THE BAD LUCK CHARMS - Bad Luck & Heartbreak

THE BAD LUCK CHARMS  Bad Luck & Heartbreak  CD  2000
Longest Road Home / One Man's Ruin / She Tells Me / Bad Luck & Heartbreak / When The Night Falls / Drivin' Me Crazy / Betty Jean / 20 Flight Rock / Lil' Red Riding Hood / Stars & The Moon / Close To You / Let It Go / Took My Mind Offa' You / Me And My Chevy / Blow This Town / Girl's Got Style / Get Up & Jump / Motel Blue.
Produced by The Bad Luck Charms & Dave Natale.
The Bad Luck Charms: Kenn: vocals & rythm guitar / Ross: bass / Jeremy: lead guitar / Dave: drums & vocals.


The first album on Zodiac Killer records: punky rockabilly at his best !
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THE RECORDS - A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo

THE RECORDS  A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo  CD  1989
Night Driving / Lovin' In The Back Row / Level In The Bottle / You Changed The Look / In The Eyes Of A Blindman / Third Degree Burns / 36-24-36 / Living Out Of A Suitcase.
Produced by The Records.
The Records: Phil Brown: bass & vocals / Will Birch: drums & vocals / John Wicks: guitar & vocals / Huw Gower: guitar & vocals, harmonica.

As a British powerpop band, The Records recorded three albums for Virgin Records: "Shades In Bed" (1979), "Crashes" (1980), and "Music on Both Sides" (1982). Unlike many bands, The Records lasted through the punk era and into the new wave music scene, before disbanding in 1982. John Wicks became a respected producer and songwriter in addition to his work as a solo artist.

 John Wicks released a series of singles on the Prizm record label in the early 1980s, including "The Way That Love Goes", "Prisoner Of Love" and "Nowhere Left To Run"."The Way that Love Goes" was later covered by Dominique, the B-side of her 1984 single "Change of Heart". In 1988, British rock enthusiasts petitioned Virgin Records to release the music of The Records on CD. The fans had their wish when Caroline Records released a best-of collection entitled  "Smashes Crashes and Near Misses", that same year. In 1990, Line Records Germany remastered and released an album of rhythm and blues flavored punk entitled "A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo".
Original lead guitarist Huw Gower invited his former band mates to reunite in 1990 to record a version of "Darlin'" for a Brian Wilson tribute CD "Smiles, Vibes & Harmony "  that he was involved in putting together for DeMilo Records in New York. (At the same Gower also brokered the US release of "Paying For The Summer of Love", a compilation of 1978 demos by the group (with advance royalties paid to all four original members) on CD, vinyl & cassette. In 1994 John formed a new incarnation of the band, under the moniker - John Wicks and The Records, booking shows primarily in the US.
By the middle of 1995, John Wicks and The Records recorded "Solace In Wonderland", a limited edition promo cassette of country-rock tinged songs reminisicent of Wilco, Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams. A full length album "Rock 'ola" was released by Rock Indiana in March 1998, whilst John Wicks and The Records were on tour in Spain.
Angel Air Records released "Paying For The Summer Of Love" remastered on CD in 2001. In 2002, Will Birch licensed the back catalog from UK Virgin to his On The Beach label releasing a deluxe CD edition of "Shades In Bed", which featured 10 bonus tracks including every cut from the "High Heels EP", followed by a 2005 deluxe CD edition of "Crashes", which included six bonus tracks.

In April 2007, after years, John Wicks released a new CD entitled "Rotate" on the KoolKatMusik label. Although described as an "anthology", Rotate contained several new tracks along with three remastered versions, and one new version of previously issued songs. Five bonus tracks were also featured on a special, signed, two disc version, including a cover version of The Beatles song "We Can Work It Out", which initially appeared on a Beatles CD.
Also in 2007, Wicks did an acoustic tour with Paul Collins.
In 2009, a new CD was released, containing an unreleased live performance entitled "Play Live: The Records Live In Concert." This performance featured The Records with John Wicks on rhythm guitar, Will Birch on drums, Phil Brown on bass and Jude Cole on lead guitar. A repackaged version of "Rotate", with a slightly different track listing - including a brand new version of "Starry Eyes" - was released November 2011 by The Fuel Label Group.

