THE INMATES - The Lyon tapes

THE INMATES The Lyon Tapes cd 1989 The Lyon Tapes Collection vbr
Stop it baby / She's gone rockin' / Move on / Somebody help me now / Dangerous love / Unchain my heart / Turn back the hands of time / Nervous breakdown / (I thought I heard a ) Heartbeat / Three time looser / Spreadin' rumours / Midnight to six man / I wanna be your man / Goodbye , so long / Sweet nuthin's / Caroline / Back in the USSR / Dirty water / Tell me what's wrong.
Recorded for ZAP FM at Le Truck , Lyon Vénissieux , march 11 , 1989.
The Inmates : Peter Gunn : guitar , vocals / Tony Oliver : guitar , vocals /Ben Donnelly : bass, vocals / Bill Hurley : vocals / Eddie Edwards (...and not Jim Russell): drums.
One night with the Inmates in Lyon (France) ... an excellent bootleg (n° 0012) from a good collection : "The Lyon Tapes"
In the Lyon Tapes serie : the Saints, the Undertones , the Dogs , the Del Lords , the Real Kids , the Barracudas , etc... .
Sorry but song n°7 is missing ...take it here !

THE INMATES - Me and the boys

SINGLES THE INMATES Me and the boys/Betty Lou 1981 wav
Produced by Stuart Coleman

Covers cleaned and assembled by Max.


THE INMATES - Shot in the dark

THE INMATES Shot in the dark cd (japanese version with lyrics) 1980 320 kbps
Talk talk / Tell me what's wrong / So much in love / Stop it baby / Waiting game / Crime don't pay / Feelin' good / (I thought I heard a ) Heartbeat / Why when the love has gone ? / Sweet rain / I can't make up my mind / Show you my way / Some kinda wonderful.
Produced by Vic Maile.
The Inmates : Peter Gunn : lead guitar , vocals / Bill Hurley : vocals / Ben Donnelly : bass guitar / Tony Oliver : rhythm guitar / Jim Russell : drums.
The Inmates were formed in North London in 1977 and soon established themselves as one of the capital’s most popular live groups. Their influences included The Animals, The Pretty Things and The Rolling Stones. They arrived at the tail end of the pub-rock movement, but still managed to find success with their mix of originals and covers of classic R&B and Rock & Roll tunes. Of the latter, a version of the Standells' "Dirty Water," included on the band's 1979 debut First Offence, became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Capitalising on chart success throughout Europe & North America, the early Eighties saw the band confirm their international status with "Shot in the dark".

THE INMATES - Love got me

SINGLES THE INMATES Love got me/Jealousy(live) sp 1980 Radar records wav
Produced by Vic Maile.

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max.

THE INMATES - First offence

THE INMATES First offence cd (japanese version) 1978 320 kbps
Dirty water / Love got me° / Mr Unreliable / The walk / I can't sleep / Jealousy / Three time loser° / You're the one that done it / Midnight to six man / Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie+ / If time could turn backwards"°/ Back in history / I can't stop°.
Produced by Vic Maile.
The Inmates : Peter Gunn : lead guitar , vocals / Bill Hurley : vocals / Ben Donnelly : bass guitar / Tony Oliver : rhythm guitar / Eddie : drums except for "Dirty water": John Bull .
+ The Rumour brass section : John Earle (baritone) , Dick Hanson (trumpet) , Ray Beavis : (tenor) on °.
Gavin Powey : organ on"
Laurie Garman : harmonica on +
In 1979, various punk and new wave bands were engaging in 1960s worship -- everyone from the Ramones to Blondie to the B-52s was putting their own spin on 1960s music, whether it was British Invasion rock, surf rock or the girl-group sound. But while those artists were combining something old with something new, the Inmates were retro all the way. New wavers and punks might have appreciated the rawness of First Offense, the Inmates' debut album of 1979, but this LP is neither punk nor new wave. Usually sounding like it could have been recorded around 1964-66 instead of in 1979, First Offense is an unapologetic throwback to the British Invasion rock of the early Rolling Stones (we're talking Brian Jones-era Stones!), the Kinks and the Who. The British band doesn't get into psychedelic rock at all, and its preference is for the more bluesy and R&B-influenced recordings that those rockers made in the 1960s. From covers of the Standells' "Dirty Water" and the Pretty Things' "Midnight to Six Man" to remakes of Arthur Conley's "Love Got Me" and Don Covay's "Three Time Loser," First Offense is about as derivative as it gets. But it's also rockin' and highly infectious -- even when you're thinking about how ultra-derivative the music is, you'll find yourself patting your foot and singing along. First Offense is retro in the good sense.

THE INMATES - Dirty water

SINGLES THE INMATES Dirty water*/Danger zone 1979 Radar records wav
*Produced by Vic Maile

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max.


THE INMATES - The walk

SINGLES THE INMATES The walk / Talkin' woman 1979 Radar records wav
Produced by Vic Maile.
Covers cleaned & assembled by Max !

THE BATMEN / THE LAZY COWGIRLS - cd covers & tracks missing !

