GUNSLINGERS For My Mom lp 1989
St. Pauli / Lil' Monster / Run Rabbit Run / Knock On Wood / Explodin' Odin / Crash Up Crush / If I Were King / Doggie Daddie / Showdown/Tallahassee Lassie.
Produced by Gunslingers.
Gunslingers: Hervé Rozum: vocals, guitars / Ekkie: vocals / Michi: drums & vocals / Raini: guitars & vocals / Maxé: bass & vocals.
The Gunslingers were a band from Germany. They play a mix of glam & classic hard rock'n'roll influenced by the New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks...
Do not confuse with the 80's english band of the same name who covered "Shake Some Action"!
The Gunslingers recorded another album: a cd called simply "Gunslingers" on Inferno Records in 1993. Their guitarist Hervé Rozum was also in the french hard rock band Trans Europe Express.

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THE KWYET KINGS Cherrypie cd/lp 1995
Candygirl / Walk You Home / Second Thoughts / When You're On Your Own / Twisting My Nerves / Makes Me Feel Alright / If She Is Gone / Hidden Charms / Don't Wanna Be In Love / The One I Want / So High So Low / Tell Me.
Recorded By & Mixed By Å. Knudsen.
The Kwyet Kings: Arne Thelin: vocals /Knut Schreiner: guitar / Pål Andreassen: guitar / Kåre Pedersen: bass / Otto Gamst: drums.
The Kwyet Kings were one of the handful of bands fronted by Arne Thelin, who has been busy since the late-eighties as lead singer for The Cosmic Dropouts and his subsequent band The Lust-O-Rama, who have been hailed by many as the 'Thee Kings of Euro-Garage'. Since day one he had been running his own label "That's Entertainment Records!", that left behind quite an impressive output of more than two dozen 7" and CD releases of Norwegian bands.
In 1992, after a dispute with his bandmates in the Lust-O-Rama, Arne left, while the remaining members continued with new singer Alex Rosen under the name The Highrollers - however, Thelin went on as lead vocalist with two new-formed outfits, the rather Ramones styled Bittersweets plus The Kwyet Kings, that delivered a critically acclaimed blend of garage rock and power pop.

Back then the Kwyet Kings had Knut 'Euroboy' Schreiner on guitar, Kåre 'Travolta' Pedersen (from Kåre And The Cavemen / The Abusers) on bass, plus Otto Gamst (from The Cutbacks) on the drums and Pål Andreassen (ex-Cosmic Dropouts) on second guitar. Between 1993 and 1995 this line-up recorded numerous singles and released two full-length albums 'Firebeat' and 'Cherrypie' on Screaming Apple / That's Entertainment. When Arne Thelin located to Thailand to work in tele engineering - and Knut quit to take upon full-time employment in Turbonegro - the band paused for a while, and released a late third album "Been Where?Done What?" on Dionysus Records in 1999 with a new line-up.In 2000, Dionysus Records released a last album "The Singles 'n' Shit!", a good compilation of the Kwyet Kings' singles. Source



We received a message from ‘‘Underrated Records’’ and the Biters. They said that their ex-business partner had manipulated everybody and embezzled a lot of money and gone away with. He also changed passwords on their Paypal account, on their joint email account and their web site (Underrated Rds and all the bands on the label). So, don’t send any money and do not trust information on their website. At least, until further notice.
Remember that The Biters, The Booze and all other people at Underrated Rds have nothing to do with that. They are working on getting a lawsuit.
Thank you
I'm still waiting for the Booze "At Maximum Volume" cd and for the Biters lp "It's All Chewed Up OK" paid a few months ago at Underrated Records!!!
All my emails went unanswered...
We are very disappointed because we supported the group and Underrated Rds since the first Biters EP BUT ESPECIALLY we apologize to readers who ordered the lp through the link found here
If like myself (& I know that we are a lot) you have ordered and paid for records at the Underrated Records shop for nothing , leave a comment here !
Midnight Rambler
PS: If you managed to get a copy of the Biters "It's All Chewed Up OK?"
lp or if you saw it "for real" contact us for testify!


