BLESSED VIRGINS - Blessed Virgins

BLESSED VIRGINS Blessed Virgins cd/lp 1982
Deux cent pour cent / Si c'est ça partir / Alleluia / Transit de choc/ Que faire apres la crise? / Rien à dire / Jean Pascal et la France / Le train repart / Saturation / Libre expression / Ecoute C...(Summertime blues) / Echec aux dames* / Passage piéton* / Je chante*.
*cd bonus
Produced by P. Fabien.
Blessed Virgins: E. Viali: guitar / F. Lebovici: vocals, bass / V. Schmitt: drums.
Blessed Virgins was a french rock'roll trio from Pontoise near Paris. They recorded a first sp "Echec aux dames" (1981- Epic records)."Blessed Virgins" their first lp will follow in 1982 with a little hit "Jean Pascal et la France". Recorded in London (Wessex studio), with the help of the ingineer Jeremy Green, the album sounds great and the three young french boys rocks hard. Check "Le train repart" and "Ecoute C..." a cover ,in french, of Eddie Cochrans "Summertime Blues"! Photographs of the lp (front and back covers) were taken by J. B. Mondino.
The band recorded demos for a second album, always for Epic/CBS, when the drummer decided to stop. In 1986, they are back with a good live album "Jour de fête". And then after a last single "Au fond des rues", Blessed Virgins split in 1987.


DATE BAIT - I Split On Your Grave

DATE BAIT I Split On Your Grave cd 1989 New Rose
I'm Outta Here* / Evolution Revolution* / Poker Chips° / Didn't Know I loved You */ Bog Baby */ Skulll Diggery* / Crawdaddy Simone° / Strange Movies* / Master Race Rock° / I Got A Right / Graveyard Stomp° / College Kids* / Snakeskin Summer° /
Master Race Rock° / Do Anything You Wanna Do° / The Pagoda Mystery° / 'Till The Following Night / Animal Man.
Produced by Kane, Horrorwitz, Baiter & Zang.
Date Bait: K.Kane: rhythm & lead guitars, electric sitars, keyboards / B. Horrorwitz: drums, percussions, effects / D. G. Bader (Baiter?): lead vocals / J. Zang: bass, keyboards, mellotron / J. Stone: lead guitar° / K. Straub: lead guitar*.
Once upon a time, a dude named Kim Kane spent 15 years playing in a "popular" garage band called The Slickee Boys. In 1987 he approached Brian D. Horrorwitz with the idea of starting a new band. The 2 things they both agreed on was that the group had to 1. Be "fun", and 2. Have no socially redeeming value whatsoever. They succeeded. Thumbing through the "Psychotronic" encyclopedia of movies, they jokingly picked the name "Date Bait"(if you've ever seen ‘em you know why), saying it would help them meet more girls.When quitting The Slickee Boys, Kane told local papers about his new band Date Bait. Not having ever agreed on a name, Horrorwitz and the guys were stunned to read this announcement in The Washington Post and other local rags! Oh well, looks like they were stuck with it! ...
Early on the boys were reportedly fronted a tidy sum to record an LP (buy it here)/CD for France's New Rose label. For some reason they thought they could get away with spending only a smidgeon of it on the actual recording, and save the rest for their own use. No one really knew what the hell they were doing, least of all the studio technician! The best cuts were the ones hastily mixed whenever the studio guy would leave the mixing room to take a dump or whatever! Well, the low-budget low-fidelity recordings were shipped off post-haste, the guys assuming that the label would "bump- up" the sound in the mastering. Nope, no such luck. "I Split On Your Grave" was issued as was, with the added coffin-nails being that the CD version had 2 wanky "bonus" cuts that never shoulda' been heard by ANYBODY, and that the cheap bastards at the label screwed up Kanes' beautifully ghoulish color cover artwork, printing it instead as a sorta' 2-color urine-looking dayglo thang. Not wanting to become kings of the cut-out bins, the band has since attempted to make sure all their later records sounded raw and rockin', the way the good lord intended. In 1991 a lot of material was recorded for a follow-up LP, but the curse of the first would follow them around like a fowl-smelling body odor, making it difficult for anyone not having seen them live to believe that these losers could really rock-out! Hard to believe, the same debut slab of smegma was reissued on a Japanese label without the group even knowing about it until a Japanese fan mailed them one! (They're pretty desperate for things to reissue in Japan it seems.) Tired of shopping around demo tapes and recording at "professional" studios whose engineers were weened on Toto, Kane and company formed their own Maryland based DeCeased label. Their attitude was "Rock-N-Roll is DEAD, but WE DON'T CARE!" (Echoing the sentiments of an old Rubinoos song), and often their 45 labels proudly stated this...
... After 4 years, singer Gutterboy decided to chuck it in, so Horrorwitz was the natural replacement, what with him knowing all the lyrics. Little did he realize as he scrawled out the lyrics to "Goin' Nowhere Fast" back in 1990 that this unknowingly prophetic title would ring all-too-true. In their time Date Bait have released one lp/cd, six singles, one videotape, and been on numerous compilations. Source (If you want to learn more about Date Bait)