It seems that I've forgotten :
1-The covers of the Batmen cd "Can you feel it burning ?"
Here's the link:
2- Tracks 12 (Drugs) & 13 (You're gonna miss me) from the first Lazy Cowgirls lp !
Here's the link :


THE LAZY COWGIRLS - The Lazy Cowgirls

THE LAZY COWGIRLS The Lazy Cowgirls lp 1985 Enigma records 320 kbps
Anymore / Rock of Gibraltar / Work / Jungle song / I'm talkin' to you / What are you talkin' bout , baby / Time / Tearful pillows / It hit me / Read that book / Dead stories / Drugs / You're gonna miss me .
Produced by Chris D.
The Lazy Cowgirls : Pat Todd : lead vocals / Doug Phillips : guitar & vocals / Keith Telligman : bass & vocals / Allen Clark : drums & vocals .
Vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist D.D. Weekday (aka Doug Phillips), and bassist Keith Telligman left their hometown of Vincennes, Indiana in 1981 to move to California, hoping to get a rock band off the ground. In 1983, they finally settled on fellow Indiana refugee Allen Clark as a drummer, and began hitting the L.A. club circuit as The Lazy Cowgirls. After countless shows playing to "no one, and people from work" (according to Todd), the band caught the ear of Chris Desjardins (aka Chris D.), former leader of art-punks The Flesh Eaters. Desjardins got the band a deal with Restless Records, and produced their debut LP in 1984. "The Lazy Cowgirls" quite reflect the band's powerhouse live show, and they were soon dropped from the label. After two years of local shows and occasional touring, Bomp Records came to the rescue by releasing the band's second long-player, "Tapping The Source", which came much closer in capturing the fire of their live show on plastic, and merged fifth-gear originals like "Goddamn Bottle" and "Can't You Do Anything Right?" with stripped-down covers of "Justine" and "Heartache." The following year, the newly-founded indie label Sympathy For The Record Industry opened for business with "Radio Cowgirl", a souvenir of the band's high-octane live set at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara.
Following yet another bout of long touring, the band cut the near-definitive "How It Looks — How It Is" in 1990, but years of hard work with little commercial reward began to take their toll, and at the end of 1991 Telligman and Clark quit the group. The Cowgirls' rhythm section became something of a revolving door for the next few years, and while The Lazy Cowgirls cut a handful of singles and EP's for various small labels, conventional wisdom had it that the band had called it quits. But in 1995, the Cowgirls re-emerged with a new album, the superb "Ragged Soul", and a seemingly stable lineup, with Todd and Weekday now joined by Michael Leigh on rhythm guitar, Ed Huerta on drums, and Leonard Keringer on bass. The band toured the United States and Europe, but 1996 brought more personnel shake-ups, as D.D. Weekday and Ed Huerta both turned in their notices. Bob Deagle signed on as drummer in time for 1997's "A Little Sex and Death", with Eric Chandler sitting in on guitar. By 1999, Michael Leigh had rejoined the band on guitar, and almost 20 years after leaving Indiana, the indefatigable Pat Todd began pushing the The Lazy Cowgirls harder than ever, with the band spending plenty of time on the road and releasing two solid albums on Sympathy within six months of each other, "Rank Outsider" and "Somewhere Down The Line". The live album, "Here and Now: Live" was issued in summer 2001. 2004 found the band recording for a new label, Reservation Records, and releasing their strongest new album in years, the rootsy "I'm Going Out And Get Hurt Tonight". Allmusic
The Lazy Cowgirls may be no more, but their body of work continues to inspire countless rock 'n' roll bands and anyone with an affinity for great music. Pat Todd retired the Lazy Cowgirls in 2003, and this myspace page though not ran by Todd, but maintained with his blessings, will serve as a touchstone for all those enamored with his body of work. Pat Todd continues to make music with the same tireless passion to this day, and his new band PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS, are more than worthy of maintaining the legacy that Todd began with the Lazy Cowgirls.
Cd covers by Max !


NEVER TOO LOUD - A tribute to the Backstreet Girls

V/A NEVER TOO LOUD - A tribute to the Backstreet Girls cd 2006 320 kbps
COCKROACH Backstreet boogie / GLUECIFER Going down / BAZOOKA BOPPERS Take the pain away / TRASHCAN DARLINGS Never too loud / THE PSYCHEDELIC MORMONES Any minute now / BRONCO BUSTERS Hangover in Hamburg / CADILLAC Mad dog in Soho / LOS PLANTRONICS Gypo / CASINO STEEL Party trashin' / THE CARBURETORS Gimme just a second / JETSURFERS Hard work / SIDEBURN SATAN Awright awright awright / THE YUM YUM'S Blame it on Suzie / INGVILD HAMMER-VIDAR BUSK Walking downtown / THE RAPTORZ Rock'n'roll x-mess / THE BEAT TORNADOS Speedway to heaven / BACKSTREET GIRLS Jailbreak opera.

