SINGLES THE NERVES Hanging on the telephone / When you find out / Give me some time / Working too hard ep 1976 Nerves wav
The Nerves : Peter Case : bass & vocals / Jack Lee : guitar & vocals / Paul Collins : drums & vocals .
Produced by the Nerves.
The Nerves were a mid-'70s power pop trio based in Los Angeles, California, featuring guitarist Jack Lee, bassist Peter Case, and drummer Paul Collins. All three members composed songs and sang. They managed a national tour, including a few dates with the Ramones, but they lasted just a short time and self-released only one self-titled four-song EP in 1976, featuring the songs "Hanging on the Telephone" (Lee), "When You Find Out" (Case), "Give Me Some Time" (Lee), and "Working Too Hard" (Collins). The EP was distributed by independent Bomp! Records. Despite their limited lifespan and discography, The Nerves remain notable for many reasons. They were the founding vanguard of the LA pop scene that eventually produced The Knack and The Plimsouls. After The Nerves' break-up, Case and Collins formed The Breakaways with Pat Stengl, a group that would have an even shorter lifespan than The Nerves. Thereafter, however, Case and Collins went on to front more famous groups, The Plimsouls and The Beat, respectively. But perhaps the most notable legacy of the group is the song "Hanging on the Telephone": popular group Blondie later covered the song on their smash album "Parallel Lines" and turned it into a UK top 5 hit, and thanks to Blondie's success, the song has become something of a standard, later re-done by groups as diverse as L7, Def Leppard, Cat Power. While it is likely some of these artists are unaware of the original Nerves version, others were also from Los Angeles and what was, at the time, its terribly small underground music scene and would most certainly be able to reference the original. Blondie included a second Jack Lee composition on "Parallel Lines", "Will Anything Happen?" Lee also wrote "Come Back and Stay" , a hit for Paul Young. Despite all Jack Lee (arguably the most talented songwriter of the three) had the shortest career and eventually dropped out of sight after two solo records : "Jack Lee's Greatest Hits Vol. 1" , in 1981 and "Jack Lee" (on the french label Lolita records) in 1986 .
"Hanging on the Telephone" and "When You Find Out" were later released on a 1993 Rhino Records power-pop compilation, "DIY: Come Out and Play - American Power Pop I (1975-1978)", which the All Music Guide gave the full five stars . The Nerves also had the honor of appearing on the album's cover. More recently, Rhino included an "unreleased" ( not really because the song was also on the Offence records lp "The Nerves -J. Lee, P. Collins, P. Case") Nerves track on the 2005 compilation "Children of Nuggets" . Today, Paul Collins performs songs from both the Nerves and the Beat in his band Paul Collins' Beat, and continues to tour and record new material ( "Flying high" on Lucinda/Get Hip/MVS records in 2006 & "Ribbon of Gold" on Rock Indiana/Get Hip records in 2008 ) . Peter Case went on to form the Plimsouls, who recorded after a fabulous mini lp , two good records and a transcendent pop song, "A Million Miles Away." After breaking up in 1984, Peter Case recorded many albums ( "Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John" on Yep Roc records in 2007) as a roots rock solo act . In 1996, the Plimsouls reunited for a few shows and some recording sessions, resulting in a little-heard reunion album called "Kool Trash" which featured an appearance by Blondie drummer Clem Burke. The Plimsouls have continued to reunite occasionally since that time.
Peter Case, Paul Collins and Jack Lee are re-releasing The Nerves on vinyl and compact disc through Alive Records in the fall of 2008.
Thanks to Fabien !

THE KWYET KINGS - Been where , done what ?

THE KWYET KINGS Been where , done what ? cd 1999 32o kbps
You say / Every little piece / Can't hurry love / Strange / Radiated by your charm / I never thought° / Just like that / It's easy+ / Lonely boy / Ooh, I love you* / Out of sight / Dead moon night.
Produced by Kai Andersen & the Kwyet Kings.
The Kwyet Kings : Arne Thelin : vocals & harp / Paal Andreassen : 6 & 12 string guitars and piano / Fredrik Hagen : 6 & 12 string guitars and vocals / Stig Amundsen : bass , guitar and vocals / Otto Gamst : drums , guitar and vocals .
plus Vibeke Saugestad : vocals on */ Kai Andersen : double bass on ° / Sven Olsen : backing vocals on +
From Norway, the Kwyet Kings play power-pop in the tradition of the Flamin' Groovies and Badfinger, with a beefy sound sure to stick in your head for days! Irresistible choruses, strong guitar chords, and melodic lead solos with simple but strong bass and drums.
The Kwyet Kings were one of the handful of bands fronted by Arne Thelin, who has been busy since the late-eighties as lead singer for the Cosmic Dropouts and his subsequent band the Lust-O-Rama, who have been hailed by many as the 'Thee Kings of Euro-Garage'. Since day one he had been running his own label "That's Entertainment Records", that left behind quite an impressive output of more than two dozen 7" and cd releases of Norwegian bands. In 1992, after a dispute with his bandmates in the Lust-O-Rama Arne left, while the remaining members continued with new singer Alex Rosen under the name the Highrollers - however, Thelin went on as lead vocalist with two new-formed outfits, the rather Ramones styled Bittersweets plus The Kwyet Kings, that delivered a critically acclaimed blend of garage rock and power pop. Back then the Kwyet Kings had Knut 'Euroboy' Schreiner on guitar, Kåre 'Travolta' Pedersen (from Kåre And The Cavemen / The Abusers) on bass, plus Otto Gamst (from The Cutbacks) on the drums and Pål Andreassen (ex-Cosmic Dropouts) on second guitar. Between 1993 and 1995 this line-up recorded numerous singles and released two full-length albums 'Firebeat' and 'Cherrypie' on Screaming Apple / That's Entertainment. When Arne Thelin located to Thailand to work in tele engineering - and Knut quit to take upon full-time employment in Turbonegro - the band paused for a while, and released a late third album "Been where ? Done what ?" in 1999 with a new line-up. A last cd "Single'n shit" which compiles the singles was released in 2000 .
Besides, Otto Gamst and Pål Andreassen were playing in The Yum Yum's .
In 2004 , Arne Thelin was in a new band called Bithammer . They released a six-track cd ep "Scandinavian Wanker" on Wizzard In Vinyl records .
In 2006 , Wizzard In Vinyl released also a 22-track career retrospective : "Second Thoughts: Pop Drops 1987-2005" . This compilation , an excellent sampling from every "Arne Thelin incarnation" ( tracks now next-to-impossible to find as they come from out-of-print releases ), is a must collection for long time fans and an excellent introduction for newcomers!



