ROY LONEY & THE LONGSHOTS Full Grown Head cd 1994 320 kbps
Long shot theme / See Jane goes / Gentlemen junkie / Get off the phone / Been around too long / Fool proof / I'll come running / Teeny weeny man / Full grown head / Just my kind / Neo mondo / Tobacco road / Slow death .
Produced by C. Uno , R. Loney, S. McCaughey & J. Sangster.
Roy Loney & The Longshots : Roy Loney : lead vocals, rhythm guitar / Tad Hutchison : drums, percussion / Joey Kline : rhythm guitar / Scott McCaughey : bass guitar, vocals, organ, percussion / Jim Sangster : lead & rhythm guitars.
Singer/guitarist Roy Loney, who was the frontman for the Flamin Groovies during that band's original rockabilly/R&B-inspired incarnation, continued in a similar vein in his solo career, rock'n'rolling with the devotion of a true believer. After leaving the Groovies in 1975, Loney assembled the Phantom Movers and maintained the rootsy spirit he had brought to the band, emphasizing raw, unpretentious American grit immune to the whims of popular taste.
While the Groovies without Loney turned to Merseybeat, Byrds covers and other '60s soundalikes, "Out After Dark"(1979) finds him rekindling the pure American rock'n'roll spirit that originally inspired the band. Abetted by two ex-Groovies (drummer Danny Mihm and guitarist James Ferrell), Loney excels at straightforward, unsophisticated party music made strictly for fun.
"Phantom Tracks"(1980) consists of smokin' live numbers and new studio cuts that aren't terribly different from the material on "Out After Dark"..."Contents Under Pressure"(1981), recorded after both Mihm and Ferrell had left (the former to launch the similarly unreconstructed Kingsnakes in Europe), goes off in a number of different directions.
As the name implies, "Having a Rock'n'Roll Party"(1982) is a return to what Loney does best, and the results are a big improvement over the previous outing. The band even dips into the Groovies' catalogue for "Gonna Rock Tonight" and "Dr. Boogie." Also released in France, "Fast & Loose"(1983) features various lineups (Mihm is back) and includes a version of the Groovies' "Teenage Head."
Emerging from a five-year recording hiatus with the energetic but unfocused "The Scientific Bombs Away!!!"(1994). What stands out in this jolt of pure manic rock'n'roll is the strong material and performances, from the hiccupped neo-rockabilly of "Bad News Travels Fast," "Bip Bop Boom" and "Boy, Man!" to the modern rock'n'roll of "Ruin Your Shoes," "Your Best Friend's Number" and "Nobody."Another half-decade along, Loney made the spirited but sonically ragged live "Action Shots!"(1993). He better serves his talents on "Full Grown Head" (1994), which teams him with Young Fresh Fellows Scott McCaughey, Jim Sangster and Tad Hutchinson and Joey Kline of the Squirrels for a lively set of appropriately frantic originals as well as McCaughey's "Just My Kind," "Tobacco Road" and the umpteenth version of "Slow Death." On the evidence of "Full Grown Head", this veteran still has what it takes to make vital, timeless rock'n'roll; there are plenty of younger enthusiasts who could stand to take a few hints from his example.
Since 1994 Roy Loney has recorded another live "Kick Out The Hammmons -Live In Madrid"(1995) and two more studio albums : "Drunkard In The Think Tank"(2004) and "Shake it or leave it"(2007) !

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ROY LONEY & THE LONGSHOTS Full Grown Head 320 kbps + covers

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but not for rock n roll

thanks Mr M.R.

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Great blog, buddy! Can you post The Crybaby's rock on sessions".. I own the cd but my harddrive is broke and I wanna mp3 it!

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Great blog. Thanks for the music.
I'm looking for the long out of print "Kick Out The Hammmons - Live In Madrid". I have it in a shitty bitrate. 64kbps. If you have it in better bitrate, could you please post it. If you don't have it and want it, let me know and I'll post it.

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Super, je suis un fan des Groovies depuis Teenage Head mais j'aime bien aussi la période Shake some Action. Quant à Loney, même s'il est parfois inégal, c'est toujours un régal ! Merci en tout cas pour ce post.


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A true rock'n'roll legend, Mr.Roy Loney, and "Full Grown Head" is one of his best works after the Groovies era. Highly recommended, as your blog. Congratulations and thanks, keep up the good work. Cheers from Spain.

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Thanks(GD French - Merci)

Hammmons here:http://rs119.rapidshare.com/files/57723831/hammmons.rar

searching for Chris Wilson's "Barbary Coast" anyone?