L' excellent fanzine DIG IT sortira son N°42 dans quelques jours ... Comment ? Toujours pas abonné ! C'est une honte ! N'oubliez pas que les fanzines vivent de leurs abonnements ! ...et puis 18 euros pour 4 numéros , c'est donné pour autant de (bonne) lecture !
Vous ne voudriez quand même pas qu'en plus de vous faire découvrir tous ces groupes , ils payent aussi le papier !!!

4 numéros pour
18 Euros (port compris)
(chèque à l'ordre de DIG IT !)

32, rue Pharaon
31000 Toulouse

Anciens numéros :
4 euros + 1 euro de port

Pour plus d'info:
Fax: 05 61 14 06 28
E-Mail: digitfanzine@Chez.com


JIM BASNIGHT & THE MOBERLYS Seattle - New York - Los Angeles 2001 cd Pop The Balloon
I wanna be yours / Rest up / Lose me / I love you so / What I wouldn't do / Bare my soul / Tonight / Genius of love / Your fool / Blood beach / You came and you conquered / She don't rock / Love so true / The rebel kind / She's always smiled / Alone with her / Elma / Summertime again / Ugly side / I used your love / Wherever you take me / Ain't it funny / We rocked and rolled .
J. Basnight/Moberlys: J. Basnight: lead vocals, guitars/ G. Oyabe: guitars, vocals/ T. Kiel: bass/D. Drewry: drums . (+ B. Fisher: guitars/ M. Czekaj: drums/A. Bloch: bass/J. Bar-Illan: guitars, vocals)
After the demise of The Heats (originally The Heaters), The Cowboys and The Allies, it got pretty boring in the Seattle music scene. Lots and lots of cover bands. Then in the late 80s we finally got relief in the form of The Moberleys, who gave us the most memorable, catchy and bouncy songs since The Heats, and we responded. There were lines at the clubs again.
Like The Heats, The Moberleys didn't do as much recording as they should have, at least not in the form of complete albums, but France's ultra-cool record label , POP THE BALLOON, has SCOURED the planet and come up with all the odd EP and 45 tracks the band recorded to go along with the album tracks and put them all on one jam-packed 23-track CD. For someone like me, who thought he knew it all when it came to the Moberleys, this is like finding an unknown Van Gogh in a St. Vincent's. I've been singing the ones I know and learning the ones I don't and it's all too much fun!
If you've never heard The Moberleys, try to imagine -- oh oh, here comes one of these -- The Plimsouls if Peter Case had a fetish for country swagger that he could and would switch to and turn off at will, The Raspberries if someone pissed them off or ordered them to stop being cute, and The Heats if Don Short and Steve Pearson had never heard Rubber Soul. Their harmonies were exquisite, the music always had power and the songwriting was never anything less than very good, and often nearly perfect. For me, hearing them again is more than a treat; it's an emotionally fulfilling desk-drumfest. This label from France, Pop The Balloon, was already intriguing me with the cool pop they've been releasing. Now I'm putting them on a pedestal and asking "how did you know?" DJ Johnson
Une excellente compilation de EP et de singles sur le label Pop The Balloon ! On reparlera bientôt de ce label exemplaire, toujours en activité !
Links removed by request !



LYRES Some Lyres 1994 Taang ! Records 320 kbps

Busy body° / How can I make her mine ? °/ Don't give it up now°° / How do you know ? °°/ She pays the rent " / We sell soul° / Touch " / Here's a heart*° / Sun's goin' down° / Geraldine°° / No more °/ She's got eyes " .
* featuring S. Bators - ° Produced by R. W. Harte & °° by J. Conolly - " Live at VPRO , Holland

An excellent , if brief (12 tracks) part-career retrospective , part-collection of oddities that includes their 1979 debut single "How Do You Know" b/w "Don't Give it Up Now." Packaged as a parody of the Rolling Stones controversial "Some girls" , "Some Lyres" proves to be a valuable introduction.




