THE DARLINGS - Wet dreams & teen machines

THE DARLINGS Wet dreams & teen machines cd 1998 Bomp 320 kbps
Melted / Recovery* / Ultra fuck / First time / Watch me bleed / Natural decay / Coming down / Hummer / Purple / Chains / Drowning / I won't let go.
Produced by Lance V. & the Darlings except * by L. Paine.
The Darlings : P. C. Starling : lead vocals /
Lance V. : bass & backing vocals / D. Thompson : all guitars / X : drums (but all drums played by R. Morgan on this record)
"In 1998 , this aptly named band had become the darlings of L.A.'s local music scene in only a few short months . Lead singer P. Starling was frequently naked and combines her talents with the irresistable powerpop punk of bassist L. VanDen Hende and driving guitar of D. Thompson.
Their sound was like the Rezillos if their lead singer was more like Janis Joplin with a touch of the Ramones..."


THE MAKERS - Psychopathia Sexualis

THE MAKERS Psychopathia sexualis cd 1998 320 kbps
Lover, lover / Sharp leather walkin' shoes / (Are you on the inside or the ouside of your) pants / Love that is strange / Turn up the century / Whiskey dog mind / Vic's mood or Jeffers , I fear the rise of meaningless life / Sicko sexual / God in the palm of my hand / The mystery / Hotel 17 / Psychotropic supergirl / Deliver your disease.
Produced by Jack Endino & M. Maker.
The Makers : Michael : vocals / Jamie : guitar / Donnie : bass / Jay : drums.

Garage punk outfit the Makers formed in Spokane, WA, in 1991, originally assembling frontman M. Maker, his bassist brother D. Maker, guitarists T. Maker & J. Maker, and drummer J. Maker. Famed for their anarchic live dates and for traveling from show to show in a 1965 Pontiac hearse, the group signed to S.F.T.R.I to issue their debut 10" 'Hip Notic'; the exit of J. Maker coincided with a move to the Estrus label for the full-length follow-up, 1993's 'Howl!'. The instrumental EP 'The devil's nine questions' preceded the Makers' second long player, 1994's 'All night riot'; a trashier, more distorted sound distinguished the band's self-titled third LP, with guitarist J. Maker replacing T. Maker for 1997's 'Hunger'. After backing singer A. March on her 'April March sings the songs' album, the Makers resurfaced in 1998 with a new retro-glam approach on the acclaimed 'Psychopathia sexualis', heralding the change by adopting new stage names. The Makers made their Sub Pop label debut with 2000's acclaimed 'Rock star god' and followed it in 2002 with 'Strangest parade'. J. Maker left the group that year to be replaced by J. Chandler and the band parted ways with Sub Pop as well. They soon signed with Kill Rock Stars and in 2004 released 'Stripped', a collection of re-recordings of songs originally put out on Estrus between 1991 and 1998. They also welcomed back guitarist T. Maker (now known as T. Killingworth) expanding the group to a 5-piece for the album. This same line-up released 'Everybody rise!' in the fall of 2005. Allmusic
With new looks and a potent new glam approach, 'Psychopathia Sexualis' is the first of their "mature" efforts, and although it retains much of the crude aggression of 'Hunger' the songs are stronger and more spacious, and the playing more powerful, thanks to guitarist J. Frost, who rocks hard and nasty while simultaneously giving the band a much-needed versatility. M. Shelley sounds more convincing than ever, whether singing a flaming rocker such as "Turn Up the Century" or the sensitive "Love That Is Strange," which features some nice guitar work by J. Frost. "Psychotropic Supergirl" and "Lover Lover" reveal the group's developing melodic sense a skill they would master on 'Rock star god'. Allmusic


DUCKS DELUXE - All too much

DUCKS DELUXE All too much cd 1975-1998 Skydog 360 kbps
I Fought the Law / Something's Going on (1) / Jumpin' in the Fire / Here Comes the Night / Amsterdam Dog / Rock & Roll For Every Boy And Girl / Cannons of the Boogie Night / Something's Going on (alternative version) / Moonlight / Seas on Fire / Summer Memories.
1/9 : Ducks Deluxe - 10/11 : Left Hand Drive (Produced by Sean Tyla)
Ducks Deluxe (for "All too much")* : Sean Tyla : vocals, guitar / Martin Belmont : guitar, vocals / Tim Ropper: drums / Micky Groome : bass.