JERRY SPIDER GANG Relics (singles , tribute , compilation...) cd 2008 320 kbps
My girl hates my heroin (wild love) / Scene of a crime / When I get off / Situation three / Yesterday's numbers / Into the dark of the night (single version) / This is my life / Bermuda / We love rock'n'roll / Outerspace Pt-1 : Sex & violence / Higher the heel / Come on / Can't come in / Beat that shit out / I was wrong / More I see you / Run baby run / Toodlepip fuck .
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vocals , guitar , piano / Mighty Yo : bass & backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar .
Hey, I like the rock and the roll as much as the next guy, but the Jerry Spider Gang turn their rock-attitude up to 11 on their new album "Exile on Mainstream" (which gets my award for best-named album of the year). It's got enough guitar crunch to rattle my teeth loose. Fans of Turbo Negro and the New Bomb Turks need to check this out. Me, I still need to work my way up to the grownup table and take small doses at time. otherwie I might end up hurting myself.
Maximum rock & Roll
"Stooges inspired, heavily overdriven punk rock from the musical hotbed of Toulouse, France.Thankfully sung in english, these songs are gonna appeal to fans of the whole scandi/aussie rock scene in a big way. These guys have played gigs all over Europe with bands like the Hellacopters, Cosmic Psychos and the Onyas for good reason - they fuckin' rock ! This fine platter is also available on vinyl through Safety Pin records who also released their first disc, "Porn in the bayou" last year. I can't say anything else other than that I highly recommend this to fans of any of the other bands already mentionned in this review."
Larry Hardy in Carbon 14
"Stiv Bator(s) has resurfaced in France, ladies and gentlemen! Maybe smack is cheaper there. He's thrown his goth-rock leanings to the wayside to front his new band, the Jerry Spider Gang. Yes folks, the songs are quite a bit Dead Boys-ish. A big punk rock 'n roll band with big rock 'n roll guitars... "This is My Life," is certainly the pop hit. I dig it! The anthemic chorus keeps me into it for the entire 4:10 of the song. The flip, "Into the Dark of the Night", sounds much like "Ass Cobra"-era Turbonegro, and, judging by the title, would probably be rather similar to them lyrically as well. Now Wave
"The Jerry Spider Gang stomp around the not-so-mean back streets of Toulouse, tossing bottles at passing cars, uprooting flower beds abd flipping the finger at genteel european respectability. This is loose and raucous stuff that reminds one of countrymates the TV Killers, with the addition of harmonica and decadent/androgynous cross-dressing schtick. Note the R. Erickson cover ("Bermuda"), the eyeliner, the tattoo of Edward Munch's "The scream" on Jerry Spider himself. Fun. Hate to run into these guys half-cocked on bathtube absinthe, but I'm sure they'd deliver more than their share of surprises" J.H. in Maximum rock & roll
Thanks you Gildas for the music & thank you Max for your inspired artwork in tribute to the Jerry Spider Gang !


JERRY SPIDER GANG - Porn in the bayou

JERRY SPIDER GANG Porn in the bayou 10' lp 1999 Safety Pin records flac
High school babes / Tokyo fever / Life is a hell / I need more / Big black car / Streetwalker / Situation two / Cock in my pocket .
Produced by Dimi Dero & Lo' Spider.
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider as "the slut" : vox, guitar, piano / Mars as "The dandy from the underworld" : drums / Speedy as "Von Z" : guitar / Mighty Yo as "the hairy one" : bass, back. vocals.
"Il y'a quelques mois, je vous avais déjà alerté sur un sujet inquiétant : le Jerry Spider Gang s'apprêtait à fondre droit sur vos oreilles déjà bien usées par moultes guitares. Peu d'entre vous s'en sont sur le moment préoccupés : c'est maintenant trop tard ! Ils sont là... Aidés par un allié probablement extra-terrestre ( Kike Turmix ?) qui a décidé de les prendre sur son propre label Safety Pin records , les Jerry Spider Gang nous balancent dans les gencives leur première arme fatale, "Porn in the bayou". Huit titres d'un rock'n'roll puissant et endiablé venu tout droit d'un enfer où MC5 et Stooges brûlent toujours. Huit titres où vous allez subir les assauts conjugués et bien méchants de deux guitares barbelées emmenées par une rythmique tenace, le tout portant un chant bien rock & roll. Huit titres en fait extraits, pour sept d'entre eux de leur cd démo auxquels ils ont ajouté "Cock In My Pocket" des Stooges, au cas où vous n'auriez pas bien compris qu'il est question ici de rock'n'roll. C'est sauvage, sâle et la pochette aussi vaut le détour... Bref : chaudement recommandé."
Safety Pin advertising for the Jerry Spider Gang "Porn in the bayou" :
"Wowee Zowee ! Froggies go crazies ! Porn Toulouse ! Imagine your poor self flying on the Scandinavian Hell Lines directly to Motor City ! Infected guitars, wild pounding, steam rolling bass, high energy singing, those guys sure got a degree in metallurgy. Best french band since Les Variations called it quit ! MC5 fights with the Hellacopters ! And boys, that sleeve art work is something ! Classified ! Make'em look like the illegitimate and muddy sons of the Slits. Hear it if you dare ! "
Thanks to Gildas & ... for music & scans .
Artwork (lp to cd ) by Max !
Don't forget part 2 : HERE !!!


JERRY SPIDER GANG - When I get off

SINGLES JERRY SPIDER GANG When I get off / Situation 3 sp 2002 Ghostrider records 320 kbps
Recorded & produced by Lo' Spider.
Jerry Spider Band : Lo' Spider : vox , guitar / Mighty Yo : bass , backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar .
Le Jerry Spider Gang ne craint personne. Les guitares qui fendent l’air à l’aveuglette proviennent d’ailleurs du même lot de munitions, dérobé en 1969 du côté de Detroit. Tous leurs camarades de route, des Dirtbombs aux Hives, vous le confirmeront : le Jerry Spider Gang n’est pas un nom tout frais à ajouter en fin de liste, mais un solide pilier du vacarme européen, hors mode, hors temps, hors de contrôle surtout. Les Inrocks.
La rythmique évoque celle de Wayne Kramer. Les solos aspergés de wah-wah se révèlent aussi incisifs que ceux de Dave thomas et John Nolan dans Bored ! Et les chansons tentent un grand écart entre les Dead Boys et le Sonic's Rendez Vous Band. Le troisième album de Jerry Spider Gang est plus à burnes que jamais ! (Rock & Folk)
Attention, friandise au TNT (Punkrawk)
En France, l'histoire du rock est jalonnée par quelques surdoués qui ont fait avancer le schmilblick. Aujourd'hui, il en est un qui relève le gant. Il se nomme Lo' Spider et emmène un des groupes les plus excitants et les plus sauvages du moment, Jerry Spider Gang. Y avait-il disque plus attendu en France cette année ? 9/10 (Rocksound)
Thanks to Gildas for music and scans & Max for the booklet !


