THE BOUNTY HUNTERS Threads A tear stained scar 1990 Giant records 320 kbps

Everything's for her / Threads / From your eyes / Another chance of heart / All the luck / Hooked to your heart / I'll be your angel again / A picture of you / Hanging your arms / In what she says / Kings & Queens / Crashing round my heels / It only happens with her / Song about you .

Produced by J. J. Foster .

THE BOUNTY HUNTERS : D. Kusworth : vocals & guitars / A. Walker : lead & slide guitar / G. Tranter : bass, vocals / D. N. Buxton : drums , percussion .

Dave Kusworth lay low a while after leaving the Jacobites in mid-'86, spending his time recording a solo album (also credited to the Bounty Hunters, a quartet he led) which was released the following year. Marriage is on Dave's mind on The Bounty Hunters, as several of the songs — which interlock to form a long, vague romantic narrative — make reference to weddings, rings, wives and other such symptoms of betrothal. Showing an affinity for the folky side of Johnny Thunders, Kusworth's thin voice is no dynamic instrument, but it serves the material, as do the energetic arrangements of acoustic guitar and electric rock rhythms.

"Threads A tear stained scar" furthers Kusworth's quest for beauty in the underbelly. With the addition of a bevy of pastoral instruments (ranging from pocket trumpet to harpsichord), much of the material is redolent of that particular time in late-'60s/early-'70s Britain when debauchery gave way to rusticity (à la Led Zep II crossed with Blind Faith). Then again, the volume-heavy stuff could pass for Black Crowes outtakes, so go figure.

Nikki Sudden-Dave Kusworth JACOBITES 1

NIKKI SUDDEN/DAVE KUSWORTH JACOBITES God save us poor sinners 1998 Bomp 320 kbps

God save us / I miss you /Heartbreaks / The wishing well / Second time around / I'll care for you / So unkind / Never apart / Blonde angel / She sleeps alone / Teenage christmas / Cramping my own style / Elizabethan balladeer .

Produced by N. Sudden , D. Kusworth & J. Rivers .

This album is dedicated to Epic Soundtracks.

JACOBITES 98 : N. Sudden : guitars , percussion , bass guitar , vocals / D. Kusworth : guitars , vocals / G. Tranter : guitars , bass , backin' vocals / M. Williams : drums , bells / C. E. Picôt : bass / T. Miles : piano , hammond organ / J. Thirlby : guitar , harmonica .

Nikki Sudden was born in London on July 19, 1956. He began playing guitar after hearing T.Rex near the end of 1971. Together with his brother, Epic Soundtracks, he formed what was to become Swell Maps. The Maps released 4 singles and 2 albums between 1977 and their break up in 1980. All of these releases hit the top slot in the Independent Charts.

Following the demise of the Maps, Sudden began his solo career. He made two albums —Waiting On Egypt and The Bible Belt— before joining up with Birmingham guitarist, Dave Kusworth. The pair formed the Jacobites in 1983, going on to make two albums, Jacobites and Robespierre’s Velvet Basement, the latter reaching No. 1 in the German Independent Charts. This tied in with their first German tour, and a semi-impermanent move to the country for Sudden.

When the Jacobites broke up in early 1986, Sudden returned to his solo career by signing to Creation Records. The company released five of his albums over the next five years: “Texas”, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc (with Rowland S. Howard), Groove and a compilation, Back To The Coast.

1990 found Nikki Sudden traveling round the World. He eventually ended up in Athens, Georgia, where Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry from R.E.M. coerced him into the studio. Together, they ended up making the album, The Jewel Thief— later reissued as Liquor, Guns & Ammo.

1993 saw Kusworth and Sudden reuniting the Jacobites, with a new backing group. Over the following years, they released three albums, Howling Good Times, Old Scarlett and God Save Us Poor Sinners. In addition, their two original albums were reissued, as was a further compilation of rare tracks, Hawks Get Religion. The band also released a limited edition, vinyl-only album, Kiss Of Life, in Germany, and a Spanish CD, Heart Of Hearts.

Late in 1995, Sudden once again found himself in America and ended up in a Chicago studio with members of the Chamber Strings and The Rosehips. This led to him beginning work on his seventh solo release. The album featured musicians from The Jet Boys, The True Spirit, The Fatal Shore, Band Of Outsiders, Once Upon A Time, Vermooste Vløten, The Flaming Stars, Sonic Youth, Voodoo Witch, and the Jacobites. Following on from the release of Seven Lives Later, Sudden continued touring and recording with the Jacobites. Before the album was even released, he had gone in the studio with Hamburg band, DM Bob & The Deficits. Together they recorded an as-yet unreleased album in just 9½ hours. He also toured with Freddy Lynxx and Jeff Dahl on the Lost Acoustic Tour. During early 1998 he went in a Berlin studio with Phil Shöenfelt, Carl Eugene Picôt (ex-Jacobites), and Berlin drummer, Robby Schmidt, to record another so-far unreleased album, entitled Golden Vanity .

In March, 1998, Sudden flew to Chicago to record what has turned out as one of his best albums thus far. This project, which was recorded with various members of the Chamber Strings and other assorted luminaries from the Chicago music scene, was released in early 1999 under the title Red Brocade. Amongst others, the album features Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, who sings a duet with Sudden on the song, Farewell, My Darling. The album was re-mixed during November 1998 in Woodbine St Studio, Leamington Spa, England.

Nikki Sudden is currently based in Berlin where he is working on a book about Ronnie Wood. He is also 95% of the way to completing a book of his lyrics. “It’ll be finished as soon as I stop writing new songs!” He also contributes to various magazines including MOJO, Superstar, It’s Only Rock’n Roll, Rockmusic.Ru and Bucketful Of Brains.

Nikki Sudden’s last album was a retrospective, The Last Bandit (The Best Of Nikki Sudden). The set, released by Glitterhouse Records in Europe, Wagging Dog Records in England, and Bomp Records in America, featured remastered and edited versions of some of Nikki's best / most popular solo work.

Sudden has spent a lot of time over the past years remastering and annotating his 1980’s LPs for a re-release programme by Secretly Canadian Records of Bloomington, Indiana. The reissue campaign has, to date, featured 12 albums. The two Swell Maps LPs will follow in summer 2004.

Sudden has been touring with his band, The Last Bandits (bassist John Barry, and drummer Stephane Doucerain) for several years. Nikki, with the Last Bandits, recorded his ninth solo release, Treasure Island, in England during July / August, 2002. Special guests include Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Anthony Thistlethwaite (Waterboys), Dave Kusworth (Jacobites) and Darrell Bath (Dogs D’Amour / Crybabys). Treasure Island will be released in spring 2004.

