WET TAXIS - From the archives

WET TAXIS From the archives lp 1984 Hot rcds 320 kbps
But mono never dies° / Last time around¤ / Unchain my heart* / I'm gonna burn° / You burn me up and down* / I wanna come back¤ / Rich with nothing*+ / Nun's strike° / It's gonna rain+ / Hypnotized+ / In the past* / Vomit° / Bucktooth gobbler* / Love¤.
°Produced by T. Ellard & Wet Taxis , ¤by T. Ellard & D. Connor, *by D. Connor & K. Steedman, +by T. Ellard.
WET TAXIS : S. Knuckley : lead guitar/ P. Ikinger : rhythm guitar / N. Fisher : drums, scrotum / T. Knuckley (bass, vocals), L. Tillett : vocals, piano .

L. Tillett's first band, the Wet Taxis, commenced life as an experimental outfit in the manner of fellow Sydneysiders Severed Heads and Scattered Order before taking on a tougher 1960s-influenced direction. Their classic debut single on the Hot label, ‘C’mon’ (1984), boasted an authentic garage/R&B sound heavily influenced by such American garage/punk bands as the Moving Sidewalks, We the People and the Chocolate Watchband plus legendary Australian group the Atlantics (who originally issued the song as ‘Come On’ in 1967). Alongside the likes of Died Pretty, the Celibate Rifles, the Lime Spiders, the New Christs, the Hoodoo Gurus and the Eastern Dark, the Wet Taxis came to epitomise the Australian garage rock sound and aesthetic of the 1980s. The band’s only album was the appropriately named "From the Archives".
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WILD CHILD - Death trip

WILD CHILD Death trip lp 1984 320 kbps
What ever happened to us / Story of life / Dog / Messed up / Lost children / Simple mind / Welcome to my cemetery / Death trip.
Produced by Wild Child.
Wild Child was : Little Jim : vocal, harp, keyboards / Leeroy S. : guitars, backing vocal / Fred : bass, backing vocal / Phil : drums, percussion, keyboards.
A hidden treasure ! That's raw , savaaage ... the Stooges meets the Doors !
Wild child was a french combo ... They came from Marseille to burn Paris !
After a single "Stooge face" & a mini lp "Speedlife O'mind" in 1982 , they recorded their masterpiece "Death trip" (remember the last song on "Raw power" ?) in 1984. An excellent third lp "The next decline" was recorded but never released ... sad story & fucking majors !
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TOM RUSSELL BAND - The road to Bayamon

TOM RUSSELL BAND The road to Bayamon lp 1988 Hit rcds 320 kbps
Home before dark / U.S. Steel / Downtown train / Love makes a fool of the wise / The definition of a fool / As the crow flies / The road to Bayamon / Alkali / Wise blood / Joshua tree / Mezcal / William Faulkner in Hollywood.
Produced by T. Russell & A. Hardin.
Americana singer/songwriter Tom Russell was born in Los Angeles in 1950. Raised on the cowboy music of the American West, he grew up to be a talented songwriter, and began issuing albums under his own name in the early '70s. However, Russell's material was also recorded by such luminaries as Johnny Cash, Guy Clark, Dave Alvin, and Doug Sahm, and k.d. lang, to name only a few. While much of Russell's work mined the country tradition, he was also known to flavor his work with Tex-Mex, folk, and the cowboy music of his youth. After an acclaimed career spanning two decades, Russell found another gear with 1999's "Man from God Knows Where". A concept album eight years in the making, the LP presented a song cycle inspired not only by America's pioneers, but by Russell's own immigrant ancestors. "Borderland", a set inspired by Russell's newfound home in the Juarez border region of Texas, followed in 2001. "Modern Art" appeared in April 2003 and "Hotwalker" -- a conceptual work inspired by Russell's encounters with author Charles Bukowski -- followed in 2005. A year later Russell released "Love and Fear", an album focusing on what he called "the ragged outback of love." Wounded Heart of America, a compilation of Russell classics performed by everyone from Johnny Cash and Iris Dement to Tom himself, arrived in 2007.
Good luck trying to pigeonhole Tom Russell based on the fine "Road to Bayamon", which manages to sound cohesive while wandering all over the musical map. "Home Before Dark," one of several numbers here that he later re-recorded with country-soul singer Barrence Whitfield, is a radio-ready rocker, with a great hook and prominent guitar; the vocal and guitar on the equally fine "U.S. Steel," on the other hand, sound something like early Johnny Cash. And then there's "Alkali," a great relic from Russell's folky days with Patricia Hardin; and a surprisingly strong, faithful-to-the-original cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire." Not everything scores a homer: The lackluster vocals on Tom Waits' wonderful "Downtown Train," the album's other cover, seem particularly weak when compared with Rod Stewart's definitive version. Allmusic
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THE NOMADS - All wrecked up

THE NOMADS All wrecked up cd 1989 Amigo 320 kbps
Holyhead / Twilight fades / I don't need no doctor / First you dream then you die / Beyond the valley of Dolls° / My deadly game / (You can call that) Frienship ? / I'm gonna make you mine / Butcher baker nightmare maker / Outburst ! / Down by the river / I have always been here before* / Cinderella* / Fire and brimstone*.
*cd bonus tracks
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas.
The Nomads : N. Vahlberg : vocals, guitar / H. Östlund : vocals, lead guitar / F. Minarik : organ, tambourine, maraccas / B. Fröberg : bass guitar, vocals / J. Ericson : drums, cymbals.
° featuring Johnny Thunders on lead guitar !
"Kings of garage"... "Modern acid-drenched psychotic r&b"... "Amphetamined r&b hellfire fusion" ... "What the Heartbreakers might've sounded like as acidheads instead of heroin addicts"... Just a few selected quotes to describe the sound of Sweden's the Nomads, but since you bothered to look up their homepage I guess you're already familiar with their crucial brand of guitarcrazed rawk'n'roll ?
On their first mini-LP "Where the Wolfbane Blooms" (Amigo -83) the band's spiritual guide and producer 4-Eyed Thomas (Ulf Lindqvist) managed to give them the sound they deserved though. A record that started a growing number of fans and reviewers all over the world to praise the fantastic Swedish garage band. Among the brilliant choice of covers, the Nomads also showed they could write excellent songs themselves. A classic record ...
In 1984 Frank Minarik started playing organ and percussion in the group and they released their second mini-album, "Temptation Pays Double", another fine blast of sonic garage mayhem. The third album "Outburst!"was a compilation of material from the two mini-LPs (What Goes On Records). The Nomads was now steadily gaining a well-deserved reputation among serious rock'n'roll fans here and everywhere. Between -85 and -87 the band appeared on various compilations, bootlegs and seven inches .The cover of the Lyres' until then unreleased song "She Pays the Rent" came out as a single and here you can hear the Nomads complete with a horn-section. After the recording of "Hardware" a few recordings were made as the Screaming Dizbusters . One of them was the Dictators-cover "The Next Big Thing", released as a 7" with the Scottish fanzine by the same name. In 1989 The Nomads made two more records for Amigo : a lp "All Wrecked Up" and a 12 ep "Fire and Brimstone" . After that they will sign for Sonet records but it's another story ... from the Nomads official homepage.

