ICI PARIS - Twist à Paris

ICI PARIS Twist à Paris  12'' EP  1981
Twist à Paris / Chasse Privée / Desdenova / La Fusée de Ton Retour.
Produced by Maxime Schmitt.
Ici Paris: Marie Al Khâ Raz: vocals / Shere Khan: guitar / Syphilippe: guitar / Dino Lamour: bass / Captain Mystère: drums.

"S’inspirant des New York Dolls (pour le look) et des Cramps (pour l’esprit), le groupe Ici Paris enregistre au début des années 80 l’un des plus beaux albums du rock français. Un disque rempli d’aventures qui évitent soigneusement les sempiternelles histoires de gonzesses et de zone. Ici Paris rêve de train fantôme, d’explorations intergalactiques, de monstres romantiques et de Cadillac infernale. Univers kitsch d’éternel adolescent conjugué aux quelques accords de base du rock’n'roll, la claque est grande pour qui a la curiosité d’écouter leurs morceaux. Emmenée par une jolie brunette à la voix perçante et un guitariste à l’incroyable tignasse, la formation suscite la curiosité. Les connaisseurs pensent même avoir enfin découvert LA perle rare qui manquait au paysage musical. Un vent de fraîcheur et d’espoir souffle enfin. Hélas, les concerts se font rares et surtout les médias traditionnels sont un peu trop décontenancés par cet univers où Bagdad et la foire du trône sont devenus deux incontournables pôles d’attraction. L’heure est plutôt à France Gall et son pianiste qui joue en position verticale, il n’y a donc pas de place pour la fantaisie et le second degré. Dommage. Le groupe s’évanouit dans la nature, alors que son fantôme revient régulièrement visiter nos platines..." C. Eudeline (Source)

Presque 30 plus tard, l’impensable se produit : l’indomptable Shere Kann, véritable homme orchestre du groupe, se décide enfin et réactive le vaisseau Ici Paris .. Anicée nous ayant quitté, c’est sa fille Azadée qui reprend le rôle de sa maman. Parfaite dans son rôle de princesse conteuse d’histoire romantico/maléfiques, elle embarque avec elle Jeronimo (guitare) et Brice (basse). Tout ce petit monde embarque donc dans le vaisseau pour y rejoindre le célèbre capitaine Mystère toujours derrière ses fûts.
À l’écoute des nouveaux titres on est en droit de se demander si le temps ne se serait pas suspendu tellement le groupe reprend les choses à l’endroit même où il les avait laissées. On nous prédit la fin du monde pour cette année, Ici Paris sera donc de la fête, çà c’est une bonne nouvelle !!!! Myspace

Ici Paris: "Le Retour" cd EP: en vente sur le site du groupe ICI ou sur iTunes !


LUXURY PUSHERS - Welcome To The Party, Traitor

LUXURY PUSHERS  Welcome To The Party, Traitor  CD  2007
3 Minute Manifesto° / Lil' A-bomb° / Strictly Low Rent° / Make It Up As You Go° / On The Mend° / Just Like Faye Dunaway* / Everything Ya Got* / Poster Child* / A Simple Yes* / Just In It For The Fuckin* / Bonus Track.
Produced by Luxury Pushers & Fred Vahldiek.
Luxury Pushers°: J.Holliday: guitar & vocals / E. Purtle: bass & vocals / C. Wright: guitar / D. Grimm: drums.
Luxury Pushers*: J.Holliday: guitar & vocals / E. Purtle: bass & vocals / M. Randall: drums & vocals.
Formed in the wake of some of its town's most prominent acts, Dayton Ohio's Luxury Pushers came together in Spring, 2003. From their first show, it was obvious Luxury Pushers were a force to be reckoned with. Since, they've spun their odometer like a ragged-out Reno roulette wheel touting an earnest "1, 2, ****-you" attitude in conjunction with a visual flair that simply doesn't disappoint.
Their debut, "Eat It," garnered an AVN Best Soundtrack nomination for its use in Guy Capo's "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll," while the 2004 follow-up, "Quitter's Holiday" caught the ear of LA's Five-Finger Management. Sonically, the critics weigh in: Mohicans insist that Luxury Pushers is a rock 'n' roll band with inherent punk tendencies while Thunders-ites swear it's a punk band tarted up. Splitting hairs, brothers and sisters...Sonicbids