Other current projects include the soundtrack for the new Mika Kaurismäki film, Honey Baby — which features nine tracks (some old, some new) written by Sudden. Honey Baby will be released by summer of 2004. Nikki also appears in the forthcoming German film, Executive Director Wim Wenders' Egoshooter, where he plays himself.

Nikki Sudden was in the process of releasing his new album entitled The Truth Doesn't Matter which was scheduled to be released in 2006 with Darrel Bath, John Barry, Danny Hole and Einar Stenseng with guest appearances from Sanni Baumgärtner, Elisabeth Wood and Mark Mulholland .

Nikki Sudden passed away in New York City on the 26th of March 2006 after his show at the Knitting Factory whilst on his US Tour. Nikki had just completed his final album The Turth Doesn't Matter....


THE SENDERS Back to sender revisited 1998 Skydog 320 kbps

Devil shootin' dice* / Temperature* / The shape I'm in* / Here's comes my aiplane* / If walls could talk* / A certain kind of style* / Another night without my baby* / I'm a stranger here myself* / For me tonight* / Too late* / Don't make me mad* / Part time love* / You can't say away */ My shiny red dress°/ Takin' dat train° / Creepy crawl° /Don't fuck with me° /Ants in my pants° / Baby glows in the dark° / You really piss me off° .

*"Retour à l'envoyeur" lp : produced by M. Zermati & The Senders

THE SENDERS *: S. Shevlin : bass / M. Bourset : drums / B. Ryan : guitar / Phil Marcade : vocals, harp, guitar / D. Ray : saxophone / M. Zermati : trombone , tuba , triangle & kazoo .
+ D. Orvin : piano & Kelly : backin' vocals.

THE SENDERS° : P. Marcade : vocals / W. Bill Thompson : guitar / Ned Brewster : drums / D. Li : bass + D. Ray : sax / S. Charoset : second guitar / C. Cush : bass / P. Hond : keyboards .

Formed in New York in 1977 by exiled French rock'n'roll singer Philippe Marcade and professional boxer-bassist Steve Shevlin. With much help from pal Johnny Thunders they quickly become one of Max's Kansas City's favorites. Joined in 1979 by guitarist Wild Bill Thompson (Robert Gordon band, Stray Cats Tour, Savoy Brown …) and drummer Marc Bourset (Victims) for their legendary next decade. After Steve Shevlin becomes deaf (!) they are joined by Richie Lure on bass (Brother of Heartbreaker Walter Lure) becoming one of New York's scene most popular bands by 1988. Well on their way to massive popularity in the US disaster strikes and they lose Marc Bourset then Richie Lure in drug related deaths. Battered but not beaten The Senders replace their two beloved lost members with legendary drummer Ned Brewster(Action Swingers) and bassist Danny Ly (The Bostwanas) for their current line-up. Singer Phil Marcade has also along the years taken part in various projects such as first drummer for Gang War (with Johnny Thunders and ex MC5 Wayne Kramer) and singer for blue eye soul band The Backbones (1983-1987). The SENDERS are still currently very active with their brand of raunchy rhythm'n blues in New York City and most of the east coast and have no immediate plans for stopping.

THE ZEROS - Right Now !

THE ZEROS Right Now ! 1999 Bomp records 320 kbps
Right now ! / Sneakin' out / Do the swim / Handgrenade heart / Hurry , hurry , hurry / Tonight / Pushin' too hard / They say (that everthing's alright) / Chatterbox / Talkin' /You, me us / Strychnine / Siamese tease /Yo no quiero .
Produced by the Zeros
The Zeros: Javier Escovedo: guitar vocals / Baba Chenelle: drums , vocals / Hector Peñalosa: bass, vocals / Robert Lopez: guitar , vocals .
The Zeros, aka "the Mexican Ramones", who hailed from Chula Vista, California, beginning in 1976. The band was comprised of Robert Lopez (later known as El Vez, "The Mexican Elvis") on vocals, and Javier Escovedo (younger brother of Alejandro Escovedo) on guitar, who were both attending Chula Vista High School; and Hector Penalosa, bass, and Baba Chenelle, drums, who attended Sweetwater High School.
In 1977, The Zeros played their first major gig in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater, across the street from Tower Records/Sunset Strip, an influential record store. Opening the show was the first ever performance by The Germs, followed by The Zeros and then The Weirdos. The gig was promoted by Peter Case of The Nerves who later fronted The Breakaways and The Plimsouls. The Zeros first release, "Wimp" b/w "Don't Push Me Around" was released in 1977 on Bomp Records.In 1978, Hector left the band briefly to live and play in Los Angeles, and was replaced by Guy Lopez, Robert’s brother. Soon after, Robert left to live in L.A. as well and his brother quit the Zeros also. Hector rejoined the band and they continued as a trio, and eventually relocated to San Francisco. In 1980, the band recorded a new single with the songs "They say," "Girl on the Block" and "Getting Nowhere Fast." After more touring that led to Austin, Texas and New York City, the band fizzled out.
The Zeros have re-formed sporadically for live shows (such as a 1991 benefit show for ailing punk rocker/writer Craig Lee, and a few years later, Bomp Records' 25th anniversary party), and a full album — 1999's "Right Now!"
More recently, the Zeros reunited one last time to tour in Spain in early 2007.
Covers of songs by The Zeros were released by Los Angeles bands Wednesday Week ("They Say That Everything's Alright") , The Muffs ("Beat Your Heart Out") Spain's La Secta ("Wild Weekend"), Australia's Hoodoo Gurus or Sweden's the Nomads ("Wimp") .



V/A I'm in love .... with that song (22 australian bands pay tribute to the genius of the Replacements) 1999 Tomboy/Antfarm records 320 kbps

BRAD SHEPHERD : Alex Chilton / CHALLENGER 7 : Left of the dial / LOVE ME : Sadly beautiful / BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS : Takin' a ride / PYRAMIDIACS : On the bus / MICHAEL THOMAS & NICK BARKER : Skyway / CELIBATE RIFLES : I will dare / ERB & PISCES : Replacement's first single / HALF MILER : Here comes a regular / THE SCRUFFS : Can't hardly wait / ICECREAM HANDS : Swinging party / BROTHER BRICK : Color me impressed / GOLDEN ROUGH : Achin' to be / JOHN REED CLUB : Seen your video / THE ONYAS : Otto / JACK & THE BEANSTALK : IOU / DM3 : Rock'n'roll ghost / YOU AM I : White & lazy / EVA TROUT : Androgenous / THE FINKERS : Tommy get's his tonsils out / BLUE BOTTLE KISS : Sixteen blue / YOUTH GROUP : Favourite thing / RAIL : Favourite thing / THE CINDERS : Can't wait hardly (bonus song)*.

Compiled by Michael Carpenter .