THE NOMADS - Showdown ! (1981 - 1993)

THE NOMADS Showdown ! (1981-1993) 2cd 1994 SFTRI 320 kbps
Disc 1 : The way (you touch my hand) / I'm 5 years ahead of my time / Lowdown shakin' chills / Milkcow blues / Rat fink a boo-boo / Real gone lover / Where the wolf bane blooms / Bangkok / Don't tread on me / She pays the rent / 16 forever / Call off your dogs / Knowledge comes with deaths release / Surfin' in the bars / Temptation plays double / Swamp gal / Fire and brimstone / Beyond the valley of the dolls° / My deadly game / Wimp*.
Disc 2 : Psycho* / Night time* / Boss hoss* / Rockin' all throught the night* / Have love will travel* / Showdown :Real cool time / Sometimes good guys don't wear white / I'm a ding dong daddy / Teenage later / Red Cadillac and a black moustache / Driving sideways on a oneway street / You're gonna miss me / Stranded on a dateless night / Big Sandy / This ain't the summer of love /Frying pan/ Salvation by damnation / The next big thing / I have always been here before / Cinderella / Motorhead*.
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas except* produced by the Nomads
The Nomads : N. Vahlberg: vocals & guitars / H. Östlund : guitar & vocals / B. Fröberg : bass & backing vocals / J. Ericson : drums / T. Carlson : bass & backing vocals / E. Johnson : drums / F. Minarik : organ & percussion / J. Tärnström : guitar, bass.
+ J. Thunders : guitar solos on°

Over the past two decades, Stockholm, Sweden's Nomads have taken the whole history of rock'n'roll (the cool parts, anyway) and recast it in their own image, an amalgam of Detroit, garage, rockabilly, Gibsons through Marshalls, and love (but not reverence) for roots. If you haven't surrendered to their sound yet, try listening to their double-disc Showdown 81-93 comp on Sympathy and coming away unconverted -- I DARE YA! For proof, try on, say, their killer covers of Alex Chilton's "Bangkok" or the Lyres' "She Pays the Rent" or I-94 Bar firm fave, the Dictators' "16 Forever." And these guys can write 'em too; just check out Nomad-penned classics like "Lowdown Shakin' Chills" or "Primordial Ooze" or "Surfin' in the Bars." The current "Big Sound 2000" disc alone bears "Don't Pull My String," "Ain't Dead Yet," "Another Man's Cross," and "The King of Night Train," and there's much, much more. Or better yet, if you can go see 'em live. I-94 Bar
This 42-song, two-CD box set features material recorded by the Nomads from 1981 through 1993. The first CD features the best tracks from the band's albums and singles, while the second CD consists primarily of rarities, outtakes, and live performances. Most of their songs are remakes, and even the originals are indebted to other musicians; for example, "Where the Wolf Bane Blooms" borrows the guitar line from "Borderline" by DMZ, "Call off Your Dogs" was written for the band by Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club and Peter Case of the Plimsouls, and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" features guest lead guitar by Johnny Thunders. While the group may not be innovative or original, they are a very good garage punk cover band, as proven by their fiery renditions of songs by the Strangeloves ("Night Time"), Standells ("Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"), Tommy Bell ("Swamp Gal"), and others. Overall this is a solid, entertaining collection, but it's probably too extensive for someone who isn't already a dedicated fan. Allmusic

THE NOMADS - Showdown 2 (The 90's)