"...Of course it had to be made, and here at last ...
is the first tribute album to the best and longest surviving Norvegian rock'n'roll band of all time .
Hail to the Backstreet Girls !! Let's boogie ...! "


THE BATMEN - Can you feel it burning ?

THE BATMEN Can you feel it burning ? cd 1988 Closer records 320 kbps
Do the swamp-rock* / Love drugs* / Taste of blood* / Man on the black list* / Cold drinks* / Blame it on the world */ The beat* / Never again */ Silly boy* / You should be rocking* / Stone age / Bubble skies / Young lovers / Las Vegas / What else ? / Mr Cyphre / Inside looking out / It never ends .
Produced by Stephane Saunier & The Batmen except* produced by Lucas Fox.
The Batmen : Roberto Lozano : guitar, vocals / Patrick Muin : bass , backin' vocals / Christian Vittoz : drums , backin' vocals / Miguel Mougier : guitar , backin' vocals .
+ Serge Gendrolini : cors /J. Michel Cugnod : trumpet/ Michel Patruno : saxe / Thierry Alexandre : trombone / Lucas Fox : backin' vocals /Claude : ? : "Baby cry" / Kid Pharaon : accoustic guitar "Young Lovers" & Brooklyn Family : backin' vocals "Mr Cyphre" .
It seems that Closer issued in 1988 ,this official cd in a confidential way .It contains the two mini lps : "The Batmen" & " Bubble skies" , the first and third single ... it's a very hard to find cd!
Thanks to Alexandre for this cd !

THE BATMEN - Bubble skies

SINGLES THE BATMEN Bubble skies / Stone age (remix) sp 1988 Closer records wavProduced by Stéphane Saunier & the Batmen.
The Batmen : Roberto Lozano : guitar , vocals / Patrick Muin : bass / Christian Vittoz : drums / Miguel Mougier : guitar .
The third and last single ...

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max . Scans & music by Fabien.

THE BATMEN - Going loco

SINGLES THE BATMEN Going loco Flexi octobre 1986 wav
Donné avec le fanzine toulousain Nineteen , mythique ancêtre de l'actuel Dig It !, auquel les Nomads firent cadeau de ce morceau . Going Loco était aussi le titre d'un supplément , feuille de choux à Nineteen .
Scans & music by Fabien.

THE BATMEN - Get on your knees

SINGLES THE BATMEN Get on your knees / Think I've never seen you sp 1986 Closer records wav
Produced by Stephane Saunier.
The Batmen : Roberto Lozano : guitar , vocals / Patrick Muin : Basse / Christian Vittoz : drums / Miguel Mougier : guitar .
The second Batmen single ...

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max. Scans & music : Fabien .

THE BATMEN - Do the swamp-rock

SINGLES THE BATMEN Do the swamp-rock / You should be rockin' sp 1985 Closer records wav
Produced by Lucas Fox.
The Batmen : Roberto Lozano : Guitar, vocals / Patrick Muin : Basse / Christian Vittoz : drums.
"Groupe grenoblois, The Batmen sortiront deux mini lps et trois singles sur le label havrais Closer. Une bonne filiation pour ces aficionados du rock aux guitares claires et tranchantes, aux mélodies entêtantes et aux rythmiques imperturbables. Seul ou en première partie de Little Bob, The Damned ou de la Mano Negra…, le groupe tourne pendant 4 ans en France, en Suisse et en Espagne. "
The first single of the Batmen , a rock'n'roll trio from Grenoble , France ... always on Closer records " le havre des saints " !
Covers cleaned & assembled by Max .


SAND RUBIES - Return of the living dead

SAND RUBIES Return of the living dead cd 1998 320 kbps
Turn off your stereo° / Misery° / Undone again° / The loner°/ Mary / Primevil love / Paper thin line* / Stranger in town / Cut you out / Can't put your arms around a memory.
Produced by R. Hopkins & D. Slutes except* by W. Watchel.
Sand Rubies : R. Hopkins : guitars / D. Slutes : vocals / M. Perrodin : bass / R. Johnson : bass on ° / B. Halper : drums.
The Sand Rubies evolved from an Arizona group called the Sidewinders, an outfit that had already put out three albums with Rich Hopkins on guitar and David Slutes as vocalist. The name change came about because of legal difficulties, but they went on to ink a deal with Mammoth Records in 1988. A showcase followed in New York, resulting in a deal with RCA. Due to little promotional backing from RCA, the Sand Rubies moved on to Ensign/Chrysalis during the early 1990s. Unfortunately, when EMI took over Chrysalis, the band was left out in the cold. Soon the Sand Rubies again had a new deal, this time with Atlas/PolyGram. At one time, Pearl Jam was the band's opening act. But the frustrations of continually having to find a new label tested band members resolve and resulted in tempers that were sometimes short. Infighting between Hopkins and Slutes led to even shakier times in 1993, and band members went their own ways. Three years later the two feuding musicians seemed to have buried the hatchet and they reunited with drummer Bruce Halper and bass player Mark Perrodin. Hopkins also has a solo career and play with Luminarios.