SINGLES JERRY SPIDER GANG Kinky pussy / We love rock'n 'roll / Bermuda ep 2000 Aaargh Record ! 320 kbps
Produced by Olivier Joffrin & the Gang.
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vox, guitar, piano / Mighty Yo :bass, backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar .

The Jerry Spider Gang are great surprise. When I saw the sleeve it looked very promising, but when the needle touched the vinyl I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't hear such great guitar punk rock riff in long long time. "Kinky Pussy" is really great & you really have to hear it few times before you go to B side. The Jerry Spider Gang play 77 punk with overdoses of rock'n'roll & strong touch of garage trash with supersonic speed. "We Love Rock'n'Roll" just kills you as well as Rocky Erickson's cover "Bermuda". Gimme more Jerry Spider Gang - I'm addicted to this kind of punk. No Brain Zine.
More quality punk rock and roll from the theatrically-inclined four-piece Jerry Spider Gang from France. "Kinky Pussy" is apparently off their "Dope Takin' Kamikazes" long player and is a simply-structured song that roars with the momentum of a runaway truck. No idea (well maybe a little) what the lyrics are about but the vocals are buried anyway. Not a million miles away from, say, Hoss. The lead-off song on the flip is another band composition with their trademark guitar attack supplemented by a harp and keyboards. "Bermuda" is the Roky song, delivered with more of a punch. Excellent stuff! - I-94 Singles Bar_ The Barman
Thanks to Gildas for music & scans and thanks to Max for the booklet !

JERRY SPIDER GANG - Dope Takin' Kamikazes

JERRY SPIDER GANG Dope takin' kamikazes cd 2000 Shark Attack ! 320 kbps
Saturday night / Feel like a man / Psychiatric hospitality / So down / I'm a ramrod / Do it ! / Burn down in hell / Little girl / Alien nightmares / Kinky pussy / Outerspace part. 2 : dope & soul .
Produced by Olivier Joffrin and the Gang.
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vox, guitar, piano / Mighty Yo : bass, backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar.
"Dope takin' kamikazes" is the 2nd album of the Jerry Spider Band (on Shark Attack for the cd & Safety Pin Records for the lp) ... real dynamite rock'n'roll !!!
"C'est au tour du Gang de dynamiter consciencieusement les dernières barrières d'accés au pur plaisir d'une vraie et torride R'n'R night. Les guitares fouaillent les tripes, le groupe se laisse aller à quelques pitreries, les Marshall ronflent façon heavy, le public tape du pied et lève le coude, y'a des étoiles dans les yeux des filles et "High School Babes" explose l'applaudimètre. Goood Motor City Punk forever ! - Dig It !
The Jerry Spider Gang's new album "Dope Takin' Kamikazes" starts pretty heavy and straight through your head. Their guitar sound is really great and fascinating - you just try to turn your audio set louder and louder till your speakers and your head explode. "Saturday Night" is great high energy/early 70s punk with great fuzz riff. But "Feel Like A Man" is even better, faster and more acid. It's dirty, fat produced, supersonic speed r'n'r for 21st century. "Psychiatric Hospitality" is more stoner rock, pretty acid and you don't have to see MC5 T shirt on one of gang members to realize that early 70s Detroit punk is their big inspiration. But I like Jerry Spider Gang because they are not some 70s retro band - they just play music they like on their own way giving it some new dimension and making it sound like 21st century. "I'm A Ramrod" goes after speedy "So Down". It's a great fast rockin' punk with tones of fuzzed & distorted wah wah guitar. "Do It!" is a bit too long for my taste - I like fast and short songs like "Burn Down In Hell" and "Little Girl" more. You can hear Radio Birdman influences in "Alien Nightmares". Then we have ultra mega big hit (at least for me) "Kinky Pussy" (check the 7" review). Metallic "Outerspace Part 2" closes this CD. It's not really my taste - it's too metallic for me, but OK now, I'm going deep into details. The Jerry Spider Gang did this really great album and I highly recommend it. - No Brain Zine


JERRY SPIDER GANG - This is my life

SINGLES JERRY SPIDER GANG This is my place / Into the dark of the night sp 2001 Pitshark records 320 kbps
Produced by Marc Hacquet & the Gang.
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vox & gtr / Speedy : gtr / Mighty Yo : bass & bkg vox / Mars : drums.
Another single from Pitshark a great french label with a bunch of wonderful singles (lps & cds also) : Sewergrooves , Felchers , Supersuckers , Yes-Men , Space Cowboys , Cantankerous etc ... and the Jerry Spider Gang !!!


THE TRILOBITES - The lost generation

THE TRILOBITES The lost generation cd 1992 Citadel records 320 kbps
Drying out / Better way / Hey John / Precious time / Keep talking / The lost generation / Tear you apart / Don't hide / Dressed in black */ I wish it could be 1965 again* / American TV* / Walking out on love* / Not trying to hurt you* / Turn it around* / Tennarama* / Piece of shit* / Come to where its at* .
Produced by Rob Younger except * bonus tracks from the live lp "Turn it around"
The Trilobites 1992 : Gary Slater : vocals / Martin Martini : guitar, vocals / Skater : guitar / Scott Leighton : bass / Glen Abbot(t) : drums .
In 1994 , frontman Mike Dalton left the band to concentrate on his career as a television producer . Gary Slater (ex-Voodoo Lust) took his place and Glen Abbott also replaced Styman on drums . The Trilobites return to the Citadel label for the single "Tear you apart" (1991) and the mini album "Lost generation" (1992) . Citadel also combined the single and mini-album for a eight tracks cd . The band continued to tour locally but made little further impact , at last they disbanded .
I. McFarlane - Encyclopedia of australian rock and pop.
Buy it here !