THE NOMADS Showdown 2 (The 90's) 2cd 2002 White Jazz 320 kbps
Disc 1 : Can't Keep My Mind Off You / Primordial Ooze / Smooth / A Certain Girl / The Goodbye Look / Wasn't Born To Work / Rollercoaster / Long Goodbye / Party Till I Die / (I'm) Out Of It / Bad Vibes / Better Off Dead / I Don't Know - I Don't Care / Just Lost / Dig Up The Hatchet / Glad To Be In Your Past / Blind Spot / Hard To Cry / She Ain't No Use To Me / Picture My Face / Been Burnt .
Disc 2 : I Remember / Showing Pictures To The Blind / Magdalena '93 / TCP / The Fire Of Love / Fan Club / Edvin Medvind / The Grey And The Black / Pack Of Lies / Graveyard / Demolition Girl / Love's Gone Bad / She'll Always Be Mine / Trucker Speed / King Of Night Train (Single Version) / Mirrors / Minnesota Strip / Top Alcohol / Let's Lynch The Landlord / (I'm) Stranded Kick Out The Jams .
Compiled by N. Vahlberg - Produced for release : C. Schewen. Sound supervisor : Chips K.
The Nomads : N. Vahlberg : vocals , rhythm guitar /H. Östlund : lead guitar & vocals / B. Fröberg : bass & backing vocals / J. Ericson : drums, percussion/ F. Minarik : organ & percussion .
+ guests (see booklet)
There are certainties in life. You've heard about death and taxes. There are also the Nomads. Dependable, although never safe, they're the grand daddies of Scandi Rock and their latest is a compilation to walk over shards of glass for.
"Showdown 2" is, as you might guess, the second in the series of retrospectives of a band that chalked up two decades in 2001 - not that they sound tired or anything - and it's as good a primer to their delights as you're going to find. Its predecessor showed a band soaking up influences ('60s punk and psych, NY punk, the Oz garage wave, shockabilly and cowpunk) as well as anyone. "Showdown 2" is less derivative and is the track record of a band no longer feeling their way and standing on their own merits.
The Nomads can rock as hard as any act around but there's no shortage of melody in the songs - which sets them apart from some of their latter day contemporaries. Songs in the so-called garage genre just don't come better than "The Goodbye Look", "Primordial Ooze" or "Smooth". There's a simple economy of playing and high quotient of killer hooks that does it for you every time The Nomads are proof of this sort of rock's ability to move and cleanse. I first crossed paths with the Nomads in the early '80s, mainly by way of a handful of great singles like "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" (see "Showdown 1"). It was through boosters like Noise for Heroes editor Steve Gardner, No Mango label head Dave Champion and the Bar's own Ken Shimamoto that I did some chasing down of their discs in more recent years. A good move. Seventeen cuts from disc one are drawn from the excellent "Sonically Speaking" (something of a peak) and "Powerstrip" albums and they won't be a revelation to anyone who's tracked the band's easier-to-find releases. After that, the going gets obscure with a string of tunes culled from the myriad singles, B sides, compilations and tributes that have borne the familiar Nomads logo. Disc two gives you more Estrus, Sympathy and Bad Afro 45s, their roaring "Demolition Girl" from the 1+2 Saints trib and five live cuts from the 2001 Hulfredst Festival 20th anniversary show. I'm lucky enough to have this on video, but you might have to make do with imagining the images as special guests Handsome Dick Manitoba and Top Ten ("Minnesota Strip"), Jello Biafra ("Let's Lynch the Landlord"), Chris Bailey ("Stranded") and Bro Wayne Kramer ("Kick Out the Jams") join in the fun. Videos of "Can't Keep My Mind Off You" and "King of Night Train" complete a classy package. Everyone's going to have their faves. Mine are the trio of songs I mentioned a few paragraphs back, plus some of the 7" obscurities like "She'll Always Be Mine" and "Pack of Lies". There's nothing here directly from their last two albums ("Big Sound 2000" and "Up Tight") but this IS a '90s comp and you'll want to buy them in their entirety once you hear this anyway. It doesn't get any better than this. - The Barman - I-94 Bar



V/A Punks from the underground cd 1977 Skydog 320 kbps
THE SHITS I'm flying / THE SHITS I'm waiting for my crossroads / THE HEARTBREAKERS Too much junkie business / DEENO'S MARVEL Oil city rockers / THE SPEEDBALLS Speedbal jive /NICK KENT Switch-hitter dub / THE SHITS Bring me the head / NICK KENT & SUBTERANNEANS Chinese shadow / THE LIGHTNING RAIDERS Didja / THE HEARTBREAKERS Seven days weekend / VEGETABLES Vegetable men / THE PHANTOMS High school.
A Skydog compilation with the Subteranneans (Nick Kents' band) , Deeno's Marvel (an Eddie & the Hot Rods' roadie) , The Shits , The Speedballs , a cool version of the MC5 "High school" by the Phantoms & two Heartbreakers' songs (it seems that the same songs was on the Heroes single ...)

JOHNNY THUNDERS - In the flesh

JOHNNY THUNDERS In the flesh cd 2000 Amsterdamned 320 kbps
Pipeline /Blame It On Mom / Personality Crisis / I Can Tell / Dead Or Alive / Can't Keep My Eyes On You /I Ain't Superstitious / Medley: Too Much Junkie Business -Pills / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Eve of seduction / It's Not Enough / Lonely Planet Boy / The Wizard / Play With Fire / Green Onions / In the Midnight Hour / Sad Vacation / Little Queenie /Born To Lose.

Recorded live at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, April 4, 1987.
Johnny Thunders : guitars, vocals / Arthur Kane : bass / Jerry Nolan : drums / Barry Jones : guitar.

"In the Flesh" is a posthumous live CD by legendary punk rock guitarist/singer/songwriter Johnny Thunders. It consists of the full live set featuring a reunion of Thunders with fellow ex-New York Dolls and Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan and ex-Dolls bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane, recorded at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California on January 4, 1987. Given Thunders' notoriety for performing in a smacked-out or alcoholic haze, this more sober and professional Thunders performance led one reviewer to declare the CD to contain "an ample track selection, generally superb performances, and surprisingly good fidelity all in one package -- a Triple Crown rarely achieved in the world of J.T. live recordings."
It would be the last time Kane would ever play with Thunders and Nolan, as the two musicians would pass away within a year of each other (Kane died of leukemia a month after playing a formal New York Dolls show with surviving members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain). The show was also filmed with a single VHS video camera and would become a popular bootleg amongst Thunders' fans; the footage was officially released, with the consent of Thunders' and Kane's estates, in November 2004 as the DVD Thunders, Nolan and Kane: "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory".


JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS Thunderstorm in Detroit cd 2002 320 kbps
Pipeline /London Boys / Too Much Junky Business / Chatter Box / All By Myself / Let Go / I Dont Want You / Do You Love Me / Get Off The Phone / Chinese Rocks / Great Big Kiss.
Recorded live in Detroit at the Silverbird 12/21/80.
Produced by Motor City Music.
That night, the Heartbreakers were : Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals / Walter Lure : guitar, vocals / Tony Curio : bass / Billy Rogers : drums.
This 11-track concert album presents raucous rocker Johnny Thunders and his Heartbreakers performing at Detroit's Silverbird venue in 1980.
" ... It's immediately obvious to anyone familiar with the shitload of Thunders/Heartbreakers live albums out there that two common threads bind them all - little if any variation in set lists and the liberal use of the word "douchebag" by Thunders and Lure in baiting audiences. For the most part, both Thunders and Waldo are like choirboys (relatively speaking) on "Thunderstorm In Detroit," the closest thing to an insult either of them hurls being a snide comment by Thunders about people around here still building cars. This frees them up to do what they do best - disheveled gutter swill raised to art form level.Beginning with perennial opener "Pipeline," Thunders, Lure, bassist Tony Curio, and drummer Billy Rogers romp through a brief, but deafening white knuckle ride with stops along the way in Thunders ("London Boys," the aforementioned "So Alone"), Heartbreakers ("Too Much Junkie Business," "All By Myself," "Let Go," "Get Off The Phone"), and New York Dolls ("Chatter Box") territory, as well as covers of The Contours' "Do You Love Me," Ramones/Richard Hell's "Chinese Rocks," and George Morton's "Great Big Kiss."Sound quality is probably best summed up with something Thunders once said: "Rock 'n' roll is about attitude. I could care less about technique." If you're reading this, an audiophile experience probably isn't very high on your priority list anyway. Performancewise, slot this one somewhere just under "Live At Max's Kansas City," but miles above most of the bootleg quality discs which chronicle Thunders' disintegration into boorish, drooling, buffoon, albeit an elegant and beautiful boorish, drooling, buffoon. But that's heroin - keeps you young and kills you early." - C. Paull I-94 Bar