The songs of Will Birch and John Wicks have been recorded by 1960s British Invasion band The Searchers (with John McNally and Mike Pender), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Too Much Joy, Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks, Dominique and numerous other artists. Although The Records disbanded in 1982 - Wicks continues to write new material, record and tour, with an all new line up, billed as John Wicks and The Records. Source
Today John Wicks is currently taking a break from live Records' shows for a while to concentrate on his songwriting activities, and also to resume recording brand new Records' songs. In the meantime, he has issued a 12-song collection of demos, rare and unreleased recordings from 1982-2012. "Works In Progress" is the perfect conduit between The Records of yesterday and tommorrow ... a must have for any fan!
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1939 - 2013 


THE BROKEN JUG - Promised Land

THE BROKEN JUG   Promised Land  7''  1986
Promised Land / Sally / City Slang (bonus)
The Broken Jug: Max: guitar / James: bass / Christine: organ / Harry: vocals / Blacky: drums.

"From one of the leaders of 80`s garage-psych revival in Germany. Among the first releases of Glitterhouse records. Fresh (old) sound and genuine (imitated) atmosphere. Had come for making just some primitive electric noise, but later they decided to burn down the whole neighborhood ."

To my knowledge The Broken Jug has recorded 3 lp's and four 7''. There is also an excellent fourth and unreleased album more oriented Detroit rock (HERE). You can buy the vinyls HERE but unfortunately nothing has been reissued on cd! It's a shame...


PRIMA DONNA "She's So Untouchable" Valence (France)

Night after night, in front of one hundred people or one thousand, the great Prima Donna "save Rock'n'roll", the real rock'n'roll we like!
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LISA LOMBARDO - Lisa And Her Slaves

LISA LOMBARDO   Lisa And Her Slaves  CD  1992
Shut Off / Let It Out / A Little Further Away / There Is A Time / Devil Charge / Cold Night For Alligators / Oh My Baby / Bridgette / I'm A Lot Like You / It's Been A Long Long  Time / We All Live On.
Produced By Jeff Dahl.
Lisa Lombardo: rythm guitar, vocals / Julia Altstatt: bass / Rich Coffee: lead guitar / Dan Limerick: drums.

Lisa Lombardo made a brieve carreer in garage Punk in the late 80s/early 90s. She was in the San Francisco 60'"s inspired band Koel Family wich became The Gargoyles who released several records for Sympathy for The record Industry in a more punk-high energy style, remembrer their song "Michigan" in homage of the Detroit sound. At this time, Lisa's specialty was playing a pink stratocaster in bikini!!! Lisa also played in several Angy Samoans'Meta Mike solos album in early eighties. When Lisa spit from the Gargoyles, Jeff Dahl decided to put her out on his Ultra Under Label.  Lisa recruited Rich Coffee of Tommyknockers fame on lead guitar, Gargoyles bassist Julia Alstatt and her boyfriend at the time, Stevie Stiletto's drummer Dan Limerick. They recorded this single and one C , but never did any shows.... "Cold Night For Alligators" is a Rocky Erickson cover where Rich Cofee is at his best! In the late 90's Lisa went in more heavy-gothic style, playing as Lisa The Wolf ! My Old Kind Of KicK
A  few month ago, our friend Rémi T. has posted on his good blog "My Old Kind Of Kick",  a Lisa Lombardo single. This post gave me the idea  to post the album...so thank you Rémi!



FLAMIN' GROOVIES  Rock Juice  CD  1992
Way over my head / Sealed with a kiss / Hold on me / Somebody's fool / Stay away / I'm only what you want me to be / Shakin' / Give it away / Thanks John / This could be the night / Ainsley's song / Little girl / When she's in town / Flyin' saucers rock 'n' roll .
Produced by Cyril Jordan & Karl Defler.
Flamin' Groovies: Cyril Jordan: vocals, guitar / George Alexander: bass, vocals / Kenny Dale Johnson & Paul Zahl: drums / Jack Johnson: guitar, vocals + ?
Although many assumed the Flamin' Groovies broke up in 1979 after their last Sire album, they merely went into a prolonged hibernation, followed by an on-again, off-again career at a much more underground level. Their releases during the '80s were all repackages and live albums, making 1992's "Rock Juice" the group's first studio album of new material in 13 years. (Honestly, it's more of a duo album than a full band effort; Cyril Jordan and George Alexander are the only credited musicians.) The production is terrific; unlike the often too-slick Sire albums, singer/songwriter Jordan's self-production wisely avoids trying to gloss up his unashamedly retro tunes. However, as always with a Groovies album, the tunes are a pretty mixed bag. Jordan has always had a way with the tropes of the British Invasion, and he's got a knack for power poppy guitar hooks, but he's a very hit-or-miss songwriter, and only about half of these 11 original songs feature a particularly memorable melody or catchy chorus. The opening, "Way Over My Head," is definitely the highlight, with the jangly "Little Girl" close behind. The covers this time out include just-okay versions of "Sealed With a Kiss," "Flying Saucers Rock and Roll," and an excellent version of the classic "This Could Be the Night," the Phil Spector/Harry Nilsson collaboration that the Modern Folk Quartet sang in the opening montage of The Big TNT Show. Rock Juice is strictly for fans, but fans will appreciate it. Allmusic