THE TRILOBITES - Savage mood swing

THE TRILOBITES Savage mood swing cd 1989 RooArt records 320 kbps
Minibar of oblivion / The girl from Mossad / She was alone / When I blink / Fuck = love / New head / I feel good / Last train / One step ahead / Don't touch / I can't wait for the summer to end* / Tall poppies* / Why I can't remember* / Critical mass* / All hail the new right*.
Produced by Steve James & * bonus tracks ep "I can't wait for the summer to end" produced by the Trilobites.
The Trilobites : Mike Dalton : vocals / Martin Martini : guitar , vocal / Paul Skates : guitar / Scott Leighton : bass / Paul Styman : bass.
In 1988 the Trilobites came to the attention of the fledgling rooArt label.The band contributed "All hail the new right" to rooArt inaugural Yougblood compilation . That led to a full recording contract which resulted in the 12-inch ep & cd ep "I can't wait for the summer to end" (mars 1989). Then englishman Steve James produced the Trilobites' debut studio album, "Savage mood swing" (march 1990). Between recording the album and it's release , the Trilobites also undertook a successful European tour (late 1989).
I. McFarlane in the "Encyclopedia of Australian rock and pop".



THE TRILOBITES American T.V. cd 1997 Citadel records 320 kbps

Night of the many deaths / Venus in leather / I can see / Legacy of morons / Dress in black (live) / American T.V. / Amphetamine dream / Living by a different yardstick / Jenny's wake / Piece of shit (live).
Produced by Alan Thorne, Chris Masuak , Rob Younger.
The Trilobites : Mike Dalton : vocals / Paul Skates : guitar /Martin Martini : guitar /Scott Leighton : bass / Paul Steeman : drums.
Sydney five-piece , The Trilobites grew out of that city's push towards the kind of guitar driven raunch'n'roll which was directly descended from Detroit bands like MC 5 and the Stooges . Yet the Trilobites always infused their aggressive, garage rock sound with a punchy , 1960s-influenced power pop sensibility , that highlighted the tuneful harmonies and strong melodies on offer. The Citadel label issued the band's first two, classic singles : "Venus in leather" (1985) & "American T.V." (1986). Both singles reached #1 on the alternative charts , and the band toured to a strong response . The both songs appeared on the Citadel's essential compilation "Take everything , leave nothing" (march 1988) . In the meantime , the Trilobites had signed a new deal with the Big Time label which resulted in the single "Night of the many deaths" (may 1987).
At the end of the year , the band issued it's debut album , the live set "Turn it around" on the Waterfront label . Waterfront also put out the Trilobites fourth single "Jenny's wake" (june 1988) .
I. McFarlane in the "Encyclopedia of Australian rock & pop"


SINGLES THE TRILOBITES American T.V. / Legacy of morons sp 1986 Citadel records 320 kbps


CHEMICAL DOGS - Sympathy for G.G.

SINGLES CHEMICAL DOGS Sympathy for G.G. : Gimme some head /Dead or alive sp 1990 S.F.T.R.I. wav
To some, G.G. Allin was the ultimate symbol of rock & roll rebellion, taking it to extremes that no one else was dangerous enough to explore. To others, he was a lunatic whose attempts to shock and disgust were too ham-fisted to be taken seriously. Wherever the truth lay, there can be no doubt that Allin was the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history. Music was almost incidental to his violent, scatological stage act, which got him arrested over 50 times for a litany of offenses, and made Iggy Pop's antics with the Stooges look like The Donny & Marie Show. Rarely performing for more than 10-20 minutes before clubs shut him down, Allin usually took the stage in a jockstrap and wound up nude; he beat himself bloody with broken bottles, torn cans, and microphones (when he wasn't trying to shove the latter up his own ass); he attacked and was attacked by his own audience; he urinated on the stage, on his band, on the audience; he frequently took laxatives before shows in order to defecate on the stage, after which he generally ate his own feces or threw them at the audience; and yet, somehow, he still found audience members willing to perform oral sex on him on-stage. Needless to say, he also ingested enormous amounts of booze and drugs, served several prison terms, and even promised to commit suicide on-stage on Halloween (he died of an overdose in 1993 before he could follow through). AMC
Chemical People joined up with Jeff Dahl in 1989 and formed the Chemical Dolls to release this limited edition 7-inch as a benefit project for the then imprisoned G.G. Allin. They cover two G.G. Allin tunes. Dead wax inscriptions are "Every cop is a ciminal", "And all the sinners saints".


THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - Caught dead inside

THE TOMMYKNOCKERS Caught dead inside lp 1990 Unique records wav
The Tommyknockers man / About you / Why can't you see / Faceless / Will you wait / The wait it works / Blind of an eye .
Produced by D. Cameron & the legendary starbold.
The Tommyknockers : Rich Coffee : guitars , vocals / Chris Harlock : bass / Jomar Guiccio : drums , vocals.
The fantastic first lp of the Tommyknockers with a great cover by Joaquim Jones . As usual Max did a good job with the artwork ...
Download part 2 : here!
Cd artwork by Max !

THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - The clarity is so clear

THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - The clarity is so clear cd 1995 Helter Skelter records 320 kbps
Test the limits / But you care / Even tho / Looked at yours / Champagne & altitude / Bad times two / Take your time / A little time / Shut the door / Follow the light / One to many / Have faith.
Produced by TK'S & Geza X.
The Tommyknockers : Rich Coffee : guitar , vocals / Laura Benett : bass , vocals / Roger Ward : drums & vocals .
The Tommyknockers were never as easy band to describe - once called "voodoo-acid-blues-rant-and-roll" fronted by the bastard son of Alice Cooper & Joey Ramone (a frightening thought!), they eventually evolved into almost a power-pop band! But the emphasis was always on the power! Starting in 1989 with Lee Joseph, who left shortly after recording our first EP on Sympathy to rejoin his band, Yard Trauma, the band went through several changes in the next year. After Lee, Chris Harlock joined, who later left to tour with the Fuzztones and then formed such bands as the Huntington Cads and the Finks, among others. Jomar G. was on drums and he left seeking fame and fortune just before we were to leave for a European tour (has anyone heard from him since?)! He was replaced by Al Penzone and the bass was picked up by the Princess, Laura Bennett. This line-up went on our first European tour and had a blast running amuck for several weeks! After the tour Al left for numerous reasons and when I answered my door to a near-mirror image, I knew that we had our new drummer in Roger Ward! The magic was found with Laura and Roger and we blasted through two more European tours, where we met our German cohorts, the Embryonics, and every show ended up with us all as one giant band! We also shook up Mexico City, Tijuana and all of the west coast! A number of records were released, but with the last one, "The Clarity Is So Clear", the band came to an end as everyone went their separate ways. There have been a couple of reunion shows and there's always the possiblity of "just one more"! Tommyknockers My Space