V/A O.T.H. Sampler 1

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 1 cd O.T.H. 320 kbps
THE THURSTON HOWLERS One of a kind / THE SCRUFFS Trash / JACK & THE BEANSTALK Who will save rock 'n' roll ? / HANDS OF TIME Left just the same / THE CHEVELLES Lost in love / SUPERSCOPE Rubberneckin' / THE SPOILERS Pissing blood / KRYPTONICS Trapped inside / KRYPTONICS Land that time forgot / THE FINKERS Just call Tracy.
O. T. H. sampler given away with issue 1 !

V/A O.T.H. Sampler 2

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 2 cd O.T.H. 320 kbps
SCRUMFEEDER Cherry ass punk / CHALLENGER 7 Rats in a maze / THE ALOHAS Headhunter / ROCKET SCIENCE Action / P76 Social insecurity / MICHAEL CARPENTER Kailee Anne / THE STARLINGS I really really love you / THE HIGH SOCIETY Come down / THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS Cuban rebel girl / THE SAND PEBBLES Sundowner.
O. T. H. sampler given away with issue 3 !

V/A O.T.H. Sampler 3

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 3 cd 2003 OTH 320 kbps
THE GREEN CIRCLES Paper, scissors, rock / SHUTTERSPEED Different bride of cat / SPRUIKER Surfsucker / THE NAKED EYE Too far gone / THE HEKAWIS Give it soul / DM3 Give it up / MAV & HER MAJESTY'S FINEST Long time nothing new / SHEEK THE SHAYK I want that woman / SECTOR 7G Action man / THE SCRUFFS N Scale.
O. T. H. sampler given away with issue 3 !


THE DANGERMEN - Summer of danger

THE DANGERMEN Summer of danger cd 2004 320 kbps
Shipwrecked / Gotta be / Shark attack / Put it on your fridge / Show me / Summer of danger / Johnny Craig / Mechanical girl / Investigators / This not A. M. radio / We are the DangerMen / Supersonic meltdown.
Produced by the DangerMen.
The Dangermen : Zoltane the Maniac : vocals / Dr Rock : guitar / Dover : guitar / Awesome Andy : bass / Muchos L. Dangeros : drums.
On a superficial level, I liked this album. The guitars are fast and furious, the vocals grate and groan in true punk tradition, and the rhythm section robust and brutal. That said, this album is about as original as any of the local Big Brother shows, or indeed anything that includes "reality television" in the product description. On one level, it is a naked rip-off of the Ed Kuepper's buzzsaw guitar attacks, Chris Bailey's pub lifestyle ravaged vocals and Ivor Hay's warp speed drums. The opening track, "Shipwrecked", is the high water mark of artistic derivation, with the lyrics barely deviating from "Stranded" (the title itself is an acquatic variation on the original), while We Are the Dangermen continues the long standing punk rock tradition of eponymous theme songs. The rest of the album rarely drops below 90 mph, but equally never strays from the Kuepper/Bailey genre.On another level, this recording celebrates the brash, snotty, fuck you, rock 'n' roll squawl in a dirty pub sound that the Saints pummelled out in their punk rock hey day. It's a reasonable assertion that most contemporary music owes a debt to earlier artists (indeed, Led Zeppelin is regarded by some to be the most successful tribute band ever to walk the rock 'n' roll earth). There's nothing pretentious about the Dangermen's music – it's just loud slacker punk rock'n'roll with its influences tattooed in the band's forehead. And the schlock 1950s horror film sleeve design is simplistic and tacky, and in keeping with the broader pop cultural context of slacker punk. If you don't care about originality, then the music is enjoyable.Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. If that's the case, The Saints should be bowled over with endless commendations and tributes everytime this CD is played. But, as others less diplomatic than me might suggest, imitation is the soft end of plagiarism, then this CD is merely a glorified tribute album. - P. Emery ; I-94 Bar

CUB KODA - Welcome to my job

CUB KODA Welcome to my job (The Cub Koda collection 1963/1993) cd 1993 320 kbps
1. Love Is a Damn Good Feelin' / 2. Let's Get Funky / 3. Cadillac Walk / 4. Jail Bait / 5. Welcome to My Job / 6. Highway 49 / 7. Courtin' in a Cadillac / 8. Feelin' Good / 9. Two Handed Love Affair / 10. Tight Jeans / 11. Ace of Spades / 12. Bacon Fat /13. Scratchin' & Whammin' / 14. Maybellene / 15. Guitar Boogie / 16. Mumblin' Guitar / 17. Background to a Music / 18. King of the Surf / 19. Go! Go! Go! / 20. Rambling on My Mind / 21. Olds 98 Blues / 22. If Only in My Dreams / 23. Looks That Way to Me .
Tracks 1 & 23 are previously unissued ; 2 & 22 from "Let's get funky"; 3 to 5 from "Cub Koda & the Points"; 6 & 7 from "Cub Koda & The Houserockers live at B.L.U.E.S."; 8 from "Cub Koda & The Houserockers: It's the blues!"; 9 to 11 from "That's what I like about the south";12 & 13 from "Abba dabba dabba : a bananza of hits"; 14 & 15 from "Cud digs Chuck" ; 16 & 17 from "Cub digs Bo"; 18 from "Cub goes surfin' ";19 & 20 are Del-tino singles and 21 is from"Back at the crossroads".
Best known as the leader of Brownsville Station and composer of their hit, "Smokin' in the Boys Room," Cub Koda proved that his roots went far deeper, both before the band's formation, during its days in the sun, and long after its demise. His high-school band, the Del-Tinos, were dipping into blues and rockabilly as far back as 1963 -- not only pre-Butterfield, but pre-Beatles. Similarly, he recorded legendary home tapes during his off-hours from Brownsville, before the rockabilly revival had uttered its first hiccup, he formed Cub Koda & The Points and later teamed with Hound Dog Taylor's former rhythm section, the Houserockers, to play the blues in the '80s. Along the way he cranked out a monthly column ("The Vinyl Junkie") and recorded a series of albums that kept roots music of all kinds alive without ever treating it like a museum piece.
Cub died on July 1, 2000 at the age of 51 (R.I.P) As he said, he was "somewhere between a cult figure and rock & roll legend," and to anyone that knew him, that was the gospel truth.
Covering everything from his pre-Brownsville Station days to two brand-new songs, "Welcome to My Job" is the definitive collection of Cub Koda's solo career.
Thanks to Alexandre for music & scans !