OTH - Réussite

OTH Réussite lp 1984 Art brut/New Rose 320 kbps
Euthanasie pour les rockers - Requiem pour un démon - Les araignées ne dorment jamais - La France dort - Le sexe prime - La chair humaine ne vaut pas cher - Interdit aux chiens - Un seul problème - S.S. super sordo - Jusqu’à la fin de la nuit - On est tous des acculés - Les clowns électriques.
LP sorti à 3000 exemplaires en vinyl rose ou noir.
Produit par : Art Trafic. Pochette : Mica .
OTH : Spi : chant, harmonica / Domi : guitare / Motch : guitare / Beubeu : batterie / Phil : basse.
Formé dans la région de Montpellier avec des gens venus d’horizons divers, OTH (On Tender Hooks) est déjà un vétéran de la scène quand sort ce premier album. Par rapport aux canons de l’époque, ce disque est une révolution : le son est bon, les chansons font plus que tenir la route et le rock français pense avoir enfin déniché une sorte de Johnny Rotten national avec un chanteur (Spi) qui écrit des textes qui signifient enfin quelque chose. Malheureusement, les prophètes étant ce qu’ils sont, "Réussite" ne rencontre que le sempiternel succés d’estime habituellement décerné à ceux qui ont du talent dans un monde plus tourné vers le pognon que vers le rock’n roll. Quoi qu’il en soit, tous les titres de l’album valent leur pesant de Viagra tant le contenu de ce 30 cm ne débande pas une seule seconde. Ultime reflexion profonde, il serait intéressant de savoir combien d’auditeurs ont formé leur propre groupe rien qu’en matant les demoiselles en photo sur la pochette.
©Géant Vert in Rock& Folk hors série 19, décembre 2003, rubrique : "La discothèque Punk en 101 skeuds".
Cd cover transformation by Max !


THE NOMADS - Made in Japan

THE NOMADS Made in Japan cd 1994 1+2 records 320 kbps
Bad vibes / Primordial ooze / Surfin' in the bars / I'm five years ahead of my time / Better off dead / I don't know-I'dont care / 16 Forever / Fan club / Wasn't born to work / Bangkok / Real gone lover / Fire and brimstone / She pays the rent / Blind spot / Ratfink a boo boo / TCP / Call off your dogs.
Produced by Nenne Zetterberg.
Recorded live in Stockholm July 27, 1994.
The Nomads : Nick Vahlberg : vocals , rhythm guitar /Hans Ostlund : lead guitar / Björne Fröberg : bass, vocals / J Ericson : drums.
Scandinavia might not seem like a particularly likely place to find a flourishing garage-rock scene, but Stockholm's legendary Nomads have been kings of the drag-punk underground in those great Nordic hinterlands for more than two decades now. It all started in Solna, a Stockholm suburb, in early 1980, when four teenage malcontents got together and began gigging locally as Mike Nomad, playing a raw, blistering style of rock that borrowed liberally from seminal American groups like The Sonics, the MC5, and The Cramps. In 1981 they became The Nomads and recorded their first seven-inch, a crude dirty cover of The Sonics' already crude and dirty garage-rock classic, "Psycho." Throughout the '80s the band continued in this fashion, with singer and rhythm guitarist Nick Vahlberg and lead guitarist Hans üstlund the only constant members. In spite of their distinctively vitriolic, fuzzed-out punk mode of garage rock and the frenetic energy of their live shows, the band remained little more than a curiosity, virtually unknown outside of Sweden.
In the early '90s, The Nomads were able to connect with a larger European audience after shows with The Ramones and Iggy Pop and soon thereafter, thanks in large part to the garage-rock revival spearheaded by bands like The Makers and the Mono Men and the help of Bellingham garage label Estrus Records, the band picked up some new American fans too. Now, more than 20 years after the band's inception, The Nomads just keep on going forward, snowball-like, picking up speed and mass, apparently unconcerned with where they might end up or what they might run into on the way. Their lineup has been set for almost a decade, with bassist Börne Fröberg and drummer Joakim Ericson rounding out the band. With their newfound stability and fan base, the band has shown itself to be increasingly willing to experiment, occasionally bringing in Delta Blues riffs, dark and violent New Wave synths, and tweaked-out country influences into the mix, while never losing t
The Nomads' discography is far too extensive to list here, consisting of a dozen full-length albums and countless singles. Jesse Ashlock
Last records : "Up-Tight" in 2001 , "Showdown 2-The 90's" in 2002 and "Nomadic Dementia" in 2006 : a Munster double lp with a new song :"Ain't no king of rock'n'roll". The same year , they have shared a split single with the Sweet Zeros on Devil's Jukebox records. In 2007 Munster records released a dvd : The Nomads : "Live at Gruta 77, Madrid (Spain)".
In 2008 , The Nomads shared the stage with rock legend Roky Erikson at the Peace and Love festival in Sweden.


