AMERICAN HEARTBREAK / LIBERTINE* You can't kill rock'n'roll 2000 Coldfront records 320 kbps

Postcards from hell /Rotten apple / She's tellin' lies / Condemned 2000 / Genius of crack / Am I ever gonna see / Your face again / In heaven* / I don't belong* / Catwalk* / Candy* / Ask the lonely* / Just got back* .

American Heartbreak : L. Boone : vocals / M. Butler : bass, vocals / B. Rowe : guitar / A. Becvar : guitar / E. Lannon : drums .

Libertine : Belvy K. : vocals / J. Couille : guitar / P. Vincent : bass / J. Splits : guitar / S. Duran : drums .

No, you can't kill rock'n'roll, but no thanks to these chumps. Not like they're doubtlessly sincere in their attempts to hitch a ride on The Dragons' tail, which would be a better idea if The Dragons were popular, of course, but hearts in the right place don't save ya, 'specially when the above dumbasses are pretty much interchangeable, 'cept Libertine plays slower than American Heartbreak, so mebbe they're more sensitive, or wussy or somethin' and sometimes they remind me of a John Hughes movie soundtrack. Then someone covers Cheap Trick. I forget and I'm not gonna bother finding out, you can if you want, but don't say I didn't warn ya.

Jon Sarre

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American Heartbreak / Libertine : You can't kill r'n'r 320 kbps + covers

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le front

(( dO_-b ))

le reste aussi d ailleurs
comme d'habitude
merci bcp mr M.R.

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The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (1976)

C BO NON ?????
have a nice week

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link is dead give another link