Whether or not you consider the Replacements to have had the gift of genius or not there’s still much to be enjoyed here. Loved by their fans with religious zeal and similarly admired by critics, the band, in retrospect, always seemed destined for failure so great were the expectations of success. In existence from 1980 until their dissolution in 1991, the band’s singer-songwriter, Paul Westerberg has continued to release some excellent records, though sadly to diminishing sales, indifferent critical response and a seemingly total lack of label support. Covering material and styles from throughout The Replacements career, the acts featured range from total unknowns to the firmly established and even some that have already broken up. Perhaps that’s taking the tribute angle too far! The album cleverly kicks off with Brad Shepherd’s (ex-Hoodoo Gurus) energetic take on The Replacements own tribute to one of their heroes, Alex Chilton. Amongst some of the better known artists taking part are The Celibate Rifles, DM3 and You Am I (with a distorted and venomous take on White & Lazy). Elsewhere, of the lesser known names, Golden Rough’s countrified Achin’ To Be, Love Me’s, Marianne Faithful inspired vocal on Sadly Beautiful and Ice Cream Hands delicate Swinging Party are all worthy of mention. Probably the greatest criticism levelled at tribute albums is that by their very nature - artists recording songs by their own favourite artists - the interpretations can be overly reverential. Admittedly that’s no different here, but when the songs are this good and the interpreters likewise then the results make this album worthwhile. The track by Erbs & Pisces even presents an intriguing new way in which to tackle tribute records. On Replacements First Single they cover both sides of the band’s first single I’m In Trouble and simultaneously to bizarrely successful effect. So, an album for Replacements fans, Australian guitar bands and the merely curious then.
Geraint Jones - CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000
* The Cinders cover of "Can't wait hardly" is on the P. Westerberg Tribute (see link 1).



TWO-BIT THIEF Gangster Rebel Hop 1993 We Bite Records 320 kbps

On parole / Mother of misery / White trash a go go / Hang'em high / Do you wanna dance / Bible & a cigarette / Out of this town / Police brutality / Preacher's son / One of the boys / ... + Bonus Tracks .

Produced by Andy Andersen

Two-Bit Thief : A. Andersen : vocals, guitars / C. Scaparro: bass / J. Tempesta : drums / B. Rowe : guitars .

Back in the late 80s, it suddenly became acceptable for punk rockers to form metal bands. But it had to be a certain kind of metal band – one with lots of tattoos and motorcycles and sneering political consciousness. Biker metal was more 'street' than that pussy glam stuff, dig? See The Almighty and Junkyard for the more obvious entries.

Another crossover act that got lost in the shuffle was Two Bit Thief. Three-quarters of the band were escapees from San Francisco thrash-punks Attitude Adjustment. Despite the long hair and bandanas, you’ll find much evidence of their past in Two Bit’s grooves, especially in the drawling, brawling vox of Andy Anderson and Chris Scaparro’s punky, Pistols-y guitar.Unfortunately, they revved up their engines right when Kurt Cobain was declaring war on metal, so their motorcycle makeover was all for nothin’. Still, their two albums , "Another Sad Story… In The Big City "(1990)and "Gangster Rebel Hop " (1993), are piled high with manly riffs and chest-thumping rock'n'roll, and well worth the 99 cents or whatever it’s going for in the cut-out bins.
by Sleazegrinder



PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES Pharoahs Of The Far Out 1989 Rattlesnake 320 kbps

Lunar chik* / I want luv* / I like hip babe* / They know I think they are too square for me* / She put a spell on me* / The good times (Outweigh the bad times)* / Teenage crush affair* /Do ya dig me ?* / Eye surf alone */ Rebel woman* / She's got the best on the beach*/ High energy* / The crusher / Psychotic situation / The creeps / Energy / Sweet daddy / Albuquerque / Colours / Leaving / Groove to the eye / Cool it / Hey Erik .

Produced by Johnny Kannis

Psychotic Turnbuckles : The Grand Wizard: guitar / Jesse The Intruder : lead vocals / Gorgeous Karl Domah : drums / The Unknown : bass .

Drumming on this recording* by Mr Ultimate !

The Rock'n'Roll wrestling connection has never been fully realised until the Psychotic Turnbuckles arrived upon the scene. Magazines such a Sydney's "Foreign Object" and Canada's "What Wave" call the Turnbuckles the ultimate, and only true exponents of such a merger.

The Psychotic Turnbuckles story begins back in 1984 when JESSIE THE INTRUDER, THE GRAND WIZARD, THE CREEP, EL SICODELICO and THE SPOILER, were not only a universally feared five man tag team but almost embarrassingly consistent winners of the legendary marathon surfing competitions in their home town of Pismo Beach, California.

During a surfing tournament, whilst imbibing champagne in the company of a feat of pretty girls, there came from the beach's newly erected sound system, the sound of local radio station 4-W.I.M.P.


After only five performances in the U.S., a show at the Pismo Beach Clam Shell Club saw the band barred forever from playing in the U.S. for exhibitions of cruelty and the unscrupulous rule breaking tactics they employed upon opponents.

A relocation to Sydney, Australia, followed this spineless attempt to forestall their conquest of all things cool, where they continued their demolition of all opponents that stood in their path in their quest for ROCK'N'ROLL WRESTLING SUPREMECY .

The band went on to record their debut single "The Creeps/Energy" on V.I.N.Y.L. Records which went straight to No.2 on the indie charts. They did a follow-up single "Psychotic Situation/Crusher" which reached No.1.

At the end of 1985, they left V.I.N.Y.L. Records and linked up with Rattlesnake Records. They released their debut album "Destroy Dull City" in 1986 which received rave reviews and reached No.1 on the indie charts. In 1987, they released their second album "Beyond The Flipout" which debuted at No.2 on the indie charts and was voted "Best Independent Album" in a JUKE magazine readers' poll.

That same year, EL SICODELICO and THE CREEP left to pursue careers in the cutthroat world of pizza delivery, where even today, they are undisputed masters of the field. They were replaced by KID SUNSHINE and THE UNKNOWN.They contributed "1969" to Au-go-go's Stooges tribute album "Hard to beat" then the band went on to record the single "Good Times (Outweigh the Bad Times)/Sudan Butcher" which went to No.2 on the indie charts.

At the end of 1988, KID SUNSHINE and THE SPOILER left the band, and formed a duo called the BOBBSY TWINS. THE SPOILER was replaced by GEORGEOUS KARL DOMAH, but KID SUNSHINE's spot was not replaced, leaving the band as a four piece. This new line-up recorded the album "Pharoahs of the far out" and the 12 inch EP : "Lunar chik / Strychnine / Wiseguy / Hot generation"for the Survival label in 1989 . For the next five years the band remained stable !

