VA - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 1

VA A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Vol. 1 cd 1998
LITTLE BOB STORY: Down At The Doctors / CHICANO BLUES: I'm In The Mood / THE SHARPERS: Quit While You're Behind / LEE'S: Monkey / VENICE: The Feelgood Factor / THE DOGS: She's a Windup / CADILLAC JONES: Baby Jane / SHAGGY DOGS: Roxette / FACE TO FACE: She Does It Right / KINGSIZE: Keep It Out Of Sight / SCREECH OWLS: My Sugar Turns To Alcohol / BACKSLIDERS: Drives Me Wild / VICTOIRE & CO: Mad Man Blues / CADILLAC JONES: Tell Me No Lies / SHAGGY DOGS: I Can Tell / THE SHARPERS: I'm A Hog For You Baby / CHICANO BLUES: Java Blue / THE DOGS: Sugar Shaker / VENICE: Every Kind Of Vice / LEE'S: Punch Drunk / SCREECH OWLS: Heart Of The City / BACKSLIDERS:Best In The World / VICTOIRE & CO: Rock Me Baby / LITTLE BOB STORY: Riot In Cell Block N° 9.
Dr. Feelgood was the ultimate working band. From their formation in 1971 to lead vocalist Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994, the band never left the road, playing hundreds of gigs every year. Throughout their entire career, Dr. Feelgood never left simple, hard-driving rock & roll behind, and their devotion to the blues and R&B earned them a devoted fan base. That following first emerged in the mid-'70s, when Dr. Feelgood became the leader of the second wave of pub rockers. Unlike Brinsley Schwarz, the laid-back leaders of the pub rock scene, Dr. Feelgood was devoted to edgy, Stonesy rock & roll, and their sweaty live shows -- powered by Brilleaux's intense singing and guitarist Wilko Johnson's muscular leads -- became legendary. While the group's stripped-down, energetic sound paved the way for English punk rock in the late '70s, their back-to-basics style was overshadowed by the dominance of punk and new wave, and the group had retreated to cult status by the early '80s. Allmusic
French rock bands pay tribute to Lee Brilleaux (R.I.P), the unforgettable Dr Feelgood singer !!!


VA - From L.A With Love

VA From L.A With Love cd 1992 Marilyn
PLIMSOULS: A Million Miles Away / 20/20: Giving It All / FLAMIN' GROOVIES: Him Or Me / SHOES: Tomorrow Night / SURF TRIO: Fun In The Summer / BARRACUDAS: You Were On My mind / STIV BATORS: Have Love Will Travel / JEFF DAHL: Suicide City / DMZ: Busy Man / SKY SAXON & SS 20: Born To Be Wild / ZEROS: Don't Push Me Around / STOOGES: I Got A Right / LORD JOHN: Blue & Green / LAUGHING SOUP DISH: Teenage Limabean.
Marilyn Records was initially a french-spanish label, based Barcelona & Paris & then settled down in USA & Madrid, Spain.
They were the New Rose distributor in Spain, while New Rose distributed them in France.
Chris Wilson's Random Centuries, Tav Falco's Unreleased Sessions, a Roy Loney live album , a compilation of the french band Gamine were on this label.
This compilation licenced from Bomp records contains Bomp classics & a few other songs like this version of "Born to be wild" by Sky Saxon & the SS/20.


