TWO-BIT THIEF Gangster Rebel Hop 1993 We Bite Records 320 kbps

On parole / Mother of misery / White trash a go go / Hang'em high / Do you wanna dance / Bible & a cigarette / Out of this town / Police brutality / Preacher's son / One of the boys / ... + Bonus Tracks .

Produced by Andy Andersen

Two-Bit Thief : A. Andersen : vocals, guitars / C. Scaparro: bass / J. Tempesta : drums / B. Rowe : guitars .

Back in the late 80s, it suddenly became acceptable for punk rockers to form metal bands. But it had to be a certain kind of metal band – one with lots of tattoos and motorcycles and sneering political consciousness. Biker metal was more 'street' than that pussy glam stuff, dig? See The Almighty and Junkyard for the more obvious entries.

Another crossover act that got lost in the shuffle was Two Bit Thief. Three-quarters of the band were escapees from San Francisco thrash-punks Attitude Adjustment. Despite the long hair and bandanas, you’ll find much evidence of their past in Two Bit’s grooves, especially in the drawling, brawling vox of Andy Anderson and Chris Scaparro’s punky, Pistols-y guitar.Unfortunately, they revved up their engines right when Kurt Cobain was declaring war on metal, so their motorcycle makeover was all for nothin’. Still, their two albums , "Another Sad Story… In The Big City "(1990)and "Gangster Rebel Hop " (1993), are piled high with manly riffs and chest-thumping rock'n'roll, and well worth the 99 cents or whatever it’s going for in the cut-out bins.
by Sleazegrinder

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Two-bit Thief : Gangster Rebel Hop 320 kbps + covers

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And if you like these sort of stuff ,here's their 1st lp (125 kbps and front cover only , sorry !)
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Enjoy it !