When ex-Help Yourself members Sean Tyla and Ken Whaley joined up with Martin Belmont in Summer 1972, the band that would become Ducks Deluxe was born. Nick Garvey, replaced Whaley at start of 1973, shortly after drummer, Tim Roper had joined the fledgling crew. It was bare bones, Americana rock in it’s most raw and violent form. The band then spent the rest of 1973 turning the burgeoning ‘Pub-Rock’ scene on it’s head and by early 1974 had signed to RCA and released their first single - the Sean Tyla/Nick Garvey signature anthem, 'Coast To Coast'. Banned by the BBC for it's lyrical reference to drugs, the single became Capital Radio's 'People's Choice', racking up 164 spins in a week but failed to chart as RCA ran out of records! The self-titled, debut album, 'Ducks Deluxe' successfully captured the fire and excitement of the Ducks' live act, including the evergreen Tyla-penned classics, ‘Fireball’ and ‘Daddy Put The Bomp’ and was well received on both sides of the Atlantic. Later that year, having added keyboard player Andy McMaster to the line-up, the Ducks recorded a second album, 'Taxi To The Terminal Zone' at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth with Dave Edmunds producing. Taking its title from a line in Chuck Berry's "Promised Land," the album contained more classic songs in Tyla’s 'Paris 9', ‘It Don’t Matter Tonite’, ‘Rio Grande’ and Nick Garvey’s, 'My My Music'. The Garvey/McMaster pop-flavoured ditty, 'Love's Melody', a major musical diversion for the band was the sole single released from the set and would ultimately cause a disastrous rift within the ranks. After ‘Taxi’, Garvey and McMaster left, eventually forming the Motors while Tyla, Belmont and Roper carried on, recruiting bassist Micky Groome, late of the Nashville Teens. However, RCA had become wholly unsupportive by this time and the Ducks switched to the rampant French indie, Skydog, releasing the ‘Jumpin’ EP to support a sell-out tour of France; a territory where the band had achieved major ‘cult’ status, thanks to the unstinting support and faith of their European manager and Skydog boss, the legendary rock impresario, Marc Zermati. At the beginning of 1975, Tim Roper jumped ship and former Brinsley Schwarz drummer Billy Rankin filled the void. Later, Brinsley himself joined, adding a third guitar, tenor sax and keyboards to the mix. The Ducks finally called it a day in the summer of 1975. The Duck’s final gig, at the 100 Club in London was on July 1st 1975, where they were joined on stage by friends, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Lee Brilleaux and Martin Stone. Sean Tyla went on to form The Tyla Gang and initially signed to Stiff records [his "Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie" being the label's fourth release] and later to US-Based indie, Beserkley. The Tyla Gang toured solidly through the US and Europe for three years, releasing two critically acclaimed albums and achieving ‘cult’ status in France after their show-stopping performance at the 1977 International Punk Festival in Mont de Marsan. Sean then moved on, signing a solo contract with Polydor US, racking up three Top Ten singles and two Top Ten albums in Germany, where he eventually based himself until his retirement in 1986. He recently returned to the studio to record his ninth album, ‘Back In The Saddle’ which was released on his own Hawkhead Records label in September 2008. Martin Belmont and Brinsley Schwartz later became founder members of the Rumour, behind Graham Parker, racking up six albums, umpteen tours of Britain, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan as well as recording three LP’s in their own right. Martin’s razor sharp guitar breaks and solid chunky rhythm playing were one the musical highlights of a band overflowing with musical riches. Playing on Nick Lowe’s ‘Jesus of Cool’ album further enhanced Belmont’s reputation, and he toured with Elvis Costello and the Attractions on more than one occasion. After the Rumour had run its course, Martin became one of Carlene Carter’s ‘CC Riders’, playing on her Blue Nun album and constantly touring Europe and the USA. From 1982 to 1987, Martin worked solidly with Nick Lowe as part of the latter’s ‘Noise To Go’ and ‘Cowboy Outfit’ backing bands. He played on all of Lowe’s albums of that period as well as touring the US, Europe and Australia with him. Since 1987, Martin has worked regularly with Hank Wangford, the Pistoleros and the Tex Pistols. He is about to release his second solo CD in 2009. In October 2008, American businessman and life-long fan, Mike Halpern offered to promote a one-off show at the 100 Club in London, UK to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the band’s 1973 formation date. Billy Rankin was persuaded out of retirement for the event after thirty years of inactivity and Martin and Sean were also joined by Mickey Groome on bass. Fans travelled from all over Europe and the UK and the show was a huge success. Once the word was out that the band had reformed, albeit for a single show, offers of more work from the UK and Europe started to come in and Martin and Sean decided to reform the band on a permanent basis. With Billy Rankin now running a full time business and Mickey Groome fully committed elsewhere, the duo turned to drummer Jim Russell, (Stretch, Inmates, Scotty Moore Trio, Los Pacaminos) who plays regularily with Martin in rockabilly outfit, Los Pistoleros and another Belmont collaborator, bass player and backing vocalist, Kevin Foster, (Hank Wangford & the Lost Cowboys, Los Pisterleros) to complete the new line-up. This re-vitalised Ducks outfit have spent 2009 playing concerts and festivals in France, Spain, the UK and in 2009 will play more UK dates plus a Spring tour of Sweden with further tours in Spain, Italy and Greece due to be confirmed. The Ducks also hope to release a new CD "Box of shorts" in 2009 as a follow-up to their 2008 ‘John Peel Sessions’ release. Source
* I'm sure for S. Tyla & M. Belmont . If you know for sure who are the other musicians ... welcome !
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THE LOAFIN' HYENAS The Loafin' Hyenas cd 1990 New Rose 320 kbps
Can't find the doorknob / Boot in the toilet / Bonehusker stomp / Going south / Scatter / Way of the world / Scratchin' fleas / Move it / Klawhammer krunch / Forbidden see / Diablo-devil / If looks could kill / Things must change / What goes on.
Produced by the Loafin' Hyenas.
The Loafin' Hyenas : C. Mort : guitars / R. Ritter : bass (R.I.P.) / T. Blaylock : fiddle, mandolin / H. K. Senac : drums / T. Tex Edwards : vocals.

