THE ZEROS - Knockin' Me Dead

THE ZEROS  Knockin' Me Dead  CD  1994
Baby's Gotta Have Her Way* / Wimp / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White* / Stop-N-Think / Knockin' Me Dead* / Beat Your Heart Out**° / Lay Off, She's Mine / She's So Wild / Left To Right°° / Wanna Go / Shannon Said** / Looking For Some Fun / Roadrunner / I Don't Wanna / I Don't Know.
Produced By Bill Bartell & The Zeros.
The Zeros: Baba Chenelle: drums, harmonica, percussion / Javier Escovedo: lead guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals / Robert Lopez: rhythm guitar, lead vocals on** / Hector Peñalosa:  bass, lead vocals on°°  + Jeff & Steven McDonald: backing vocals on* / Kim Shattuck: backing vocals on°.

Often referred to as "the Mexican Ramones," the Zeros (guitarist and singer Javier Escovedo, second guitarist Robert Lopez, bassist Hector Peñalosa, and drummer Baba Chenelle) were just one of many contributors to the L.A. punk explosion in the late '70s. Although they never received the acclaim of such L.A. peers as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, or X, the Zeros made admirers out of such renowned artists as Tom Waits, Patti Smith, and the Damned, played numerous West Coast shows with the likes of Dils, Avengers, X, Plugz, Nerves, and Wipers, and even gave the Germs their very first live gig -- opening for them in 1977. The group was first formed in 1976, and were initially known as "the Main Street Brats" -- but by the time of their first show, they had settled on the name the Zeros. Although the quartet broke up in 1981, the Zeros have re-formed sporadically for live shows (such as a 1991 benefit show for ailing punk rocker/writer Craig Lee, and a few years later, Bomp Records' 25th anniversary party), and a full album -- 1999's Right Now! In addition, several of the Zeros' compositions have been covered by other bands around the world, including Spain's La Secta ("Wild Weekend"), Australia's Hoodoo Gurus, Sweden's the Nomads ("Wimp"), and Hollywood's the Muffs ("Beat Your Heart Out").

The Zeros, aka "the Mexican Ramones," formed in Chula Vista in 1976, debuting at a dance in Rosarito, Mexico. Their first major gig was the following year in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater. That show was opened by the Germs, and the Weirdos headlined. The Zeros' first record was a vinyl single, "Wimp," b/w "Don't Push Me Around," released by Bomp Records in 1977. They would go on to play at such renowned venues as The Masque, Whisky Au Go-Go, and the Starwood in L.A.; San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens, Deaf Club, and Temple Beautiful; and CBGB and Max's Kansas City in New York.
They broke up in late 1980. Lopez had already quit to join the band Catholic Discipline, and the rest of the band's move to San Francisco failed to reignite the group. Various partial reunions took place, including 1992 recording sessions. The Zeros' guitarist/singer Robert Lopez would later gain fame as "El Vez, the Mexican Elvis." Many El Vez bios, as well as several online articles and bios about the Zeros, claim he and the band are from L.A.

Lopez added to the confusion with his "East L.A. is my hometown" stage banter that sets up "En El Barrio," a Chicano-ized rewrite of Presley's "In the Ghetto." One doctored song where Lopez as El Vez gets autobiographically real, however, was highlighted throughout his "Merry Mex-Mas" national tour that concluded at the Casbah in late 2006: "I'm dreaming of a Brown Christmas / Just like my ones in San Diego / Where cousins and familia are tight / And thank God our Christmases ain't white...."
In 2007, Squiddo frontwoman Maren Parusel formed an all-girl Zeros tribute band, Wild Weekend, with singer Kelly Alvarez, Melissa (drums) and Kaitlin (bassist for the Atoms). The band was later male-infiltrated, and then they split as Parusel launched a solo career.
The Zeros' songs have also been covered by Los Angeles bands Wednesday Week ("They Say That Everything's Alright"), the Muffs ("Beat Your Heart Out"), Hoodoo Gurus, Mudhoney, and Sator, whose cover of "Black and White" went to number two on the Swedish charts.
The Zeros themselves were known for offbeat covers, including a B-side featuring the Righteous Brothers tune "Little Latin Lupe Lu" (best known as a Mitch Ryder track).

