RICHARD TAYLOR - Rachel Rachel

RICHARD TAYLOR Rachel Rachel 12'' EP Star Rhythm Records 1983
Rachel Rachel / No Guarantee / Sheila / A Little Romance.
All songs written by Richard Taylor.
Mixed by Cub Koda & produced by Richard Taylor.
Richard Taylor: guitars & vocals / Zachary Christopher: drums / Thomas Anthony: bass
An excellent maxi EP issued on Star Rhythm Records in 1983! Star Rhythm Records was a label located in Malden (close to Boston) who released records from City Thrills, Real Kids, Taxi Boys, the Dawgs or the Last Ones.
Richard Taylor was the leader for Baltimore/Washington New Wave group Zen Archer. "Rachel Rachel" was his only record in solo (the only one that I know) but a what a record: four perfect rockin' powerpop songs in the spirit of Rockpile, the Flamin' Groovies or the Real Kids !!!
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KEVIN K BAND - Nightlife

KEVIN K BAND Nightlife cd 1995
Hidden Lake / Lost Girl / Nightlife* / First Time Last Time / In The Woods / See You Soon* / Don't Know Why / Dance / Ghost Town / On Your Own.
Produced by Kevin K.
Kevin K Band: Kevin K: guitar, vocals / R. Molesso: bass, vocals / M. Max Gallo: drums + B. Halversoon: mystery guitar on *.
After the Toys, The Lone Cowboys & the Road Vultures Kevin decided on a solo career. Outing from 1995 "Nightlife" is the Kevin K’s first solo album. It's a collection of mid tempo rock'n'roll songs under Stones & Thunders influences.
"This is down 'n' dirty Bowery-style rock 'n' roll crunch with a colorfully descriptive lyrical content about drugs, heartbreak, boredom, decadence, and barely surviving the sleazy seduction of the dog-eat-dog mean streets of NYC. Kevin K and his deviant duo of musical sidekicks sound as if they just crawled out of a garbage dumpster in a rat-infested back-alley on the Lower East Side after a long night of substance abuse, drunken debauchery, and high-voltage sonic sinfulness at Max's Kansas City. Damn shootin', it's the swaggerin' gritty sound of hookers, heroin addiction, cheap tattoos, and booze-fuelled inner-city vagrancy (snotty nasal-whine vocals, ball-bustin' Johnny Thunders-style guitar riffage, and a clattering out-of-control subway train rhythm section). Man, this psychotically wild butt-blisterin' disc makes me wanna relocate to the vile seedy underbelly of New York City and plunge a needle deep into my arm" Razorcake
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THE SCURS - Never Spit

THE SCURS Never Spit 7'' sp 1987
Never Spit (On Any Little Happiness Bit) / Going Round.
Produced by Paco Trinidad.
The Scurs: Botch: vocals / Danny Boy: guitar & background vocals / Cutz: bass & background vocals / Javier: guitar / Mario: drums.
The Scurs were a french band from Bordeaux (coming from Hendaye). The recorded their first song "96 T Breath"for the 7'' EP "Les Bruits Défendus" in 1984.The same year they appeared on another french compilation " Best of " Ozagen Records (Nantes) with the song "Nothing But Sleeping" following by the two titles of "Raw cuts Vol 1 Garage French" on the english label Criminal Damage Records (see the last post).

In 1987 the Scurs issued a 6 songs mini lp and a single with an unissued b side on a spanish label (Grabaciones Accidentales). They played un mix of punk, garage & powerpop music. They were particulary good on stage & twenty five years later their music went through the time without taking a wrinkle.
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VA - Raw Cuts Vol. 1 Garage French

VA - Raw Cuts Vol. One (Garage French) lp 1985
The Coronados: Free Again / Jeune encore (Still Youg) // The Thugs: Night Dance / You Say Why? // The Scurs: Mud In My Mind / Good Side Of Love // Flamingos: The Trap / Out Of Reach.
"...Here are eight tracks and four bands... The Coronados are from Paris. Mean and wild on stage, sneering and cynical in town.This is the only band that can cover Alex Chilton (as on "Free Again"), Captain Beefheart and Kevin Ayers- All with equal succes. These two cuts are from their first chaotic EP. Since they've issued another EP and their first album. The Thugs are the fast rising combo of 1985. Just one single (but what a single) released six months ago and they're the talk of the land. They are from Angers and "You Say White?" is previously unissued.

