THE SLICKEE BOYS - Fashionably late

THE SLICKEE BOYS Fashionably late cd 1988 New Rose 320 kbps
Sleepless nights / The missing part / Hesitation / You can run / Blind deaf & dumb / The mean screen / Your autumn eyes / Droppin' off to sleep / The dive / If I could lie / Love twilight / Eye to eye / Without a word of warning .
Produced by the Slickee Boys.
The Slickee Boys : M. Keith : lead & accoustic guitar, keyboards / K. Kane : rhythm guitar & vocals / J. Chumbris : bass, guitar, keyboards & backing vocals / M. Noone : vocals / D. Palenski : drums & backing vocals / G. Cook : drums .

"Fashionably Late" was released only on the French New Rose label . The quintet has unearthed two buried treasures of Whashington D.C. punks, the Gizmos' "The Mean Screen" and Razz's "You Can Run" , written by Michael Reidy and the Tommy Keene. "Fashionably Late" rounded off some of the rougher edges of the group's sound, but it still featured some killer tracks. "Dropping Off To Sleep" quickly became a live staple. Drummer Dan Palenski noted that "Noone wrote this, I think, about Marshall's ability to sleep anywhere at any time." "Sleepless Nights" written by bassist J. Chumbris was a full tilt rocker that showed the variety that the band members brought to the songwriting table. But the biggest surprise was Kim Kane's "Your Autumn Eyes". A gorgeous ballad that sounds like a long-lost Smiths song, this effort elevates the record to a higher level. One listen and you'll be hooked..." S. Koepenick

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THE SLICKEE BOYS "Fashionably late" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonymoussalex : Wow de wow! Sans doute le plus sous-estimé des albums des Slickee ! Et pourtant, à 2 ou 3 exceptions prêt, il n'y a ici que des standards imparables à fredonner dans la minute. Merci Mr MR : en espérant que beaucoup de gens seront surpris par la richesse de ce post -excellentissime !!!