Post-Zeros, Javier Escovedo and his brother Alejandro co-fronted the Texas-based ’80s band he True Believers, whose eponymous debut album was produced by legendary Memphis session player and producer Jim Dickinson, who passed away in August 2009. “He just had a good warm vibe about him but also a tough, seen-it-all vibe, too,” recalls Javier Escovedo.
“He played piano on a few songs, [but] we were known as this big three-guitar army…so he didn’t want to mess with that too much.… I dug him.… I had always hoped we could work together again. [And] he got one of our songs onto the Blue City movie soundtrack. It’s mainly…Ry Cooder songs except for a Johnny Cash song and a Javier Escovedo song [True Believers’ “Marianne”]. Very cool. And he made it happen.”
Until 2009, Zeros bassist/singer Hector Penalosa (Squiddo) declined to take part in most Zeros' reunions. In a Reader interview, he accused guitarist Javier Escovedo of "stepping over people...just because he can get money out of it, because some people will pay good money for the Zeros."

Penalosa said he took part in some 1999 Zeros' recordings, but that only Javier Escovedo got paid. "[Other band members] didn't get diddly-squat," according to Penalosa.
In response to Penalosa's accusation, Escovedo said at the time "It's a set of circumstances that I can't talk about.... A certain amount of money that was expected was not earned, didn't come into the band."
As of 2009, Hector Penalosa plays with Squiddo, while Robert Lopez performs still as "El Vez, the Mexican Elvis." One-time Zeros bassist Guy Lopez died October 2, 2007, at the age of 42 - he'd also played with the Upbeats.
In Summer 2009, four former Zeros reunited for several west coast concerts; Hector Penalosa, Baba Chenelle, Javier Escovedo, and Robert "El Vez" Lopez. European dates were subsequently booked.
In September 2009, the band picked up a Lifetime Achievement nod at the San Diego Music Awards. For the ceremony, they were joined onstage by Wayne Kramer of MC5 for a rendition of "Ramblin' Rose," and video testimonials to them included good words from Joan Jett and John Doe of X.

The UK's Domino Records included two songs by The Zeros on a Jon Savage Compilation of the Best of American Punk Rock, and Brooklyn based Last Laugh Records released two singles by the Zeros in 2012.
As of 2012, the band is signed to Panache Booking. That summer, armed with an arsenal of covers and a few dozen classics, the Zeros embarked on a series of dates with frontman Javier Escovedo’s younger brother Mario (the Dragons) on second guitar (replacing original guitarist Robert Lopez, who performs an ongoing theater gig in Seattle as El Vez, the Mexican Elvis).

On their return to San Diego, they announced that they’re recording a new full-length of covers, including cuts from the Velvet Underground, Bo Diddley, and the Standells, along with some new and old originals.


THE CASANOVAS - The Casanovas

THE CASANOVAS - The Casanovas  CD  2004
Livin' In The City / Break Your Heart / Heartbeat / Here's To It / No Time For Love / Shake It / Runnin' So Late / Strange Dreams / One More Time / 10 Outta 10 / The Most Hated Man In Melbourne* / The Lady Downstairs* (*bonus tracks)
The Casanovas: Damo Campbell: vocals, bass / Tommy Boyce: vocals, guitars, percussion / Jaws: drums.
Its not rock. Its not even Rock. Its ROCK. Melbourne trio The Casanovas are pure, unadulterated guitar adrenalin wrapped in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans. They're a mighty remix of everything good about your favourite band, but with the ability to make it distinctly their own sound. You cant throw your arms around a memory, but The Casanovas are all too real. The Casanovas were originally formed in 1999 with all three original members hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The Casanovas was the brainchild of brothers, Tommy and Patrick Boyce and original bassist, Jimmy Lewis. The Boyce brothers met Jim while working together scrubbing pots & pans in the back kitchen of Pattersons cake shop in Windsor, Melbourne.

The idea of the name The Casanovas was partly inspired by the look of the Casablanca records logo that featured on early Kiss vinyls that they all grew up listening to, as well as a healthy dose of irony, (none of them were getting laid!). Early on, their sound was described as AC/DC meets KISS with leanings to the 70s New York punk sounds of such names as The Dictators and The Ramones. Although individually, they had many other influences that helped mould their sound. The Stooges, MC5, The Rolling Stones, The Saints, Dead Boys & Turbonegro just to name a few. Armed with only a handful of songs after five rehearsals, The Casanovas were quick to start gigging around the venues of suburban Melbourne. Supporting seminal local rock acts such as The Powdermonkeys, The Monarchs and Tim Rogers as well as the now massive White Stripes on their first tour of Australia. In mid 2000, The Casanovas cut their debut single, 10 Outta 10. An anthemic, fist pumper that was released on 7" vinyl through local Melbourne punk label Full Toss Records.