THE DRAGONS - Pain Killer

THE DRAGONS Pain Killer cd 1996
Sometimes / High / Runaway / Pain Killer / Who Calls My Name / Too much Too Soon / Bad Reputation / Fuck Up / Train / Riser / Confusion / Adios Mexico.
Produced by D. Jass & The Dragons.
The Dragons: M. Escovedo: vocals & guitar / S. Rodriguez: bass & vocals / K. Horne: guitar / J. Lucas: drums.
So Cal punk & rollers the Dragons were fronted by M. Escovedo, the youngest sibling of musicians Alejandro and J. Escovedo. Javier, of L.A. punk legends the Zeros ( and later with Alejandro in the True Believers), bought his teenage kid brother his first guitar on Sunset Strip, paving the way for Mario's rock 'n' roll future.
Mario and Ken Mochikoshi Horne had formerly been in a punk band called M-80's. Toward the end of 1990, the two decided to form a new band, recruiting bassist Steve Rodriquez and drummer James Barczak. In the summer of 1992, the Dragons released a 12-track vinyl LP in Spain on Impossible Records. The following year the group parted ways with Barczak, adding Jarrod Lucas. In 1994, they recorded a four-song 7" for Pop Tones Records, following that in 1996 with their first CD release, "Painkiller", on Scam-O-Rama Records (buy it here!). By the end of 1997, the group had signed with Junk Records, for whom they recorded several LPs, including 1998's "Cheers To Me", 1999's raw, furious "R.L.F. (Rock Like Fuck)" and the 2000 concert set "Live at the Casbah". "Rock N Roll Kamikaze" followed in 2001, and was supported by an even more furious touring schedule that took the band from L.A. and the southwest all the way to Japan. By August 2002, The Dragons were back in the U.S.A., and playing the 1st annual Gearfest in Austin, TX. Gearhead Records, the show's sponsor, was blown away by the band, and signed them soon after. "Sin Salvation", their fiery, redemptive Gearhead debut, appeared in May 2003, and was supported by a tour with labelmates the Riverboat Gamblers. Allmusic
After 13 years and seven (or eight ...it seems that there's an album recorded only for Japan) albums, the band announced it was parting ways in November 2005. Guitarist Horne moved back to his native Japan, and in 2008 joined The Bronx. M. Escovedo has since formed a new band called the Mario Escovedo Xperience (MEX for short) that plays music more akin to Los Lobos and the Texas Tornados. The Dragons have since reformed with guest lead guitarists for a few one-off shows from time to time.Wikipedia
You can read a very good review of "Pain Killer" in Rick Coffee's blog, Rich's R'n'R Rants & Raves !
Thanks to Théo for all coffees made !


GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS - The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour

GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour cd 1997
Turn It Into Hate / Don't Let It Break You Down / Soul On Ice / Weeping Statues / Fool's Gold / Local Girls / Daddy's A Postman / Impenetrable / Sharpening Axes / Back Door Love / She Never Let Me Down / Obsessed With Gretha / Take Everything / Stupefaction / Soul Shoes / Saturday Nite Is Dead / Get Over It And Move / Cream / Glass / Bubblegum Cancer / Don't Get Excited / Around And Around.
Engineered by Brad Morrison.
Recorded live at Bogies, Albany, NY on 24th november 1996.
G. Parker: vocals & guitar / P. Donnelly: bass & vocals / P. Hayes: drums / G. Lyons: guitar & vocals / M. Gent: guitar & vocals.
"Stereotyped early in his career as the quintessential angry young man, Graham Parker was one of the most successful singer/songwriters to emerge from England's pub rock scene of the early '70s. Drawing heavily from Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones, Parker developed a sinewy fusion of driving rock & roll and confessional folk-rock, highlighted by his indignant passion, biting sarcasm, and bristling anger. At the outset of his career, his albums crackled with pub rock energy, snide witticisms, and gentle insights, earning him a devoted following of fans and critics, who lavished praise on his debut, "Howlin' Wind". Despite all of the positive word of mouth, Parker never managed to become a star, and he was soon overshadowed by the emergence of Elvis Costello, a singer/songwriter who shared similar roots. After delivering "Squeezing Out Sparks" in 1979, Parker attempted to make a few crossover albums before settling into a cult following in the late '80s, continuing to garner critical acclaim..."
"During the '90s, Graham Parker released a remarkable number of live albums, which is particularly odd for a performer known for his songwriting, not his performances. The double-disc The Last Rock N' Roll Tour was presumably released because Parker intended his 1996 excursion with the Figgs to be his final time on the road with a rock & roll band. With the Figgs doing their best Rumour impersonation, Parker runs through a number of his classic songs, as well as selections from recent albums like "12 Haunted Episodes" and "Acid Bubblegum". Although the performances are solid, there's no real spark on the record, and therefore, none of these versions are particularly noteworthy. And considering that "The Last Rock N' Roll Tour" comes on the heels of four live records in as many years, it's puzzling why such a thoroughly average performance was released, especially as a double-disc set. Allmusic


SWEENEY TODD - Sweeney Todd

SWEENEY TODD Sweeney Todd lp 1975 London
Roxy Roller / Broadway Boogie / Juicy Loose / Short Distance, Long Journey / The Kilt (Instrumental) / Rock'n'Roll Story / Sweeney Todd Folder / See What We're Doing Now / Daydreams / Rue de Chance / Let's All Do It Again.
Produced by M. Shaer.
Sweeney Todd: N. Gilder: lead vocals / D. Gaudin: keyboards, synthesisers / J. McCulloch: guitars / B. Marr:bass & background vocals / J. Booth: percussion.

