THE NITWITZ - Dark side of the spoon

THE NITWITZ The dark side of the spoon cd 1999 Get Hip Recordings 320 kbps
Landmine heart / Black name ringing / Bad chemistry / Drunk tank celebrity / Fruitcakes / Burn baby burn / Living on leftlovers / Jackass / Lithium & lipstick / Babysitter (made a man out of me) / Ticket to Gomorrah / Church of chumps .
Produced by Evert & the Nitwitz .
The Nitwitz : Czar Peter the 1st : larynx / Tony "Slug" Leeuwenburgh : Mosrite & Les Paul / Thumpin' Theo Brouver : Fender Jazz Bass / Steven "Marathon Man" Nieuwendijk : drums & cymbals.
These Dutch denizens of rock started their mission to destroy back in 1978, comprising of Eric Czar Peters on Vocals, Steve The Pit on Guitar, Tony Slug on Bass and Marcel Verhoehen on Drums.
The band swapped vocalists to become influential hardcore thrashers B.G.K. in 1982. Several line-ups later B.G.K. called it quits with Tony Slug recruiting a whole new tag team for his Loveslug project in 1987.
Fast forward to 1996 and the original Nitwitz are back together with the exception of drummer Verhoeven who was replaced by Steven The Gadge, releasing the album Dark Side of the Spoon on US label GET HIP in 1997 : A relationship the band now wishes to forget.
Yet another pit-stop along Rip-Off Highway for Sluggy and his band of merry men!
During this time the band also recorded and released covers by Radio Birdman and The Nomads for their respective tribute albums. With minor tweaks and occasional fast exists The Nitwitz continued their quest for Totalitarian Rock n Roll until 1998, when Tony linked up with Detroit legend and former Sonics Rendezvous Band vocalist and guitarist, Scott Morgan, and Hellacopters supreme Nicke Royal, to create the highly charged soul rock outfit The Hydromatics.
In 2002, tired of the current dearth of ass monkey pretenders to the Rock n Roll throne, Slug resurrected the only slightly decaying corpse of The Nitwitz in their fifth incarnation. Lasting only long enough for bassist Dick Ginger and vocalist Mike Dogshit to jump ship to Brezhnev, before mutating into the foul Felchers, but not before unleashing two think slabs of 10 delight in the shape of Nibble the Giblet (Pitshark) and Totalitarian Rock n Roll (Cargo) featuring Nuke City Rock, co-written by Turbonegros Happy-Tom no less!
And so to 2005; with the most impressive (and some might say handsome) line-up yet with Tony Slug (guitars and vocals), Paul Smith (guitars and vocals), The Gadge (drums) and Laurent (bass), the titanic tank of Blitzkrieg Rock known as The Nitwitz return with the relentless rifferama that is Sex, Lies and Duct Tape.
13 tracks of no-holds barred, city razing, pussy slaying punk rock. Feel touched by the Sluggy autobiographical Raised by Drunks, be thrilled by Nippon Girl Desire, prepare to be hooked on the awesome power of Rock Pusher.
Its all there folks, and you know you want it.
Ian Pickens - Nitwitz/Myspace