MOTHER SUPERIOR - The Mothership Has Landed

MOTHER SUPERIOR The Mothership Has Landed cd 1996
Yeah baby / Velocity City / Breakin' It down / C' mon / Too bad (Freddie's song) / Down The Strait And Narrow / Radically Cool /Keep on movin' / Love Gone Bad / Reach Out.
Produced by Mother Superior.
Mother Superior: D. Berlin: vocals / F. Cronsten: bass / A. Stub: drums / S. Blöndal: guitar / P. Ellverson: guitar.
Mother Superior formed in Uppsala, Sweden 1993 and released two albums. "The Mothership has Landed" (1996), nominated for the Swedish Grammy Awards and "The Mothership Movement" (1997).The band split up in 2000. Since they we've played in other swedish rock bands
"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the first thing I have to say. This cd came out back in 1998 and On Trial did a European tour with the great Swedish band (R.I.P.). It had been some time since I heard the cd but this is a classic lp. Mother Superior had such a killer sound with that mix of punk attitude, dirty rock and roll and blues. A great mix of incredible songs with a really great energy. Way cooler than any Hellacopters record. Pick up the real deal here! " Source


NAVAHODADS - Mumbo Gumbo

NAVAHODADS Mumbo Gumbo cd 1995 320 kbps/wav Tongue-Tied / Zombie Jamboree / Mambo Mama (la reine creole) / Chillin' In My Bones / Sinner Not The Sin / Coffin Cheater Blues / Viva Lost Wages / Quasimodo Au-Go-Go / Buzzards On The Beach / Funky She Devil / I confess / Bad Luck Farm / Skin And Bone / If It's Rockin' (Don't Bother Knockin') / Primitive Groove Thang / Kahanamoku Kick (bonus track).
Produced by Michael Carpenter.
The Navahodads: B. Kibble: Howlin', Pickin' & Twangin' / K. Dogbox: '66 Telecaster Bass, Growlin', Beer & Dodge Pickup / M. P. Maunsell: Masonite Martian Surf Guitar, Rotovibe & assorted bent Fender / T. Denny: Jungle-Tubs, Rattles, Shakes & Groans.
The Navahodads were a roots rock band from Sydney, Australia. They formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003. The band was led by singer,songwriter & guitarist B. Kibble aka "Wig" (the Alphabet Children, Flying Squad, Vampire Lovers, The Gun Club -not the US band- and the late Bam Balams who released an album, an EP & several singles on Citadel records). The Navahodads recorded two albums: "Mumbo Gumbo" & "Madame Mojo's". The band has been described as Texas R&B, swamp rock, Soul, and straight ahead rock. A critic once wrote: "Imagine Buddy Guy on a road trip, swinging by Tony Joe White's place, calling on Doug Sahm, and they all go to party in New Orleans...that's the vibe of the Navahodads." Interest generated by the "Mumbo Gumbo" album saw the band tour Spain in 1996.They split up in 2003 when B. Kibble moved to the USA. Prior to splitting up, the Navahodads recorded an album's worth of new material, which to date remains unreleased. Source