THE PURPLE HELMETS Rise again cd 1989 Rebel Rec. 320 kbps
Brand New Cadillac /I'm Crying /Rosalin /She's Not There* /First I Look At The Purse° /Get Yourself Home /Oh Pretty Woman /Homework /Don't You Like What I Do /Money /Under The Sun /Baby Let Me Take You Home /Sha La Lee /Baby /Everything's Alright.
Produced by the Purple Helmets & O. Morris.
The Purple Helmets : A. Gifford : lead vocals / J.J. Burnel : bass & vocals , lead vocals on * / J. Ellis : guitar & vocals / D. Greenfield : keyboards / M. Elias : drums .
+ G. Fuller : harmonica on °

Whether the result of, or the impetus for, the Stranglers' penchant for covering rock'n'roll standards (or just an indication of artistic burnout), J.J. Burnel and D. Greenfield launched a just-for-kicks sideband with Stranglers' saxman Alex Gifford (also piano with Van The Man & half of the Propellerheads), ex-Vibrators guitarist John Ellis (he had opened for the Stranglers in the 1970s as a member of The Vibrators, filled in for H. Cornwell during his time in prison in 1980 and became the future Stranglers' guitarist during near ten years) and Manny Elias ( drummer for : Interview , Tears for Fears , P. Gabriel, etc...). On two similarly titled but totally different albums, the Purple Helmets (nice name...) do nothing but relive the songs of their misspent youth. Whether they're playing "Woolly Bully," "I Can't Explain," "Over Under Sideways Down" and "Not Fade Away" on the live "Ride Again" or "She's Not There," "Money" and "First I Look at the Purse" on "Rise Again", a slightly more accomplished studio concoction. The Purple Helmets approach their chosen jukebox classics with the enthusiasm of teenagers and the skill of seasoned professionals. TrouserPress


THE PURPLE HELMETS Ride again lp 1987 New Rose 320 kbps
Wooly Bully / Over Under Sideways Down / Don't Bring Me Down / We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / Baby Please Don't Go / Can't Explain / Whatcha Gonna Do About It / Keep On Running / All Day And All Of The Night / Louie Louie / Tobacco Road / I Wanna Be Your Man / Hip-Hug Her / Not Fade Away / I'm A Man.
Live album mixed by : Alex Gifford & Owen Morris - Recorded by : Owen Morris.
The Purple Helmets : J. J. Burnel : bass & vocals / A. Gifford : lead vocals / J. Ellis : guitar & vocals / D. Greenfield : keyboards / M. Elias : drums.

This record, consisting of nothing but cover tunes, is fun from start to finish. A little background is in order here. The band is made up of bits of the Stranglers and a dash of the Vibrators if I'm not mistaken. Plus a few other gents, origins unknown (see the next post) . And given this climate the live set rarely strays into Stranglers territory. A slight passage in "All Day and All of the Night" casts a rat-like shadow across the bass line, but over-all we've got a pretty good bar band serving up some blues inflected songs and stories. The guys manage to touch on the Yardbirds, Kinks, Animals, The Who, Buddy Holly and ever so much more. A front cover group portrait of the gentlemen wearing their signature headgear and some choreographed steps bringing up the rear. Hard to find (especially on cd but you can find it on colored vinyl for a nice price ), but worth seeking out if you're any fan of the Stranglers or their individual members.Tralfaz
Thanks to the great Capitain Poon for the music !


V/A O.T.H. Sampler 4

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 4 cd 2003 OTH 320 kbps
STARKY Complication / DOLLAR BAR Impratical / SUPERSCOPE PPY / ASTEROID B-612 Get the picture / JOHNNY CASINO'S EASY ACTION Sorry / DEVIL DOLLS Nag / THE SPLIFFS Merry-go-round / THE FINKERS This time it's love / PEABODY Rockwell / THE DANGERMEN We are the Dangermen / HANDS OF TIME Dementias child.

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V/A O.T.H Sampler 5

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 5 cd 2004 OTH 320 kbps
THE RUMORS I'm just so in love with you / DENIZ TEK AND THE GOLDEN BREED Always out of reach / THE BOOBY TRAPS Scratch my back / SHOWBAG Difficult / GROUNDSWELL Always / BOSS BEAT AND THE RAYGUNS Scarabesque / GAZOONGA ATTACK Borderline / ORGANIC Hold you in my arms / GIGANTIC Cold shoulder / THE DOUBLE AGENTS The bliss / THE UPTIGHT Morning sunrise / THE HYMIES I'm stressed / THE WALTONS Cherry / DANNY MCDONALD Too much fun.
Off The Hip is a record store first located in Sydney and now in Melbourne (381 Finders Lane) & it's also a mailorder service with the best in Australian garage, powerpop & rock'n'roll .

Off The Hip was also a fanzine (5 issues , each with a cd sampler) .

Today, Off The Hip is an exemplary label driven by Mickster with a lot of releases to their credit !