THE DRAGONS - The Dragons

THE DRAGONS The Dragons lp 1992
Scar-Dee Cats / Texas / Spinnin / Devils And Angels / Do You Want Me / Hey Baby / Sympathy / Child In The Night / It Don't Matter / Fall For You / Cryin' Shame / Answers In A Bottle.
The Dragons: S. Rodriguez: bass / J. D.T. Barczak: drums / M. Escovedo: guitar, vocals / K-C Horne: lead guitar.
Produced by The Dragons.
The Dragons were a rock band based in San Diego, California, that released eight albums between 1991 and 2005. The band was notably fronted by singer/guitarist Mario Escovedo, whose musical family also includes Alejandro(Nuns,True Believers, Buick Mc Kane,The Setters, Rank & File...) Pete Escovedo, Javier Escovedo (The Zeros, Sacred Hearts, True Believers...), Coke Escovedo (Santana), Sheila E. Other members of The Dragons included Ken Horne (lead guitar), Steve Rodriguez (bass guitar) and Jarrod Lucas (drums).The band played a combination of glam, garage and punk rock, similar to New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks.Before starting The Dragons, both Escovedo and Rodriguez had played together in a local San Diego band called M-80. The Dragons formed in 1991 and later that year performed at the first of their 11 appearances at South by Southwest. The band released his first vinyl lp "The Dragons" or "X" for a label in Spain called Imposible Records.A year later they followed with a single EP for Poptones Records that brought them a lot of local radio exposure. In 1996, The Dragons recorded "Painkiller" for Scam-O-Rama records. Two years later they signed a deal with Junk Records and released "Cheers to Me", "R.L.F." and "Live At The Casbah" in three consecutive years. The band followed that with a Japanese-only release best of "The Dragons." In 2003, The Dragons signed with Gearhead Records and released "Sin Salvation"and one year later "Rock'n'roll Kamikaze". Over the years, the band toured nationally both on the club circuit and as opening act for major bands.

After 13 years and eight albums, the band announced it was parting ways in November 2005. Guitarist K.Horne moved back to his native Japan, and in 2008 joined The Bronx. The Dragons have since reformed with guest lead guitarists for a few one-off shows from time to time.
M. Escovedo has since formed a new band called the Mario Escovedo Xperience (MEX for short) that plays music more akin to Los Lobos and the Texas Tornados than the rock of The Dragons.
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DUM DUM BOYS - Nothing Means Nothing

DUM DUM BOYS Nothing Means Nothing lp 1988
Right Away / Fallin' Down / Rave Up! / Sound Of Confusion / Uptight / No Man's Land / Nothing Means Nothing.
Dum Dum Boys: Karim Badi: vocals / Olivier Nemejanski: guitar / Didier Balducci: guitar / Jean-Luc Chatain: bass / Didier Peyrou: drums.
Bad luck seems to pursue them : too wild for 60’s rock amateurs, too garage oriented for experimentalists. Hidden behind their legendary dark shades and their disdainful attitude, the DDB excell in hypnotic trance, splattered with vicious fuzz guitars. They have developed –half seriously- the concept of « Zebraphonic » and « Transistorised » Sound, the former allowing tp play the music of the future with the sound of the past and the latter allowing…the opposite ! They strip their pop melodies to the bone and dress them again with new clothes. Excellent ! Source
Here's the first album Of The Dum Dum Boys, a french band from Nice."Nothing Means Nothing" issued by Closer Records in 1988 is placed under the combined influence of the Velvet Underground and Suicide.
Buy "Nothing Means Nothing" HERE & their new good lp "Flesh ! Trash ! Heat!"HERE !
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THE BOYS - Power Cut