Flamingos from Nantes are one of the hardest working/touring bands in the country. They already have a 12'' EP out but the two songs here are brand new. Definitively a great guitar band (and we know all about them don't we ?). Finally the cherry on the top. The Scurs. Even in France few people have heard of them as they seldom play out of the south-west (they live in Bordeaux). Their only previous vinyl experience was on a forgettable compilation but live they can be brilliant. I hope that these two new songs will be forerunners to more records of their own.
Listen to these bands. They deserve it. Raw Cuts Volume One (Garage French) is just the first in a mammoth series of mini lp's/lp's. There is even more fab and fascinating material in the pipeline."
Benoit Binet (Nineteen),Toulouse, 1985 (extract from the liner notes)
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VA - Let's Have Some God Damn Fun!

VA Let's Have Some God Damn Fun! cd 2005
Andy G. & The Roller Kings: Party Shoes / The Plungers: Laughing Boy / The Stags: Give It Up / Little Killers: Annie Can Ya Keep A Secret? / DC Snipers: Evil / The Yams: I Was Drunk When I Met Ya / The Swaggerts: Baby Come Back Home / The Weekenders: Lost Weekend / The Sleazies: Wild Turkey Is Not A Meat / Shop Fronts: Watchin' You / The Shemps: Don't Come Beggin' / The Disruptors: True Denial / Electric Shadows: Secret Affair / Some Action: Double Cross My Heart / Mob Stereo: Fushia / World War IX: Treasure Hunt.
This loose-legged compilation of trashy NYC bands is so consistently good, it could be a on RonCo or somethin’. They coulda sold this bitch on TV at the 3 AM next to the Pocket Fisherman in 1976, and the People would’ve eaten up. Why? Who? And How much, you say?
Why: Because New York City is all about the “People”, man. Despite the fact that Jami from the Sleazies helped put it together (a typically great and funny Sleazies track, “Wild Turkey Is Not a Meat” is included), and they’re from Providence, Rhode Island, NY bands are perfect for comps because they all sound like they’re ready to pick the band before ‘em off the floor as soon as they pass out. For example, although Andy G and the Roller Kings’ CBGB’s ‘77 Thunders-punk is a much more refined, vintage drunk ‘n’ roll sound then, say, the teenage casualty car-crash of The Yams, they still sound like they share a bass-player, if not a van or a groupie. I dunno if it’s because the clubs are open til 4 AM and 17 bands play every bill or it’s just some kinda rock n’ roll brotherhood, but NYC-based compilations always sound like a united front, and this one’s no exception. And that’s nice, ya know?
Who: The fast, fucked fury of The Shemps, the dive-bombing Swede-style sleaze of Some Action, the trashcan spookabilly of Little Killers, the bleary-eyed motorboogie of the Disruptors, the hard-hitting gutter-blooze of The Swaggerts, etc. Everybody on deck came to kill, baby. Sleazegrinder
16 tracks of fantastic punk rock n' roll scuzziness from the likes of Little Killers, The Sleazies, DC Snipers, Shop Fronts, The Disruptors.... fast, loud, snotty - just as we like it. And you should too. Released on the brilliant Rapid Pulse Records out of Connecticut, USA. Limited number available, so be quick with this one. Go on, stop thinking about it and buy it HERE!!! Source



Movie Star / Come See About Me / Teacher Teacher / Every Good Girl / Fun / Action Man / Everybody's Somebody's Fool / Four Forty-Five / Safe From The Bad Guys / Gimme Some Action / Love Sick Dog / Kill Me Dead / It's A Wonderful Life.
Produced by R. Esch, J. Kosh, M. Manhattan & J. Valentine.
The Outrageous Valentinos: Glen Fiddish / Charlie Sissy / Mark Manhattan / Joe Valentine / Robby Magnet.
The Outrageous Valentinos were a canadian glam rock band.Their look reminds me the Trash Brats. They have recorded this lp in 1991 on Komet Records, a Vancouver label. A rockin' nugget, so hidden that I can't find anything about the band or the album in the webb...
M. Manhattan, ex Outrageous Valentinos is now a current member of the L.A. based band Soul Kid #1. (a mix of West Coast hip-hop, soulful R&B, 70’s glam, indie rock, Brit-pop and even classic mod).
That's all we know about the Outrageous Valentinos: if someone can help us, welcome !

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