JOHN FORD - Bullets for dreamers

JOHN FORD Bullets for dreamers cd 2003 320 kbps
Bullets for dreamers / Stay wit choo / Dragged / (Gone is the) Freedom train / Roads ahead / Ass, gass, grass / How' bout you / All fake / Misery / Armagideon time / Burn away.Produced by Geordie Johnson.
John Ford : Rich Hope - guitar, vocals / Chris Read - bass, vocals / Lightnin' Rod - guitar, vocals / Adrian Mack - drums, vocals .
Vancouver-based John Ford is back with their sophomore disc, a new guitarist (Rich Jones, formerly of The Black Halos) and production courtesy of Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson. Uncompromising rock'n'roll is on tap as the band take a stab at the land Headstones have mastered. "Stay Wit Choo", "Ass, Gass, Grass" and "Burn Away" all have these great little intimate moments that make you long for those faded jeans and white T-shirt you've had ten years too long. Perfect rock music that would make guys like Keef Richards ask, "Right then, which one of you is John Ford?" Bullets for Dreamers is clearly a teaser for what these four guys can rip live. (M Joel)
"If you want a record that has rock 'n' roll integrity and will show you the best 40 minutes you've had by a stereo for a long time, do yourself a favour and
purchase this record! These Vancouver sleaze-slingers' real secret here is they drain some of the testosterone out of rock and replace it with some sugar on top."
"...The vortex of irrational behaviour that seems to materialize around John Ford was perhaps best summed up by Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, who was once heard to ruefully sigh, "they're just BAD people". Describing their music as "the sound of drunken, angry men hurling bottles at a wall", Johnson nonetheless went thirteen bloody rounds with the band in order to produce their second album, "Bullets for Dreamers". Johnson also produced an enormous invoice for his services whereupon the band got drunk and hurled bottles at Johnson..."


FIXED UP - No more

FIXED UP No more cd 1988 Closer records 320 kbps
Who is innocent (v.o. 87 - Prod : Fixed Up) / Get out of my mind (v.o. 84 - Prod : Larry Wallis) / On your Line (demo mix 85 - Prod : Jim Dickson) / Things Get Better (v.o. 84 - Prod : Larry Wallis) / Speed Ahead (v.o. 86 - Prod : Rob Younger / Jim Dickson) / Borderline Case (v.o. : 86 - Prod : Rob Younger / Jim Dickson) / I Can't Stand it (v.o. 84 - Prod : Larry Wallis) / One Night Stand ( différent mix : 86 - Prod : Rob Younger / Jim Dickson) / Something Right (v.o. 84 - Prod : Larry Wallis) / Taste of Love (v.o. 86 - Prod : Rob Younger / Jim Dickson) / Ride your Pony (demo mix 87 - Prod : Fixed Up) / New Two (v.o. 85 - Prod : Jim Dickson) / Teenage Power (v.o. 86 - Prod : Rob Younger / Jim Dickson).
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
This is the end ... now you get the complete Fixed Up discography !

FIXED UP - Vital hours (expanded)

FIXED UP Vital hours lp 1987 Closer records 320 kbps
Purple flashes / My love for you / What's the news today ? / Between her hands / Speed ahead / The limit of a legend / One night stand / Taste of love / Physical world / Have you ever felt the creeping fear ? / Red hot / Teenage power / Borderline case* / Who is innocent ?* / What you mean to me* / On your line* / New two* / Riff bang pow* / 40 days - 40 nights (live)* / Things get better (live)*.
* bonus tracks
Vital hours : Produced by Jim Dickson & Rob Younger .
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
+ Diane Spence : sax, Kathy Wemyss : trumpet, Wayne Freer : bass/trombone, Bill Gibson : additionnal voice .
Also on Citadel CITLP507.
In fact , here is the Fixed Up complete works volume 2 ... Enjoy it & ROCK ON !!!

All work on cd covers by Max !



THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN Formaldehyde cd 1993 Survival 320 kbps
Painted memory / I can fly* / Spinning 'round / So alone / Always be there / Day we said goodbye / Looking on / Planet zoo / From where I'm standing / Fatal fascination / Got you on my mind*.
Produced by Rob Younger & the Screaming Tribesmen.
The Screaming Tribesmen : Paul Larsen : drums / Mick Medew : lead vocals & guitar / Glen Morris : guitar & vocals / Jeff Silver : bass guitar , vocals & percussion except * : Chris Dixon : drums / Ash Geary : guitar .
The Screaming Tribesmen was a band formed in Brisbane by Mick Medew, John Hartley & Murray Shepherd. They took the Australian independent scene by storm with a series of singles on Citadel Records. Their earliest hit "Igloo" was penned by Medew and Died Pretty frontman Ron Peno.
After relocation to Sydney, and a number of line-up changes the band settled on its most successful lineup of Medew, ex-Radio Birdman & The Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak, bass player Bob Wackley & drummer Warwick Fraser (ex-Feather & Hoi Polloi) who replaced Michael Charles after the recording of the "Date With A Vampyre" EP.
The "Vampyre" EP reigned at the top of the Australian independent charts for over 40 weeks, while the band toured constantly in support. The follow up "Top of the Town" EP released on the boutique Rattlesnake Records : six songs by a new lineup that reveals an ongoing transition towards more mainstream pop-rock. "You Better Run" is the most impressive track, and a fair precursor to the excellent "Bones + Flowers". The album launches the Tribesmen into a new international league, offering richly played rock-melody songwriting (by ex-Radio Birdman guitarist/pianist/producer Chris "Klondike" Masuak and singer/guitarist Mick Medew) that's got all the needed attributes for major stardom. Standouts: a new version of "Igloo," the wittily '60sish "Our Time at Last," the peppy Anglo-popping "Dream Away" and the Rockpiling "Living Vampire." The CD has two bonus tracks. Despite the album's appeal and high commercial prospects, nothing much came of "Bones + Flowers". Then the band issued the five-track , 12-inch EP "Take cover" (august 1989), which comprised all cover versions (Dictators , Lou Reed). The Tribesmen issued "Blood and lust" in March 1991 , this lp includes a couple of the band's heaviest ever songs like "High priestss" , "Something dangerous" & "Queen of the night time world". Survival also issued the Screaming Tribesmen compilation "High time- A collection" in december 1990. After three years of silence the Tribesmen issued their last album "Formaldehyde" in july 1993 . Mick Medew was the only member remaining from the beginning .

FIXED UP - On your line

SINGLES FIXED UP On your line 12' EP 1985 Closer records wav
On your line / New two / Riff bang pow
Produced by Jim "Survivor" Dickson
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
Those songs were recorded somewhere in the world in strange circonstances , but, and this is important, by a group of weird friends. "On your line" is about insanity and surrender. Its making was precisely the fighting of man against his own destiny, but this time, man made it : we were the strongest. The whole idea came on a march night. Jim "Survivor" Dickson , our elder brother and journeyman dealt with the production, alongside Lucas "Warsaw" Fox, who came from out of the blue, but without whom ... A sound engineer, but which one ? Neil, Alan or X ? The first one for one night , the second for the next and the last one for never even though he was planned for the whole thing. The sun rises, we'll have to go back .Back to our embassy-for some BeBop Family including everything that rock'n'roll should be. For others, it will be a mobile home, a part of our life, especialy for Weich Junior and his twenty summers. Listening to the rough mix, rewinding again and again, but we don't belong to vaults anymore, we are all living in a haunted castle mood. The tape itself rolls between the hands of the RMS wizzard who gets to mix it after a one hour and a half fight against the Yellow Spaceship. Here is the result. If you haven't discovered it already you soon will. This time City Slang got to the rendez-vous for the back cover picture, Erik H. (the Clint Eastwood of rock'n'roll) laboured on the front one and a bit more. Our own artistic refugee , H.L.M., is the conceptor of the sleeve. What you hold in your hands is a single's life or the new Fixed Up release.
"On your line" : sure, "Going blind" not really ...
Covers for all Fixed Up posts cleaned & assembled by Max .


FIXED UP / NOMADS - Split live E.P.

SINGLES FIXED UP / NOMADS E.P. Live ep 1985 Closer wav
Recorded live during the Bloody Wolf Tour Paris 21.11.84
Fixed Up : 40 days-40 nights / Things get better
Produced by J. Wild and Fixed Up
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
Nomads : E.S.P. / Driving sideways (on a one way street)
Produced by 4 Eyed Thomas (Ulf Lindqvist)
Nomads : Hans Östlund : guitar / Nick Vahlberg : guitar & vocals / Ed Johnson : drums / Frank Minarik : organ and percussion / Tony Carlsson : bass.

The Nomads from Sweden & Fixed Up from France recorded live in Paris during the Nomads bloody Wolf Tour ... on wednesday november 21 1984 ... there so long !



V/A California ain't fun no more cd 2002 Just add water 320 kbps
LOOSE LIPS : Please girl / THE EASYS : Travel on / THE DEMONICS : Mopar or not car / THE PINKZ : Last night / THE SUPERBEES : You got me / THE REHABS : Spit your morals / THE BOBBYTEENS : Baby runaround / THE LOUDMOUTHS : Cum'n go / THE FLAKES : Long gone / THE STUPOR STARS : Where the lovers meet / BITCHSCHOOL : Runaways in the night / THE FEVERS : Ohio express .
California, dude! Whenever I try to think of endless summer's and beautiful girls like the one's David Lee Roth and Brian Wilson wrote about I'm reminded then back to high school where if any had their eyes on moving to California was to attend Guitar Institute, learn how to do those divebomb licks and get in a band that does pay to play sets at Gazarri's. Hell, there was one bozo in High School who paid someone else to play an "Eruption" like solo for his application to the place. The guy who played the solo has gone on to be on of the top session cats in L.A. and the guy who paid for it ended up getting some rock skank knocked up and moving back here. She's bigger than a house and he manages a Wendy's.