THE BOYS Power Cut cd 1997
See You Later / Kamikaze / Gabrielle / Brickfield Nights / First Time / Sick On You / Heroine / Weekend / Independent Girl / U.s.i. / Little White Lifeline / Schoolgirl / Soda Pressing / I Don't Care.
Produced by J. Cataldo & The Boys.
The Boys: Honest John Plain: guitar & vocals / Campino: lead vocals / Matt Dangerfield: guitar & vocals / Kid Reid: bass & vocals / Casino Steel: piano & vocals.
The Boys made arguably one of the best lps of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior pop punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear. Formed from the ashes of ’70s glam outfit The Hollywood Brats, the Boys were responsible for four albums and ten singles, several of which were released under the name “The Yobs,” always released just in time for The Christmas season. The track “First Time,” from their debut EP, is a bona fide ‘78 second-wave UK punk classic, amidst such groups as Chelsea, The Undertones, The Lurkers.
Yet for some reason The Boys occupy a neglected position in relation to London’s early Punk scene, probably because they weren’t clothed by Sex or managed by Malcolm McLaren. Being tagged the “Punk Beatles” couldn’t have helped either, and by ‘81 they called it quits.
Plagued by mishaps, bad timing and plain bad luck they managed to keep smiling and come up with corking, hyper-speed pop classics like “Brickfield Nights” and “Rue Morgue”. In short The Boys were a gem of a band and a total inspiration to any Punk band who value tunes over noise.
"Back together at long last for an acoustic run through of some of their best loved songs, this "Unplugged" CD spans The Boys' entire career, from "I Don't Care" and "First Time", right through to "Gabrielle" and "Little White Lifeline", and there's plenty on here to enjoy.
Proving it doesn't have to be loud to be good, the sedate atmosphere gives the songs' subtleties a chance to show through and provides more power to the argument that maybe Casino Steel and Matt Dangerfield really were the Lennon and McCartney of the punk generation after all.
If there is one criticism about this CD, it's that Campino from Die Totenhosen sings most of the lead vocals - purists like myself would much rather hear Matt and Kid. That said, it's probably the case that if it weren't for Campino, the record would never have seen the light of day in the first place, and that would have been a tragedy. "
written by Phil Hanson (Source)
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VA - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 2

VA A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 2 cd 2002
Lee's: She Does It Right / Double Stone Washed: If My Baby Quits Me / Shaggy Dogs: You Don't Love Me / Classic & Troubles: Bonie Moronie / Jesus Volt: Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut / Perfect: Eileen / GMT: Violent Love / Chicano Blues: Spy VS Spy / Double Stone Washed: Going Back Home / Little Bob: Riot In Cell Block N°9 / Classic & Troubles: Tanqueray / Shaggy Dogs: The More I Give / Jesus Volt: Walking On The Edge / Boxer: Back In The Night / Chicano Blues: Neighbour Neighbour / GMT: Keep It Out Of Sight / Dogs: Twenty Yards Behind / Lee's: Every Kind Of Vice / Perfect: Milk And Alcohol / Steve Hooker: Talkin' About You.

"...For over 20 years Lee fronted a succession of Feelgood line-ups, dispensing white-hot R&B from stages large and small. He gave it the max every night and like all great performers, the tougher the job, the harder he worked. In the group’s early days, Lee stunned tiny pub audiences with wild antics and a back-to-basics musical approach, incongruous with the hyperbole of progressive rock, then in its heyday. When the Feelgoods made their London debut in 1973, it was frankly touch and go, but the group quickly adapted to the demands of the circuit, building a huge following and smashing attendance records in pubs and clubs.
Lee and guitarist Wilko Johnson had no problem making the transition to larger stages; they simply exaggerated the moves they had honed in the pubs. Wilko recalled, “We got four gigs supporting Hawkwind. We were completely unknown and in Manchester they threw pennies at us. I remember Lee calmly picked up one of the pennies. Then he bit it, and with a mean look, tossed it aside, as if it were a dud. The place erupted. It was a turning point.”

It was the combination of Lee’s cool nonchalance, Wilko’s maniacal careering back and forth and the fastest, most relentless music on the scene that made the Feelgoods a top concert attraction. And when the group enjoyed something of a revival in the late eighties, Lee looked like a giant from the furthest corner of the cavernous Town & Country Club as he took the stage in a powder blue suit, belting out ‘King For A Day’.
Space considerations do not permit a re-telling of the Feelgood legend. Those Uncut readers who saw the group at their mid-Seventies peak know what all the fuss was about whilst younger readers will soon be able to check out the Feelgoods’ "Going Back Home" concert from 1975 on DVD..."
From "Lee Brilleaux - An Officer and a Gentleman" by Will Birch
If you want to read more about Lee, it's here!
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Dr FEELGOOD - All Through The City

A new 3CD + 1 DVD box set from the amazing Dr. Feelgood is set for release on April 16. All Through The City (with Wilko 1974-1977) will feature the first four of the proto-punks’ studio albums - Down By The Jetty (remastered 2006), Malpractice (remastered 2012), Stupidity (remastered 2012), Sneakin' Suspicion (remastered 2012) - alongside 16 previously unheard tracks made up of 13 studio recordings and three live cuts. A bonus DVD will feature live performances that will probably look and sound a bit like this
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