THE RESISTOLEROS - Rock'n'roll napalm

THE RESISTOLEROS Rock 'n' roll napalm cd 2005 320 kbps
Deseperate times / I'll bleed for you / Resistoleros / Rock 'n' roll napalm / 9/11 / Break mine off / Bad weather / Rights / Juice boy / Pin the crime / Assault & battery / You loose , I win / Caught with your panties down .
Produced by the Resistoleros & Bort Thurder.
The Resistoleros : Brian Shaffer : bass / Alby Wasted : rhythm guitar & vocals / Sammytown : vocals / Jonny Manak : lead guitar & vocals / Ike Eichensehr : drums.
Kick Ass! The Resistoleros crank it out low-down, mean, and nasty like a bunch of filthy, sleaze-lovin' dregs of society flyin' high on booze, smack, and cheap, gutter crawlin' sex appeal. Theirs is a sordid, unsavory sound of pure, undiluted Rock n' Roll at it's most primal, reckless, and heinous with a frenzied, Bowery-style blitz and plenty of ballsy , gut-slashing attitude. The vocals are defiantly delivered with a gruff and belligerent air of devil-may-care surliness. The smokin', high-octane guitar leads simmer in a thick and heavy bombardment of swaggering, drug-addled riffs ala the Dead Boys, Electric Frankenstein, and Dead Man's Choir. The bass and drums roar like a caterwauling graffiti-covered subway train violently rumbling through the seedy, rat-infested underbelly of New York City. No doubt about it, The Resistoleros rock it hard, play it dirty, and shake it loose!! If Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, and Stiv Bators were alive today, they'd be feverishly shootin' up a vein-blistering supply of grade "A" street heroin to the decadent, thundering noise destruction of Rock 'N' Roll Napalm.
Moser (Under the volcano #77 New York)

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THE RESISTOLEROS Rock'n'roll napalm
320 kbps + covers

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OH c'est encore noel chez Mr M.R.


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