V/A O.T.H Sampler 6

V/A O.T.H. Sampler 7 Shake it ! cd 2007 OTH 320 kbps
JOHNNY CASINO 'S EASY ACTION Roy the boy / THE BOOBY TRAPS Sha lala / LORDS OF GRAVITY Where you gonna run / THE CRUSADERS She's so good / MINK JAGUAR Campsie city line / THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS Rock'n'roll Johnny / THE ALOHAS Lunalaguna / DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT Sun flower / HOLY CURSE Night zoo / THE MONSTERS The love I never had / THE NAKED EYE Never gonna kill myself again / CHERRY SMASH The seeker / ASTEROID B-612 Which way ? / THE NEW INVINCIBLES Fist / DANNY MCDONALD We've come this far / GREEN CIRCLES Brown house in Stepney / THE STONEAGE HEARTS Trouble girl / THEE PSYCHO DELMATICS Venus fly trap / THE DATSON FOUR Mr Face / EVEN For always / THE STONEAGE HEARTS So glad / JOHNNY'S CASINO EASY ACTION Last train to Wissahikken / HANDS OF TIME Another fork in the road / THE UPTIGHT Stop stop a go-go / THE FRANTICS Farfisa.



V/A O.T.H. Sampler 7

V/A O.T.H. Sampler 8 cd 2008 O.T.H. 320 kbps
JOHNNY CASINO & THE SECRETS Brother Grahame says /GOODNIGHT LOVING Drag / SCREWTOP DETONATORS God knows / THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT A sound for two / BLOODGROOP Revolution blues / THE CHEATS Do it again / MIDNIGHT WOOLF My libido / THE RANSOME BROTHERS I feel like dancin' / GREEN CIRCLES 21st century blues / THE SICK ROSE Blastin' out / THE FINKERS This time it's love / THE RECKLESS HEARTS Perfectly fine / THE PINK FITS Maybe tomorrow / ASTEROID B-612 Straight back to you / MOLTEN UNIVERSE Strange kind of love / THE BREADMAKERS Rockinitis / LOS HORIES Dynamite / THE BOOBY TRAPS Dig your attitude .



EARTH QUAKE - Rocking the world

EARTH QUAKE Rocking the world cd 1975/1987 Beserkley 320 kbps
Route 66 / Power glide slide / Friday on my mind / (Sitting in the middle of) Madness / Mr Security / Tin soldier° / Head help high / Ma Ma Ma Belle*.
Produced by M. K. Kaufman & G. Kolotkin.
Earth Quake : S. Miller : bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on* / J. Doukas : vocals, piano / G. Phillips : guitar, backing vocals , lead vocals on° / S. Nelson : drums / R. Dunbar : guitar, backing vocals.
Originally Purple , Earthquake, the band drew its influences from rock and blues bands of the , such as the Kinks, Muddy Waters and the Yardbirds, and played clubs and ballrooms in California in the late 1960s. They were managed by Matthew K. Kaufman, who won them a contract with A&M Records, where they released two albums, "Earth Quake "(1971) and "Why Don't You Try Me?" (1972) but with little commercial success. After experiencing frustration at what he saw as A&M's incompetence in handling the band, Kaufman set up Beserkley Records in 1973. Earth Quake released four albums on Beserkley between 1975 and 1979, as well as working with other musicians including Jonathan Richman (who they backed on his 1974 recording of "Roadrunner"), Greg Kihn (who sang backing vocals on some of their records), and guitarist Gary Phillipet (aka Gary Phillips - previously of John Cipollina's Copperhead). The band split up in the early 1980's, but a compilation album, "Sittin in the Middle of Madness", was issued in 2000. In 2007 G. Phillipet sadly passed away in 2007.
Creatively, Earth Quake had its ups and downs. There were times when the obscure Northern California rockers sounded inspired, and other times when they seemed unfocused and confused. Consisting of live performances from 1975, Earth Quake's first album, "Rocking the World", finds the quintet sounding like a neighborhood bar band. Think of a raw, hard-rocking bar band from 1975 and you'll get an idea where Earth Quake is coming from on covers of Bobby Troup's "Route 66," the Electric Light Orchestra's "Ma Ma Ma Belle," the Easybeats' "Friday on My Mind" nice version and the Small Faces' "Tin Soldier" as well as original material like "Mr. Security" and "(Sitting in the Middle of) Madness." Bar bands, of course, can either go through the motions or really get into what they're doing. On this album, Earth Quake sounds like a bar band that is inspired rather than bored. "Rocking the World" isn't mind-blowing, but it rocks and generally fun. Allmusic



V/A DETROIT ROCK CITY ! A devilish dozen tracks of Motor City Madness ! cd 320 kbps
THE SIRENS Hellraiser / THE VALENTINOS Man of the shadows / THE PAYBACKS Strangers in the house / THE AVATARS Honey do / THE BILL BONDSMEN Conquest for Pabst / THE AMINO ACIDS Fear for the future / EASY ACTION Solitary confinement / THE WHISKY DIARIES Soul city rocker / TROY GREGORY & THE STEPSISTERS Get that luv outta here / THE SPACE HEATERS Too sweet / THE BEGGARS Thieves / THE FRUSTRATIONS Damaged goods.
This sampler was given away with the "bi-annual journal of art, film, music, smut and wrestling" Carbon 14 (Issue # 26) ... Carbon 14 rooocks !!!
Get a subscription here !

THE SONICS - Sinderella

THE SONICS Sinderella cd 1980 Bomp 320 kbps
He's waitin' / Shot down / Tallahassee Lassie / Let me pass / Leavin' here / Boss hoss / Up the junction / Louie Louie / Sinderella / Turn-on-song / Open up yer door / Pastrami party.
Produced by G.F. Wallace.
The Sonics 1980 : G. Roslie : vocals, keyboards, insanity / G.F. Wallace : guitars, percussion, keyboards, vocals / B. Shaw : drums, percussion, vocals / M. Gone : rhythm guitar / G. Crowe : bass, percussion, beer runs / J. N. Busch : drums, percussion, esoteric humour.
L. Clinkingbeard : saxophone / S. Kattayama & T. Kattica : piano.
On their 1980 release, "Sinderella", influential '60s Seattle garage rockers the Sonics showed that they could come up with material that contained as much punk rock energy as the younger bands around at the time. Age had not tamed the band, as they cranked their amps up to ten and plowed through a set of inspired, raw rock & roll. With great guitar riffing supplied by G. F.-Wallace and M. Gone (the band even thanks their Fender amplifiers in the credits), "Sinderella" is one of the few examples of an older band meshing well with the then-current musical climate. The whole album is one consistent garage rock-fest, helped by such tracks as the opening "He's Waiting," "Leavin' Here," and a ragged version of "Louie Louie" (possibly the best cover version of the tune). For fans of fun, classic garage rock, the Sonics' "Sinderella" is one of the genre's most vital releases. ~ All Music Guide
Cd covers by Max !