Formed from the ashes of Mystery Addicts, Luxury Pushers went through a few changes before settling on the current line-up. The band have released 2 EP's on their way to releasing this debut full length, although the first EP is here in its entirety making up the final 5 tracks. That EP, 2003's Eat It, had all 5 tracks used in the adult movie "Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" and even earned the guys a nomination at the 2004 AVN awards (kinda like the porn Oscars if you will) for best soundtrack!
The first 5 tracks are the newer tracks and opener "3 Minute Manifesto" is exactly that. Just over three minutes of very punky, foot on the floor rock'n'roll and a statement of intent with whisky and cigarettes infused raw vocals. "Lil' A-Bomb" is very Demolition 23-ish with vocals spat out in a similar way to Michael Monroe when he was in that outfit. It needs pointing out that the production captures the raw intensity of the band perfectly. You can almost feel the dirt forming under your fingernails as you listen. There's plenty of fire in the band which is on show throughout the album. "On The Mend" plays out at 100mph with a killer melody and would go down a storm live. It could well go on to be their signature tune. There is a slightly noticeable difference in production values between the newer tracks and those from the debut EP which is understandable, but while they're not quite as clear they're certainly just as intense and still sound great. "Just Like Faye Dunaway" reminds me a little of Space Age Playboy era Warrior Soul and is a great tune with a killer chorus. My favourite track on here though has to be "Poster Child" which simply sounds fantastic when turned up loud with headphones on, the kinda track you can easily get lost in. Although the prize for best track title has to go to "Just In It For The Fuckin'", the track itself is pretty cool dumb fun with a chorus that's crying out for a drunken singalong.
If you like your rock'n'roll dirty and raw then this is the album for you. The band currently have tour dates booked in the US up until July and are hoping to make the trip over to Europe for some dates and I'd love it if they could get to the UK for a few. I think given a bit of exposure they'd attract a few decent sized crowds out over here too. Glitzine

Cocky street-rock, unlike anything else goin' on, in the mid-west. Luxury Pushers got way more in common with the harder-dged punk'n'roll from the Coasts, like say, Electric Frankenstein, or Scott "Deluxe" Drake's latest solo album on Rank Outsider Records, than they do with anything happenin' in their home state, the birth-place of the Pagans, and the Deadboys. Dayton, Ohio's resident glamour-punk, Jamie Holiday, has been corrupting the youth of Dayton since the late-80's in bands like Haunting Souls, and Mystery Addicts. He's gotta be in his forties by now, but he could easily pass for a twenty something, tattooed, emo-kid. While I can see how the "Loud, Fast Rules" punk-rock crowd's already embracing these guys, I suspect they'll also have alot of cross-over appeal with the sleaze-rock set. A heavy punk group for fans of gutter-glam like Vains Of Jenna, Lethal Fixx, Innocent Rosie, Dirty Penny, and Crash-Diet. This is a great sounding CD that packs a punch. Holiday and co. are putting the punk back into glamour punk. Luxury Pushers are comprised of several songwriters, but it definitely seems like I can appreciate Holiday's compositions like, "Just In It For The Fucking", and "Just Like Faye Dunaway", the most. I think these cats are goin' places, watch for 'em! Holiday has all the right stuff for rock stardom. Had Gilbey Clarke and Tommy Lee chosen him to front that TV rockgroup, instead of that Lucas Rossi Hot-Topic kid, maybe that band really could have gone super-nova. Good stuff. I fully expect these guys to blow-up big, on the strength of this audacious debut. More power to 'em! Sleazegrinder




Old style, body-slammin' high energy rock and roll returns to the world on March 22nd 2013 with the arrival of the double CD Destroy Dull City collection from psychedelic fuzz rock champions the Psychotic Turnbuckles.