THE OUTCASTS - Blood and thunder

THE OUTCASTS Blood and thunder (+ bonus tracks) cd 1986 New Rose 320 kbps
Winter / Machine gun / Sex + glory / Gangland warfare / Programme love / Princess of Oblivion / Frustration / Angel face / Magnum force / Beating + screaming (Part 1 & 2) / Mania / Nowhere left to run°/ Running over° / Ruby° / Cops° / Seven deadly sins* / The chase* / Five years* / Swamp fever* / Waiting for the rain* / 1969+ / Psychotic shakedown+ / Blue murder+ .
Bonus tracks : °from the"Nowhere to run" EP ; *from the "7 deadly sins" EP & +from the "1969" EP.
Produced by Ross Graham .
The Outcasts : Greg Cowan : bass , vocals / Colin Cowan : drums / Martin Cowan : guitar / Colin Getgood (Getty) : guitar .
Bad boys of the Ulster punk scene THE OUTCASTS were formed in Belfast in June 1977 by the Cowan brothers: Greg(bass/vocals), Colin(drums) and Martin(guitar). They were joined by Colin Getgood(better known as Getty) on guitar. They played their debut gig in August of that year at Paddy Lambs pub on Belfasts' Upper Newtownards Road. The gig ended in a mini riot when the local 'Spides' took exception to a number of "strange looking punks" who turned up to watch the band. Their 2nd gig at The Pound Club in Belfast was a lot quieter as they played to a mainly punk audience. The band were quickly daubed "The band you love to hat" by the local press due to their bad boy image and loutish behaviour. However they soon came the attention of the recently formed Portadown based label IT RECORDS (just after they had cut their 1st demo tape in Wizzard Studios) which resulted in a one-off record deal. March '78 saw the release of he Outcasts debut 7" single which featured 3 snarling, snot-nosed punk classics - "You're a disease" "Frustration" and "I don't want to be no adult".This single was re-issued in 1996 by French punk label Combat Rock. After continuous gigging around N.Ireland, the band built up a loyal fanatical supoort. They earned themselves sopport slots to The Radiators From Space at Jordanstown Poly and The CLASH at the Ulster Hall on 11/10/78 (the band received £10 for their trouble and even had to return home for their own gear). A little self-publicity didn't go amiss as was evident on the night they ran onto the stage at an Elvis Costello gig at the Ulster Hall, grabbed the mic off 'The Specky One' and shouted "We're The Outcasts, buy our single". This act went down well with the punters but the bouncers were not too amused! They even managed two sets at the Phoenix Free Festival in Dublin, playing to a crowd of around 3000 people. They soon joined forces with Terri HOOLEY of GOOD VIBRATIONS records and "Just another teenage rebel" c/w "Love is for sops" was released as the 3rd Good Vibes single in the summer of '78. The single was later given a second pressing complete with a new picture cover, to coincide with the Good Vibrations Irish Tour in April '79. The OUTCASTS continued to cause mayhem on the local gig circuit before going into the studio to record a track, the excellent graphically violent "The cops are comin" which was to appear on the double 7" compilation EP "The Battle Of The Bands", again on the Good Vibes label. A different version of this song would crop up on the bands debut LP the following year. The debut album "Self Conscious Over you" was released in 1979 on the Good Vibrations label in the UK and it was also released in France on Blitzkrieg Records. The album showed a great musical versatility, the band moving away from their stock-in-trade three chord punk, to include keyboards and saxophone on a couple of songs. With Terri Hooley now the bands manager, the title track from the album was lifted as a Good Vibes single and was backed by "Love is for sops". Around this time John Davis made a documentary on the band, which included live footage from an Ulster Hall gigs as a follow up to "Shell Shock Rock", his highly acclaimed, award winning movie on the N.Irish punk scene. The debut album featured 11 original compositions, with the band saving the cover versions for live gigs. Sadly, songs such as "These boots are made for walking" and their own composition "Johnny's a wanker'' never made it onto vinyl. Their last Good Vibrations related release came in the shape of the "Room to move" EP, a compilation 7" to wich The Oucasts contributed the track 'Cyborg' which also appeared on their debut album. This Ep was released by Energy Records. In mid 1980 GREG was inured in a motorcycle accident, just ouside the seaside resort of Portrush. As he was unable to play bass for a while, Gordie Blair (ex-RUDI) was brought in love live gigs. The next single "Magnum force" c/w "Gangland warfare" featured Gordie on bass and the single also marked the debut of second drummer Raymond Falls(then a 16 year old, still at school). the sleeve of this single we have always found to be quite eerie, because if you look directly above Colins' head on the cover photo, you will see the words "Sacred to the memory of...". Bearing in mind that Colin was tragically killed in a car crash the following year, it does seem a bit spooky! Around this time The Outcasts recorded 4 songs "Gangland warfare", "The end of the rising sun", "Programme love" and "Machine gun" for the John PEEL Show. This 1st session was broacast on 25/5/81. Also around this time Ross GRAHAM (who had first met the band uring the filming of "Shell Shock Rock") took over as Manager/Producer. The band then set up their own Oucasts Only label in mid '81 and released the 4 track "Programme love" EP which was then followed by another 7" single which featured a cover of the Glitter Band hit "Angel face" c/w a new version of "Gangland warfare", sadly this was the last Outcasts record to feature COLIN, who was killed in a car accident, shortly before the single was released. The 2nd album "Blood And Thunder" was released by Abstract Records in 1982 (by New Rose in France) and on 25/9/82 they recorded their 2nd and final session for John Peel Show, the featured tracks being "Winterland", "Magnum Force", "Sex and glory" and "Frustration". The Oucasts also recorded around 6 sessions for the local Downtown Radio as well as 2 sessions for Dave Fanning on RTE and 2 for the Janice Long show on BBC Radio One. Their 1st live appearance since Colins death, took place at the legendary Harp Bar. Although the Harp was barely recognizable from the bar it was a few years previous (due to some extensive renovation work), it was still a fitting venue for their 'comeback' gig. There was a unique atmosphere in the Harp that night and The OUTCASTS gave one of their best ever performances. In 1983 Abstract Records released the single "Nowhere left to run" on both 7" and 12" format, with the live favourite 'Ruby' appearing on the B-side ('Ruby' was originally intended to appear on an odd' covers album being put together by the French New Rose label). This single was issued later in the same year by Anagram Records in the UK and also by New Rose in France. The french issue is more notable as it inclued a live version of "The cops are coming" and came in a grey sleeve as opposed to the blue in the UK. This single signaled a slight change in musical direction for the band, to a more Psychobilly sound. In early 1984 "Seven deadly sins" was released both as a 7" single and a mini album by New Rose in France. "Seven deadly sins" (albeit a different version) had originally appeared on the Psychobilly compilation album "Revenge of the killer pussies". the mini album contained 4 new band compositions and a David BOWIE 'cover'. 1985 saw the band make their last apperance on vinyl when New rose released their version of the old Stooges classic "1969" on both 7" and 12". Earlier in February 1984 The OUTCASTS had supported The CLASH at the RDS in Dublin and a further springkling of live gigs in '84 and '85, the band decided to call it a day... Currently Martin is expressing his original compositions through and is working along side with his musician daughter Ciara Faye. Greg is bass player in $hame Academy - Ulster Punk supergroup consisting of Brian Young (Rudi) and Petesy Burns (Stalag 17).