The break up of the fabulous Bam Balams gives birth to Navahodads, a perfect tex-Rock'n'Roll, swamp soul and pure rock combo! At last australian rock'n'roll is prooved successfull! If you like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pantherburns and theFabulous Thunderbirds, this IS your new band ! Source
Check the song N° 15 : it's raw it's wild it's real rock'n'roll !!!


REPTILES AT DAWN - Dressed In Flesh

REPTILES AT DAWN Dressed In Flesh lp 1987 320 kbps/wav
Kingdom Insane / Naked In The Wilderness / Rise With Me / Ice The Sun / New Born Dogs / Where Is The Fun? / Ride The Sky / After The Show / Borderline Ring / Walk Among The Danger / Penetrate The Night / Repulsive Glory / Under My Skin / Chinese Rocks.
Produced by Reptiles at Dawn.
Reptiles At Dawn: A. Hume: bass, backing vocals / G. Guellec: drums, backing vocals / A. Norman: guitar, backing vocals / T. Collins: vocals + O. Naud: backing vocals.
In march 1998, the Reptiles At Dawn recorded "Dressed In Flesh" in Paris with a new drummer: G. Guellec and toured widely in Europe.In 1989 a 7” EP, "Nighthawks In Exile" with four remastered tracks from "Dressed in Flesh" was released on Sonic Heist / Ima Hitt Records.
Unfortunately, despite trying to record a third album called "Lost Diciples" in Auckland, shortly after, the band split.
T. Collins settled in France, pursued his musical career with The Lost Disciples , a good french band from Brest. After three albums the band stopped in 2008.

Cd covers by Max !


REPTILES AT DAWN - After The Plague

SINGLES: REPTILES AT DAWN After The Plague 2x7'' 1987 320 kbps/wav
Walk Among The Danger / Penetrate The Night / Repulsive Glory / Under My Skin.

Reptiles At Dawn: T. Collins: vocals & lyrics / A. Norman: guitar & music / A. Hume: bass & music / M. Austin: drums, bottle & music / R. Vamp: manager + H. Cairns: trumpet.
If you want to know more about the story of the Reptiles At Dawn and the pre-bands The Henchmen & The Dum Dum Boys, please read the excellent post of The Dum Dum Boys, The Henchmen, The Reptiles At Dawn" on the Mysterex blog!

REPTILES AT DAWN - Naked in the Wilderness

REPTILES AT DAWN Naked in the Wilderness lp 1986 320 kbps/wav
Zenith/ Excelsior/ Stealers Of Fire/ Lizard Bride/ We've Come To Play/ Do The Maelstrom// A Season In Hell/ Bridge Of Light/ Death Machine/ Naked In The Wilderness.
Produced by The Reptiles At Dawn & B. Hall.
Reptiles At Dawn: T. Collins: vocals / A. Norman: guitar & backing vocals / A. Hume: bass & backing vocals / M. Austin: drums + R. Vamp: backing vocals.
Formé au début des années 1980 en Nouvelle-Zélande avec des musiciens ayant joué dans les groupes punk "Dum Dum Boys" puis "The Henchmen" et inspiré par The Stooges, Reptiles at dawn fut un des rares groupes de rock des antipodes à pouvoir faire parvenir alors les échos de sa musique jusqu'en Europe.Pratiquant une musique rampante (logique compte tenu de son nom), binaire et lancinante, le groupe emmené par son chanteur Tony Collins bénéficia du soutien du label français New Rose pour enregistrer à Auckland et Sydney et faire paraître en 1986, "Naked In The Wilderness". En 1987, l'album "Dressed In The Flesh", moins brut, suivit.Un double 45 tours comportant des inédits "After The Plague" et le 45 tours "Zenith" complétèrent, en sus d'une présence sur plusieurs compilations, la discographie de ce groupe éphémère et exotique par sa provenance dont la sincérité était le principal atout. Tony Collins installé en France intégre au début du troisième millénaire le groupe brestois "The Lost Disciples" mais après trois albums le groupe s'arrête en 2008.
Cd covers by Max !