The current holders of the Rock and Roll Tag Team Championship belt are unveiling a collection comprising the bulk of their recorded work.
The package contains the Destroy Dull City EP, the Beyond The Flipout LP, out-takes, rarities, A and B sides from every single released plus two exclusive live tracks from the band's triumphant return to Sydney in December 2012.
Generously illustrated liner notes from a host of luminaries including original manager Mark Fraser and noted underground journalist Steve Danno round off this deluxe release.
The band comprising Jesse The Intruder (vocals), The Grand Wizard (guitar), El Sicoldelico (guitar), The Psychedelic Unknown (bass) and Gorgeous Karl Domah (drums) will re-convene for rehearsals at their headquarters in Pismo Beach, California, before returning to Australia.
The Psychotic Turnbuckles carved a swathe through Australia's rock and roll venues from the early 1980s, relocating from the US after their professional wrestling careers were interrupted by notorious promoter Sammy Duke.
They quickly showed they were the equal of influences like the 13th Floor Elevators, Radio Birdman, the Moving Sidewalks, the Masters Apprentices, The Sonics and The Aztecs by laying waste to the local beer barns and rock hovels.
They shared stages with the likes of The Troggs, the Hitmen, Dark Carnival, Beasts of Bourbon and the Screaming Tribesmen for a decade, fading from the scene as members filtered back to the US.
Their surprise reappearance in Sydney in December 2012 showed the 'Buckles still have the goods to take down any contenders. It sealed a deal with Sydney's legendary Citadel Records - and the rest is history.


Dr. FEELGOOD - A Case Of The Shakes

Dr. FEELGOOD  A Case Of The Shakes  LP/CD 1980/1990
Jumping From Love To Love / Going Some Place Else / Best In The World / Punch Drunk / King For A Day / Violent Love / No Mo Do Yakamo / Love Hound / Coming To You / Who's Winning / Drives Me Wild / Case Of The Shakes.
Produced by Nick Lowe.
Dr. Feelgood: Lee Brilleaux: lead vocals, harmonica / John Sparks: bass / The Big Figure: drums / Gypie Mayo: guitar.
"A Case of the Shakes", the group's second album recorded with Nick Lowe, proved that Dr. Feelgood's last three records simply captured the band in a transitional phase. On Shakes, the band returns to form, ripping through a set of catchy three-chord rockers that are invigorated by Lowe's new wave-tinged production. Allmusic
"Probably the best record of the Feelgoods without Wilko Johnson. Fantasticly produced by Nick Lowe, this record contains a set of powerful songs that nobody seemed to notice at the time. In the middle of the New Wave Era, Dr. Feelgood was considered as a part of the past even though Lee Brilleaux was only twenty seven years old when this record was released." Amazon reviews

"The following year, in1980, the band turned, once again, to Nick Lowe to produce the album "A Case of The Shakes" which featured the song writing talents of Lowe, Larry Wallis and former Brinsley Schwartz keyboard player, Bob Andrews.
The album was something of a return to core values for the Feelgoods, and was duly noted by the music press, describing it as "Their best album for years"
The band set about continuing their gruelling tour schedule across the globe, but the lengthy periods away from his young family began to take their toll on Gypie Mayo.
On stage, he had proven himself to be a worthy replacement for Wilko, and off stage, had shown a flair for fast-living excess that matched any of his bandmates.
Eventually, however, Gypie Mayo decided that it was time to concentrate his attentions towards his family and, once again, the band set about the difficult task of recruiting a new guitarist." Amazon