SUPER$HIT 666 Super$hit 666 cd 1999 Infernal records wav
Wire out / Fast one / Dangermind / You smell canadian / Star war jr / Crank it up
Produced by Thomas Skogsberg
Super$hitt 666 : Ginger : guitar , vox , percussion / Dregen : guitar , vox , percussion / Nick Royale : drums , vox / Thomas Skogsberg : bass.
Supershit 666 or Super$hit666 were a rock supergroup consisting of Ginger from the Wildhearts on vocals , Nicke Andersson from the Hellacopters on drums, Dregen from the Backyard Babies on guitar, and Swedish producer Thomas Skogsberg on bass.The only Supershit 666 release was an eponymous 6-track E.P. on Inferno records released in 1999. They have never played any gigs, and a minimum of rehearsing and recording time was used for the record.
The E.P. had a fast, dirty rock n roll sound similar to The Hellacopters' similarly titled 'Supershitty To The Max'.Featuring on the EP was Chris McCormack (ex 3 Coluor Red & brother of Wildhearts bassist Danny McCormack). He sang backing vocals on the track 'Dangermind'.
Although both Ginger and Dregen have repeatedly said in interviews they would like to record and perhaps tour under the Supershit 666 name again, due to the hectic schedules of all artists involved no firm plans have been made.

STIV BATOR - Last Race

STEVE BATOR Last race cd 1996 Bond Age 320 kbps
Poison heart / Nobody / Don't go away / You must be a witch / Good lovin' / Magyk / Yesterdays / Two hearts .
Executive producer : Bruno Venzal & issue producer : Larry Martin .
Stiv Bator : lead vocals / Kris Dollimore : guitars & backing vocals / Neil Larsen : guitars & backing vocals / Johnny Thunders : guitars / Dee Dee Ramone : bass / Stephen Ritchie : drums .