" The Loafin' Hyenas emerged out of a Los Angeles caught in a whirlpool cesspool of hard drugs and far less hard rockin' sounds (Leadbelly did'nt have a Marshall Stack , but he' ll ALWAYS be harder that 80's Metal.)....Putting together a strange , murky , though thoroughably enjoyable concoction of Blues , Garage , Rockabilly and even fiddle - fueled Traditional Country (Long before the incredibly depressing "No Depression " trend had people here in the Chicago trying to dress like the same people that would've beat the shit out of them in Texas , or even at the former Main Street Pub , now The Double Door.) , it evoked , at times , The Cramps (Guitarist , Click Mort was briefly in The Cramps. Supposedly , he'd never played , prior to that , but , he's rippin' it up , ret ' chere.) , a more coherent Beasts of Bourbon, and , not surprisingly , The Gun Club. Bassist , Rob Ritter , had previously played in The Gun Club. He did not live to see the release of The Hyaenas' debut LP , sadly. Drummer Hermann Senacc , late of Blood on The Saddle , rounded things out , making this a "Supergroup" of sorts , if one more concerned with conveying a sense of urgency , and even humor , than displaying "Their chops"....
The band's "Secret Weapon" was the warped and wonderful vocal stylings of Mr. T. Tex Edwards , former (And present day!!) lead singer with Dallas Punk legends , The Nervebreakers. By this point in time , Edwards was getting more and more into a "Country" thing , but , a TWISTED Country thing. While not a particularly violent person , Tex can deliver a song with more menace than previously thought possible......Living so close to Arthur Brown and Roky Erickson did NOT hurt his delivery a - tall. He went on to record many "Murder Country " classics and originals, again , before the Insurgent Country (Which is neither) movement picked up on what he'd long since raised the bar on.....
The band only existed from 1987 to 1990....They put out one of the earliest 45s on the legendary Sympathy label (As well as an EP.) , And their excellent , though posthumous , LP came out on New Rose (But , we won't go there.). On their Myspace , you can hear several real gems from said LP release. They've stated that there's not much interest in the band , at this point in time , though Texas Terri covered their original killer , "If Looks Could Kill (I'd Give You a Second Glance."). A REISSUE , IF AT ALL A POSSIBILITY , IS IN ORDER. Thank you for your indulgence , Now, Go!!!! " Source