Canada's Sweeney Todd is the glam-like outfit that gave rise to the peculiar pop skills of electric dreamer Nick Gilder, a towering magical imp, and meat-and-potatoes professional Bryan Adams. Born in London and raised in Vancouver, Gilder joined Rasputin with high school friend and guitarist Jim McCulloch. The band evolved into Sweeney Todd, an obviously theatrical para-pop 10cc-type-unit that quickly ensnared a local following. Producer Martin Shaer caught the act at a high school gymnasium and soon London Records signed and released Sweeney Todd in 1975. Thanks to the delectable groupie-ode "Roxy Roller," written by Gilder and McCulloch, Sweeney Todd quickly ruled the Great White North. Chrysalis Records wooed Gilder and McCulloch to Los Angeles and the duo bolted, leaving Sweeney Todd without a creative impetus.
Clark Perry took over the lead role and the band recorded a different rendering of "Roxy Roller" before Perry was replaced by a 15-year-old Bryan Guy Adams who had pestered Shaer into an audition. Adams sang on yet another "Roxy Roller" and accepted a Juno on behalf of the Gilder version. Sweeney Todd's If Wishes Were Horses features the earliest Bryan Adams' songs, as well as holdovers from Gilder and McCulloch (including the excellent "Tantalize"). "Song for a Star" details Adams' attempts at mimicking the Bolan-like-brainiac Gilder: "Stepping in time with your pace, though we never yet met face to face." Gilder released a fourth rendition of "Roxy Roller" on his solo debut, You Know Who You Are. His second LP, the legendary City Nights, yielded the immortal one-hit-wonder "Hot Child in the City." Meanwhile, Adams fell out of favor with Sweeney Todd after exhaustive touring in support of If Wishes Were Horses, and split to return to high school.
A year later, in 1978, Adams happened upon his soon-to-be songwriting partner, Prism's Jim Vallance, in a music store. The duo penned songs for a plethora of established stars until Adams reached solo superstar status in the mid-'80s. Sweeney Todd labored on with new manager Ron Wright until 1978. Gilder re-formed the band in the late '90s.
Cleaned & remastered by Angelo (Power Pop Criminals Blog) !
Cd covers by Max !


THE THUNDER GODS - Wreck Your Party

THE THUNDER GODS Wreck Your Party cd 2004
Afraid To Dance / Prelude / Huggin' And Kissin' / March With The Saints / Days As Black As Night / Dumb Ox Blues / El Canoero / The Gossin Papers / I Give Up / 14 Parables / Sexual Colossus / Don't Hurry Home/ I Wrecked Your Party.
The Thunder Gods: P. McNally: lead vocals, guitars & organ / K. Von Suhr: guitar, backing vocals / R. Filardo: drums, percussion, backing vocals & guitar / J. Filingeri: bass & backin' vocals.
"The Thunder Gods are a classic four-piece outfit with an urgent, overdriven sound that has drawn comparisons to such greats as the Heartbreakers, the Dictators, and the MC5. The Thunder Gods' prime objective; to wage all-out war on the anti-Rock 'n' Roll sentiment and general musical apathy (read: ignorance) running rampant in today's America.
The Thunder Gods' sacred duties: Rock 'n' Roll. Always, everywhere and without regard to consequence Defend the good name of Rock 'n' Roll Promote the principles of Rock 'n' Roll Instruct the masses in the history, relevance and true meaning of Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll after each meal Each meal is to consist solely of Rock 'n' Roll...
The Thunder Gods were formed in January of 1994 in Rochester, NY by singer/guitarist/songwriter Thunder Bunny Blue and bassist/charmer/chick magnet Thunder Clap Jimmy. Though neither could boast any experience in bands or with their respective instruments, the pair were fueled by a shared passion for rock and roll and a shared frustration with their town's near total lack thereof. Enlisting the services of a series of charitable(if somewhat bemused) drummers, the Thunder Gods began playing live engagements almost immediately. These early shows were excruciating affairs, filled with false starts, forgotten chord progessions, uncontrolled feedback, and an overall sense of confusion and impending disaster. Yet the Thunder Gods, mercifully oblivious to their own musical ineptitude and exuding an onstage mixture of audacity, cheerful aggression, and raw sex appeal, soon attracted a knot of 3-6 hardcore well-wishers. Their fanbase thus firmly established, the Thunder Gods forged ahead in their campaign of "Rock And Roll By Attrition". Through years of bitter experience and with the addition of the stinging guitar of K2 and the throbbing might of Moondog on drums, the Thunder Gods have since emerged as a veritable musical juggernaut. Blending the influences of such artists as The Heartbreakers, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and The MC5 with their own hard-edged style, the Thunder Gods have created an original sound which is truly representative of all that is worthwhile and beautiful in Rock and Roll." Source
"Wreck Your Party" (buy it HERE!) is the swan-song of the Thunder Gods.