This release established them on local community radio stations such as PBS and RRR as well as national radio on JJJ. The Casanovas were quick to gain their own local following and started grabbing peoples' attention with their balls to the wall rock n roll sound, along with an entertaining live show with their sometimes tongue in cheek style histrionics A short time later in 2001, the band expanded their line up and were joined by second guitarist, James Saunders. During this time the band played a JJJ live-at-the-wireless gig and scored a slot on the legendary Big Day Out festival in Melbourne This line-up lasted for about a year until James decided to leave due to work commitments. Mid 2002 saw the band team up with legendary Aussie producer/guitarist, Shane O'Mara to record their debut Ep, '..Keep It Hot'.

In Late 2002, The Casanovas secured a support slot on The Dictators national tour of Australia This was a very exciting prospect for the band at the time because not only was this an opportunity to play with one of the band's biggest heroes, but it would be the very first time for The Casanovas to spread their wings and tour outside of Melbourne. Unfortunately, bassist Jimmy Lewis was unable to leave Melbourne for any extended period of time because of his full time work commitments which ultimately led to his decision to leave the band. Tommy and brother Pat recruited ex Mustang bassist Damo Campbell as replacement and the tour went on as planned. Not long after this, the band signed to local indie label Rubber Records.

 A diet of constant gigging built strong rock muscles as the bands profile began to build with a growing reputation as a bona fide live rock band. In 2003, The Casanovas were invited by New Zealand's The Datsuns to join them on a nine week tour of Europe and America. After a run of around 40 shows around the world and a coveted slot on the SXSW festival in Texas, the band returned to more and more touring back in Australia and a reputation as one of the most hard working and exciting live rock acts in the country.The recording of their first album took place after and during heavy touring schedules, the pressure of which sadly, eventually lead to Patrick quitting the band to pursue a more sane lifestyle.

With the album half finished, Damo and Tommy recruited legendary 'Onyas' drummer, Jaws Stanley. After a mere 4 days of rehearsing the songs, Jaws went on to finish the drum tracks, allowing the album to be completed.With their new line-up and debut album finally released, The Casanovas hit the road again. Tours of the UK, Japan, USA, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia saw the band's chemistry and live prowess continue to grow stronger. July 2005 saw the band complete their most recent tour of the UK and Spain and then on to California to sign a US deal with indie label, IROCK, (through which their debut album has been recently released through the US) and, to record their incredible sophomore album with legendary producer Sylvia Massy Shivy at Radiostar Studios you'll have to wait for July 2006 to hear it though!

Combining the best elements of classic AC/DC, the Ramones and every other sleaze ball rocker to have crawled outta the gutter in the last 30 years, The CASANOVAS are the best damn rawknroll outfit this country has spewed forth in eons. BEAT, Melbourne 



The Hellacopters: Little Miss Sweetness / The Datsuns:  I Ain't Got Time For Love / The Flaming Sideburns: Leave Me Alone / The Casanovas: Just What The Doctor Ordered.

The Hellacopters: Nick Royale: lead & backing vocals, guitars / Robert Dahlqvist: guitars, backing vocals / Kenny Håkansson: bass / Robert Eriksson: drums, backing vocals / Anders Lindström: piano.
The Datsuns: Dolf De Datsun: lead vocals, bass / Phil Datsun: lead guitar and backing vocals / Christian Datsun: lead guitar and backing vocals /  Matt Datsun: drums.
The Flaming Sideburns: Eduardo Martinez: vocals, percussion / Ski Williamson: guitars, backing vocals / The Punisher: bass, percussion / Jay Burnside: drums percussion / Johnny Volume: guitars, backing vocals.
The Casanovas: Tommy Boyce: guitars & vocals / Damian Campbell: bass & lead vocals on this track / Patrick Boyce: drums.

The Hellacopters are covering the Smokey Robinson song "Little Miss Sweetness", recorded by The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Bobby Taylor... The Datsuns are doing "I Ain't Got Time For Love", a song by The Fun Things (Brad Shepherd pre Hoodoo Gurus band) from their only 7'' EP. The Flaming Sideburns  are covering Lou Reed "Leave Me Alone" from the album "Street Hassle''. The Casanovas rock hard with "Just What The Doctor Ordered" from the first Ted Nugent album !
All loud stuff with the12'' EP vinyl sound !
Buy It HERE!