DIZBUSTER - Gun lighter cricket

DIZBUSTER Gun Lighter Cricket cd 1993 320 kbps
In drag / Saucer daze / Esperanza's brue / Carnal action coil / Fire brain / Flying ginny / Crispy dangler / Background unknown / Prehistoric proof / 2nd floor.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
Dizbuster : M. McCormick : guitar & voice / A. Clark : drums & voice / K. Telligman : bass / M. Alessi : guitar & backing voice.

Jeff Dahl produced this rockin' album that smokes like an out of control funny car on fire from the green to the checkered flags. Dizbuster tears through 10 songs without slowing down, although some cuts aren't as fast as "In Drag" and fall into a mid-tempo groove instead. Did I mention it rocks? Punk rock academy

B.O.C - E.T.I. Revisited

B. O. C. E.T.I. Revisited cd 1984 Munster rcds 320 kbps
Don't fear the reaper / E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) / M.E. 262 / This ain't the summer of love / Burning for you / O.D.'D on life itself / Flaming telepaths / Godzilla / Astronomy / Cities on flame with rock'n'roll /Harvester of eyes / Buck's boogie / Don't fear the reaper (TV Mix) / Godzilla (T.V. Mix).

Blue Öyster Cult turned back the career-of-evil clock to the group's cold-hearted seventie's reign, re-recording twelve intense tracks for the 1994 Cult Classic release. Issued by Herald Records, with initial copies featuring a 24-carat gold audiophile picture disc, the updated digital versions of BÖC's career of evil hammers lays on further proof of the Long Island based band's legendary status. Featuring the original Cult triumverant of stun guitarist Eric "Manny" Bloom, guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and Allen Lanier on keyboards, along with drummer Chuck Burgi and bassist Jon Rogers, the songs were recorded at Greene Street Studio, in New York. Bloom and Roeser handled the production end, as the revamped line-up reworked several staples from BÖC's glorious past. The one-hour-plus compilation opens with Blue Öyster Cult's signature track, the sobering "(Don't Fear) The Reaper". The hypnotic number, penned by "Buck Dharma" packs on the cowbell fills, while retaining the chilled change-of-season Autumn vibe. Going from strength-to-strength, the updated set of songs includes "E.T.I. (Extraterrestrial Intelligence)", the divebombing "M.E. 262", "Flaming Telepaths", "Godzilla", the mesmerizing "Astronomy", the pulsating "Harvester of Eyes", and the tight jamming "Buck Boogie". The disc is filled out with instrumental versions of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and the lumbering "Godzilla", each of which were recorded for the televised mini-series based on Stephen King's novel "The Stand".