The Turnbuckles signed to the Shock label and issued a run of records that included the singles : "Rock'n'roll terrorist / Hero mountain" (april 91) ; "American ruse / Iwant love / You really got me ( limited ed 250 white label pressing - october 91) ; "She's afraid to love me / Slow death / High energy" (december 92) and the album "Figure your brain trance " (october 93) .The last two records were issued on Shock's hard rock subsidiary label Shagpile ! "She's afraid to love me " also came out as a seven-track cd-EP with different songs .

In august 1993 , Sympathy For The Records Industry issued the single "Crazy time ahead / Eye surf alone " . At the end of 1994 , Chuck The Rock replaced The Unknown for a final national tour after which the band called it a day .

On 14 june 1997 Jesse The Intruder , The Grand Wizard , The Unknown , Chuck The Rock & Domah appeared for a one-off re-formation gig ! They pressed up a limited edition gig giveaway vinyl EP "Louder than distortion" for the occasion .
A terrible cover made by the Mad MAX !!!



KEVIN K. New York , New York ... 2004 In cold blood records ... 320 kbps
1-Crime scene / 2-Manic panic / 3-Losing hurts / 4-13 th Street* / 5-Deadboy running scared / 6-A little taste / 7-Remember her sad / 8-It's just trash / 9-Sealed works° / 10-Gang war / 11-Melody° / 12-Heartbroken again* / 13-Lonely girl / 14-Story of my life / 15-Bon voyage .
Produced by Kevin K. & Patrick Klein , except* produced by Kevin K. & C. Schmidt and °produced by R. Buzz assisted by Jack O. Leroy .

Kevin K . : vocals , guitar.
Guitars : Mr Ratboy (8, 2 & 10) , Freddy Lynxx (5) , Ricky Rat (3 & 4) , Jack O. Leroy (9 & 11).
Bass : R. Molesso (1, 2, 5, 8 & 10) , Killer Cain (3 & 14) , Chris Lakryz (4 & 12) , P. Klein (6, 7, 13 & 15) , Ritchie Buzz (9 & 11) .
Drums : Maxx Gallo (1, 2, 5, 8 & 10), Karl Durden (3 & 14), Andi Hill (4 & 12), Giovanni Fusco (6, 7 & 13), Doc Ayolee (9 & 11), Nolan Ramone (15) .
Saxophone : Gebhard Geduld (12)
Violin : Lorenza Ponce (13)

1,10 from "Rule the heart"

2,8 from "Party down"

3,14 from "Story of my life"

4,12 from "13 th Street"

6,7,13 from "Magic touch"

9,11 from "Sealed works"

5 from the Freddy Lynxx lp "Bloodied up" .

To introduce the subject of Kevin K we must go deep inside the history of the New York rockin roll. Itself the glam era of the New York Dolls. If the age of the mister is dubious,on the other hand its know when his career starts. Kevin plays in his first group Aunt Helen until 1980. Then it will be The Toys who later will become the New Toys. They will open many shows for Romantics,Dirty Looks,Ramones,Pat Benatar,Sylvain Sylvain, The Fast,Talas and Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. While livin at 89 Bleecker Street in NYC.Kevin and brother Alan will play in The Lone Cowboys from 1983 till 1988. Both brothers are found in the Road Vultures from 1989 till 1994 developing and appofonding a songwriting marrying pleasure.The Vultures again open many shows for, Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan,Dee Dee Ramone,the Waldos and Cheetah Chrome. In 1995 Kevin tries his chance in solo with the album "Nightlife". the first in a very long series. The year 1996 Kevin Loses his brother Alan, that causes in him a radical change in his way of approaching life and the myth of the rockin roll . He will be devoted from now on entirely to the music. Then its like a rain of albums.."Party Down".. "Rule The Heart".."Magic Touch".."13th Street". "Story Of My Life".."Sealed Works" ...In 2003 , the album "Kiss Of Death" is recorded with his Franco-American coalition...Then comes .."Addiction".."Mr Bones".."Perfect Sin" The Polish release "Best Of Kevin K".." Thats followed by "Rockin Roll Dynamite" and "Hollywood"..A new cd has been released on the Rankoutsider Records label called "Cool Ways".Number 16 in solo cds...This features Kevin with The Hollywood Stars..Now its the year 2008 and already plans are made to record a new cd in Berlin later in the year... Kevins a true survivor and a hero to beat down rockin roll romantics the world over. Hes not young or good looking,so dont look for him on the cover of People magazine.. Kevin has been around forever and possesses the tenacity of a cockroach. Whats in store..more tours of France, Germany,Spain,Switzerland,Poland and Austria.. More writing and recording.. Maybe a perminent move to Hollywood or Berlin...Oh and sometime in the near future Kevins life time stories in book form.....Kevin K "How To Be A Successful Loser"..All the adventures in Kevins rockin roll life over the past 27 years...
Please BUY the new Kevin K. cd "Cool Ways" or the superb "Kiss of Death" !!!



THE HYPNOTICS Soul , Glitter & Sin : Tales From The Sonic Underground 1991 Situation two 320 kbps

Shakedown / Kissed by the flames / The big fix / Point blank 'mystery' / Soul accelerator / Black river shuffle / Cold blooded love / Samedi's cookbook / Don't let it get you down / Coast to coast .

Produced by John Leckie

Thee Hypnotics : James Jones : vocals, harmonica, piano, percussion / Ray Hanson : guitars, piano, organ, percussion, backing vocals /Will Pepper : bass / Phil Smith : drums, congas /Robert Zyn : guitar & percussion .

Fusing hard rock muscle with the high-decibel rebellion of Detroit rock trailblazers such as the MC5 and the Stooges, Thee Hypnotics' maximum-impact approach came along just as the likeminded grunge explosion was starting to take off, and while the band never quite broke through in the United States, it won its fair share of press and popularity at home in the United Kingdom. Comprised of vocalist James Jones, guitarist Ray Hanson, bassist Will Pepper, and drummer Mark Thompson, Thee Hypnotics came together in their hometown of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, a community not far from London. The group made its recording debut in 1988 with the single "Love in a Different Vein," and the disc made enough of a splash for the band to score a record deal with Situation 2, a subsidiary of the respected British label Beggars Banquet.

In 1989, Thee Hypnotics scored a minor hit with the epochal single "Justice in Freedom," which they soon followed up with an EP, "Live'r Than God!", recorded during their first major British tour. "Live'r Than God!" also became Thee Hypnotics' American debut when Seattle's fabled Sub Pop label picked it up for American release, enriched with a handful of studio tracks. The band was bumped up to the official Beggars label in the U.K. (and RCA in the United States) for its first full-length album, "Come Down Heavy", a relatively lavish affair that found Mark Thompson replaced by new percussionist Phil Smith, and Phil May and Dick Taylor of legendary British beat reprobates the Pretty Things sitting in. While the album was well-received in England, Thee Hypnotics' American tour (where they opened for the Cult) was derailed by an auto accident, and second guitarist Robert Zyn was added to the lineup to pick up the slack.

