V/A HARD TO BEAT - Twenty-one Stooges killers

V/A HARD TO BEAT - Twenty-one Stooges killers (An australian compilation) 2xlp/cd 1987 Au-go-go records 320 kbps
THRUST : Your pretty face is going to hell / EXPLODING WHITE MICE : Down on the street / SEMINAL RATS : I need somebody / NO MAN'S LAND : Penetration / STRESS OF TERROR : Not fight / GOD : Real cool time / ASYLUM : TV eye / JOHNNY KANNIS : Kill city / MAGNOLIA STRIP : Dirt / RAW POWER : She creatures of the Hollywood Hills / HARD ONS : 1970 / VOCAL LIZARD : Loose / ME 262 : I got nothin' / PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES : 1969 / N.R.G. : I wanna be your dog / FEEDTIME : Ann / PLUNDERERS : No fun / GIRLIES : Tight pants / CELIBATE RIFLES : Gimme danger / HAREM SCAREM : Open up and bleed / HELLMEN : Search and destroy.
Executive producers : Bruce Mine & Greta Moon.
A double album of Stooges songs covered by Australian bands like Hard Ons , Celibate Rifles , Exploding White Mice , Feedtime , Harem Scarem , God and others. Released on the Au-Go-Go label at a time in Australian rock when it seemed that every rock band played either "T.V.Eye","Search and Destroy"or "I Wanna Be Your Dog".
Those that are represent something of the range of influence that the Stooges have had on Oz rock'n'roll . There are 21 different interpretations of the Stooges music contained on this double lp . Some are frenzied, some polished, some faithfull, some wildly extrapolatory . All reflect the excitement that the Stooges continue to generate . For all the sweat and blood of those named, the man himself, at the height of the punk movement when his significance was paramount , was far from boastful . In an interview with Tony Parsons in 1977 , despite being tickled with the Pistols' reading of "No fun" , Iggy rejected the notion that he had countless I.O.U.'s to collect. "They don't owe me nothing" he said of the movement of the day . Proclaimed the king , without even adjusting his crown: "I did it all for myself". Hard to beat indeed ! ( M Engleheart)

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V/A HARD TO BEAT 21 Stooges killers
320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

I still have this LP. Have you scanned the big booklet with info about all the bands. It is a good read



Also have the lp ...but here it's the cd version with the same booklet (scanned) and you're right it's a good read !

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

I used to have this CD, I trade it for the cowabuga surf music box set years ago, and I regret, so, many thanks for ripping it !!!

Unknown a dit…

Nice one, I bought this when I was 21 and it really opened my eyes to grunge! I don't know what I did with it but I don't care, I can listen to it again so thanks!

Ripoffrecords a dit…

Yeah I have this on vinyl was a birthday present from my sister. I was also fortunate to see many of those bands as I live in Melbourne! Get Albums!