SINGLES: REPTILES AT DAWN Zenith / Borderline Ring 7'' 1986 320 kbps/wav
Produced by Reptiles At Dawn & B. Hall.
Reptiles At Dawn: T. Collins: vocals / A. Norman: guitar & backing vocals / A. Hume: bass & backing vocals / M. Austin: drums + R. Vamp: backing vocals.
Having moved to Sydney, members of New Zealand punk band The Henchmen were alerted to the existence of an Australian 1960s outfit by the same name. They decided to “shed old skin” and became Reptiles At Dawn. The first release under their new name was “Naked In The Wilderness”, and was made up of reworked remnants from the abandoned second Henchmen album. "Zenith" a song from this album and the non-LP "Borderline King" were issued in France as a single in 1986 by New Rose records .


THE CRYBABYS - "Rock On" Sessions

THE CRYBABYS "Rock On" Sessions cd 2000
All The Way To Hell And Back / Some Do (I Got You) / The One That Got Away / Hard Shoulder To Cry On / Sha La La la Good Good Times / Rocking Myself To Sleep / Each Time I Fall Apart / Swallow Me Up / Baby Mystery / Back Street Girl / Can't Shake Your Memory Down / Vaya Con Dios.
Produced by J. Cat.
The Crybabys: Honest J. Plain: guitar & vocals / D. Bath: guitar & vocals / D. Garcia: bass & vocals / L. Riggs: drums.
Darrell Bath formed The Crybabys with Honest John Plain (The Boys, The Lurkers, etc....) in 1990 and they recorded their first album in 1991. The band broke up when Darrell joined Dogs D'amour in november 1992, although Darrell was around for the recording of Honest John's solo album in 1993. Throughout the 90s, Darrell and Honest John recorded several albums credited to the Crybabys, but most of them were never released at the time. Source
"Rock On" Sessions" was recorded in 1995, following Darrell Bath and Honest John Plain's collaboration with Ian Hunter on the Dirty Laundry project. According to Darrell, "it features songs that nearly made it on to the Dirty Laundry album and some that never would have made the Dirty Laundry album!" "Rock On Sessions" wasn't released until 2000.
"...Far from any commercial concern or elitist pseudo-fad "Rock On" sessions is once and for all a rock'n'roll album with all the purity and sincerity associated to this term. No popularity-seeking messages or pompous statements but alternatively moving and humourous lyrics backed up by a powerful rhythm section and guitars galore. The Crybabys have no intention whatsoever to revolutionize the music industry, they're much more interested to writing great songs and concentrating on the beer crates awaiting them backstage. "Rock On" Sessions is nonetheless a flawless album with a perfect balance between ass-kicking numbers and sentimental ballads in the true tradition of rock'n'roll..." Source

VA - Pelado Records Presents "3 Minute Heroes"