A second album, "Soul, Glitter & Sin: Tales from the Sonic Underworld", was released in 1991 to less enthusiastic reviews, and after another round of touring Zyn was replaced by former Iggy Pop sideman Craig Pike. Sadly, Pike's short stint with Thee Hypnotics came to a dramatic close when he died of a drug overdose in 1992. In 1994, Thee Hypnotics regrouped with a new record deal (with Rick Rubin's American Recordings) and a new album, "The Very Crystal Speed Machine", which was produced by the Black Crowes' vocalist Chris Robinson and featured several other members of the Crowes sitting in. The album was well reviewed but sold poorly, and proved to be the group's last hurrah. James Jones later sang with the group Black Moses, while bassist Will Pepper recorded with Epic Soundtracks and Hurricane #1.



RENE BERG The leather, the loneliness...and your dark eyes 1992 Communique Rrds Ltd 320 kbps

Secrets / Head over heels / Can't get to sleep /If I had wings /Get up get up / Just wanted to dance with you / Fast car / Ideal woman / Rob the bank / The leather, the loneliness and your dark eyes .

Produced by Rene Berg .

Rene Berg : guitar, vocals / Bernie Torme : guitar / Paul Gray : bass /Rat Scabies : drums, percussion .

René Berg started out his musical endeavors playing with notorious Dutch junkie rock n' roller Herman Brood in the late 70's before starting the Idle Flowers in September 1981 back in London, England. The band opened up for Hanoi Rocks on 20th January 1983 at the 'Klub Foot',Clarendon and René also guested on guitar with Hanoi Rocks sometime in that year,and joined Hanoi Rocks on stage at Birmingham Mermaid on the 27th May for the encore. The Idle Flowers recorded many demos for an intended debut LP entitled "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes" (which became the title of René's 1992 solo album) but the recordings remain unreleased. The only official Idle Flowers release was the excellent Plimsouls-esque "All I Want Is You / Fizz Music "single back in 1984 on the Miles Ahead label recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios.

In March 1985, Berg was asked by Michael Monroe and Nasty Suicide to join Hanoi Rocks as the band's new bassist for the departed Sami Yaffa. Berg was an old friend of the band and had played occasionally with Andy McCoy. The new Hanoi Rocks lineup (which also included one time Clash drummer Terry Chimes filling in after Razzle's tragic death) only lasted a few months before falling apart. However René did record bass on the "Rock & Roll Divorce "(1985) live album and the final Hanoi Rocks 1985 demos. His self penned song "Fast Car" included on his 1992 solo album as well as Hanoi Rocks posthumous "Lean On Me" (1992) collection was recorded by Hanoi Rocks. The rest of the 1985 demos remain unreleased.

Shortly after the demise of Hanoi Rocks in May 1985, a month later the Idle Flowers broke up in June 1985 after almost a four year stint together. Berg kept a low profile before ending up singing lead vocals in 1986 on the Suicide Twins (Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide's side acoustic band) "Sweet Pretending".

In 1986 René grouped with Jim Penfold from The Hollwood Killers and started The Killers who recorded four unreleased demos, appeared on London Weekend TV, and did many shows before disbanding in early 1987. Also in 1987 he played on the Gang Bang Band's 12" EP recorded with Nasty Suicide from Hanoi Rocks, Bernie Torme, and members of the Quireboys, Babysitters, and Wolfsbane.

1987 proved a very productive year for Berg who fronted his second band (after the Idle Flowers) called West End Central which quickly evolved into the Soho Vultures with Nasty Suicide (Hanoi Rocks) on guitar. Tommy Fox soon replaced Dougie (Idle Flowers) on bass and The Soho Vultures recorded six great glammy power pop songs in 1987 that to this day tragically remain unreleased .

The Soho Vultures songs recorded were "Head Over Heels", "Can't Get To Sleep", "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes", "Happy", "Too Late" and the classic "London Town". "Too Late" featured Nasty Suicide on lead vocals while the other songs featured René Berg's outstanding vocals. "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes", "Happy", and "Too Late "were to be rerecorded for the band's debut Ammunition single that never came to be. Fortunately, "Head Over Heels", "Can't Get To Sleep", and "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes" were all recorded for René's 1992 solo album.

Other Soho Vultures songs played live included the old Idle Flowers songs "Down The Avenue", Feel Your Love, Glad I'm Not American, Rob The Bank, The Letter, and Alright Alright as well as a cover of Hanoi Rocks "Boiler". The Soho Vultures played frequently in London at the Marquee and Dingwall's, toured Finland in September of that year appearing on radio shows, a Finnish TV music programme entitled Rock Stop, and even made a rarely seen video for the song "Head Over Heels" before calling it a day in late 1987.

After the Soho Vultures disbanded René remained quiet for a few years until he scored a bigger record deal and recorded his only solo album "The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes "released in 1992 on Communique Records. When he arrived back on the scene he was revitalized by the album release, (his first in eight years since the Idle Flowers single and album) and promoted and played many live dates between 1992-1993 some with his old bandmate Nasty Suicide guesting on guitar. The album featured guitarist Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne Band, Gillan), Paul Gray (Damned, UFO) and Rat Scabies (Damned) on drums. A planned tour of Europe and Japan to promote the album was scheduled but was later cancelled. In 1993 René contributed to Nasty Suicide's "Cool Talk Injection" (1994) album singing lead vocals on the Alvin Gibbs penned song "The Trap That Venus Laid" and backing vocals on two other songs. René was contracted to do two more albums for Communique Records (which would have mosty likely included London Town and other Idle Flowers / Soho Vultures songs) which never materialized. He never entirely quit playing music. René always recorded private demos with friends (some dating from the late 70's) that remain unreleased.

René Berg died on July 28, 2003 estranged from those who knew him. The cause of death was not an overdose (he never was entirely addicted to heroin and supposely could use or not use it when he chose) but a culmination of depression and all the years of hard living and drinking taking there toll .



THE CRYBABYS The Crybabys 1991 Receiver Records 320 kbps

Where have all the good girls gone / You don't have to wear boots to be a cowboy (but you've gotta leave your horse outside) / This is what we want / She didn't like rock'n'roll / Remember to forget / Lovin what's left / Go go girl / Money / European girls / Too hot to last / When you leave me baby can I come too .

The Crybabys : Honest John Plain : guitar , vocals / Darrell Barth : guitar, vocals /Robbie Rushton : rowdy drums / Mark Duncan : bass .

