CHERRT VANILLA Venus d' vinyl 1979 R.C.A. 320 kbps

Amanda (Paradise) / The young boys / Lover like you / Wayni's sweet / Mr Spider / You belong to me / California / Tear myself away / The round dance / Moonlight .

Produced by H. Stratten

Cherry Vanilla : vocals / A. Eden : drums / D. Quinn : bass / L. Lepore : guitar , keyboards / I. S. Lane : backin' vocals .

A second album in 1979, Venus D'Vinyl, was equally noteworthy, but fared even more poorly, with further insult added by RCA's refusal to countenance Vanilla's own choice of cover art — her disembodied head spinning on a record playing turntable, watching with curiosity as the stylus drew ever closer. Utterly disillusioned by the entire experience, Vanilla retired from active performance that same year, moving back to the U.S. and ultimately returning to Puerto Rico, working for synthesizer wizard Vangelis. After two decades out of print, meanwhile, her RCA albums were finally reissued as a two-fer in 2000.
.... et Max a fait la pochette !

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CHERRY VANILLA: Venus d'vinyl 320 kbps + nice covers made by our great Max !

link :

Enjoy it !

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The Boss Martians Presure in the S.O.D.O. cd in my blog

Anonyme a dit…

This one is amazing. Glam-punk! And "Moonlight" shows some real sophistication. Thanks! There is always something interesting on your blog.

Suzy Andrews a dit…

Sorry I got it working, thankyou so much for this album I love her,Mikeyten.

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Anonyme a dit…

Too bad : link is dead. Could you re-up both Cherry Vannila albums please ? Love her albums. She's very underrated and unfairly forgotten. Thank you and congratulations for your blog.