THE BAD RACKETS - Full on blown apart

THE BAD RACKETS Full on blown apart cd 2005 Mortville records 320 kbps
Couple million miles / Porno magazines / Just another girl / Fashion show / Traci / Cult / Everybody's a loser / Eye on you / Candydish / High school love / Shut it off / Atom smasher, part I / Atom Smasher, part II.
Produced by the Bad Rackets.
The Bad Rackets : Kevin Owens : bass , vocals / Tim Trentham : drums, backing vocals / Bob Widenhofer : guitars, vocals / Clint Shay : guitar , backing vocals + DamnItDave Jensen did guitar & backing vocals.
Punk Rock that actually rocks... Powerpop powered by snarling guitars and adolescent fury... Garage that's not retro, and faces forward with a fresh sneer of its own. Melodies written at the altar of the Ramones and the Buzzcocks, guitar echoes of Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Thunders, and a rhythm section that could’ve belonged to the Damned or the Saints. Behind Bob’s slashing guitars and snot-powered vocals, stands a long history that includes recording with GG Allin (Carnival of Excess, Hated) and a Killed By Florida name-check. Kevin’s howling vocals and throbbing bass lines have made their way through a 10+ year litany of Texas punk bands, including the Convulsions and the Lusties. Tim’s powerhouse drumming carries the weight of more than a dozen years drumming in the barrooms of Austin with the likes of Victims of Leisure, Sore Losers, Barleypop, Daddy’s Drunk and Suburban Terror Project. A true veteran guitar hero, Clint’s accomplishments are as recent as his stint in Houston’s Gun Crazy, and as distant as his teenaged audition for Austin icons MDC. The Bad Rackets: a new Texas legend in the making.
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THE DEVOTIONS - Make it go away

THE DEVOTIONS Make it go away cd EP 1999 One way productions wav
Make it go away / I 'll say it / I'm not there / Something bad / Looks like goodbye* .
Produced by Mark Davis and Ducky Carlisle.
The Devotions : John Felice : vocals & guitar / Dana Stuart / Mark Mc Cormick / Paul Mc Cormick + Kelly Knapp (from The Bristols, The Darlings, vocals) on *
Steve Wynn about the Devotions -27th Jan 1996- (Was he speaking about the same sessions ???) :
"I just came back from Boston (jeez, it seems like I live there these days) where I produced an album for THE DEVOTIONS, a great new band featuring the songwriting and vocals of John Felice who used to be in the legendary Real Kids. Those of you (like myself) who remember and love the Real Kids from the early days of punk rock/power pop will be happy to know that John is still writing those incredible songs packed with unforgettable hooks and raw emotion. I don't know when it's coming out but keep looking."(taken from "The WynnWeb" )
It now seems that John wants resorts full records of Devotions , for more information : here .


THE YUM YUM'S - Sweet as candy

THE YUM YUM'S Sweet as candy cd 1998 1+2 records 320 kbps
Crazy over you / Right now / Miss you , baby / Back to Rosie / Out of luck / Be my baby / Never let you go / Be with me / It's hard / Baby I'm so lonely / Rush hour / Number one / Always the last to know .
Produced by the Yum Yum's.
The Yum Yum's : Morten Henricksen : lead vocals & guitar / Stig Amundsen : bass & backing vocals / Thomas Dahl : drums & backing vocals / John Martinsen : guitar .
Let's concider the three minute pop-song for a second or two: so simple in it's construction, so inscrutable in it's perfection, so many who have tried and failed...For me The Yum Yums have been THE band to watch over the past couple of years, their perfect (yep, it's true) take on the "power-pop" thang a source of constant pleasure and amezement. Following on from their 45's on the Screaming Apple and Sneakers labels, comes this platter, so chock full of goodies that is difficult to take in one sitting. Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter Morten Henriksen has the rare ability to take the most banal and over-used pop ingredients - the word "baby", powerchords and sunny harmonies - and fashion them into something fresh. The guy's a pop-alchemist of the first degree!In my humble opinion, there's only ever been a handful of perfect debut pop/punk albums over the past twenty years - the first Plimsouls, Real Kids, Damned, Ramones and Barracudas outings immediatly springs to mind. This is another to add to that short list. Twelve tracks of pure perfection including fantastic covers of The Pointed Sticks "Out Of Luck" and unbelievably Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour" .... Kids... "this is rock'n'roll" at his best level !!! by J.Hutton -Bucketfull of brains.


THE PARANOIACS - Sometimes teenage is spelt T.N.T.

THE PARANOIACS Sometimes teenage is spelt T.N.T. cd 1988 Play it again Sam 320 kbps
Song for Debbie H. / Frantic romantic / I gotta go / The summer's here / Lonely days are gone / Be my baby / What would you say / Unchain my heart / You lied to me before / There's no place for lonely people / Bye bye baby / Lying all the time .
Produced by Allard Jolles.
The Paranoiacs : Hans Stevens : vocals, guitar / Jonas Maes : guitar / Axl Peleman : bass / Stef De Rijcke : drums / Rafke Stevens : organ .
This debut album of the Paranoiacs is a compilation of two earlier released mini-albums "We're the teenage lovers" (1987) and "Sometime Teenage is Spelt T.N.T." (1988).
The Paranoiacs are a belgium rock band born at the end ot the 80's . They have released three more albums : "Bananas" with his superb cover in 1989 , "Thirteen" in 1992 & in the late nineties they made a comeback first with a 6 song EP on their self label Fuck You Records then with "7 day weekend" (1999) on I Scream Records . A live bootleg "Live at Itterbeek" followed in 2002 . The band is still in activity


THE YUM YUM'S - Funzone

THE YUM YUM'S Funzone 10" 2001 Alien Snatch records 320 kbps
Prince of darkness / Just another girl / Come on and shake / Ways to do you in* / I've found love* / Little Johnny Jet / 9 999 999 Tears° / Shake some action (bonus track) / Come on , come on (bonus track).
Produced by Morten Henriksen.
The Yum yum's : Morten Henriksen : vocal & guitar / Stig Amundsen : bass & vocals / John Martinsen : guitar / Otto Gamst : drums & backing vocals / Pal Andreassen : keyboard + Tomas Dahl : drums on * & Tine Maerz : guitar on °.
The Yum Yum's singer and head, Morten Henriksen previously played in the Cosmic Dropouts and the Vikings. The Yum Yum's sound can be described as part Beach Boys, Barracudas , Real Kids, Ramones and Paul Collins Beat. Put them all together and you have a unique mix of bubblegum hot rod pop.Their debut Album " Sweet As Candy" was released on three different labels: Universal Music (Norway), Screaming Apple (Germany) and 1+2 (Japan).It continues to be a big seller and receive rave reviews. In addition the Yum Yum's have released some unbelievables singles on various European Labels and promoted all releases with numerous gigs in Norway and tours of Europe. Alien Snatch is proud to bring you the 7 songs on their late 2000 release "Funzone". Five of the songs are brand new and exclusive to this release. The other 2 were only released on an impossible to find CD from Norway. This 10" shows that the Yum Yum's are Europe´s leading power pop outfit and consist are pop geniuses. These songs will get you to sing along and will get you up and dancing. If the Yum Yum's were to reach people through airwaves, all other music would be boring . Don't rely on your radio if you want to hear real pop. The Yum Yum's have proven with this release that perfect melodies are not a thing of the past. Whatever happens, the Yum Yum's are in the power pop hall-of-fame ! They made your life better ! by Alien Snatch Records
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Artwork cd by Max !