"...Do illegal music downloaders bother you?
Downloading’s the same as what I used to do – I used to tape the charts of the songs I liked [off the radio]. I don’t mind it. I hate all these big, silly rock stars who moan – at least they’re fuckin’ downloading your music, you cunt, and paying attention, know what I mean? You should fuckin’ appreciate that – what are you moaning about? You’ve got fuckin’ five big houses, so shut up..."
Excerpt from an interview given by L. Gallagher to Shortlist
Read more here & in french here!


THE SINISTERS - Terminal Volume

THE SINISTERS Terminal Volume cd 2006
Mr Disaster / Speedthrill Overkill / Sonic Iguana / Baby, Where'd Ya Go? / Just Got Bored / Let's Get Down / Creepy / Hometown Hell / Violence & Lust / Snakehead.
Produced by C. Petzelt.
The Sinisters: Saint: vocals / Troy: bass, harp, vocals / Scarlet: guitar, vocals / Brian: drums.
Often said to be the heirs to the Stooges throne, the Sinisters have blazed a trail of self destruction and mayhem across North America for the last 13 years that would have left any lesser band dead in the middle of the road. Still intact with the original miscreants that recorded "Memories of a Happy Hell", the Sinisters have built an international cult following and spawned a slew of imitators. Since their inception in the early 90's, the Sinisters have forged a rawk solid reputation for being all that any band can be...the total sum of every rawk song, move, etc that came before them. With the release of their 1995 debut "Memories of a Happy Hell", The Sinisters hit the road touring and partying with the likes of the Ramones, Dictators, The Damned, The Backyard Babies, Nashville Pussy, The Dwarves, Forgotten Rebels, Electric Frankenstein, Warped Tour and the list goes on. Accepted as brothers in arms by their heroes, the Sinisters have been the keepers of the rock n roll flame thru the years of lumberjack shirts, grunge, nu metal and apathy - the 90s. Kicking out the jams across the USA while flipping the bird at critics (and occasionally assaulting them), releasing CDs & singles, appearing on comps around the world alongside comtemporaries Turbonegro, the Hives and the Hellacopters, and doing every rawk cliché to death...the Sinisters are still alive and kicking ass.
"Terminal Volume" (buy it here!) is the fourth album from Toronto's infamous glam-punks. And their last, hence aptly titled. Scarlet and Smokin' Billy can now be found playing the gueetar and drums in Drunkula, check them out! Source

THE M & M'S - My boyfriend's back

SINGLES: THE M & M'S My boyfriend's back * / Knock Knock Knock° / I'm tired° EP 1980 Quark & Line records wav
*Produced by Larry Whitman
°Produced by Geets Romo
The M & M's: Marci Marks: vocals / Harlan Hollander: guitar /Steven Huff: bass / ?: drums .

The M & M's featured Marci Marks, Paul Collins' girlfriend on vocals.The b side "I'm tired" is on the Bomp compilation "The Roots of Powerpop" and "Knock Knock Knock" is an extra track unreleased elsewhere & included only on the german Line Records ep.
This single is certified pure bubblegum pop !

Thanks to Fabien for music & scans !