THE TROGGS - The 1975 lp

THE TROGGS The Troggs 1975 Pye 320 kbps

I got lovin' if you want it / Good vibrations / No particular place to go / Summertime / Satisfaction / Full blooded band / Memphis Tennessee / Peggy Sue / Jenny come down / Wild thing
Produced by Larry Page
The Troggs 1975 : R. Presley : vocals / R. Bond : drums / T. Murray : bass / R. Moore : electric guitar (+ P. Green : accoustic guitar )

In 1975 The Troggs were reunited again with Larry Page ( well known producer of The Kinks and The Troggs plus running the successful labels Page One and Penny Farthing ) - a move which further boosted their rejuvenation and yielded a brace of magnificent singles and two excellent ( if sadly underrated ) albums.
"Good vibrations" virtually defies description: an outrageous arrangement of one of rock's very icon , it deserved to have been a massive U.K. hit : but it was years ahead of his time !
"Full blooded band" is a long-forgotten Trogg original -a good-natured, humorous statement of exactly who and what the Troggs are all about : "...a beer sinkin' , hard drinkin' full blooded band ..." Selling the concept of a good night out, this is clearly a dig at the pretentiousness of mid-70's rock .In fact their 70's live set provides the bulk of the material here : R&B/R&R classics sit quite comfortably alongside Trogg originals - and their treatments of what are on the face of it well-worn chestnuts is unbelievable . They add a devastating freshness , vitality and validity to numbers like "No particular place to go" (one of my favorites) , "Got lovin' if you want it " and notably Peggy Sue - the latter is a remarkably brave effort and says a lot about the Troggs : who else would have the confidence to tackle something which Buddy Holly had personalised so comprehensively ? And the arrangement of "Wild thing" here will come as a surprise : a loping , reggae beat .

R. Dopson on the liner notes of the lp booklet .


Max s'est éclaté pour vous faire cette pochette !!!


BORN TO LOSE - Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

V/A Soundtrack from the motion picture : "Born to lose" 1997 Bomp ! 320 kbps
IGGY & THE STOOGES : Tights pants / Loose is good / THE LAZY COWGIRLS : A little sex & death / THE ZEROS : Baby's gotta her way / WHITE FLAG : Don't give it away / I can't feel it / THE STREETWALKIN' CHEETAH : Little Tokyo / THE DARLINGS : Ultra fuck / THE JONESES : Pillbox / The social distortions / THE LOVEMASTERS : Beat girl / TRASH CAN SCHOOL : Silver surfer / BLACK ANGEL 'S DEATH SONG : Danceteria / It sucks / THE BEES : Goin' down / THE ZEROS : Black & white / THE JONESES : Criminals / SACRED HEARTS : This ain't our last goodbye /I have no idea / BED OF EYES : Pain killer / FANCY LADS : Frustration / TEXAS TERRI & THE STIFF ONES : Situation / THE SPOILERS : Liquor store / THE MODERN LOVERS : I'm straight .

In this gritty independent drama, Stevie (Joseph Rye) is the lead singer of an up-and-coming Southern California punk band called the Spoilers. Stevie has both pipes and charisma, and the band has real potential, but the Spoilers also have a huge appetite for alcohol and drugs, especially Stevie, and while the band is looking for a record deal, many labels are wary of working with a band whose singer seems to be an OD waiting to happen. While trying to get his demo heard, Stevie meets a woman (Elyse Ashton) who works in the music business, and she soon offers to help Stevie and his band. She also falls in love with Stevie, but once she becomes involved with him, they both fall headfirst into drug addiction, and it looks likely that Stevie will die from dope long before he becomes a rock star. Born To Lose was the first feature from novice filmmaker and punk rock fan Doug Cawker; the soundtrack features performances by Iggy and the Stooges, The Modern Lovers, The Lazy Cowgirls, The Zeros, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, and more.
Mark Deming - All Movie Guide
Born to Lose was Doug Cawker's directorial and writing debut. Cawker also worked as the Apprentice Editor on Quentin Tarantino's highly influential "Reservoir Dogs," as well as Roger Corman's "Ultraviolet," and Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon." Prior to his film work, Doug produced the highest rated network radio show in Canada for over six years, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball, as well as broadcasts of the World Series. He also co-produced "That Radio Show" with John Candy and engineered interview sessions with the rock band, Aerosmith. As a hobby, Cawker plays the guitar and drums and has recorded with Clash and Blue Oyster Cult producer, Sandy Pearlman .
Re-up on 03/29/2011



V/A Trash on delivery (T.O.D.) 1983 Flicknife Records 320 kbps

THE BABYSITTERS : Everybody loves you / THE GENOCIDES : Private hell / THE LONDON COWBOYS : Let's get crazy ! / MARIONETTE : My baby sucks real bad / BAD DETECTIVE : Favourite record / THE BARRACUDAS : You're gonna miss me (live) / MARIONETTE : Too far gone / DOGS D'AMOUR : Teenage / SUFFRAGETTE : Do you want my love ? / GARRIE J. LAMMIN : I heard the devil / NIKKI SUDDEN & THE BIBLE BELT : Waiting for the siege / THE BABYSITTERS : Livin' out rock'n'roll .