The Flamin' Groovies' first true studio album since 1979's 'Jumpin' In The Night', 1992's 'Rock Juice' is an inconsistent but mostly satisfying collection.inconsistent but mostly satisfying collection. If you've heard any Flamin' Groovies record, you have an idea of what's in store here: a number of Cyril Jordan originals which sound like they were composed in Liverpool in 1965 alongside covers of some of those songs which inspired the group. Foremost among those covers this time is Harry Nilsson's "This Could Be the Night," which Phil Spector turned into one of his most whacked-out Wall Of Sound masterpieces for the Modern Folk Quartet. Versions of "Sealed With a Kiss" and "Flying Saucers Rock and Roll" are less relevatory, but no less fun. Jordan's originals, most of which feature his distinctive 12-string Rickenbacker jingle-jangling away, sound like the sort of songs you hear on oldies radio but can't quite place. Their occasional lack of substance is part of their charm. 1st new music in a decade by S.F. cult rock band The Flamin' Groovies include: Cyril Jordan, George Alexander (vocals). Alternative Press

"...The Groovies were always ahead of their time, or harking back to another time, but never, seemingly, in the same time as the rest of the world. With "Rock Juice"  the two have finally caught up with each other...."Rock Juice", like every Groovy album before it, is perfect..." CD Universe

 "Rock Juice" is the band's first real studio album in thirteen years. Crediting only Jordan and charter bassist George Alexander (while thanking the guitarist and drummer who played with them on One Night Stand), Rock Juice is perfectly pleasant Byrds-Beatles power pop. The bulk of the songs are new Jordan lost-love originals. "Hold on Me" is a sparkling keeper; "I'm Only What You Want Me to Be" layers on the stylistic dust for a convincing time-warp to early-'60s sap balladry; the Lennon tribute, "Thanks John," is sweet in spite of its obviousness. To round things off and provide some vintage variety, the Groovies dig through the record collection to cover Bryan Hyland's "Sealed With a Kiss," the Modern Folk Quartet's Phil Spector-penned "This Could Be the Night" and Billy Riley's "Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll." Trouser Press



WHITE DEMONS  Say Go  CD  2006
Spit On My Liver / Cancelled Show / Drop Down / Say Go  / 3 Times / In The Flesh / Tear It Up / Pill / Give It To Yourself / It's All About The Rock.
Recorded by Larry Elyea.
White Demons: Nick K.: guitar & lead vocals / Art Banko: bass & vocals  / Tony Krank: guitar & vocals / Vern: drums.

White Demons born out of Phoenix, Arizona. Members include Nick K. on guitar & lead vocals, Art Banko on bass & vocals, Tony Krank on guitar & vocals, Vern on drums. In a review of the very first White Demons show in 2004, a music critic, blown away by the explosive energy put out by this maximum rock and roll gang, referred to their sound as "Action Rock". While the article itself was some what unremarkable, the term stuck. It was for a good reason. Action Rock embodied the high-energy sound and style that guitarist/ lead singer Nick K. had been seeking. The power rock riffage of AC/DC filtered through the primal force and acerbic wit of '70's punk like the Dead Boys & Johnny Thunders.

One year before kick-starting that first show, all Nick had was a vision, some tunes, and a name; White Demons. It was the nickname of his beloved white Strat, which he had to pawn to secure cash for a rehearsal space. So, he broke out his Telly and wasted no time in recruiting (some would call it stealing), his three favorite players around town. These were close friends who he knew shared his vision of bringing excitement and danger back into rock. There was bass master Art Banko, whose afro alone has more attitude and swagger than some entire bands. There was amp guru, Tony Krank, who has gone on to design the popular Krank line of Amplifiers. Tony brought not only his monster sound to the arsenal, but also some vicious licks.