KEVIN COYNE Marjory Razorblade cd 1973/90 Virgin records 320 kbps
Marjory Razorblade / Marlene / Talking to No-One / Eastbourne ladies / Old soldier / I want my crown / Nasty / Lonesome valley / House on the hill / Cheat me / Jackie & Edna* / Everybody says / Mummy / Heaven in my view / Karate king / Dog latin* / This is Spain* / Chairmans ball / Good boy* / Chicken wing / Lovesick fool / Sea of love .
Produced by Steve Verocca .
Kevin Coyne : vocals , guitar, mandolin / Gordon Smith : guitar, mandolin / Jean Roussel : piano / Tony Cousins : bass, bass tuba / Chili Charles : drums, congas / Steve Verroca : acoustic case and piano / Malcom Healey : synthesizer on 'Mummy' / Dave Clague : guitar on*.

Of the four or five Kevin Coyne albums that fans routinely describe as his best ever, Marjory Razorblade is by far the best known in the wider world, a consequence not only of the enormous critical splash it made upon its original release in 1973, but also because of the ripples it continued sending out long after the fact. Four years later, Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten singled out the album's "Eastbourne Ladies" as one of his all-time favorite records, while the strumming, thrumming "Marlene" is one of those records whose failure to become a monster hit single continues to baffle and bewilder. (Even Virgin thought so, as they proved when they gave it a second chance in 1977.) Yet "Marlene" is just one highlight amid a storm-tossed sea of the things. A glimpse into Coyne's early influences is provided by a brace of Carter Family covers, a knockabout romp through "Lonesome Valley" and a nearly bluegrass-colored "Heaven in My View," while his eye for distinctly English working-class archetypes is unrelenting. Vacationing Anglos romp through "This Is Spain," a deliciously wry study of the suspicions that beset every Continental tourist during the first years of package holiday-making, while "Jackie and Edna" transplants much the same characters to a dour English beachfront, and turns their discomfort inwards.The clashing of Coyne's characteristically sharp, tuneful poetry with deliberately warped imagery is breathtaking. The title track, a couple of minutes of a cappella poetry sliced out of the live favorite "Suite Marjory Razorblade," makes an excellent bed for "Marlene" to emerge from, and the remainder of side one (on the original vinyl) rattles along with express-train precision, bound for the furious blues boogie of the aforementioned "Eastbourne Ladies," a compulsive examination of the elderly inhabitants of that (and every other) English seaside town. But the ramshackle "Karate King," sounding like it's being sung through a telephone receiver, the scarcely in-tune and barely controlled "Dog Latin," offering an acerbic vision of the decline of Catholic worship, and "Good Boy," a headmasterly recitation of praise that twists almost imperceptibly into viciousness and scorn, jab your ears like thumbtacks embedded in the cushions of a comfortable chair, to ensure that, no matter how much you wind up loving Marjory Razorblade, you will never feel completely at ease with her. Yes, there are four or five Kevin Coyne albums that can be described as his best. But Marjory Razorblade remains the greatest of them all. AMC
Part two (covers) here !


LES SHTAUSS - No feeling

LES SHTAUSS No feeling cd 1989 Closer records (CLCD95) flac
Bigger man / Sweet sixteen / My bottle of wine / Unchain that girl / Martian / Bagaboo /Everybody's rockin'* / Black in town* / Bang bang boom*.
Produced by Stephane Saunier .
Les Shtauss : Ludo : lead guitar / Goret : lead vocals / Fafa : rhythm guitar / Manu : bass / Jimmy : drums.
After the release of "Everybody's rockin" les Shtauss recorded a mini lp "No feeling" always on Closer records . They added the 2 songs of the single on this rare cd .
"Bang bang boom" was on the Closer compilation of french bands "Eyes on you".

LES SHTAUSS - Everybody's rockin'

LES SHTAUSS Everybody's rockin' / Black in town 7' 1987 Teenage rcd flac

Produced by Stephane Saunier

Les Shtauss : Ludo : lead guitar / Manu : bass / Fafa : rhythm guitar / Goret : lead vocal / Jimmy : drums.

Les Shtauss were a punk rockin' band from Nantes , France . They recorded this single on Teenage Records (division of Closer records) in 1987 .


THE SUICIDE TWINS - Silver missiles and nightingales

THE SUICIDE TWINS Silver missiles and nightingales cd 1986/95 Castle rds 320 kbps
Dance / Heaven made you / Declaration / Mainline service / What a price to pay / Silver missiles and nightingales / Coming down slow / The best is yet to come / Sweet pretending / Countryfied inner city blues .
Produced by Andy Mc Coy & Alan Scott.
The Suicide Twins : Andy Mc Coy : guitars & vocals / Nasty Superstar : guitars , vocals / + a lot of guests (see booklet).
The Suicide Twins was a rock band, set up by Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide (here credited as Nasty Superstar) after the break-up of Hanoi Rocks. The band managed to record only one album, "Silver Missiles And Nightingales". This was done with acoustic guitars, with the two sharing vocal duties along with the late Rene Berg. The band filmed a video for the single "Sweet Pretending". The album was issued on CD by Castle Communications and is considered a classic by many. The album was actually recorded the same time as the EP's by the Cherry Bombz.

THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES - I'll have...bucket of brains

THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES I'll have a ... bucket of brains (The original 1972 Rockfield recordings for U.A.) cd 1995 EMI 320 kbps
Shake some action / Talahassie Lassie / Married woman* / Get a shot of rhythm and blues / Slow death / You tore me down / Little queenie° /Shake some action (1995 Mixdown)+ .
Produced by Dave Edmunds .
*Previously unreleased longer version - °First official release - +original correct speed version.
The Flamin' Groovies : Cyril Jordan : guitar , vocals / Chris Wilson : guitar , vocals / Georges Alexander : bass / James Farrell : guitar / David Wright : drums .