Sleeve by R. Zell / Frenchie - Compiled by Frenchie Gloder .

The holy grail of bands who looked to conquer theses sleazy streets of London in the early '80s are contained in the almighty 1983 compilation Trash On Delivery. Not quite "third wave glam" (but if you like-y, be sure to check out Jook or The Radio Stars) or third wave punk (not quite the Anti-Nowhere League, but check out the UK Subs new threads! Keep Un Running Until You Burn!), Trash On Delivery stands on it's own as something completely unique to itself. A snapshot into a brief space of time when the previous glories of '70s Glam Rock, Punk, & Heavy Metal met in perfect harmony for perhaps the 1st time. Twenty odd years later it remains a perfect sleaze punk record and a guaranteed blueprint for those who'd help further commercialize the scene later in the decade (see The Quireboys, Wolfsbane, The Wildhearts, Tattooed Love Boys, and Soho Roses just to name a few.) The compilation, put together by Flicknife Records' Frenchy Gloder (also of The Genocides, whose scorcher "Private Hell" is included on the comp) features a hodge podge of classic gems ranging from crash and burn trash rawk of emerging scenesters like the awesome Marionette and The Babysitters to the then present day projects of Post-Punk era upper crusts like The Barracudas, The London Cowboys (Glen Matlock, Barry Jones, & Steve Dior) and ex-Swell Map Nikki Sudden (with his Bible Belt project). Add in some one off gems like Bad Detective's lost power pop classic "Favorite Record", Suffragette's "Do You Want My Love", and "I Heard The Devil" by Little Roosters frontman and future Eastenders TV Celeb, Garrie J. Lammin, as well as the first recorded release of an embryonic Dogs D'amour and Ray Zell cover art,and you've got one primo slab of proto Sleaze Punk !
Adam T. in "Sleazegrinder.com"
Max nous a fait une merveilleuse pochette !



Jungle Records a ressorti dernièrement ce 45 tours (vinyl ! ) à un prix dérisoire !




V/A Le rock d'ici à l'Olympia 1978 Jurassik punk /EMI 320 kbps

MARIE ET LES GARCONS : Rien à dire / STINKY TOYS : Plastic faces /DIESEL : Tout p'tit rock'n roller / BIJOU : O.K. Carole - Vie , mort et ressurection d'un groupe passion / ELECTRIC CALLAS : I wanna be your dog / LOU'S : No escape / STARSHOOTER : 35 tonnes / ASPHALT JUNGLE : Asphalt Jungle / GUILTY RAZORS : Wake up .
Enregistré les 8 , 9 & 10 juillet 1978 .
Merci à Marc pour le disque !


V/A Jet boys of Babylon : a tribute to the New York Dolls 2004 Fastlane Rcds 320 kbps

FRANKENSTEIN 3000 w/ D. JOHANSEN : Babylon / FLIPP w/ S. JONES : Personality crisis / GEOFF STARR ROCK'N'ROLL BAND : Looking for a kiss / SLOW MOTORCADE : Vietnamese baby / THE TASTE : It's too late / SUPER DELUXE : Trash / R50 : Bad girl / THE NEW ROMANTICS : Subway train / TATTOOED MILLIONAIRES : Privare world / THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS : Puss n' boots / COYOTE SHIVERS : Chatterbox / SCIENCE FICTION idols / Human being / STARDUSTER : Who are the mystery girls ? / CRASH KELLY : Lonely planet boy /KILLINBIRD : Frankenstein / THE ALARM mmv : Jet boy / YOU CAN'T PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY : American anthem .