Rock'n'roll crashed down on Planet Earth without a warning half a century ago and, despite repeated assaults from as numerous as short-lived other types of music, it has carried on unruffled its own sweet way. Like it or not, rock is not dead and the Crybabys are the living proof that it is still alive and kicking. But how else could it be when you know that the band is composed of the legendary Honest John Plain (co-founder of the Boys and punk rock icon), guitar extraordinaire Darrell Bath (The Dogs D'amour, UK Subs and Temple Tudor), Leslie Riggs (Cheap and Nasty, Godfathers,...) and Spanish brother in arms Dany Garcia? But we can't judge a band by looking at its calling card, no matter how impressive this one is. Far from any commercial concern or elitist pseudo-fad, " Rock On " Sessions is once and for all a rock'n'roll album with all the purity and sincerity associated with this term. No popularity-seeking messages or pompous statements but alternatively moving and humourous lyrics backed up by a powerful rhythm section and guitars galore. The Crybabys have no intention whatsoever to revolutionize the music industry, they're much more interested in writing great songs and concentrating on the beer crates awaiting them backstage. " Rock On " Sessions is nonetheless a flawless album with a perfect balance between ass-kicking numbers and sentimental ballads in the true tradition of rock'n'roll.

The designer rock-by-numbers bus has been hijacked, customised and revved off the grid by fun-loving rock posse The Crybabys ! A band with this kind of 'cred' and pedigree spoils the listener for choice, blazing a multi-coloured trail across the full spectrum of the rock'n'roll skies.
Darrell's voice is a horizon full of dry-ice twilight, caught, bowled and returned by Honest John's punk drawl. Searing guitars and rhythm mechanics extraordinaires, The Crybabys confront with overwhelming charisma. A galvanised weave of power 'audiogenics', their brand of eclectic piracy intercepts the signal of rock mainstream and hammers it into burnished metal.
Threads of influence such as Mott the Hoople, Bowie, Stones and The New York Dolls catch the mind's eye.
Honest John Plain chalked up seven albums with The Boys before going on to play with The Lurkers, Gary Holton and Casino Steel , in 85 he joined Robbie Rushton in The Mannish Boys, whose history with Tamla Motown is legendary. Returning to England The Crybabys were formed, with Darrell Bath.
Darrell joined UK. Subs early 87 and toured Europe and America. He was also on tour with Choirboys and Thunder, and starred with Honest John in the Towerblock Rockers before touring Germany with die Toten Hosen, in 93 joined The Dogs d'Amour recording one album and toured America.
Honest John and Darrell Bath recording two albums with Ian Hunter.

From Action records.



CHEAP AND NASTY Beautiful disaster 1991 China records 320 kbps

Midnight emperor / Moonlight / Beautiful disaster / Queen bee / Sweet love / Body electric / Stateline / Live in lie / Retribution / Shot down /Break for border /Fantasy / Electric flag / Internal action .

Produced by Cheap and Nasty.

Cheap and Nasty : Nasty Suicide : guitar , vocals / Timo Kaltio : guitar, vocals / Alvin Gibbs : bass / Less Riggs : drums .

1989-1991 – Los Angeles :

After Soho Vultures broke up, Nasty Suicide packed his bags and moved with other Hanoi Rocks men to Los Angeles. There he joined Michael Monroe's band and played guitar in Michael's solo album "Not Fakin' It". Nasty also met Timo Kaltio there and they decided to form a new band. They tested local musicians but when they bumbed into Les Riggs and Mike Finn they hired them. This was the first version of Cheap And Nasty. They made few concerts with this line-up in California until authorities noticed that Nasty didn't have a working permit. Because of this lapse Nasty had to take the first flight back to Europe. He then thought that Cheap And Nasty was history but Timo and Riggs followed him to London. Finn was replaced with Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs). In March 1991 first album was released called "Beautiful Disaster". In 1991-1994 Cheap And Nasty toured around Europe and Japan. When Demolition 23 guitarist Jay Henning couldn't attend their tour in Europe in 1994, Michael invited Nasty to join as a substitute. In a press conference in Helsinki, Nasty suddenly announced he was a regular member of the band. In the same summer Nasty, Sami and Michael played in a tribute album made for Johnny Thunders: I Only Wrote This Song For You. In 1994 , the second Cheap And Nasty album was released : "Cool Talk Injection " but after the release Nasty announced of his departure.

1995 - Helsinki :

In 1995 , Nasty also announced of his departure from Demolition 23. He moved back to Finland where he continued his high-school studies which were cut down in 1980. After this he went to Helsinki University and he changed his name back to Jan Stenfors. In 1996 he released a solo album "Vinegar Blood" where his brother Frej and father Harry Stenfors and Sam Yaffa also played. After the release he made a short tour in Finland with Frej, Sami and Puka Oinonen. He also made an acoustic tour in Japan without a back-up band. In 1997 Jan played some duet-concerts with Puka. After this, Jan concentrated totally on his university studies and nowadays he's working in a pharmacy in Helsinki. by P Pakkanen http://www.hanoi-rocks.net/

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WILMER X Not glamorous 1987 MNWP 320 kbps

Go your own / Skunk / Kiss T.N.T. / Radiac brain / Your most raggedy friend / She's on top / Not glamorous / Black gold /Hm hm /Aching heart / Better off one leg / Under siege .

Produced by N. Hellberg & T. Gabrielsson .

Wilmer X : S. Björk : bass, backing vcls / J. Lorensson : harmonica / S. Bomb : drums / N. Hellberg : vocals , guitar / P. Ossler : guitar / M. Bengtsson : organ & backing vcls / T. Holst : guitar on "Not glamorous" .

A few more albums gave the group a solid following, especially in southern Sweden, but they did not manage to break through to the big audiences. Neither did their two first albums with English lyrics, Downward Bound and Not Glamorous, break abroad. In 1988, they changed to the record company EMI and scored their first nationwide hit with the title track from Tekniken Under. This album even included keyboards, something unthinkable five years earlier, and on the following albums, Wilmer X started to move away from their straight and aggressive rock. The double-album Mambo Feber, released in 1991, sold gold, and was also a success with the critics. That was also true about the live album En Speciell Kväll Med Wilmer X from the same year, starring Peps Persson. But from here the group did not seem to know where to move. Pontiac Till Himmelen includes some skilled roots- and gospel-inspired numbers, but also a bunch of melodramatic ballads. On the following albums, they tried blues, country, and ballads without managing to sell near as much as Mambo Feber had. The different styles they mastered showed the bands competence, but left fans confused. Neither was the songwriting what it had been. In 1995, an excursion into a melodramatic and pathetic landscape on Hallå Världen helped in alienating their most faithful rock fans. When Wilmer X finally announced their return to heavy roots rock and released Primitiv in 1998, many fans draw a sigh of relief. But not wanting to stay on one track for too long, on the next album, Silver, Wilmer X turned to glam rock showing heavy influence from David Bowie and T Rex.
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WILMER X Downward bound 1986 Rebel Rec. 320 kbps

Downward bound / No good lies / Down on my knees / Blood or gold / Don't let me bleed / Honk Kong boy / Losing control / Blind my eyes / Siesta 'round the clock / Fragile child/Motorbike drivin' .