THE SPITBALLS The Spitballs cd 1978/1988 Beserkley/Line 320 kbps
I can only give you everything (sung by R. Adler of the Rubinoos) / Gino is a coward (sung by L. Lynch of the Greg Kihn Band) / Over & over / Bad moon rising / Life's too short ( sung by Greg Kihn) / Let her dance / I want her so bad (sung by T. Dunbar of the Rubinoos) / Telstar / Way over there (sung by A. Brebner of the Modern Lovers) / Chapel of love (sung by J. Richman) / Knock on wood (sung by Sean Tyla & J. Doukas of Earthquake) / Just like me (sung by J. Rubin of the Rubinoos)/ Boris the spider / Feel so good (sung by J. Doukas of Earthquake) / Batman.
Produced by M. K. Kaufman, G. Kolotkin & K. Laguna.

Not a band but a wonderful novelty album made at the height of the Beserkley label's prominence and activity, Spitballs employed everyone then on the roster — the Modern Lovers, Greg Kihn Band, Earthquake, the Rubinoos and Sean Tyla — in various permutations on 15 rollicking cover versions of songs from the '60s. The album is a joyous celebration of the participants' fandom and roots, a thoroughly entertaining collection of great tunes re-created with affection and élan. The repertoire includes "The Batman Theme," "Chapel of Love," "Boris the Spider" and "Bad Moon Rising." It matters little who's playing or singing what, as the Spitballs are playing only favorites. Except for its incidental responsibility for the welter of tribute albums that have followed, Spitballs scores a direct hit. Trouser Press
There was certainly a precedent for label mates to sing on each others records at Beserkley; for instance, Jonathan Richman sang on Greg Kihn's "All the Right Reasons." Still, the idea of the entire label roster combining under one "band name" to make this record is kind of unique and part of what makes this record fun. Consisting of mostly covers, these aren't slavish copies so much as a bunch of players who got together to jam and have fun playing some of the songs they grew up playing. All music



THE GREY SPIKES Sex & Hate cd 1990 320 kbps
Kill the blue horse / Failure of the will / Gutter jive / Golden hammer / Burning fire /
Sleaze-o-rama / Rat pack / Lonely world / Love is hell / Psychopathic bitch / Human being animal / Downfall / The shattered life / Nobody / Iron curtain / Wipeout #99 / Son of dog / All I want is everything.
Produced by the Grey Spikes.
The Grey Spikes : M. Lee : voice / J. Mortal : bass / R. Stain : drums / T. Fate : guitar.
One of a passel of solid LA punk bands from the mid 90s, from the same scene that produced bands like the Humpers, the Lazy Cowgirls and the Creamers. But this is darker and more
serious, and may have more staying power. Includes Tony Fate, later of the Bellrays !
Source NKVD

THE CONDORS - Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty

THE CONDORS Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty cd 1999 320 kbps
Got no reason / I'm not sorry / Listen to me, now / It's later than you think / Drinking myself to sleep / Little reaction.
Produced by S. Refling, T. Fate & the Condors.
The Condors: P. DiPuccio (Pooch) : guitar, vocals, harp / M. McCormick : bass, vocals / J. Nowac : drums, vocals.
The Condors have built a reputation for delivering high-energy rock & roll to the faithful. Pooch, of Flipside Fanzine fame, and formerly in L.A.'s legendary Blow Up, has several solo releases and movie soundtracks to his credit. Before forming the Condors with Pooch, Jay pounded the skins for the bands The Longnecks and Big Wow. New additions D. Soyars & S. Dasgupta bring experience and taste, along with strong backing vocals making them a great addition to the band. Their combination of instrumental prowess and tough, gritty vocals help give the Condors a dynamic live sound. The band is in the midst of playing a series of live dates throughout the Western U.S. and has released their ctitically acclaimed debut CD, "Tales Of Drunkenness And Cruelty", produced by Tony Fate of The Bellrays. Source
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THE DEADBEATS - Come clean

THE DEADBEATS Come clean ep 2004 wav
Come clean / Put out my fire / Keep me waiting / He's a whore.
The Deadbeats :
M. Kniven: drums /Andreas A : guitar, vocals / Claes : bass /Andreas S: guitar.