The stand-out cuts include the SCIENCE FICTION IDOL'S "Human Being", Canadian glam rock superstars, CRASH KELLY'S predictably Bolan-esque version of "Lonely Planet Boy", and an absolutely amazing, stellar, fabulous rendition of "Vietnamese Baby", by Tinsel-land's beloved power pop regals, SLOW MOTORCADE. Slow Motorcade always bring back memories of Queen, Silverhead, Mott The Hoople, and the Babies, with their glistening arena rock anthems. In a better world, they'd be out on tour, opening up for Cheap Trick and Aerosmith right now, but I'm no longer in charge. Their drummer, Thom Sullivan, is perhaps the best all around rock drummer since Clem Burke, if not Keith Moon. Motorcade songsmith, Anthony Castillo, has the second best haircut in Hollyweird, and the World's Only Betty Page autographed guitar. Bassist Derrick, moonlights in the Andersons with Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch. I think Curt was in the B-Movie Rats. I'd love to hear more from the 'Motorcade with their new vocalist. Ace producer and charisma king, JACK ATLANTIS, is most famous for being the King of The Night Time World at Club Make-up and various other happenings in the fashion and art communities out West, and his welcome addition to the SLOW MOTORCADE roll-call as Lead Rockstar, has them poised to overthrow TSAR's dominion as the reigning stars of big league, 70's A.M. radio glam rock bliss. Bebe Buell's ubiquitous hanger-on, ex-husband, COYOTE SHIVERS, turns in an appropriately nasally rasped "Chatterbox", and the ALARM'S rousingrendition of "JETBOY" reassures us that "68 Guns Will Never Die." The NewRomantics seem to be competing with Red Invasion (Strangely absent as well, here) for the title of "the new BEAT ANGELS". AMERICAN ANTHEM'S "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" will pull your heartsrings if you've lived too long like the rest of us, or just miss those who haven't. All this and more, little girls, the Napoleon Blownaparts, and a cast of thousands! The liner-notes were penned by none other than the always lovely and astoundingly lyrical NINA ANTONIA. This might be the over-all best of these tiresome cattle-call tribute things since that Japanese Thunders Fanclub N.Y. Dolls tribute put together in the early 90's by HIROSHI NAKAGONE from the Golden Arms, called, "Stranded In A Dolls House". Look for that one on E-Bay ,too, if you're into these sortof things. Chances are, if you're scanning the Sleazegrinder website, you already dig alot of the bands featured here covering the DOLLS timeless and inspirational trash, and if you ain't the monster himself, sewn together from dead criminals body parts and yer Mama was lightning, then you probably COULD still make it with a Frankenstein. It ain't no crime.

Pepsi Sheen on Sleazegrinder.com


NEW YORK DOLLS Rock'n'roll 1994 Mercury 320 kbps

Courageous cat theme* / Trash° / Personality crisis° / Babylon* /Looking for a kiss° / Lone star queen" / Vietnamese baby° /Lonely planet boy° / Frankenstein° /Private world° / Chatterbox* /Bad girl° / Don't mess with cupid" / Subway train° /Who are the mystery girls ?* / Stranded in the jungle* / It's too late* / Puss 'n' boots* / Jet boy° / Human being* .

°Produced by T. Rundgren - *Produced by S. Morton - "Produced by P. Nelson

NEW YORK DOLLS : D. Johansen : vocals , harmonica / J. Thunders : guitar , vocals /S. Sylvain : guitar , piano , vocals / A. Kane , Jr : bass / J. Nolan : drums & percussion .
L' absolu en matière de rock ! Une sorte de best of rallongé de trois inédits , un greatest hits pour la voiture ! Et pour les nostalgiques qui se souviennent de la splendide pochette du lp Mercury (Japon) qui portait le même nom : je leur dédie ce post !



V/A A JOHNNY THUNDERS TRIBUTE Born to lose ? Rocknrollradio 320 kbps

JOHNNY THUNDERS w/ THE BALLBUSTERS : In cold blood / THEE APOSTLES : 7 day weekend /THE BARSEROS : Too much junkie business /DEAD END KIDS : All by myself / THE STATIONS : Pirate love / THE CROOKS : Go back to go / DRUGSTORE COWBOYS : Chinese rocks / THE LITTLE WHITE PILLS : I wanna be loved / JJ SPEEDBALL : Going steady / DELORIAN'S STAY BULLETS : Baby talk / THE NEEDLES : Count down love / THE STRAP-ONS : Can't keep my eyes on you / THE PUKES : One track mind / THE HORNY ITALIANS : Blame it on mom / MOUTHGUARD : MIA / ROCKET CITY RIOT : Leave me alone / SPEEDFREAKS : Get off the phone / BAD DOG BOOGIE : Do you love me / DOOM KOUNTY ELECTRIC CHAIR : Milk me / VORWARTS : Let go / SCRUMFEEDER : Great big kiss / THE HOOPLES : Born to loose / FREDDY LYNXX : I love you (live)

Johnny Thunders is the essence of what it is to be a rocknroll guitarist. Of course he had the drugs and the blond more than most but he had the riffs, I mean the riffs to die for. He figured out the sweetest way to make a guitar sing. He started the sleazy glam look of the Dolls which has inspired rocknroll as much as his riffs. All of the great bands on this CD acknowledge this man's importance and pay humble tribute resulting in a must have record for anyone that's ever like The New York Dolls & Johnny Thunders.