THE EARLY HOURS  10 Top Hits  CD  1995
She's A GoGo / Get What I Want / Big Star / Hurtful / Burn Baby Burn / Dialled Of Her Mind / E.K. Special / Sunshine Changes Everything / Two Girls / This Is No Good.
Recorded and mixed  by Tom Thorpe.
The Early Hours: Kirk Pohl: vocals & guitar / Sean Carthew: guitar & backing vocals / Chet Pohl: bass guitar & backing vocals / Matt Davis: drums.

The Early Hours began in January 1995 when brothers Kirk and Chet Pohl decided to join forces with school friends Matt Davis and Sean Carthew and form a garage band with the express purposes of writing and recording their favourite style of 60’s influenced pop. The band never intended to perform live and in fact recorded their first album with Tom Thorpe at Bonsai Studio’s before they had ever played a gig together. They were influenced by The Sunnyboys, The Hoodoo Guru’s, Redd Kross, The Stems, The Plimsouls, and The Barracudas.
After pressing 500 copies of their self titled debut album, the band decided that gigging was necessary in order to sell and promote their music. Kirk and Chet were working in the mines in Kalgoorlie Western Australia while Sean and Matt were studying and living in Perth some 350 miles away. The band began alternating gigs between Perth and Kalgoorlie and rehearsing whenever Kirk and Chet could make it to Perth.
The band sent some copies of their album to Spinning Top Records who solicited the album to their contacts in Europe. After a good response from many pop labels in that region of the world, a deal was struck with the Berlin label ‘Twang’ who released the album on vinyl as The Early Hours Greatest Hits Volume 1.
This limited release has become a sought after collectable through out the world and is actually selling second hand at a higher market driven price than it was new.
Just prior to signing the deal with Twang, The Early Hours were unearthed in Kalgoorlie by Radio Station Triple J. This lead the band to some high rotation airplay and a much higher profile in Perth and the east coast. All of a sudden they had gig offers coming in from everywhere but Twang had invited them to tour Europe so they set their sights in that direction rather than the east coast.
The Early Hours set out to play 16 shows in Spain, Germany and France but this snowballed to 31 when they arrived. Gigs varied from playing to 800 people with The Bluetones at the loft in Berlin, (where signatures from Nirvana, the Hoodoo Guru’s, Pearl Jam and Lenny Kravitz were seen back stage), to an underground club in Spain called Kristall, with no PA one power point and a crowd of 20, in a room no bigger than the average Australian lounge room.
After returning from Europe the band was extremely tight, but emotionally and financially drained. They took about two weeks off to ponder did they want to keep playing. The chance of a You Am I support came up and after that gig moral was high and supports for The Hoodoo Guru’s, Powderfinger, and The Stems reunion show followed. By this time the band had recorded a new album again with Tom Thorpe and began taking to Phantom Music about the possibilities of releasing and developing the band. The Early Hours are now signed to Phantom Music and released their second full length CD, tilted 'Evolution', on the West Australian sub label Rocket, and a vinyl version on Melbourne’s Corduroy label. They head back to Europe in October 1998 with over 40 gigs confirmed, a limited edition double vinyl release in France and a strong following in the region. The band is also beginning to establish a strong following on the East coast of Australia and have toured there twice. Source

Hailing from Perth, Australia, The Early Hours played garage-tinged powerpop thru the mid to late 90’s. They released two studio albums as well as notching up two European tours.
They recorded two albums, “Top 10 Hits” (Twang Records, Spinning Top, 1996) and “Evolution” (Corduroy, Rocket Rds & Hellfire Club Rds, 1997), a 7'' three tracks EP "I'm Drained" (Screaming Apple Rds,1996) and a cd EP  "She's Where It's At" (Rocket Rds,1998)
The Early Hours are a must for fans of DM3, The Stems, and quality Australian powerpop! Source: OTH Rds
Thanks to Mr. D.!




The Winkies were formed by Canadian-born Philip Rambow with former Holy Rollers guitarist Guy Humphreys, and the rhythm section of Brian Turrington (Bass Guitar) and Mike Desmaris (Drums). Their music and stage presence were a combination of the sound pub rock and visuals of glam rock clothing.   The Winkies caught the attention of former Roxy Music musician Brian Eno while he was finishing his debut solo album Here Come The Warm Jets. And he took The Winkies as his backing band in 1974, on his first and only solo tour.   After touring with Eno, the band signed with Chrysalis Records and began recording an album with Leo Lyons of Ten Years After, that included guests such as Chick Churchill and Eno. The album was never completed though and the band began aside with Guy Stevens in the producer’s chair and their self-titled debut album The Winkies appeared in 1975. Shortly after the release of this album, they disbanded.   Only ever released in Japan on CD, this much sought after album is now being re-issued with new sleeve notes and re-mastered sound.

