THE SLICKEE BOYS - Your autumn eyes

SINGLES THE SLICKEE BOYS ep 1987 New Rose 320 kbps
Your autumn eyes / Eye to eye / Without a word of warning .
Produced by the Slickee Boys
The Slickee Boys were a 5-piece psychedelic rock band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Not quite punk but not quite pop either, they carved out an innovative niche somewhere in between. Singing about lost love, meeting girls or just heading to the beach for kicks, these were songs that got you moving but also featured melodic hooks that would stick in your heads for days afterwards. While looking back to long forgotten bands of the "Nuggets" variety such as The Squires and The Chocolate Watchband for inspiration, The Slickee Boys gradually evolved into a distinctive guitar power pop band with songs that refused to fit into any trendy category dreamed up by slimy record executives to create a "buzz". The Slickee Boys simply rocked- and left you begging for more. Here's a perspective on why The Slickee Boys mattered-and why the uninitiated should still seek out their music today.
"In 1988, New Rose Records, a small French label put out Fashionably Late. Fashionably Late rounded off some of the rougher edges of the group's sound, but it still featured some killer tracks. "Dropping Off To Sleep" quickly became a live staple. Drummer Dan Palenski noted that "Noone wrote this, I think, about Marshall's ability to sleep anywhere at any time." "Sleepless Nights" written by bassist John Chumbris was a full tilt rocker that showed the variety that the band members brought to the songwriting table. But the biggest surprise was Kim Kane's "Your Autumn Eyes". A gorgeous ballad that sounds like a long-lost Smiths song, this effort elevates the record to a higher level. One listen and you'll be hooked..." S. Koepenick

Covers cleaned & more by Max !

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THE SLICKEE BOYS The autumn eyes ep 320 kbps + covers by Max

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By the way, this download isn't just the "Autumn Eyes" single. It also has the "Cybernetic Dreams of Pi" extended album.