WILMER X Downward bound 1986 Rebel Rec. 320 kbps

Downward bound / No good lies / Down on my knees / Blood or gold / Don't let me bleed / Honk Kong boy / Losing control / Blind my eyes / Siesta 'round the clock / Fragile child/Motorbike drivin' .

Produced by Wilmer X & T. Gabrielsson .

Wilmer X 1986 : N. Hellberg : vocals, guitar / S. Bomb : drums / J. Lorensson : harmonica ,vocals / S. Björk : bass , vocals / T. Holst : guitar , vocals .

In the '80s, Wilmer X took an outspoken stand against synth pop and electronic music, stating a dislike for synthesizers and playing rock & roll with a garage feel. Almost ironically, they also showed a big talent for melodies and catchy pop hooks. In fact, the melodies and the flirtations with pop would later become a problem. But in the '80s it was an excellent complement to the group's aggressiveness.The group was formed as Wilmer Pitt in 1977, by Nisse Hellberg and Clas Rosenberg. But at the time of their first recording, the single "Sov Min Älskling" , they changed their name to the less offensive Wilmer X. After recording a self-titled mini-LP and their first full-length album, Wilmer X, they managed to get a contract with MNW and started working on the album "Fula Fula Ord", having a much higher budget than on the previous recordings. The band now included harmonica player Jalle Lorensson, bassist Lennart Nygren, and drummer Jalle Olsson. Sticky Bomb, who was to be Wilmer X's long-lasting drummer, was also included on some tracks on percussion. In 1985, Under Hot was released, providing the group with a slogan with which they described their music. The idea was that they played as if under constant threat, giving them a manic energy. A few more albums gave the group a solid following, especially in southern Sweden, but they did not manage to break through to the big audiences. Neither did their first album with English lyrics, "Downward Bound" .

Il y a 22 ans déjà et plus, les Nomads avaient enfoncé les portes de la scène rock française grâce à Closer Records ! les cohortes vikings suivirent et c'est avec grand plaisir que nous nous laissions conquérir par les Pushwangers , Shoutless, Watermelon Men , Playmates , Pyromaniacs , Hidden Charm , Bottle Ups , Creeps , Smack , Stomach Mouth , Wylde Mammoth , Slammers , Sleep , Psychotic Youth , Problem , Slobsters et autres s'engouffrant dans la brêche ouverte des années avant par leurs aînés expatriés d' Hanoi Rocks !

Aujourd'hui encore , ce rock du nord (désolé si se mélangent aux suédois quelques norvégiens ou danois mais avec le temps on oublie ...) fait les nuits belles , même si elles ne sont plus blanches , de nombreux rockers qui s'agitent au son des Hellacopters , Dollhouse , Backstreet Girls , Gluecifer(R.I.P.) , Deadbeats , Sacred Sailors , Soulshake Express ... j'en passe et des meilleurs !

Pochette : notre viking Max !

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Wilmer X : Downward bound 320 kbps + covers by Max

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Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

thanks A LOT for this, i been looking for it for a long time, it's a very good album!!


Anonyme a dit…

DISCAZO. Este disco se come con patatas fritas a cualquier disco publicado por las nuevas ordas escandinavas (backyard babies, turbonegro, hellacopters, gluecifer,etc, etc)
Me encanta.
Pedazo de blog. No tiene desperdicio por ningún lado.
Un saludo y felicidades.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for this,give my vinyl a break.any chance you can put the 'Not Glamorous' lp up ?
my vinyl's always jumped on last track and favourite track.
many thanks for many great posts

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for this,give my vinyl a break.any chance you can put the 'Not Glamorous' lp up ?
my vinyl's always jumped on last track and favourite track.
many thanks for many great posts,dave p.

Anonyme a dit…

Many thankx. A great band. A great record. Merci.