This gets rid of those bad thoughts and replaces 'em with racing slicks and cheeseburgers. Not in some dumb "Gearhead" bowling shirt way but like, y'know, CALIFORNIA! Songs that could've boomed outta Rodney On The Roq's program while sitting at a drive-in theater and sippin' Lemonade & Whiskey twenty years ago BUT WITH LOUDER GUITARS!!! Ya got the Pinkz covering the Scientists "Last Night" , The Bobbyteens check in with a version of the Gears "Baby Runaround" and Bitchschool de-do Nick Gilder's "Runaways In The Night." Being familiar with all the originals I can say that the takes her are pretty faithful but do have a modern spit to 'em. Those harmonies of the Pinkz always get me. Three bands here also feature Russell Quan (The Easys, Bobbyteens, the Flakes) and you know he's all about fun. The Stuporstars are here too. The Stuporstars are kick ass just for the fact that Rick Hall sings for them and he's hooked me up with loads of dirty mags through the years. The Demonics got one of their songs about undying love for Mopars in their usual Mike Love in the trunk of Lemmy's car style. The Fevers cap it off with a piece of rock hard bubblegum called "Ohio Express." The Superbees and Rehabs songs are pretty cool too. This is one of those compilations that is consistantly enjoyable. Ya gotta know how rare that is. (Smashin' transistors)

FIXED UP - Who is innocent ?

SINGLES FIXED UP Who is innocent ?*/ What you mean to me ° sp 1987 Closer wav
*Produced by Fixed Up / °Produced by Jim Dickson & Rob Younger.
Recorded at Trafalgar Studio .
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals + Additional vocals : Anette and Joy from the Whipper Snappers on *


THE PINK FAIRIES - Kill'em & eat'em

THE PINK FAIRIES Kill'em and eat'em cd 1987 Demon 320 kbps
Broken statue / Fear of love / Undercover of confusion / Waiting for the ice cream to melt / Taking L.S.D. / White girl on amphetamine / Seeing double / Fool about you / Bad attitude / I might be lying / Between the lines* / Spoiling for a fight* .
Produced by Barry Farmer
The Pink Fairies : Larry Wallis : guitar ,vocals / Andy Colqhoun : guitar , vocals / Duncan "Headless" Sanderson : bass / Twink : drums , vocals / Russell Hunter : drums
The excessive, drug-fueled Pink Fairies grew out of the Deviants, a loose-knit band formed in 1967 by members of the West London hippie commune Ladbroke Grove. Initially dubbed the Social Deviants and consisting primarily of vocalist Mick Farren, guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson and drummer Russell Hunter, the group also featured satellite members Marc Bolan, Steve Peregrine Took and players from the band Group X, later rechristened Hawkwind. After three noisy, psychedelic albums and a U.S. tour, Farren exited to become a music journalist; the remaining Deviants returned to London, where they recruited vocalist and former Pretty Things drummer Twink (born John Alder), who suggested the name Pink Fairies. Despite gaining a reputation for mythic debauchery, the group remained largely an underground sensation before signing to Polydor and issuing their 1971 debut "Never Never Land", a manic, decadent album featuring the live staples "Do It" and "Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out."

Shortly after the record's release Twink departed, and the Pink Fairies continued on as a trio for 1972's "What a Bunch of Sweeties" ; recorded with assistance from the Move's Trevor Burton , the album reached the Top 50 on the U.K. charts, and was the group's most commercially successful effort. Soon, Rudolph exited to become a full-time member of Hawkwind, and was replaced by UFO's Larry Wallis for
1973's hard-rock excursion "Kings of Oblivion". Twink rejoined the Pink
Fairies' ranks a short time later, but the group nonetheless disbanded before the end of the year. In 1975, the Kings of Oblivion-era line-up reunited for a one-off London gig; an enthusiastic response led to the official reformation of the nucleus of Rudolph, Sanderson and Hunter, who added former Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers vocalist Martin Stone before again . They toured and released the single "Between the lines"/"Spoiling for a Fight" on Stiff Records but with little interest being shown in them, they once again split up in 1977. A decade later, the original line-up -- minus Rudolph, but including Wallis -- reunited for the album "Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em" before calling it quits yet one more time.

*Bonus tracks : Stiff single BUY2( 1976) : Russel Hunter (drums), Duncan Sanderson (bass, vocals), Larry Wallis (guitar, vocals), Martin Stone (guitar).


FIXED UP - One night stand (France)

SINGLES FIXED UP One night stand° / Borderline* sp 1987 Closer flac

Produced by Jim Dickson & Rob Younger .Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals + ° Kathy Wemiss : trumpet / Diane Spence : sax / Wayne Free : trombone .
° taken from the L.P. "Vital Hours" - * unreleased track from the "Vital Hours" sessions .

FIXED UP - One night stand (Australia)

SINGLES FIXED UP One night stand / Purple flashes sp 1987 Citadel wav
Produced by Jim Dickson & Rob Younger.
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitar , lead vocal / Mephisto : bass & backing vocals / Sylvain : drums & backing vocals .
Another Fixed Up single produced by Jim Dickson & Rob Younger , recorded by Alan Thorne in Australia . And this time the label is Citadel ! Both titles are from the "Vital hours" album .