Finally there was Vern. Last names aren't important when you have a skull-crushing backbeat mixed with the sheer lunacy of Keith Moon.White Demons forged a strong identity by touring and playing local shows, winning over the toughest of crowds in an aloof, jaded, and splintered Phoenix rock scene. White Demons shows are events that teeter on the brink of chaos, but are held in command by a combo of raw power and dynamic musicianship. On stage, Nick K. transforms into a rock n' roll preacher, belting out songs that are soul shaking sermons, punctuated by twisted demon howls that sound like Doritos in a blender on frappé. In 2005, the band finally captured this live energy and monster sound in the studio. Lightning in a bottle of Tequila. The result is the band's debut titled "SAY GO". A ten song shot of adrenalin released by Sonic Swirl Records.

When music legend and impresario Kim Fowley heard the title track for the first time, he dashed off this quote to the band: "Their masterpiece "Say Go" indicates they can write a savagely stupid epic. If they have an album's worth of material this good, they are destined to be the first bad boy band of the 21st Century to make a difference." For those who have heard "SAY GO" and seen the White Demons live, they already have made a difference. A savagely stupid difference.
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THE VARMINTS  Spread Out   mini LP  1989
Today / Forget About It / Spread Out / Little Leanne / Not Quite / Don't Seem Right.
Produced by B. Allen & The Varmints.
The Varmints: Billy Borgioli: guitar, vocals / Peter Taylor: drums / Chris Flavin: guitar, slide, backin' vocals / Steve Pagact : bass, backin' vocals.
Billy Borgioli's long and storied history as a Boston rocker began in the late-1970's with his tenure as the lead guitarist for the one of the greatest bands in Boston rock history: The Real Kids. During that time the band was a fixture at the original Boston punk club "The Rathskellar", better known as the "Rat", as well as CBGB's in New York City.
The Real Kids recorded their eponymously-titled debut which featured searing guitar interplay between Billy Borgioli and vocalist/songwriter John Felice with former New York Dolls and Ramones patron Marty Thau of Red Star Records producing.
In the 1980s, Billy B. was playing guitar with John Felice & The Lowdowns ("Nothing Pretty" lp , 1987). After stepping out the shadow of Felice, Billy formed The Primitive Souls (with ex Real Kids bassist Allen "Alpo" Paulino (R.I.P) and the Varmints. He became its frontman and chief songwriter. In 1989, the band recorded the mini lp "Spread Out"(at Synchro Sound Studios, Boston) on the excellent australian label Dog Meat records (the second Dave Laing' label, after he let Grown Up Wrong!) on which you can also find the Primitive Souls 12''.

Unrelenting in their passion for aggressive 60's inspired rock n' roll, with the new release "Boston Cream", Billy Borgioli and his Varmints continue blasting out gritty, no-nonsense rock 'n' roll.
Taken from The Varmints Reverbnation & the Real Kids Side Bands.