THE SECRETS ...Secrets 1983 Why-fi / Polydor 320 kbps

It's your heart tonight / Photographs of you / Uniform / Shy around girls /Drink a toast / Radio heart / I can dance better / I need a rock / Big girl now / You got respect

Produced by S. Lynch & G Penny

The Secrets 1983 : B. Hoad : guitar, vocals / S. Davis : lead guitar / N. Dahlor : bass / S. Davis : drums .

"The Secrets evolved from Gary Apple's backup band, who toured in 1978 to support his Monument album The First One's Free. Sometimes the band would open the show for Apple by doing their own material. According to the group it was a valuable experience, giving them time to play together and a regular salary. Monument eventually withdrew their tour support, so Apple and the band had to return to Kansas City.
About four months later, three members of Apple's band got back together and started playing the Kansas City area. "We didn't really have a name then," says vocalist/guitarist Brent Hoad. "We changed it each night." Hoad was a veteran of Lawrence's Mud Creek and Millionaire At Midnight. He was joined in the Secrets* by lead guitarist Steve Davis (who replaced Kevin Davis), bassist Norm Dahlor and drummer Pat Tomek. Steve Davis and Norm Dahlor had played together in Nation.
The Secrets* released a 1979 single on Kansas City's Titan Records. Only 1000 copies of "It's Your Heart Tonight" b/w "Get Your Radio", two Hoad songs, were pressed and were quickly gone. The Secrets* were a good match for the power pop record company, but the one single is all they ever did for Titan.
The band had a song on KY102's "Homegrown 1980" album. A couple of years later, the Secrets* did another single and an album for Canada's Quality label. In the band's six year history, the only personnel change was when Tomek left to join Kansas City's Rainmakers and later the Bombpops. Randy Miller replaced Tomek on drums.
In 1983 Davis and Dahlor played together in another band called the 4Sknns, and in 1987-88 they were both in True Stories. At that time, Davis was playing in the Crayons, too. He's now portraying George Harrison in Kansas City's Beatles tribute band Liverpool. Dahlor, who is also a veteran of Shooting Star, went on the road with ex-Styx member Tommy Shaw. Most Wednesday nights, Norm can now be found playing with former Rainmakers Bob Walkenhorst at Malloy Brothers Irish Pub in Kansas City’s Westport area. A few years ago, Brent Hoad was playing lead guitar, piano, mandolin and fiddle in the K.C. country band Ronni Ward and Cowtown. Since 1998, he and Norm Dahlor have played with the very popular Kansas City Celtic band the Elders. While playing with the Rainmakers, Pat Tomek began a computer graphics company that takes up most of his time these days, but he still finds a little time to play drums. He played behind Lawrence’s Kelley Hunt about ten years ago."
Bill Lee in "Kansas rockers-The first generation"
Max has made this splendid cover ... go to see the inlay !



ROAD VULTURES Ride 1995 Circumstancial 320 kbps

Burn / Ride / La vida loca / Rosalene / Cherry Vanilla / Scissors / Slammin' /Hole / She / All wigged out / More / Hangin' on / Lost .

Produced by Alan & Kevin K.

Road Vultures 1995 : Alan & Kevin K : guitars ,vocals / Richie Molesso : bass / Mad Maxx Gallo : drums .

Second and last album by the rocking band of the K brothers, Alan and Kevin. Alan passed away shortly after this last album was released, at which point Kevin started his solo career. Hits such as "Rosalene", "Scissors" or "She" sure travel the same road as Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders or Nikki Sudden !


ROAD VULTURES Fire it up 1992 Circumstancial 320 kbps

Fire it up* / Call / Chatterbox* / Leslie / Hassles / Rock'n'roll bar* / Cool ways / O.K. Tonight / Motorcycle girl / Easy targets .

Produced by N. Walker

Road Vultures 1992 : Alan K. : guitars, lead vocals / Kevin K. : guitars, drums / Bobby Black : bass / Germaxl : drums . . . + Cheetah Chrome : lead guitar on *

Les Road Vultures, d’après le nom d’un gang de hell’s angels, sont nés entre NYC et Los Angeles où les deux frères K se sont expatriés. Du coup, Kevin abandonne la batterie au profit de la guitare. C’est pourtant de retour dans la Grosse Pomme qu’ils sont remarqués par deux de leurs héros de jeunesse, Syl Sylvain et Jerry Nolan, ex-New York Dolls (et ex-Heartbreakers pour Nolan, bien sûr) qui leur demandent d'ouvrir pour eux le prochain concert de leur tout nouveau groupe The Ugly Americans au Continental. Cette première partie se métamorphose vite en une quinzaine de dates avec les deux poupées. Le succès du groupe va en grandissant et ils font de nombreux concerts avec des amis tels Dee Dee Ramone, les Waldos (le groupe d'un autre ex-Heartbreakers, le guitariste Walter Lure) ou encore Cheetah Chrome (ex-Dead Boys). Les Road Vultures ont produit deux CD ( en fait trois avec le posthume "Just say yes") , "Fire It Up" (avec comme guitariste invité l’inénarrable Cheetah) en 1992 et "Ride" en 1995.