A personnel re-formation took place prior to the Flamin' Groovies relocation to England, where the Rockfield sessions were held in August of 1972. The lineup now featured Chris Wilson (vocals , guitar) and James Ferrell (guitar), who replaced Roy Loney and Tim Lynch . Dave Edmunds immediately took to the Groovies, especially Jordan and Wilson's power pop masterpiece "Shake Some Action." In fact, Edmunds' enthusiasm would almost immediately instigate Jordan's equally inspired "You Tore Me Down," which was written and recorded on the spot, during their very first confab. These sides are indelibly linked to future alternative and jangle pop acts such as the dB's and Let's Active nearly a decade later. Just as impressive are the cover versions of Frankie Lee Sims' "Married Woman," "Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues," and "Little Queenie." Potential purchasers should note that the audio quality on Sneakers and Rockfield Sessions is far from perfect, as the EP was transcribed from vinyl and the Rockfield material is a bit muddy. In 1996, Sundazed Records' issued Sneakers as Supersneakers from a better source, adding ten tracks from a 1968 set at the Matrix in San Francisco.

The Flamin' Groovies are one of the best rock'n'roll band , as important as the Dolls, the Stones or the Who ! A legendary cult band with a big influence ! I know that everybody has all the Groovies albums that's why, for once , this post is for me ...


DROOGS - Stone cold world

DROOGS Stone cold world lp 1984 Plug n Socket records 320 kbps
Change is gonna come / Set my love on you / For these remaining days / Stone cold world / Mr Right / From another side / He's waitin' / Only game in town / I got a right* / Call off your dogs* .
* bonus tracks
Produced by Earle Mankey.
Droogs : Ric Albin : vocals / Roger Clay : guitars , vocals / David Provost : bass , keyboards / Jon Gerlach : drums , percussions.

The Droogs released their first full-length LP "Stone cold world" in 1984. Despite its favorable reception, ""Stone cold world" didn't receive the same level of attention that was given to albums by other California bands exploring similar territory. As noted in The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, "Stone Cold World was sadly obscured in the flurry to praise Green On Red, the Long Ryders and Bangles, but Albin and Clay doggedly pursued their chosen direction when the fashion faded." Perhaps most frustrating to the band is that they've always faced a cool reception in their home base, Los Angeles. Puzzling and frustrating for the band, "You're never a prophet in your home town," says Roger Clay with some resignation. After years of releasing their own records, the Droogs signed to the label PVC/Jem in the mid-1980s, but that label folded while the Droogs were on tour supporting their second lp "Kingdom Day".
In his review of "Stone Cold World" in Melody Maker, Ian Gittens remarked that while the Droogs wore their 1960s garage rock influences on their sleeves, they "draw heavily on a whole range of influences to for an approach peculiarly their own; taking from all times". His concluding remark, calling the Droogs "a curious anachronism", clearly demonstrates a problem the Droogs have long faced. That is, despite the quality of their material, the Droogs have not fit easily into any of the trends that have come and gone during their career, making the band difficult to market to a larger audience. Though "Stone Cold World" contained a re-recorded version of the Albin/Clay's "Set My Love on You", along with a live version of "He's Waitin'", the Droogs incorporated influences that set them apart from other garage revival bands. Creem referred to "Stone Cold World" as showcasing their "new, streamlined moderne approach to punkadelic blues".
Despite being included on a couple of new wave compilations, the Droogs weren't really a new wave band, either. Being from southern California and playing 1960s-inspired music, the Droogs were often associated with the neo-psychedelic Paisley Underground. The Droogs' sound, however, was always more garage punk than the more psychedelic sound of Paisley Underground groups, such as the Dream Syndicate and the Rain Parade. Still, the Droogs had close ties to other bands from the area, particularly the Dream Syndicate. Dave Provost, the bassist for the Droogs since the early 1980s, has also played for the Dream Syndicate. Other Dream Syndicate members have made guest appearances on Droogs recordings. Karl Precoda played guitar on "I Want Something" and Steve Wynn joined Ric Albin on vocals for his song "Maria", both of which appeared on the compilation "Want Something".
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Artwork for cd by Max !


DROOGS - Heads Examined

DROOGS Heads Examined Mini lp 1983 Closer 320 kbps
98 steps / You must be a witch / Garden of my mind / Only game in town / Train she's on / Born to be wild .
Produced by the Droogs .
Droogs : Ric Albin : vocals & harmonica / Roger Clay : guitars / David Provost : bass / Phil Cohen : drums & tambourines + Tom Morgan (Textones) : keyboards .
If your tastes embrace a Yardbirds/Blue Oyster Cult combo with a dollop of punk and a spoonful of '60s garage rock, you'll eat up the Droogs alive. As charter members of the Best Kept Secrets In Rock Club, they've been together in Los Angeles since 1972, releasing a series of stunning neo-garage 45s on their own label long before anyone thought of either pillaging the '60s or rolling their own indie singles. Later they moved on to albums and a more conventional, '70s-oriented hard-rock sound (not always to their aesthetic benefit), but they've never made anything remotely resembling a bad record. Singer Ric Albin wields a classic rock snarl, and his lyrical twists repay close attention ...

Artwork cd by Max !

DROOGS - Change is gonna come

DROOGS Change is gonna come / Waitin' for my man sp 1984 Plug n Socket records wav
Produced by Earle Mankey.
Droogs : Ric Albin : vocals / Roger Clay : guitar / David Provost : bass / Jon Gerlach : drums.

Los Angeles-based band, The Droogs's greatest success has come in Europe. While their garage band approach has yet to capture an American audience, their recordings have received an enthusiastic response overseas. German record label, Music Maniac, reissued their albums, "Mad Dog Dreams" and "Guerrilla Love-In", and released a compilation of their singles, "Anthology". Their 1997 album, "Atomic Garage", was released by the Spain-based Impossible Records label . Formed in the early-1970s, the Droogs chose a cover of Sonic's "He's Waiting" for their debut single in 1973 . Their second single, released five years later, "Set My Love On You", showcased the songwriting of vocalist Ric Albin and his brother and guitarist, Roger Clay. Other original tunes were included on the multi-artist samplers, "Saturday Night Pogo", in 1978, and "Ahead Of My Time", the following year.The Droogs experienced a major change with the arrival of former Textones and Dream Syndicate bassist and keyboards player, Dave Provost in the early-1980s. Provost made his presence felt on a four song EP, "Heads Examined", in 1983 and their debut full-length album, "Stone Cold World", in 1984 . Although their future appeared secure, after singing with the PVC/Jem label, the Droogs continued to find fame evasive. While touring the Midwest, in support of their 1987 album, "Kingdom Day", the label declared bankruptcy and went out of business. Like many American bands, the Droogs found their greatest success in Europe. One of their most avid collectors, Hans Kesteloo of Germany's Music Maniac label, compiled the band's early singles on one album, Anthology. Music Maniac has also released their first two albums, produced by Earle Mankey, on one CD, as well as ""Mad Dog Dreams" (1989) and "Guerrilla Love-In" (1991), produced by Paul B. Cutler, with guest guitar collaborations from Dean Chamberlain and Karl Precoda; and vocal duets with Steve Wynn and Carla Olson. After building a solid following in Europe, the Droogs turned their focus back on the United States, releasing an album"Want Something", in 1990, that included tracks from their European albums and bonus tracks. "Atomic Garage", their seventh album, marks a return to the Droogs' distinctive songwriting .
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THE CINDERS - Jet Set Gypsy