DOGS - A Million Ways Of Killing Time

DOGS  A Million Ways Of Killing Time  LP/CD  1989 
I Wanna Win / In The Shadow Of Love / A Million Ways Of Killing Time / Searchin' For Shakes / Lovers Again / Hear My Train Comin' / Sunday In Stockholm / Satisfied / (I'd go) The Whole Wide World° / Lost Summer / Something Magic.
Produced by D. Laboubée & J. Labbé
Dogs: D. Laboubée : vocals, guitar, harp & maracas / C. Rosset : bass, percussion / M. Gross : drums, percussion / P. Almosnino : guitar / F. Godefroy : keyboards, backin' vocals, harp / A. Massy-Perrier : guitar
+ Wreckless Eric: guitar & backing vocals on° / C. Macauley: backing vocals /B. Lefaivre: percussion / C. Hurbier: synth strings & brass

Dominique composes the music of Louise Féron’s first single "Tomber sous le charme" which is released at Virgin. Over 50 000 records are sold.
The seventh Dogs’album "A million Ways Of Killing Time" (LP: Mix-It MLPS 8901// CD: Mix-It MCDS 8901) is released on Mix-It / New Rose and recorded at the Mix-It Studio in Paris by Charles Hurbier and Eric Debris (ex Metal Urbain) and is produced by Dominique Laboubée and Jean Labbe.
Release of the promo video Something Magic and the single CD (Mix-It / New Rose) which includes two original numbers ("Goodbye Little Rich Girl" and "Hometown").
Two singles (7'') are taken from "A million Ways Of Killing Time":
-A Million Ways Of Killing Time / In The Shadow Of Love (Mix-It MSS 8901)
-Something Magic / Good Bye Little Rich Girl (Mix-It MSS 8903)

New edition of the first two albums "Different" and "Walking Shadows" on CD and LP by Skydog Records.
Michel Gross (drums) leaves the band. Bruno Lefaivre takes over him (he played the percussions in the latest album).
Antoine starts Tony Truant & the Million Bolivar Quartet.
Louise Féron’s (excellent!) first album is released at Virgin. The music is made by Dominique, the lyrics by Louise Féron. John Cale (ex Velvet Underground) is the producer.
The Dogs take part in the recording.
Dominique and John Cale make the sound mixing in New York.
The album sells well  with 20 000 records sold.
Many gigs in France.
The compilation Tribute to Johnny Thunders contains a Dogs’ title: a cover of "I Wanna Be Loved".
Antoine leaves the band at the end of the year to entirely dedicate to Tony Truant.






THE VIBRATORS - French Lessons With Correction!

THE VIBRATORS - French Lessons With Correction! CD 1997
Tired Of Living With You / The Girl's Screwed Up / Shiver / Judy's Killing Herself / Cycle Of Violence / Cold Cold Cold / Party On / Rain Must Fall / Date With Disaster / Juice On / The Evil That Men Do / Don't You Tell Me / Johnny B. Bad / Money Money / I Hate Blind Date.
Produced by The Vibrators & Dave Murder.
The Vibrators: Knox: vocals, guitar, keybooard / Eddie: drums, percussion, backing vocals / Nick Peckham: bass guitar, backing vocals.
A bold attempt to make something of relevance in the late '90s, this included a jab at Blind Date host and former Beatles confidante Cilla Black ("I Hate Blind Date") and a little bit of halfhearted self-parody ("Judy's Killing Herself"). Arguably their best album in some time. Allmusic.com

Issued in 1997, on Anagram Reords, "French Lessons With Correction!" is the thirteenth album of the Vibrators and the first like a trio.