Jack O Leroy ( Kevin K. story sur le site : http://kevin.k.realkoolkats.free.fr/index.html )


GoodGuy666 presents :
THE HORMONES Where old ghosts meet 1998 V2 256 kbps
Stay ahead / Don't let them get you down / This is the sound / Radio stars / Mr Wilson / A house by the hill / All we thought / Dig like merry hell / Someplace somewhere / The kisser / Feel alright / Where all ghosts meet .

The Hormones 1998 : Marc Carroll : Vocals & Guitar , Neil Dowling : Drums & Percussion , Alan Cullivan : Bass Guitar.

Straight ahead modern rock with a nice melodic production. I enjoy this album a lot and it grows on me. What should I compare this to - hmmmm... hard to say any names... But its very melodic with some tougher and rougher guitars here and there but it always ends up in a great melodic refrain. Check them up modern rock lovers!

The Hormones were formed in London in 1995. The band were to release 5 singles which were all met with acclaim but little commercial success outside of Ireland.Things started to look up when US Sitcom 'Friends' used B-Side Track, 'Tired Old Souls' in an episode. They were subsequently asked to appear in an episode (playing the wedding band at x and y's wedding). This appearance led to a flood of interest in the band which left them in an optimistic mood for the future and the release of their debut album.The 'Where Old Ghosts Meet' album was recorded in 1998. However, problems at the record label meant that on the day that the album was released, the band were dropped from their record label. The band went on to tour Europe in1999 before Marc Carroll decided to split the band and went solo for a successful career !



ROAD VULTURES Just say yes 2002 13th Street Entertainment 320 kbps

Stranded in LA / Call / Leslie / Hassles / Tracks / Motorcycle girl / Beat of the city / Fire it up / OK Tonight / Backwoods girl / Not that way anymore / Cool fools / Big bang / Roll the dice / Youthquaker /Beat of the city / Fun in L.A. / No where safe / Last goodbye .

Road Vultures : Alan K : vocals, guitar / Kevin K : vocals , guitar , drums /Pete Cain : bass

Road Vultures were New York City's premiere underground street trash rock'n' rollers during the early 90s.The original line-up consisited of Alan K (guitar/vocals), Kevin K (drums/vocals) and Peter Cain (bass/b. vocals), but due to their popularity in the Hollywood music scene, the two K brothers packed up and relocated to the LA area in July of 1990. Adding two new members to the California based line-up (Swig McDaniels on bass and Danny X on drums), Kevin would switched to guitar and joined his brother in fronting the band. A second six month stay in Hollywood would come again in late 1992 through early 1993. Returning to the line-up was Danny X, but as bassist this time. Added was drummer Karl Durden, who would later go onto be part of Virgin recording artists The Customers.Returning from their second stint in LA and finally deciding there's no place like the Big Apple, the two brothers searched for a new drummer and bass player (former bassist Pete Cain had moved on). Joining the line-up was Richie Molesso (bass) and Max Gallo (drums). The four-piece would go on to record two albums for Circumstantial Records. A third album, Just Say Yes, was mostly recorded but never released when the band broke up officially in early 1996. At that time Kevin was also pursuing a solo career and Alan, struggling with a re-ocurring drug problem, went to Florida to get clean. In November of 1996 there was hopes of a Road Vultures reunion when Alan made plans to return to New York City, but unfortunately Alan's sudden death put an end to the Road Vultures forever. After successfully cleaning up Alan K returned to New York City on November 10th. He checked into the St. Marks Hotel that afternoon, spent time walking around the East Village and sitting in Tompkins Square Park. That evening he returned to his hotel, fell asleep and never woke up. Though rumours circulatedthat he died of an overdose, this is incorrect. After years of living life on the edge, Alan's body just stopped working. ~ Returning from their second stint in LA and finally deciding there's no place like the Big Apple, the two brothers searched for a new drummer and bass player (former bassist Pete Cain had moved on). Joining the line-up was Richie Molesso (bass) and Max Gallo (drums). The four-piece would go on to record two albums for Circumstantial Records. A third album, Just Say Yes, was mostly recorded but never released when the band broke up officially in early 1996. At that time Kevin was also pursuing a solo career and Alan, struggling with a re-ocurring drug problem, went to Florida to get clean. In November of 1996 there was hopes of a Road Vultures reunion when Alan made plans to return to New York City, but unfortunately Alan's sudden death put an end to the Road Vultures forever. After successfully cleaning up Alan K returned to New York City on November 10th. He checked into the St. Marks Hotel that afternoon, spent time walking around the East Village and sitting in Tompkins Square Park. That evening he returned to his hotel, fell asleep and never woke up. Though rumours circulatedthat he died of an overdose, this is incorrect. After years of living life on the edge, Alan's body just stopped working. ~