Produced by Wilmer X & T. Gabrielsson .

Wilmer X 1986 : N. Hellberg : vocals, guitar / S. Bomb : drums / J. Lorensson : harmonica ,vocals / S. Björk : bass , vocals / T. Holst : guitar , vocals .

In the '80s, Wilmer X took an outspoken stand against synth pop and electronic music, stating a dislike for synthesizers and playing rock & roll with a garage feel. Almost ironically, they also showed a big talent for melodies and catchy pop hooks. In fact, the melodies and the flirtations with pop would later become a problem. But in the '80s it was an excellent complement to the group's aggressiveness.The group was formed as Wilmer Pitt in 1977, by Nisse Hellberg and Clas Rosenberg. But at the time of their first recording, the single "Sov Min Älskling" , they changed their name to the less offensive Wilmer X. After recording a self-titled mini-LP and their first full-length album, Wilmer X, they managed to get a contract with MNW and started working on the album "Fula Fula Ord", having a much higher budget than on the previous recordings. The band now included harmonica player Jalle Lorensson, bassist Lennart Nygren, and drummer Jalle Olsson. Sticky Bomb, who was to be Wilmer X's long-lasting drummer, was also included on some tracks on percussion. In 1985, Under Hot was released, providing the group with a slogan with which they described their music. The idea was that they played as if under constant threat, giving them a manic energy. A few more albums gave the group a solid following, especially in southern Sweden, but they did not manage to break through to the big audiences. Neither did their first album with English lyrics, "Downward Bound" .

Il y a 22 ans déjà et plus, les Nomads avaient enfoncé les portes de la scène rock française grâce à Closer Records ! les cohortes vikings suivirent et c'est avec grand plaisir que nous nous laissions conquérir par les Pushwangers , Shoutless, Watermelon Men , Playmates , Pyromaniacs , Hidden Charm , Bottle Ups , Creeps , Smack , Stomach Mouth , Wylde Mammoth , Slammers , Sleep , Psychotic Youth , Problem , Slobsters et autres s'engouffrant dans la brêche ouverte des années avant par leurs aînés expatriés d' Hanoi Rocks !

Aujourd'hui encore , ce rock du nord (désolé si se mélangent aux suédois quelques norvégiens ou danois mais avec le temps on oublie ...) fait les nuits belles , même si elles ne sont plus blanches , de nombreux rockers qui s'agitent au son des Hellacopters , Dollhouse , Backstreet Girls , Gluecifer(R.I.P.) , Deadbeats , Sacred Sailors , Soulshake Express ... j'en passe et des meilleurs !

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SINGLES WILMER X Honk Kong boy / Siesta 'round the clock 1986 MNW wav

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AMERICAN HEARTBREAK / LIBERTINE* You can't kill rock'n'roll 2000 Coldfront records 320 kbps

Postcards from hell /Rotten apple / She's tellin' lies / Condemned 2000 / Genius of crack / Am I ever gonna see / Your face again / In heaven* / I don't belong* / Catwalk* / Candy* / Ask the lonely* / Just got back* .

American Heartbreak : L. Boone : vocals / M. Butler : bass, vocals / B. Rowe : guitar / A. Becvar : guitar / E. Lannon : drums .

Libertine : Belvy K. : vocals / J. Couille : guitar / P. Vincent : bass / J. Splits : guitar / S. Duran : drums .

No, you can't kill rock'n'roll, but no thanks to these chumps. Not like they're doubtlessly sincere in their attempts to hitch a ride on The Dragons' tail, which would be a better idea if The Dragons were popular, of course, but hearts in the right place don't save ya, 'specially when the above dumbasses are pretty much interchangeable, 'cept Libertine plays slower than American Heartbreak, so mebbe they're more sensitive, or wussy or somethin' and sometimes they remind me of a John Hughes movie soundtrack. Then someone covers Cheap Trick. I forget and I'm not gonna bother finding out, you can if you want, but don't say I didn't warn ya.

Jon Sarre





LOU ...

Lou "monkee on my back ..."Reed


THE DOGS Fed up ! (1976) 2000 320 kbps John rock'n'roll Sinclair / Slither / Sleaze city / Black tea /Younger point of view / Fed up / Shakin' all over /Tuff enuff /Slash your face / Are you a boy or are you a girl ? / John rock'n'roll Sinclair (live) / Years gone by / Dog in the cathouse .
The Dogs: L. Molinare: vocals , guitar / M. Kay: vocals , bass / R. Wood: drums .
Originally arising out of the Detroit rock revolution that erupted with THE STOOGES and MC5, then migrating to LA in the late 70's, THE DOGS have influenced punk while treading right along with the scene. During the 70's they opened for punk and hard rock notables including TELEVISION, THE DICTATORS, KISS and AC/DC! THE DOGS have continued to play shows throughout the decades, even releasing new material on the Dionysus label in 2003. Most recently the band has been celebrated with an international tribute album with bands culled by Detroit Jack (see next post) .As the notoriously celebrated MC5 manager John Sinclair writes of THE DOGS, "This trio crashes and burns through the front lines of rock and roll action like they've always done!" And after seeing their concert first hand in Tokyo, I can testify !Bands come and go, but every once in awhile a band will come along to sit up and take notice of. The Dogs, one of the most legendary '70s punk rock bands, Detroit/Los Angeles transplants. The band is known worldwide for the amazing "Slash Your Face" single which appeared on an early volume of "Killed By Death" well over ten years ago, as well for "Younger Point of View" on Rhino's 1978 local punk compilation, Saturday Nite Pogo. The Dogs embodies the first of a new generation of rock and punk bands. Their lyrics provided social commentary combined with the hard-hitting Detroit styles riffs. They were influenced by The Stooges, MC-5 and Chuck Berry, The Dogs were the forerunners of new '70s rock sounds that didn't really have an impact till the late '70s Punk rock era began. The band opened shows for MC-5, AC-DC-Kiss-Dictators-Television-Van Halen. The band released a classic punk single in 1976 called “John Rock Roll Sinclair” and 1978 the “Slash your Face EP With the 2001 release of "Fed Up" on Dionysus Records, it was evident that The Dogs were arguably the seminal L.A. punk band of the mid-to-late Seventies. The band wasn't ahead of it's times so much as timeless. With the encouragement and coaxing of label kingpin Lee Joseph. The Dogs are reunited doing live shows in Los Angeles with founding members Loren Molinare (guitar and vocals) and bassist Mary Kay, with drummer Tony Matteucci from the 80's line up of The Dogs and drummer Ken Mundy both taking over on drums for the rebellious Ron Wood when he is in jail or MIA. You'll be hard pressed to find much difference in the new stuff, with the 2003 Dionysus release “Suburban Nightmare” the band still mine’s a musical territory similar in style to those killer '70s singles, except that the new stuff is better recorded. Other than that, very little has changed, the band still kicks out the jams. With the '70s line-up - Loren Molinare, Ron Wood and Mary Kay - still intact, this trio crashes and burns through the front lines of rock and roll action !!!From Pacifiction Records & The Dogs myspace .