THE CINDERS Jet Set Gypsy EP 2005 Pop the balloon wavJet Set Gypsy / Girl crazy / My favourite audience / I'm crying.
The Cinders : Laurent Ciron : guitar , vocal / Jeff Crane : guitar , vocals / Christian Rosset : bass / Sébastien Buffet : drums .
Produced , recorded & mixed by Manu Gares & Laurent Ciron.
It was by the intermediation of Freddy Lynxx (ex-Jet Boys) that Laurent Ciron (guitar/vocals), and Jeff Crane (guitar/vocals) first met, on the occasion of Freddy's tour of France and Spain in July 2001. At the end of the tour, they exchanged the CDs of their respective groups. Jeff was immediately won over by the later albums of the Dogs. He proposed a tour in the States with the Ballbusters, his group at the time. The sad story of this tour (and the death of Dogs singer Dominique Laboubee) sounded the death-knell of both groups. This nevertheless cemented the friendship of Jeff & Laurent.The beginning of 2003 marked the first public appearance of the duo, under the name "I.O.U."for a compilation tribute to the Ramones, and several promotional concerts. For the occasion, they were accompanied by Christian Rosset, former bassist of the Dogs. This experience encouraged our two protagonists to continue their venture. In September 2003, the idea of recording a complete album came into being. The 7000 km distance separating Laurent and Jeff didn't hinder the preparation of this project.Over several months, 19 titles were composed and arranged. Because of concerns over the planning, budget - and above all - a strong desire for independence, they decided to record "in-house", literally in Laurent's Parisian kitchen. Manu Gares, the accomplice who had mixed the Dogs live album "Short, Fast, and Tight" managed the equipment and recording. Christian was equal to the daunting task, and Sebastien Buffet was the glue that held it all together. Without a rehearsal, and in only five days, the songs were in the can! With the passing time, the group adopted a definitive name, in reference to the origins and circumstances of their creation : "The Cinders". The Cinders, like the embers of a nostalgic time, but always burning...Like the remnants of a fire which never ceases to burn in the hearts of those who think of the saving virtues of Rock n' Roll.
2005 saw the creation of "Varieton", a business structure which permits The Cinders to record, tour, and do promotion with total independence and freedom. The first record released by Varieton was a 45 composed of an original song, "Eliza", and a cover of The Animals' "I'm Crying".In February and March, the group toured in France. For this occasion they were accompanied on drums by Joe Sheehan, who had played with Jeff in The Crybabies and The Ballbusters.On the eve of the first American tour, Christian played a one-off gig with Damo Suzuki, former singer of the German band "Can".In May, The Cinders toured in the USA.
Then the Cinders contribute a track to the CD "Tribute To Paul Westerberg", performing a cover of "Can't Hardly Wait".In July, Laurent plays guitars on the Fred Jimenez's album.In October a deal was struck with Toulouse-based ELP records to distribute the "Up From The Ashes"In January 2006, "Up From The Ashes" was released on ELP. In March, the second 45 was released, on Lyon's "Pop The Balloon" imprint.The EP contained four songs, "My Favorite Audience", "Jet Set Gypsy", "Girl Crazy", and "I'm Crying". That same month the band embarked on a second tour of France, this time with drummer Sebastien Buffet, who played on the CD recording sessions. In december 2006 : The Cinders appear on the compilation "Tribute to the Wampas". They play "The Eternal" ("L'éternel"). In november 2006 , The Cinders appear on the compilation "Tribute to The Dogs - Songs for Dominique". They play live "Dreadful time". Laurent sings "I won't see you anymore" with The Waltzers and The Oknos Quartet. Jeff sings "Action" with the Classic Ruins (Boston). Christian plays "Secrets" with Louise Féron.
The Cinders are the successors of the Dogs : they play an absolutely too much class rock'n'roll !
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Thanks to Fabien & Manu !


THE STEPBROTHERS - Baby it's over

THE STEPBROTHERS Baby it's over cd 2004 Liquorice Tree records 320 kbps
Very last time / Straight up / Going back to Miami / All over town / Catch this teardrop / I'll have another / It ain't gonna last / Baby it's over / Shut it down / This strange effect / You get nothing ! / Brand new dance .
Produced by Mike Mariconda.
The Stepbrothers : Mike Mariconda : guitars / Pat Pestorius : vocals / Jeff Linton : bass / Sean Morales : guitar / Matt Smith : drums .
I've never been one for the phrase 'ass-kicking", but this album will kick your ever-lovin' one. It's made by and for top-block ass-kickers and name takers who will stop at nothing to assault you with their rock-shaken soul. By soul, I mean the real deal, baby. It's over. Stax met the Stones in Sweatbox Studios somewhere in 2004. Their resultant Furies-vs.-Warriors rumble has created a newer, more powerful street gang featuring Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands/Devil Dogs), Pat Pestorius (Stingers), Sonny Morales (Titz), Jeff Linton (Damn Times), and Matt Smith (White Heat). These reckonable forces of streetwise souls are ready to 'Come out and plaaaaaayyyyy" with a holsterful of songs I wish to hell I'd written before they did. With "I'll Have Another," deceptively simple lyrics create a sense of frustrated agony: "Can't stop smokin'/Can't stop drinkin'/Can't stop thinkin' o' you!" is screeched out like a super-market tantrum, complete with stomping foot. "Shut It Down" and "Very Last Time" are more snarling rock-and-soul winners, while songs like "Straight Up" and "All Over Town" glide effortlessly through the swagger of some cheap-ass R&B-loving pimp walking the back streets of a town not quite cool enough to be New York City. The only song that falls flat is "It Ain't Gonna Last," but it’s redeemed when followed up by the title track. Distribution by Licorice Tree Records alone shows this album's ass-kickin'osity. Licorice Tree, though fairly new, has built a catalog whose motto should be "We release it. You buy it." Get it now before the girl lurking inside the front cover shoots you in the face. - C. Gnagy