V/A HELL AIN'T A BAD PLACE TO BE... A tribute to AC/DC cd 1999 320 kbps
CHAPSTICK Beating Around the Bush / UPPER CRUST Back in Black / ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN High Voltage / REO SPEEDEALER Rocker / IRONBOSS Whole Lotta Rosie / ZEKE Downpayment Blues / THE DWARVES Big Balls / CHROME CRANKS Dog Eat Dog / HONKY Dirty Deeds / SUPERSUCKERS Rock and Roll Singer / LOLLLIPOP Girl's Got Rhythm / VOLTAGE Riff Raff / FUCKEMOS Thunderstuck.

Collecting bands to pay tribute to these masters of rock isn't an easy task, but when you hear the Supersuckers or The Dwarves ripping up these tunes in glorious stereo, like the rumors surrounding Franz Liszt in his day, you'll think the Devil had something to do with it.... and maybe he did.
Somewhere in Satan's kingdom, drink in hand, Bon Scott is smiling, and with the advent of this release, the horned king's bidding is done at last. Intended as a high-voltage tribute to the finest exemplars of all things bad-assed, sweat-drenched, and stone cold deafening that rock has yet seen, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be assembles a true round table of dark knights in the sonic crusade against anemic, diluted, spineless music. Unlike most largely pointless and misguided corporate compilations thrown together by record execs doing thick rails of coke while on their cell phones, this is the real thing, the genuine article. No big hair, no sissified alterna-crap, no rap-metal crossover garbage, and definitely no korn; just a baker's dozen bands who have understood the AC/DC way of life, and method of rock since the word go.These are the true heirs to the throne. And with jaw-dropping, eye-popping artwork by renowned satanic high priest of illustration, Coop, and wicked-ass tattoo ink-slinger Dave Waugh, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be visually drips with sex, hard rock, and more sex. But don't buy it just for the large-breasted demon chicks on the cover alone.....this fucker rocks like hell, a real kick in the teeth for a music industry long gone sour from top to bottom. For those about to rock... buy the album here.


DIMESTORE HALOES - The ghosts of saturday night

DIMESTORE HALOES Ghosts of saturday night cd 2004 320 kbps
Black glitter baby doll / City of bottles / Care too less* / Frustration / Hot pink stereo / Fastest way down / Poison rose / Tatoo black / Last of our kind / Adore me°.
Produced by D. Saiz.
Dimestore Haloes : Chaz Matthews : lead vocals & guitars / Kevin Mess : guitar, bass, piano, drums, lead vocals on* / Jake Wark : bass / Dave Weir : guitar / Jimmy Reject (R.I.
P.) : drums & lead vocals on °/ Andy Excuse : bass & hillbilly-sounding backups.
Over the years, the Dimestore Haloes from Boston, with their many singles and three prior albums, have built up a worldwide cult-like following of people who listen to various genres of music, and they did it by mixing '77 punk, rockabilly, glam, power pop, and rock 'n' roll.Throughout their time together, one issue after another never quite allowed the Haloes to achieve the rock 'n' roll domination they should have, but for those who appreciate them, they came close. This post-humus release of their last album finds the Haloes growing up some, but still with plenty of their signature catchy pop hooks and '77 snot. You also get a bit of piano, a bit more rock in their roll, and a good dose of Exile-era Rolling Stones. If anything, the Haloes were beautiful losers in the proud tradition of Johnny Thunders, ahead of their time and ready to be appreciated today. This is "The Ghosts of Saturday Night", the Dimestore Haloes fourth album, considered by many to be their best work.
In August of 2006, Haloes drummer Jimmy Reject took his own life. Jimmy has two books available here.
After the end of the band , Chaz Matthews, former front man of the Haloes, has recorded a solo album called "Amazing Graceless" available here .


SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS - The next big thing

SINGLES SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS The next big thing / He's waitin' sp 1986 N.B.T. records wav
Produced by Arthur Comics.
The Screaming Dizbüsters : Hans Östlund : lead guitar, vocals / Nick Vahlberg : lead vocal , guitar / Frank Minarik : organ , percussion / Jocke Ericson : drums / Björne Fröberg : bass.

The Screaming Dizbüsters were the Nomads (Swd) under disguise, covered The Dictators "The next big thing" & The Sonics "He 's waitin' " . The single was given with the Lindsay Hutton fanzine The Next Big Thing .
And you know what ... like always with the Nomads ... "highly recommended" !!!

SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS - This ain't the summer of love

SINGLES SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS This ain't the summer of love / Out of the frying pan, into the fire sp 1986 Amigo records wav
Produced by Arthur Comics.
The Screaming Dizbüsters : Hans Östlund : lead guitar, vocals / Nick Vahlberg : lead vocal , guitar / Frank Minarik : organ , percussion / Jocke Ericson : drums / Björne Fröberg : bass.

The Screaming Dizbüsters were the Nomads (Swd) under disguise, covered Don Van Vliet's "Out ot the frying pan" & Blue Öyster Cult's "This ain't the summer of love" . And like always with all the Nomads rockin' stuff , these two covers are "highly recommended" !!!