LIBERTINE - See You In The Next Life

LIBERTINE See You In The Next Life cd 2001
If Wishes Were Horses / Heartbreak / Moscow / Next Life / Beautiful Disaster / Volunteer / No, Your Enemy / Outside / Guttersnipe Surf / The Sound of the Saints / Just Got Back+ / Somebody Got Murdered / 2 Steps Slow° / Slowdown* / Candy* / I Don't Belong*.
Produced by Belvy K., J. Coville & M. Hunt.
*Produced by D. Whittimore /°Produced R. Sanzo /+Produced by Drew M. & Rude-a.
Libertine: Belvy K.: vocals / J. Coville: guitar / P. Vincent: bass / J. Lomery: guitar / S. Duran: drums + Bobcat: guitar & P. Spilman: bass on * & °.
Aussie edition of the New York glam-punk's 2000 debut album includes six bonus tracks, 'Just Got Back', 'Somebody Got Murder', '2 Steps Slow', 'Slowdown', 'Candy', & 'I Don't Belong'. Stolen.
"Libertine displayed a combination of catchy melody and power punk nervousness on its 2000 debut, "See You In The Next Life".
These guys rock, a mix of basic rock & roll, mod, and punk, with a little glam thrown in, that's all about traditional balls-out energy, running guitar leads, and floor-tom pounding breaks. (There's even hand claps and "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon" passages in "Next Life.") When I say "punk," I mean the better, pre-hardcore variety, with first album-Generation X-ish clipped downstrokes and Johnny Thunders-like leads of Jamie Coville's guitar, chops from heavy drummer Stephen Maicior, and Belvy K's growling just out of pitch (and we don't care) vocals that recall a young Mike Ness of Social Distortion. And not only do they borrow Iggy Pop's 1969 Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog" riff for a verse that sounds like 1981 "Magnificent 7" Clash on "No, Your Enemy," but when they close the LP with "The Sound of the Saints," you just know (it's foreshadowed in the rip-roaring opening of "Volunteer" and "Outside" and the titular reference to "No, Your Product") that they love the first two Saints LPs like everyone should. That the riffs are up to comparison with the young Ed Kuepper, Derwood Andrews, Ness, Thunders, and Joe Strummer is good. That they're having so much fun is better." Allmusic


SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS Shocking cd 1991
Shocking / Angels of the Night / Cocaine Smile / Back on the Streets / Stop Playing With Mother Earth / That's Life / 1,000 Miles from You / All Through the Night / Me / Strange Fruits/ For U / Most of the Time / Me (Underground Mix).
Produced by W. Barrett, M.Rossi & P. McMahon
Slaughter & the Dogs: W. Barrett: lead & backing vocals, bass / M. Rossi: guitar,bass backing vocals / N. Kay: drums & percussion / Rudd: bass.

