WILMER X Not glamorous 1987 MNWP 320 kbps

Go your own / Skunk / Kiss T.N.T. / Radiac brain / Your most raggedy friend / She's on top / Not glamorous / Black gold /Hm hm /Aching heart / Better off one leg / Under siege .

Produced by N. Hellberg & T. Gabrielsson .

Wilmer X : S. Björk : bass, backing vcls / J. Lorensson : harmonica / S. Bomb : drums / N. Hellberg : vocals , guitar / P. Ossler : guitar / M. Bengtsson : organ & backing vcls / T. Holst : guitar on "Not glamorous" .

A few more albums gave the group a solid following, especially in southern Sweden, but they did not manage to break through to the big audiences. Neither did their two first albums with English lyrics, Downward Bound and Not Glamorous, break abroad. In 1988, they changed to the record company EMI and scored their first nationwide hit with the title track from Tekniken Under. This album even included keyboards, something unthinkable five years earlier, and on the following albums, Wilmer X started to move away from their straight and aggressive rock. The double-album Mambo Feber, released in 1991, sold gold, and was also a success with the critics. That was also true about the live album En Speciell Kväll Med Wilmer X from the same year, starring Peps Persson. But from here the group did not seem to know where to move. Pontiac Till Himmelen includes some skilled roots- and gospel-inspired numbers, but also a bunch of melodramatic ballads. On the following albums, they tried blues, country, and ballads without managing to sell near as much as Mambo Feber had. The different styles they mastered showed the bands competence, but left fans confused. Neither was the songwriting what it had been. In 1995, an excursion into a melodramatic and pathetic landscape on Hallå Världen helped in alienating their most faithful rock fans. When Wilmer X finally announced their return to heavy roots rock and released Primitiv in 1998, many fans draw a sigh of relief. But not wanting to stay on one track for too long, on the next album, Silver, Wilmer X turned to glam rock showing heavy influence from David Bowie and T Rex.
Merci à Fabien et Manu !
Comme d'habitude Max s'est chargé avec classe de la pochette !

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Wilmer X : Not glamorous 320 kbps + covers by the great Max !

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