VA Pelado Records Presents "3 Minute Heroes" cd 2002 320 kbps
THE DIMESTORES HALOES: Saturday / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK: Postcards From Hell / THE RITCHIE WHITES: Too Late To Die Young / THE ENDS: Mistake / THE STARVATIONS: The Strongest Man / THE CONFESSIONS: Beautiful Sin / THE SIGN OFFS: Rocket Ride / THE PART TIME POSERS: Conspicious Minds / STILETTOS BOYS: Messerschmitt Kids / THE PROSTITUTES: Obscene / ROCK 'N' ROLL STORMTROOPERS: Keep Rock Clean / TEEN COOL: R'n'roll Bitch / STREET WALKIN' CHEETAHS: Los Angeles / THE BEATINGS: "First Time" / THE TRASH BRATS: 1,2,3 / THE SUPER BEES: Magazine Girl / LOS DRYHEAVERS: Why are we together / BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER: On The Wagon / THE STATUS: Emergency / FLASH BASTARD: Sudden Impact / THE STUPOR STARS: Hey Mata / THE BLACK HALOS: For You / DEAD EMPTY: Drunk All Day / KILLER DOLLS: Runaway / LIFE OF RILEY: And So It Goes / TWO POINT EIGHT: Heartbreaker / BORN DEADS: You're A Sham / EAST SIDE SUICIDES: Booker T. Projects / THE RIFFS: Underground Kicks / THE CHEMO KIDS: Bad Taste / ZILLIONAIRES: Hot Pink / SHYT HOUSE RATS: Ridin' High. "This 32 band compilation "3 Minute Heroes" from the now defunct label Pelado Records (RIP 1996-2009), features some of best punk bands. Bands such as The Dimestore Haloes, Dead Empty, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, The Sign Offs, Trash Brats, The Ends, The Beatings, The Black Halos and many more... "
"Pelado Records bringing the best in Punk Rock since 1996!"
"Thirty-two of the coolest young groups that either sound like the Dead Boys but look like Mötley Crüe, or vice versa. If you’re a teenaged badass wearin’ creepers from Hot Topic, this is what you want blaring outta your beat-to-shit Plymouth this spring. Standout cuts include ones by Detroit’s own Trash Brats, the Confessions, Super-Bees, the Stiletto Boys, the Beatings, American Heartbreak, and the Pelado Records house band, Dimestore Haloes." Source



THE NEW YORK DOLLS en concert au Trabendo (Parc de la Villette, Paris 19) à 20 heures !!! Billets ici !


TONY MARLOW & DANIEL JEAN RENAUD... Paris ...Good rockin' city !!!
JEUDI 25 FEVRIER 2010 19h à la Boule Noire


NEW YORK DOLLS - Live at Fillmore East

NEW YORK DOLLS Live at Fillmore East cd 2007
Babylon / Trash / Jet Boy / Personality Crisis / Rainbow Store / Looking For A Kiss / Puss 'n' Boots / Dance Like A Monkey / Pills / Lonely Planet Boy.
Recorded at the Fillmore East in New York City, December 28th & 29th 2007.
New York Dolls: D. Johansen: vocals & harmonica / S. Sylvain: guitar & background vocals / S. Conte:
guitar & background vocals / S. Yaffa: bass & background vocals / B. Delaney: drums.
If you're wondering how the New York Dolls played the Fillmore East when they didn't stagger out of the Mercer Art Center until 1971, the same year Bill Graham's East Coast rock palace closed, read the fine print -- the Fillmore in question is actually the renamed Irving Plaza (thanks for trivializing rock history, Clear Channel Communications!), and the band is the reconstituted version of the New York Dolls, who were touring in support of their studio comeback "One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This" in 2007. This is the second live set so far from the reunited Dolls (and with "One Day..." that means the Dolls have already released more albums than the original group did in its heyday), and while it lacks the gravity of Return of the New York Dolls (these shows were clearly not meant to be a major event, and Arthur Kane is sadly absent), the band sounds a lot tighter and more confident and rollicking on this disc. Steve Conte is not and never will be Johnny Thunders, but he's added just enough slop to his meat-and-potatoes hard rock chops to become a proper guitar partner for Sylvain Sylvain, and with Sami Yaffa and Brian Delaney holding down the backbeat and David Johansen reclaiming his title as one of rock & roll's great frontmen, this is a band that consistently, solidly delivers the goods. Of course, consistency or sounding tight was never really the point with the Dolls, and while this is quality entertainment, there's a certain element of danger and unpredictability that the New Dolls cannot reclaim from the Old Dolls. Significantly, while two tunes from "One Day..." appear on the set list, 80 percent of the material here is drawn from "New York Dolls" and "Too Much Too Soon", which suggests that no matter how hard they try, these Dolls members will never escape the burden of their past. But aging New York hipsters have as much of a right to nostalgia as anyone else, and Live at the Fillmore East offers audible proof that D. Johansen and his pals are giving the folks who show up their money's worth, whatever their reason for checking out the gig. Oh, and speaking of consistency, the cover art for this disc is every bit as ugly as the dozens of semi-bootleg Dolls live discs that have been littering stores for years, one tradition the new edition of the band didn't need to follow. Allmusic.com