Formed in the mid 1970s against the bleak backdrop of Wythenshawe on the outskirts of Manchester, Slaughter and the Dogs found themselves quickly to be at the forefront of the punk revolution that exploded onto the music scene in 1976.
Founder members Vocalist Wayne Barrett and Guitarist, Mick Rossi were school friends who had struck up an immediate friendship. With one eye focused on their mutual musical influences of Iggy, Lou Reed, The New York Dolls and Bowie, and the other searching for something new to give themselves an identity, their song-writing savvy matched the sound of their heroes with the energy of what was to become punk. With the addition of Howard "Zip" Bates on Bass, and Brian "Mad Muffet" Grantham on Drums, Slaughter and the Dogs launched themselves on an unsuspecting public, rapidly building a large, loyal fan base in and around Manchester, while making a noise loud enough to turn the heads of the A&R men down in London. Renowned as a band that could really draw a crowd, they were invited to support the Sex Pistols at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall, a gig that is now the stuff of legend, and the subject of a recent TV documentary, "I Swear I Was There!" (Granada TV, 2001), filmed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the concert, and of course Punk itself. This gig catapulted the band from the Labour Clubs of the North to venues around the country that were taking a chance on this new musical revolution. Along the way they turned the head of Tosh Ryan, and the resulting classic single, "Cranked Up Really High" was the first independent single to be released outside London. Q Magazine recently described the single as, "à raucous amphetamine rush of a terrace chant, comprising equal parts glam and punk." The record won them a deal with Decca, a residency at London’s Mecca of punk, The Roxy, and a part in Don Letts legendary "Punk Rock Movie". Two tracks, "Boston Babies" and "Runaway" were included on the brilliant compilation, "Live at the Roxy". Throughout 1977 the band would release a string of classic singles; "Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone"/ "You’re A Bore", "Dame To Blame"/ "Johnny T" and "Quick Joey Small"/ "Come On Back", the last of which featured Rossi's hero Mick Ronson on guitar. These singles, allied with a burgeoning reputation as a great live band, set the band up perfectly for what is now recognized as one of the great punk albums. "Do It Dog Style" was released on 13th June 1978, along with the bewildering news that the band had in fact split up! The news only served to heighten the mystique surrounding the band, elevating this brilliant debut to a cult status immediately upon release. A four track single, under the title of "The Slaughter and the Dogs EP" kept a public hungry for more material happy for a time, while Rossi, now minus the (as it was to turn out) temporarily departed Barrett, considered his next move.
The Studio Sweethearts released their only single, "I Believe" in May 1979, the line up featuring Rossi (Vocals/Guitar), "Zip" Bates (Bass), guitarist Billy Duffy (Nosebleeds, Theatre Of Hate, The Cult), and ex-Eater drummer, Phil Rowland. Curiously the single was released in Germany under the Slaughter and the Dogs banner.
It appeared that the last had been heard of the band until it was announced on 26th July 1979 that Slaughter and the Dogs had reformed. With original vocalist Wayne Barrett back in the fold, Rossi and Bates retained the services of Phil Rowland from the Studio Sweethearts (Duffy moved on to Southern Death Cult). They re-launched themselves with a hometown gig at Manchester’s The Factory (later issued as the album Live At The Factory). More gigs followed before the release the band’s 8th single "Your Ready Now". Three sold out nights at the Marquee followed, but this sudden surge in popularity was not enough to persuade Wayne Barrett to stay with the band, and he decided in early 1980 to pursue a career allowing him to concentrate on song-writing back in France.
While Rossi wanted produce and write song’s for other artist, thus bringing the curtain down on this stage of the bands history at that moment.
Both Barrett and Rossi kept busy schedules over the coming years, with Barrett performing and recording in France with great success with bands such as Scum.

Rossi went on to put together a number of different bands, featuring past members of the Sex Pistols, Gen-X and Chelsea, alongside session and production work with a wide variety of artists including ex-heavy Metal Kids vocalist, Gary Holton. A move to LA via Dublin, saw Rossi settle on the West Coast of the USA, and for a time it seemed future projects under the slaughter & The Dogs banner were at best unlikely. Then in late 1995 English promoter Darren Russell tracked Rossi and Barrett down to invite the band to headline the closing night of the first Holidays In The Sun festival in Blackpool, England. The band reconvened in Stockport at the Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, only a couple of miles from where they first performed. The success of, and the reaction to, this one show was immense, and the band have been a must see at sell out punk festivals ever since. Alongside these appearances in the UK, the band (with a now settled line-up of Rossi, Barrett, J.P. Thollet on Bass, who work’s on many French rock band’s and the amazing drummer Noel Kay to who thrashes out as one of the most coolest drummer’s in the business ) The successful European and Japanese tours (The Japanese dates selling out weeks in advance), before coming back to Manchester to record a brand new album in the summer of 2001. Along side a blistering headline set to the thousands assembled for the 25th anniversary show in Morecambe, as part of the Holidays festival, the band recorded the excellent "Beware Of" album, before jetting off to San Francisco to play their first ever show in the United States. band of the Weekend was the overwhelming verdict on this sell out show; laying the foundations for a full-blown coast to coast US tour the following February. The sell out shows at San Francisco’s Justice League, and New York’s legendary CBGB’s were recorded for release for a live album .In the meantime, Slaughter & The Dogs fans will be delighted to hear that the band are taking in a European tour from the end of October into May of next year with shows across The U.K. Spain, France, Germany and Poland. The band, who are thrilled to be working on these future tours. Source
PS: It seems, according to the liner notes, that this album (featuring former members M.Rossi & W. Barrett) was recorded in 1991 but I found nothing about it, f someone knows more...