It's been a long time that I expected a cd reissue of this excellent album, one of my favorite ! I know that a Japan cd existed but it was so expensive and very hard to find.
Lemon Records did it with a remastered sound ! It will be out April 22, 2013.You can pre-order it HERE!

THE LARKS - Maggie Maggie Maggie

“Remember she called Mandela a terrorist and took tea with the torturer and murderer Pinochet.
How should we honour her? Let’s privatise her funeral. Put it out to competitive tender and accept the cheapest bid. It’s what she would have wanted.”
Ken Loach



Finally in production. This tribute gathers a host of bands/artists from around the world to pay tribute to one of the finest power pop bands. Featuring: Bill Lloyd, Off Broadway, Dan Sarka & The Sometimes Why, Donovans Brain (Bobby Sutliff/Dennis Tek), Steven Deal, The Accent, The Split Squad, Lannie Flowers, Zombie Western Baby, Mike Dees, The Injured Parties, The Mold Monkies, The Bottle Kids, Vex and The Vextones, Words, The World Record, The Popdogs, Undecided By Default, The Cheeks and The Broken Rekkids. Original members John Wicks and Will Birch have given it their blessings.



SONNY VINCENT - Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002)

SONNY VINCENT  Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002) 2xCD & 3xLP  2008

CD 1: 01 Dedication (Sonny Vincent) / 02 100% Proof (Fury) / 03 Bad Attitude (Model Prisoners) / 04 I Don't Care Anymore (Sonny Vincent) / 05 Black Book (Shotgun Rationale) / 06 Roller Coaster (Shotgun Rationale) / 07 Phantom (Sonny Vincent & The Extreme) / 08 Funny Now-She Blew It (Sonny Vincent) / 09 I'll Do It All For You (Sonny Vincent) / 10 You're Wearing A Mask (Shotgun Rationale) / 11 Sonny U.S.M.C. (Sonny Vincent) / 12 Lessons In Life* (Sonny Vincent) / 13 Gun Smoke (Dons, The) / 14 Huh (Dons, The) / 15 The Candidate (Dons, The) / 16 Real Cool Girl (Sonny Vincent) / 17 Don't Tell Me (Shotgun Rationale) / 18 If The Shoes Fits (Dons, The) / 19 Noriega (Shotgun Rationale) / 20 Primal Call (Testors) / 21 Seratonin (Sonny Vincent) / 22 A Good Day For Rock (Sonny Vincent) / 23 Scratchin' On The 8 Ball (Sonny Vincent) / 24 No Sacrifice (Sonny Vincent) / 25 Tired Of The Telephone (Sonny Vincent) / 26 Falling (Sonny Vincent) / 27 Remembrance (Testors) / 28 Sacred Innocence (Dons, The) / 29 Crazy Little Girl (Sonny Vincent & The Safety Pins).

CD 2: 30 Me, Myself, And, I (Moe Tucker) / 31 Together (Testors) / 32 Epic Ripped Up Letter (Sonny Vincent And His Rat Race Choir) / 33 1, 2, 3, Boom! (Sonny Vincent) / 34 Babonya (Shotgun Rationale) / 35 Mannequin World (Primadonnas, The) / 36 Do What I Want (Shotgun Rationale) / 37 Flying (Fury) / 38 Greedy Fuckers (Shotgun Rationale) / 39 Education Is A System Of Imposed Ignorance (Dons, The) / 40 Hey You (Testors) / 41 Lines On My Mirror (Dons, The) / 42 I Lost At Love (Shotgun Rationale) / 43 Knifeman (Sonny Vincent) / 44 Let's Get Zooed Out (Testors) / 45 Lost Again (Sonny Vincent) / 46 My Guitar (Sonny Vincent) / 47 Primitive (Shotgun Rationale) / 48 Motorcycle Girl (Sonny Vincent) / 49 Sex With Noam Chomsky (Sonny Vincent) / 50 Big Rebel (Sonny Vincent And Safety Pins, The) / 51 Sick On Yesterday (Testors) / 52 Anywhere With Nicky (Sonny Vincent) / 53 Urban Shock (Sonny Vincent) / 54 Medicine Indians (Sonny Vincent) / 55 Yesterdays News (Sonny Vincent) / 56 M.K. Ultra (Testors) / 57 I Don't Care Anymore (Sonny Vincent + Rocket From The Crypt).

