KEVIN K. New York , New York ... 2004 In cold blood records ... 320 kbps
1-Crime scene / 2-Manic panic / 3-Losing hurts / 4-13 th Street* / 5-Deadboy running scared / 6-A little taste / 7-Remember her sad / 8-It's just trash / 9-Sealed works° / 10-Gang war / 11-Melody° / 12-Heartbroken again* / 13-Lonely girl / 14-Story of my life / 15-Bon voyage .
Produced by Kevin K. & Patrick Klein , except* produced by Kevin K. & C. Schmidt and °produced by R. Buzz assisted by Jack O. Leroy .

Kevin K . : vocals , guitar.
Guitars : Mr Ratboy (8, 2 & 10) , Freddy Lynxx (5) , Ricky Rat (3 & 4) , Jack O. Leroy (9 & 11).
Bass : R. Molesso (1, 2, 5, 8 & 10) , Killer Cain (3 & 14) , Chris Lakryz (4 & 12) , P. Klein (6, 7, 13 & 15) , Ritchie Buzz (9 & 11) .
Drums : Maxx Gallo (1, 2, 5, 8 & 10), Karl Durden (3 & 14), Andi Hill (4 & 12), Giovanni Fusco (6, 7 & 13), Doc Ayolee (9 & 11), Nolan Ramone (15) .
Saxophone : Gebhard Geduld (12)
Violin : Lorenza Ponce (13)

1,10 from "Rule the heart"

2,8 from "Party down"

3,14 from "Story of my life"

4,12 from "13 th Street"

6,7,13 from "Magic touch"

9,11 from "Sealed works"

5 from the Freddy Lynxx lp "Bloodied up" .

To introduce the subject of Kevin K we must go deep inside the history of the New York rockin roll. Itself the glam era of the New York Dolls. If the age of the mister is dubious,on the other hand its know when his career starts. Kevin plays in his first group Aunt Helen until 1980. Then it will be The Toys who later will become the New Toys. They will open many shows for Romantics,Dirty Looks,Ramones,Pat Benatar,Sylvain Sylvain, The Fast,Talas and Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. While livin at 89 Bleecker Street in NYC.Kevin and brother Alan will play in The Lone Cowboys from 1983 till 1988. Both brothers are found in the Road Vultures from 1989 till 1994 developing and appofonding a songwriting marrying pleasure.The Vultures again open many shows for, Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan,Dee Dee Ramone,the Waldos and Cheetah Chrome. In 1995 Kevin tries his chance in solo with the album "Nightlife". the first in a very long series. The year 1996 Kevin Loses his brother Alan, that causes in him a radical change in his way of approaching life and the myth of the rockin roll . He will be devoted from now on entirely to the music. Then its like a rain of albums.."Party Down".. "Rule The Heart".."Magic Touch".."13th Street". "Story Of My Life".."Sealed Works" ...In 2003 , the album "Kiss Of Death" is recorded with his Franco-American coalition...Then comes .."Addiction".."Mr Bones".."Perfect Sin" The Polish release "Best Of Kevin K".." Thats followed by "Rockin Roll Dynamite" and "Hollywood"..A new cd has been released on the Rankoutsider Records label called "Cool Ways".Number 16 in solo cds...This features Kevin with The Hollywood Stars..Now its the year 2008 and already plans are made to record a new cd in Berlin later in the year... Kevins a true survivor and a hero to beat down rockin roll romantics the world over. Hes not young or good looking,so dont look for him on the cover of People magazine.. Kevin has been around forever and possesses the tenacity of a cockroach. Whats in store..more tours of France, Germany,Spain,Switzerland,Poland and Austria.. More writing and recording.. Maybe a perminent move to Hollywood or Berlin...Oh and sometime in the near future Kevins life time stories in book form.....Kevin K "How To Be A Successful Loser"..All the adventures in Kevins rockin roll life over the past 27 years...
Please BUY the new Kevin K. cd "Cool Ways" or the superb "Kiss of Death" !!!

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The best of Kevin K : New York, New York ... 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

This guy is what NYC is all about ... as much as for instance is Johnny Thunders or Lou Reed. NYC runs down his veins. Everyone who likes true RNR must support Kevin because he cares for his fans. He is a very talented guy and also a great human being. Kevin K will always be a star in my book.
Thanx for this share ...

Anonyme a dit…

muchísimas gracias!!!!
soy de bahía blanca, argentina y hace muchos años que he estado buscando este disco.
tu blog es genial.
un abrazo!

Anonyme a dit…

muchísimas gracias!!!
soy de bahía blanca, argentina y hace muchos años que he estado buscando este disco.
tu blog es muy bueno...
un abrazo!

Anonyme a dit…

Si tienes "Hollywood" o "Rockin Roll Dynamite, ¿podrías subirlos, por favor?

Anonyme a dit…

¿Tienes "Hollywood"? Si es así, ¿podrías subirlo, por favor?

Anonyme a dit…

Just to say that "Bloodied Up" is a Freddy Lynxx album, not Kevin K as mentionned in the commentary. Anyway good blog here...
Rock on


About "Bloodied up" from Freddy Lynxx & the Corner Gang :
Kevin was a member of the Corner Gang !
If "Bloodied up" is not a real Kevin album , he's not a guest on it ! He sings and plays guitar on 8 songs ! Why this disc is added on his Myspace biography I don't know ! He also included "Dead boy runnin' scared " on his "Best of ..." (track 5) & the song is correctly credited .
But correction is done !

Anonyme a dit…

link 2 is dead...re-up ???