Covers refreshment by Max

FIXED UP - Fixed Up (expanded)

FIXED UP Fixed Up lp 1984 Closer 320 kbps
Things get better / Get out of my mind / Shake ! / I can't stand it / Mojo woman / Wild side / Strangest girl / Bottle up & go / Something right / Look out ! / Good times / Don't forget / I'm so sad to see you go* / I can't sleep* / Take a look at me* / Miss T.* / You can count me in !* / What I'm telling you */ Fixed Up*.
Produced by Larry Wallis except bonus tracks*
This the first lp by Fixed Up , produced by Larry Wallis , always on Closer records . Here you got an expanded version with 7 bonus tracks : the Fixed Up complete works volume 1 !

cd covers by MAX !


V/A HARD TO BEAT - Twenty-one Stooges killers

V/A HARD TO BEAT - Twenty-one Stooges killers (An australian compilation) 2xlp/cd 1987 Au-go-go records 320 kbps
THRUST : Your pretty face is going to hell / EXPLODING WHITE MICE : Down on the street / SEMINAL RATS : I need somebody / NO MAN'S LAND : Penetration / STRESS OF TERROR : Not fight / GOD : Real cool time / ASYLUM : TV eye / JOHNNY KANNIS : Kill city / MAGNOLIA STRIP : Dirt / RAW POWER : She creatures of the Hollywood Hills / HARD ONS : 1970 / VOCAL LIZARD : Loose / ME 262 : I got nothin' / PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES : 1969 / N.R.G. : I wanna be your dog / FEEDTIME : Ann / PLUNDERERS : No fun / GIRLIES : Tight pants / CELIBATE RIFLES : Gimme danger / HAREM SCAREM : Open up and bleed / HELLMEN : Search and destroy.
Executive producers : Bruce Mine & Greta Moon.
A double album of Stooges songs covered by Australian bands like Hard Ons , Celibate Rifles , Exploding White Mice , Feedtime , Harem Scarem , God and others. Released on the Au-Go-Go label at a time in Australian rock when it seemed that every rock band played either "T.V.Eye","Search and Destroy"or "I Wanna Be Your Dog".
Those that are represent something of the range of influence that the Stooges have had on Oz rock'n'roll . There are 21 different interpretations of the Stooges music contained on this double lp . Some are frenzied, some polished, some faithfull, some wildly extrapolatory . All reflect the excitement that the Stooges continue to generate . For all the sweat and blood of those named, the man himself, at the height of the punk movement when his significance was paramount , was far from boastful . In an interview with Tony Parsons in 1977 , despite being tickled with the Pistols' reading of "No fun" , Iggy rejected the notion that he had countless I.O.U.'s to collect. "They don't owe me nothing" he said of the movement of the day . Proclaimed the king , without even adjusting his crown: "I did it all for myself". Hard to beat indeed ! ( M Engleheart)

FIXED UP - You can count me in !

SINGLES FIXED UP You can count me in ! / What I' m telling you sp 1983 Sonics records 320 kbpsProduced by Barry Sage.
Fixed Up : François Lebas : guitare , chant / Mephisto : basse / Sylvain : batterie + Claire de "Lune" : saxe .
Here's the second Fixed Up single always heavily influenced by pub rock and australian rock . Like the first e.p. , this single is produced by Barry Sage (Stones , Prince ...).

THE GARGOYLES - Without end

THE GARGOYLES Without end cd 1992 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps
Stoneage demagogue / California stars / Fistful of sand / Devil devil / Ride into your mind / The goat / Michigan / Final ascent / Coke whore / Thru the rhythm / Whirlwind / Lou / Addiction / Out into the world / Florence / Kill city / Runnin' down .
Produced by Jeff Dahl with B. Saleman & D. Heeschen .
The Gargoyles : Tim Storm : vocal / Doug Heeschen : guitar / Lisa Lombardo : guitar / Julia Altstatt : guitar / Brain Tyranny : drums / Will Schnieder : piano .
Based out of San Francisco, California, The Gargoyles formed in 1989 out of their love for the raw 70s vintage of The Dead Boys, The Stooges and Jeff Dahl. Originally consisting of Doug Heeschen (guitar), Julia Altstatt (bass), Lisa Lombardo (guitar), Tim Storm (vocals) and Brian Tyranny (drums), an accompanied inspiration of Russ Meyer and Roger Corman films fueled the band as they released a series of seven inches between 1990 to 1991. Shaken Street Records eventually debuted The Gargoyles first mini-LP "Down on You" in 1991, followed by the 1992 full-length "Without End". By 1993 however, Neil Smith (guitar), Alison Victor (guitar) and Tony Palmer (bass) filled in for the departed Heeschen, Altstatt and Lombardo before the "Inflexible" mini-album came out in 1994 on the 1+2 japan label. But by 1995, co-founder and front man Tim Storm relocated to Austin, Texas that year, thus ending The Gargoyles six year tenure. Allmusic