Ted Sterns, 13th Street Entertainment


THE BEAT FARMERS - Glad'n'greasy

THE BEAT FARMERS Glad 'n' greasy 1986 Demon records / Rhino 320 kbpsPowderfinger / Death train / Beat generation / Glad 'n' greasy / Delayed reaction / Big rock candy mountain .
Produced dy C. Fairley & B. Andrews
All tracks have been digitally remastered .
The Beat Farmers 1986 was : Country Dick : vocals , drums (R.I.P.) / Buddy Blue : guitar(R.I.P.) / Jerry Raney : guitar / Rolle Dexter : bass
Subtitled "The Lost Beat Farmers Recording," this is the Rhino reissue of a six-song EP recorded in England in 1985 and originally released on the UK label Demon. Produced by ex-Graham Parker and the Rumour keyboardist Bob Andrews and Colin Fairley, this set sounds like it was recorded live in the studio.
Singer/drummer Country Dick Montana and slide guitarist Buddy Blue are both in rare form throughout, and the pair of covers which bracket the album, a burning take on Neil Young's "Powderfinger" and a ragged-but-right take on the folk chestnut "Big Rock Candy Mountain," put the influences which drive the three originals--plus an oddball cover of Rod McKuen's "The Beat Generation," of all things--into sharper relief. Maybe the best Beat Farmers disc ever.


GoodGuy666 presents V/A Best of power pop mp3 - Vol. 1
One day in 2002 I was so sick and tired of all this so-called weak-assed Power Pop, in which you can find "power" only in the name. So I decided to create such a compilation. I'm sure I'm missing lots of good bands and songs, which are power pop also, BUT at that time it was that kind of my own personal Power Pop I liked. So don't be surprised if you find a lot Yum Yums stuff and, too a lot from all bands related to Power Pop GOD and "Master of all unforgettable melodies" Dom Mariani, who deserves all Grammies and Oscars, or what else that MTV crap is called, of this world. And, last not least, to me one of the biggest surprises, a UK band that appeared from out of Nowhere with one of my Top 5 Power pop albums, "The Hormones". To me a download of all these parts is worth alone for the songs of The Hormones! Man, did this band blow me away!!!!!If anyone of you has some more info on them, if they still exist, if they have released more than "Where old ghosts meet" (1998 on V2), I'd be VERY grateful if you could tell me!I hope you like tis comp and I WOULD BE VERY GLAD TO READ YOUR COMMENTS ON HOW MUCH YOU LIKED IT :-) !Inside booklet with the tracklist is included in 2 versions. Try for yourself which one comes better and more readable.
Bitrate's not too high, BUT you get more songs, which exactly fit on 1 CD !
WAOW !!! 260 SONGS !!!



JASON One foot in the honky tonk 1992 Liberty records 320 kbps

The life of the party / One foot in the honky tonk / Try me / Letter of love / Already burned / Hardlucked boy / I washed my hands in muddy water / Feels so right / Wild about you / Devil's daughter .

Produced by J. Crutchfield

As leader of the combustible country punk band Jason & the Scorchers, Jason Ringenberg came on like a Southern preacher’s son acutely aware of the costs of sin, but living it up too hard in the here and now to turn back. And with the aid of flamethrower guitarist Warner Hodges, Mr. Ringenberg was responsible for some of the most ripping roots music of the past decade, starting with the brilliant 1983 EP “Fervor” and its lightning-fast follow-up, “Lost and Found.”With “One Foot in the Honky Tonk,” Mr. Ringenberg - now simply Jason - is following fashion and repositioning himself as a solo country artist, albeit one with blood racing through his veins a mite quicker than most. With the last Scorchers album, 1989’s “Thunder and Fire,” Mr. Ringenberg wisely began to share the songwriting load with co-writers; here he surprisingly contributes to only two of the 10 tunes.The bigger surprise, though, is that you would never know it. Mr. Ringenberg sings every one of these songs as if they were his own - the thorny predicaments of the title track and the bluesy “I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water” are particularly apt expressions of inner turmoil.And though the studio musicians backing him never fire it up like the Scorchers, the introduction of craft into the equation does Mr. Ringenberg’s always impassioned approach some good: The likes of the devotional “Letter of Love” and Buddy Holly-esque “Feels So Right” are liable to finally land him on the radio, with his soul intact.