One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators emerged from the UK punk scene in 1976 and quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Sex Pistols. Their initial releases were minor hits in England, and the band was able to weather frequent lineup changes, which started with bassist Pat Collier's exit in 1977, until 1980 when the band called it quits. But, as with most UK punk acts, reformation was in the cards. The original lineup came back together in 1982 and released the LPs Guilty and Alaska 127.
The original lineup of Ian Conochan, Pat Collier, John Ellis, and Eddie the Drummer was hit again with more turnover during the 1980s and 1990s. By the time of the band's 20th anniversary, Mikcie Owen (guitar), Mark Duncan (bass), Nigel Bennet (guitar), Darrell Bath (guitar), and Nick Peckham (bass) had all been associated with the Vibrators. In 1999, the more stable three-piece lineup of the band made their way across America with fellow punk veterans the Misfits, the Exploited, and the U.K. Subs.
While most of their albums in the 1980s and 1990s were overlooked, the early catalog was enough to keep them fueled for more than 20 years. the Vibrators released a live collection and a rarities disc in 1999 on Gig records. Source
One of the most legendary punk bands still bashing heads and flinging their sweat on stage, The Vibrators, are joined by a slew of VIP guests to celebrate 37 years of Punk Mania!
May 7, 2013, The Vibrators will release a new album:"On The Guest List" (Cleopatra Rds). 13 all new tunes written and recorded by founding Vibrators Knox and Eddie with longtime bassist Pete and engineering by original Vibrators bassist Pat Collier!
Special guest appearances by members of Supersuckers, MC5, UK Subs, The Damned, The Stranglers, The Dickies and more!

Worldwide tour scheduled throughout 2013 with stops in the States during the months of September and October!
Check it HERE!


Rock & Roll Music To The World ...


THE TWINKLES - Belle Epoque

THE TWINKLES  Belle Epoque  cd  2004
Zorba The Punk / You Are A Poseur / Monique / Stupid Bitch / Please Girl Leave Me Alone / Gotta Slow Down / My New Guitar / Run Away / Do You Wanna Dance With Me? / Little Red House / Breakdown / We Are The Kids.
The Twinkles: Nick Mess: lead Vocals, guitar / Marky: guitar, vocals / True: drums, vocals / Wally Squad: bass, vocals.
The Twinkles are a nice melodic ’77 punk band from Castelfranco Veneto , Italy. Behind the lyrics and the music is the frontman Nick Mess who keeps the image and the style of the ’77 still alive. The fans in Austria and Slovakia know already pretty well their songs after many successful gigs in those countries. So there is just no way to listen to their songs influenced by the tunes of The Ramones and The Boys and not to love them!

"Hailing from Italy, these droogs play 77 Punk in the same vein primarily as The Boys. Not a bad band to model yourself after at all. The Boys were one of those under rated bands that once again didn’t receive the attention they so deserved.
That being said, elements of the Ramones, The Dickies, and The Undertones bleed through the overall sound of The Twinkles. Catchy choruses and melody play an important part of The Twinkles song writing capability. They have a firm grasp on the fact that the first wave of Punk bands; stood the test of time as they stayed true to themselves and played from the heart. Unlike some bands in the second wave of Punk that went for pure, unadulterated aggression.
The Twinkles get the fact that T.C.P will leave you pimple free!
Highly enjoyable release...9 tubes of Clearasil out of ten
" C. Duda "SugarBuzz Magazine"
Buy it HERE!


THE JOEYS - Then I Kissed Her

THE JOEYS   Then I Kissed Her  7'' EP  1987
Then I Kissed Her / Rockaway Beach / Let's Dance.
Produced by Rob Younger
The Joeys: Richie: guitar / Stevie: lead vocals / Mikie: drums / Brucie: guitar / Filthy: bass.

The Joeys  were an Australian tribute band to The Ramones. They were also  playing in well known Oz bands like The Sunnyboys, The Saints, Paul Kellys Band & The Amazing Woolloomoolosers. The Joeys were named after Joey Ramones' first name but you  may note that baby kangaroos are also called "Joeys".

If you like the Joeys you can buy their sole album "Pouch" recorded the same year always on Bigtime Records. It's an entire album of Ramones songs plus "Street Fighting Man" !
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