LITTLE BOB STORY - Tell Everybody The Truth

SINGLES: LITTLE BOB STORY Tell Everybody The Truth* / Kick Out The Jams° SP 1988 wav
*Produced by Pat Collier
L.B.S. 1988: R. Piazza: lead & backing vocals / Y. Chouard: lead guitars, keyboards & backing vocals / G. Mallet: rhythm guitars & backing vocals / F. Lemarchand: bass guitar / N. Garotin: drums & backing vocals.
The song "Tell Everybody The Truth" is taken from the album "Ringolevio" , the tenth album from L.B.S. The b side is a cover of the MC5's Kick Out The Jams played & recorded for the first time by L.B.S. during the "Rapido Show" on the french channel, TF1.
On the back cover of the single we can read this sentence:
Ce disque est dédié à tous les hommes politiques "Give us a break, Liars"

All the royalties have been paid to the organization S.O.S racism !


RUBBER CITY REBELS - Rubber City Rebels

RUBBER CITY REBELS Rubber City Rebels lp 1980
Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Heads Kicked In Tonight) / Paper Dolls / Gonna Be Strong / Child Eaters / Laugh / Young And Dumb / Lonely Fool / Bluer Than Blue / Rubber City Rebels / No Feelings.
Produced by D. Fieger & M. Lewis.
Rubber City Rebels: R. Firestone: rhythm guitar & vocals / B. Clic: lead guitar & background vocals / J. Bethesda: bass & background vocals / B. Matheson: drums &
background vocals.
Akron, OH's Rubber City Rebels were yet another hot, terrific punk-era rock & roll band circa 1977 that suffered from the total lack of independent labels back then. Lacking a strong connection to New York, they never got a Sire, Warner Brothers or Mercury deal like a few other great Ohio contemporaries (Dead Boys, Devo, and Pere Ubu, respectively) until they moved to L.A. and scored a deal with Capitol so much later, in 1980, when this sound was no longer au courant. But they were surely those bands' equal, very comparable to their friends the Dead Boys, who shared their Stooges/MC5 fixation. As well, singer Rod Firestone booked dozens of such bands into their home Akron club, the Crypt, that they somehow ended up owning and managing after setting the attendance record there one night. Their sound was nails-tough garage punk, part New York Dolls, part Dead Boys, and most of all part 1973 Stooges. And they've got that fantastic dirty sound with absolute rock & roll ethos that makes so many still obsess about them and the other bands of 1977. Allmusic

Although Devo, Rachel Sweet, Chrissie Hynde and the Waitresses all fared well on major labels during the new wave era, the Rubber City Rebels proved it was possible to come from Akron, Ohio and still roll into commercial oblivion. No matter. That didn't stop them from more than two decades of blazing guitar and funny lyrics that share a sensibility with the first Dictators album. The Rebels' side of From Akron, a local self-release shared 50-50 with the Bizarros, contains such ghastly/funny send-ups as "Brain Job" the infanticide-discouraging "Child Eaters."
After a move to Los Angeles, the quartet led by singer-guitarist Rod Firestone and guitarist Buzz Clic earned a rep, got signed and made a self-titled album co-produced by Knack leader Doug Fieger for his band's label. With loud instrumental skill and a strong sense of the absurd, Rubber City Rebels is a knockout record that gets the most mileage out of wonderfully snotty punkish originals like "Young and Dumb" and a recut "Child Eaters" (which resembles Killer-era Alice Cooper) and then fills up on a wild selection of covers, including ex-Nerve Jack Lee's catchy and touching "Paper Dolls," Fleetwood Mac's kitschy '50s fakeout "Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked in Tonight)" and the Sex Pistols' "No Feelings." This is rock satire that delivers a convincing kick as well as entertaining kicks. Reissued 20 years later, the album gained one more original ("Brainwave") and two more well-chosen retreads — a crafty version of Alice Cooper's superior ode to stardom "Caught in a Dream" and a tired swipe at the Stones' "Surprise, Surprise."
The Rebels folded for a time and Firestone moved on. The Firetones released the Trouble EP — four songs duplicated on both sides of a 12-inch. Unlike his former band, all the humor here is on the sleeve; the melodic guitar tunes offer rock excitement but not much rib-tickling.
Whatever happened to the group for a generation, June 8th, 2001 found Firestone, Clic and a new rhythm section onstage in fine fettle, augmenting the old repertoire with such relevant additions as the Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer," the Dolls' "Personality Crisis" and the Music Machine's "Talk Talk." Live From Akron, which reveals a lot of the same charged show biz spirit as a Cheap Trick show, rocks just as hard as the band ever did, and the old songs hold up just fine. Bravo, boys! Trouser Press
Cd covers by Max!