Dan DeLuca- The Philadelphia Inquirer-June 27, 1992



THE QUESTIONNAIRES Window to the world 1989 EMI 320 kbps

Window to the world / Fool's parade / Beautiful sideshow / Here comes trouble's friend / Red tears / Yesterday's life / Laugh / Teenage head / Too far gone / Shake it down
Produced by P. Moran
THE QUESTIONNAIRES 1989 : T. Littlefield : vocals, guitar / D. Lancio : guitars / C. Feinstein : bass, vocals / H. Waugh : drums & percussion

One of Nashville's earliest original rock bands, the Questionnaires were formed in early 1983 as Basic Static by vocalist Tom Littlefield and bassist Greg Herston, who were later joined by guitarist Doug Lancio and drummer Hunt Waugh. The band enjoyed a fair degree of local success, scoring opening slots for national acts like the Romantics, Bow Wow Wow, and X, but later broke up due to personal conflicts among the members. Their song "Born to Die," recorded as the Basics ("Static" was dropped from their name due to a conflict with another band), appeared on the seminal 1983 Local Heroes cassette compilation alongside other young Nashville talents like Bill Lloyd, Jason & the Scorchers, and the White Animals. Subsequent college radio airplay for the song throughout the Southeast prompted the four members to re-form in 1985 as the Questionnaires, the band discarding their previous new wave sound in favor of a more timeless pop/rock formula. The change was due to the influence of Littlefield, the grandson of jazz great Woody Herman, who would take on the bulk of the songwriting duties. After developing a regional following, the Questionnaires would join fellow Nashville rockers Jason & the Scorchers and Walk the West as part of the Capitol EMI roster. By this time, Herston had left the band, replaced by Chris Feinstein of Shadow 15. The Questionnaires released their debut album, Window to the World, in 1989, following it with Anything Can Happen two years later. With a sound that was heavily influenced by the Beatles and the songwriting of Brian Wilson, any chance for the Questionnaires to gain a national audience disappeared with the commercial ascendance of bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Littlefield would enjoy a modicum of success as a songwriter during the '90s, with tracks recorded by Shawn Colvin, Nanci Griffith, and Kim Richey, among others. Lancio and Feinstein would hook up with Jay Joyce of In Pursuit to form Bedlam, Feinstein later joining Joyce in the indie rock band Iodine. Lancio became an in-demand guitarist for folks like Steve Earle before becoming a member of Patty Griffin's touring band, also moonlighting as part of the Nashville "supergroup" Swag. ~ Rev. Keith A. Gordon, All Music Guide


A TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY : Everyday is a Holly day


VARIOUS ARTISTS Everyday is a Holly day 1989 New Rose 320 kbps

ELLIOTT MURPHY : Everyday / RED RIVER : Rave on / WILLIE ALEXANDER : Baby won't you come out tonight / EDDIE RAY PORTER / Wishing / LOLITAS : Not fade away / CHRIS SPEDDING : It's so easy / OFB : Oh boy / LEROI BROTHERS : Midnight shift / THE COUNTRY ROCKERS : Rock around Ollie Vee / LMNOP : Changing all those changes / IMITATION LIFE : Hey Buddy / TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS : Peggy Sue / SHOES : Words of love / PAUL ROLAND : Peggy Sue got married / TED & TALL BOYS : Take your time / SPEEDY SPARKS : Heartbeat / CLASSIC RUINS : Love 's made a fool of you / BRUCE JOYNER : Well alright / CHRIS BAILEY : It doesn't matter anymore / THE SLICKEE BOYS : Down the line / THE BREWERS : Gone / LES WAMPAS : Adieu à un ami / DOGS : Crying ,waiting , hoping / ROKY ERICKSON : True love ways / THE PEECOCKS : Oh boy / THE BREWERS : Down the line / CHRIS SPEDDING : Love's made a fool you / BRUCE JOYNER : Rave on / ROKY ERICKSON : Peggy Sue Got married / MARSHALL CRENSHAW : Crying , waiting , hoping (bonus track) / THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES : That'll be the day (bonus track) .