

Covers made by MAX !


SHAKERS Really Gone 1984 Lolita 320 kbps

1-Temptation walk* / 2-How did you know ?* /3- You don't have to tell me* / 4-Run Rudolph run* / 5-Catch on* / 6-Nothing but talk* / 7-I don't believe you* / 8-R.E.S.P.E.C.T.* / 9-Dress in black / 10-Poison / 11-Midnight shift°/12-Prisoner d'amour° / 13-(Like a) Stake through my heart° / 14-Everybody knows° /15-Medecine train¤ /16-Stop breaking down¤ / 17-Prisoner of love (live)¤ / 18-How did you know ? (Paris mix)¤ .

Really gone * - The Missing Link E.P. ° - This stuff's gonna bust your brains out ¤

Produced by :

Wilko Johnson : 1-5-8-9 , Paul Shuttleworth (Kursaal Flyers) : 2 , Steve Hooker : 3-4-7 , Mickey Jupp & Steve Hooker : 6 , Pete Zear : 10

THE SHAKERS : Steve Hooker : all guitars & lead vox /Vic S. : bass (except 2)/ Stuart Vino : drums on 3-4-7 / T.C. : bass , Pete Melling : drums on 11 to 18, Siv Janssen : backing vocals on 11 to 14 .

Steve Hooker hails from Southend-on-Sea, Essex in the UK. He is best known for his stagecraft as guitarman for garage trashers The Shakers, Morrissey and Polecats mainman Boz's Bozmen, rockabilly trio Rumble and record nuggets with Feelgood and Blockhead Wilko Johnson and Demented Are Go's : Captain Drugbuster. He has shared stages with Mr Maybellene: Chuck Berry, New York Dolls Johnny Thunders, Loveless star Robert Gordon and toured relentlessly since the 70's throughout Europe and across to New York and Japan.
His wife, Elaine Hooker, owns the Slick 50 barbers shop (89 Princes Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK (see URL below) which also doubles as Steve's musical shop-front.

Covers made by the great Max !



SONNY VINCENT & HIS RAT RACE CHOIR Pure Filth 1997 Overdose records 320 kbpsDown on me* / Always a catch / Life to life* /Epic ripped up letter / What do you call that ? / Roky* / Cinematic suicide / War party* .
Produced by Sonny Vincent.
S. VINCENT & HIS RAT RACE CHOIR : S. Vincent : vocals , guitar / S. Asheton : drums / C. Sensible : bass / C. Chrome : guitar. + Scott Morgan : guitar on *
Sonny Vincent is one of the small group of New York City musicians who were instrumental in the creation of what became known as Punk Rock in the mid-1970s.
Vincent formed the Testors in 1976 with Gene Sinigalliano (guitar) and Gregory R (drums). They played the legendary New York clubs such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB with groups such as Mink DeVille, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, The Cramps and Suicide, and toured nationwide with the Dead Boys. Testors released a 7" single, "Together" b/w "Time Is Mine" on Bleeker Bob's "Drive-In" label. In [[1981],] Testors disbanded and Vincent moved to Minneapolis where he formed Sonny Vincent and The Extreme with Michael Phillips (guitar), Jeff Rogers (drums) and the late Mort Bauman (bass guitar). The group toured the U.S and released another single, "SVE" with the songs, "Wingdale," "Top Dog" and "Phantom." The group also made the bizarre film "Mannequin World" on the streets of Minneapolis. It was shown on television in the Twin Cities only once, after which the host of the program remarked, "I sure hope the boss wasn't watching." In 1983, Sonny was involved in a performance art project that saw him banned from the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
The Extreme disbanded and Vincent went on to form groups with revolving lineups, such as Model Prisoners, Shotgun Rationale, The Dons, Sonny Vincent and the Guevaras, Sonny Vincent and his Rat Race Choir, before recording and releasing several albums under his own name in recent years.
Vincent has performed and recorded with an impressive group of musicians throughout his career, including Wayne Kramer, Maureen Tucker, Scott Asheton, Captain Sensible, Cheetah Chrome, Bob Stinson, Walter Lure, Brian James, Thurston Moore, Richard Lloyd, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Jad Fair, John Sluggett, Greg Ginn, Lance of Athens GA and Kim Shattuk.
Widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of the New York City punk rock movement, Vincent continues to perform and record with various musicians that he has met and worked with over the years. Allmusic



LONDON COWBOYS The "Underdog" recordings 1992 Underdog 320 kbps

Hook line and sinker* / Going through the motions */ That's luxury man* / Doris Day */ Reggae cop* / Animal pleasure* /Catcher in the rye* / Rockin' on a bad beat* / Wow wow oui oui */ Long goodbye* / Design for living* / Saïgon* / Blue murder° / Centerfold° / Courtesan° / It takes time° / Under world° / False emotion° / Let's get crazy° / It never ends (bonus track) / Street full of soul (bonus track).