The Deadbeats will appeal to those who dig The Hellacopters but with a twist of Thin Lizzy thrown into the mix. “Long Hard Nights” will push all the right buttons because it’s made with a lot of panache. Bringing the finest ingredients of Australian and Detroit to Sweden where it seems to be the perfect environment for it to breed like topsy. A question of temperature indeed. The “Come Clean” EP has 4 tracks, one of them is Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore” and you can always tell how cool a band is by the calibre of their cover versions and that famous guitar lick is Dictatorised and as you can imagine that scores pretty much a bullseye around these parts. Lindsay Hutton in The Next Big Thing
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SALUT WILLY ... j'ai du chagrin !



THE ADJUSTERS Can't see cd 2008 320 kbps
Drinkin' red wine / Can't see / Kickin' down the doors / I get paranoid / Start me up.
The Adjusters : Ash : lead vocals / Phil : guitars, vocals / Welliez : guitar , vocals / Neafcy : bass / Manning : drums + G. O'Brian : piano.
"We’re a bunch of adolescent fools who tend to make the stupidest decisions, which seem to be right at the time. We all share the same interest in rock n roll and early punk. Often bad mouthed we're the fucked up group at the end of the bar that often ends up in a scuffle outside. Not really giving a damn what people think we’re just here to write some bopping tunes and play some real rock n roll."– The Adjusters.
Real rock'n'roll from Wigan, UK , The Adjusters seems to me YOUNG , LOUD & SNOTTY like the Dead Boys !
1st LP to be released soon on the great US label Zodiac Killer Records !
And if you want a free copy of their debut EP send them a message with your full address and name at their Myspace here !


This one is on heavy rotation at home (I'm not sure for you young people) since thirty years (& more) ... I bought it on vinyl (twice), tape & cd !!!
It rocks like hell !!!
Check it please & I hope that you'll never get a ... on the needle !


TYLA GANG - Rockpalast

TYLA GANG Rockpalast (Audimax Hamburg 15.03.1978) 320 kbps
Flashin' in the subway / Styrofoam / The young lords / On the street / Suicide jockey / On your way down / It's gonna rain / Fireball / Don't shift a gear / Hurricane / Whizz kid / Moonlight ambulance / Walkin' the dog / Pool hall punks.

The Ducks split in 1975. Nick Garvey left to form the Motors, Martin Belmont went to join Graham Parker in the Rumour and Sean went on to form the original Tyla Gang. After releasing the single, "Styrofoam" on the Stiff label in late 1976, Sean and the Gang signed with California-based label, Beserkley Records in 1977, releasing two albums: ""Yachtless" and "Moonproof". Beserkley folded in 1979 but thanks to the generosity of Roger Daltrey and The Who, Sean cut his first solo album at the band's Ramport Studios in London. Later that year, he signed a $550,000, five-album deal with Polydor International, had his first Top Ten single in Germany [where he eventually based himself] and continued to enjoy chart successes as a solo artist with both albums and singles, throughout Europe until he retired in 1985.
After a 22-year absence, Sean Tyla finally returned in solo with the album "Back in the saddle" & with the Ducks Deluxe mini album "Box of shorts". A new Tyla Gang enter the studio in July 2009 to begin work on their ‘Silk & Iron’ CD, scheduled for release on Hawkhead Records in in Spring 2010 to coincide with a major European and Scandinavian tour.
What you have here is the Tyla Gang recorded live for the famous german TV show in 1978. This is the complete set of which five songs were available on the Beserkley german-only compilation "Bezerk Times".

The video of the same concert can be downloaded at the PPC blog !

Great artwork by Angelo from the PPC blog !