CHERRT VANILLA Venus d' vinyl 1979 R.C.A. 320 kbps

Amanda (Paradise) / The young boys / Lover like you / Wayni's sweet / Mr Spider / You belong to me / California / Tear myself away / The round dance / Moonlight .

Produced by H. Stratten

Cherry Vanilla : vocals / A. Eden : drums / D. Quinn : bass / L. Lepore : guitar , keyboards / I. S. Lane : backin' vocals .

A second album in 1979, Venus D'Vinyl, was equally noteworthy, but fared even more poorly, with further insult added by RCA's refusal to countenance Vanilla's own choice of cover art — her disembodied head spinning on a record playing turntable, watching with curiosity as the stylus drew ever closer. Utterly disillusioned by the entire experience, Vanilla retired from active performance that same year, moving back to the U.S. and ultimately returning to Puerto Rico, working for synthesizer wizard Vangelis. After two decades out of print, meanwhile, her RCA albums were finally reissued as a two-fer in 2000.
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CHERRY VANILLA Bad girl 1977 RCA 320 kbps

I know how to rock / So 1950's / Not so bad / The punk / No more canaries / Hard as a rock / Liverpool / Foxy bitch / Bad girl / Little red rooster .

Produced by H. Sratten

Cherry Vanilla : vocals /L. Lepore : guitar / Z. Esquibel : keyboards / M. Mancuso & S. Elliot : drums / H. Finkel & G. Ford : bass .

Born Kathy Dorritie, and also performing as Party Favor, Vanilla was a complete unknown when she was recruited to the cast of Pork, where she played a necrophiliac nurse alongside Lee Black Childers and Wayne County. Initially buoyed by the cachet of Warhol's name, but swiftly taking on a life of its own, Pork was one of the underground hits of 1971, both in New York and in London, where it ran for six months during 1971 and attracted notices from across the media spectrum. David Bowie was an especially rapt observer, all the more so after Vanilla and County bestowed their own patronage on him, adopting the hippy-haired folkie singer and projecting their own peculiar sense of glamor upon him. Within months of first catching sight of them, Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, and the Pork crew were working behind him; Vanilla was employed as his publicist, a role in which her own personal taste for outrage and controversy found acres of room for manouever.Both Bowie and his wife Angie actively championed Vanilla's own artistic ambitions — it was Angie, at the Springfield Rock Festival in Missouri (dedicated in its entirety to Bowie and his music), who persuaded Vanilla to present one of the performing bands with her own lyrics for inclusion in their set. And interviewed in 1974 by Penthouse, the couple were vociferous in their praise for Compositions, a recently published anthology of Vanilla's poetry. There were even plans for a full Vanilla album, to be produced by Bowie in 1975; it didn't happen, but much of the material scheduled for the set would be put on display in the end, as Vanilla formed her own group, the Staten Island Band, and began playing Max's Kansas City in New York. The following year, Vanilla's "Shake Your Ashes" was a highlight on the first Live at Max's compilation album, with Vanilla's New York renown only heightened by the publication of the controversial, but so influential, Pop Tarts. By the end of the year, however, Vanilla had relocated to London, joining Wayne County and Johnny Thunders in the first wave of American bands who truly understood the then-emergent punk scene.

An immediate fixture at the famed Roxy club, Vanilla's regular live band featured bassist Gordon "Sting" Sumner, drummer Stewart Copeland, and guitarist Henry Padovani, a trio whose own career under the name the Police was then going nowhere extraordinarily quickly. Vanilla, contrarily was soaring. In mid-1977 she signed with RCA, coincidentally David Bowie's then-current label, and it was the Police's misfortune indeed that when Vanilla came to cut her debut album, her management elected to recruit a largely American band to back her. The Police had hit her to been scheduled to accompany her on the record.

Preceded by a single, "The Punk"/"Foxy Bitch," Bad Girl appeared in early 1978, a cross between punk, rock, and burlesque which should never have been as ignored, or abused, as it ultimately was. The music was primitive and the lyrics occasionally crass, but Vanilla had a genuinely seductive singing voice which made mincemeat of the more feted female vocalists of the period .


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THE SHORT FUSES Duchess hustle 2002 Safety Pin records 320 kbps

Wow °/ Ask the chicken °/ Come over* / Sunday night T.V.° / Hey dragon° / Beat , beat , beat " / Wildwood blues* / Stuck on you"/ Send me a postcard* / Juliet*/ Shake your hips "/ Let's go° .

Produced by Travis Ramin .

The Short Fuses : Miss Georgia Peach : lead vocals /Travis Ramin : lead guitar & bass */ Justin Staggs : rhythm guitar / Duane Burda : bass ° / Randy Wiess : bass " /Smack Ramen (Travis ?) : drums .

Upon recording the Sonic Rendezvous Band classic "Electrophonic Tonic" for a tribute cd, the track was heard by surviving SRB member and Detroit music legend Scott Morgan. Morgan was impressed and got in touch with the band to record a duet. The band was thrilled and kicked out two high energy tunes that carried the group to the mighty Spanish label Safety Pin Records, who loved the single so much that an LP was offered. This third LP is The Short Fuses' best. Heavy hitting, wild playing with reckless abandon with the melodic, sexy power vocals of Miss Georgia Peach front and center. Hot rock-n-roll action is the only way to describe the fierce new platter.
Merci à Gildas pour l'album !


THE SHORT FUSES Get the hell down 2000 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps

Bored / Corvette summer / The golden strip / Rev'-up-n-ready / Devastator / Night of the bloodsuckers / Beneath the city of the guitar vixens / Midway motel / One eye / Spare me / Messenger of rock / Powerlord / Becoming invincible .

During the tour for "#1", the band played a Saturday night gig in Los Angeles at the late, great Bar Delux. In attendance were such rock luminaries as Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, Pat Todd of The Lazy Cowgirls and Flipside writer and R.A.F.R. Records head Martin McMartin. The buzz began and made its way to Long Gone John at Sympathy for the Record Industry, and so the band made a deal to cut a single and LP. This became "Get The Hell Down", the official debut LP that was like no one had ever heard before. The rise continued as The Short Fuses rocked the Twin Cities scene, headlining the Rock Action festivals from 2000-2002 and rocking the Las Vegas Shakedown.