Sonny Vincent: vocals, guitar...1-57 / Andy: bass 57 / Bernie K (a.k.a. The Bishop): drums 15, 24, 53, 54 / Billy The Kid: background vocals 24 / Blacky: drums 43, 48, 52 / Bob Stinson: guitar and backing vocals 3 / Brian James: guitar 22 / Captain Sensible: bass 1, 4, 8, 21, 22, 23, 25, 32, 32, 45, 55 / Carol Black: backing vocals 9 / Cheetah Chrome: guitar 10, 32, 36 / Chris Gedney: bass 2, 37 / Chris Romanelli: bass 6, 19 / Cliff Roman: guitar 23 / Daniel Hutchins: bass 30 ./ Don Fleming: guitar 10 / Else Admire: guitar 48 / Eppie Hotz: drums 13, 14, 15, 18, 28, 39, 41 / Gary Taylor: drums 6, 17, 19, 20, 38, 42, 47 / Gene Sinigalliano (p.k.a. Eugene James): guitar, farfisa 27, 31, 40, 44, 51, 56 / Greg Ginn: guitar 55 / Gregory R (Gregory Lapina): drums 27 / Guanche Ros: drums 30, 50 / Ikerne 'Aiky' Gimenez: guitar 29, 50 / Jamie Garner: guitar 20, 41, 46 / Javier Escovedo: guitar 8 / Jeff Cougar: drums 30, 39, 43, 55 / Jeff Rogers: drums 7, 25, 33 / Jim Michels: bass 3, 16, 19, 37, 46 / Jimmy Warwas: bass 42, 47, 51 / John 'Speedo' Reise: guitar and backing vocals 56 / Joseph Alexander: drums 34 / Kalinka Meyer: violin, clarinet 40 / Kenneth Brighton: bass 30, 34, 39, 43, 55 / Kim Rowe: background vocals 21 / Kyle Killoran: bass 42 / Manu Lanaud: drums 46 / Marc Hacquet: bass 46 / Mario: drums 57 / Martini: bass 29, 50 / Mike Henderson: drums 3, 5, 36 / Mike Phillips: guitar 7 / Mike Sobieski: guitar 29 / Mikel Biffs: guitar 50 / Miriam Lina: drums 30 / Mort Baumann: bass, backing vocals and grunts, drumstick scraping fan grill, electric piano 5, 7, 34, 36 / Pat Todd: guitar 23 / Paul Smith: guitar 6, 19 / Poe: sax 35 / Richard Hell: bass 10 / Richard Lloyd: guitar / Rick Ballard: guitar, background vocals 22 / Robert' Derwood' Andrews: guitar 55 / Scott Asheton: drums 1, 4, 8, 10, 21,23, 25, 32, 33, 45, 49, 55 / Scott Morgan: guitar 25 / Stephan G (a.k.a. Johnny Rio): bass 16, 24, 53, 54 / Sterling Morrison: guitar 30 / Steve Baise: bass 49 / Texas Terri Bomb: background vocals 22 / Tjert Caneguortel: bass 13, 14, 15, 18, 28, 39, 41 / Tony Slug: guitar 13, 14, 15, 17, 27, 38, 40 / Victor: drums 2, 37 / Wayne Kramer: guitar 43, 52.

Sonny Vincent formed the 'Testors' in 1975 with Gene Sinigalliano (guitar) and Gregory R (drums). Later line-ups included Surealist Ron Pieniak (Rex Pharaoh) on bass, Jeff Couganour (Jeff West) on drums and Kenneth Huebner (Kenneth Brighton) on bass. They played New York clubs such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB and The Hot Club in Philadelphia with groups such as Mink DeVille, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Cramps and Suicide, and toured nationwide with the Dead Boys. Testors released a 7" single, "Together" b/w "Time Is Mine".
In 1981, Testors disbanded and Vincent moved to Minneapolis where he formed Sonny Vincent and The Extreme with Michael Phillips (guitar), Jeff Rogers (drums) and the late Mort Bauman (bass guitar). The group toured the U.S. and released another single, "SVE" with the songs, "Wingdale," "Top Dog" and "Phantom." The group also made the bizarre film Mannequin World on the streets of Minneapolis. It was shown on television in the Twin Cities only once, after which the host of the program remarked, "I sure hope the boss wasn't watching." In 1983, Sonny was involved in a performance art project that saw him banned from the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. During his time living in Minneapolis/St. Paul Sonny Vincent also became involved with film-making and multimedia arts.
After The Extreme disbanded Sonny Vincent went on to form other groups, such as Model Prisoners (line-up included Bob Stinson from The Replacements), Shotgun Rationale (a revolving line-up that included at one time or another Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and Bob Stinson who incidentally were in the group together in what Sonny referred to while being interviewed as a "therapist's nightmare",another version of 'Shotgun Rationale' which toured Canada included Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü on bass. After moving from Minnesota to Holland he formed a group with two Dutch musicians called 'The Dons. Other line ups during this period were- Sonny Vincent and the Guevaras, Sonny Vincent and his Rat Race Choir (Scott Asheton - Stooges, Cheetah Chrome - Dead Boys and Captain Sensible - The Damned).