OLD RECORDS NEVER DIE : THE FROST - Rock and roll music

OLD RECORDS NEVER DIE : THE FROST Rock and roll music cd 1969 320 kbps
Rock and roll music / Sweet lady love / Linda / Black train / Help me baby / Donny's blues / We got to get out of this place.
Produced by S. Charters.
The Frost : D. Wagner : lead guitar & vocals / D. Hartman : rhythm guitar, harmonica & vocals / G. Garris : bass & vocals / B. Rigg : drums .
The Frost's second album on Vanguard, Rock and Roll Music, has the 1969 Dick Wagner four years before he would tour as part of the Lou Reed Rock & Roll Animal Band. The title track, recorded live at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit by engineer Ed Friedner, has an incessant chant over a bellowing guitar foundation. It is a good, raw picture of early Wagner music, a vital document of a Michigan band that helped shape that scene. "Sweet Lady Love" is the group in the recording studio with a tune that rocks like latter day Guess Who around the time of their Live at the Paramount LP. Producer Sam Charters balances the live tracks with the studio ones, á la John Simon's vision for Janis Joplin's Cheap Thrills. An acoustic ballad, "Linda," is placed in between that hard rock and is a far cry from the nice madness of side two's live tracks. In fact, the delicacy of Dick Wagner's voice and guitar playing might've found some chart action if it wasn't put in the context of a near metal album. Wagner sounds more like a British folky, say solo Paul McCartney, than American contemporary songwriters/singers James Taylor and Jonathan Edwards. "Linda" also sounds more like the type of music one would expect to hear on Vanguard. The parallels between Lou Reed and Frost cannot be ignored. Reed's signature tunes during RR Animal were "Sweet Jane," "Lady Day," and "Rock & Roll." Wagner's titles, "Rock and Roll Music" and "Sweet Lady Love," are side by side here -- just an eerie premonition of the shape of things to come. "Black Train" on this album has the same vibe as the Velvet Underground's "Train Coming Round the Bend" off of Loaded, though the style and melody are different. "Help Me Baby," on the other hand, has a throbbing Blue Cheer bassline from co-singer and bassist Gordy Garris and rhythm guitarist Don Hartman, as well as a Grand Funk style blitz. "Donny's Blues" opens side two, almost eight minutes of the band vamping with Hartman on vocals and harmonica. It melts into the song the Animals made famous for Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." Vanguard should go through the vaults and expand the live segments of this recording. One can feel the framework which would benefit Alice Cooper when the Rock & Roll Animal Band moved on to back that rock star. And Dick Wagner played a big role in writing some of Alice's biggest hits when they collaborated. The Frost has glimpses of the sound that would be so instrumental in defining '70s hard rock. Allmusic

SLASH CITY DAGGERS - Backstabber blues

SLASH CITY DAGGERS Backstabber blues cd 2001 Unity Squad Records 320 kbps
T.V. & pills / Backstage / Feels good / Backstabber blues / Fucking you / Daggers rule / Jailhouse lover / Dead drunk / Same ol' thang / Jackhammer / Sweet dreams / Backseat baby.
Produced by Slash City Daggers & Jeff Dahl.
Slash City Daggers : A. Ruthless : vocals, guitar / D. Graves : vocals, guitar / L. Dagger : bass / Pickle : drums.

"This sophomore release by the Daggers, now known as the Slash City Daggers, delivers blues-y, glam punk rocknroll produced by Jeff Dahl . It's raunchy rhythms are so infectious that this album is being billed as 2001's answer to the New York Dolls." Insound
"Punknroll has group sex with the Stooges, New York Dolls, and GnR to create the Daggers. It's really catchy and fun to rock out to while tapping your feet, sneering and trying to look cooler than you really are." Maximum Rock N Roll



V/A A TRIBUTE TO THE BOYS Satisfaction Guaranteed lp 1999 320 kbps
THE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT : Soda pressing / THE NOMADS : T.C.P. / SATOR : Talking / GANGBANGERS : Sick on you / NIKKI SUDDEN : Independent girl / CHINESE TAKEAWAY : First time / THE FLAMING STARS : Brickfield nights / FLAN SYSTEM : No money/Taking on the world / DEADLY TOYS : I don't care / SPLASH FOUR : Living in the city / SHARPERS : Lonely cowboy / HONEST : SAP / DIE TOTEN HOSEN : New guitar in town.
The only tribute to the most underrated band I know : the BOYS !!!
... From Japan : the Michelle Gun Elephant; from Sweden : the Nomads , the Chips K. Band Sator & Chinese Takeaway ; from France : Gangbangers , Flan System , the Deadly Toys & the Sharpers ; from England : Nikki Sudden & the Flaming Stars of Max Décharné and from Germany , Die Toten Hosen . That's what I call an international tribute !
If you know some other tributes to the Boys , you're welcome !
On this subject , it seems that the tribute to the Boys & the Hollywood Brats on Desert Inn Records doesn't exist : it was a not resulted project ... I never saw this album and mostly never heard it ...
CD covers by Max !

THE FORGOTTEN REBELS - In love with the system

THE FORGOTTEN REBELS In Love With The System lp 1978 320 kbps
Bomb The Boats And Feed The Fish° / I Think Of Her° / In Love With The System° / The Punks Are Alright° / Rich And Bored° / Time To Run° / Fuck Me Dead° / No Beatles Reunion° / You're A Rebel Too° / I Left My Heart In Iran° / Elvis Is Dead° / Bones In The Hallway° / National Unity* / Forgotten Rebel (Alternate Version)* / Reich N' Roll* / In Love With The System* (Alternate Version)* /New Wave Girls* .
°Reissue of the 1980 vinyl release
*Five bonus tracks from a 100 cassette limited edition release handed out at a live show.
Produced & mixed by Cowboy Bob for the first twelve tracks.
The Forgotten Rebels : Pogo Au Go Go : bass / Chriss Suicide : bass, vocals / Larry Electrician : drums / Mr. Madness : drums / Al Mc Combo : guitar / Mickey De Sadist : lead vocals , guitar.
The Forgotten Rebels are a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With roots dating back to 1977 right up until the present time, the Forgotten Rebels have left a legacy of seven albums and a collection of EPs and singles that have influenced many other Canadian and international bands forming in their wake.
Although the band went through many lineup changes over the last 28 years, Mickey DeSadist (vocals) and Dave McGhire (drums) remained the creative foundation of the group through most of its history. McGhire quit in 2003 leaving DeSadist as sole survivor.
"In love with the system" is the first Forgotten Rebels lp.
Covers : Max !