Stiv lived his last years in Paris, France. He did gigs with The Lords but after the band broke up in 1988 he moved temporarily to New York and formed a new solo band, did a live album called "Live At The Limelight" and came back to Europe. He teamed up with Alan Lee (ex- UK Subs) on guitar, bass & drum programming and Vom (from 1 Dr. And The Medics). They did a new demo with three songs: "No Compromise, No Regrets", "V For Vendetta", "I Will Stay" and "Lords Of The Dead". On September 1, 1989 Stiv, Lee (on guitar), Vom (on bass) and Bryn Merrick (on bass) did the only gig with that line-up at The Opera On The Green in Shepherd's Bush, London. You might find a video tape of that show somewhere.Stiv went back to Paris and a local record company, Bondage Records put up the money for a recording session in Paris, in order for Stiv to put down some demo tracks and to record his second solo album. The songs the band was working on included some of Stiv's finest stuff like "Magyk", "Yesterdays (Will Find You)", "Nobody", "Two Hearts" and a Dee Dee Ramone composition "Poison Heart". The musicians in these sessions were Stephen Richie on drums, Neal X (ex- Sigue Sigue Sputnik) on guitar, Tony James (ex- Generation X and S. S. Sputnik) on bass and Kris Dollimore (ex- Godfathers) on guitar. Originally it was planned to only record two or three tracks but the chemistry had such essential kick that they ended up recording more.Sadly the new Stiv Bator never saw the daylight because of Stiv's accidental and premature death. Those unfinished sessions were not meant to be released but nevertheless Bondage Records put out a CD in 1996 "The Last Race" with eight of the songs. Stiv wasn't happy about his vocals and he would have wanted to re-done them. Also the Bondage CD is mixed in totally different way. At some point after in the 1990's Stiv's wife Caroline was about to release the songs in a good way but so far nothing has happened. We can only hope the best.
On Last Race CD Johnny Thunders and Dee Dee Ramone are listed for playing guitar and bass on those sessions but they didn't play at all in those sessions. There was an argue between Dee Dee and Johnny before the first chord had been struck and Dee Dee left back to New York and Johnny followed him very soon.
In June 1990, while standing on a sidewalk in Paris, Stiv was hit by a car. He walked away from the accident, because he was immune by then to suffering pain, but later died in his sleep at home.



A MUST ... even if you already have some lps of Mott & Ian Hunter!


BUBBLE - How 'bout this ?

BUBBLE How 'bout this ? cd 2000 Basement Boy records 320 kbps
Shake / Don't talk to me / Independently wasted / All I want / Cheap advice / SeX sell$ / SparleStar / Drug / Goin' down for U / 6000 Miles / Eye / Baby lately / Slut motorshopper / Kickin' walls / Castle on the hill / Lullaby.
Produced by Bam & Share
Bubble : Share Ross : vocals , guitars , keyboards / Bam : drums , vocals , guitars / Eric Stacy : bass , vocals / Brent Muscat : guitars , vocals .
No gimmicks... No novelties... Just rock n roll with noisy guitars, bass and drums. Bubble has toured England, Japan, the West Coast of America and the country known as Texas. They've won some awards like the Maxell Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Share won Best Female Guitarist in Los Angeles.
Share is from Vixen and Contraband, Bam is from the Dogs D'Amour and the Wildhearts. New member, Dat is from The Superbees and Donita Sparks. But the only thing that matters is the now. And now is Bubble.
They rock hard...and they're back! It's true. With new bassist, Dat and new songs and new attitude, they play in september at the Viper Room in L.A. .


THE NOZEMS - Lovely sort of danger

THE NOZEMS Lovely sort of danger cd 1991 Solid records 320 kbps
Mary-Ann / I hold your hand in mine / Surrender / Outcast / Can I be your friend ? / Not impressed / Dreams away / Shape of things to come / Could you believe ?! / The things we took away / Facer / Forgotten / Psycho / Green days .
Produced by Marc de Reus & the Nozems .
The Nozems : Mario Fraaye : drums , vocals , backing vocals / Helke v. d. Oord : guitar , backin' vocals / Corné van Os : bass , backing vocals / Hugo Lans : guitar , vocals , backing vocals .
The Nozems were a dutch band of the early 90's ! I saw them in concert (before the Beasts of Bourbon) ...and it's a good memory !



BARRENCE WHITFIELD AND THE SAVAGES Let's lose it cd 1990 New Rose 320 kbps
Method to my madness / I smell a rat / Under my nose / Dust on my needle / Girl gunslinger / Let's lose it / Calling all beasts / For a good time / My mumblin' baby / Signs of a struggle /Loneliness ain't no crime / Wake up .
Produced by Jim Dickinson.
BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES : Dean Cassell : bass /Seth Pappas : drums , vocals , percussion / Milton Reder : guitars , vocals / David Scholl : tenor and baritone saxophones / Barrence Whitfield : lead vocals .
+ Bruce Katz : organ & Deena Anderson : backing vocals .