In addition to releasing over 20 albums under his own name Sonny Vincent toured and recorded for 9 years with Maureen 'Moe' Tucker of the Velvet Underground. During this time although Sonny continued to record his own albums and tour his own show he dedicated many years to Moe, recording albums with Moe and doing many tours across the United States and Europe. The line-ups Moe used were often changing although Sonny and John Sluggett were permanent members. During the recording of Moe's third album in NYC which included Lou Reed, John Cale and Sterling Morrison, Sonny encouraged Sterling to join Moe Tuckers touring band. This brought new life into the band that now included two original members of The Velvet Underground (Moe and Sterling), a member of Testors (Sonny) and Half Japanese (John). Another short lived addition to the band was Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes.
After touring with 'Moe' became less frequent Sonny recorded a new album named 'Pure Filth' with the Drummer of the Stooges Scott Asheton and Captain Sensible of the Damned. After this release. Sonny and Scott along with Steve Baise of the 'Devil Dogs' proceeded to tour the United States and Europe playing the songs from the 'Pure Filth' album and songs from Sonny's vast catalog.
2012 marked the formation of Sonny Vincent And The Bad Reactions. Sonny Vincent And The Bad Reactions toured the United States during the summer and recorded three songs, released by tREND iS dEAD! records on 7" vinyl (grab it HERE!) Currently Vincent records and performs under his own name.
In 2012, Hozac records initiates the 'Archive' branch of its label. The first release on this Hozac Records category is Sonny Vincents 'Proto- Punk' band 'Fury'. Recorded in 1972 it documents a very young Sonny Vincent amazingly shredding and wailing.
Sonny continues touring and playing his songs for audiences in Europe and the United States. Releases continue to come out on both shores on different labels. Source Wikipedia

"Playing this massive, 57-track collection all the way through is on par with running through the Stooges "Funhouse Complete Sessions" box set without the false starts and repetition. It's a marathon trip but you'll feel good you did it. A 30-year retrospective of the output of one of punk rock's eternal outsiders, it spans three weighty discs on vinyl. The paper inserts alone are a small cousin of the Saturday edition of the New York Times, exhaustively listing every line-up on every track, and the platters are thick enough to eat off. No wonder it was more than half a decade in the making. The world is reasonably well served for recent Sonny recordings. The all-star "The Good The Bad The Ugly", the Munster-issued "Hell's Kitchen" and the Testors re-issues are available, even if it involves a trawl through eBay. Earlier albums like "Cocked" and "Roller Coaster" , however, are scarce. not to mention the smattering of singles and vinyl-only offerings. "Semper Fidelis" fills some gaps and includes some surprises. For the uninitiated, it's a perfect starting point. On the surprise front, there's "Flying", a 1972 song from one of Sonny's earliest bands that's previously unheard and hints at what was to come. "Me, Myself and I" (with Sterling Morrison on guitar and original Cramp Miriam Linna providing tribal drums) is a demo put down for Moe Tucker, whose longtime band included Sonny Vincent. And if you want to get right into the minutiae, there's a 1969 cassette recording message from Sonny to the folks back home from a stint in the US Marine Corps. "Phantom" is a rarity that shows necessity to be the mother (fucker) of invention: Sonny and then band The Extreme it down in an audio store as a test of a prospective recording equipment purchase and the salesman unwittingly gets a credit as producer. The bottom line is that this collection is almost too big to absorb in one sitting. If by chance you do attempt to do so, you'll be knocked dead by the raw passion, punk rock fury and amazing consistency of Sonny Vincent's attack. The Barman I-94 Bar
Vinyl & cd can be found on Rockin' Bones or through Puke n Vomit." Source I-94 Bar