KID PHARAON - Circles On Me

KID PHARAON Circles On Me cd/maxi EP/sp 1988 320 kbps/flac
Little love / Circles on me / Seven drugs / Divin' and swimmin' / Mr Brown Waltz.
Recorded & mixed by M. Sigrist and K. Pharaon.
Produced by Kid Pharaon.
Kid: guitar & vocals / Laurent: bass / Stéphane: drums / Sharp: guitar.
Particulièrement prolifique en cette année 1988, Kid Pharaon , juste après le double album "Hands", sort un nouvel ep 5 titres intitulé "Circles On Me". Closer records déclinera l'objet sous trois formes: un 7'' 2 titres, un maxi ep 4 titres et enfin un cd ep 5 titres (si c'est pas du marketing ça ...). Comme d'habitude avec Kid Pharaon, la qualité est là...
Closer est sur la fin, le kid poursuivra ses aventures musicales à Lille chez Danceteria avec Kid Pharaon Merry-Go-Round mais c'est une autre histoire...


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LOS MESCALEROS - Modern Voodoo

LOS MESCALEROS Modern Voodoo cd 1994
Cold Day Of December / Love In The Grotto / Histoire De Loup / Queen Of The Hoodoo / Raya Y Cruz / Summer's Back Again / Sittin' On Top / Mr. Wang's Sandwiches / Hypnotic World / Lea La Rousse / Witches Revenge / Devil's Will / Don't Let Go.
Produced by G.G. Millet & Los Mescaleros
Los Mescaleros: J.P. Casas: vocals, guitar & harmonica / C. Markarian: guitars & backing vocals / T. Casas: bass / T. Lopez: drums & backing vocals.
Los Mescaleros , groupe de Vienne (Isère, 32 km au Sud de Lyon) sort son premier single "She Hits Me"en 1987 sur Gougnaf Mouvement/Gymnote Mission suivi en 1988 d'un 25 cm "Little Big Horno" sur le même label.Toujours la même année, le groupe dans lequel jouent les frères Casas passe à la vitesse supérieure avec un lp "Sangre de fuego". Fils de républicains espagnols les deux frères assènent un rock fièvreux empreint de racines hispaniques ( le nom du groupe puis certaines chansons en espagnol, reprise de "Mexicali Baby " des Rio Rockers) pour clôturer leur premier long jeu.Peter Zaremba des Fleshtones produit "When The Tiger Kills The Dear", leur second vrai album en 1991. Charlie Markarian (Vienne connection) ex Snappin' Boys les rejoint à la guitare et "Modern Voodoo" sort en 1994 sur Larsen Records le label grenoblois de Denis O. (Slow Slushy Boys, Benny Gordini & Teen Axel, Larsen Zine).L'album bien que très bon sera le dernier des Mescaleros.
On retrouve aujourd'hui les Casas brothers dans la Grizzly Family, dont la dernière galette "The Spirit of The Mountains" (buy it here!) sort en 2006, propose un excellent rockabilly électro-acoustique.