Produced by Dior/Jones

*Animal Pleasure & ° Tall in the saddle

You can also find these two lp ripped with nice covers & some singles on the magic POWERPOP CRIMINALS blog !


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Pas d’athlètes à Pékin, pour un boycott complet des Jeux Olympiques
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THE SCOTT MORGAN BAND Rock Action 1989 Revenge records 320 kbps

16 with a bullet / Eagle dance / Say yeah / Heartland / Everything / Hijackin' love / Pirate music / Josie's well / Heaven and earth / Detroit .

Produced by Scott Morgan

THE SCOTT MORGAN BAND : Scott Morgan : guitar , vocal s , keyboards / Scott Asheton : drums / Gary Rasmussen : bass , vocals / Kathy Deschaine : vocals .

One of the true legends of the Detroit rock music scene, Scott Morgan first attracted local attention as the soulful frontman for Ann Arbor's late-Sixties garage heroes the Rationals, later leading the short-lived Guardian Angel. Out of music throughout much of the 1970s, as the decade drew to a close Morgan joined ex-MC5 guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith, former Stooges drummer Scott Asheton and one time-Up bassist Gary Rasmussen to form the near-mythical Sonic's Rendezvous Band; after just one single, the classic "City Slang," Smith left the group, and after adding Kathy Deschaine the remaining members continued on as the Scott Morgan Band, issuing the 1989 LP Rock Action. The same line-up soon rechristened itself Scots Pirates, issuing a pair of albums ( a 1994 self-titled effort ) and 1995's Revolutionary Means on the local Schoolkids label. Additionally, Morgan teamed with Wayne Kramer and Denis Tek in the band Dodge Main. He's also a member of Powertrane & The Hydromatics .


LONDON COWBOYS On stage 1986 Underdog 320 kbps

Blue murder / Going through the motions /Hook line & sinker /Courtesan / Wow wow oui oui / Look good in Rags / Showdown / Let's get crazy / Reggae kop / Search & destroy.

Recorded at the Melkweg , Amsterdam : June '85.

Produced by Dior/Jones

LONDON COWBOYS this night : Steve Dior : vocals / Barry Jones : guitar / Gerry Laffy : guitar / Alan D'Alvarez : bass / Jerry Nolan : drums .

The London Cowboys was a punk band formed by punk renegades Steve Dior and Barry Jones, formerly of The Idols in the 1980s.The band was somewhat of an enigma and although these two remained (pretty) constant and wrote the material they were joined by a constant succession of other artists in the revolving roster.These included Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols,Terry Chimes & Tony James, Phil Lewis and Gerry Laffy from Girl, Jerry Nolan from the New York Dolls, also Alan D'alvarez (reportedly of Scotland yard's D10 section) and a dozen other less notable players.

They recorded several albums including "Animal Pleasure", "Tall in the Saddle", and "On stage" a live album. There was a fourth album 'in the can' recorded under the working title "Whip It Out" which, although never formally released, spawned the single "Dance Crazy/Bleed Me". This featured the last real incarnation of the band - Steve Dior, Barry Jones, Gerry Laffy, Alan D'Alvarez and Jerry Nolan.

After leaving the London Cowboys , Alan D'Alvarez briefly joined London pseudo punk rockers Better Than You before returning to obscurity. After the Cowboys Steve formed a band called Filthy Lucre which recorded a Album "Pop Spear" and appeared on the Johnny Thunders Tribute CD along with Jeff Dahl, Dogs, Cosa Nostra Band, Bebe Buell, Barry Jones, Jet Boys, Syl Sylvain.
Steve Dior now plays in The Delinquents.
Barry is now living in LA .

As usual , Max did a good work with the sleeve !!!