THE VARMINTS - Assorted Varmints 1989/1997

THE VARMINTS   Assorted Varmints (1989/1997)  CD  2002
The hard way / Running out / Maybe / That's out / Dreamin' / In this town / Pay dirt / The madison / Ain't no good / Forget about it / Today / Black out / It comes around .
Tracks 1 to 9: produced by Ducky Darlisle & The Varmints / Tracks 10-12: live radio recordings / Track 13: produced by Glenn Foster Brown & The Varmints.
The Varmints: Billy Borgioli: guitar, lead vocals / Frank Rowe: guitar, vocals / Chris Flavin: guitar, vocals / Billy Daley: bass (1, 2,7,8,9-13) / Carl Biancucci: bass (4-6) / Pete Taylor: drums (1-9) / Matt Burns: drums (10-13).
"Assorted Varmints 1989-1997" is a collection of 13 tracks by the Boston underground "supergroup," compiled by rock critic/Endora's Box Records label owner Nancy Foster in 2002. It's an impressive set of majestic, no-nonsense rock & roll tunes by former Real Kids guitarist Billy Borgioli, who handles most of the vocal and songwriting chores. For those who felt the Real Kids missed the mark, the answers can be found here. Borgioli is not only a better rock & roll singer than John Felice; he has some crunching rhythms that could have propelled the Real Kids to true stardom had Felice let a partnership blossom rather than make himself the focal point of the Kids. Listen to the undercurrent of "Dreamin'" or the punk angst inside "Ain't No Good," the track originally released in 1997 on Boston Rock & Roll Anthology, Vol. 20. "Ain't No Good" takes on corporate shoddiness, buying a product and taking it home only to find out it "ain't no good." Nine of the 13 tracks feature Classic Ruins driving force Frank Rowe adding his precision guitar (and lead vocal on "In This Town"). Borgioli/Rowe make a formidable pair leading a two-guitar attack that the rhythm section of Death in the Shopping Malls drummer Pete Taylor and Tea in China bassist Carl Biancucci complement perfectly. Biancucci's band was one of the first Boston acts Stones producer Jimmy Miller worked with in 1983 via his Johnny Thunders associations, and similar elements can be heard in Ducky Carlisle's production on the nine titles tracked at his Room 9 From Outer Space studio. The three songs from a live radio show (no date or call letters mentioned) feature a different lineup behind Borgioli: Chris Flavin on second guitar, Billy Daly on bass, and Matt Burns on drums. It still works, making it clear this is Billy Borgioli's vehicle and that the painter/guitarist has a vision beyond what the Real Kids tracked on their self-titled debut. For those who liked the heavy guitars of 'Reggae Reggae' from that 1977 landmark outing, this music from a dozen years later expands that concept proving where the original group truly could have gone. Short guitar bursts and creative riffs à la the Kinks with solid drumming by Taylor and Burns across this disc help make Assorted Varmints shine. It is refined rock & roll by guys who do it because they have to. Allmusic


THE VICE PRINCIPALS - After School With...

THE VICE PRINCIPALS  After school with ...  CD  2000  
Jack The Ripper / When Girls Collide / Hostility / Satellite Dish / Glad All Over / Splitsville U.S.A. / Donkey Girl / Snitch / Price Of Love / Switchblade / After Detention / I Can't Wait Until Tommorrow .
Produced by the Glitterati .
The Vice Principals: Scott "Deluxe" Drake : vocals / Jeff Drake: guitar, vocals / Billy Burks: guitar, vocals / Rocko: bass / Adonis Von Streicher: drums + Greg Kuehn: piano, organ / John Wahl: saxophone.

High school may be some sort of distant bad memory for you these days, but The Vice Principals are here to show you another side of school that ain't so downright awful. Those looking for some seedy gossip about these particular schooling officials need look no further than seminal punk rock band The Humpers, as Billy Burks and Scott Drake continue in the same vein as their former band. And this time Scott invited his brother Jeff (The Joneses) to play with him !

Jeff Drake (Joneses/Amanda Jones/Vice Principals...)
The Humpers and the Joneses were known for their simple, dreadfully catchy tunes that were laced with smart-ass words of wisdom. The Vice Principals stick to dishing out round after round of this familiar-sounding formula, rocking without racing down your throat at ungodly speeds or attempting to be musically so-fis-tee-cated. It's rock, baby, and the guitars are the Head of the Student Body here. Side A starts out alright as The Vice Principals do a decent job of covering "Jack the Ripper," stalking the streets with a gutsy, raucous energy. However, the band's rendition of "Glad All Over" may cause aural distress for some of you in the listening audience, as it's lethargically played and utterly forgettable. Should the Vice Principals find another line of work?

The Vice Principals
Hold on a sec kids, you don't get off that easily. Think you can just go off slamming your locker door like some piss-poor freshman? Flip the vinyl over, because side B is like hearing a spiritually revitalized group. Squawking horns and R&B piano spike up "Donkey Girl" to give "After School With The Vice Principals" a strong injection of soul. Other promising numbers include the rousing "meet me at the flagpole after school" action of "After Detention," with its ass-kicking, bullying quality, and "Snitch", a mass of chaotic guitar notes and emphatic lyric lines that could easily have fit on a Humpers album. They may be a bit older and set in their ways, but The Vice Principals will not only have you cleaning chalkboards after school, but give you multiple musical ruler rappings that you can't help but enjoy. This could indeed be the first likeable lesson you've had in years!
I don't know much about History, but I do know that when Scott Deluxe Drake grabs the microphone in his right hand and criss-crosses the stage like a possessed Superintendent, you're going to hear an assembly speech that you won't forget any time soon !
Source: A. Magilow - Splendid E zine .
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Here's an interview of Jeff Drake talking about The Joneses, Amanda Jones, The Vice Principals and many other things on Sugarbuzz Magazine.com. Take a  look HERE!