THE SUPERBEES - The Superbees 12'' EP

THE SUPERBEES  The Superbees  12'' EP  2004
Up Our Sleeves / Heavy / Only What You Make It / Eye On Me.
Produced by Rick Parker & The Superbees.
The Superbees: Dave James: guitar, vocals / Scott Carlson: guitar, vocals / Dat Ngo: bass / Johnny "Sleeper" Toomey: drums, percussion.
The Los Angeles foursome the Superbees electrify vintage garage grooves with the energy of Iggy Pop, the swagger of the Stones, and the raucous attack of Thee Hypnotics. Vocalist and guitarist Dave James formed the band around 1998 with bassist Dat Ngo, and the duo promptly took its MC5-influenced show on the road, as well as releasing the single "Got This Feeling". Eventually the group completed its lineup with guitarist Scott Carlson and drummer Johnny Sleeper. In August of 2000, the Superbees released a self-titled EP. Their debut full-length, "High Volume" — a satisfying set of stage-burning rock — was released on Acetate Records in September of 2002. The "Top of the Rocks" EP followed in 2010. Allmusic.com

"...one of the most electrifying pure rock bands in town...a searing set of Saints / Lyres / Sonics-inspired garage shock. Vocalist/guitarist Dave James...a mad riffing hooligan, knocking out killer chords while engaging in high-energy Townshend-like leaps and scowling at the audience..." Jim Freek, New Times LA
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ELLIOTT MURPHY  Aquashow  lp/cd  1973/1988
Last Of The Rock Stars / How's The Family° / Hangin' Out / Hometown / Graveyard Scrapbook / Poise 'N Pen* / Marilyn / White Middle Class Blues / Like A Great Gatsby** / Don't Go Away.
Elliott Murphy: vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, piano on * / Matthew Murphy: bass / Gene Parsons: drums / Teddy Irwin: acoustic guitar / Frank Owens: piano, organ + Pat Rebillot: piano, organ (Hometown) & electric piano (Marilyn, Like A Great Gatsby) / Rick Marotta: drums on °.
** ((listed as "Like a Crystal Microphone" in the some editions to avoid violating copyrights on the novel)

With all the praise accorded every other artist anointed with the "new Dylan" tag, Elliott Murphy burst onto the scene in 1973 wearing the mantle proudly. His debut, Aquashow, came on like the son of Blonde on Blonde, but with the streetwise poetic bent of Lou Reed. And, as is the case with most 24-year-olds armed with pen, paper, guitar, and harmonica, he has plenty to say. There is the tendency to wield a heavy hand when it comes to his takes on love, fame, growing up, and the underbelly of middle-class life, but Murphy, whose insights cut deeper than the majority of writers his age, is successful more often than not. If the irony of "How's the Family" or the overstated "Marilyn Monroe died for our sins" are a bit much, tracks such as "Hangin' Out," "Scrapbook Graveyard," and "Last of the Rock Stars" more than make up for it, painting a vivid picture of disenfranchised youth -- searching yet self-destructive. Still, as good as Murphy can be lyrically, it's the music that first draws you in. From his own electric guitar, and a rhythm section made up of brother Matthew Murphy and Byrd Gene Parsons, to Highway 61 Revisited pianist Frank Owens' organ and piano, Murphy creates some of the most convincing Dylan-esque folk-rock to come along since 1966. In and out of print over the years, Aquashow remains a minor classic, thanks to a keen eye, intelligence, and a sparse, straightforward sound that stays clear of trends. Allmusic.com

At 23 years old I had a few definite ideas about how the cover should be for my very first album and amazingly enough both the record company and the photographer were generous enough to let me do as I please. You see, I wanted a cover that would reflect my dreams, my history and my heroes very definitely because I didn’t know way back then if this would be my only album. I called the album Aquashow in memory of my late father’s show in the 1950’s and the photo on the back of the cover is really from that show. The photographer was Jack Mitchell who I believe was a friend of Lloyd Gellason who did an incredible job handling my publicity at Polydor Records. Jack is a very well known and respected photographer and very easy to work with like most of the best. I suggested that we shoot in the Palm Court of the Plaza Hotel because that’s where part of The Great Gatsby took place and I also wanted a blurry circular frame to the photo like Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home. And, of course, I wanted my brother Matthew with me. Jack agreed to everything although I had to bring my own Dylan album to the shoot to show him what I meant. Paula Bisacca who designed the cover found the Aquashow umbrella and we shot very early one morning when the hotel was not too crowded. The white suit I had bought not far from Gatsby land on the north shore of Long Island. It was made in France and I still have it hanging in my mother’s closet. Maybe I should give it to the Hard Rock Hotel. Source
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