Growing up in East Orange, New Jersey, Barry White spent his teen years fronting various funk and rock bands. When success eluded one outfit that had it almost within reach, he closed the door on the music business and headed for Boston to attend B.U. Studying to be a television news writer, he supported himself by working in a used record shop, where his inclination for singing along with records drew crowds. It also got the attention of then-Lyre Peter Greenberg, who encouraged his return to performing. Peter brought along the basis of the Savages in the form of disenfranchised Lyres, and Barry brought his record-collector's love of R&B. He also unveiled his new moniker, Barrence Whitfield, since the world just wasn't big enough for two Barry Whites. On his spectacular first album, backed by a frisky quartet of young, greasy roadhouse rockers (including a couple of ex-Lyres), Whitfield stakes his reverent claim to the priceless hipshake legacy of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and other venerable titans of primal rock'n'roll. Whitfield is a tremendous vocalist with a bloodcurdling falsetto, the enthusiasm of a drunk amateur and the easy control of a seasoned pro. The Savages — especially saxman Steve LaGrega — keep pace on wacky old numbers like "Bip Bop Bip," "Mama Get the Hammer" and "Georgia Slop," contributing likely originals to this raw adventure that hardly seems like it was recorded in 1984. The brief but exhilarating "Dig yourself " adds a little surface sheen and showband politesse to the proceedings, but still contains a weekend's worth of sweaty, sexy excitement. Whitfield recorded "Call of the Wild", a six-song 12-inch released only in the UK, with an entirely new set of Savages, revamping the sound with piano and organ as well as a slicker, steadier rhythm section. The American "Ow! Ow! Ow!" album expands the EP with five more tracks recorded around the same time. It's likable enough — this man can sing — but seriously short in the funkalicious spirit that makes the earlier ones so precious. "Live Emulsified", a well-intentioned but unsuccessful attempt to capture the legendary proselytic qualities of the band's concerts. Recorded with some of the same sidemen in California and Texas at the end of 1987 and the beginning of '88, it offers a broad selection of tunes — including a bunch not previously vinylized. This may not be the great live album that Whitfield's doubtless got in him, but there are plenty of worse ways to spend 45 minutes. A growing European following led the French New Rose label to underwrite "Let's Lose It" , a solid effort produced by Jim Dickinson, and "Savage Tracks", a motley assortment of live and live-in-the-studio takes and demos. The latter has its moments, but is most decidedly not an album statement. New Rose also reissued Whitfield's debut on CD. With the Savages more or less idle, Barrence began working in a number of other settings. He contributed tracks to Merle Haggard and Don Covay tributes and recorded two albums with singer/songwriter Tom Russell. This experience clearly afforded him an opportunity to work in genres (for example, country) that hadn't been part of the Savages repertoire. "Ritual of the Savages" is an album whose confidence and verve is helpfully coupled to sympathetic production. Ben Vaughn (one of the producers) contributed a number he co-wrote with Dave Alvin; there's also the usual mix of well-chosen covers, with the bulk of the originals by Whitfield's longtime guitarist, Milton Reder. TrouserPress.com

TERRY ANDERSON - You don't like me

TERRY ANDERSON You don't like me cd 1995 East Side Digital 320 kbps
You Don't Like Me / Weather or Not / Who Cares About You / Yesterday Clyde Virginia / Big Time Broken Heart / Nobody That You Would Know / Smile Anyway / Badass / Let's See If We Can Make It / Fat Lady in the Stands / Yesterday's You / Ladies last .
Produced by Terry Anderson.
Terry Anderson : drums, vocals, multi instruments /Dave Adams : organ, piano /Dan Baird : bass, guitar /Jack Cornell :bass /Jamie Hoover :vocals & mixing .
North Carolina singer/songwriter Terry Anderson first gained local attention as the drummer and occasional vocalist of bar bands the Woods and the Fabulous Knobs. His first widespread notice, however, came when his composition "Battleship Chains" was covered by the Georgia Satellites; later, the Satellites' frontman Dan Baird made his solo debut with Anderson's "I Love You Period." In 1994, Anderson cut his first solo effort,"You don't like me" . Following by "What else can go right" , a collection of no-frills rockers and rootsy acoustic numbers, followed two years later. The new millennium saw the release of Anderson's third album, "I'll drink to that"
. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide
Terry Anderson is leading now The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team . With the ex-Del Lords Eric Ambel & Georgia Satellites' Dan Baird he also plays in the Yahoos !